Craig Horner
by B.Stories

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Note: This fic contains graphic depictions of unprotected sex between two women and one man. If this isn't what you're looking for, or if it is illegal to view such content in your area please consider stopping. Please always remember to wear condoms. In my fic, there is no such thing as unwanted pregnancy or STDs, but they do exist in real life and can affect you.

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The sound of his apartment door slamming shut awoke him with a startle. He vaguely noticed that the clock on the table beside him read 10:00 AM as he jumped out of bed, grabbing the towel nearby to cover himself and ran to his bedroom door.

In the back of his mind, he wondered how anyone could have gotten in. He always locked the door. Always.

He heard the familiar voice of a woman calling his name.

"Craig? Are you in here here?"

It was Tabrett.

He reached his bedroom door and swung it open, standing two feet away from him was the one and only Tabrett Bethell, his friend and coworker.

He had first met Tabrett about a year and a half ago when she joined the cast of Legend of the Seeker as Cara. They quickly became close friends after only a few weeks of working together.

"Did you know that your lock is busted?" she said, glancing at his bare flesh.


"Your lock is busted." she repeated.

"No, I didn't know that. I'll fix it... What are you doing here? You're supposed to be in Australia."

"I see you've been having a good time" she pointed out the now dried cum that covered his naked torso.

"Oh, last night I..." he stumbled to find the words.

"What are you doing here?" he said quickly, giving up on responding to her statement.

"Well my agent got me an audition, so I had to fly out to LA to preform. I thought I'd stop by and see how things were working out for you while I was here."

She stepped forward a bit.

"You should know that I got a message from Bridget yesterday, she's back from her vacation and she's in town. I told her I had plans to stop by and see you today, she said she'd try to drop in herself."

"Bridget is in town now?" he questioned.

She reached out and touched his chest with her pointer finger.

"Yep. You might want to get cleaned up a little before she stops by," she paused "Unless of course you want to have a little fun?" she said as she drug her finger slowly down his torso, passing his tight abs to reach the towel.

He smirked as she wriggled her finger down into the towel. Bending down, he gave her a passionate open mouth kiss and slipped an arm around her waist, pulling her closer. With his other hand he gripped her firm ass and gave a soft squeeze, earning a small moan from her.

She reached her hand deeper and grasped his hardening manhood, causing the towel around his waist to fall to the floor.

He began pulling her back into the bedroom, leading her to the bed. Once there she pushed him back, causing him to land without grace on the soft blanket.

She laughed and leaned forward giving him one last kiss before moving down to his chest, where she began licking and nibbling at his pecs, taking his left nipple in her mouth to suck on.

He ran his hand up her still clothed back until he found her head. He gripped her hair, holding firmly but gently to let her know he enjoyed her activities.

She began lapping away at all of the dried cum from the night before, eventually moving down to his incredibly toned abs, making sure she got every bit along the way.

Craig groaned at the feel of her soft, wet tongue on his flesh. While he thoroughly enjoyed what she was doing, he wanted to move things along and so began to sit up, only to be pushed back down with gentle force.

"No, my pet. I have something else in mind right now." she said with a hint of lust in her voice, causing him to let go of her hair.

He laughed inwardly at the reference to her character. Tabrett and he both were stars of the popular fantasy show Legend of the Seeker, in which she played a character who was basically a dominatrix.

She moved down even further and found his rock hard cock. She began playing with the foreskin, moving it up and down over his large mushroom head.

Craig's mouth hung open as she lowered her lips to the tip and stuck her tongue out to lick at the copious amount of precum that was oozing out. She began stroking his cock with her pointer finger and thumb, milking even more nectar from him on her tongue.

"You taste sweet." she finally said with a smile.

Moving up his body her lips found his. He could taste his own precum still in her mouth, which was delightfully sweet. He wondered why he had never tried it in the past.

Believing she was done, he once again tried to sit up and take control, but she still wouldn't allow it.

"I'm not done playing with you yet." she smirked

He sighed in defeat despite his growing need to touch her. He at least wished she would remove her shirt so he could see her full, luscious breasts.

Their eyes met as she returned to his cock, this time she pulled the foreskin back completely and took the head fully in her mouth. Taking in as much as she could, she had around 4 of his 9 inches in her mouth before she could take no more. Unfortunately he was too thick for someone of Tab's experience to deep throat, not that she was inexperienced. She gave amazing head that could bring anyone to orgasm in a matter of minutes, but she wasn't up to the task of taking his monster.

She held him deep in her mouth for a brief moment before she began moving her mouth around his rock hard cock, making excellent work of her tongue against his head. She began using her hand to jerk him off while she sucked the tip, setting a nice rhythm to match her movement around his tip.

Attempting to take him deeper wasn't easy, but she slowly found herself able to get a little more of his cock in her mouth, causing him to moan deeply as he watched.

His hand once again returned to her hair, gripping harder this time but still not painfully. He tried to tell her how good what she was doing felt, but all he could get out was a soft grunt.

Unexpectedly she pulled off, releasing his cock with a wet popping sound.

"You liked that?" she questioned. He replied with a nod.

"Here's something different."

She took two of her fingers and sucked them into her mouth, making sure they were well coated in saliva. Reaching under him she found his hole and began circling it softly, she applied some force and her two fingers began to sink inside, causing him to gasp. Even to her small fingers, he was tight. She wondered if he would ever let another man fuck him, he was bisexual after all.

Fingers still sinking deeper, she searched for his prostate. Suddenly she heard a groan from him and she knew she found it. Her mouth returned to its work on his cock while she fingered his ass, making sure she continuously hit his prostate.

"Fuuuuck..." he groaned.

She knew he was about to cum and sped up her work.

Suddenly, he pulled away from her, his cock falling out of her mouth and her fingers out of his ass. The next thing she knew she was being picked up and quickly she found herself laying on the bed with Craig on top of her.

He moved close to her and whispered in a low voice. "I'm not ready to cum yet. There's far more fun to be had."

She accepted his will and allowed him to take over from there.

Their lips met once again, the sweet taste of his precum was still noticeable in her mouth. He lifted her shirt up, forcing her to sit up to help with its removal. Next he removed her pants, leaving her solely in her underwear.

Her womanly curves were divine, he thought, she obviously took care of herself.

He reached around her back to remove her bra, uncovering her gorgeous breasts. He moved down to give her chest attention, being cautious with his stubble. He sucked her right nipple into his mouth as he lowered his large hand between her legs and grasped her, feeling through her soaked panties how wet she was.

Continuing to grope her, he moved to her left nipple, he lightly scraped it with his teeth as he began sucking on it. Tab moaned at the combined sensations caused by his hand and his mouth.

Finally removing himself from her breast, Craig reached down to take off her panties, which she gladly assisted with. He moved down closer to her shaved pussy and began lightly circling around it with his fingers, gently he spread her open and dipped his middle finger into her warmth.

She was so wet. She bucked slightly at first contact and gave a moan, letting him know she wanted more. He obliged, adding another finger to her tight sheath.

He sank his fingers in deeper, collecting her juices. He removed them after moment and brought them to his mouth to taste her.

Liking the flavor, he lowered his head down as she watched, his lips touched her soft folds. His tongue darted out for more of her sweet juices. He took his time, going as deep as he could, savoring the experience.

He brushed his nose against her clit with purpose, causing her to shudder. As he continued his assault on her most private parts, she realized he devoured her exceptionally well and made a mental note to do this more often.

He removed his tongue from her folds and began focusing his attention on her clit. His fingers now going back to work on her sheath while his mouth worked her clit, licking, sucking. She began moaning as he slowly brought her to the edge of her pleasure.

He increased the pressure on her clit, causing more moans to escape her. She was in ecstasy; his fingers now pumped her harder, faster.

Her orgasm approached quickly, she began pulsing around his fingers still moving within her. She clutched at the cover beneath her as it swept through her.

"Craig!" she screamed.

His assault continued, his fingers and mouth never letting up, riding out her bliss with her, making sure she enjoyed every second to its fullest.

Her moans of pleasure were so loud he feared the neighbors would hear.

Once she finished, he removed himself from her nether regions, his fingers and lips coated in her juices. He raised his hand up to her face, offering her a taste of herself. She accepted gladly, licking his fingers clean.

She smiled. Then began laughing.

He had no idea why she was laughing, but she laughed nonetheless. After a moment he realized she was looking behind him, towards the door.

Quickly turning his head, he saw Bridget standing in the doorway, unsuccessfully trying to hide the grin on her face.

"Bridget!" Craig spoke.

"Hi." Tab said, sounding very relaxed.

"How long have you been here?" asked Craig, curious to know if she had been standing there watching as he ate out their mutual lover. Thinking of Bridget's possible voyeurism turned him on immensely.

"She's been standing there staring at us for a while now," said Tab "she came in while your tongue was preoccupied."

"If you guys were going to have fun you should have invited me" Bridget finally said.

Craig got up off the bed, walking over to meet Bridget. "We're just starting." he said as he pressed his body against her, his hard manhood rubbing her toned stomach. She gave him a kiss. Tab's familiar flavor was still strong in his mouth.

They found their way back to the bed where Tab waited. Craig and Tab assisted her in removing her clothes, a shirt and shorts.

Once fully nude like her friends, Craig attacked her left breast with his mouth while massaging the right with his hand, Tab gave her a passionate open mouth kiss. The pleasure from the actions of her two lovers was making her wetter than she had ever been in her life.

Tabrett lowered her hand down to touch Bridget's warmth, feeling her wetness. She poked a finger inside, causing Bridget to moan into her mouth. She slowly began fingering her friend, going deeper as she set a rhythm.

Craig removed himself from Bridget's breasts and whispered something she couldn't quite hear into Tabrett's ear.

Tab stopped kissing Bridget and nodded at Craig. Craig asked Bridget to lay back on the bed and spread her legs, while Tabrett moved between them and put her mouth on Bridget's leaking sex. Craig laid beside them and soon his mouth was on Bridget as well.

She had never felt such pleasure before in her life, her two friends both licking, sucking, kissing down there at the same time. It was euphoria. She knew she wouldn't last long with this kind of contact.

Both Craig and Tab continued their work on Bridget, Craig began sucking harder on her clit and Tabrett began licking as deep as she could.

Bridget was moaning, she could feel her orgasm building from deep inside her. When it finally came, it hit her like a ton of bricks. She moaned louder, she was pulsing around Tab's tongue, Craig increased his attention on her clit. She was completely out of it. There was no other way to describe it, right now she couldn't describe it if she wanted to.

They released her sensitive area and Tab gave him a kiss, congratulating him on making it this long without taking his own his pleasure.

Craig, who still hadn't gotten off, was hard as steel. His cock had been pushed up against Bridget's leg, which was now soaked with his precum. He enjoyed bringing pleasure to both Tab and Bridget, but now he had to have his own release. He spoke up.

"Guys, if I don't cum soon I'm going to die here."

"Mmm... I can tell. My leg is soaking wet thanks to you." said Bridget

She rose up off the bed and spoke. "I have an idea."

She grabbed Tab and Craig by their hands, noticing the big difference in size between them. She drug them out of the bedroom and into Craig's living room. Sitting down on down on the gray couch, she told Tab to sit in her lap. Tab agreed, and after some minor positioning adjustments by Bridget, she was apparently happy with the arrangement.

Bridget spread her legs, thus causing Tab to spread her legs as well. Craig noticed that their pussies were only a couple inches apart.

"Do us," she spoke "take turns fucking us both."

Craig was astounded at the idea. In their current position it would be easy to slide out of one of them and right into the other. Right at that moment, he thought he was the luckiest man in the world.

"I love your mind. So creative when it comes to sex." Tabrett said to Bridget as she gave her another kiss.

In this position he had two options. He could sit on his knees on the hard floor, or he could hold onto the back of the couch for support as he leaned forward to fuck them. Choosing the more comfortable of those options, he moved between their open legs and reached behind Bridget and Tab to grasp onto the couch.

Bridget realized like this, she had a great view of Craig's body. Hard muscles noticeably defined in the morning light, his abs were the best she had ever seen. She wished she could reach out and touch them, but in this position her hands weren't free.

Cock in hand, he rubbed the foreskin covered tip over Tabrett's wet pussy, he then moved down to do the same to Bridget, looking each of them in the eye as he teased them with his rod. He didn't know which one to enter first. The choice was a tough one, but he ultimately decided to go with Bridget because he had less contact with her so far, having to share her with Tab.

She gasped as his large cock first entered her. It didn't hurt, but it took some time to get used to. Craig knew this and would always be gentle until she was comfortable with it.

Slowly his cock descended into her, their eyes never breaking contact as he continued the plunge, inch after inch until all 9 inches were fully encased in her velvety tunnel. She moaned once he was in, he could feel his head poking the very back of her. He kept his cock inside for a few minutes, just sitting there and enjoying the warm feel of her around him.

Finally, he slowly pulled out completely, removing himself from her sheath so he could take Tabrett's next.

Rather than gasp at the intrusion, Tabrett sighed as he pushed into her. He moved slowly into her as he did with Bridget, keeping a similar pace until after a short time he found himself buried balls deep inside her. Just as with Bridget, he could feel his head poking that spot deep inside Tabrett as well.

He wondered if he could make them both cum again just by fucking them. He had easily done so in the past, but never with both of them at once. He was unsure if he could last long enough for both of them. Taking it as a personal challenge, he decided to attempt what may be the impossible. He would bring these two gorgeous women to orgasm once again.

He began moving within Tabrett, slowly at first, building up a steady rhythm. He slowly increased his speed, his balls were slapping against Bridget's wet pussy as he eventually pounded into Tab.

He bent forward and kissed her as he spoke.

"Touch yourself."

She did as she was told, as he pulled out of her completely. He pushed back into Bridget, who was still just as wet as before.

Being less gentle this time, he quickly fell into a rhythm similar to the one he was using on Tab. He found himself going deep, hitting that spot inside her that made her toes curl. She was moaning at each thrust, he was breathing harder as he increased his effort.

He brought her pleasure with each thrust, if he kept it up for only a short while longer she knew she would cum. She noticed sweat beginning to drip down his hard body as he fucked her with increased speed.

Once again he pulled out of Bridget's warmth only to replace it with Tabrett's. As he began fucking her she stopped touching herself, just enjoying the feeling of his hard cock moving deep inside her again.

Still making sure to hit that spot deep inside his lovely ladies, Craig secretly begged that one of them would cum soon. He lasted longer at this game than he thought he would, but he knew his time was running out. He knew he wouldn't last much longer.

He fucked Tab harder, increasing his rhythmic speed, hoping to make her cum soon. His balls were again slapping against Bridget's womanhood, which felt quite nice to her after a while.

His angle slightly changed and it must have been exactly what Tab needed, with a loud moan her back arched and she began pulsating around his cock, gripping him tightly as he continued thrusting.

He pulled out just as she finished, quickly gripping his cock tightly at the base with a groan. He almost came, but he made one of them orgasm. He wasn't sure how he would finish Bridget, but he at least managed to make Tab cum once more.

Still gripping his cock tightly around its base to stave off his orgasm, he reentered Bridget, causing both to moan.

It didn't take long for her pleasure to return, feeling Tab's orgasm turned her on more than she would admit. Craig's thrusts were deep, going for a quick finish that she herself was ready for. He fucked her harder than he though he should have, but he knew he wasn't hurting her.

Tabrett, still sitting in her lap, began kissing her as Craig fucked her. Her orgasm was fast approaching, she began rippling around his cock and with muffled moans, he fucked her until her orgasm subsided.

By this time his body was soaked with his own sweat, dripping down his hard abs. He fucked hard and with purpose. He was ready to cum, he deserved to cum after all the effort he put into the pleasure of his two lovers.

His large balls were drawn up close as he felt it building, and then the flood gate opened. He grunted and thrust in to the hilt each time as he shot huge quantities of thick cum deep into Bridget's tight pussy.

Still shooting, he quickly pulled out and slammed balls deep into Tab, filling her with hot cum as well. Grunting still, he road out the rest of his orgasm inside her, her walls milking him for everything he had.

He pulled out with a deep sigh, his cock now softening. He looked down and saw his cum oozing out of the two beautiful women in front of him. He got on his knees and bent over. He began drinking his cum from their pussies, making sure he got every drop from each of them.

Finished, he finally sat down on the couch beside them. Tab got out of Bridget's lap, sitting next to Craig.

After a long silence with everyone just feeling sated, Craig finally spoke.

"So does everyone just walk into their friends apartment when they find that the door is unlocked?"

"Only when I hear Tab moaning inside." Bridget said smiling.

Tabrett laughed.

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