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Language Notes

I will be utilizing some terms in the Cherokee language so here are a few helpful hints for pronunciation:

a = a like father or rival           e = a like hate or short e like met

i = e like meet or short i like pit o = o like note but close to aw like law

u = oo like fool or short u like pull v = u like but except more nasalized

h, k, l, m, n, q, s, t, w, and y are same as English

g = hard almost k except in ga it is just hard

qu = softened to sound like gw

Very often t will sound as d and vise-versa.

For more for info and links to other helpful sights try wehali.com/tsalagi or plug 'cherokee' into your favorite search engine.  I apologize for any translation errors in advance.



Part 1

North-Eastern Oklahoma (Cherokee Nation)


"Hey Tony!"

The teenager sitting by himself at the library table looked up using one hand to push his shiny black hair over his shoulder.  Smiling he stood to greet the owner of the voice.


They drew each other into a friendly hug and tried to see who could pound the other into submission first.  Calling it a draw they dropped down onto a nearby couch to catch up on what they had missed in each others life over the past month that Jon had been away.  While they were almost exact opposites in appearance Tony was only a few days older than Jon and both had recently turned sixteen.  They were as close as two boys not related to each other could be.  In a way they considered each other brothers.

Jonathan O'Dell had the typical Irish look.  Deep auburn hair framed a pale face that had recently picked up a lightly tanned appearance causing his normally dark freckles to seem lighter.  His features were almost delicate without being feminine and his wide green eyes sparkled with mischief.  He was about 5'7' with a slightly muscled but still maturing build.  Jon had always been the more outgoing and adventurous of the two and seemed to find new ways to get them both into trouble.

Antonio Whitefeather on the other hand was as dark as his friend was light due to his Cherokee and Hispanic heritage.  Shining black hair fell thick but straight nearly to his waist and when not braided seemed to take on a life of its own, especially when he walked.  Darkly bronzed skin, both from genetics and exposure to the sun, glowed with health and not an extra once of fat could be found on his lanky 5'8" teenaged frame.  The dark sweep of his eyebrows rested over hooded nearly black eyes framed by long inky lashes.  High cheek bones, a strong but not square jawline, and a thin slightly hooked nose made for a striking but not overly handsome face.  Maturity would only make it more so.  While not shy Tony kept to himself and was much more reserved than his friend.

His grandfather Joseph Whitefeather, a full-blood Cherokee from the reservations of Oklahoma, had married a dark delicate beauty from Mexico and had two children, Andres who was Tony's father, and Roberto.  Andres fell in love with and married a local woman from his father's tribe and they had Tony.  A few years before his birth Maria, Tony's grandmother, passed away from cancer and at the age of ten he had lost both parents and his uncle Roberto when the plane they were aboard crashed shortly after take off.  Tony had been left at home and after the accident it was decided he would stay with his grandfather Joseph.  While he still missed his parents terribly, Tony loved his grandfather fiercely and had a happy childhood.

"So when did you get back?"  Tony asked after a while.

"Yesterday.  I would have called you but the old man was having a shit-fit wanting me to unpack."  Jon snorted loudly in disgust.  "Freakin' ass-hole!"


Both boys jumped and turned quietly apologizing to the stern looking be-speckled librarian.  Fighting down laughter they grabbed Tony's stuff and headed out the door.

"Sour old cunt!"  Jon snickered as they made their way to a nearby hamburger joint.

"I bet you'd know!"  Tony threw his friend a fiendish smile.

"Oh my God!"  Jon proceeded to gag comically.  "Dude,  that was sooooooo wrong!"

They continued making crude jokes only letting up as they approached the counter to order.  Five minutes later they sat with their food and Tony watched wide-eyed as his best friend proceeded to coat his large order of fries with about half a bottle of ketchup.

"Would you like some fries with your ketchup?"

"Ah Sheee-ut Up!"  Jon laughed then shoveled enough fries in his mouth to choke a camel and rolled his eyes heavenward in bliss.  "Damn,"  he mumbled after swallowing half, "this place makes  the best fries in the freakin' world, man!"  He finished his mouthful and grinned.

The two friends sat and chatted until every crumb of the burgers were gone and half of Tony's fries were in his red-headed friend's stomach.  Both boys leaned back and burped loudly trying to outdo each other which caused them to laugh and Jon to snort uncontrollably while other patrons looked over and shook their heads.

"Hey, bud,"  Tony jutted his chin out at his friend briefly,  "what's with the hair?  I thought you had some crazy idea about competing with 'The King'?"  He pulled his shining mane over one shoulder and cocked his eyebrow mockingly.

"Well,"  Jon sighed and crossed his arms over his chest,  "the old man got some bug up his ass and made me cut it so I'd 'Stop lookin' like some freakin' pansy boy!'  Threatened to hold me down and let Gabe shave it off."  Gabe was Jon's seventeen year old brother and enjoyed causing his younger brother trouble especially when their father condoned it.  Knowing the boys' father, Stan, he was serious about the forced trimming.

"Man,"  Tony shook his head,  "your dad is a real dick you know that!?"

"You think I don't know that, man?  Shit,"  Jon leaned his head back and sighed,  "I so can't wait 'till I graduate and move off to college.  Once I'm outta that house I am GONE and I am never comin' back!  Well,"  He opened his eyes and raised his head to smile at Tony, "'cept to see you."

"Yeah, right!"  Tony scoffed.  "You'll be too busy tryin' to get your hand down some hoochie's pants to do that!"  He leaned forward and spoke softly so no one but Jon could hear.  "Or some poor stud's!"  Both boys were bi-sexual but never thought of each other as anything more than friends.  Sure they had jerked off around each other watching some of Gabe's old porn videos but nothing else.

Both boys fell into fits of giggles at Tony's statement knowing he was probably right.  Gathering up and putting their trash into a bin the two friends walked out into the afternoon heat.  Jon squinted up into the sunshine as the two flopped down on a nearby park bench.  They sat in silence for several minutes just enjoying the company.

"Summer'll be done in a few more weeks.  It sucks to think I had to waste so much of it with the old man and Prick Boy at that stupid lodge."  Jon growled in disgust.  "I can't shoot worth shit anyway I don't see why I had to go and risk poison ivy on my ass and sunburn to shoot some stupid targets and watch dad get drunk."

"Yeah well Grandfather and I are going into the woods for a few days for some 'male bonding' or something.  He says its important."  Tony rolled his eyes heavenward.

"Ah shit man!  That cuts down on time even more!"  Jon sighed.  "Oh well at least your granddad's cool and all.  I don't suppose you'd be willing to trade families would you?"

Tony looked at Jon in mock horror causing his friend to chuckle.

"Doesn't leave us much time to hang out,"  Jon sighed again,  "once school starts we won't get to see much if anything of each other."  Jon attended the local public high school while Tony attended the one located on the reservation near where he lived.

"Actually,"  Tony flashed white teeth at his friend in a smile,  "Grandfather decided to let me attend public school this year!"

"What!"  Jon jumped up from the bench and stared open mouthed at the dark youth, "Your shittin' me!  Whooooo-hooooooo!"  Jon whooped and pulled Tony into a bear hug as he jumped around in joy.

"Dude-DUDE!"  Tony gasped.  "Can't breath!"

"Sorry!"  Jon let go and proceeded to try and pound Tony's spine through his front.

A horn honked from across the road.  A huge dark faced man with salt and pepper hair smiled and waved through the window of a beat-up old truck.  The boys waved back and raced to meet him.

"Hi Mr. Whitefeather!  Tony just told me about school.  This year is going to kick a-"  Jon caught himself, "I mean butt!"  A deep rumbling chuckle worked its way out Joseph's broad muscled chest.

"Young man,"  The older gentleman said in a mock stern tone, "I appreciate your manners but I told you before to call me Joseph."

"Yes Sir,"  Jon blushed, "I mean Joseph."

"Thats better.  Now, do you need a ride home?  It's time for Tony and I to go."

"No thanks.  Its just a few blocks away.  Call me when you get back bud.  Bye Joseph!"  Jon waved over his shoulder as he raced down the sidewalk.

The ride to his grandfather's house took nearly forty-five minutes on dirt back roads.  Joseph parked and they both went inside to the smells of cooking.  Joseph checked the slow-cooker, announced dinner was ready and scooped thick savory stew into two bowls.  They discussed their plans for the next few days then after cleaning up they each crawled into their respective beds and went to sleep.


"Up and at 'em!"  Tony squinted groggily into the glare of his overhead light then threw and arm over his eyes and groaned.  "Come on guy."  Joseph yanked the covers off the bed and chuckled as the young man yawned hugely, sat up, and scratched his head.  "We leave in one hour.  Shower, eat, and get your butt to the truck.  The stuff is already loaded."  With that he was out the door.

Tony stood with a joint popping stretch, grabbed his robe and staggered to the bathroom.  Half an hour later he joined his grandfather in the kitchen to eat a hasty breakfast.  Tony collected the dirty dishes and washed them while Joseph walked outside to double check their supplies.  The dishwater was draining as the older man returned.

"Hey Grandfather I...."  Tony turned and suddenly the world began to tilt.  Stumbling he grabbed the counter and unknowingly cutting his arm on a knife resting in the drain rack.

"Tony?  Tony!"  Joseph leapt across the room and over the kitchen table and grabbed his grandson before he could hit the ground.

"I-I'm okay,"  blinking a couple of times he looked up and smiled at the older man's concerned expression.  The smile melted into a look of confusion as he looked from the back door of the kitchen to where Joseph now stood.  "How'd you-?"

"Thats not important right now."  Joseph helped Tony to a chair.  "Are you sure your okay?"  Checking the boys forearm Joseph realized what should have been a rather nasty cut was now barely a scratch and that seemed to be disappearing.  Tony did not notice because he was rubbing his closed eyes with his free hand.  Joseph was startled but decided to keep it quiet for now.

"Yeah.  I'm alright."

"Maybe this trip isn't such a good idea right now."

"No no I'm fine,"  as much as Tony had fussed to his friend about it he still loved these trips into the wood with the older gentleman who had raised and cared for him for the past six years, "I just turned around too fast."  Tony left out the part that these dizzy spells started almost two weeks ago and had been occurring repeatedly and, lately, with more frequency.  Grandfather didn't need anything else to worry about right now.  After a few more minutes Joseph sent Tony to wait in the truck.

"I'll be out in minute.  I need to make a call to make sure David from down the road remembers to come by and check on the place while we're gone."  Joseph waited until he was sure Tony was out of earshot, called David, then an old friend who he hadn't spoken to in years.



"Joseph my old friend!  How have you been?"  The friendly cultured voice on the other end radiated genuine pleasure.

"I'm fine Charles.  How's the school?"

"Wonderful, you should come visit us.  Ororo, Jean, and Scott have made fine instructors.  None of us have seen you since...."  the voice faded.

"The funeral, I know."

"I apologize my friend.  I know this has been difficult for you."

"No, thats okay Charles.  Actually I called about my grandson."

"Ah yes!"  The smile returned to the voice.  "That very quiet young man who refused to cry because 'Abuelo' wouldn't.  How is young Antonio?"

"He seems to be doing well but,"  Joseph sighed, "Well you might want to keep Cerebro monitoring this area for a while."

"Of course.  Is he showing signs of mutation then?"

"Yeah and I may have given away a little secret of my own.  We are so isolated here and he's not much into computers or television so he's not too familiar with the idea of mutation.  I've been able to keep him open-minded about differences.  I just hope that doesn't get shot to hell when school starts."

"You've decided to send him to public school then?"

"There you go reading thoughts again."  Joseph chuckled.

"Old habits my friend, old habits."  Charles laughed quietly.


"Well I need to go, Tony's waiting."

"Okay but please watch him carefully...and Joseph?"


"Be careful."  Charles paused.  "My abilities don't go towards clairvoyance but something feels off."  The voice was laced with true concern.  "I'll contact you soon."

"Sure thing my friend.  Bye."


After Joseph got over his initial hesitance he and Tony continued with their trip.  In the back of his mind though he worried about his grandson.  Was he manifesting mutation?  If he was, how would the young man be able to handle it?  These thoughts nagged him the entire hour long drive.  Finally he came to a decision.

Upon reaching their destination Joseph parked a ways back in the trees, they collected their packs from the bed of the truck, and hiked for about another hour to their usual clearing.  By this time Joseph was at ease and Tony had completely forgotten about the incident in the kitchen.  They spent the rest of the day setting snares for rabbits and small game birds and learning more about each other.

When the evening meal was completed they both sat quietly listening to the fire crackle and pop as the creatures of the night made their usual noises.  After several minutes of this Joseph put his decision into action.

"Do you read the newspaper Tony?"

"Sometimes.  Why?"

"I was just reading an article the other day about mutants and realized that we are so far out of the way you probably heard little to nothing about them."  Joseph glanced over at his grandson casually.

"Well actually,"  Tony lay back on his sleeping bag with his hands behind his head,  "yesterday at the library I heard some girls whispering about them."


"Yeah, they were going on about how they were scary freaks that killed whoever didn't like them."  Tony snorted.  "What a load of crap!"

"What do you think about them?"

"Seeing as how I've never met one in person I can't really say.  You have to get to know someone before you make judgments, you know what I mean?"

"I'm glad to see I raised you right."

Tony smiled up into the darkness then climbed to his feet.  Excusing himself he went behind some nearby trees to relieve his bladder.  As he walked back to the fire Joseph noticed Tony stumble, right himself, then stand swaying for a few seconds rubbing his eyes.  The young man sat back down by the fire and smiled at his grandfather not realizing his momentary troubles had been noticed.

Joseph knew that, just as before in the kitchen, Tony had had a dizzy spell.  The older man took a moment to adjust a few logs in the fire then leaned back against a log behind him and sighed.

"So," he began in a deep rumbling tone, "when were you going to tell me about this?"

"Huh?"  Tony blinked in confusion.

"Come on Antonio."  Joseph said in irritation.  "The dizzy spells, how long have you been having them?"

Tony squirmed uncomfortably then let his shoulders droop in resignation.

"About two weeks now-"

"Two weeks?!"

"See!  Thats why I didn't want to tell you!  Now your going to worry and not give me a moments peace!  You'll treat me like I'm made of glass or something and not let me do anything for a month!"  Tony stood up to pace as he ranted.

"Hey now don't exaggerate," Joseph tried to smile, "and would you please sit dawn before you fall over?"

Tony stopped and sat heavily on the ground.  Dropping his face into his hands he groaned in frustration.

"And it starts," was his muffled reply.

Joseph ran a calloused hand through his shoulder-length silver sprinkled black hair and sighed.  He understood the boys frustration.  Thinking back on all the times he had acted the way Tony now accused him of he had to chuckle.

"Okay, okay," Joseph raised his hands in mock surrender,  "I'm sorry, son.  It's just that after my beautiful Maria's passing and losing my boys and your mother I can't help but......"  his voice faded as tears filled his eyes.  Tony jumped up and ran to his grandfather's side to kneel and take the big bear-like man in his arms.

"I'm sorry, Abuelo!"  He took a deep breath to control his own tears.  "I just didn't want you to worry or be upset.  I won't hide anything from you again, I swear!"  Large arms squeezed him tightly as he felt a kiss placed on top of his head.

"You are a good boy, Antonio.  No,"  Joseph corrected, "you are a good young man."

"Thank you, Abuelo."  Joseph smiled at Tony's use of his childhood endearment.

They sat quietly for a few moments both leaning against the log Tony still wrapped in his grandfather's arms.  Tony slowly shifted to one side and Joseph let his arms drop.



"I swore never to keep anything from you again."  He took a deep breath and his young face flushed nervously.  "So there's something I need to tell you and I hope you don't hate me afterwards."

Black and silver brows came together in confusion then relaxed as their owner smiled.

"You can tell me anything, son.  You are my a-da-nv-do, my heart, and I love you no matter what."

Tony stood and slowly paced.  When his back was turned Joseph could see both the youth's hands at the small of his back fiddling with the ends of his long black unbraided hair.

He must really be nervous.  He doesn't do that unless he's sure he'll get into trouble.  Joseph thought to himself.

"Well... um-that is  I-I,"  Tony took another deep breath turned and stared hard into the older man's dark brown eyes, "I'm bi-sexual!"  He finally blurted then relaxed now that he had said it.

"Well, that is......something."

Tony blinked a few times.  He seems to be taking it well. Tony thought to himself then his eyes squinted at his now chuckling and obviously not surprised grandparent. Wait a second!

"You....YOU KNEW?"

"Well I did have my suspicions."  Joseph patted the ground next to him. "Sit down, son."  Tony sat.  "The reason I'm not shocked is this:  The day your parents and uncle Roberto died they were going to meet a friend of your uncle.  Do you remember a young man named Remy?"

"Yeah, he had reddish-brown hair, a funny accent, and alway wore a long coat and sunglasses."  Tony remembered the young man well.  He had taught Tony how to use throwing knifes(which they kept secret from all the other adults), showed him card tricks, insisted 'Call me Uncle Remy, petite' with a warm smile, and gave great rides on his shoulders.  "Uncle Remy.  He was a few years younger that uncle Roberto wasn't he?"

"Yes he was barely eighteen when he and your uncle became friends.  Robbie was twenty-six."  Joseph closed his eyes briefly and smiled.  Opening his eyes his smile widened as he continued.  "Well Remy wasn't just Robbie's friend he was his boyfriend!"

Tony sat in stunned silence with his mouth hanging open.

"Uncle Roberto was GAY?"


"Holy crap!"

They laughed and talked for a while longer.  Just as Tony was feeling sleepy Joseph asked him a question that caught him off-guard.

"So any girls or guys your interested in?"

"Well David's son Sam is kinda cu-"  Tony turned fifteen shades of red and sputtered to a stop.

"Ask him out!"  Joseph exclaimed.  "I know for a fact he is gay and David says Sam's had an eye on you for a while now."  Joseph nearly laughed himself stupid as Tony's color deepened to a lovely tomato red and he muttered about grandfathers and match-making.

"I'm going to sleep."  Tony grumbled then crawled into his sleeping bag and turned his back on Joseph who still laughed quietly.

"Good night, Tony."  Joseph checked the fire and turned in.


The hunter had been walking for nearly two hours when he came upon their campsite.  Being sure to stay out of the firelight he observed the two sleeping figures.  The older one was a big guy who's broad muscled shoulder strained the seems of his plaid work shirt while the other was much younger and slimmer.  They still looked enough alike though for the man in the shadows to see they were related.  They also only seemed to be armed with only a couple of large hunting-style knifes.

"Red bastards."  The observer sneered in disgust.  The sneer blossomed into a hate-filled smile and he chuckled.  "The boys are sure gonna have some fun with y'all tomorrow.  Yer gonna wish yer damn dirty squaw mothers had never squirted ya out."

With that he melted into the darkness and made his way back to meet his buddys at the cabin.


The next morning after a breakfast of oatmeal and bacon the two companions set about checking the snares.  Coming up empty Joseph decided on plan 'B'.  He and Tony pulled out lines and hooks from their packs and Joseph proceeded to teach his grandson the finer points of fishing without a pole in a nearby deep-running creek.  After much laughing, splashing, and cursing they had four respectably sized fish.

Their fishing had taken well into the afternoon so they went ahead and cleaned, salted, and skewered two of the fish to cook over the campfire.  The other two were left to swim in a bucket of water from the creek until the next meal if the snares were still empty.  When the fish were done the two men ate in comfortable silence.

Joseph suddenly became alert.

"Grandpa?  What's wro-"


Tony barely had time to let the sound register before Joseph stood, pulled the young man to his feet, and clutched him protectively to his chest.

"Abuelo?"  Tony whispered in terror.

"Well look here boys!"  A short balding man dressed in hunting gear stepped from behind a tree pointing a rifle at them.  The sound had been the hammer pulling back.  The first man was quickly joined by three others.  "Looks like we got ourselves a couple of no-good red-skinned poachers!"

"We are doing nothing wrong."  Joseph growled he as pushed Tony behind him to place himself between the boy and the hunters.  The four white men, all armed with hunting rifles, made a semi-circle blocking the path back to Joseph's truck

"Your breathing our air, Tonto!" A tall dark-haired man with mean eyes snarled. "That should be enough to get your red ass hung."

During this exchange Joseph had backed himself and Tony close to a large boulder that bordered one side of the clearing.  The four men advance slowly.

"Tony," Joseph spoke quietly over his shoulder never removing his eyes from the men before them, "when I say 'now' I want you to go behind the boulder and stay there no matter what.  Do you understand?"

"Yes."  The answer was barely audible behind him.

"Good, son."  Joseph dropped his hands to his sides and crouched slightly into a ready position.  "I know I taught you how to use that knife but don't unless you need to defend yourself.  Okay?"


Almost faster than Tony could blink he watched his grandfather, the most gentle person he knew, unsheathe his long hunting knife, flip it so the blade was in his hand, and let it fly.  It caught a man standing close to a tree and pinned him by the shoulder to the big oak with a sickening thud.  His scream proved the perfect distraction.


Tony instantly dove for cover but not before he witnessed Joseph Whitefeather leap ten feet straight up and rip off his shirt.  Tony screamed and covered his ears as a rifle blasted a chunk out of the stone protecting him.  It was followed by several more shots, surprised shouts, and the unmistakable roar of an enraged bear.

Tony carefully peeked out from behind the rock to see three men running rifle-less through the trees screaming while the forth, the one stuck to the tree, shrieked in wordless terror and proceeded to piss himself.  Sticking his head out further Tony froze at the sight of a huge wounded bear, a Kodiac to be precise, lumbering towards the last hunter.  The boys eyes widened in disbelief as the bear began to blur and in its place stood a naked Joseph Whitefeather with blood streaming down his left shoulder and arm.

With his right hand the older man wrenched the knife out and let the now released man fall to the ground.

"Now,"  Joseph growled in a deeper than normal voice as he breathed hard, "get the fuck out of here!"

The man hesitated only a split second then stumbled after the others.

Joseph stood panting then turned to find a wide-eyed Tony staring at him.  Trying to take a step, Joseph stumbled and blinked in shock as he hit the ground hard on his knees.

"Abuelo?"  Tony croaked horsely.

"Tony?"  Joseph slurred as the ground rushed up to meet him.

"ABUELO!"  Tony screamed and tried to run to his grandfather.  Suddenly the world spun and it felt as if his entire body including his brain were on fire.  "ABUELO!  NO!"  The world began to go black as he collapsed across Joseph.....


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