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Eleven-year-old Matt McGuire was sitting on the couch when his older sister, Lizzie, came up next to him.

"You have been going through my things again, haven't you," Lizzie said angrily?

"I haven't gone through any of your stupid stuff. Except your journal," Matt smiled.

The blond haired teenager chased her little brown spiky hair brother around the house, until she finally caught him, and started punching him in the arm playfully. Mrs. McGuire a tall blonde lady with black glasses came into the room.

"LIZZE! MATT! Knock it off," She yelled.

"Matt started it by going through my journal, again," Lizzie said.

"Matt McGuire! You know better than to go through your sisters stuff," mom yelled.

"You'd better behave. Your father, Lizzie, and I are going out to a party, and Gordo's coming over to watch you. If you don't behave you will be grounded for more than a week."

Matt sunk down on the couch, as Lizzie, and Mrs. McGuire went upstairs to get ready. Matt smiled. He always liked Gordo, but didn't know why at his young age. Matt turned on the television. Matt loved going through his sister's room, there was much more interesting stuff in her drawers, than in his. Matt had found several things. I long toy that vibrated in his, pictures of Miranda with her top off. Matt had found a note from Miranda to Lizzie, which said Miranda loved Lizzie more than a friend. Matt had also gone through his sister's panty drawer as well. He loved the soft silky feeling of her panties on his eleven-year-old boy penis. He looked around the house to make sure that no one was around him, as he slide his hand down is jean shorts, and into his underwear feeling his hardening member. His 3-inch uncut penis stuck straight up, which pushed on his pants. Just then the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it," Matt screamed as he took his hand out of his pants.

"No, I'll get it," as Lizzie flew down the stairs body checking Matt into the closet.

She opened the door as a thirteen-year-old curly black haired boy, named Gordo, walked into the McGuire house. Gordo, Lizzie, and Miranda have known each other since elementary school, and are in middle school together. Gordo was dressed in his blue jeans, a light blue t-shirt, and a dark blue flannel shirt over top of it. Mr. And Mrs. McGuire came down stairs.

"Thank you for watching Matt, Gordo. We'll be home late. There's money on the counter for pizza, and Matt has to take a bath in two hours," Mrs. McGuire said.

"No problem," Gordo replied.

Lizzie, and her parents left out the door, as they yelled "Good Bye" to Matt and Gordo.

Gordo stood in the middle of the entryway looking for Matt.

"Matt, where are you," Gordo yelled.

"I'm in the closet," Matt said. He silently laughed to himself.

Gordo opened up the closet door as Matt came out. They walked into the living room, as Gordo grabbed the phone.

"What do you want on your pizza," Gordo asked?

"Cheese," Matt replied.

Gordo ordered the pizza and sat down with Matt on the couch. Gordo chucked off his shoes, as Matt leaned on Gordo's chest.

"Tired," Gordo replied putting his hand on Matt's back?

"A little," he replied.

"How? What did you do today," Gordo asked?

"Sat home and did nothing. Lenny couldn't come over because of that little incident that happened the other day," Matt told Gordo. "We accidentally set his mom's rose bush of fire."

"Wow," Gordo replied.

Matt laid on Gordo as he felt Gordo's steady breathing. Gordo's member became hard, and he resituated himself to so not to scare Matt. Gordo looked at his watch.

"Well you should go get your bath or shower, or whatever you take, done with. By then the pizza will be here."

Matt smiled, and got up, and took off his shirt in front of the black haired thirteen-year-old. Matt's chest and underarms were hairless. His small nipples were erect, as was Gordo's teenage dick. Matt threw his shirt to Gordo, and left for the bathroom. Gordo lifted the shirt to his nostrils and inhaled Matt's boy smell. Gordo laid his curly haired head on Matt's shirt, and watched a watched the tv, as Matt played in the tube. Matt was sitting in the tube playing with his little boy penis, when an idea popped in his head. Matt quickly washed his body, and tied a towel around his small waist.

"Gordo, I need your help," Matt called to his babysitter.

Gordo got up off the couch and walked into to the bathroom, picking up Matt's dirty clothes. When he got to Matt's underwear, he inhaled it quickly before putting it in the hamper. He reached the bathroom, and opened the door. The shower curtain was closed; Gordo pulled it back, and stood in shock, as Matt wasn't in the tub. Then in an instant the teenager was soaking wet. Matt had pushed Gordo into the tub of water.

"I'm going to get you Matt McGuire," Gordo called.

Just as Matt ran out of the bathroom Gordo grabbed him, and his towel. Wet Gordo, jumped on Matt and started to tickle Matt all over his body. Matt was laughing hysterically.

"Seeing that your mostly dry I think I'm going to take your towel," Gordo said as he pulled off Matt's towel.

Matt's stiffie was pointing straight up at Gordo, as he smiled. Matt stood up.

"See what you did Gordo? Now it's all hard."

"Well we can take care of that if you want to? But I need to get out of these clothes and get some dry ones, before the pizza guy gets here."

Gordo started to strip pulling of his shirts, and his jeans. Matt stared at Gordo's developing body. He had small hairs under his arms, and around his nipples. Matt got really excited when Gordo pulled of his jeans. Gordo's five inches was apparent in his white boxer briefs, which he quickly took off.

"Wow! It's huge! I wish I had one that big," Matt said shockingly.

"You'll get bigger. Your still growing up," Gordo smiled.


"Yeah kiddo," Gordo said as he kissed Matt of the forehead.

Matt hugged Gordo, and Gordo was in heaven as Matt's warm body embraced his wet one.

"There's time for that later. I need some dry clothes," Gordo said.

"We can go to Lizzie's room," Matt smiled as Gordo chucked off his boxer briefs, and stuck his clothes into the dryer.

Both boys naked as the day they were born bounded upstairs into Lizzie's room. Matt dug through her pajamas drawer and threw some bottoms to Gordo. He put them on. They were tight, revealing and purple. Matt asked Gordo if he wanted a shirt, but Gordo refused. Matt ran to his room to put on some clothes. Gordo took the opportunity to explore his best friends room, and his "crush". He always had a crush on Lizzie, but he always chickened out when he got the free chance to talk to her. He found Lizzie's vibrator and Miranda's topless picture, which he started feeling his hard penis. He found other letters about Ethan, Lizzie's "crush", and Miranda's lesbian feelings. Matt came running back into the room wearing a pair of tightie-whites.

The doorbell rang. Gordo ran down the stairs grabbed the money and opened the door. Gordo stood in awe, as a blonde teen stood in front of him, known as Ethan, Lizzie's "crush".

"That's going to be $16.25. Oh, hey Gordo! Didn't know that you lived here," Ethan said.

"No, I don't. I'm just watching Matt. Lizzie, and her parents are at some party."

"Cool. Thanks for the tip, by the way, nice pants," Ethan smiled.

Gordo looked down and saw that his rod was tenting out of Lizzie's pants.

"Thanks," Gordo replied as he closed the door.

Matt and Gordo ate the whole pizza, while watching some boring show on TV. Nothing was usually on a Friday night, maybe an occasional movie. Matt and Gordo cuddled up on the couch together. Matt laid on top of Gordo as the movie started. Matt's head was resting on Gordo's chest. Gordo started rubbing Matt's back, and slowly inched down to Matt's tight little boy butt. Matt got up, which scared Gordo, but was quickly relieved when Matt threw off his briefs. Gordo sat up as Matt jumped up on the teenager's chest. Matt and Gordo began to passionately kiss, exploring each other's mouths. Matt was bouncing up and down on Gordo's teenage cock. Matt climbed off Gordo and pulled off Lizzie's purple pajama pants. Matt began to stroke on Gordo's cut penis. Gordo's reached over and played with little Matt's uncut penis. Matt fumbled with Gordo's cock. The black haired teenager reached down and grabbed Matt's small hand, and helped guide him. Matt quickly learned to jerk a teenager's dick. Gordo and Matt jerked each other off for a while. Matt started shaking wildly.

"What happened," Matt asked?

"You had an orgasm," Gordo replied in between breaths.

"Are you going to have one," Matt inquired?

"Yes. Just keep doing what you're doing," Gordo said.

Gordo's breath increased quickly.

"Faster, Matt. Faster, and Harder!!"

Matt jerked Gordo's dick to Gordo's specifications. Gordo blew his wad all over Matt's hand and on his face. Gordo laughed.

"Lick it. It tastes good," Gordo replied.

Matt licked some of his hand. Then Gordo licked what was left on Matt's face. Gordo looked over at the clock, and realized that the family wouldn't be home for another three hours.

"Matt you want to try something?"


"Ok. Go into Lizzie's drawer and look under her socks, and bring back the tube."

Matt came back with the tube of KY that was in Lizzie's drawer with her vibrator. Gordo laid pillows on the floor. He reached over to Matt, and gently laid him on his stomach. While sucking on Matt's ear, Gordo fingered Matt's little boy hole. Matt jumped at Gordo's cold finger that was full of lube. He slid his finger in Matt, which he enjoyed, but winced at the pain. Gordo then stuck up two fingers. Matt yelped, as tears filled his eyes. Gordo pulled out his fingers. He got behind Matt and pushed his teenage five-inch cut dick into this hot little lover's butt. Matt cried out in pain, but Gordo, waited till Matt got used to it.

"Is it ok to go on," Gordo asked?

"Yes. Fuck me Gordo! Fuck me good," Matt replied. He heard the words from Lizzie one night.

Gordo plowed Matt's cute boy butt. Pushing in and out, sliding out of the hot hole of Lizzie's younger brother. Gordo picked up Matt, and turned him around so that Matt was sitting on Gordo's cock facing him. Matt bounced up and down on Gordo enjoying the wild ride of a rod up his boy ass. Gordo imagined pounding Lizzie's tight pussy. He imagined it being so tight, and warm, much light Matt's hot little ass. Gordo reached down and pounded Matt's little prick.

"YESS. GIVE IT TO ME GORDO," Matt cried out!!

Gordo put Matt on his back and threw Matt's legs on his shoulders, while still pounding his ass.

"OH MATT! YOUR ASS IS SO TIGHT," Gordo pumped in Matt.

Gordo continued to fuck Matt in the ass for several minuets, before announcing that he was going to shoot his hot load.


Gordo bucked his hips and shoved his cut cock into Matt as far as he could shooting six loads of hot teenage sperm into his young lover. Matt and Gordo lay together on the floor feeling each other's bodies. Matt never noticed how muscular that Gordo was. Gordo played with Matt's little nipples. Soon enough, Gordo helped Matt up into the bathroom, and into the cold water cleaning up himself and Matt. They quickly dried off. Gordo put back on his clothes, and cleaned up the bathroom, and the living room. Matt put back Lizzie's pants, KY, and put back on his briefs. Lizzie and her parents came into the house two hours later. Matt was asleep on the couch. Lizzie gave Gordo a hug.

"I bet he was terrible, the little monster," Lizzie said.

"No. He was great. Not a problem at all," Gordo smiled.

Mrs. McGuire paid Gordo $25.00. Lizzie was very upset that she never got paid to watch Matt. Gordo quickly ran over to Matt and pecked him on the lips. Gordo left. Lizzie was so excited about being back home. She wanted to look at Miranda's picture and have a good orgasm before going to bed. She pulled out her purple pants, and stripped. She felt all over her breasts and her pussy, which she saved last night. Her vibrator and KY were right where she left it, but something was missing, and her pants were wet and sticky in the front. Miranda's picture was gone! Gordo walked home while looking at Miranda's hot breasts, waiting for the opportunity to get Lizzie and Miranda in bed.