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Matt woke up in the early morning sleeping on the family couch. He was still sore from the butt pounding he had received the night before from his babysitter, Gordo, his sister's friend. He looked around the room, there was silence and everything was peaceful. The clock in the kitchen read 6:00am. He decided to go up to his room. He quietly walked up the stairs, like he had just gotten off a long horse ride. His little hole was sore, and hurting, and his three-inch boner was aching. He peaked into Lizzie's room, where he found Lizzie's vibrator on the floor. It was evident of its use, her top was off, and her pants lay on the floor next to her. He gently walked up to her bed.

"Lizzie. Lizzie," he whispered.

"Wha-what is it, dork face, it's six on a Saturday," she said moaning.

"Can I come into bed with you," he asked softly?

"No. Are you kidding?"

"If you do. I'll tell you where Miranda's picture is," Matt smiled.

Lizzie looked over at him.

"Ok. Fine."

Matt stared at his sister's body, as she was completely naked. He crawled in next to her. He felt her breasts on his back, and her pussy hairs on his sore butt.

"So...where's the picture," she asked? "Wait a second. How do you know I have a picture of Miranda?"

"One, I can find stuff in this house when I want to find it, second, Gordo has the picture," he said.

Matt explained what happened after they left that evening. He told Lizzie, about jerking off Gordo, and licking his teenage cum, and the fucking he had received. Lizzie listened intently as her nipples became hard, and her pussy wet.

"So. Gordo's gay," she said.

Animated Lizzie: "That would explain a lot of things. It still doesn't answer some of my questions though."

Matt turned on his back, his little boner pointing straight up in the air.

"It's 6:05. Mom and Dad don't get up till 10:30 on Saturdays," Lizzie said.

"Yeah, so."

Lizzie leaned over and kissed her brother on the mouth. Matt jumped in shock, but slowly opened his mouth allowing her tongue to explore his little mouth. Her hands explored his small body, gently tickling his sides. She climbed on top of her little brother, careful not to break his ribs. Matt closed his eyes, as her mouth slowly explored every inch of his young body. When she ran her tongue over his boy nipples, he let out a soft moan and a giggle as well. She ran her hand over his little uncut penis, which jumped to attention.

His breathing began to pick up as Lizzie's tongue found the base of his boyhood. Matt gasped as Lizzie began to lick up and down his erect penis. She put his cock in her mouth and began to suck Matt slowly. Matt's mouth opened and he stared up at the ceiling as Lizzie gave him his second blowjob. Matt was moaning on the bed as Lizzie picked up the pace. Matt looked down and saw Lizzie's head bobbing up and down on his

hairless cock. Automatically Matt's hips began to bounce on the bed striving to get he cock as deep as possible into Lizzie's sucking mouth. Lizzie was moving at a furious pace and Matt continued to fuck her face. Matt screamed into the pillow.

"Uhhh, UHHHH, UGGGHHHHHH!!!!" Matt shouted as his first orgasm ravished his young body.

His balls were trying to pump out sperm that wasn't there. Lizzie felt the young boy's penis jerk and pulsate in her mouth. Matt's humping of his 13 year old sister's face slowed and his cock popped out of Lizzie's mouth. "Wow that was the best thing ever" Matt exclaimed.

She grabbed Matt's hand and placed in on the mound of her pussy. Lizzie moved Matt's hand back and forth over her developing pussy lips and clit. Matt's fingers penetrated deeper as he got as much as he could of his first pussy.

"Oh Matt that feels so good. I'm so horney".

Matt's face was near his sister's clit and he decided to return the favor Lizzie had given him. He let his tongue touch her clit and labia. Lizzie felt the touch of Matt's tongue and looked down at him.

"Oh yaaa Matt, that feels good... keep doing that".

Matt began to lick his sister's pussy. It tasted really good to him and he was really excited over all the sex he was being introduced to.

"Lick it faster."

And with that Matt licked up and down his sister's cunt making slurping noises as his face vanished between her legs. Matt began to suck and push his tongue in further into Lizzie's box. He was moving in and out really fast and Lizzie was making grunting noises as she got eaten out for the first time. Matt's hands grabbed his sister's ass as he made a meal out of her tasty teen cunt.

"UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Lizzie let out a muffled scream as a first and second

orgasm flowed through her body.

"Thanx, Matty," Lizzie said sweetly.

"What are you going to do today," Matt said hugging on his sister?

"I think I'm going to pay Gordo a little visit. His parents are out of town, and I want my picture back."

Matt smiled. As it came closer to 10:30 Matt and Lizzie crept out of bed and took their showers. Matt stood in the shower finishing jerking his hard on from eating his sister. His orgasm flew over him, as he almost collapsed in the tub. In the other room, Lizzie knew that Gordo was up watching tv, and decided to put her plan into action.

Animated Lizzie: "Commence Mission. Project: Gordo Cum"


"Gordo, it's Lizzie."

"Hi Lizzie. How was last night," he inquired?

"It was totally boring. Hey. Your parents are out of town right," Lizzie asked?

"Yeah. For two days. Thank God."

"Well I was wondering if you wanted some company?"

"Sure. What to three way Miranda?"


Lizzie became nervous


"Well which one is it," Gordo asked?

"NO! Uh, I mean, No. She's out with her cousins today."

"I didn't know they were in town?"

"Yeah. Came in last night."

"Ok. Cool. So what time tonight," Gordo asked?

"How about eight-ish?"

"Sounds good," Gordo asked slightly.

"Bye then," Lizzie said as she hung up.

Gordo grew hard. Now was his chance to get Lizzie in bed. Only did he know that Lizzie was thinking on how to get Gordo into bed. Gordo spent all day straightening up the whole house, even his room. He never touched it till he couldn't walk in it. He went into his mom's candle collection and set them up in his room and in the living room. Lizzie spent all day chasing Matt and Lenny around the house for gluing her boots to the floor and saran-wrapping her. She finally unwrapped herself, and her mom helped her unglue her shoes from the floor.

"So where are you going tonight," Mrs. McGuire asked?

"I'm going over Gordo's," she said.

"Are his parents going to be there?"

"Yes," she said nervously.

"Ok. As long as they're there."

Lizzie looked over at the clock, and it was 6:00pm. She decided to jump in the shower. Her body was perfectly shaped and smooth. The water dripped over her body running down her soft silky skin. The water caressed her body like a blanket. Lizzie ran soap around her breasts, and started to finger herself, but quickly pulled thinking of Gordo. She finished cleaning her self, washed her hair, and climbed out of the tub. Down the street Gordo began to take off his clothes. He stood in front of his mirror checking out his stature. His body was built. Gym class had paid off. His abs were tight, and a small six-pack was developing. He looked down to his hardening dick. He noticed that his pubic hair was unkempt; he ran over to his drawer, pulled out the scissors, and trimmed it. He went into the shower, and cleaned up.

"Bye Dad."

"Have a good time."

Lizzie walked to the front of Gordo's house. Her tight blue jeans clenched to her body, as well as her pink shirt. Her boobs looked as if they were going to fall out. She rang the doorbell. A brown hair boy in khaki shorts, and a polo shirt stood at the door.

"Hey Lizzie," Gordo said nervously.

"Hey," Lizzie hugged Gordo.

Gordo hugged back, trying to control his hard on. They went inside. Lizzie and Gordo sat on the couch talking about school, Matt, Miranda, which Lizzie, and Gordo steered away from, continued on different subjects. Gordo had bought out some Chinese, which interested Lizzie, never having it before.

"It's not as bad as I thought," Lizzie smiled.

"I kept telling you but you didn't want to believe me did you?"

Gordo went to the dvd player and inserted a movie. They each sat on the opposite side of the couch. Lizzie kept moving around trying to get comfortable. Gordo got up and sat on the floor below her.

"What are you doing," Lizzie asked?

"Making more room for you to lay down."

"Your so sweet Gordo," she said as she kissed him on the cheek.

Gordo body temperature rose, as did his soft dick. After lying down on the couch for ten mins. Lizzie got up and decided to put her plan into action. She sat up. Gordo's neck was sideways against the couches arm.

"Gordo. Doesn't sitting like that hurt your neck," she asked?

"Kinda. I'm used to sitting like this anyways."

"Come here," she commanded.

Gordo got up. Lizzie signaled him to come sit on the couch with his back to her. He climbed on the couch. Lizzie started to massage his shoulders. Gordo fell into a trans as his crush was rubbing him, he didn't notice that Lizzie had peeled of his first shirt. Her massaging continued running down his back. She blew a gentle hot stream of air, which instantly made his teenage dick begin to rise. Gordo got up which frustrated Lizzie. He got behind Lizzie and returned the favor. Gordo's fairly large hands covered Lizzie's shoulders. Lizzie got tired of fooling around and wasting time. She turned around and planted her lips on Gordo's. She drove her tongue into Gordo's mouth. He was taken by surprise. Lizzie let go.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to," she pretended to whimper.

"No. It's ok. I really liked it. I just...well--I, I like you Lizzie. I like you a lot. I just never told you because you liked Ethan, and I was just a second rate boy," he lowered his head.

Animated Lizzie: Awwww, I didn't know Gordo was so sensitive. He's so cute that way, and hot too.

Lizzie put her finger to his chin and slightly lifted it, and kissed him on the lips, no tongue, so a soft, passionate kiss.

"Gordo. To tell you the truth, I've always liked you. Ethan was just a thing, a thing that I can't possibly get," she confessed.

"Your popular though, you dated celebrities like Aaron Carter, and Frankie Munize."

"Yes. I didn't enjoy it though. Cameras everywhere you go, no privacy at all, but now," She pushed him backwards to on the couch. "There's no one here, but you and me."

Their lips met like before, but Gordo slide his tongue into Lizzie's mouth. He could taste the watermelon lip-gloss on her soft pink lips. They kissed passionately, as she startled his torso. She pulled off her shirt and threw it on the coffee table. She went back down to kiss Gordo, but licked his lips instead. She grabbed his shirt, and pulled it off. She looked at his creamy white skin. She felt his warm skin, and gently caressed his chest and abs. She reached behind her back, and undid her bra. Gordo watched in the candlelight as all his fantasies came true. She picked up his hands and put them on her breasts. He sat up and began to slowly licking around her neck, and then moved down to each of her nipples and swirled his tongue around them, causing Lizzie to get wet. He gently began to rub them, and slowly moved down to her stomach. She pulled his hands back up, but he went back down. She got off, and turned away from him.

"What's wrong," he asked?

"I don't like anyone touching me there, not even Miranda," she said holding her stomach.

"Lizzie, what's the big deal? Your beautiful."

"I'm fat," she said.

"No your not, your perfect. Your perfect to me," she said as he kissed her neck.

He grabbed Lizzie as they both lay on the couch, and drifted off into a slumber. Gordo woke up and hour later and looked at the clock. It was 11:30pm and the night was still young. Gordo decided to gather his strength and make the first major move, since Lizzie, made the fist move. He knew Lizzie was a heavy sleep as he heard from Matt, Lizzie 11-year-old brother, who he had his first gay experience with. Now tonight it would be his first straight experience. Lizzie was on her back with one hand on her breast the other on her stomach. Gordo slowly and gently unbutton the many buttons her pants, and quickly pulled down the zipper. He tugged on her pants, as they slide down her frame, and off her legs. She only had on her panties now. Gordo sat lay between her legs, and began to rub on the silky purple panties. She began to move. Gordo decided it was time to wake her up. He began to lick his crush's pussy. It tasted really warm, and wet to him and he was really excited over all the sex he was being introduced to. She began to squirm. She opened her eyes, to see Gordo buried in her snatch. He sucked, slurped, and licked all around the wall of her cunt.

"Yess, Gordo, oh yes..tongue fuck me," she said.

And with that Gordo darted his tongue in and out at a rapid pace, while making slurping noises as his face disappeared between her legs. He had heard from the guys at school about the clitoris and looked it up at the library secretly. Gordo began to suck and push his tongue in further into Lizzie's hot teenager pussy, licking that certain spot. Lizzie began to moan in ecstasy. He was moving up and down, in and out really fast and Lizzie was making moans while grabbing Gordo's neck and his hair. Gordo's hands grabbed his blonde lovers ass as he made a meal out of her marvelously scrumptious pussy. Both bodies were developing sweat enjoying their newfound sex


"UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH! GORDO I'm gonnaa CUM. Some things happening to me," Lizzie screamed.

Gordo continued his licking and sucking of Lizzie's cunt and Lizzie all of a sudden squirted a jet of warm sticky liquid. Gordo fell back in shock. He wiped his face with his hand tasting all of Lizzie's cum. Lizzie came down off of her high. Gordo was super hard in his jean and was ready to burst. Lizzie came over and licked the remaining trails off her strange orgasm off Gordo's lips. She undid Gordo's pants; pulled them off along with his boxers, and out popped his five-inch cut teenage cock. Lizzie grabbed the boy tool, and began to stroke it. His breathing began to pick up as Lizzie's tongue found the base of his

Boyhood. Gordo gasped as Lizzie began to lick up and down his erect penis. She put his cock in her mouth and began to suck him slowly. Gordo's mouth opened and he stared up at the ceiling as Lizzie gave her teenage lover his first straight blowjob. Gordo was moaning on the couch as Lizzie picked up the pace. He looked down and saw Lizzie's head bobbing up and down on his cock. Automatically Gordo's hips began to bounce on the bed striving to get his cock as deep as possible into Lizzie's sucking mouth.

Lizzie was moving at a furious pace and Gordo continued to fuck her face.

"Uhhh, UHHHH, UGGGHHHHHH!!!! Oh Lizzie, suck it. Take it," Gordo shouted as his orgasm ravished his young body. His balls pump out five hot loads of sperm straight into Lizzie's waiting mouth. Lizzie felt the young boy's penis jerk and pulsate in her mouth.

Gordo's humping of his 13 year old friend's face slowed and his cock popped out of Lizzie's mouth. She climbed up to Gordo and began to kiss him, they're body parts rubbing against each other. He flipped Lizzie on the couch, and moved forward and began rubbing his cock up and down Lizzie's cunt. The soft mushy head of Gordo's penis gently massaged her clit and inner lips. After a few seconds of that, Gordo guided his five-inch cock inside Lizzie's hole.

It sunk right in and Gordo was pressed right up against Lizzie's pussy.

Lizzie closed her eyes as Gordo began to slowly thrust in and out of her. He pushed against her hard with each inward thrust trying to get as much of himself inside of Lizzie as he could. A small amount of blood trickled down Lizzie's leg, and she knew that Gordo had just stolen her cherry. The pace quickened and Gordo was now fucking Lizzie and enjoying every second. His teenage boy balls swung with every motion. His hands roamed Lizzie's body.



Sweat was beading off his head as he continued fucked her back and forth. Having just got off Gordo could fuck like this for several minutes much to the satisfaction of Lizzie's developing pussy. He plunged in and out of her, the two making grunts and noises. Gordo was almost there and he bit his lip and fucked Lizzie for all he was worth. She pushed Gordo down and mounted him, and started to ride his pole. Gordo's body was bouncing off the couch as Lizzie literally impaled herself in and out, in and out!

The two kids were hot and sweaty as Gordo thrusted upward giving a couple more hard fucks before spraying his sperm inside of Lizzie's pulsing cunny. She continued to ride up and down as he deposited several shots of thick cum inside of her. Lizzie came too shuddering as the teenage boy fucked her so incredibly hard. His thrusting slowed down as his penis begin to soften. He pulled out of her to see his cum covered cock half hard and very red. He was spent.

Lizzie and Gordo kissed. Cum and pussy juice were dripping out of her cunt and down her legs. The two didn't even bother to clean up they just slept the next few hours away entangled with each other, the stickiness and smells of sex filled the air. Lizzie woke up in the morning, kissed Gordo good-bye, and left a note explaining that she had to go to Miranda's to help take her cousins to the airport, and that she would call him. When she got home she pulled Miranda's picture out of her pocket and stuffed it back in the drawer where it belonged. Matt came in.

"How did it go," he asked quietly.

"Gordo is amazing," was all she could say.

She picked up the phone as Matt went off into his room.

"Hello," Miranda responded.

"Hey. Guess what," Lizzie said excitedly?


"I spent the night at Gordo's!"

"Miranda's mouth dropped and so did her heart."