Of course, I possess no rights to Batman, Bruce Wayne, Gotham, etc, etc.  This story is about the fictional characters Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle.  While it does borrow a plot device from a recent tv show, it is not about, or intended in any way to relate to, any of the various actors who have played the roles over the years.  This is simply a bit of fan fiction.  The first part of this story is mostly straight sex, but next episode will feature some boy on boy stuff.  Just a quick story I threw together one day.  Hope you enjoy.

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Meanwhile, at Wayne Manor...

Young Bruce Wayne yawned and stretched, glancing out the window at the morning sunlight streaming in through the large mullioned windows which overlooked the sweeping front lawn of Wayne Manor. He considered lying there awhile longer, the Egyptian cotton soft against his cheek, the mattress like a cloud beneath him. He felt himself smiling and then wondered when had been the last time he'd woke smiling. Before the death of his parents certainly.

With a pang of misplaced guilt, the twelve-year-old threw back his covers and crawled out of bed. Clad in soft cotton pajamas of light blue, he slid his feet into warm slippers and pulled on a dark blue robe with the Wayne family crest on the left breast. Cinching the belt around his slim waist, he went in search of breakfast.

In the months since the death of his parents, he'd taken over the north parlor, turning it into what he liked to think of as his situation room. It was there that he pored over the vast array of documents he'd accumulated, searching for some link, some pattern, which would reveal the cabal he was sure existed which was responsible for the murder of his parents. He hadn't had much of an appetite since that day, but Alfred always made sure there was something to eat nearby. He mostly ate out of a sense of duty, and only because he knew his body needed the fuel. He rarely tasted anything anymore.

Stepping into the parlor, he took a bagel off the silver serving tray Alfred had left and felt himself smiling again. He was remembering the day before.

For the past several days they'd had a guest at Wayne Manor. Her name was Selina Kyle, but she preferred to be called Cat. Bruce had never met anyone like her. She lived on the streets of Gotham, something that Bruce could hardly fathom. She was mysterious, and dangerous, and Bruce was fairly certain he loved her already. Just the day before, they had been talking in this very room, when she'd thrown a bagel at him. She challenged him then, saying that if he managed to hit her in return, she'd let him kiss her. The idea thrilled him, and the subsequent food fight had been energetic and more fun than he'd had in months. He had managed to score hits on several occasions, but before he could collect on his bet Alfred had arrived and he'd helped clean while Cat ran off to do whatever it was she did when he wasn't around.

Bruce realized that the reason he was smiling was because of the thought that he might be able to receive his reward from their bet. So, nibbling on the bagel, Bruce went in search of his mysterious house guest.

She wasn't in the room Alfred had assigned her. In fact, it didn't look as if anyone had stayed there at all, but this didn't surprise Bruce. Cat seemed very cautious, and a bit skittish. It made sense that she'd have found a different place to sleep. There were certainly many rooms from which she could choose.

It wasn't until Bruce found himself on the rarely visited third floor before he heard sounds of life. Slippers sliding silently down the wide corridor, Bruce followed the sounds, which he eventually realized were the sounds of running, splashing water. Ahead was one of the older guest bathrooms. Bruce could barely remember what it looked like, but he could see sunlight streaming into the hallway though the open door, as well as a faint cloud of steam. Was it Alfred, cleaning the room? If it was Selina, what could she be doing in there? She didn't strike him as the cleaning type. It never occurred to him that she would be bathing; not with the door open. So it was as if he'd been slammed in the chest with a sledgehammer when he reached the doorway and looked inside.

The light of a large window illuminated Cat's lithe young body with a golden glow, the steam rising from the bath lending the scene a sense of dreamlike diffuseness. The room was mostly taken up by a huge, claw-footed tub. Selina stood in the tub with her back to the door, her hair damp, but still full of bouncy curls. Her young body glistened in the light of the early morning sun dancing through the windows, muscles moving under taut skin. Bruce felt his eyes drawn inexorably to her firm behind, felt his eyes widening in wonder. He lost himself in the beauty of her.

“Hello, Bruce,” Cat called softly.

Bruce gasped, his eyes growing even wider with the realization that he was staring at a naked thirteen-year-old girl. He guiltily met her eyes, as she glanced back at him over one graceful shoulder. She blinked languidly, a soft smile slowly spreading over her lovely face. “I... I'm sorry!” Bruce stuttered, slowly backing away from the door.

“What's wrong?” she asked, all innocence. “Never seen a naked girl before?” Of course the innocence was all an act. In fact, she'd been taking these long morning baths for four days in a row now, hoping for just such a meeting. She nearly laughed out loud, surely giving away her little charade, as she thought back to the morning two days ago when it had been Alfred, the boy's butler, that she'd caught in her little trap instead. The look on the old man's face as she'd turned to reveal herself to him, cocking a slim hip and giving him a coquettish smile, had nearly been worth her disappointment that she'd caught the wrong male of the household.

Selina felt her smile growing as she watched the younger boy's discomfiture. She watched as his right hand drifted unconsciously to his groin, squeezing what he found there, and her smile turned to a smirk as she realized her trap was fully sprung. Boys were so easy, she thought. Flash a little skin, and they were yours. She had figured it couldn't hurt to have a little billionaire all hot and bothered over her. She was also a bit surprised to feel a sense of compassion, knowing she could give this dour little kid a bit of fun. No kid should be as serious as young Bruce Wayne.

“I'll go,” Bruce finally managed to say.

“You don't have to,” Selina called before he could get away. “In fact, you're just in time to help me wash my back. I can't reach.”

Bruce looked at her desperately, eyes moving between her and the freedom of the long hallway to his left, fear written large over his young features. “I shouldn't,” he said.

“It's ok,” Cat soothed. Then, after a small moment of hesitation, she turned to face him fully. “Come here,” she said softly.

Bruce felt his breath stop in his throat, as his heart seemed to skip a beat in his chest before galloping wildly. He had seen naked women before. It was the age of the internet after all, but each time he searched out such sites he felt guilty, as if he were somehow dishonoring the memory of his mother, who after all was a woman herself. So it had been some time since he'd allowed himself to look at such things. Even when he had, however, he'd never seen a girl as young as Selina.

When Bruce saw his own naked image in the mirror, he saw a body which was half-formed. Like clay with only the faintest impression of the image it would one day form. He imagined his shoulders broader, his chest wider, his thighs thicker, and his boyhood, only recently changed from the tiny thing of his childhood, longer and thicker, and covered in hair. When he stared at Cat, he saw nothing half-formed, but a work already completed, each small curve carefully honed and shaped until perfection was achieved.

Her breasts were small, smaller than any he'd ever seen. As if someone had sliced a lemon in two and placed each half upon her chest. They were delicately rounded and perfectly shaped. Her nipples stood up stiffly, pink and delicate, little nubbins like the erasers of a pencil. The area around them was equally pink, like the blush on a white rose, and about the size of a quarter. Her stomach was lean, stretched with muscle, her shallow navel a point of interest in that smooth expanse. Below that, down in the area which drew his eyes like a moth to a flame, a small tangle of silky brown hairs formed a dark triangle which glistened with wetness between her legs, legs which seemed to go down and down forever.

“Come here,” Cat repeated, crooking her finger and beckoning him closer.

Bruce felt himself drawn forward as if he no longer had control of his body. He nearly stumbled as he neared her, and Cat had to reach out a hand against his chest to steady him.

Cat pressed her hand against Bruce's chest, feeling his wild heartbeat even through the layers of pajama top and robe. The younger boy's eyes were locked on her small breasts and she felt herself smiling. Boys loved her breasts. Men, too, she knew. She was surprised by the pulse of warmth between her legs. Seducing this strange rich kid had been a calculated move. She hadn't expected to get excited by it, but she had to admit that he was very cute, in a dour sort of way.

“It's pretty warm in here, isn't it?” Cat said, her hand sliding down the boy's chest until she found the cloth belt wrapped around his waist. She took it in her hand and gently pulled back until it fell apart. She dropped the end of the belt as Bruce's robe gaped open. A downward glance showed his obvious excitement as he pressed against the thin cotton of his pajamas. She was surprised to realize he wasn't wearing underwear underneath them. Already there was a dime-sized circle of wetness where he pressed against his bottoms, and she reevaluated the kid's maturity level upward a smidge.

When Cat's hands reached out to work on the top button of his pajama top, Bruce realized what was happening and took a nervous step backwards.

“What's wrong?” Cat said softly, looking at the boy through lowered eyelids. She traced a finger slowly down her chest, between her softly budding breasts.

“We shouldn't,” Bruce managed to say, his breathing ragged, unable to tear his eyes away from Selina's nubile body, in spite of the screaming voice inside his head which was telling him this was wrong.

“I think part of you says we should,” Cat said with a smile and a pointed glance.

Bruce followed the girl's gaze downward and realized the state he was in with a start. He hurriedly covered his groin with his hands, feeling his slim hardness pressing desperately against his fingers, the dampness on his palm. “I should go,” he said anxiously.

“I thought you were in training,” Selina said, seeing that she'd have to take a different tact with this shy, reclusive boy.

Not following her logic, his head feeling muddled with lustful confusion, Bruce stammered, “E-excuse me?”

“You were the one that told me you were training yourself to face your fears. To prepare yourself for anything. To face anything. So you're ready to go out and face bad guys, but you're scared of one little girl?”

“I'm not scared,” he insisted, although he knew it was a lie. “We're just... too young,” he finally said.

“Too young to take a bath?” Cat teased. Seeing that he was unable to look away, she let her roaming finger trail downward, across the smoothness of her stomach, over the sensitive skin of her groin, until it slid into the small clump of silky hairs between her legs. She shuddered with pleasure despite herself, and removed her finger hurriedly before she lost control of the situation. “You have to take a bath, don't you?” she reasoned, hugging herself. “I mean, you do wash yourself, right?”

Bruce nodded uncertainly.

“So, take a bath with me,” she said. Then, seeing his nervous look, she said, “You can stay on one side of the tub, and I'll stay on the other.” She could tell the boy was wavering, his good sense warring against what his dick was telling him. “C'mon,” she wheedled. “It's lonely in this big house, and we can talk while we wash. You're not gonna leave me all alone, are you?”

She knew she had one more hurdle, so she said, “We'll make it with lots of bubbles. So I can't see anything, ok?”

Bruce bit his lip with indecision. He was so mixed up inside his head he couldn't figure out what was the right thing to do. Unconsciously, he squeezed the stiff lump under his fingers and made his decision. “Ok, I guess we can.”

Cat had to stop herself from clapping with excitement. She knew she had him now and she felt a thrill of excitement shoot through her at what was to come. “Cool,” she said finally, all nonchalance. She realized that she'd never actually had to seduce a boy before. Usually she was fighting them off.

The tap in the center of the large tub was already running. All that was necessary to fill the tub was for the drain to be plugged. There was a rubber plug hanging on a chain over the tap, and Cat turned around and bent down to insert it into the drain. Bruce felt himself gasp and his suddenly weak legs nearly go out from under him as Cat bent over, a quick flash of glistening pinkness appearing for a few moments between her legs.

Lavender-scented bubble bath crystals were in a porcelain bowl on a shelf above the spigot. Cat lifted the lid and used the small spoon inside to dump some under the streaming water. Almost immediately, bubbles began to foam and spread throughout the tub. She turned and moved to the left side of the tub, slowly sinking downwards into the warm water. She sighed with delight, not realizing how chilled she'd been. Bruce just stood watching her mutely.

Cat smiled. “You're gonna want to lose the pjs and robe before you get in,” she teased.

“Oh!” Bruce started. “Of course.”

She watched him bite his lip nervously, and then he awkwardly shrugged out of his robe. While he was thus engaged, Cat could see he was still as hard as ever inside his pajamas. She wondered how big his thing was. She'd seen her share. She'd lost her virginity at eleven, and had been with a few guys since then, from kids her age or even younger, to one guy who'd been nineteen. She was sort of fascinated by dicks, she knew. She'd seen them in all sizes and shapes, from little hairless ones, to big hairy ones. She didn't really have a preference, as she thought they were all fun in their own way. Still, she wondered what Bruce's would look like, and felt a warm glow of anticipation pulse between her legs.

Robe off, Bruce went to work on the buttons of his pajama top. When he reached the final button, he paused for a moment, then awkwardly turned away before pulling the shirt open, and letting it slide down off his slim shoulders.

“Wow, you really are shy, aren't you?” Selina asked, glancing with appreciation at the twelve-year-old's smoothly muscled back. “Boys go shirtless all the time, you know.”

“I know,” Bruce said apologetically. “I'm just... sorry.”

“It's ok to be nervous,” she said gently.

“Ok,” Bruce said. Then stood nervously, his hands hovering around the waist of his bottoms. He nervously unbuttoned the first button, and then glanced awkwardly at the girl.

Cat decided to take pity on him. “Ok,” she said with a smile, “I'll turn around.” So saying, she drew in her legs and spun until she was facing the wall away from him. She heard nothing for a moment, and then the sound of the door shutting. “Good idea,” she said.

Bruce froze for a moment, until Cat said, “Well? Are you getting in?”

After another pause, Cat heard the sound of cloth rustling as the kid pushed down and stepped out of his pajama bottoms, then the gentle plop of water as first one foot, and then the other stepped into the tub. She felt the water slosh as he lowered himself, and she gave it a moment before asking, “Is it ok to turn around?”

“I... I guess so,” Bruce squeaked. He couldn't believe he was doing this. He was naked in a tub with a naked girl. A girl who was older and obviously more experienced than him in about every way. He knew he should have walked away, but the image of her nude body, so slim and softly rounded and beautiful had etched itself in his mind, like a burning brand, and he was helpless before the thought that he might see it again. Under the water, he clutched his stiff penis desperately, feeling a pulsing pleasure there that no amount of internet porn had ever provided. He felt as if his entire body were tingling.

Cat turned slowly to find Bruce sitting stiffly upright at the opposite end of the large tub. She leaned back slowly, watching him as he nervously formed a small wall of bubbles to hide his chest, but not before she got a look at his small, brownish nipples and lightly muscled chest. She glanced down at herself and saw through a thin layer of bubbles her own nipples, just barely poking out of the water. Stretching out her legs, she smiled.

Bruce started as he felt Cat's feet touch his and then slide until their ankles were touching. He was amazed at how intimate that innocent touch of her flesh against his felt. He glanced down nervously once again to make sure the bubbles were lying thickly over that most intimate part of himself, which he could feel throbbing beneath the warm water of the bath.

“I love baths,” Cat cooed, her hand swirling idly in the bubbles on the surface of the water. “Don't you?”

“I normally take a shower,” Bruce replied stiffly. “It's more economical.”

“You're like, a billionaire,” Cat responded. “I don't think you need to worry about how much water you're using.”

Bruce shrugged, unsure how to respond.

“Well, I already washed before you got here,” Cat said. “The soap is behind you.”

“Oh,” Bruce stammered. “The soap. Of course.”

Cat watched with amusement as the boy reached over his shoulder and grabbed the soap. She didn't see any hair in his armpit as he reached, but then she hadn't really expected to. She wondered if he had hair down below. She began to teasingly rub her right foot against Bruce's left as the boy began to awkwardly soap up his arms. He nearly lost the bar a couple of times and she had to stop herself from snickering. She noticed that he looked away shyly as he soaped his armpits.  Then his hands were busy behind his wall of bubbles and under the water as he soaped his chest and stomach. She wondered if he was touching his dick under the water.

When Bruce's hands finally lifted free of the water, Cat said, “Turn around and I'll soap your back for you.”

“Uh... th-that's ok,” he stammered nervously.

“Don't be silly,” she chided.  She scooted forward and Bruce's legs retracted quickly while his hands shot under the water and he nervously eyed the concealing bubbles. “Soap,” she demanded, holding out her hand and scooting even closer.

Bruce hesitated a moment, then held out the soap to her.  As soon as she took hold of it, he turned around. 

Selina scooted still closer, until her crossed calves were pressing into Bruce's sides.  She wanted to be closer though.

Bruce started as Cat's feet lifted up and over his thighs, her long legs wrapping around his body.  He felt the heat of her against his back.

All the movement had sloshed the water around, displacing the bubbles.  Close enough to glance over his shoulder, Cat could see all the way down the boy's chest, over his stomach, and there, just barely visible through the sudsy water, the shadowy hint of Bruce's straining boyhood.  Cat smiled.

Lathering up her hands, Cat placed the bar of soap next to the dish with the bath crystals and then she leaned back a little until she was could comfortably touch Bruce's slim shoulders.  He shuddered beneath her touch and she bit her lower lip with excitement as she felt a pulse of pleasure shudder through her body.  She began to make small, soapy circles on his back, slowly moving downward.

“You have really soft skin,” she breathed softly near his ear.

“Th-thanks,” Bruce mumbled.

Cat's hands worked downward to the waterline, and then slowly worked their way up again. When she reached the widest part of his back, she allowed her hands to slip around the sides, sliding her fingers into his smooth underarms. She felt him tense. Washing gently, she ran her hands down his sides, feeling his ribs sliding beneath her fingers. When she again reached his armpits, she leaned forward, until her chin was on his shoulder, and her hands slid around to caress the younger boy's chest.

“C-Cat?” Bruce squeaked nervously.

“Relax,” she said softly into his ear, her voice low and intimate. Under her soapy fingers, she felt the boy's nipples stiffen and she felt a growing pressure down between her legs. She laid her cheek on his shoulder, her lips moving gently against his neck as she said, “It feels nice, doesn't it?”

“It does,” he said, practically in a whisper, “but I...”

“Shhhhh,” she said, then kissed him lightly on the neck. “It's ok.”

Cat continued to work her hands lower, caressing the boy's stomach, which rippled under her fingers. The tips of her index fingers touching, she pushed them downward further still, feeling the slight bump against the back of her fingers as she lightly brushed against his straining shaft. Bruce gave a small gasp and she felt his body tense against hers, his back pushing against her small breasts. Beneath her fingers she felt nothing but satiny smooth skin and she carefully slid them down, down, until the tip of each index finger was pressed against the very root of him.

She could feel the twelve-year-old boy shuddering against her, his breath quick and shallow. She turned her left hand until her pinky was sliding along the base of his dick, her palm pressed against what felt like a hairless groin. With her right hand, she reached slowly downward and then in, cupping his little boy scrotum, feeling his delicate little balls in the palm of her hand.

“Cat!” Bruce exclaimed, half gasp, half whisper.

“It's ok,” she soothed, caressing his olive-sized balls for a moment before moving her hand upward, slowly so as not to spook him, and wrapping her small hand around his throbbing shaft.

“Oh my,” Bruce breathed.

Cat smiled and kissed his neck again, marveling at the oddness of this handsome boy. She was surprised by the size of him in her fist. He felt to be a good four inches long as she gently stroked him from base to tip. He shuddered again as her fingers danced over the sensitive skin of his circumcised cockhead.

“We shouldn't be doing this,” Bruce choked, gasping.

Selina squeezed him tightly in her fist, feeling his throbbing heat. Then, expertly, she began to stroke him up and down. “You don't want to quit now, do you?” she purred. Her left hand worked its way back up to Bruce's tiny, stiff nipples, squeezing and gently pinching while she jacked his beautiful dick. She kissed and licked at the side of his neck, pressing her sensitive breasts against his back and squeezing his sides with her thighs.

Cat could tell by the way the boy was breathing that he wouldn't last much longer. Wanting to make sure that he was hers, utterly and completely, she abruptly released him, spreading her legs and then pulled on his knee and shoulder. “Turn around,” she ordered, surprised to find she was nearly as breathless as Bruce. Beyond questioning her, Bruce spun until he was facing her.

“Kneel up,” she said next.

Nervous, but beyond caring, he did as he was told. Selina stared at the naked boy as he rose up out of the water, watching the way he glistened as the soap ran downward. Kneeling, Bruce's young cock was right in front of her face. Her eyes were locked on it, watching it pulse there, too hard to even bob with his movements. As she'd guessed, it was just over four inches long, pretty big for a twelve-year-old, and surprisingly thick at a bit over an inch in diameter. The skin was pale, and she could see a tracery of blue veins underneath the satiny flesh. His balls were tight against his body, the sac wrinkled and slightly darker than the rest of him. She could see half a dozen silky hairs there, and none at all at the base of his penis. The little ridge of skin beneath his cockhead was smooth and even, and the head itself glowed a pretty pink, slightly flared to be a bit wider than the shaft below.

Reaching out, Selina took that slim cock between her fingers, and then, leaning forward, slid her lips around the flared little head. Bruce gasped, a childishly high tone. Cat swiped her small tongue up and down, then in little circles, savoring the taste of the young boy, the heat of him, the spongy softness of him in her mouth. Sucking cock was about her favorite thing to do with a boy. There was such a feeling of power and control, holding that most tender part of a boy in her mouth, knowing just how to make him squirm, to gasp, to shudder.

She worked her way downward, her lips sliding over the pale, glistening flesh of his pubescent cock, feeling him move deeper and deeper into her mouth, until her lips were pressed against the smooth, hairless base of him. She purred, knowing it would make him shudder, loving the delicate length of him inside her, tasting the barest hint of his juices as he leaked inside her mouth. Her lips pressed tightly, able to feel his pulse through the slim shaft. Her hands slid up the back of his wet thighs, found his firm little asscheeks, and squeezed there as he pulsed gently in her mouth.

Bruce could barely contain himself. He'd never imagined feeling like this ever. Yes, he knew about masturbation, and he'd felt the pleasure his stiff penis could bring him when he squeezed it late at night, or while sitting on the computer staring at illicit images, but he'd never allowed himself to go too far. He'd always stopped himself before the pleasure grew too great, telling himself that to do otherwise would weaken him somehow.

So it was with a sense of wonder and awe that he felt the powerful waves of pleasure suffusing him as Cat worked her mouth up and down on his erection. He felt somehow disassociated from himself as he watched his pale penis disappear again and again into her eager, sucking mouth. Below that he could see her small breasts, the nipples hard as ever, her tiny breasts looking as swollen as he felt. Still, the pleasure grew, and grew, until he wasn't sure he could stand it any longer.

“I... I have to stop!” he finally managed to gasp when it seemed he would somehow burst.

Cat ignored the boy, knowing what was coming and amazed to think that perhaps he didn't. Feeling his balls tense against the bottom of her lip, she rose up the thin shaft one last time and then held him there, her tongue working madly, her lips suctioning, pressing hard against that little bundle of nerves beneath his throbbing cockhead. With a final gasp she felt him expand in her mouth, and then the first thin, fiery jet of boycum was splashing hotly over her tongue.

Bruce cried out as he felt the most exquisite explosion of pleasure blast through his young body. He could feel his penis jerking frantically inside Cat's sucking mouth, while the oddest pulsing feeling pumped through him, from somewhere deep in his balls, as if they were trying to crawl upward to explode out of the tip of his spasming dick.

Selina slowly slid her mouth upward, releasing young Bruce's glistening cock, knowing it was probably too sensitive to continue sucking it. She rolled her tongue around the inside of her mouth, saving the bittersweet taste of young cum. Smiling affectionately, she kissed his cock, right below the cockhead, then she gently nuzzled his balls, feeling his stiffness against her forehead. Finally, she rose to her knees.

Bruce, feeling the disturbance in the water, realized his eyes were closed. He slowly opened them to find Cat staring at him, her body close, so close in fact that the tip of his slightly deflated penis was pressing warmly against the smooth flesh of her stomach. Below that, he could see the glistening nest of brown hairs between her legs, sparse now with wetness, hinting at some pinkness within. Then he was staring again at her breasts, so close, so perfect. The slight contact with her stomach disappeared as his dick stiffened and lifted away.

“Did you like that?” Cat asked, reaching up to draw little idle patterns on Bruce's chest. She caught his eyes, when he lifted them guiltily from her naked body, and she smiled.

Though it was mostly alarm and shock, the expression on the young boy's face was still rather stiff. Cat smiled and gently traced his thin lips. “You're always so serious,” she teased.

“I... I'm sorry,” he said sincerely, unsure of how else to respond.

Cat grinned wider. “Would you smile if I gave you a kiss?” she asked.

Not waiting for an answer, she leaned forward, pressing her small breasts against his smooth chest, feeling his stiffness down below press against her belly, and she gently touched her lips to his. Bruce sighed and seemed to melt into her. She was amazed by how soft his lips were. She'd expected them to be as stiff as his normal expression.

Bruce felt the silky wonder of Cat's lips press against his and the last bit of tension seemed to drain out of him in an instant. He was still nervous and unsure of what he was doing, but he began to feel confident that he could conquer this challenge just as he had every other one he'd set himself. He felt a moment of surprise when he felt her tongue slip between her lips and into his mouth, and then he lost himself in the kiss, while his arms lifted to wrap around her tiny waist and pull her closer.

Cat felt a moan escape her as Bruce pulled her close, beginning to awkwardly return her kiss while his young cock throbbed with need against her belly. She kissed him harder then, hungrily sucking at his mouth while her hands roamed from his ass to his back.

Bruce was amazed at how fervent the kiss was growing. He'd never imagined kissing would be like this. Then he felt Cat's hands on his arms. He didn't understand what she was trying to do at first, and then he felt his hands slide over the girl's small breasts. He almost stopped kissing then, amazed at the softness of her budding breasts against the palms of his hands. They were so perfect in his hand, small and soft, with the surprising stiffness of her tiny nipples against his palms. As he gently squeezed the small mounds, he felt Cat's hand slip between their bodies and once again wrap itself around his cock.

Cat jacked the boy's stiff dick greedily while she moaned into his mouth. His hands against her breasts were inexperienced, but soft and caring and eager. Wanting more, she lifted her left hand to his right, and pulled it between her legs. She felt his fingers fumble awkwardly against the swollen flesh of her pussy, but even that was enough to excite her. Gently, but eagerly, she manipulated his hand until his index finger was sliding in the slick groove between her lips, and then she gasped and shuddered as she helped him slide that long digit inside her.

Bruce gasped into Cat's mouth as he felt his finger suddenly engulfed in the tight, wet heat of her. Her molten insides clamped down tightly against his wiggling finger, seeking to take it deeper inside her. He obliged as best he could, stiffening his finger and pushing it into her as far as it would go. He could feel the silky hairs on her swollen mound against the palm of his hand.

Cat pushed herself against that reaching finger, feeling it stretching her, feeling the rest of his hand pressing tightly into her, and as wonderful as it was, she knew it wasn't going to be enough. Bruce's preteen cock pulsed strongly in her frantically jacking fast, feeling smooth and long, and she knew she had to have him inside her. She knew the boy could cum, because she'd felt him shoot his hot juices into her mouth, but she didn't know if he was old enough to be producing real sperm yet. She always made sure to have boys she was with wear a condom, even the couple of boys she'd had who were too small down there to really wear one. The last thing she wanted was to get pregnant at thirteen, but she also knew she was going to fuck this kid no matter what.

Her mind made up, Cat's next thought was how to go about it. She thought about having him sit and then sinking on top of him, riding his slim cock on his lap, but she felt was feeling that ache deep inside, the one that his finger wasn't reaching and that might be too deep even for his smooth four-incher, especially in that position. Casting her eyes desperately about the room, she quickly saw the solution.

Panting now with need, Cat released the boy and turned to her left. Hands shaking, she quickly pushed aside the bar of soap, the porcelain dish of bath crystals, and a little rack of oils, and then slid her ass onto the small shelf where they'd resided. There was just enough room to perch there.

Bruce stared at Cat, bewildered for a moment. Then she sat on a tiny shelf just over the spigot. He watched as her legs spread, and he got his first real look at what was revealed there. The silky strands of hair lay damply in a small V just over Cat's vagina. There was no hair further down, and the swollen mounds on either side of that glistening slit were fully exposed. Between those two puffy outer lips were two others, tightly compressed, pink, and shining wetly. As Bruce watched, Cat's right hand slid between her legs, and with her first two fingers she lightly caressed that inner pinkness.

“Come here,” Cat said hoarsely. When Bruce awkwardly moved forward on his knees, she reached out and took his cock in her fist. With that, she pulled him closer. Holding him with three fingers, she used the tip of him to caress herself, sliding his spongy cockhead over the most sensitive parts of her, teasing her tiny clit with his glans. She shuddered.

Bruce was watching her pleasure herself with his erection when he felt his eyes upon him. Her green eyes met his, and she said, “Are you ready?”

For a moment, Bruce was unsure what he was supposed to be ready for, and then it struck him. He felt a jolt of fear burst through him, quickly followed by one of pleasure. “What about -” he began, but it was too late.

Positioning the swollen head of the boy's slim cock right at her entrance, Selina put one hand on Bruce's ass and puuuuulllled. Slowly. So slowly she was shaking with the need of it, but loving the teasing sensation of him sliding deeper and deeper into her, filling her, stretching her deliciously, the heat of him suffusing her as her legs shook with the effort to keep that slow filling sensation going.

Finally, there was no more boy to go, and Selina shuddered as she felt the hairless base of him press against her swollen cunt. She held his ass with both hands, pulling him tightly against her, feeling all four inches pulsing inside her.

“You're inside me,” she finally gasped, her eyes locked to his.

“It's amazing,” Bruce replied, unable to believe the heat of her, the way her insides sucked at him, caressing the length of him though she wasn't moving.

“Fuck me, Bruce,” she said then, breathless but demanding.

“What?” he asked, shocked by the naked need on her face.

“Move it in and out,” she said desperately. “Your cock. Fuck me with your cock.”

To instruct him, she pressed on his slim hips until just the tip of him remained inside her, and then she pulled him towards her roughly. She gasped as their groins crashed together, feeling a delicious shiver as his little boy balls slapped against her.

Quickly getting the idea, Bruce pulled back, but too far, slipping out of her gripping heat, and he poked forward a couple of times before Cat took pity on him and guided him back inside her. Once he was back inside that warmth, he pushed his hips forward. He watched as the tip of Cat's tongue slipped out between her lips, watched her eager eyes as he began to work himself in and out, watched especially the glistening length of his own cock as it disappeared again and again into the gripping, pink wetness of Cat's little pussy.

Seeing that the boy finally had a rhythm, Cat released Bruce's ass. Her left hand went to her chest, where she pinched and pulled at her tiny nipples. Her right hand went between her legs, her finger circling and teasing the little pink nubbin of her clit while Bruce worked his slim cock in and out of her cunt.

For Cat, sex was usually more about business than pleasure. She had something the boys wanted, and if the boys had something she wanted, a transaction ensued. On occasion she'd used sex as therapy, especially with the younger boys who were new to the streets. Of course, she'd been surprised once or twice just how much pleasure could be found with a little kid sporting a three-incher who was eager to please. In seducing Bruce, she'd been thinking mostly of the hold she could have over him, but as he worked his stiff cock in and out of her hungry pussy, she was beginning to wonder who would have the upper hand in the end.

Bruce was lost in the rhythm and the heat and the silent music that played in his ears, a music of grunts and gasps, and moans, and the ever present squelching wetness of his young cock driving in and out of the young girl's velvet pussy.

“Fuck me,” Bruce heard Cat gasp softly. His eyes had been closed, and he opened them to see that Selina's eyes were closed, too. Her fingers were working rapidly between her legs, her left hand squeezing and teasing her swollen nipples. She was giving little involuntary thrusts with her hips, sliding forward to meet him, her pussy clamping tighter and tighter around his plowing cock.

“Fuck me,” she said again. “Mmmmmm, fuck me with that big dick, Bruce,” she half moaned, half whispered. “Pump me,” she said. “Pump my pussy hard. Ohhhh, pump me with that beautiful cock! Uhhhh... faster, baby. Uhhhnnnnn, fuck me faster!”

Selina began to mewl like a kitten, a high pitched, needy little whine. She could feel it coming, like some giant wave that grew larger and larger, until it threatened to engulf her and her entire world. Between her legs, her twelve-year-old lover worked his steely cock in and out of her at a fast and steady pace, his balls no longer slapping against her because they were drawn up tightly, and she knew he would be coming soon as well. She couldn't remember the last time it had been this good, this intense. Her whole body was thrumming and the pounding thrusts of Bruce's cock into her swollen pussy where sending shock waves of pleasure through her.

“Gonna come!” she finally cried. “Ohhhh, fucking fuck! Shoot it!” she cried desperately as the wave finally crashed over her, stealing her breath and rocking her body. “Shoot it into me!”

Bruce couldn't stand it any longer. The pleasure had been growing steadily for what felt like forever, and he'd been holding it back as hard as he could, knowing it was one more challenge. Finally, he heard Cat cry out and with a final thrust, he pressed himself against her, his feet flexing, toes curling as he once again felt that explosion of pleasure rocket through his body. His cock jerked crazily inside her, but her molten insides were clamped down around him so tightly it barely moved.

With the last sharp cry of Cat still ringing in their ears, the kids were shocked when the bathroom door was flung open. Bruce spun to look. Outlined in the doorway was Alfred, a large pistol pointed at them. Alfred took one look at Cat, her legs open, pussy dripping with a mixture of Bruce's watery emission and her own juices, and at Bruce, cock still standing straight up, also glistening with moisture, and he lowered the pistol.

“Oh, for fuck's sake,” the Brit muttered, then turned and walked back down the hallway.

Cat looked at Bruce, and Bruce looked at Cat. Cat smiled, and then they were laughing hysterically.

Well, that's my story.  Next episode, Bruce and Cat will be fleeing assassins and find themselves in the mean streets of Gotham where young Bruce will find that money isn't the only currency he possesses.  Hope you enjoyed my little story.  It was my first foray into fan fiction.  Comments and criticisms always welcome, and in fact are sought after eagerly.  It's the only payment I receive for my writing after all.  You can catch me at rwxxx13@yahoo.com