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All weekend Gordo, Miranda, and Lizzie, had been thinking about the erotic, and exhilarating encounters that each of them had. In Miranda's own thoughts, Gordo was nothing but a boy whore now. Gordo told Lizzie about what Miranda's very kinky side.

"I didn't know she was into it. She never said anything to me about it," Lizzie said on the phone.

"Yeah well. To tell you the truth, being tied up was fun, but when I found out it was Miranda, it wasn't that cool. She was to aggressive."

"I've come to find that Miranda is VERY aggressive. Did you go into her closet?"

"No, what?"

"Well she has handcuffs.."

"I kinda figured that."

"Small leather whips, and a bunch of other creepy stuff."

Gordo jumped at the thought. He remembered the strap on that Miranda had plowed into his mouth and his no longer virgin ass. Chills went up and down his spine, and thought that he would never look at Miranda the same way at school without his ass hurting him.

"Gordo? Gordo? Helllloooo," Lizzie called into the phone.

"Yeah. I'm here. Just thinking."

"Like I was saying. We have a report to do can you come over today around 12:00," Lizzie asked.

"Yeah. Isn't Miranda in our group," Gordo wishing right now she wasn't?

"No, she got stuck with Larry."

Gordo sighed in relief.

"Ok. Well I'm going to go so I can get my stuff ready," Gordo said smiling.

"Ok. See ya soon. Love ya," Lizzie said before hanging up.

Gordo stood in awe. Had he heard right? Could his ears be deceiving him? Lizzie McGuire, the girl he had a crush on for so long said that she loved him. Time had stood still before his father called up to him and told him to hang up the phone. Gordo dropped the phone on the receiver, only to discover that a sticky gooey sensation filled his boxer briefs. Without even touching himself, Gordo had spewed all over the side of his shorts. He had to be over in less than thirty minuets, and now had to jump into the shower.

Meanwhile, at the McGuire house everyone was busy doing something. Mom and Dad McGuire were attempting to fix the sink, which Sam McGuire had broken, again. Lizzie was up stairs getting ready for Gordo, hiding the essential toys from his site, pictures of Miranda, her vibrator, and...

"MATTT!! Get out of here."

"What? I can't come say hey to my sister," he said as he planted a big tongue-licking kiss on his sister.

"Sure you can, but I'm busy. Gordo and I have to work on our school project. Isn't Lanny here?"

"Yeah. We're playing hide-and-seek, I told him to hide and I decided to stop by while I was seeking."

Lizzie smiled. She looked as the door, it was closed, and she quickly whipped down Matt's sweats and briefs, and began to eagerly sucking at Matt's boyhood. Matt placed his hands on Lizzie blonde head, and began to thrust his little hips. Two pairs of eyes peered through a crack in the door. Matt and Lizzie were oblivious to the light pair of eyes, and the dark pair of eyes, that had just left. Lizzie played with the hairless sack of her brother, and sucked the foreskin of Matt's prick. His parents never explained why they had him circumcised. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as his orgasms blew over him, and forcefully shoved his hips into his sister's mouth. He weakly pulled his little dick out of her mouth, and pulled up his pants as he went to the door. He locked it, just in case someone uninvited decided to come in. He dove on his sister, and started tickling her. Every since Lizzie was little she was always to most ticklish child in the house. Matt jumped off. He undid Lizzie jean button and zipper.

"Matt. We can't do this now, Gordo's going to be here any minuet."

"It'll be quick."

He pulled of his sister's jeans, and her panties. He grabbed a towel that was hanging from her chair, and tucked it under Lizzie smooth butt. Matt began to hastily lick his older sisters clit. Lizzie's mind hazed over as her beloved young spiky, annoying haired brother ate at the lips of he pussy. Matt's little tongue darted in and out. Within minuets Lizzie orgasm threw her into moans, and out of no-where shot a warm sticky fluid straight on Matt's face. Lizzie wiped her cum off of her cunt with the towel, and licked all over Matt's face, before kicking him out of the room. As Matt left the Lizzie's room, Gordo bumped into him.

"Hi Gordo."

"Hey Matt. What have you been doing," Gordo inquired?

"Oh nothing really, just playing hide-and-seek. That's all."

Gordo moved to Matt's ear.

"I don't think that playing hide-and-seek would involve this," Gordo said licking a blob of cum off of Matt's little ear.

"Thanks," Matt said, looking around before kissing Gordo on the cheek.

Gordo smiled and knocked on Lizzie's door.

"Come in."

"Hey Gordo."

"Hey Lizzie," he said nervously.

Both Lizzie and Gordo could feel the sexual tension in the air, as each of them stumbled for words.

"I think we should start working on some of this project so we can get it done," Lizzie said.

"I agree," Gordo followed.

They sat down and began to search the Internet for information containing anything on space nebulas for their science homework. For what turned into minuets, turned into hours, of searching, marking, painting, and drawing their project. They decided that what was done today, was enough and their project wasn't due till next week. Lizzie followed by Gordo walked down the McGuire family steps and into the kitchen where they each pulled out a Coke from the fridge. Gordo plopped down on the couch, and Lizzie plopped down right next to him. They each took a sip and settled on the couch both exhausted from their homework. Lizzie snuggled into Gordo's chest and began to rub this thigh, which made his member hard. She looked up at Gordo, and vice versa, and their lips instantly locked. Their lips soon parted as a wrestling match with their tongues began. Gordo loved the taste of Lizzie's mouth. It had often tasted like watermelon, but today, it tasted like dick, Matt's dick. Mr. And Mrs. McGuire stood in shock as Gordo, and Lizzie made out in the living room on the couch. Mrs. McGuire wasn't too happy that there was a sex fest happening on her couch, but behind her Sam McGuire became instantly hard, at the thought of his daughter, and her young friend who he had known since they were little. He remembered watching Gordo when he was four, and on occasion he would watch David and Lizzie, in the bath together.

"Excuse me," she said clearing her throat. "I don't mean to interrupt, but your father and I are going to the grocery store. Stay out of trouble you two," she said as Sam came back to reality.


Lizzie, and Gordo just smiled at her, as they left. They both laughed out loud.

"Can you believe the look on her face," Lizzie chuckled?

"No," Gordo joined in.

Gordo was more interested in the look on Lizzie's dad's face. They regained their composer and fell asleep on the couch in each other's arms. Meanwhile, up stairs, the game of hide-and-seek, between Lanny and Matt died away. Lanny was an expert hider and Matt knew this. Matt decided to have a little fun while Lanny took the hint, and decided to give up. Matt closed the door to his room, and laid on the bed with his sweats, and briefs around his ankles playing with himself. What he didn't know that a dark skinned boy, about Matt's height was standing in the closet, quiet. Lanny peered through the cracks of the closet under some clothes of Matt's that had been chucked in there from playing in the rain. Lanny stared in amazement as his little white friend, was playing with his uncut tool in his hand. Lanny's little dark brown cut penis became hard. He had never experience something like this before. He had always imagined what a white boy's penis looked like. Lanny and Matt had learned ventriloquism from friends at school, and thought that since he never talked, and Matt had never heard his voice now was the perfect time.

"Matt," Lanny said in his best older boy voice.

Matt jumped. "Yes."

Lanny thought quickly.

"Put the pillow over your head, and stay like that if you want your surprise."

Matt smiled, and thought it was Gordo. He quickly put the pillow over his eyes and dropped his hands to his sides. Lanny quickly and quietly came out of the closet (no pun intended) and climbed on the bed between Matt's legs. Downstairs, Gordo woke up, and decided that it was time for him to leave. He gently moved from Lizzie's grasp, and kissed her on the head, as he went up stairs. Lanny grabbed Matt's uncut boy prick between his finger and thumb, and began to stroke Matt's little member. Matt moaned and fidgeted as Lanny began to place his mouth over this little white boys penis. Matt was soon seeing stars, and he was starting to hyperventilate under the pillow. He removed the pillow from his eyes and looked in between his legs.

"LANNY," Matt said in shock?!

Gordo heard the commotion and gazed into Matt's room, and saw the most amazing site. Gordo watched Matt get sucked by this little dark skinned boy. Matt saw Gordo and smiled, Gordo observed, but stayed hidden to enjoy this little sex act. As Lanny let up off of Matt, Matt's little penis jumped and his first jet of cum flew into the sky and landed on his stomach.

"Damn. Matt came, and I'm not there to lick it up. FUCK," Gordo screamed in his mind.

"Why didn't you tell me Lanny," Matt asked as his penis deflated?

Lanny shrugged.

"You don't have to be scared Lanny, I would of acted the same way. Was that you that told me to put the pillow on my face?"

Lanny blinked.

"Are you ever going to talk again?"

Lanny just shrugged.

"How does Matt know what his Lanny was thinking all the time," Gordo wondered?

Lanny shot a look at Matt.

"Sure you can see it some more, but I want to do it to you too."

Matt laid back as Lanny played with the foreskin, and pulled it back some displaying the purplish head of Matt's penis. Matt played with the sticky substance on his stomach, grabbed the glob and dropped it into his mouth. Gordo now had a raging hard on, and would not let go. Lanny continued to explore Matt's member, until Matt couldn't take it anymore.

"My turn," Matt said.

Matt pulled of Lanny's shirt, and kissed him on the lips gently, not involving tongue like his sister, and Gordo. Lanny kicked off his shoes, and took off his pants. Lanny lay back against the pillow, as Matt pulled off Lanny's briefs. Matt just stared at the little brown cut penis sticking straight up at Matt's eyes. It was a little bigger than his, 3- inches. Matt took Lanny's hard little tool into his fingers and began to massage it. Lanny's eyelids just fluttered as his eyes rolled into the back of his head. Matt lowered his mouth on Lanny's prick and began to lick it all around. Gordo was jerking off his tool off at Matt's door. Two kids, horny as hell, and all Gordo had was his hand. He'd give anything if Lizzie were awake, hell he did care if Miranda wanted to tie him up again. He wanted someone to suck his dick. Little moans came from Lanny as his body began to twitch, which made Matt suck harder and faster. He bobbed his head up and down on Lanny, and occasionally took his balls into his mouth. Lanny just froze and became stiff as a bored as he orgasmed. His little dick twitched in Matt's mouth.

"No cum? Darn," Matt thought.

Matt ran over kissed Gordo really quick, and locked the door. Matt cuddled up to Lanny, and they both fell asleep on Matt's bed.

Gordo spewed all over the carpet and on Matt's door, as Matt kissed him. To stood up, putting his log back into his boxers briefs, stood up and grinded the cum deep into the carpet with his sneaker. He scooped up the jizz from the door and licked it off his finger and grabbed his stuff from Lizzie's room, and left for home. The one thing that stuck in Gordo's mind, was the look of Lizzie's dad's face, when he saw them kissing.