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Lizzie had just seen her parents drive away for the weekend when the phone rang. She picked it up and it was her best friend Miranda. Lizzie asked Miranda if she wanted to come over and lay out a little. Miranda thought it was a good idea and rushed over. Lizzie is a cute teenager with big blue eyes, smooth creamy white body and long blonde hair. Lizzie had slipped into her thong bikini when she saw her walk drive up. She went to answer the door.

"Hi Miranda, what's up?" asked Lizzie.

"Oh just a little at home so I came over, laying out is a cool idea," said Miranda as she walked in.

"Well, you know where the rooms if you wanted change, I will outside if you need me," Lizzie smiled.

Miranda stared at her friend and thought to herself, Lizzie sure has a cute ass. Miranda quickly changed and joined Lizzie outside and sat on a lounge chair in the back yard. Miranda and Lizzie have been best friends since elementary school, along with Gordo. Miranda had a tan complexion with black hair.

"I need to put some sun tan lotion before I start to burn up bad, Lizzie, can I borrow some?" asked Miranda.

"Sure, here you go, I already put some on, yeah, you look like you need some."

Lizzie glanced at Miranda as she put the lotion on her arms and then her legs.

"Do you want me to put some on your back?"

"Yeah, that would be great."

Lizzie's hot friend turned over and let her hot blonde friend put some lotion on her back. She felt good

as she felt her friend's hands rubbing her shoulders and her back. Then Lizzie surprised her when she undid her top, but she liked it so she didn't say anything. Lizzie was also enjoying touching and rubbing her friend's body.

"There all done," Said Lizzie.

"Thanks, this sure feels nice."

"I think I am goanna take off my top, I don't want the lines," said Lizzie as she undid her bikini top. Her friend turned and looked at her. Miranda felt something inside as she stared at Lizzie's beautiful full breasts. She kept staring at her friend's perky pink nipples.

"You have really nice boobs, Lizzie," said Miranda.

"Thanks, I think you do too."

"Nah, mine are not that nice," said Miranda continued.

"Let me see then," said Lizzie.

Miranda soon had her top off letting Lizzie take a good look. Lizzie looked and smiled so nicely. She loved her Mexican friend's breasts. They were so cute and round.

"You are so silly, they're great, I am serious."

"Really, you like them," said Miranda staring at her friend's and beginning to feel a little more hot than usual.

"Yeah, they are really nice, if I were a guy I would love to play with

them," responded Lizzie.

Both girls were getting turned on, as they talked about their breasts in the hot sun. Just then Lizzie suggested something.

"Hey, I got that Nelly song, you know its getting hot in here, do you wanna listen to it?" asked Lizzie said sitting up.

"Yeah, I do, I knew you would buy, you are always saying your butt is too big and its so not."

" Yes, it is, see." Said Lizzie as she bends over and showed her friend her smooth teenage ass. Miranda licked her lips and stared at Lizzie, feeling herself getting hotter.

"I like it, it's such a nice ass." Miranda.

Both girls ran upstairs to Lizzie's room topless and giggling and in a very excited mood. They walked in and Miranda jumped on her blonde friend's bed hoping she would notice her hardening little nipples. Lizzie played the song for her and watched her friend. Lizzie knew it didn't take much to turn her on and make her hot, but staring at her dark complexion and her beautiful eyes was starting to make her a little moist. She thought about doing something.

"Oh what are you thinking about, Miranda, your nipples are hard," giggled Lizzie.

Miranda blushed and was excited that Lizzie noticed. She didn't know what to say. She looked at her friend and noticed Lizzie's own nipples were hard too. Maybe she is thinking what I am thinking, thought Miranda.

"So are yours, silly, if Gordo was here I bet he would be all over your boobs." Said Miranda.

"Yeah, but he is not. He's coming over later." Said Lizzie thinking of a plan to get Miranda to touch her.

Lizzie lay back on her bed next to Miranda and said softly, " Are you saying you wouldn't want to be over my boobs, I thought you liked my boobs."

"I would love to touch them and play with them, babe," said Miranda. " Can I touch your tits, Lizzie?"

Lizzie nodded her head and held her breasts out to her friend. Miranda slowly touched Lizzie's breasts. She felt her hard nipples and caressed her full breasts. Then all of a sudden she leaned down and kissed her friend's hard nipple. Lizzie gasped with excitement. She pushed her friend's head more towards her breasts. Miranda was kissing Lizzie's breasts, slowly beginning to lick her hard nipple. She sucked her friend's hard nipple in her mouth.

"oooo Miranda that feels so good," moaned Lizzie.

Miranda then gently nibbled on Lizzie's nipple, enjoying the sounds her friend was making. Lizzie was becoming wet as she felt Miranda playing with her other nipple, rubbing and pinching it. This feels so good, thought Lizzie. I want to lick her boobs too.

"Miranda, let me kiss yours, I wanna lick yours," said Lizzie final said.

So Miranda laid back and let her friend play with her small breasts. Lizzie loved her friend's smaller breasts. She could cup them so easily and suck her lick her chest. She sucked on Miranda's nipples so good and hard, making them stiff. Miranda was feeling her herself getting really moist. Then Lizzie kissed her tummy and even that felt good and exciting. But she glanced at Lizzie who was staring right back at her as she was pulling her bikini bottom down. Lizzie pulled her friend's bottom down and stared at her friend's trimmed cunt. She had a sweet patch of trimmed black hair. She was getting wet just looking at Miranda's cunt.

Lizzie smiled at her friend and blew on her pussy. She kissed Miranda's moist pussy. Then she slowly licked it, like her Gordo and Matt had done to her. Lizzie licked her friend's cunt real good, noticing how wet she was getting. Wow, she gets wet easily just like me, she must really be loving this, thought Lizzie. She spread her friend's pussy lips licking her good. Miranda was moaning and enjoying this awesome experience with her best friend. She didn't know how, but Lizzie knew just what to do and was doing it so great. Her friend's tongue was making her wild and crazy.

"Lick me, Lizzie, please, it feels so good," said a very hot Miranda.

Lizzie did as her friend asked; she licked her cunt, teasing her by pausing ever so often and then licking again. Then she tongued her friend's cunt good, making her tongue go in and out, like Matt's little cock. Miranda felt her friend tonguing her wet cunt and knew she was close. She pushed her cunt at her friend's wet face and rubbed her small breasts. As Lizzie then licked her friend's clit and sucked it, she felt her friend shaking and moving and knew she was cumming. Miranda came so hard on her friend's face, moaning with her friend licking her pussy. Gosh, I have never cum so hard, thought Miranda after. She felt Lizzie licking her pussy. Lizzie licked her friend's

pussy clean enjoying this new taste. Miranda tasted so good. Lizzie then got on top of Miranda and kissed her on the mouth. Miranda tasted her pussy on her friend's lips and loved it. Both girls were making out wildly and with such passion. Miranda slipped her tongue in her friend's mouth, as she grabbed her friend's sexy behind. Lizzie sucked on her friend's tongue, realizing she was having the best sexual experience of her life and with someone she totally trusted and loved. Amber felt her friend rubbing her ass and then felt her thong taken off. She pulled away and looked at her friend.

"Like what you see, babe?" said Lizzie.

Becky stared at her friend's bare cunt. She rubbed her hand over her

shaved cunt, so smooth thought Miranda. Lizzie lay back to enjoy her friend's touch. Miranda rubbed her friend's cunt as she licked her friend's nipple. She slipped a finger inside Lizzie's very wet pussy and took it out again. She put her finger in her mouth and tasted her friend's pussy. Lizzie stared at her licking and sucking her finger. Miranda wanted to taste her friend's dripping wet cunt. She got down between her legs and kissed her thighs. Lizzie spread her thighs for her friend and leaned back on her elbows. Miranda kissed her way to her friend's wet cunt. Miranda teased her friend back as she slowly kissed Lizzie's cunt but not yet licking her. Amber pushed herself up waiting for her friend's sweet mouth. Miranda licked her friend's pussy, licking everywhere. Lizzie was dripping wet and Miranda wanted to lick it all up. Her friend tasted so good, no wonder Gordo liked licking her so much. Miranda was determined to make her friend cum. Lizzie was feeling her friend licking her, realizing it felt much better than when Matt did it. She knew this had to be Miranda's first time just like hers, but Miranda knew what she was doing. Maybe its cause we are both girls, thought Lizzie as she moaned. Her pleasure increased as Miranda licked her clit. Lizzie knew herself and knew she was going to have a hard cum. She was gasping and breathing heavy as she felt Miranda pushed 2 fingers in her juicy teenage pussy. Miranda fingered her friend hard, wanting to make her cum. She pushed her fingers in and out and deeper each time watching her friend's face. Then she licked Lizzie's clit and had her twitching and moaning hard and Miranda noticed that Lizzie had a very sensitive clit. So she fingered her pussy and sucked her friend's hard clit. Lizzie couldn't take this intense pleasure and came. Miranda sucked on her friend's clit, nibbling softly, knowing Lizzie was cumming. Lizzie was cumming so hard, getting the best fucking she had ever had. Lizzie screamed her friend's name, as she was cumming.

Matt, who was in his room had heard what was going on. He slowly tipped toed out to Lizzie's room, and cracked the door. He became instantly hard when he saw Lizzie, and Miranda. He reached in the front of his sweats and grabbed his little uncut boy cock.

"OH gosh, ooooo, Miranda, so good," moaned Lizzie who felt like she was going to pass out.

She looked at her friend then licking her cunt. Miranda, you made me cum so hard, wow that was so great. Miranda moved to her friend's lips and kissed her. Lizzie wrapped her arms around her loving best friend. Miranda felt how sweaty and hot they were.

"Miranda, that was so awesome, gosh that was so freaking good," said Lizzie as she kissed her friend on the cheek.

"Yeah, that was so intense, gosh, I have never cum so fast and hard. You were so good, babe."

Both girls couldn't wait till they started playing again; they drifted off into a deep sleep.

Matt ran to his room and called Gordo.


"Gordo, it's Matt."

"Hey hot stud."

"You wouldn't believe what I saw. Lizzie, and Miranda fingering, and sucking each other. Can you come over??"

"Yeah I'm on my way."

Gordo quickly threw on a t-shirt, and jeans, and ran over. Matt was waiting at the door. Matt took Gordo up to Lizzie's room as they peered through the crack in the door. Lizzie and Miranda lay arm and arm, which made Gordo became hard.

Matt grabbed Gordo by the hand and pulled him into his room. Gordo stood there staring at the boy of his dreams. Matt pulled down his sweats revealing his uncut boy tool, and tore off Gordo's pants as well. Gordo reached out with his right hand and took Matt's hard uncut cock in to his warm hand. Matt's boy tool felt so hot in his hand. Gordo was loved looking at this great looking naked boy. Gordo rubbed the hard meat and then leaned over and took it all in to his mouth. Matt felt his knees start to give away as his dick was engulfed in the hot mouth. Matt fell to the bed and his cock slipped out of Gordo's mouth. Gordo needed that hot little toy back in to his mouth. Gordo dropped next to Matt and put Matt's teen tool back in to his mouth. All Matt could do was lie there on the bed of his room. The sweat was just dripping of his body.

While Gordo sucked on Matt' cock. He used some of his spit that was soaking Matt's little boy boner to make his index finger all wet and slimy. He then pushed his index finger in to Matt's hot boy pussy. Gordo was a little surprised at how easy his finger went in. Gordo found Matt's small prostate and started to rub it in time with his sucking. The teenager used his left hand to play with Matt's balls. Gordo's penis was so hard, and it hurt. He started to hump Matt' leg as he continued his joyful job of giving the boy good pleasure. Matt could not control his body. His hands started to rub and pinch his tits and he kept seeing sparks flying across his vision. He rubbed his lover neck, and back.

Gordo heard Matt's breath start to come in short shallow gasps and he felt Matt's balls start to pull up. He knew he was going to cum soon. Gordo started to hump Matt's leg a little faster. The small blond leg hair on Matt's leg was a great extra sensation as he pumped back and forth was adding to the pleasure he was getting. Matt let out a yell so loud that he found out later he was heard 3 houses away; he shot his cum in to Gordo's mouth.

Lizzie and Miranda quickly woke up and opened the door to Matt's room as they saw Gordo swallowing the first shot of Matt's cum, so he would not drop any on the bed. Just as Matt fired his second shot of teen sperm, Gordo started to shoot his second load all over Matt's lower leg and knee. When both boys had spent their loads, all they could do was lie there. Matt finally opened his eyes and looked at Gordo. Gordo opened his eyes and looked at Matt. Both boys smiled at each other.

"So it looks like while we were sleeping, someone had some fun," Lizzie smiled.

"Yep. And it felt great," Matt added.

Gordo lay on the bed being tired from sucking Matt. Lizzie climbed up the middle of Gordo and Miranda and Matt on either side. The all began to rub his body. Matt licked his ears, as Miranda licked his nipples, while pinching Lizzie's.

"Mmmm," Gordo moaned!

Lizzie inched down and started to suck on Gordo's harding dick. Matt had placed his dick back in the mouth of Gordo, which he eagerly accepted. He didn't forget Miranda as she lay next to him, and shoved his hand on her snatch.

"Take it all down, Lizzie! Suck my big cock!"

Little moans of happiness came from Gordo when he'd come up for air, only to grab hold or Matt again. He reached down and started to finger Miranda's pussy. Matt moved his hands down on the bed, and started thrusting in and out, expertly fucking Gordo's mouth. Gordo felt the young boy's balls slapping against his wet chin, and it made him suck even harder. He reached his hands around to Matt's bubble-like globes, and felt for his tight hole. Slowly he began to finger it, easily sticking in 2 and then 3 fingers thanks to the ramming workouts this stud had received in the past.

"C'mon Lizzie! You're driving me..mmm..insane! Start working it!"

"Yeah!" Lizzie responded.

Finally and slowly pulling out Gordo's cut wand. She teased at first, slowly devouring Gordo's pale boy balls, and flicking at the smooth shaft. But when she got to the bulging head, she took it in her mouth so quickly that Gordo shuddered with pleasure. A shudder Matt felt as his beautiful sucker's tongue vibrated against his totally worked over cock, and Miranda who inhaled as his fingers twitched in her cunt. Miranda got up off the bed and got behind Lizzie. She surprised her by grabbing Lizzie's breasts. Lizzie squealed and went all the way down on Gordo. Miranda massaged the kneeling Lizzie's cunt.

"Go head, sit my face, Lizzie! I want it," Miranda shouted!

Lizzie grunted and began smothering Miranda's face, fitting her pussy lips in Miranda's mouth. Miranda squeezed Lizzie's tight ass, feeling the hips slam back and forth into her full mouth. Lizzie started timing her bouncing with his sucking, and the heaven he put Gordo in was helping Matt get the best blow of his life. What a train of teens writhing with pleasure! Miranda's body was getting all flushed with the glow of sex, and her young cunt was rocking Lizzie's tongue hard and fast.

"Mmmm", she kept on moaning as she made slurping sounds while deep throating Gordo's sweet rod.

Miranda was fingering herself furiously, and took her cummy fingers and pried open Lizzie's amazingly white ass cheeks. Lizzie had a really tight hole, and Miranda took advantage by ramming two wet fingers in and out in a blur of aggression. Lizzie was actually yipping as she kept choking on Gordo with full force.

"Mmm, fuck that's good, Lizzie!" Gordo let up on Matt's very happy cock while he experienced a blowjob he only dreamed about.

"Yeah, you like my dick, huh? Good little cocksucker. Taste my delicious cock. Yeahh!" Gordo said.

He turned back to the fisting Matt, and freed Matt's little hands up again so he could run them through his spiky brown hair as Gordo's mouth puckered around that hot uncut rod again. Everyone was doing a lot of moaning and grunting, and as much as they didn't want to give up their ecstasy, they didn't want for it to end already. So Gordo, Miranda and Lizzie pried their mouths off their lovers' and got into their favorite positions. Matt walked down to the foot of the bed, and Gordo jumped on it near the headboard. Lizzie kissed Miranda as he came by, squeezing her perfect ass to Miranda's delight. Lizzie lay in front of Miranda with Gordo and Matt behind them.

Gordo pulled Miranda's legs onto his broad shoulders and got a good look at the ass he was about to pulverize. He stroked his meat again, and it stood at full attention, the head pressed right up against Miranda's hole.

"You want it?" Gordo asked, torturing Miranda with the teasing tingly feelings he was giving by massaging Miranda's ass slowly.

"Yeah! Yeah! Fuck my ass hard, big boy!" That urging was all Gordo needed, and he begins pushing his spiky haired-soaked cock into Miranda's ass. The bulging helmet was in all the way, and Miranda moaned with the slight stretching his definitely-not-virgin hole had to go through.

"Ooooh! Your ass is kissing my cock! Now I know why they call it a pucker!" Gordo was almost all the way in, and he started thrusting as soon as he felt his balls touch Miranda's ass.

"Mmmm, that's soooo hot!" Matt cried out as he watched Gordo's shaft appear and disappear into Miranda.

"You ready, Lizzie? I going to shove all my hot brother cock in you!"

"Yes, give it to me, yeah!" Lizzie said as she fingered herself with both hands.

"Bend over and let me see that pucker." Lizzie leaned over Miranda's body and started 69ing with her, while Matt took one look at Lizzie's asshole before sticking his tongue right into it.

"OH God!" Lizzie groaned as she was taken by surprise by Matt's wet poking tongue.

"Mmm, so tasty!" Matt shouted between licks. Gordo felt like he had climaxed ten times already. His slapping balls and Miranda's ass contractions were turning Miranda on like never before, not to mention she had a Lizzie tonguing away at her own clit! Lizzie was sucking Miranda with all she had. She loved tasting Miranda's musky pussy. Lizzie urged Matt to fuck her while the chance was still there. Matt smiled and lubed his cock up with some hot saliva. Slowly but surely, he pushed all of his cock into Lizzie and stopped to enjoy the feeling of Lizzie's pussy closing on his prick like a glove.

"Oh yeah, more Matt! Shove it all in!"

"You got it, you hot cockslut! Umm! Ugh! Oh yeah! Take all of me baby!"

Matt had buried his whole inches inside of him. She felt burning, and then rhythmic pangs of ecstasy as Matt's cock went to work. Lizzie had come up to moan her approval, but she was back down on Miranda's cunt before you could say HOT ORGY! The two ladies were one now, with Lizzie and Miranda sucking each other off passionately. Gordo and Matt were getting close to their boiling points watching their ass-filled companions going at it. Matt rubbed his sweat over Lizzie's smooth back, as he continued to pound his peter into her. Matt was enjoying the most satisfying and strenuous workout inside of Lizzie. Beads of sweat dripped onto Miranda's ass, and Miranda's tight little hole behind was covered in glistening glory. The two cocksmen looked at each other and smiled.

Matt mouthed out "Fuck them harder", and Gordo drove his blood-engorged cock into Miranda faster and faster. Lizzie and Miranda moaned happily as both got rammed harder.

"Harder, you two! Make me feel the room spin! Suck, Miranda! Ungh!"

Gordo watched as Miranda shouted her desires and then went back to tongue-fucking Miranda, and he began to lose control.

"OH, you guys are so hot! Yeah, Miranda! Take my load, man! YES! UGH! OH YEAHHH!"

Gordo felt his jizz pulsate out of his cock and he shot three strings into Miranda's love canal.

"Ooo, awesome," Gordo groaned!

He pulled his dick out of Miranda's ass and spurted a bit of cream on her snatch for Lizzie, which she eagerly devoured. The salty sample made Lizzie want more, and she went back to work on Miranda. Lizzie started shaking, and Miranda didn't have to wait long before she got a drink of Lizzie's wetness.

"Yes, Lizzie! Oh you're the best...UH! "UHHHHHHHHH, Lizzie! Whew! Feel me explode! Ooh yeah, that felt fucking hot!"

With a light pop Matt took his spermy cock out of Lizzie's gaping hole, and watched as his load came oozing out slowly. Matt turned to face Lizzie, and he ran his hands all over Lizzie's drenched body, clenching her ass as he sucked on her hot young cunt.

Miranda and Gordo began to make out.

"Umm, Matt! I've wanted this all night! Chow down, big man! OOOH! HERE IT CUMS!" Matt moaned contentedly as Lizzie's juices flowed out of her young pussy. All three got down on their knees and licked her pussy lips. Then all four friends kissed for quite awhile, as the four embraced each other 's wet bodies happily.

They had a fun weekend ahead of them. With fucking, sucking, cumming, and moaning.