Yesterday's End-97

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.




Chapter 97


Everyone sat around the inn's lobby, all eyes on the young man who sat beside Josh on a couch.

Lucas' violet pools were lowered, Josh's arm around him.

All eyes moved, seeing two men walking down the staircase leading up to the second floor.

The first man looked calm and genial, the vision of a country doctor.

The second man was Albert Hammond, the man's face showing a soft look of concern.

Lucas had carried the young man back to their vehicles, Josh driving them back to the inn at Lucas' request.

Albert had summoned the local doctor upon their arrival and also at Lucas' request.

Lucas' head raised, the young man standing up, Josh and everyone else rising as well.

"He's resting, I've given him a mild sedative. He's showing signs of severe exhaustion and unbalanced coordination. He was awake for a few moments but the sedative took affect easily. He'll sleep through the night." the doctor said, Albert nodding.

"That's what he needs. Rest and recuperation." Lucas said, the doctor nodding.

"I'm not sure exactly what happened to him, but it seems all his energy and strength were drained out of him. Similar to if you were electrocuted or hit by lightning." the doctor said, Albert staring at him.

"There hasn't been rain all week, Seth." Albert said, the doctor nodding.

"I know that myself, Albert. Jessica would be complaining about her corns if it was." the doctor said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Old customs of weather reading?" Lucas smiled, the doctor chuckling.

"The conjuring of old wives tales, son. But my love's usually correct nonetheless." he smiled, Lucas now chuckling.

"Let him rest for a few days, build up his strength. He should be right as rain by then." the doctor said, Lucas nodding at him.

"Thank you, Dr. Fletcher."

The doctor smiled, nodding at Albert.

"I'll stop by the diner and let Sarah know. I'm sure she'll want to know he's safe and here." the doctor said, Albert nodding.

"Thanks, Seth. Tell her he'll stay put here. I've the room for him." Albert said, Seth nodding, Lucas lowering his eyes again.

The doctor said goodnight to everyone, Albert walking him out of the inn through the front door.

Everyone else turned their gaze on Lucas, the young man going back to his seat, everyone returning to theirs.

Lucas lowered his eyes again, Josh quietly staring at him, sensing his man was in deep thought.

"Hell of an afternoon, Lukey." Finn said, Lucas' violet pools rising, meeting his friend's blue.

"Yes, Finn. Not unexpected, but surprising nonetheless."

Everyone looked surprised by Lucas' calm words, the young man's face showing calmness and quiet reflection.

"Not unexpected? You mean. . .you mean you expected that monster to show itself?!" Harry said with shock, Lucas looking at him.
"I expected something would show up, and it would be in the deceptive form of that little girl. I just didn't realize it would be so evil." Lucas said, his face showing soft reflection again, his finger rubbing his chin.

"You knew that that little girl at the tomb wasn't Rosa Sharon, didn't you?" Justin said, Lucas' violet pools meeting his blue.

"Yes, Jus. I sensed that deception even earlier. In fact, the moment I felt Colton's presence yesterday upon entering this town. I sensed that the young man had been deceived by an apparition who appeared to him as his lost sister. Colton loves her with all his heart. It was an easy deception for the beast to fabricate. For it knew the weakness of his lonely heart." Lucas said, the young man lowering his eyes again, Josh's arm going around him again.

"But you saw through it, Lucas. And you somehow warned him. In those words perhaps?" Josh said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Josh. To state it openly he wouldn't have believed me. His love for her clouded his reasoning. He had to put it all together himself. And that realization would make him see that I wasn't the monster he thought I was. Evil was feeding him lies to turn him against me. All that now did was bring us closer together. And I greatly welcome that." Lucas said, everyone staring at him.

"What clued him in to it?" Finn said, Lucas staring at his friend.

"The ribbons, Finny. The blue ribbons in her hair. Rosa Sharon's favorite colour was pink, as you saw in her dress. She always wore pink ribbons in her hair with her dress. The vision he saw the last few weeks wore blue, as we saw tonight. The monster didn't get the vision entirely correct. My words made Colton realize that."

Everyone stared at the young man with quiet awe.

"You're amazing, Lucas." Andrew said, Lucas' eyes meeting his.

"I'm me, Drew. The me you've always known. The me he'll get to know."

Everyone smiled, Josh's eyes going to the stairs.

"Sarah will be thankful he's safe and that he's now not against you."

Lucas eyes lowered again, his head lowering as well, his hands raising and covering his face.

Josh's eyes met Justin's, the man staring at his lover.

"Everything alright, my love?" Josh said, feeling a soft tremble run through Lucas.

Lucas' hands lowered, his head raising again.

Everyone stared at his handsome face, tears showing in his violet pools.

"Love gives us moments of heartache, Joshua. I'll be there in any way for him."

Everyone looked at Lucas, the moment interrupted by the inn's front door opening again.

Albert walked into the room, Seth beside him, his arm around his old friend.

Everyone rose, seeing the emotional look on the innkeeper's face.

Another man walked into the room behind them, closing the door, this man wearing a policeman's uniform.

"Sit down here, Albert." Seth said, guiding his friend to the nearest wingchair, the innkeeper sitting down.

Everyone stared at the doctor, his eyes meeting Lucas' violet pools.

"This is Sheriff Tupper, everyone. He just pulled up as I was getting ready to leave. There's been a tragedy." Dr. Fletcher said, everyone stared at him and the sheriff with concern.

Josh's eyes were on Lucas' emotional face, the doctor looking at him as well.

The sheriff was staring around at everyone, seeing some famous faces.

The sheriff's voice broke the quietness in the room.

"Sarah Carlisle is dead, everyone."


Josh opened the bedroom door, staring quietly into the room.

The room lay in shadowed darkness, one small lamp lit on the nightstand beside the bed.

He stared at the chair situated on the other side of the bed in front of the window, a figure seated in that chair, his eyes closed, his head back against the chair.

Josh stared at his lover, seeing his hand on the bed, its masculine beauty laying on top of another younger hand.

Josh's eyes moved to the bed, seeing the young man sound asleep in its center.

Colton's face was a face of soft smoothness and youthful beauty.

The young man's chest rose and sank with every breath, Josh sensing he was in a deep sleep.

Josh quietly walked around the bed, two eyes of violet love opening as he walked up to the chair.

"I felt your love before I heard it, my Joshua." Lucas said, Josh smiling down at him, the man going down to one knee, his hand going into Lucas' hand as he raised it, the other still attached to Colton's laying on the bed.

"He's in a deep sleep, my love. You should be in your bed as well."

Lucas' eyes filled with love, looking towards the bed.

"I just wanted to be sure he was okay. I didn't want him to be alone."
"You've healed him, Lucas. He has your friendship now. And he has friends now surrounding him."
Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"Everyone else in bed? What time is it?"

Josh leaned forward, kissing his man's lips.

"It's after midnight, my love. Dr. Fletcher returned about an hour ago. He's left again and he's put Albert to bed. Everyone else voiced their love and goodnight to you."

Lucas stared into Josh's blue pools, his man kissing him again.

The two exchanged looks, Josh staring at the young man sleeping in the bed.

"Dr. Fletcher believes Sarah had a heart attack, Lucas. That's the doctor's verdict. She's passed into the light, Lucas."
Lucas nodded, looking towards the bed again.

"He'll have more pain to deal with when he awakes. But he'll have something more perhaps. He'll have a life that may stabilize." Lucas said, Josh staring at his love.

"He'll have all of us, Lucky."

Lucas' violet pools met Josh's, his man staring at his man's violet pools of love.

"I sense we've gained another angel of lost pain. My Lucy's love enters another soul. And that love will do all it can to make that young man live that stabilized life."

Lucas' violet pools teared up, Josh rising to his feet, pulling his man up with him, Josh wrapping his arms around him, Lucas sinking into his warm love.

"Why does he have to face so much pain, Josh? Why does such a young boy have to have such a life of pain? Why did he have to lose everyone?" Lucas cried, Josh holding him close.

He felt the hidden emotions of Lucas' soul letting go, Josh pulling his man closer.

"I don't know why, Luke. God's love is mysterious and uncertain. But life we have to live. Let's hope his next path will be a better path. It already starts with your friendship. And mine."

Lucas' eyes met Josh's, the two staring into their souls.

"I love you, Josh."

Josh smiled, kissing his man's lips again.

"I love you, Lucas. And you need rest. Tomorrow begins his next path. And yours continues. Life goes on, on all paths."

Lucas nodded, the young man letting Josh guide him around the bed, Lucas looking down at the younger man, the man moving and pulling the blankets a little more up around the younger man.

Lucas leaned down, kissing the boy's cheek.

"Sleep with dreams of her love, Colton." he softly said, Josh staring down at the young man.

Lucas felt Josh's arms wrap around him, Josh quietly guiding him out of the room.

Josh closed the door behind him, taking one last look into the room.

He hit the light switch by the door, the lamp on the nightstand going out.

He closed the door behind them.

He failed to notice a solitary figure standing in the corner by the dresser on the far wall.

That small figure walked over to the bed, sitting gently down on it, staring at the sleeping face in front of it.

A soft smile covered the child's face, she leaning forward and kissing the boy's cheek.

Recover, my brother.

The path leads to love.

Rosa Sharon smiled, her small image disappearing into the darkness.


Colton's body stirred, the young man feeling a warmth on his face, his blue pools slowly opening.

His blue eyes met two shining violet pools of calm friendship.

"Good morning, Colton." Lucas said, the man seated again in the chair beside the bed in front of the window.

The young man's eyes stared into his violet, seeing the warm smile on the young man's handsome face.

The warmth he'd felt was the sunshine beaming in from the window behind Lucas.

That beam radiated behind the man, as if a golden aura was wrapped around him.

Lucas' hand raised, pulling down a shade over the window, the sunshine moving off the young man's face.

"Where. . .where am I?"

"You're in Hampton Inn, Colton. I brought you here last night after you lost consciousness." Lucas said, the young man staring at the man.

"You took care of me? After. . .after yesterday?" the young man said, Lucas quietly staring at him.

"Yesterday is over, Colton. You were on the wrong path. I took it upon myself to make you see what was in front of you."

The young man stared at Lucas, the young man quietly staring back.

"Why. . .why did you do that?"

"Because I felt your goodness, Colton. And I felt the trouble that surrounded you. The evil that laid in this town. That perhaps was drawn here. It's diminished, but its essence still radiates. But you're safe." Lucas said, his hand moving, patting the young man's arm softly.

The young man rose up in the bed, a soft gasp coming out of his throat, Lucas rising and gently guiding the young man back down onto the bed.

Lucas pulled the chair a little closer, sitting down again.

"You're still weak, Colton. And you're exhausted. It's bed rest for you for today." Lucas said, the young man staring at him again.

"I. . .I'm. . .I'm sorry, sir." he softly said, Lucas softly smiling at him.

"My name's Lucas, Colton. My father's a sir. I'm just a. . .a concerned friend."

The young man stared at Lucas, the door of the bedroom opening; Josh, Lance and Justin walking into the room, Justin carrying a tray with dishes on it.

The young man's blue eyes met all three, the three smiling at him.

"Someone's up, finally. You looking a lot better than you did last night, young man." Lance said, the young man staring at him with confused shock.

"You're. . .you're both. . .and you're. . .?" Colton said, pointing at all three men.

The three men smiled, Justin looking with a smile at Lucas.

"We're Lucas' friends, Colton." Justin said, the young man staring at the singer with widening eyes of awed wonder.

"You're stars. . .singers! Oh God, you're Justin Timberlake!" the young man said, Justin smiling at him as he sat the tray down on the bed's end.

"We're just normal guys, Colton. And we'd like to be your friends." Lance said, Colton looking into Lance's green eyes.

He lowered his head blushing, Lucas smiling at him.

"These are my friends, Colton.  We'd all like to be your friends, myself included." Lucas said, Colton's blue eyes meeting his violet.

"How can you want that after I. . .I almost. . ." He said, Lucas' hand gently going to his shoulder.

"You were confused, and emotional, Colton. And you were guided by deception. I'd never fault you for that." Lucas said, the young man's eyes lowering.

"I. . .I had it all wrong. I'm so. . ." he said, Lucas' hand squeezing his shoulder.

"I'll accept your apology if you'll accept mine." Lucas said, his three friends looking with confused surprise at Lucas.

"Your apology? For. . .for what?" Colton said, the young man leaning back into the pillows, staring at Lucas.

"I'm sorry for not doing something earlier, Colton. For letting you remain under that evil's control. I should have been totally honest with you in the diner. But I believed that you wouldn't have believed me about Rosa Sharon. About the phoniness of her image."

The young man's eyes lowered again, then met Lucas' again.

"I finally understood your message, Lucas. About colors. Her ribbons. That first time I'd seen her after her death it really was her. She wore her pink ribbons. But all the time after it wasn't. It was that. . .that monster. And I let that monster cloud my mind. It was using me against you." Colton softly said, Lucas smiling at him with kindness.

"You were deceived, Colton. The monster showed itself as the one person you'd trust, the one person you would listen to."
Colton nodded, the young man wiping his eyes.

"I was so wrong. About everything." he said, Lucas moving, sitting on the bed beside him, his arm gently going around the young man, his blue eyes meeting his.

"The past is the past, Colton. Life goes forward." Lucas said, the young man nodding.

He raised his head, Lucas staring into his now tearing eyes.

"I felt her go, Lucas. As I'd felt all of them leave me." the boy softly said, Josh staring at Lucas, the young man quietly looking at the youth.

Lance and Justin stared at the youth in quiet surprise, everyone seeing the boy's tearful eyes.

"I'm sorry, Colton. I wanted to break it to you gently later today when you'd had some time to recover. I'm sorry but she's gone." Lucas said, the boy sinking into Lucas' side, his head going against Lucas' chest.

The three men standing around the bed watching in quiet silence as Lucas held the young man close.

"When I walked into the graveyard I felt her love pulling at my heart, it felt heavy and in pain. I knew in my soul that she'd left me." Colton said, Lucas' hand rubbing his back.

"She was a strong loving lady, Colton. She loved you as her own child."
"We all loved her, Lucas. She was my mother's mother. Her love showed in my Mom, and in her own self." the young man said, burying his head into Lucas' chest, Lucas holding him.

"And now she's left me, too."

Everyone remained silent, quietly listening to the young man let go of his grief.

"What's to become of me, Lucas? Where  do I go now? I'm all alone. I've been so alone!" he cried, Lucas' tearful violet pools meeting Josh's blue pools.

"You go forward, Colton. And you're not alone. You have friends here. You have me." Lucas said, the young man's head raising.

"You don't know me, Lucas. I'm a. . .I'm a nobody."

Lucas wiped the boy's cheek, two wet blue eyes staring into his wet violet.

"You're not a nobody, Colton. You're a young courageous man with a giving heart and a greater destiny. And you're family."
The young man stared at Lucas with soft surprise.

"Family?" he softly said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Our pasts are entwined, Colton. Our families are in some sense related. That's why I came here. Because destiny drew me here, to you."
"To me?" he softy said, Lucas handing him a Kleenex off the nightstand dispenser, the young man wiping his eyes, Lucas' arm still around him.

"Yes, Colton. When you're a little more relaxed and recovered, I'll tell you my story, and the joining stories of our past."

The young man nodded, Lucas looking towards the tray which still sat at the end of the bed.

"How about you try and eat something? Justin's been eyeing that tray. He's such a mooch." Lucas smiled, the young man looking towards Justin, the man smiling at him, his blue eyes showing soft tears.

"Alright, Lucas. I do feel a little hungry. And I can't believe that's Justin Timberlake standing there." he said, Justin smiling and picking up the tray and placing it across Colton's legs, Lucas plumping up the pillows behind the young man's back, Colton softly smiling at him.

Lucas saw the emotion still in the young man's blue eyes, feeling his sorrowful soul.

"Life goes on, Colton. We'll talk after about your grandmother. And about yourself." Lucas said, the young man nodding, Lucas pulling the lid off a plate, the aroma of sausages and bacon filling the bedroom.

Lucas' eyes met Josh's as the young man began to pick at the food, Josh smiling at him with showing love.

Justin, Josh and Lance sat down in chairs around the bed, everyone watching Lucas with Colton.

Josh marvelled at the young man's caring touch with the boy, seeing Colton's relaxing attitude now to Lucas.

And Josh sensed he saw a growing friendship and love building between the two young men.

Justin winked at Josh, Josh sensing he and Lance felt the same.


Colton sighed, his eyes meeting two violet pools, Lucas walking into the bedroom.

"How was the nap?" Lucas said, the young man softly smiling, rising up a bit in the bed, stretching his arms.

"It was great. I feel more refreshed and less tired." the young man said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I knew it would do the trick. Plus I have something more than can help." Lucas said, smiling, sitting down on the bed beside the young man.

"What's that, Lucas?"

"Call me Luke, Colton. My good friends do."
The young man blushed, Lucas smiling at him.

"I still can't believe you want to be my friend." he said, Lucas shaking his head with a wide smile.
"Believe it. I always knew we would be." Lucas said, the young man staring at him with awed fascination.

"Relax, Colton. I'm just me. I'm a good guy with a giving heart. All my friends know that. I sense you do as well now."
The young man nodded, looking at Lucas.

"What happens now, Lucas? With Grandma gone I'm really all alone."

"You have your uncle, Colton. Albert called him this morning. He's flying in from Los Angeles to look after your grandmother's arrangements."

The young man nodded his head, his blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"I haven't seen him since my Mom died. He's a corporate lawyer or something. A hectic life. He didn't want to have anything to do with Rosy and me when Mom passed on. He left us with Grandma."

Lucas nodded, smiling with care at the young man.

"He was probably young himself at that time, Colton. He probably felt your grandmother could look after you better. I've been to L.A. It is a fast-paced city. And the law is a consuming career. I don't think you should fault him for deciding your grandmother was what was best for you."

"I feel so lost, Lucas. . .I mean Luke."
"You're not lost, Colton. You're here, you're safe and you're on the right path of life. It will get better."

The young man nodded, his blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet pools, the young man seeing caring friendship in those violet pools.
He also saw a lot of calm truth and understanding there.

"She didn't have a heart attack, Luke. I felt evil around her before I felt her go."

The man seated beside him slowly nodded.

"I know, Colton. I felt it as well."

Colton moved forward, Lucas' arms going around the young man, his head going against his chest.

"It hurt her, Lucas. It attacked her."

"It didn't take her love, Colton. She had a greater love surrounding her at that moment. I felt all of it. Its beauty was the greater happiness she felt. She felt none of the evil. She went forward to her happiness surrounded by the love of her family. And she's left that same love here in your heart. It will always be a part of you." Lucas said, the young man sinking into Lucas' body, Lucas holding him close.

"I miss them all so much." he softly said, Lucas running his hand through the young man's long blond hair.

"They're always with you. And you know that truth in Rosa Sharon's surrounding love."

The young man moved back, smiling at Lucas.

"I felt her here last night, Lucas. In my dreams I felt her with me."
"She was here, Colton. I felt her as well." Lucas smiled, the young man smiling.

"I'll be courageous, Luke."
"Just be yourself, Colton. That's all everyone expects." Lucas smiled, the young man smiling more.

"It's Colt, Luke. My family always called me Colt."

Lucas smiled, looking into the young man's blue pools.

Lucas' hand went to the young man's forehead, a soft blue glow surrounding him, the young man's eyes widening a bit in surprise.

Lucas removed his hand, the light vanishing quickly.

"I feel so refreshed." Colton said, Lucas nodding his head.

"My magic washed away the tiredness and the lingering pain. You're right as rain now. A gift from a friend."

Colton smiled, the young man rising up from the bed, the covers slipping off his slim body, Lucas taking in the toned slim form of the teenager.

"You need some clothes, Colt." Lucas smiled, his eyes scanning the young man's brief clad body, walking over to a bag that sat on a chair by the window.

"Lance popped out this morning and picked you up a new pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Plus some toiletries. Your other clothes were pretty worn. The washroom is down the hall. Why don't you get cleaned up and meet me downstairs? My friends all want to meet you again. This time in more amiable circumstances."

The young man began to blush again, Lucas' hand going to the young man's smooth shoulder.

"Relax, Colton. The past is just that. The past. The future unfolds."
The young man nodded, his blushing gone, Lucas handing him the bag.

The young man moved forward, his arms wrapping around Lucas, Lucas feeling the warmth of his smooth body against him.

"Thank you, Luke. For everything."

The man smiled, rustling the young man's blond mop.

"My sister's a good barber as well. She'll tackle that brush pile later."
Colton laughed, Lucas smiling at the musical lightness of his laugh.

The young man smiled, walking out of the room.

Lucas smiled, his mind on something he'd just sensed.

His face widened more, the future showing itself in his mind.


Everyone looked up from the lobby, a young man of refreshing beauty walking down the stairs.

Everyone rose, Lucas smiling and walking to the stairs.

"About time, Colt. I was going to send Justin up there to see if you'd melted under that shower." Lucas said, smiling at the young man.

The young man blushed, looking towards Justin, the man smiling at him.

"The water was so warm and stimulating." he softly said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Then you didn't need Justin."

Justin laughed, the young man blushing more.

"Leave him alone, Lukey. You're making the boy uncomfortable." Trish said, the young woman walking up to him, his blue eyes meeting her blue.

"I'm Trish, Colton. This nut job here is my brother." she said, Colton softly smiling at her.

"Hello, Trish." he said, Lucas' arm going around the young man.

"Let me introduce you to everyone, Colt." he smiled, Josh smiling at his lover, seeing the friendship on his young face.

Lucas walked the young man over to the couches in the lobby.

Colton met all of the group, each welcoming him with a handshake or a smile.

Skylark gave him a gentle hug, the young man feeling all of their opening friendship.

He blushed at the three singers again as each hugged him gently, Lucas smiling at his bashful feelings.

"They're just my friends, Colt. You'll tire of their egos soon enough."

Justin slapped Lucas on the back of the head, everyone smiling and chuckling, the young man softly smiling at Justin again.

Lucas smiled, guiding the young man to a couch, sitting down with him, Josh joining his lover on his other side.

Colton looked around at everyone, seeing all their welcoming friendship.

"How are you doing, Colton?" Harry said, the young man smiling at the handsome bodyguard.

"I'm okay, I guess. A bit lost and sad." he softly said, Trish moving from her seat beside Andrew, the young woman sitting on Colton's other side.

"It's alright to be sad, Colton. She was a wonderful lady. She's at peace now. You need to find your peace as well." she said, her arm going around the young man.

Lucas smiled, seeing his sister's giving love and her taking charge of the young man's feelings.

"She's left me alone. I'm all alone." he softly said, everyone quietly staring at the young man with loving concern.

"You're not alone, Colton. Surrounding you are new friends, as I've told you." Lucas said, the young man nodding, his body moving closer to Lucas, Trish releasing her hold on him.

She smiled, seeing him gravitate towards her brother, Lucas' arm now going around him.

She saw a lot of brotherly love in Lucas' violet pools, her own heart having felt that love for years.

His friends all saw the same, seeing the young man staying close to Lucas.

Their once confrontational stance was gone.

They saw Lucas being the anchor the young man now needed.

"Your uncle will be here after dinner tonight, Colt. Let's deal with that sadness then." Lucas said, the young man nodding.

Josh smiled at him when his blue eyes met his.

"Welcome to our brood, Colton." he said, the young man smiling at him.

"It's Colt, everyone." he said, Josh smiling at Lucas, seeing the young man now relaxing around them.

"Welcome to the group, Colt." Justin said, the young man smiling at the singer.


The day passed, Lucas a constant shadow around the young man, Colton welcomed by everyone.

Albert had hugged the young man, the two sharing a common ground in their love of his grandmother.

The innkeeper had lost the new love of his life, another passing of sorrow in his life as well.

He bestowed tender care on Colton all day, Lucas sensing that giving the older man some solace and comfort.

He'd guided the young man outside onto the front porch of the inn that afternoon, the young man taking in the day's warming sun, his continence much improved, but his emotions still volatile.

Lucas was at his side, his friendship keeping the young man calm.

Lucas and his friends had all sat with him, they all telling the young man of Lucas' life, his magic and his destiny.

The young man had stared often at the young man, Lucas smiling at him with kindness and calm friendship.

"You're amazing, Luke. What you've endured, what you've been destined to do." the young man said, Lucas patting his knee, sitting beside him with Josh, the young man seated in a wicker chair with his legs across an ottoman.

"I'm me, Colt. The me you've met today. I take life each day, in every way. And what I've been blessed with and what I've been destined to do is all a part of me." the man said, Colton staring at him with awed wonder.

"I'm sorry that I. . ." he began to say, his face showing soft emotion again, Lucas nixing that look with a warm rubbing of the young man's shoulder.

"Apologies are over, Colt. Our friendship's begun. The past is the past. I'm looking forward to the next path." Lucas smiled, the young man softly smiling, looking around at everyone.

His eyes went to Josh, the man smiling at him.

Lucas' personal life or the lives of those surrounding the young man hadn't been divulged, the surroundings rather open.

"You're surrounded by people who love you, Luke. That makes any path bearable."

Lucas nodded, the young man looking at him, then at Josh.

"I see Josh's aura around you, Lucas. He's a lucky man." the young man said, Josh looking surprised, Lucas lightly laughing, Josh blushing.

"You and that face, babe. What am I going to do with you?" Lucas smiled, his hand clasping Josh's, the two smiling at each other.

"You going to love me forever, Lucky."

Colton smiled, taking in their showing love.

"I sensed it in both of you this morning, Josh the most." Colton said, Josh blushing a little again, smiling at the young man.

"I'll always show my love for my Lucas."

Everyone smiled, the young man's blue eyes looking around at everyone, all of them sensing the young man deep in thought.

Lucas patted his knee, their eyes meeting.

"You have the gift of Senso Dell'Amoire, my young friend." Lucas smiled, Harry looking at the young man with surprise, Lucas' eyes meeting his cousin's blue pools.

"He is a Carlisle, Harry. A member of your historic, resilient family." Lucas said, Colton staring at the bodyguard with surprise.

Lucas smiled between the two.

"Harry is a Carlisle as well, Colt. You're both of the same family, albeit perhaps concealed branches of the same tree." Lucas said, everyone staring at Lucas.

"Concealed, Luke?" Finn said, Lucas smiling at his bandmate.

"Yes, perhaps for destiny, perhaps for something more the two branches have been hidden from each other." he said, Harry and Colton both still looking at each other.

"You're family?" he softly said, Harry smiling at him.

"I guess I am, Colton. But your family I've never heard of." Harry said, his eyes meeting Lucas' violet pools.

"Necessity, Harry. The necessity of destiny." Lucas said, smiling at the young man.

"So you see, Colt, you're not alone. Family surrounds you, on different levels. As does my destiny. That's what brought me here. Not just that path of destiny, but the path of family as well. I've found you, a surprising magical you."

"Magical, Luke?" Finn said, looking at the young man who was staring with shock at Lucas.

"I. . .I am not magical, Luke." he softly said, Lucas patting his knee again.

"Tell me what you felt when you looked around this porch a moment ago."

The young man looked into Lucas' violet pools, the young man smiling at him.

"I felt love, Luke. Concise love. Joined love of soulmates." he said, his eyes moving around.

"You and Josh stood out most, your love deeply shining."

Josh and Lucas both smiled, their hands going together again.

He softly blushed, his blue eyes meeting Justin's blue.

"Justin's and Lance's love shines almost as brightly." he said, the two men staring with surprise at the young man.

His eyes then met Harry's, the young man smiling a bit more.

"Harry's and Alain's love is a little more subdued, but no less bright. I believe it's a love of deep passion."

The two men smiled, Alain's arm going around his man.

"Right on, brother." Alain said, Colton laughing, everyone smiling at the boy's rich musical laugh.

His eyes went to the other two couples seated together.

"Trish's and Andrew's--as well as Finn's and Skyler's--is a love of engaged commitment. Congratulations to all four of you. And to you, new Mommy-to-be." he said, looking at Skylark.

The four looked surprised, Lucas patting the young man's shoulder.

"Right on the money, Colt." he smiled, the young man smiling at him and Josh, then at Justin and Lance.

"You four are committed couples as well. Congrats to you four as well."
Lucas laughed, Josh smiling at him and then at the young man seated beside him.

"Remarkable indeed." Harry said, Lucas smiling at his cousin again.

"I said that Colt had the gift of Love's Sense, Harry. It is an old gift of magic, my friend. You do indeed possess magic. As do all of the lineage of the Carlisles and the Belmonts."

Harry looked surprised, staring at Lucas.

"I don't have magic, Luke." he said, Lucas looking at him.

"I sense magic in you, Harry. It just hasn't reared itself yet." Lucas said, the young man smiling at his cousin.

Harry looked surprised, his eyes meeting Alain's.

The man smiled at his soulmate, kissing his cheek.

"My magical man. And here I thought just your love was magical."

Harry softly smiled, kissing his man on the lips, everyone smiling at the two kissing.

Colton's eyes met Lucas, the man smiling at him.

"My mother always said that I was gifted, Luke. That I had a special destiny within me. I just never believed it." he softly said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Each of us has a special magic inside us, Colt. It comes out in our giving hearts, our loving hearts and in our living life to its fullest."
The young man smiled, the door of the inn opening, Albert walking out of the inn.

He smiled at Colton, the man looking around at everyone.

"Gideon called a few moments ago. He's landed in Boston and should be here in an hour or so, Colton." the man said, Colton nodding his head slowly.

Lucas saw the young man's soft concern in his eyes, Lucas patting his arm again.

"He's family, Colt. He's coming here for family."

The young man nodded, looking around at everyone.

"I'll do as my uncle asks, Luke. I guess his life is my next path." Colton said, Lucas smiling at him with encouragement.

"Perhaps, Colt. But life sometimes gives us surprises." Lucas said, Josh looking towards his soulmate, Lucas smiling at him.

"It's a beautiful day, Josh. How about we go for a walk?" Lucas said, Josh nodding and smiling.

"I'm up for that, Luke." he said, Albert smiling at the two men.

"Dinner will be ready in about an hour and a half. My cook's cooking lamb tonight." he said, Trish smiling at the innkeeper.

"My favourite." she smiled, Lucas standing up, Josh rising as well.

"You going to relax out here, Colt?"

"We'll keep you company." Finn smiled, the young man smiling at the handsome Welshman.

He smiled, Colton nodding his head with a smile.

"The sun's warm, but the breeze is cooling. I'll stay for a bit, but I think I'll take a nap before supper." he said, Lucas nodding.

Lucas and Josh walked off the porch, Albert sitting down in their vacated seat, the innkeeper beginning to chat with everyone.

Lucas smiled, seeing the young man in the center of his friends' love.

He smiled again, disappearing down the walk with Josh.


The two men walked along the sidewalk taking in the quietness of the neighbourhood, the day's sun sinking behind the large homes.

They'd walked into the Major's square, admiring the central bronze statue, a gallant warrior staring down at them, a sword clasped in his hand.

"From the Revolutionary War. A general and battle warrior." Lucas said, reading the brass plate attached to the marble base of the statue.

"A forefather of our country's past." Josh said, admiring the beauty of the bronze portrait of masculinity above them.

Lucas nodded, the two men continued on their walk, Josh sensing where his man was walking to.

The two stopped on the sidewalk, Josh taking in the diner across the street.

The place was dark, a Closed sign hanging in the window.

The door was closed, police tape draped across it.

Josh's blue eyes moved to his Lucas' violet, Josh seeing their deep pools glowing.

He stared at Lucas, the young man's eyes staring across the street.

"Is something wrong, Lucky?" he said, Lucas' eyes returning to their violet normalcy.

"No, Beamy. The evil's gone." he said, Josh looking across the road.

"Evil? You mean. . .Sarah. . .?" he said, Lucas' arm going around his lover.

"Sarah didn't die from any heart attack, Josh. Colton sensed it as well. She was murdered by evil, my love."

Josh looked shocked, staring at the diner.

"Oh God, Lucas!" he said, Lucas' arm tightening around him.

"It was in search of something. Something that is safe now. For it's found its destined owner."

Josh's blue eyes met Lucas' violet, Josh seeing the calmness and determination in those violet pools.

"Everyone's safe, my love. The evil's left. Perhaps because I challenged its beast."
"You mean. . .you mean that beast in the cemetery wasn't the real evil?"
"It was part of it. A slave to its endeavours. The real evil is more hidden." Lucas said, the young man sighing.

"It's hidden again, sensing its time for recovery has been lost."

"Recovery? Recovery of what?"

"The key of truth, Joshua. It made a mistake a long time ago. And it's been trying to eradiate that mistake for a long time. Only now it's met something it didn't expect."

"What's that, my love?"
Lucas turned, staring into his Josh's blue eyes, pulling him soulmate against him.

"You said it right there, Joshua. It's my love. My love is the thing it's never encountered before. It felt that love in Sarah, in Colton, and yes, in the surrounding essence of Rosa Sharon. I am the weapon against which it may have no hope of winning. I'm beginning to understand what my destiny is."

"And what's that destiny, my love?"
Lucas smiled, leaning forward and kissing his soulmate, Josh feeling his unending love.

"That destiny is to spread my love, my Beamy. That love will create a web of strong resolve. And the monster will become trapped within it. And then I can end this all. And love can go on forever."

Josh smiled, hearing the love and calmness in his man's rich voice.

"You're being unafraid sinks into my soul, Lucas. That means so much to me."

"I'm not afraid, Josh. I have your love surrounding me. All of your love. That will carry me--and all of us--on the path to its end."

Josh smiled, looking across the street again.

"She was a wonderful lady, Lucas. She didn't deserve that ending."

"No she didn't, Joshua. But the love she now has she truly deserved." Lucas said, a tear showing in his eyes.

Josh's arm went around him, their eyes meeting.

"Colton, I sense, is a very special person, Lucky."
Lucas smiled, nodding.

"Yes he is, Josh. And I'm going to make it my life's destiny to see that his life is filled with joy."
Josh smiled, kissing his man on the lips again.

"Your path is my path, my love. I'll make him happy as well."
Lucas smiled, taking his soulmate's hand in his.

"Let's get back to the inn. A family reunion needs my love." Lucas said, Josh nodding, quietly following his man back to the inn.


Lucas and Josh walked into the inn, the lobby empty, Albert the only one present.

The man stood behind the desk, his blue eyes meeting the two as they walked into the inn.

"Where's everyone, Albert?" Josh said, the man smiling at him.

"Your friends are in the bar, playing darts, I believe. The ladies have gone upstairs. Colton is upstairs as well, taking a nap." The innkeeper smiled, closing a ledger he'd been looking at.

Lucas smiled at Albert, the man putting the ledger back on a shelf behind him.

"How are you doing, Albert? I know Sarah's passing resonates in your heart as well. She spoke of your budding love and long friendship."
Albert nodded, looking into the young man's violet pools, seeing the calm friendship shining there.

He also saw the friendship and concern in Josh's blue pools.

"Could I see you for a moment in private, Lucas?"

Lucas nodded, smiling at Josh.

"Join our friends, Josh. I'll be in in a minute." Lucas said, Josh smiling, nodding his head, walking towards the doorway to the bar and restaurant.

Lucas smiled back at Albert, the man guiding his hand to the door behind the oak desk, Lucas knowing it was Albert's office.

Lucas walked around the desk, Albert holding the door open for him, the two walking into the office, Albert closing the door behind them.

Lucas looked around the room, sensing its homey atmosphere, knowing Albert spent a lot of time in here.

"Quaint and homey. Your private domain, Albert?"
The man softly smiled, directing Lucas to a soft leather couch seated by an old roll top desk.

"My inner sanctum, my friend." he smiled, the two sitting down on the couch, Albert's eyes going toward the desk.

"Sarah was a wonderful lady, Lucas. And I was developing deep feelings for her. I know she loved her husband for many years, as I loved my late wife. But here in the twilight years of our lives we thought that we'd perhaps have more happiness. Unfortunately time ran out for her. And I'm the one left with the memories. Memories I'll always cherish."

Lucas nodded, his arm going around the older man.

"She spoke of your giving heart, Albert. She said it was as giving and graceful as your brother's."

Albert smiled, looking at the young man.

"Arlo was a giving, loving man, Lucas. I always looked up to him. He was my hero for all my life."

Lucas smiled, nodding.

"I never had a brother. But my sister's love is just as worthy of adoration."
Albert nodded, looking at the young man.

"I sense Colton's found that same worship in you, Lucas. I've never seen the boy so captivated by anyone. Not since little Rosa Sharon. She was his world. And he was hers. He's been so lost since she left. Today's the first day I've seen him alive in quite a while."

Lucas nodded, looking at the man.

"Sarah said the same thing yesterday. That her grandson was lost. I'm hoping to find him, Albert. To help him find his own soul."

The man nodded, rising up from the couch, walking to the desk.

Lucas saw him pick up an envelope, turning and staring at Lucas.
He handed him the envelope.

"I don't know what's inside it, but Sarah gave it to me late yesterday afternoon. She had asked me to give it to you yesterday. It slipped my mind until today."
Lucas nodded, quietly taking the envelope from the man, their eyes meeting.

"I'll leave you to read it in peace."

"Thank you." Lucas said, the man nodding, his eyes staring into Lucas' calm violet pools.

"I'll go on, Lucas. My life continues. I'll have their memories, and their love. And soon enough I'll have them forever."
The man smiled, quietly walking out of the room, Lucas seeing his face calm and accepting.

Lucas stared down at the envelope, no writing on its surface.

He opened it, finding a single piece of paper.

He unfolded it, his eyes perusing the handwritten letter.

After a few quiet moments he closed the letter, placing it back into its envelope, putting that envelope into his pocket.

He stood up, looking out of the office's window, the young man sighing.

Alright, Sarah.

For your love and his, I'll do as you request.

I've already given into that destiny.

Lucas smiled, quietly walking out of the office.


End of Chapter 97


A chapter of continuing love.

The new day gives way to Colton's reality.

His grandmother has left our stage, the young man adrift in his own loss.

The young man seems unique in so many ways.

And Lucas seems to have taken him under his wing.


What of his returning uncle, Gideon?

What will he do for Colton?

And will he allow Lucas' involvement with his family?


The Carlisle family seems as mysterious as the Belmonts.

And even within its own ranks.

Harry and Colton knew not of each other's existence.

But our Lucas seems well informed.


Read on to discover that connection.

Up next:  Final farewells to a dear lady.

And families reunite and begin anew.


Hugs, Angel.