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Sam McGuire slowly approached the partially open door to his son, Matt's room. He knew Mat and his daughter, Lizzie's best friend, Gordo, were inside. If the past month's experiences held true to form, he knew what they were doing, but not how they would be doing it. He got up close and through the three-inch gap had a clear view of his son's bed. There, not ten feet away were Matt and Gordo in a side by side "69".

His son's head was toward the foot of the bed and closest to Sam. He watched as his pride and joy, his "little man," moved his lips up and down the length of the teenager's penis. He was also was surprised to see his son had two fingers in Gordo's asshole. He admired the two perfect specimens of boyhood and felt his cock harden in the blue-jean shorts he wore. This was the third time in a month the boys had left the door open and every time he had the same reaction. He was now also convinced the door was being left open intentionally.

Like most boys Sam had experimented sexually with friends. Of course he had been twelve, twice these boys' age, before his flirtations with boy/boy sex began. They had progressed from J/O sessions, to mutual masturbation and finally to oral sex. As much as he enjoyed them, the games had ended when he was sixteen. It was then he fucked a girl for the first time and the guilt he had been feeling a being a "faggot cocksucker" got the best of him. He had not touched another man since, although he did on occasion fantasize about sucking cock.

Matt and Gordo were definitely committed cock suckers. Their present "69" was the fifth or sixth position he had witnessed them using to pleasure each other. It was a position he and his buddies had never thought of or tried, so where did these to little guys get the idea? As he watched, first Gordo and then Matt shuddered and spasmed through powerful, but certainly dry orgasms.

He was about to slip silently down the hall when his ear caught a small voice.

"Dad, would you come and answer a question for me," Matt had asked the question? He made the invitation as though having his dad walk in, as he and Gordo were sucking cock was the most natural thing in the world. Sam froze for an instant and then pushed open the door.

"Wow! You're dad's hung," he heard Gordo exclaim, obviously referring to the man's prominent erection that was lewdly tenting the front of his shorts.

"It must be twice the size of some of the guys in the locker room," Gordo continued, confirming the man's assumption.

"He's right dad! You really do have a big cock. How big is it? Show it to us! We want to see," Matt said talking a mile a minute.

Sam was about to say, "Now, slow down," but before he could Gordo was off the bed and coming toward him. The boy's delicate naked body mesmerized the man.

Before Sam could react to Gordo's approach, the boy's hands were at his waist and had deftly undone the button and zipper holding them in place. In seconds Sam was as naked as the two boys. The man's cock sprang up when released and actually hit the boy in the chin leaving a slight trail of precum. Gordo grabbed for the long hard pole and was drawing it toward his mouth when his Matt yelled, "Wait! He's my dad and I get the first tasted."

As Gordo grudgingly released the man's cock, Sam weighed what he had just heard. There was no doubt about it. All thoughts, except those of how good Matt's lips and tongue felt were gone instantly.

Sam's cock, while it had always been longer than his boyhood friends and even the other men he checked out at the gym, was not big around and the head was only slightly bigger than the shaft. At 8.5", Sam's manhood was long enough to choke his wife who had never learned how to deep throat him, but she did say he touched places inside her that no

other man ever had. The narrowness made his cock perfect for his son's mouth. The boy's lips had to only strain a little to slid over the spongy crown and lock at the top of the shaft.

Sam's knees buckled and he though for certain he would collapse. At the last instant the small from of Gordo appeared at his side and helped him balance. Matt's mouth was like a furnace engulfing the man's cock and his tongue was like a shovel digging into his piss hole and claiming a rich supply of precum.

When Matt released his father's cock to savor the mouthful of precum, Gordo swooped in and got his chance at the prize. The moment's relief was a godsend for the man. Another twenty or thirty seconds of his son's mouth and he would have cum. Gordo took as much of the man's cock into his mouth as he could. When the naked teenager gagged, Sam's eyes went from his son to the current cocksucker. He watched as the boy quickly backed off, but not before he had managed to get at least three to four inches of cock in his mouth.

"No wonder the kid was choking," Sam thought to himself.

Gordo took a deep breath and again took the man's cock in his mouth. This time he settled for taking the head and about an inch of the shaft. His lips worked up, down and around until Sam, again was on the verge of cumming. As if sensing the man's predicament and wanting to postpone his ultimate pleasure, Gordo stepped back and let Matt take over again.

Matt smiled up at his father before going to work again on the man's cock. This time Gordo did not sit idly by. As his friend did his best to suck on the head of his father's cock, Gordo licked the man's balls. The dual action of the two young boy's mouths

finally brought the man over the edge.

"Oohh God boys. Yesss. Your mouths are so hot, I'm cumming," Sam echoed through the empty house.

Sam's first volley of cum burst into his son's mouth. It was too much for the boy and overflowed his mouth. Sam quickly pinched the head of his cock and trapped the next shot until the head was in Gordo's mouth. Gordo's mouth was filled like his smaller lover. Sam's next four volleys of cum sprayed the hot faces that were in front of him. His passion sated, Sam's looked down at the beautiful site of those two adorable faces covered with his cum.

Sam fell back and collapsed on his son's bed. The two boys worked at cleaning the cum from each other's face. They use fingers, lips and tongues to gather the precious seed they craved. Their task mostly completed, Gordo said, "Your dad sure shoots a lot of cream."

"Yeah, he does," agreed Matt. "It must be because his cock is so much bigger."

"Do you think your dad will fuck us," Gordo asked?

Sam had been stunned by the way the boys were talking so openly about the size of his cock. It was almost as though he were not even in the room. Sam almost fell off the bed when Gordo asked the question about fucking. He could not believe it was possible for such a tiny boy and a teenager to take a man's cock in their ass.

Matt climbed up on his bed and laid his naked little body next to his dad's. The warmth and softness of the boy's young body caused his cock to begin stirring again. Gordo climbed on the small bed as well and Sam McGuire felt the teenager's hard prick rub his ass. Gordo, shifted until his cock slid into the deep crevice of his adopted father's ass.

Sam looked into his son's beautiful, but not so innocent, face and asked, "So what do you and Gordo do together?"

Gordo spoke up first. "I suck him. He lets me suck him, and fuck him."

"Gordo sucked me for the first time about a year ago. It felt so good I asked if I could do it to him," added Matt.

"I really like sucking on Gordo, because his cock is bigger than Lanny's. The best part is when he shoots his juice in my mouth. I love the taste of cum."

It astounded Sam to hear these words coming from his son's sweet, and innocent, mouth. All he could do was lean over and kiss his son, his tongue working its way into that sugary mouth. As they kissed, Sam felt Gordo's hands spread his ass cheeks and a moment later the teenager's tongue was prodding his sphincter. He relaxed and the boy's tongue slid into his ass.

The sensation was so incredible Sam had to try the same on his son. He moved the boy's light body around until he was staring at his son's ass and the pink hole nestled between the narrow cheeks. Spreading the tiny cheeks wide, Sam pressed his entire face into the crevice. The entire visual, aromatic and sensual experience was incredible. He worked his tongue up and down Matt's ass crack, as he tasted the boy's most natural flavor. After a couple minutes, father bore his tongue into the son's fuck hole. He switched between the young tight hole, and the cute uncut cock.

"Oh, yea, dad! Get me ready for your cock like Gordo does. Get me nice and wet and I'll give you a great fuck."

The son's eager words again stunned the father, but they stunned him into action. Removing his face from Matt's ass, Sam said, "I'll be right back to fuck you son, but first I have to get some lube from the bathroom."

"Don't bother dad," said Matt, "we keep a supply handy in my bureau." The boy reached over, slid open a drawer and produced a large tube of something called 'Wet.' "Gordo says this is the best stuff there is for ass fucking," he added. "He uses it with Lizzie and I all the time."

"I wondered who else you were fucking around with. I hope your being sensitive and careful," Sam said sternly?

"Yes sir," Gordo smiled.

Matt handed the bottle to Gordo he quickly applied a generous coat to Sam's cock. At the same time, Sam coated a finger and slid it and then a second easily into his son's ass. The preparations complete Sam lined his cock up with his son's hole. When the alignment was

perfect, he thought to gently attempt to enter Matt's ass.

But Matt had a different plan. As soon as, he felt his father's cock touch his asshole he pushed back and easily engulfed the first three inches of Sam's manhood. The man groaned at the sudden acceptance of his cock by his young son. He withdrew until just the tip was still in his son's ass before this time making his own plunge. Nearly five inches of man-meat were now impaling the lad.

Sam began to fuck Matt like he would his wife. Long slow strokes were followed by series of short, hard jabs. He no longer worried about injuring his son. It was obvious the boy had been fucked enough to be ready for a solid fuck. When his cock would his an obstruction, he would withdraw and drive a little harder the next time. In five minutes his entire 8.5" were in Matt's ass. Instead of screaming in pain, as Sam would have expected, his son was babbling with pleasure.

"Gordo, let me suck your hot cock," was only coherent phrase, a plea that was answered quickly.

Sam quickly realized that his long, slender cock had been created for just this type of sex. It fit perfectly in the ass of a young boy. Not since he broke the cherries of half a dozen high school girls had sex felt so good. Matt's ass clung to his cock perfectly. Sometimes his son's hole would grasp him tightly and at other times his fuck-rod slid smoothly from tip to base. When it held tight Sam was amazed to see the flesh around his son's asshole stretch outward by nearly an inch and the ring of muscle distended even farther.

Matt and his dad both wished their first fuck could go on forever. Unfortunately, Sam was human and the sensation and experience of fucking his son became too much for his self-control The man's fuck strokes became shorter and faster before he gave one final,

powerful lunge. He stayed as deep as possible in his son's bowels as his cum was pumped far up into the boy. He stayed that way for nearly a minute listening to his son's cries of joy until his cock began to deflate and he let it flop free.

Gordo wasted no time in claiming the cum and ass juice coated for his own. The little brunette took the limp organ in his mouth and savored the powerful flavors. He sucked the head and first couple inches before working his tongue and lips down to the root and even into the man's wet and tangled bush. By the time Gordo was finished, Matt had

stopped crying and had regained his senses. He thanked and kissed and thanked his dad for "the greatest fuck ever!"

Sam thought their games must be over. He knew there was no way he could get hard again and he was pretty certain Matt would need a lengthy break from sex as well. The man was wrong. Gordo's incredibly skilled mouth needed less than two minutes to have him fully erect again. The man's cock head was extremely sensitive and the shaft was

sore but that didn't stop the young Gordo from settling his body onto the man's hard prick.

Where Gordo had fucked Matt in the more traditional 'doggy-style,' Gordo had laid the man on his back and proceeded to sit on his cock. Using nothing more that the sweat on his ass and the saliva on Sam's cock, Gordo sat over the man's body and let his weight fall. In a single motion his tight ass cheeks were pressed to the muscled surface

of the man's upper thighs. He stayed right there with the entire rod of stiff flesh deep in his body for nearly a minute.

The sense of snugness and a perfect fit weren't there for Sam like they had been with Matt. However, Gordo's fuck chute was doing things no ass or pussy had ever done for Sam's cock. At times it felt almost as if a metal band was clenched around the base of his cock and at other times a thousand fingers ran along the buried shaft. Gordo did not move up or down and only made tiny circles with his hips for several minutes.

When he did begin to genuinely fuck himself on Sam's cock, the

sensations for man and boy were incredible.

"Oh, god, I love a long cock," sighed Gordo. The deep fucking he gave himself with candles or carrots was okay, but nothing felt as good as a warm, live cock.

Sam lay back and enjoyed himself. He closed his eyes and pictured himself surrounded by a hundred boys like Matt and Gordo, every one of them anxious to fuck themselves on his cock. He sensed the presence

of something near his face. Sam opened his eyes and saw Matt's freshly fucked asshole hanging not five inches away. He draped one arm over his son's thighs and pulled him down until tiny little boy-ass engulfed his face.

Matt squealed again as his dad's tongue deftly found his loosened fuck hole and slid easily inside. He tightened the muscles in his bowels and forced a stream of cum and ass juices into his father's mouth. Sam drank them greedily. He had forgotten how delicious cum tasted and now knew it was even better from someone's ass than straight from a cock.

Sam sucked at his son's ass until every drop of cum was gone. Then he continued sucking just because he loved the taste and especially the feel of the soft membranes behind the boy's sphincter. He had no idea how long he had been eating his son's ass or how long Gordo had been riding him. In reality it was nearly twenty minutes before his final load of cum began to boil in his balls.

Gordo's skilled ass felt the gradual thickening of Sam's cock as it plowed relentlessly in and out of him. Gordo bounced up and down even quicker. He leaned forward and grasped Matt's face. The young boys, now men, in Sam's eyes shared an impassioned kiss as the one's father filled the other's ass with a small, but forceful load of cum. Both boys experienced their own orgasms from the man's treatment of the asses. They fell to one side breaking the contact of Sam's cock with Gordo's asshole and his mouth with Matt's.

Sam's body was soaked with his and the boys' sweat, as well remnants of his cum. He struggled to his feet and left the boys in a heap of exhausted flesh there on the bed. The man made his way to the bathroom, stopped for a long piss and stepped into the shower and letting the warm water rejuvenate him. After fifteen minutes, he stepped out of the shower and toweled off, not bothering to get dressed, he walked down the hall and peaked into his son's room he expected the to playmates to be sleeping may playing on the computer. Instead, his son lay flat on his back with Gordo's freshly fucked ass

planted squarely on his face. For his part, Gordo was stroking the Matt's tiny hard uncut cock on into yet another cum. As he walked back to his room, he peeked and saw Lizzie, finger fucking her self. Sam smiled and walked away.