Yesterday's End-95

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.




Chapter 95


Lucas' eyelids felt a warmth against them, his violet irises slowly opening.

They were met with the brightness of the early morning's sunshine beaming into them.

His eyes focused on the ball of rising warmth shining through the open window beside his bed.

He smiled, another warmth surrounding his body, two arms wrapped around him.

His head moved to the left, a face of masculine beauty laying against his shoulder.

Josh's arms were wrapped around him, his body molded into his own muscular form.

Lucas felt his man's morning hardness against his hip, his own youthful awakenings laying on his abdomen.

He smiled, remembering the ending love and passion this beautiful man gave him last night.

His body snuggled more into the man, feeling his warmth and love.

His violet pools looked around their bedroom, Lucas seeing its quaint beauty and nostalgic visions of historic America.

This inn was a walk through this country's past, a homage to its spirit and liberty.

Lucas felt the warmth of the room and coziness of the blankets covering them.

A soft breeze flew in the window, the window raised a couple of inches, that air cooling the room, that coolness threatening to enter their bed of warmth.

The lateness of the year comes upon us.

Fall's breath cools our souls.

But it shan't enter my love's warmth.

Lucas smiled, feeling a morning stirring in his inner self.

He gently unwrapped his man's arms of love, Josh murmuring, those arms threatening to capture him again.

Lucas smiled, kissing his man's lips, two blue pools opening halfway, Josh murmuring.

"It's early, Lucky. Go back to sleep." he softly said, Lucas kissing his lips again.

"I need to calm my bladder, babe." he said, Josh's arms softening, Lucas pushing him back against the pillows, the man's eyes closing again.

"Hurry back, my love. . ." he softly said, the words floating away as sleep consumed the man again.

Lucas smiled, hearing the soft breathing relaxing in his man's words.

"You could sleep through heaven's choir's rejoicing, my Joshua." Lucas softly said, smiling with love at the vision before him.

Josh's chest rose and sank with sleep, Lucas' eyes scanning its smooth beauty.

Josh's beauty always warmed Lucas' heart, he knowing it was his alone.

Lucas quietly rose from the bed, wrapping that vision of beauty in the quilts again, Josh not moving.

Lucas donned his robe, quietly walking out of their bedroom, crossing the hall to the bathroom that was on their floor.

He heard no sound from the floor, all the rooms silent in sleeping love.

He smiled, sensing the love surrounding him.

The ending night's passion fed my own soul.

My Joshua fell asleep wrapped in my throwing desires.

Thank you all for igniting my soul for him.

He smiled, walking quietly into the bathroom.

A few minutes later he returned to his bedroom, closing the door behind him.

His eyes went to the bed, seeing that Josh hadn't moved, his form wrapped in warmth, a soft snore coming from his smooth lips.

Lucas smiled, sighing.

I'm awake, my love.

And you are in dreamland.

I hope we walk together in our love there.

Lucas smiled, looking around the room.

He walked over to the dresser that stood against the wall on the other side of their bed, picking up a soft leather-bound book that lay on its top beside Josh's watch and wallet, Lucas' own jewellery and wallet laying there as well.

He smiled, seeing their wallets laying on top of each other.

All parts of us need to snuggle together.

In all ways.

He smiled, looking back at his man, taking the leather book in his hand.

His eyes glanced at Josh's watch, seeing the hour as five-seventeen.

Well early is good.

I'll see all of the day's love and its welcoming newness.

He smiled, walking over to a large roomy wingchair that sat beside the window in the corner between their bed and the window.

An ottoman stood in front of the window as well, Lucas sitting down in the chair, placing his bare feet on top of the ottoman.

Lucas wrapped his robe around him, feeling the cool air descending on the room.

He saw the day's sunshine beaming across the room's far wall, Josh's body now in a shadowed warmth.

Sleep in love, my Joshua.

My soul walked another path again.

His violet pools looked down at the book in his hand, Lucas opening the journal, scanning the pages until he found where he'd left off.

I have read of Alsarius' son Togarus' long life.

And his own son Ramius' long life.

And the long lives of Thameus and Levarius, Alsarius' great-grandson and great-great-grandson.

They all lived long lives of historic courage and love.

Each a beacon of love to their past and future families.

Eight hundred years of love, courage, hope and life.

All paths of greatness and history.

Herein lies the next path.

The Belmonts' path of destiny.

He turned the last chapter's ending page.

The next page was blank save for a symbol laying in the page's center.

Lucas stared at the symbol, his hand going to the pendant that hung in his muscled smooth chest's center.

That symbol was a star.

A five-pointed star of simple beauty.

Each pointed edge of the star was painted a different color.

The bottom two points were white and red.

The central two points were green and violet.

And the top point was blue.

Five colors of confusing intrigue.

Lucas sensed the violet and green were representations of his own shining eyes and his family's green pools.

What do the red, white and blue represent, my forefather Emmanuel?

The colors of liberty, freedom and America?


They are the colors of colonial America and its waving flag.

Are we enshrined in this country's past?

My youthful dreams suggest we are.

What role did you play in that past, Grandfather and Great-Grandfather?

I sense you are the greater part of all this, Joshua.

Lucas' eyes went to the star again, staring at its simply stated beauty.

I sense the next chapter will be the start of the real revealing truth.

And the essence of the mysterious love I sensed around me last night.

I believe this day may change my life.

Perhaps all of our lives.

Lucas' eyes went to the window, staring out into the inn's front yard below it, seeing no movements in the early morning sunshine.

The hamlet was quiet, the early hour ahead of the morning's stirring life.

Lucas' eyes returned to his bed, seeing his Joshua still lost in dreamland.

Hold onto your love, my Beamy.

I think it's going to expand.

Lucas smiled, looking back to the book laying in his lap.

His finger rubbed against the star laying on the page, his own violet pools softly glowing.

He smiled softly, staring at the star.

On to the truth, however revealing it is.

But I sense the love behind all of it.

This star will brighten all of our lives.

He smiled, turning the page.

A new chapter title was written in its center, Lucas reading the words to himself.

Below that asterisked title were three lines of mysterious text.




                                The Archer's Life*




                      *The arrow of his bow's truth.

                       Our family's beginnings.

                      The two paths of destiny.




Lucas stared at the words, his mind centering on the showing truth of their mystery.

The archer?

Archer Belmont?

The first of the lineage of the new Belmont name.
Emmanuel Belmont's own father.

The past lengthens and moves to the present.

What was the truth of your life, Great-Great-Grandfather?

I feel it is the beginning of all of this, our current past.

And I sense it is the truth of the other hidden path.

And the joining of the two.

Lucas stared at the three lines of words, his own thoughts showing there.

He opened his mind, his violet pools softly glowing.

He turned the page, walking in his past.


Josh's blue eyes opened, two violet pools of love staring at him.

"Rise and shine, my love. The day greets us. And your love spear possesses me." Lucas said, his lips meeting Josh's warm smooth lips.

Josh felt the deep love in that kiss, his arms wrapping around his man, pulling him closer to his smooth chest.

Josh also felt a warmth in his center, his morning hardness wrapped in a deep heat.

Lucas' lips parted from his, their wetness going to his ear, licking Josh's earlobe.

Josh felt the warmth of his man's naked skin against him, Josh feeling a deep heat laying against his abdomen, its hardness pulsing.

His own morning love was buried deep within Lucas' center, the young man's body moving now.

"There's the love I need! Oh baby!" Lucas moaned, his chest rising, Josh staring up at his man's naked beauty, Lucas riding his center of love.

Josh's hand went forward, rubbing against Lucas' smooth chest, feeling the warmth and sheen of sweat.

"My baby's on fire! What a way to wake up!" Josh moaned, his own desires rising, Lucas moving forward again, his lips latching onto Josh's right nipple, sucking the hardening nub into his mouth.

"Oh babe!" Josh moaned, Lucas sucking the drop of flesh in his mouth.

Josh's hand moved downward, wrapping around Lucas' hard organ, feeling its throbbing warmth.

"Oh, Beamy! Stroke me!" Lucas moaned, releasing the nub from his lips, those lips moving upwards, joining with Josh's again, Josh feeling his man's needs.

Their lips parted, Lucas' violet pools opening, staring into Josh's blue pools of total love.

"Make love to me, Joshua. I need all of your love."
Josh's desires and love took over, the man moving, pushing Lucas onto his back, their connection not breaking, Josh's own center lengthening more, hearing the need in his man's voice.

Lucas' legs wrapped around Josh, the older man on top of him now, his center guided on its own mission of love.

Each thrust entered Lucas' soul, Lucas feeling that soul fill with Josh's love.

Josh was on the edge of need, of desire and love.

"I love you, Joshua!" Lucas said, Josh feeling the organ in his hand expanding, a gusher of warm liquid now coating his hand, Lucas gasping, Josh's own edge of abandon cresting.

Josh gasped, two lips meeting his as his own orgasm rocked his smooth body, Lucas feeling the trembling edge, his center filling with a warmth of total love.

The two men joined together more, Josh collapsing on top of Lucas, his muscled arms wrapping around his soulmate, Josh coming down from the heights of love.

"Oh, babe! That was. . .that was amazing!" Josh softly gasped, his head laying on Lucas' warm sweat-covered chest.

Lucas kissed the man's warm forehead, his arms rubbing his sweaty back.

"You are amazing, my Joshua. Your love feeds my soul."

Josh's head raised, their lips meeting again, this kiss laced with calm love and possession.

"I'm only as good as the instrument of my desires. And you, my love, were very desirous this morning."
Lucas smiled, staring into Josh's beautiful smiling face.

"I love you, Joshua. I'll always show that love to you."
Josh smiled, moving off his man's body, his softening center pulling out of him, Lucas moving as Josh lay back against the pillows, the younger man's arms wrapping around him, his head now on Josh's smooth chest.

"What time is it, my love?"

"A quarter to eight. I heard movements out in the hallway, I believe our friends may be rising."

Josh smiled, kissing Lucas on the lips again.

"No one will rise as much as I just did. You are beyond amazing."

Lucas lightly laughed, Josh smiling at him.

"My love's in a good mood."

"I have you, Joshua. You are the goodness that makes me smile." Lucas said, kissing him again.

Josh smiled back, staring into his man's violet pools.

He saw a deep happiness there, as well as a contented calmness.

But he also saw a soft tiredness hidden behind those violet pools of love.

"How long have you been up, my love?"
Lucas sighed, snuggling against his man.

"For about three hours."

"My God, babe. You hardly slept!"

Lucas smiled, pulling his man more against him.

"I was wrapped in your love, that energizes my soul always."

Josh smiled, his blue eyes scanning their bedroom, taking in its cozy warmth.

His eyes went to the chair by the window, sunshine beaming down on it.

A leather book lay on the chair.

His blue eyes went down to the handsome face laying against his chest, two violet pools staring up at him.

"You've been reading again, my love? The journal?"

"Yes, Joshua. I'm almost caught up to Emmanuel's existence."

Josh's arms went around his man's smooth body, Lucas feeling his protective love.

"Is everything okay, babe?"

Lucas sighed, the young man moving, backing away from Josh, his violet pools staring into his blue.

The young man rose from the bed, Josh staring at his revealed vision of naked beauty, the man walking to the window, staring out into the morning sunshine.

Josh stared at him, sensing his man's calm focused soul.

"Everything's falling into line, my love. The past, the present and perhaps the future. It is as I must make it be."

Josh rose from the bed, pulling the covers back, climbing out of it and walking naked up to his man, his strong arms wrapping around him, Lucas moving back and falling into his man's warm embrace.

"I don't feel any worry within you, my love. Whatever you have read seems to have relaxed you."
The young man's head raised, staring into his soulmate's blue pools of love.

"The truth is the balm that soothes the most troubled soul. I've found my truth."

Josh stared at him, Lucas sighing again.

"I love you, Joshua. That is the truth of my soul. Your love completes me."

Josh smiled, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"It is there always for you, my love."

Lucas smiled, their lips meeting again, Josh lost in the love he felt filling his soul.

The two parted, Lucas staring at his soulmate.

"I've learned the past of my ancestors, Josh. Up to my great-great grandfather's heroic life. And I've found the answer to another path that parallels my family's path."
"Another path, Lucas?"

"Yes, Joshua. And that path is one of destiny as well. Both have entwined on different paths of destiny. And I am the joining factor."

Josh nodded, intrigued by Lucas' words.

"What have you learned, my love?"

The young man stared at Josh, Josh sensing a soft happiness in Lucas' calmness.

"I've learned that life is a panorama of beauty, my love. Each day brings us new surprises." he smiled, Josh smiling back at him.

"You seem so happy, Lucky."

Lucas smiled, wrapping his arms around his man.

"I have you in my life, Joshua. And I have all the others. Familiar and new. Life's going to be good for me. And my path will end with a new beginning."
"A new beginning, my love?"

Lucas smiled, kissing his man's lips again, Josh staring at him.

"Trust in me to divulge its secrets along the way. I love you, Joshua. And you'll forever be mine."

Josh smiled, Lucas' eyes scanning over Josh's smooth tanned body.

The younger man smiled, their eyes meeting.

Lucas leaned down to the chair, picking up his robe and Josh's that lay on its back, the young man smiling at him.

"Right now I need my man wet and in my arms. Let's hit the shower of Finny's love."

Josh looked confused, Lucas smiling at him as he helped Josh into his robe, tying the tie around his center, patting Josh's concealed rising love.

Lucas quickly donned his own robe, guiding Josh out of their bedroom, the two smiling at each other.

They walked across the hall, Lucas smiling and walking into the bathroom, Josh at his side.

Josh stopped, his eyes widening with surprise.

Finn sat on the toilet in the center of the bathroom, the man's naked chest on full view.

His pyjama bottoms were coiled around his feet, the man seated on the toilet bowl.

"You never lock the door, Welshman." Lucas smiled, Finn smiling back at him, his eyes taking in Josh's scanning eyes tracing over his muscled hairy body.

"Love me as I am, Lukey. You man's getting an eyeful. Want me to stand up, Joshy?"

Josh blushed, Lucas laughing.

"The king sits upon his throne. And use some spray, Finny!" Lucas said, his fingers going to his nose.

Finn laughed, smiling widely.

"Home cooking ferments inside me. Take the aroma of my flowery beauty in, guys." he laughed, Lucas reaching for a bottle of air freshener that sat on the toilet top behind Finny, the Welshman laughing as Lucas filled the air with lilac fragrances.

"That rose is decomposing." Lucas laughed, Finn joining him.

Josh's eyes still stared at the Welshman's beauty, Lucas smiling at his lover.

"Flush when you're done, Finny. But warn us. I don't want my man freezing under cold spray." Lucas smiled, looking at his lover.

"Let's hit the shower, babe." Lucas said, opening his robe, tossing it on the towel rack behind him.

Josh's eyes widened, Finn smiling at Lucas' revealed beauty.

"But Lucas. . .Finn's. . .he's here." Josh softly said, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"Finny's seen all of me many times, my love. He's my brother of love. As I've seen him. As you now see him."
Finn smiled, his blue eyes taking in his young friend's more muscular frame.

"You've toned up even more, Lukey. Josh's love and energy has buffed you good."

Josh smiled at Finn, Lucas smiling as well.

"Oh he's buffed me good. Hence the smoothness of all of me. He rubs the hair off very nicely."

Finn burst into laughter, Josh blushing, but smiling.

Lucas smiled, seeing Finn's shining love, Josh smiling as well.

"It's okay, Josh. He's my brother, as you now are."

Josh smiled, Lucas moving and walking over to the shower, opening its glass door, walking into it, looking back.

"Coming, my love?"
Josh smiled, looking at Finn, the Welshman smiling with friendship and love.

Josh's hand went to his robe, discarding it, it joining Lucas' on the towel rack.

Finn's blue eyes took in the older man's sculpted body as Josh walked to the shower stall, his smooth firm butt in full view.

"You're both identical in your beauty, guys. You're both lucky."

Both men smiled, Lucas winking at Finn as he closed the shower door.

Finn smiled, returning to the task at hand.

He smiled, picking up the air freshener can, spraying more lilac around the room.

Josh's blue eyes met Lucas' violet, his lover smiling at him.

"I love your opening love, Joshua. He loves us both."

Josh smiled, Lucas hitting the water faucet, spraying water falling over both of them.

Lucas kissing Josh's lips, smiling at him.

"And this should stoke our libidos." he said, nodding his head towards the shower glass door.

Josh's eyes moved, seeing Finn rise up from the toilet, his naked backside on full view, its muscled vision one of masculine grace and beauty.

The man turned as he pulled up his pyjama pants, Josh seeing his center, its length substantial.

Lucas smiled, kissing Josh's cheek, his arms pulling him against him.

"I'm flushing, guys!" Finn said, Lucas moving the shower head away from them, the water turning ice cold as Finn drained the toilet bowl.

Lucas smiled, looking towards his friend as he moved to the bathroom door.

"Hit the lock on the inside knob, Finny! We want complete privacy!"

Finn smiled, his hand going to the doorknob, hitting the locking button, walking out of the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

Lucas smiled, feeling the water spray warming a bit, adjusting the shower head again, smiling at his lover.

"He's beautiful, Lucky. But your beauty stokes my soul."
Lucas smiled, his hand going forward, wrapping around his lover's now rising shaft.

"His beauty rises your love, my love. I'll have to thank him later."

Josh blushed, Lucas kissing his lips again.

"I love you, Josh. I hold no jealousy in my soul. Visions of beauty will always make us both rise to the occasion. And our passion is the extinguisher of that need."

Josh smiled, his eyes going to Lucas' even greater risen shaft, Lucas smiling at him.

"I've loved the vision of his beauty for many years, Joshy. He once was a masturbation fantasy of mine. But his love of friendship will always win out. It is you that will release the love of my soul."

"As you will for me, my love."

Lucas smiled.

"I know you noticed. Finny's love was at half mast as well."

Josh laughed, nodding his head.

"Does he have some hidden desires, Luke?"

Lucas smiled, looking towards the locked bathroom door.

"Perhaps, Josh. But I know his soul is Skyler's. Always has been."
Josh smiled, Lucas stroking his man's risen hardness, Josh moaned as he focused on Lucas' administrations.

"I need you, my love. Only you. Right now, this moment. And always."

Josh smiled, their lips meeting again.


Everyone smiled around the large joined table, a warm face smiling above them.

"You band eat with gusto. It's nice to see a family sharing a meal." Sarah said, Lucas smiling up at her, then looking at all his friends and relations.

"A family we are. In our friendships and our love." he said, everyone smiling at him, his sister and cousin nodding their heads in agreement.

"And we are a music group, Sarah." Finn smiled, filling his plate again for the third time from the platters that Sarah had filled their table with.

Lucas had asked her for a morning breakfast that they all could share, Sarah seeing the young man's need to keep his friends happy.

She thought it touching that they wanted to eat as a family.

"Really? What type of music?" she smiled, filling coffee cups again, everyone smiling at her.

"Pop music, contemporary folk and jazz." Lucas smiled, Sarah smiling at him, then at Justin and Lance.

"If it's anything like N*Sync then I'm all for it."

The two singers looked surprised, Sarah smiling at both of them.

"My daughter was a big fan, Lance and Justin. I recognized both of you last night."
"Why didn't you say something?" Lance smiled, the woman smiling back.

"I instantly recognized that you were both with friends and family. You're regular people. That's reason enough to respect your privacy. And it's easy to see your love on full view." she smiled, walking back into the kitchen.

Everyone smiled after her, Justin's blue eyes meeting Lance's green.

"She's a gem." Justin smiled, Lance kissing his cheek.

"That she is, Jus." he said, Finn grinning at them.

"More puppy dog eyes! Some people need to be neutered." he laughed, Josh smiling at Lucas.

"And some need to be spayed. Or is that sprayed?"

Lucas burst into laughter, Finn staring at his friend.

"Who's up for more sausage, my love? I like mine long and plump." Josh said, Lucas laughing more, everyone smiling at him and Josh.

Finn's blue eyes were on Josh, the man winking at him.

"You didn't tell everyone, did you?" he said, his blush deepening.

Josh's hand went on top of Finn's, the man's eyes meeting his.

"I'll always watch my brother's back." he smiled, Finn softly smiling.

Lucas smiled at the two, Josh winking at Lucas.

"And anything else he wants to show off, hard or not."

Lucas lost it again, his laughter filling the diner.

Finn's eyes were widening in shock, Josh joining his man in his laughter, Finn smiling then, joining them as well.

Everyone looked at the three laughing, Justin smiling at his old friend.

"Something you want to share, Joshy?"

Josh smiled at Justin, his eyes meeting Finn's.

"Nope. This family shares only its love."

Lucas and Finn smiled, Sarah walking into the dining room again, smiling at everyone.

"Land sakes, you're all happy this morning. The night's rest did you all good." she said, Lucas smiling at her, she staring into his violet pools, seeing a soft calmness shining back, and a loving gaze of happiness.

"Life always gets better, Sarah." he said, Sarah smiling at him, her eyes seeing the only other customers in the diner rising from their table, heading for the register.

"The morning rush is over, you were late." she smiled, walking over to the register.

Everyone smiled at her, Finn kissing Skyler's cheek, Andrew kissing Trish on the lips.

"Our ladies take forever to get ready in the morning." Finn smiled, Skyler rolling her eyes.

"And their beauty makes their mates drool. The wait is always worth it." Lucas said, Skyler and Trish smiling at him.

"That it is." Andrew said, the two kissing again, everyone smiling at them.

"Ah, a competition!" Finn said, his lips moving towards his Sky's, her hand stopping him.

"Our love isn't a competition, Finnegan." she said, Finn blushing.

"No it isn't, dear. I won the moment I looked into your blue eyes that first time. You can't compete against perfection."
Skyler teared up, pulling her man to her, their lips meeting in a deep kiss of love.

The couples around them all awed, their eyes meeting their soulmates'.

Sarah walked up to the table, smiling at the touching scene, the group the only ones left in the diner.

"Love is beautiful. I see it shining around me." she smiled, looking at all the couples.

Her eyes went to Harry and Alain, she smiling at Harry alone.

"Kiss him as well, young man. You're the last two of revealing love."

Alain laughed, his laughter stopped by two lips of a blond beauty wrapping his arms around him.

Lucas smiled up at Sarah, Josh kissing his cheek.

"Your eyes take in all life's beauty, Sarah."

"Life is nothing if not lived, Lucas. I see you're all living." she smiled, looking around at all the happy couples.

"That we are, Sarah." Lucas said, her eyes meeting his again.

The young man sat up more, his arms resting on the table, smiling at her.

"Since we're alone, please sit with us, Sarah. Take the weight off your tired feet."
She smiled, looking towards the kitchen, the cook busy behind the doors.

"A rest would do me wonders, son." she smiled, pulling up a chair, then grabbing the coffee pot off the burner across from them, filling their cups again before she sat down, filling a cup for herself with tea.

Everyone smiled at her, she smiling back as she sipped her tea.

"You have a wonderful business here, Sarah. I sense it prospers greatly." Lucas said, Sarah smiling.

"It is my life, Lucas. It keeps me going."

"You have no family?" Trish said, Sarah smiling at her.

"My husband died twenty years ago, dear. My last child is now living in Los Angeles. A lawyer with a challenging career. He doesn't come home often, but I feel his love nonetheless. Life is about walking new paths, he's on his own now." she smiled, everyone smiling back at her, seeing her happy outlook on life.

"But what of other paths of love, your own heart included?" Lucas said, the woman looking at him with soft surprise.

"Albert seems a loving man, Sarah. I'm sure you've felt all his love."
The woman's eyes widened in shock, Lucas smiling at her.

"How did you. . .?"

Lucas smiled, patting her arm beside him.

"He guided us from his inn to your diner last night. His directions were laced with love. His love directed us to your love."

She smiled, blushing softly.

"We'd always been friends. Arlo's death kind of drew us together, you understand?"

Lucas nodded, smiling at her.

"Albert needed comfort, you needed to give it. And now you both have the beginning of something greater."

She smiled, nodding.

"I see a lot of love in your eyes, Lucas."

"I am love, Sarah. We all walk paths of love."

She smiled, leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

"Some walk greater paths, angel."

Everyone smiled, taking in this touching scene of revealing love.

Lucas nodded, looking around at everyone.

Josh felt the young man sigh beside him, his violet pools meeting Sarah's blue pools.

"I'd like to know about the lost family, Sarah. About Rosa Sharon's family. And yours."

The woman's eyes widened in surprise again, her eyes moving out the diner's window, staring out into the sunshine.

Lucas' hand went on top of Sarah's, her blue eyes meeting his.

"He doesn't have to fear me, Sarah. He only has to talk to me."

Sarah's eyes pooled up with tears, staring at the young man.

"How could you know?"

The young man smiled.

"I'd like to meet him, Sarah. Tell him that."

Her eyes lowered, then raised again, staring out into the sunshine again, everyone seeing tears showing in them now.

"I told him about you early this morning, Lucas. Of your goodness. He still doesn't believe me."

Lucas nodded, looking out the window as well.

"Time will show him life, Sarah. And I'll show him so much more."

Everyone looked with confusion at Lucas, the young man smiling around at everyone, Josh's hand going into his.

"Who are you talking about, Lucas?'

Lucas sighed, looking at Sarah again.

"I'm talking about the shadow I sensed last night. The shadow that walks this town at night, keeping it safe. A young heart of surprising calmness, and giving courage."

Sarah's hand went on top of Lucas', the young man seeing the worry and love in her blue eyes.

"He's been so lost, Lucas. Since her going. Since his life's destruction. A destruction I could not stop or change." she said, a soft sob coming out of her, Lucas' arm going around her.

"You spoke of your last child's life, Sarah. You didn't speak of his older sister's life."

The woman's eyes raised, staring into his violet pools of love.

Lucas leaned forward, kissing her cheek, her blue pools staring at him.

She looked around the table, Lucas smiling at her.

"We are all friends and one is more, Sarah. I think you should open your heart to your family."

Sarah's blue pools went around the table, focusing for a moment on one person, then meeting Lucas' violet pools again.

Lucas smiled at her again, his hand patting hers, his arm still around her.

"I've read of life and of love. I think it's time that both paths joined."

Sarah stared at him with confusion, the young man smiling at her.

His smile softened, his face taking on a sudden seriousness.

"He's in danger, Sarah. As last night showed. I need to save him from the greater shadow." Lucas said, her eyes widening.

"And I need to save him from himself."

Sarah's eyes clouded with fear, Lucas' arm tightening around her.

"Where is Colton, Sarah?"

Everyone stared in confusion, that name unknown to them.

Lucas' eyes met Josh's, his lover staring at him with confusion as well.

"Who's Colton, Lucas?"

The young man sighed, his eyes meeting Sarah's wet blue.

"He is a young boy trapped on the edge of nowhere. On a lost path of confusion. And he is Sarah's grandson."

Sarah sobbed, everyone looking at her with surprise.

"And he is something more." Lucas said, his violet pools meeting two other blue pools.

"You have new family, my cousin. As do I." Lucas said, Harry staring at him with confusion.

Sarah's eyes met Harry's, the young man now staring at her.

"My name is Sarah Carlisle, Harry. I believe we're cousins."


Everyone stared in silent shock, two people staring at each other, Lucas looking between the two.

"You. . .you and I. . .we are. . .?" he softly said, Alain's arm going around him with love and protection.

"You are both of the Carlisle family, Harry. A family long of life and deep of history. And the second path of my own family's existence." Lucas said, everyone staring at the young man with surprise.

His violet pools turned back to Sarah, the older woman staring at him with surprise.

"My mother's maiden name was Carlisle. My Belmont grandfather is married to a Carlisle. Your family is the second path of my own existence."

Josh's arm went around Lucas, Lucas releasing his hold on Sarah, the woman staring at him with just as much shock as Harry.

"We are. . .we are related?" she said, Lucas smiling at her.

"My path is one of destiny, Sarah. An intertwining path of destiny. All paths revolve around my own. Someone made me see that yesterday. I do not need to fear the path I'm on. I realize now that it's the true one." Lucas said, his eyes meeting Lance's green pools of love.

Harry's eyes were still staring at Sarah, her blue meeting his.

"You are a Carlisle? A member of the Seguaci Dellunico?" Harry said, Sarah staring at him, nodding her head slowly.

"Yes, Harry. I am a Follower of the One."

"You're all related?" Finn said, his face showing awed wonder.

"All paths of destiny, my friends. You've all seen that surrounding me." Lucas said, Josh staring at him with love.

"You are amazing, my love." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"My magic senses life and truth, Josh." he said, Sarah staring at him.

"You are the one." she softly said, Lucas softly blushing.

"I am only myself, Sarah. But I am perhaps something more."

She stared at him, Lucas' violet pools meeting her blue again.

"I know you are surprised by this, as is my cousin. As all will be on both sides of my extended family. But as I said, my path is the true path, and you all walk upon it. For different reasons."

The woman nodded, Harry staring at his cousin, their eyes meeting.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier, Harry. I just reasoned it out last night when I felt his soul."

"I can't believe this, Lucas. This joining of all of us."

"Believe it, Har. We are all on the same path of destiny. My path of destiny." Lucas said, his eyes meeting Sarah's again.

"I need to know the truth, Sarah. Of your family's existence, and of what's passed around you. Only then can I help him."

The woman nodded, pulling a Kleenex out of her apron, wiping her eyes.

"He's lost, Lucas. He's been lost since Maya passed into the light seven years ago." she said, Trish's hand now going on top of hers, Sarah feeling her loving concern.

"Your daughter?"

"Yes, Trish. My loving daughter, my son Gideon's older sister. She was a ray of sunshine, a vision of blond beauty and giving love. She was her father's pride and joy, and my own daughter of love. And her children were just as loving, just as giving. Two rays of sparkling sunshine. Even after Maya's death from cancer at the age of twenty-nine, their love for each other kept the sunshine going. Until the darkness of her loss clouded my grandson's soul. He's been lost since then."

Lucas' arm went around her again.

"Since your granddaughter's death a few weeks ago. The little child of giving love."

Everyone's eyes widened, staring at the woman, seeing the loss shining in her blue pools, hidden before behind courage and love.

"Yes, Lucas. The two together were like radiant sunshine. The drew from each other's love. And now she is gone, leaving Colton alone and unloved." Sarah cried, Lucas kissing her cheek.

"He has your love, Sarah. And his mother's and sister's love still shine in his soul."

The woman cried, Lucas' arm holding her close.

"And I have wonderful news, dear lady."

The woman's eyes met Lucas' again, seeing the love shining there.

"Rosa Sharon hasn't gone on to her reward, Sarah. She remains here. Here is this town and everywhere."

"What. . .what do you mean?" she softly said, Lucas smiling at her.

"Your grandson knows, Sarah. For she's his protector. It was she that protected him last night before the monster could claim him."

Sarah's eyes widened in disbelief, Lucas looking around at everyone.

"We've all seen her, Sarah. She walks my path as well. Her soul surrounds us."

Sarah's eyes moved around, seeing the wonderful truth on all their faces.

"My little angel. . .she's not in heaven. . .she. . .she follows you and Colton?" she said, her words filled with emotion.

"Yes, dear lady." Lucas said, she staring into his violet pools.

"But why, Lucas? She is but a child!" Sarah said, Lucas nodding his head.

"I know, Sarah. And that I aim to find out." Lucas said, the young man sighing again.

"I need to speak to Colton, Sarah. Where is he?" Lucas said, Sarah nodding her head.

"I'm right here, monster."

Everyone's eyes moved, staring towards the diner's front door.

Standing in the open doorway was a slim young boy.

He looked to be fifteen or sixteen.

He wore a dark black cloak, which covered all of his sleek, thin form.

His long blond hair blew around his head, a soft breeze flowing into the diner through the open door.

Lucas rose from his chair, staring into two blue eyes of the deepest blue, their centers like liquid drops of ice.

But deep in those eyes was a lot of pain and sorrow.

Everyone else was staring at what the youth held in his hand.

A long bow was held in front of him, an arrow in its string, that arrow pointed directly at Lucas.

"I am not the monster of your dreams, Colton. I am the salvation of your life."

The boy trembled, staring into two violet pools of now glowing life.

Everyone screamed as he released the string, the arrow heading right for Lucas' heart.



End of Chapter 95


Oh no!

Has Lucas been mortally wounded?
Is this child so terrified of him that he'd seek to kill him?


It seems Lucas has seen the underlying truth.

A second family resides alongside the Belmont dynasty.

His mother being one of that clan as well.

As is his cousin Harry.


Who are or were the Carlisles?

What secrets or truths did Lucas discover in the next chapter of his great-grandfather's journal?


A new person of interest walks into the sunshine of Lucas' love.

Will Lucas be alive to calm his troubled soul?


I know, and you'll know as well.

Just read on.



Hugs, Angel.