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Part 2

* Indicates telepathic communication *

Salem Center, New York (Xavier's School)



Charles clutched his head and hissed in pain.


His vision blurred and then the voice was gone leaving Xavier's head pounding.  Groaning he carefully took off the metal helmet that connected his mutant telepathy to the powerful Cerebro computer.

In a hall across the building Dr. Jean Grey-Summers and her husband and fellow instructor Scott Summers walked hand-in-hand talking and laughing.  Suddenly Jean stumbled and gasped as a bolt of pain seemed to try and rip her head open.

"Jean!"  Scott grabbed her into his arms looking around for the attacker.  "What the hell?"


*Yes professor, I heard.  What was it?*

*Meet me in my office immediately.  Scott, Ororo, and Logan I need you as well.*

*On our way!*

Professor Charles Xavier was waiting for them with one elbow propped on an arm of his hover-chair with the fingers massaging one temple.  The effects of the telepathic outcry had not worn completely off.  Scott and Jean were the first to arrive, her sitting unsteadily in one chair and him standing behind her to massage her shoulders.  Logan was next and as he propped himself against the far wall Ororo, the lovely weather witch with dusky skin and shocking white hair, strode into the room causing the electricity in the air to crackle with her agitation.

"Charles!  What happened?"  She quickly took a seat and tried to calm herself.  The crackling stopped.  "Every student in my class with above average telepathy or empathy suddenly collapsed!  Are we under attack?"

"No, no.  I do, however, need to apologize."  The bald older man began. "Part of what happened was due to my own lack of attention."

"What do you mean, sir?  How is this any of your fault?"  Scott asked his brow wrinkling in confusion behind his dark ruby quartz glasses.

"Let me start with something that happened yesterday."  Charles steepled his fingers together.  "An old friend of mine that I haven't heard from in years called me concerned about his grandson.  Do you recall Joseph Whitefeather?"  All but Logan nodded.  "He left long before you joined us, Logan."  The muscular man grunted in response.

"I remember the grandson from when we went to his parent's funeral," Ororo smiled sadly, "trying to be so brave and not cry."

"Apparently,"  Charles continued, "Joseph believed young Antonio was showing the first signs of possible mutation and asked me to monitor their area.  He seems to have been right."  The professor press a button on his desk and a 3D holograffic map appeared in front of him.  A red flashing light illuminated a small section as the view zoomed to the north eastern region of Oklahoma.  "I was having Cerebro monitor the area with such high concentration I was not prepared for what happened.  What Jean, myself, and all those students were effected by was a extremely emotional and powerful telepathic call.  My abilities were so highly amplified that any telepath or empath within several hundred yards of the school was caught in a psychic backlash that was boosted, unintentionally, by myself."

"Do you believe Joseph and his grandson to be in danger, Professor?"  Jean asked.  Xavier nodded gravely.

"I'm almost certain.  What I need is for you four to accompany me so that we may render any assistance we can.  Dr. McCoy has been informed he will be in charge while we are away.  Cerebro is downloading the coordinates into the Blackbird as we speak."

"Not that I don't mind doin' a little ass-whupin', Chuck,"  Logan's voice was deep and gravely as he spoke around a well-chewed toothpick, "But why the hell 'm I goin' seein' as how I don't even know the guy?"

"The area Cerebro indicates is rather heavily wooded."  Charles explained. "Knowing Joseph that means they will be spending several days camping. Their sight with be hard to access and have no available area for the jet to land.  That means we will need your expert tracking and heightened senses to pinpoint their location.  Ororo and Jean will search by air and you will search by ground.  Their is approximately a seven mile radius,"  Charles indicated the map,  "where they might be found.  While you three search Scott and I will take the Blackbird to Joseph's home to make sure it is secured.  Suit up X-men we may have a friend in need."

Half an hour later a large black jet and it's passengers were off at super-sonic speed.





Groaning from the pain in his head Tony opened his eyes to find himself half-draped over the unconscious nude form of his grandfather.  Looking up at the sun the young man realized he had been out of it no more than an hour or so.  The feeling of something wet and sticky on his chest made him look down.  Whimpering Tony realized he had collapsed right on top of his grandfathers wounded shoulder.  This was fortunate because the weight of his body had stopped the flow of blood.


Getting no response Tony panicked but didn't dare move for fear the wound would bleed more.  Taking deep breaths to calm himself Tony felt for a pulse in the older man's neck.  He found one, weak but steady, and sobbed in relief.  Looking around he spotted the remains of Joseph's shirt just within reach.  Careful not to shift too much he snagged the fabric and tore it in half.  With quick sure movements he placed one part over the back part of the wound, rolled Joseph onto his back to hold that part in place,  then pressed the remaining half firmly to the front with his hands.  Nearly an hour passed with Tony coming closer and closer the full-blown hysterics as his head throbbed mercilessly.


"Abuelo!"  Tears of relief slid down his cheeks as the boy found his grandfather's eyes opened.

"Tony,"  Joseph licked his dry lips weakly,  "listen to me, son.  The wound is too much for you to handle."  Joseph's breathing became more labored.  "I've lost too much blood."  He looked up at the crying young man.  "I need you to find the truck and make your way into town."

"NO!  I won't leave you!"  Tony sobbed as he felt more blood seep through the shirt.

"Do as I say, Tony!"  Joseph's face twisted into pain.  "If I don't make it-"

"DON'T SAY THAT!"  Tony shouted.

"Listen to me!"  Tony cried softly but listened,  "If I don't make it I want you to contact Charles Xavier at his school.  There is a card with his number in the top right drawer of my dresser.  I love you my a-da-nv-do...."  Joseph passed out as the blood loss increased.


"That must be his truck."  Charles pointed at a vehicle barely visible in the trees from the air.  "Scott, take us down as close as possible so the search party can disembark."

Once they were as close as they could get a hatch opened at the bottom of the jet and a muscular figure in a solid black t-shirt and commando style camouflaged trousers dropped the last ten yards or so landed with a solid thud on his black booted feet.  Logan sniffed and his eyes squinted as he checked the surroundings then reach up and pressed on his earpeice with a black leather gloved finger.

"All clear, One Eye.  Go ahead and send down the ladies."  There was a pause and he chuckled to himself picturing Scott's pissed off look at the nick name.

"Acknowledged, Wolverine."  An annoyed male voice replied.

Moments later Jean, dressed in a black armored body suit with a red bird across the front and a black sash belt with a silver X for a buckle, used her her telekinetic powers to float down and join him.  Ororo, aka Storm, was next dressed in a solid white armored body suit with a small black X above her right breast and a cape.  The cape billowed and her eyes glowed white as she created winds for flight.  She landed lightly and the wind stopped.  The jet lifted higher and took off towards the Whitefeathers' house.

"You know, Wolverine,"  Pheonix laughed quietly and brushed a lock of red wavy hair out of her eyes, "you really should start calling Cyclops by his proper code name on missions."

"Where's the fun in that?"  He grinned wolfishly over his shoulder as he walked to the abandoned vehicle.  Stopping he crouched down searching the ground.  After a few seconds he stood and pointed.  "Two sets of tracks, one larger and deeper than the other go that way."

"Let us get underway then."  Storm's eye's began to glow again as winds swept her into to air and in the direction the footprints went.  Pheonix followed suite as Wolverine headed out quickly on foot.


Tony pressed harder but was quickly running out of strength and the blood continued to come.  Sobbing wildly Tony leaned more of his weight onto the wound.  The blood flow lessened but didn't quit and the young man could feel his beloved grandfather weakening with every heartbeat.  The fact that he could sense this did not even register to him.

"Stop bleeding.  Stop bleeding.  Please stop bleeding!"  Thirty minutes more passed with Tony leaning nearly all his weight onto his shaking arms and chanting the same words.  Tears of frustration and fear flowed freely down his face until he couldn't take it anymore.  "STOP FUCKING BLEEDING!"

A white glow started at the middle of his chest and flowed down his arms and into the wound.  Tony's body jerked in shock at the tingling warmth.  Not knowing why he did it Tony threw the cloth aside, ripped off his own shirt, and pressed both hands directly to the wound.  As he concentrated on the light it grew in intensity making his body hum and the small hairs stand on end.


"Wolverine."  Storm called over the earpiece.

Wolverine easily leapt over a fallen tree and dodged others at break-neck speed.

"Yeah?"  He acknowledged not even breathing hard.

"I think I've spotted the clearing,"  Storm informed him, "and something seems to be glowing!"

"I'm almost there.  I can smell 'em and their campfire."

Wolverine burst into the campsite and stopped dead.  Kneeling over a huge nude obviously male figure and pressing on his shoulder was a slender teen whose entire bare top half was glowing.  The glowing abruptly stopped and the boy staggered to his feet to stare at his bloody hands.

"Hey kid, you alright?"

Tony whipped around to see a large muscled white man in black and military camo step towards him.

"Wh-who are y-" agony ripped through his body as Tony screamed and collapsed gushing blood from a gaping wound his left shoulder.  He thrashed around in agony then passed out.

"Shit!"  Logan ran over to the fallen boy.  "Red!  I need you NOW!"  He hollered over the earpiece.

"I'm here what-" she saw the boy and gasped.  Quickly she used her powers to telekinetically stop the bleeding.  Seeing the other man on the ground she turned to Logan.  "I'll stay with the boy.  Check on Joseph."

Wolverine walked to the man on the ground and covered him with a sleeping bag.  Storm joined him and knelt next to the now decently covered figure.

"Joseph?"  She placed a hand on the man's shoulder.  "Joseph Whitefeather, can you hear me?"

Joseph fought his way up from the darkness towards the sound of the kind worried voice and gentle touch.  He opened his eyes part way and saw the lovely concerned face.


"Thank the goddess!"  The face turned away slightly.  "He's okay Pheonix, just weak."

"Where's Tony?"  He asked horsely.

"Jean has him, Joseph.  He is going to be fine so just relax."  Storm put a hand to her ear.  "Professor we found them.  Please meet us where you dropped us in thirty minutes."

"Acknowledged, Storm."  Charles voice was filled with relief.

"Storm, Wolverine!"  Pheonix called.  "Come look at this!"

All three gathered around just in time to watch the wound in Tony's shoulder close completely.  Pheonix stroked a hand over the perfectly smooth unblemished skin.

"Stunning!"  Storm turned to Wolverine.  "It looks as if you and our young friend here have something in common."

All she got was a grunt in reply.


Everything was dark but so warm where Tony was.  He felt himself relax and smile.  He remembered something bad happening but now he felt wonderful and everything was okay.  As he drifted he felt a presence enter his little world.


Tony's brow wrinkled at the unfamiliar voice


A slender, bald, white man with a kind face floated into view as Tony turned around.

*Who are you?*  Tony 'heard' himself ask.

*My name is not important right now.*  The figure said without moving his mouth as he floated closer and held out his hand.  *Your grandfather is waiting for you.  He's scared you will leave.  Will you come with me to tell him your okay?*

Tony smiled and nodded as he took the man's hand.  He didn't know why but he trusted this unknown person instinctively.

*Sure.  I shouldn't make Abuelo worried.  He loves me so much and would miss me if I left, you know.*

The man's smile widened as he gently lead the young man towards a glowing door that suddenly appeared.

*You should be prepared for a little discomfort.  You were hurt when we found you.*

Tony wondered for only a moment about the 'we' before he stepped through the door and was blinded by bright light and pain in his head.


Tony groaned as he tried to open his eyes.

"Tony?  Tony, son wake up."  Joseph's face shone with relief as the young man opened his eyes and squinted in pain.

"Abuelo?  It hurts!"  Tony placed a hand weakly to his brow as tears welled up in his eyes.

"Let me help with that."  Warm unfamiliar fingers stroked softly over the boy's temples and the pain lessened.  Tony sighed and turned his head to blink at the person who helped him.

"Your the guy from my dream!"

"Actually,"  the bald man smiled,  "that wasn't a dream.  It was the astral plane.  If you had stayed there much longer I wouldn't have been able to help you come back."  The man chuckled at Tony's confusion.  "Don't worry about that for now."

"Then who are you?"  Memories of earlier started to come back as Tony looked around realizing he was at home in his bedroom.  "Who was that guy?"  Tony gasped and turned to Joseph.  "You were shot!"

"Just calm down Tony."  Joseph firmly pushed his grandson back against the bed as the young man attempted to sit up.  "Just rest and everything will be explained tomorrow."

"Thats right young man."  Tony turned his head and met the stranger's hypnotic gaze.  Suddenly he felt very sleepy and his eyes began to close.  "Just sleep and we will all talk tomorrow."

"Is he okay?"  Joseph asked as Tony murmured and went unconscious.

"Oh yes.  I just gave him a little help falling asleep."  Charles tapped a finger against his brow and smiled.

"Better than a sleeping pill I guess."  Joseph chuckled tiredly as he stood up from the chair he had been sitting in for the past few hours.  He stretched and turned to leave the room.  The other man glided out after him and Joseph shut the door quietly.


A man in a dark grey four door car slowed as he spotted the truck he was looking for parked in front of a large log-style house.  What he couldn't see was the large black jet cloaked in the field behind the house.  He parked about a mile down the road so he could watch, pulled out his cell phone, and dialed.

"I found it."  He paused to listen.  "No, doesn't look like anyone else is around.  How's Tom?" Another pause.  "Well tell him not to worry.  We'll get the red son-of-a-bitch freak who stuck 'im and he can use his balls as a keychain.  I'll meet ya' at the bar around seven tomorrow evenin' and we'll talk, the wifes makin' pot roast tonight and thats too damn good to miss."  He hung up and after a few more minutes of watching he started up his car and left.


The two friends went down the hall of the single level rustic but comfortable home to meet the others in the party.

"Well my X-men,"  the professor took in the sight of his people occupying every available seat in the livingroom, "it looks as if we will be spending the night.  Young Mr. Whitefeather is safe but not in a good frame of mind to talk so he is currently sleeping."

"There isn't a hotel available around these parts."  Joseph stood hands in his pockets.  "Your more than welcome to stay here but I only have two rooms available and the couch."  Logan shrugged at this.

"I can sleep on the ground outside or on the floor just as well as anyplace else, bub."  Logan scratched his stubbled chin.  "So don't go worryin' about me."

"I am more than willing to occupy the couch and leave the two rooms to you, Scott, and Jean."  Ororo told the Xavier.  "The only problem is we have nothing to change into and these,"  she indicated their costumes, "are not exactly proper sleeping attire."

"I have some clothes packed away that belonged to Tony's mother and father."  He looked the four over.  "They should just fit you all except maybe Logan."

"These pants o' mine are good enough t' sleep in."

"Then it's settled."  Xavier nodded.  "We thank you for your hospitality my friend.  I'll help you gather what my team and I need."


Jean and Scott lay holding each other in the bedroom furthest from the others.  Jean smiled with her eyes closed and her head resting on Scott's bare lightly furred chest listening to his heart beat.

"You think we should have just told them we sleep bare-assed and did't need anything to wear?"  Scott asked.  One arm was wrapped around Jean and that hand lazily stroked up and down her naked side and hip under the sheet.  His other arm was behind his head under the pillow.  Jean giggled and slapped his bare stomach playfully.  Scott growled as he grabbed the offending hand and flipped Jean onto her back pressing her sleekly muscled body down into the bed.

He brought his lips down onto her smiling mouth and kissed her as he ground his hardening cock into her soft stomach.  Jean wiggled and moaned into his mouth ripping an answering one from her lover.

"God your beautiful!"  He whispered when he came up for air.

"Your not so bad looking yourself, my love."  Jean gasped quietly as Scott licked his way down to her full aching breasts.  Her fingers tangled themselves in his soft brown hair as he freed them to stroke his calloused palms down her sides.  He sucked and lightly bit first one hard pink nipple then the other, alternating until she was writhing and moaning softly.

Scott stroked tongue, fingers, hands, and sucking mouth all over her body careful to avoid her now soaked pussy and teasing her until she couldn't stand anymore.  Slowly he started with one foot kissing, nipping, and sucking her toes then licking her delicate high arch causing her to giggle and moved to the other foot and treated it the same.  He licked and kissed his way up her calves to suck on the delicate skin behind her knees causing her to pant and writhe.  This was one of Jean's most sensitive areas and she loved the way Scott's hot wet mouth felt there but another part of her body was crying out for the same attention.

"Please, Scott!  Please!"  She moaned urgently tugging his hair to get him to move higher.  Scott raised his head and smiled at her flushed face.

"Please what, baby?  Tell me what you want."

"Oh God Scotty suck my pussy, PLEASE!  Lick me!  Make me cum, Scotty PLEASE!"

"Well since you asked so nicely...."  Scott lowered his head and licked his way up the inside of her smooth thighs.  When he reached her hot moist sex he paused to take in her scent and growled lightly.  He placed Jean's legs over his shoulders.

"Grab my glasses, baby."  He closed his eyes and let Jean remove his ruby-red shades, waited for the sound of her placing them on the night stand, and then dove like a starving man into her dripping snatch.  He licked her with broad sweep of his tongue from hole to point and back several times listening to her moans grow louder.

Fearing they would be heard Jean grabbed a pillow and buried her face in it to muffle her cries as Scott sucked hungrily on her clit.  He sucked and licked her throbbing button as he pushed first one then two fingers in her and pumped in and out.  Without warning her climax hit causing her pussy walls the tighten around the digits as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her and her love juice sprayed Scott's chin and hand.  After a few more moments she became too sensitive and pulled Scott up for a kiss tasting herself on his lips and smiling.  She placed his glasses back over his eyes and pushed him onto his back.

"It's your turn and I want you to watch what I'm doing to the big cock of yours."  Jean smiled hornely then proceeded to give her lover a taste of his own medicine.

Using her hot wet tongue she licked and played with the light coating of hair in the middle of Scott's muscular chest then she sucked his sensitive nipples until he gasped and moaned.  When she felt she had tortured him there long enough she used her mouth down his washboard abs pausing to pump her tongue in and out of his navel as if fucking it.  Scott panted and stroked her shiny red hair watching her the whole time as she had told him to.  Expecting her to do what he had done and move to his feet he was caught off guard when she took the head of his throbbing nine inch long and two inch wide cut dick into the hot hole of her mouth and began to suck.  He grunted and had to fight the urge to slam his aching erection to the hilt into her.

As she gently suck the large mushroom head further into her mouth Jean used her hands to to push Scott's legs up until his feet were flat on the bed with his legs spread and knees in the air.  Knowing what was coming next Scott began to pant more rapidly.  Jean pulled up off the delightful slab of meat and licked down until she could take one of his large hairy balls into her mouth and rolled it around with her tongue.  She treated the other to the same oral examination then lick down further to lap at his lightly haired pucker.

"Ah damn!"  Scott exclaimed pulling his spread legs to his chest to give her better access.  Jean lapped and poked at his hole for several minutes making Scott sweat and moan.  Raising up slightly she stuck a middle finger in her mouth to lubricate it then gently pushed it up in her lover until she found the hard bump of his prostate.  Engulfing his throbbing cock with her mouth Jean stroked in and out of his tight hot orifice and over the hard bump until he started to loosen then she added a second finger.  His back arched as his ass alternately clenched and tried to engulf more of her hand so she added a third digit.  It all became too much and Scott slammed a pillow over his face and bellowed out his orgasm.  His dick pumped spurt after spurt of salty cum down Jeans throat and she swallowed it down hungrily.

A little bit later, after they had cleaned up and crawled back into bed, the two lovers kissed and caressed each other until they fell asleep.

Meanwhile lying on the livingroom floor Logan was having a major problem.  As quiet as the two had been Logan's extra sensitive ears had heard every moan and sucking noise.  Ororo lay on the couch fast asleep not disturbed in the slightest by the lovemaking going on a few rooms away while Logan lay quietly cursing as his painful erection pushed against his zipper.  He silently fumed at his inability to do anything about it seeing as how turning on the shower might wake someone up.  He ended up tossing and turning until nearly five o'clock in the morning then rolled to his feet and quietly made his way outside and to the back of the house where he remembered seeing a water hose.  Looking around to make sure no one could see Logan turned on the water and stripped off his pants and boxer briefs.  The kid's window was nearby but he was dead to the world right now.


Tony woke slowly wondering what the sound was that disturbed his sleep.  Sitting up he listened and realized the noise was coming from just outside his window.  Getting up he moved silently to the window and peeked out.  With wide eyes Tony spied the man from the woods completely nude using the water hose to spray himself down.  He was too stunned to question how he had been able to hear the quiet splash of water that he normally wouldn't have been able to, his focus was on the hairy god outside his window.

He wasn't as tall as Tony had first thought, only about an average 5'9" or 5'10".  His dark brown hair looked almost black when wet and he had neatly trimmed sideburns that came down almost to mid-cheek.  The water ran down his powerfully muscled liberally haired body and over his magnificently rounded ass.  The man turned fully towards Tony but didn't see him due to the fact his eyes were closed.  Tony's heart beat more quickly and his breath became shallow as he took in the sight of this animalistically beautiful man's half erect cock swaying with each movement.  The man was only partially aroused and he still had to be at least eight inches long and probably two inches wide!  The man bent to turn off the water which put him only a few feet away from Tony's hiding place at the window.  Tony sighed in silent pleasure as he watched the play of muscles along the man's back and buttocks.  The man turned and walked a few feet away from the house and stop.  With vigor the man shook himself partially dry then proceeded to pull on a grey pair of underwear and the green camouflaged pants Tony had seen him wearing before.  The man turned and walked bare foot out of sight and Tony returned to his bed wishing now that he was able to use the cold water from the hose to rid himself of his own painful erection.

For the next few hours Tony's sleep was filled with dreams of hairy gorgeous men doing all sorts of pleasurable things to him.  Needless to say the sheets had to be changed the next morning.


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