Yesterday's End-96

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.




Chapter 96


Everyone froze, their eyes staring in disbelief.

The young man's blue eyes were wide with disbelief as well.

Lucas still stood at the table, the arrow suspended in midair, less than half an inch from his heart.

Lucas' violet pools were glowing, the arrow stopped from its deadly course by his magic.

"To wound my heart would wound your own soul, Colton. I am not the monster you seem to believe I am."

The young man's eyes widened, staring at the motionless arrow, Lucas' eyes glancing at it for a moment as well.

He waved his hand slightly, the arrow falling to the floor.

When it hit the floor it was as if it was made of ice: shattering into small wooden fragments upon impacting the tiles.

Everyone stared in silent wonder, Lucas' eyes on only the young man standing by the door.

The young man suddenly moved towards the door, his body a fluid grace of strength and speed.

His escape was met with the door in front of him slamming in his face.

He grabbed its handle, the door not budging.

"The force of my magic holds it, Colton. The force of my love will calm all lost souls."

The boy's eyes moved back to Lucas' staring violet pools, his youthful face showing a soft trace of fear.

"You need not fear me, Colton. I want to be your friend."

Sarah moved from behind Lucas, Lucas watching her eyes meeting his, the woman moving to her grandson.

Colton stared at his grandmother, her arm going around him.

"My God, Colton! You. . .you almost killed him!" she said, her eyes filled with worry and concern.

"He's. . .he's evil, Grandma! He's a monster!" the young man said, his blue eyes staring at Lucas.

"He's no such thing, Colton. This young man is a dear, sweet, giving man. I've seen and felt his goodness."

"He's fooling you, Grandma! I know who he is!"

Lucas stared at the young man, the youth still trying to open the door.

"Let me out! Let me go! Let us both go!" he screamed, Sarah staring at her grandson with shock, seeing the fear on his young face.

"You are not a prisoner here, Colton. Neither is your grandmother." Lucas said, their eyes meeting his violet pools.

"You lie! I know the truth of your soul! I know what you are!" the young man said, his blue eyes staring at Lucas, his hand still grasped to the bow he held in his hand.

"You know what you've been told." Lucas said, Josh's blue eyes locked on the young man's bow.

"She has never lied to me! My life I shall give to her love!"

Lucas stared at the young man, his violet pools going to his grandmother standing beside him.

"I know that, Colton. Her love is within your soul. It always has been." Lucas said, the young man backing up a bit, his other free hand going into his cloak.

It came out from its concealment, everyone's eyes widening at seeing the knife the youth had now clasped in that hand.

"Put that down, Colton! What's gotten into you?" Sarah said, staring at her grandson with worry.

"Falsehoods and lies, dear lady." Lucas said, the man's violet pools staring into the young man's soul.

The young man lowered his eyes for a moment, not wanting to look into those burning eyes of confusion.

For he felt great confusion in his own mind.

For he saw so much love and calmness in those violet pools.

"I am not what you purport me to be, Colton. I am not the monster that follows you."
The young man's hand clutched the knife, its blade directed towards Lucas.

"Let me go, please!" the young man said, everyone hearing the nervous fear in the young man's voice.

"I already told you that you are not a prisoner here, Colton. The release of your fears is the love you hold in your own heart. The love your grandmother gives you, the love your mother and dear sister Rosa Sharon gave you."

The young man's eyes went to his grandmother's blue pools of showing love, his own blue pools lowering.

"Please calm down, Colton. I'm worried about you." she said, the young man feeling her worried love.

"I am alright, Grandma. I will be even better when I rid this town of its evil." he said, his eyes staring at Lucas.

"I am the one to do that, young warrior. And it starts with your own soul." Lucas said, the man moving forward towards the younger man.

The knife came up, Lucas stopping in front of Colton, Sarah staring at the slightly older man staring down her young grandson.

"My soul is free of evil. I am not tainted yet by your sly evil." the younger man said, Lucas staring at him.

"You are young and courageous, Colton. But you've let in the evil through the easiest of ways."

The young man stared at Lucas, his violet eyes filled with calmness and showing love.

"I will not listen to you or your lies." Colton said, Lucas sighing, his violet pools glancing into Sarah's blue.

They turned back to the young man, their eyes locked on each other.

"Hide well what you carry, Colton. For it lays in your hands for a reason. And not for the reason you think."

The young man's eyes went to his own pocket, feeling the item hidden there.

"Walk with caution, Colton. But I am here always to give you everything."
The young man backed up again, his hand going to the doorknob behind him, the young man feeling the door give, the door opening behind him.

His eyes remained glued on Lucas, the young man not moving from in front of him.

Everyone was surprised that the door was now unlocked, unheeded by magic again.

"Remember one thing, Colton." Lucas said, his eyes locked on the young man's blue irises.

"I will not heed anything you say, monster." he said, his bravado gained again.

"Remember their colors, my friend. Truth lays in their deception. She always loved that color."

The young man looked confused, staring at his grandmother, then at Lucas again.

"Come with me, Grandma. Please." Colton said, his grandmother looking at him with worried love again.

"Don't run from our love, Colton. I worry about your loneliness." she said, Lucas voice now entering their touching love.

"He is never lonely when he has her love. He has to remember that."

Colton's eyes met Lucas' again, the older of the two staring at the younger with calmness.

"The duality of her shall open your heart to the truth, Colton. Then judge me by my friendship."
The young man showed a soft look of confusion again, then moved with quick agility again, disappearing through the door, his slim form disappearing across the street with cat-like finesse.

Lucas lowered his eyes, the young man feeling an arm wrap around him.

"I was worried, my love. He was on the edge of terror, of fear and anger. You could have been seriously hurt." Josh said, his arm around his man.

Lucas' eyes raised, meeting Sarah's blue pools of worried love.

"I will never fear the uncertainty of my family's love, Joshua. It only needs the sunshine of my love to calm its soul." he said, everyone rising from the table, surrounding their friend and Sarah.

Trish's arm went around the older woman, she smiling at her giving friendship.

"He'll be alright, Sarah. My brother promised him that in his offered friendship. He'll come around to the truth of my brother's love." she said, Lucas smiling at his sister.

"What were you trying to tell him, Lucas? Something about her colors?" Lance said, Lucas staring into his friend's green pools of love.

"I was trying to show him the truth, Lance. I think he'll reason it out. And then the path will be walked by all of us." he softly said, his violet pools meeting Sarah's blue.

"Your grandson is courageous, Sarah. And indeed lost. But I believe I've given him an anchor to cling to. And from that he'll get a life he should have always had."
Sarah nodded, unsure of what Lucas was saying.

He smiled at her, his arm going around her.

"I'd like another coffee, dear lady. And then I need to ready myself." Lucas said, Josh meeting his violet pools.

"Ready yourself for what, Lucky?"

"For a visit to my past." he said, Finn looking at him, Harry staring as well.

"The cemetery, Lucas?" Finn said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Finny. I have to go there today."

"I thought you'd planned that for tomorrow?" Justin said, Lucas' violet pools looking out the diner's front window.

"Paths change, Justin. All has readied itself." Lucas said, the young man walking back to the table, everyone's eyes following him.

Justin and Josh exchanged glances, Justin shrugging his shoulders.

Everyone joined Lucas at the table, the young man sitting in silent reflection.


Colton sat on the fence railing, his blue eyes scanning everywhere around him.

He'd fled the diner, his feet on a path of confused escape.

Here now he sat in a secluded spot, away from the main roads, on the back acres of an abandoned farm.

A farm his family had once worked with thriving flourish.

His father had died shortly after Rosa Sharon had been born, this farm his family's.

He and his wife had worked it with relish and love.

Colton thought often of those younger days of his lost youth, of the love of his parents and the beauty of his sister's smile increasing their family love.

Their father had been killed in a tragic highway accident, a drunk driver robbing the three of their guiding love.

His mother had taken on the reins of family courage, guiding her two young children forward on the path of life.

And sadly a few years later she had been taken from their hearts of love.

Disease and the struggles of life had taken her from their love.

Her mother had taken the two lost waifs in, loving them as her daughter had.

The farm was closed, put up for sale, no one buying it in the years ahead, the place quietly falling into disarray.

Colton had felt so lost at first, so lost without their paternal love.

But his own love had focused on his little sister, she a continuing ray of sunshine on the clouded path of his life.

And then tragically, over a month ago, she'd been taken from him as well.

That was the greater confusion of Colton's loss.

For her death had been unanswered, unfathomed in its mysterious ending.

She'd been her usual self, laughing and loving, then dropping into death in an instant.

Those first few days had been so clouded, a sunshine-less path of sorrow for the young man.

His heart had been ripped open, its love lost in so many ways.

His father, his mother and his little sister.

The three beacons of his life's path.

But in his own soul he felt the emptiness of being left alone and unloved.

His grandmother still watched out for him, trying to fill the void that now was his heart.

But it wasn't enough.

He'd lived with her for over three years after his mother's death, up until Rosa Sharon's passing into the light.

And then he'd been drawn back to this place.

To this abandoned farm hidden in the valley outside of town.

The center of his once world of love.

For when he'd walked these fields and walked his past he'd felt their love shining.

And then a few days after his little sister's death he'd felt and seen an even greater love.

His blue eyes scanned the area he now sat in, the fence under him meandering down the field's boundaries.

A large oak tree stood above him, he hidden under its large shadow, the day's rising sun sheltered from his bronzed skin.

It was here a month ago he'd seen her first.

Her blue eyes of love standing before him.

She'd smiled her usual smile of welcoming happiness, he reduced to tearful crying, her small arms wrapping around his waist.

Her love had calmed him that day, her smile and beautiful face as remembered of love as it had always been.

"Don't cry, Colt. I'm happy upon the path of his love."

"Why'd you go, Rosy? Why'd you leave me all alone?!" he'd cried, her lips kissing his cheek, he staring into her radiant eyes of giving love.

"You are not alone, Colt. My love is always with you. And I feel Mommy and Daddy's love behind the veil. I'm going to them again, and you're going to live life. But first we have to guide the angel."

"The angel? You're with the angels, Rosy." he'd said, her smile widening.

"This angel is yours, Colt. For his love is the answer to your life's path's confusion."

"What. . .what do you mean?" he'd said, his little sister's hand opening in front of him.

In its small palm sat a plain piece of dark brown cloth.

And in the cloth's center sat a golden ring of quiet beauty.

"Keep this safe, Colt. You need to guide it onto his path. And never speak of it again to anyone, even myself. This is the binding secret of our hearts. You'll know when and of who it needs to find." she said, folding the cloth in her hand, raising that hand and placing the covered ring in Colton's left jacket pocket, her small face smiling at him.

"I'm walking through life with you, Colt. As I walk with others. As I've been asked to do."
"By. . .by who?"

She smiled, kissing her brother's cheek again.

"By he of the unending love, by he of the giving love. God's love echoes through all of us." she'd said, her blue eyes looking around her abandoned former home.

They met her brother's again, the young man seeing so much shining love in those remembered pools.

"Watch the world, Colt. Be steadfast in your hidden love. Guard all and give all. And watch everyone. There's a evilness that's settled upon our hamlet of love. And it lays in wait for him. You need to follow your own path, my brother. And from that will come your life."
She'd smiled again, Colton smiling at her.

"Alright, Rosy. I'll be courageous and I'll go on. And I'll guard everyone."
She'd kissed his cheek again, the little girl giggling then, moving across the field and disappearing into the tall corn that stood in front of him.

The last vision he'd had that day was of her soft pink dress gleaming in the sunshine, its ribbons floating on the breeze as she disappeared from his eyes.

The young man sighed, looking around the field in front of him, he now seated alone on the fence a month later, the oak's shadow hiding him in the center of sunshine.

What was that in his eyes?
What was that deep feeling that threatened my own soul?

Why didn't he seem afraid of my showing courage?

And what did he mean about the colors?

The color of what?

The young man's mind was filled with the day's revelations and the face of the young man he'd met in his grandmother's diner.

Of the monster he'd seen and faced.

And that perhaps was the greater confusion that claimed his mind and soul.

That beautiful young man didn't seem all that great a monster.

He'd seen a showing friendship and a giving calmness in that man's violet pools of intense glowing light.

The young man now knew the man was filled with magic, the shattered arrow proof of that.

He'd been unable to kill the monster, its magic perhaps greater than he'd assumed.

And that trembled through the young man.

How do I destroy such a being of magic?
And do I really want to do that?

He seemed so composed and honest in his words.

He now felt the doubts trembling through him.

The doubts of his own eyes, of his own feelings.

He didn't seem evil.

He didn't attack him.

"He guides you to his evil, brother."

Colton's eyes moved, meeting two small pools of blue.

A few feet away from him, standing beside the large oak's trunk, stood his little sister.

"Hello again, Rosy." he said, staring at her with love.

"Hello, Colton. I've missed you."

Colton smiled, looking at her, taking in the vision of her youthful love, shining in the hidden shadows of the tree's trunk.

She'd visited him a few times since that first day he'd seen her, her smile calming him often.

And she'd sat with him and told him of the coming monster.

Of the man who'd enter his life and perhaps take it.

After using him for his evil ways.

Her love and words of hope had filled his heart with resolve.

And she'd told him how to win the battle against this monster.

Colton stared at his sister, her smiling face showing with love.

He took in her youthful beauty, seeing something he hadn't seen before.

Something he'd failed to notice.

He smiled, releasing the bow he still carried in his hand, setting it against the fence.

She smiled, walking towards him, Colton staring at her.

He patted the old tree stump that sat beside the fence, the young girl smiling and sitting down on the stump.

"You've met him, Colton?"

"Yes, Rosy. I've seen the monster for what it is. Deceitful and manipulative." he said, the little girl smiling up at him.

"That he is, Colton. He cloaks himself in a false love, in a deceitful blanket of magic. It's time, my brother. Time to wound the world with its blood. And save everyone."

The boy smiled, nodding his head.

"I'm ready, Rosy." he said, the child smiling up at her brother.

"You treated the arrow as I said? With the magic love?"

The young man nodded, tapping the arrow quiver he had hanging from his cloak.

His hand went into the quiver, pulling out a single arrow, its metal blade bathed in a slick wetness.

"Check it out, dear sister." Colton said, the child looking at the arrow.

"It is ready, Colton. I need not touch it. I sense its weapon." she said, rising from the stump, Colton smiling at her.

"The Robin Hood of the magic's future. You are courageous in your love and strength, Colton." she said, smiling at him again.

Colton smiled at his sister, nodding his head.

"I am ready for life and truth, sister of my heart." he said, the child smiling, then giggling.

"So am I, Colton. So am I." she smiled, running towards the corn, smiling back at him, then disappearing into its tall stalks.

Colton watch his sister disappear into the corn, her soft pink dress disappearing into its green leaves, as it always had.

He smiled, seeing the ribbons in her long blond hair float away with her.

The young man stood up, standing beside the fence, returning the arrow to his quiver, picking up his bow.

"I am ready for life, Rosy. And I'm ready to destroy the monster."

The young man moved, on his true path again, disappearing through the corn in another direction.

That direction led him towards a graveyard in the far distance.

And to his destiny.


Sarah Carlisle sighed, closing the register, looking around her diner.

The afternoon crowd had dispersed, the diner now empty of its day's rush.

The evening supper crowd would enter again in an hour or so, her evening shift beginning.

She smiled, remembering the faces of sunshine and happiness she'd seen here this morning.

And the young man who'd surprised her to her soul.

And she remembered the confrontation between that angel and her own lost grandson.

Why can't you see the truth of his giving love, Colt?

Why can't you see he only wants to help you?

His love is so real, so showing of its greatness.

She smiled, remembering the sensation of his loving eyes burning into her heart.

You are the one, Lucas.

The one foretold.

And I must inform all of them.

And most of all my own grandson.

He needs to see your truth, and the truth of all of us.

Her eyes went to a picture hanging above the register, three smiling faces showing in its wooden frame.

Her fingers touched it, rubbing the young woman's face and the young man's face shining with happiness around her own self.

"My loving children. My Maya and Gideon. My daughter gone on to her reward, my son living his life to its fullest. I must let you know, Gideon. And you must take up the path. I sense a change coming. And I sense my own destiny." the woman said, looking towards the diner's window, the late sunshine of the day's afternoon ending, filtering into the shadowed diner.

The diner's door opened, a smiling face greeting hers.

"Hello, Sarah. What can I help you with?" the man said, Sarah smiling at him.

"Hello, Albert. I need a favor." she said, Albert nodding.

"Anything for you, my friend. And my love." he said, Sarah smiling at him.

Her hand went under the register's counter, pulling out a white envelope.

"You have a guest staying at the Hammond? A young man named Lucas Carver?"

"Yes, he and his friends have just left this afternoon on a tour. On a mission of adventure, I worry." he said, she smiling at him, handing him the envelope, the man taking it.

"Could you give this to him? He asked me for something last night, and again this morning. I want him to have it." she said, Albert smiling at her.

"I hope it's not your love."
Sarah smiled, the man pulling her into his arms, the two lightly kissing.

Sarah smiled, he smiling as well when they parted.

"That you have, Albert. You are the sunshine that warms this old heart."
He smiled, putting the envelope into his jacket pocket.

"When the diner closes tonight, how about you and I have a late walk over to the Major?  A small picnic under the stars and his statue?"

She smiled, kissing his cheek.

"I'd love that, Albert."

He smiled, raising her hand and kissing its back.

"Until later, sweet lady." he smiled, walking out of the diner, closing the door behind him.

She watched him walk across the street, heading down the sidewalk back towards his inn.

"Until the next path, Albert." she said, the woman sighing.

"My brother's heart shines with happiness. It is good to see Alby smiling."

Sarah's eyes moved, staring into two blue pools staring back at her.

A man sat at the small table in the corner, her eyes widening in disbelief.


The man stared at her, she taking in his remembered face and clothing.

"Hello, Sarah." he said, she staring at him with concerned shock.

"You're. . .you're. . ." she stuttered, he staring at her.

"Dead, dear lady. Yes, I guess I am that. To those of this world, indeed."

Sarah stared at the man seated in front of her, the man's face showing a softening smile.

"Sit, Sarah. We have much to discuss." he said, the woman staring at him, the man looking at her intently.

"Do not be afraid, old friend. I'm here to calm you, and ready you."

"Ready me? For what?" she said, the man smiling at her.

"I sense your own truth in that." he said, the woman staring at him some more.

She sighed, moving slowly forward, the man watching her approach him.

"The wonder of it still echoes in my soul, Sarah. You'll never be prepared for the calmness after it. It still warms my soul, and I haven't felt all of it completely. The path still lays ahead for me. For you, it readies."

The woman's blue eyes widened, sitting down in the chair across from him, staring at him with shock.

"My. . .my time. . .it's at hand?"

"We all walk our paths, old friend. Some of us are guided onto it by God's hand, some by others. I never wanted this for you, Sarah. But Maya's love awaits. Look towards that future."

Her eyes went towards the window, staring at the falling shadows of the late afternoon's approach.

"I've missed her and Rosa Sharon. My Gideon and Colton will be so lost."

"They have others to carry them on the path, dear lady. And Rosa Sharon is on her own path." Arlo said, Sarah staring at him.

"What's to happen to him, Arlo? To Colt?"

"He's on a path of destiny, Sarah. As I feel I am as well. And others surround us. It's time. Forgive me for what you'll sense for only the briefest of moments. The love after is all that matters." the man said, his eyes going around the diner.

"It comes. I have to go."
The man faded before her, Sarah's eyes widening in disbelief, staring at the empty chair.

"I hope I'm not too late for a good meal?"

The woman's head turned, staring at a man standing in the diner's doorway, the man closing the door behind him.

She rose from the table, staring at him.

"The diner's always open this time of day. Sit down and I'll get you a menu."
The man smiled, Sarah staring into the man's dark eyes.

"I need no menu, my dear. I know what I hunger for."

The woman stared at him, sensing the man's staring evilness.

"A woman of a lost path. Interesting. What are you doing here? And the other children? Interesting indeed." the man said looking out the window, the shadows now lengthened, the sun sinking behind the buildings across the street.

"Who. . .who are you?" she said, a sudden fear rising from her soul.

"I am someone in search of something. Something that's been taken from me. By a small thief. A cunning small thief. Where is it and she, grandmother of her soul?"

Sarah's eyes widened a bit, staring at the man now slowly walking towards her.

The woman moved slowly, the man moving as well, she slowly passing him, the two sets of eyes locked on each other.

"I. . .I know not of what you seek. And how do you know my grandchild?"

The man smiled, seeing her edge towards the door and possible freedom.

A freedom he knew she'd never receive.

"I know her very well. Her death was of my doing. I guided her by accident onto a path she wasn't supposed to walk. But I'm going to right that soon enough. But first I need my treasure."

The woman's eyes widened in fear, sensing the truth in his emotionless words.

"You. . .you. . .my grandchild. . .?"

"Her dying terror was delicious, but the briefest of meals. Yours may be more exquisite." the man said, his face changing into a menacing grin.

Sarah bolted, heading for the door, pulling at its doorknob, feeling the deadness of its sealed doom.

The door didn't budge, locked by magic.

A magic perhaps older than time itself.

She felt hands going to her shoulders, the woman feeling her feet leave the floor, her body thrown across the room, hitting the far wall.

She lay on the floor, staring towards the door and a walking shadow of death walking towards her.

In her mind she heard a soothing voice of love.

Love you, Grandma.

Mommy waits for you.

You have our love forever.

Sarah's eyes widened with love, the evil suddenly attacking her feeling none of her loving soul leave this earth.


Lucas drove the SUV, Josh seated beside him, Lance and Justin behind them in the backseat.

The receding afternoon sunshine beamed through the tinted windshield, the late August warmth reaching its day's peak.

A cool breeze blew through Lucas' open window, Josh looking at him.

Behind them another vehicle followed, Lucas surrounded by their following love.

"You've been very quiet all afternoon, my love." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Just lost in my thoughts and the future, my Beamy." he said, Josh smiling at him.

He felt Lucas' calmness, and his determined love.

The group had left the diner, walking back to their inn, the group walking with quiet awe, all staring at the young man.

He'd offered no more explanation for the words he'd spoken to Colton, or the meeting between the two.

Josh sensed in his own soul that that meeting was a meeting of destiny.

What that future held he knew not.

Only that Lucas seemed calm and happy about some part of it.

They'd all returned to their rooms, a decision made by Lucas for an afternoon excursion to the cemetery located outside of town.

They'd all agreed to meet again at four, heading out of town soon after.

Josh and Lucas had spent the afternoon together, snuggled and in love.

A soft session of love had moved them both, a watery ending to that passion.

Here now they were driving to the outskirts of town, seeking out a quiet cemetery.

Josh feared in his own soul that place may spell great danger.

Lucas' hand went on top of his, Josh sensing Lucas had sensed his concerns.

"I'm focused, my love. All of me." he said, Josh nodding, their two friends staring at Lucas ahead of them.

"I have all of your love and I have my magic. That will be enough."
The two behind them smiled, Lance leaning forward and kissing Lucas' cheek.

"We're all here for you, Luke."

Lucas smiled, meeting Lance's green pools in the mirror, the young man smiling.

"As will be others. Of this world and the next."

The three men traded looks, Josh's hand squeezing his again.

"Shades, Lucas?"

"Perhaps, Joshua. I sense them all around this place ahead. Old and new friends."

The young man spotted the exiting sign from the town, its placard thanking everyone for visiting and to please return again.

"I shall." he said, smiling.

Josh looked at him, his lover slowing their vehicle, all eyes in the car moving ahead.

A large graveyard came into view, black wrought iron gates showing its entrance.

Above those gates was an old wrought iron sign, Josh reading its words out loud.


            Sacred Hearts Cemetery

         Eternal Sleep, Eternal Love

                    Est. 1745


"Words that may be untrue." Lucas said, the young man pulling their vehicle up to the gates as he pulled off the main road.

The two gates were open, Lucas driving through, Alain driving the vehicle behind them, following.

Lucas parked the vehicle, Alain parking right behind them.

Everyone slowly climbed out of the vehicles, Lucas the first one out, his violet pools taking in the place's quiet refinement.

Everyone else looked around, the only sound coming from birds perched in willow trees by the front entrance.

"And old place of death, my friend." Alain said, his hand going in Harry's, the young blond-haired man's eyes scanning everywhere.

"Seeped in the sleeping truth of this nation's past, Alain. And guardian of secrets old and new." Lucas said, Josh's hand going in his, Justin's arm going around his Lance.

Trish and Andrew as well as Finn and Skyler were both locked in protective embraces, Lucas smiling around at his friends.

"The true path begins, my friends. Heed off the worry of your souls. I'm fully prepared for everything." he said, the young man smiling at his Josh.

"Let's move, everyone. We only have a few hours of sinking sunshine left." he said, the young man moving forward, Josh at his side.


The group walked around for about half an hour, taking in the ancient tombstones and fenced-off graves and stone crypts, sensing the archaic age of some parts of this cemetery.

For over two hundred years it had housed the dead of the surrounding town, a monument to the devoted of their lost loves.

They read some of the tombstones, dates and ages varying across both spectrums, and through all the years past.

Lucas saw two newly covered graves,  Josh at his side as he watched the young man looking towards them, both situated on a grassy knoll just off a cobblestone path.

Dead flowers showed on both, the smaller one seemingly more sunken into the ground.

"Eternal spot of sleeping love." Lucas said, Josh's arm going around him, everyone surrounding them, looking at the two graves.

"Rosa Sharon's, Luke?" Finn said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Finn. She and Albert's brother Arlo. Last to be buried here a few weeks ago, she ahead of him by a few days." Lucas said, his violet eyes moving around the quieted area.

"It's so silent and peaceful here towards the center of all of this."  Trish said, Andrew's arm tightening around her.

"Tombs are silent when love is forgotten." Lucas said, his eyes moving towards the left field past these new graves.

A cobblestone path led down that hill, Lucas seeing ancient graves and tombs lining it.

"To the heart of life and truth." he said, the young man moving towards the cobblestone path, someone stepping in front of him.

"Let me lead, Lucas." Harry said, Lucas smiling at his cousin's stance of protective love.

"Certainly, Har. Your love shields me. And lays within me."
The young man smiled, his hand going to his chest, finding the hidden mound of steel there.

His weapon was concealed and ready.

The young man turned, walking to the path, Lucas quietly following him.

They meandered down the path, taking in the quiet visions of deathly solitude.

Markers and tombstones lined the path, some deeply faded and moss-covered.

The path crested a small hill, Lucas seeing a tomb laying on the side of a small knoll just as the path turned to the right, heading off up the hill and out of sight.

Another stone path lay to the left, passing before the old moss-covered tomb.

Lucas stopped at the bottom of the knoll, Harry stopping ahead of him as the others realized that Lucas had stopped.

"What is it, Luke?" Harry said, looking back at him.

"I think I've found the place." he said, his eyes staring ahead.

Everyone stared ahead at the other cobblestone path.

It moved around a small knoll, a tomb built into the small hill's side, a gated entrance before it laying ahead of them on the stone path.

Lucas moved onto that cobblestone path, Harry immediately at his side, Josh at his other side.

"It's alright, my friends. I'm just going to take a look." he said, everyone looking at each other.

"Alright, Luke. But I'm at your side." Harry said, Alain watching his soulmate's showing love.

"I know you are, Har. And I welcome your love. All of you. And my magic protects all of you."

The young bodyguard nodded, Lucas moving forward, walking down the cobblestone path, two men walking on each side of him, their friends following.

Lucas walked down the path, taking in the old beauty of the large marble tomb that lay embedded into the grassy hill, is stone smooth and blemish-free.

Its top and half its sides were covered in green moss, the hill trying to devour the tomb into its green heart.

Black cast iron gates stood in front of the tomb, a small walkway between them and the entrance to the tomb.

Two wrought iron gates covered the tomb's stone entrance, that entrance sealed.

The atmosphere around the tomb and on the stone path was one of smothering quietness, no breeze or sound reaching anyone's ears or skin.

"It's what it is, Luke. A silent tomb." Finn said, his eyes scanning everywhere.

"I think it's something more, Finny." Lucas said, his eyes scanning the tomb's face and surrounding area.

Moss hung over its entrance, a name etched across the tomb's face above the door, only two letters showing amongst the moss.




"L and M?" Josh said, taking in their etched writing.

"Two letters of the name Belmont, Luke?" Andrew said, everyone smiling at the young man's astute reasoning.

"Is this one of your family's lost tombs, Lucas?" Alain said, the young man looking towards the black man.

"Not in essence, Alain. But in truth it may be more." Lucas said, the young man's hand going to the gate just off the cobblestone path, the group now standing in front of the tomb.

Harry's hand went on top of Lucas', the young man staring at him.

Lucas sighed, nodding, Harry opening the gate, walking into the small area between the tomb and the path, his eyes moving everywhere.

The young man walked forward, Lucas' violet pools on his cousin's motion.

The young man stopped at the two steps leading up to the front entrance of the marble tomb, looking at the iron gate covering its stone entrance.

"This gate is rusted, Luke. No one's opened this tomb for a long time."

"I know, Har." Lucas said, his cousin's blue pools looking back at him.

"You know?" he said, the young man walking back to the gate.

"No man seeks entry into a forgotten tomb, Harold. Only visions of magic and uncertainty and perhaps evil would venture into its darkness. And only to seek one thing."

"What lays here, Luke?" Finn said, Lucas looking at his friend.

"At the moment nothing. It's what once lay here that is the important fact." Lucas said, his eyes meeting his cousin's.

"Can you see if you can wipe away that moss from the tomb's face, Har? I want to see the name."

Harry nodded, looking at his cousin, then moving back to the tomb's entrance, the young man climbing up its three steps, his hand reaching for the etched words hidden beneath the moss.

Just as he was about to reach for the hanging moss a soft giggle was heard around them.

"Don't play with things, silly."

Harry's eyes moved--as did everyone else's--to the left of the tomb, a surprising sight meeting their eyes.

Lucas' violet pools softly glowed, Josh staring with surprise at the small girl standing just down the path of its side, between two stone tombstones.

"Rosa Sharon?" Josh said, everyone looking with quiet wonder at the small child.

She wore a soft pink dress, her blond tresses hanging to her shoulders, a soft smile covering her face.

Blue ribbons hung in her hair, Lucas staring back at her.

"Yes, sir. I'm here to ask you to move away from there. There is danger." she said, her voice calm and soft.

Everyone looked at Lucas, Harry now at his side on the other side of the black iron gate.

"Everyone stay still." Lucas said, the young man feeling everyone close in around him.

"I know that you're not Rosa Sharon, Monster." Lucas said, the child staring at him.

"I'm lost in death, sir. I've walked this graveyard for days. Where is my family? My brother?" she said, the apparition moving slowly forward, everyone staring at her.

"I do not know where the beast's brood lays, monster." Lucas said, Josh staring at his man.

"She's not a monster, Lucky. She's a lost child as you've always said." Josh said, looking towards the child, she softly smiling at him.

"You seem kind, sir. Please help me to save you. There's evil there. In that place beside you. Run away now!" she said, her face showing a soft look of fear, everyone staring at her with worry, their eyes glancing to Lucas.

"She's warning us, Lukey. Let's get out of here." Finn said, Lucas' hand going to his friend's shoulder.

"Don't move, any of you." he said, everyone hearing the seriousness in his voice.

Everyone remained still, the child's face changing.

"You don't listen very well. This town is full of fools." S\she said, her eyes boring into Lucas' violet pools, those violet pools now glowing.

"You are very intelligent, lost one. I've underestimated what's happened." the child said, its eyes now glowing a softer blue, then changing to a dark black.

"What lays hidden here, monster?" Lucas said, the child raising its hand, a soft light suddenly appearing in its grasp.

"Death, fool!" she suddenly screamed, that hand moving forward, the light suddenly flying from her hand, everyone staring in shocked horror.

A new light suddenly surrounded them, the light she'd thrown hitting it, that light coming from Lucas' own hands in front of him, his friends behind him protected by it.

Her light hit his, hers reflecting off it, ricocheting to the right, hitting the tomb's facing above the door.

Lucas' eyes remained focused on her, the child glaring at him.

"A great magic you possess, lost one! Mine is greater still!" the child said, its face now a vision of wild anger.

"Mine is my love." Lucas said, the child sneering, raising its hand again.

A greater light showed now in its grasp, everyone sensing this light was even more dangerous.

The hidden monster before them raised its hand again, the ball of light brighter and ready.

The child monster suddenly gasped, everyone's eyes widening in horror, the monster's hand stopped.

The light disappeared instantly, the child's hands going to its throat, Lucas staring at the arrow protruding from the little girl's throat.

The child turned and staggered, looking behind it, everyone seeing the young man standing on the top of the small knoll, a bow in his hand, the arrow of laced death having flown from it.

"I have destroyed the monster. And it truly was you, false sister of death." Colton said, the small child gasping, its form changing instantly, its height rising, its form changing into a large black beast, a scream raising from it, its paw moving forward, a blast of light flying from that paw, hitting the young man standing on the hill, everyone screaming as Colton was thrown backwards by its force, the young man falling and rolling down the hill.

Lucas moved forward in an instant, the young man's hands flying forward as well.

A great white light leapt from his hands, that light hitting the beast squarely between its dark red eyes.

The beast screamed a heart-wrenching scream, its form suddenly engulfed by the light, the beast disappearing in an instant, the light vanishing as well.

The beast was gone, Lucas moving past the spot where it had stood, the young man crossing the hill with speed, at the young man's side in moments, taking the young man into his own muscled, strong arms.

The boy trembled, his blue eyes slowly opening.

Everyone had broken their fear, moving as one towards them, Lucas staring down into the young man's blue pools.

"I. . .I am sorry. . .I know now. . .you were. . .the colors. . ." he softly said, Lucas wiping a tear from the boy's face.

"Close your eyes, Colt. I'm here and so is she."

The boy trembled, everyone stopping in shock, staring at a small child who'd suddenly appeared out of nowhere, that child standing behind Lucas.

She was the same child they'd just seen moments ago, but for only one difference.

The child knelt beside Lucas, his violet pools meeting hers.

"He'll be okay, Lucas. With your love and mine." she said, the child leaning forward and kissing her brother's cheek.

The young man opened his pained eyes, staring at her.

He softly smiled at her, seeing the true vision of her true self.

Her blond hair was the same, but pink ribbons now were laced through it, not blue.

The true colors of her true self.

Her favorite color.

"He shall save you, Colt. With his love and magic. And my love follows you always." she said, the young child suddenly disappearing again.

Lucas' hand went to the young man's cheek, a soft white flowing around the two, everyone staring in silence at the two young men.

Colton shivered a bit, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

The young man suddenly saw the truth shining in those violet pools.

The truth of Lucas' love and of his friendship.

The boy's eyes closed, Lucas holding him close.

Lucas' eyes met Josh's, seeing the man's love and concern showing there.

"He'll be okay. He has my love and friendship now." Lucas said, his violet pools going to the tomb standing behind them.

He stared at the burning moss that hung and fell from the tomb's facing, a name now etched and shown again after many years.


    Almira Carlisle


Lucas' eyes moved down to the handsome face asleep in his arms.

And the young man felt his heart's center enlarging.



End of Chapter 96


A new name of revealed mystery.

In the center of a monster's challenge.

Lucas has saved the young man who in turn had perhaps saved all of them from the beast before them.

An arrow meant for Lucas found its mark upon the real monster.

And a beast perished before all of them from Lucas' magic.

Is that beast gone for good?


What of Colton's grandmother?

Has she given her life for her grandson's safety?
Did the same beast attack her?

Or are others hiding in the background of evil?


Mysteries surround us.

And Lucas seems to be calm through it all.

Trust in him to guide us forward.


The path continues.


Hugs, Angel.