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"What do you mean you slept over Gordo's," Miranda asked furiously?

"I went and kept him company, while his parents were out of town, Miranda."

"I bet that you probably jerked his dick too."


"See. See. I knew it. Lizzie, you promised that we could start a relationship, but then you went and slept with Gordo. Of all people, Gordo," Miranda continued.

"Gordo is a sweet guy. I didn't think it at first but he's really sweet, and you wouldn't believe how good he can fuck too," Lizzie said rubbing herself.

"Well I got to go, I have to get things done today," Miranda said hanging up on Lizzie.

"Well, since Gordo wants to steal my bitch from me, I guess I'll make him my bitch."

Miranda started to think about how she could make Gordo, her bitch. While she was at the store, she picked up some handcuffs, rope, and ky lube. On her way home, she stopped by Gordo's house and taped a note to his door.


Meet me at Miranda's house at 7pm, go in the back door. When you come in sit down on the chair, and put the blindfold on. Say, "ready" when it's on.


Miranda snickered, rang the door bell, and jet off down the street. Gordo answered the door, and saw the note. While reading it, his cut boy cock instantly rose to attention. He closed the door, still staring at the note. He looked up at the clock. Where had the time gone? It seemed like he just woke up, but watching tv can do that. The clock in the kitchen said it was 5pm. His parents weren't due back for another three hours, so he decided to jerk off. He hesitated for a second before deciding to go into his room. He shucked off his boxers, and his shirt on the way in. He jumped on his bed, and his dick flopped in the air batting against his abs. He reached down and started to stroke his cock. He closed his eyes, and imagined Matt's small hands caressing his chest. He flashed to Lizzie, who was riding up and down on his tool, then the thought of Ethan popped into his head. He imagined Ethan's hot, slender body, much like his own, but with more of a tan. He imagined Ethan working his cock up and down. Gordo spit in his hand and continued to stroke even faster. His hips were bouncing up and down off the bed. If anyone were home, his room would be the first place they would check for the loud noises. Moans of pleasure ran over Gordo as he cried out.

"OOHH GOD! ETHAN, SUCK ME, DO IT HARD! YEAH MATT, JERK MY HARD COCK. OOH LIZZIE YOUR CUNT IS SOOO TIGHT," and with that Gordo shot five loads that jetted up his chest and on his chin.

He scooped the cummy trail and tasted his sweet teenage cum. Had Matt or Lizzie been there it would have been buried deep into one of their holes. Meanwhile, Miranda was setting up the house. The McGuires had invited the Sanchezs out for dinner at a restaurant they had been trying to get into for several months. Miranda tied the rope to the bottom bedposts, which would be used to hold Gordo's legs from going anywhere. The handcuffs were on either side of the headboards awaiting Gordo's wrists. She put all of her bedding in her closet, and put on three layers of sheets. The candles were spread out through the room, and the KY was sitting on her side table. The time was slowly coming.

She ran down stairs, and put a blindfold on the table, with a note. Everything was set. Now all see needed was one boy bitch, to fix her relationship with Lizzie. She sat in the living room with her bra and panties on. She ran over to a chest where she kept her photos. She took the key from inside one of the pillows, and unlocked the chest. She took out pictures of her and Lizzie, paying special attention to the ones of Lizzie naked, fingering herself, or holding her breasts. Time had passed and passed. The back door opened, and Gordo's voice broke the silence.

"I'm ready," he said nervously.

She walked over to him, and grabbed his arm. In the moonlight he was wearing a pair of gym shorts, and a yellow t-shirt. She led him up the stairs, and into the room.

"Your really quiet Lizzie. Are you ok," Gordo asked?

Miranda put a finger up to his lips, and kissed him. She laid him on the bed, taking his shoes off. She rubbed Gordo's groin, so to distract him while, she slipped on the ankle restraints. She moved up from his groin and took off his shirt, and kissed him. Both of their tongues fought each other. Gordo's loved the taste of what he thought was Lizzie's mouth. This erotic feeling was new to him. She locked on each of the handcuffs, and moved down to his gym shorts. He was tented out like never before. When she got off of him. He tried to move. He fought against the restraints.

"Hey what's going on here? Lizzie, what are you doing?"

He got scared really quick, never being restrained from anything or to anything really freaked him out. A hand groped his bulge in the front of his gym shorts. Miranda gasped at the feeling of this hot piece of teenage meat in her hand. She remembered when they were little, playing doctor, and how small it use to be, but now Gordo was a teenager. He inhaled at the feeling of someone, hopefully Lizzie, grabbing his cock. He felt his gym shorts and shirt being removed, more like being cut from his body. He didn't care, he just wanted someone to pay attention to the tool in between is legs. He was left in his boxer briefs lying on a bed, tied, and cuffed to a bed. Miranda walked around the bed, gently blowing on Gordo's neck, licking his lips, and his nipples. She climbed on the bed and straddled Gordo's torso. Their lips met, and they sucked on each other's tongues. The wrestling match continued for five minuets. Miranda kissed down Gordo's chest, as she felt all the developing muscles, and traced her tongue around each of his stomach muscles. She pulled down his hunter green boxer briefs as his hard on popped to attention. Miranda kissed the head of his dick, and handled his balls lovingly. She grabbed a hold of Gordo's pole, and stroked it up and down. As the candles flickered moans filled the room as Gordo was coming close to climaxing. He couldn't believe the feeling that he was receiving. When he wasn't expecting it, and warm, wet sensation enveloped his teenage pole. As Miranda worked her mouth over his cock, while playing with his balls, Gordo moaned.

"I'm gonna cum..," he exclaimed!

Miranda bobbed up and down quicker, as Gordo's exploded in her mouth. Not swallowing the warm teenage jizz, She went kissed Gordo on the mouth, allowing his cum to leak into his own mouth, as they made out. While tasting the each other's sticky mouths, Miranda removed the blindfold, and let go of his tongue.


"Yep. It's me. And now since your tied and cuffed, I've got a bone to pick with you, no pun intended."

"What would that be?"

"You fucked Lizzie. She was mine, and you stole her from me without asking. So since you like plugging your amazing tool into everyone. Like Lizzie, and Matt I'm going to do the same to you."

"Who did you find out about Matt," Gordo questioned shockingly?

"Come on, Gordo. All three of us are friends. DUH. Do you really think that I wouldn't find out."

Gordo didn't like the sound of what was going to happen. Miranda came back with some KY lube, and a dildo in her hand. Gordo's eyes opened wide. He struggled to get free. Miranda put the items on the bed, and grabbed the ropes that held his feet. She stretched them, which pulled his legs apart. She grabbed three pillows and stuffed them under his lower back to lift his sweaty ass in the air. Gordo closed his eyes, and tried to think of a way out of this. When he opened his eyes, Miranda was on top of him with a strap on. Gordo was the size of the thing and panic, but not before Miranda shoved the tool into his mouth.

"Suck it," she demanded.

Gordo was disgusted but turned on. As this plastic intruder prodded his mouth, he imagined Ethan's hard tool in his mouth.

"Yeah, Gordo, suck it good, and hard."

Miranda climbed off her teenage sex slave, and moved to his tight teenage ass sticking up. She took the lube and squirted a globe on Gordo's hole, which made him jump. Her finger prodded the hole, slowly sticking it in, and then followed by two fingers, slowly stretching the hole. Gordo's cock turned to attention. It hurt it was so hard, and he couldn't do anything about it. Miranda grabbed Gordo's boy butt, and inserted the head of the dildo into his ass. Starting slowly she pumped it in, stretching Gordo's hole.

"You know it would be easier if you just relax. It's going to hurt if you refuse it, so just give in."

Gordo relaxed, and the fake plastic tool entered him. Gordo let out a scream and it forced it's way into his never touched hole. Miranda started thrusting it in and out of his hole.

"Tell me you want me to fuck you Gordo. Tell me or I'm I'll just shove it in there even harder."

"Fuck me. Give it to me. Fuck me, Miranda," Gordo said.

"As you wish."

With that being said she started to fuck Gordo's ass. She held his hips in place, and pounded in and out of him. Gordo couldn't believe this was happening to him. He just closed his eyes, and let it happen.

"Give me more Miranda! I can take it, I've got to cum," Gordo moaned pitifully.

He helped Miranda by matching the thrusts of hers with his own.

"I'm so close Miranda."

As Miranda sped up her hips, Gordo climaxed spewing cum everywhere. Six loads landed everywhere. On his chest, stomach, and Miranda, with most of it coating his balls. Miranda climbed off, and kissed her playmate. She took off the strap on and climbed on his cock. It sunk right in and Gordo was pressed right up against Miranda. Miranda closed her eyes as she began to slowly bounce on Gordo. He pushed against her hard with each inward thrust trying to get as much of himself inside of Miranda as he could. The pace quickened and Gordo was now fucking Miranda enjoying every second. His balls swung with every motion.

"God yes! DAVID FUCK ME!!!"

This startled Gordo as he was never called by his first name, except by his parents.

Sweat was beading off Gordo's head as he fucked Miranda in and out. The two were making grunts and noises trying to be as quiet as possible. Gordo was almost there and he bit his lip and fucked Miranda for all he was worth. Miranda's body was bouncing on Gordo literally impaling herself on him.


The two kids were hot and sweaty as Gordo gave a couple more hard fucks before spraying his sperm inside of Miranda's pulsing cunny. He continued to thrusted into her as he deposited several shots of thick cum inside of her. Miranda came too shuddering as the teenage boy fucked her so incredibly hard. Miranda climbed off of Gordo and collapsed on him. Miranda kissed him on the lips and called him a good boy. Her box just got a good fucking from the teen and she was satisfied. Cum and pussy juice was dripping out of her cunt and down her legs. The two didn't even bother to clean up they just slept the next few hours away entangled with each other, the stickiness and smells of sex filled the air.

Later that morning Miranda climbed off Gordo uncuffed him, and untied him. She kissed him, as he jumped in the shower, cleaned up, and left the house with a sore ass, and dick.