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Part 3

The next day Tony woke bright and early.  He showered away the evidence of his late-night fantasies, dressed in an old pair of thread-bare jeans and soft-soled moccasins, and took his sheets to where the washer and dryer were on the side porch.  He threw the linens in the machine, added soap, and started it up. Sniffing the air he detected a hint of sweet smelling tobacco.  Looking up he saw the man who had dominated his dreams last night leaning against a tree at the back corner of the house smoking a cigar.  The man noticed him and nodded a greeting but didn't speak.  Tony smiled and blushed nervously as he raised a hand in response before turning and walking quickly inside.

The smell of bacon and fresh biscuits greeted him and his stomach rumbled.  Moving towards the kitchen he heard several strange voices talking and laughing.  Stepping into to sunlit room Tony was greeted by the sight of two strange women bustling around the kitchen while his grandfather and a tall brown-haired man with red sunglasses set the table and brought in more chairs.

"Ah good morning young Mr. Whitefeather."  The bald man from last night came in the back door in what looked like a floating wheelchair without the wheels.

"Tony!"  Joseph grabbed the boy in a spine cracking hug and set him back down grinning hugely.  "You look better.  How did you sleep?"

"Fine...I guess."  He looked around in complete confusion at all the people dressed in what were obviously his parents' old clothes.

"Go ahead and have a seat son while these two beautiful ladies are putting the food on the table."  Joseph guided Tony to one end of the now fully extended dining table and sat him down.  A lovely black woman with stunning white hair wearing a knee-length flowered sun dress smiled softly as she placed a plate of food in front of him.  "This is Ororo Munroe."

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Antonio."  She turned to dish up another plate.

"Hello, Antonio, my name is Jean Grey-Summers."  Tony couldn't help but stare at the gorgeous red-head putting a pitcher of orange juice in the middle of the table.  She leaned forward to shake hands.  She got a slightly funny expression on her face when their hands met and then smiled.  "I'm very flattered you think so."  Tony's blinked at her.

"Hey now,"  a deep amused voice behind him said, "You better not be hitting on my woman."

"What do you mean your 'woman' mister?"  Jean laughed as she came around the table and looped her arm through that of the man with the funny glasses.  "Antonio, this is my husband Scott Summers.  Don't worry his bark is worse than his bite."

"Woof!"  Scott kissed her on the cheek and moved down the hall to the side porch and stuck his head out.  "Logan!  Breakfast is ready."  So thats his name! Tony thought to himself.

"My name,"  the man in the floating chair pulled up beside Tony in a space that did not have a regular chair, "Is Professor Charles Xavier.  I am an old friend of your grandfather's."

Everyone sat down in clockwise order of Tony, the Professor whose chair was wide enough to take up two spaces, Ororo, Joseph at the opposite end from Tony, Scott, Jean, and a chair for Logan who came in last and sat on Tony's other side.

Everyone dug into scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and hot fresh biscuits. The food was wonderful but Tony was having a hard time enjoying it when he was surrounded by strangers.  It was especially hard when the one that had had a staring role in his rather pornografic dreams last night was sitting close enough to bump knees with.  Tony stared intently at this plate mechanically shoveling food into his mouth ignoring the breakfast conversation and blushing uncontrollably.  He didn't notice how Charles raised his eyebrows and sent a look towards Jean who met her mentor's eyes and tried to hide her smile by taking a sip of juice.

After all the food was gone Jean and Ororo roped Scott into helping with the dishes while Joseph lead his grandson and old friend into the livingroom.  Logan returned outside which both relieved and disappointed his young admirer.  Filled with confusion, Tony sat cross-legged and quiet on the couch while Joseph took a seat in his regular over-stuffed chair and Charles parked himself nearby.

"I suppose you have a lot of questions to ask, son, but I'd like for you to listen to what we have to say first."  Joseph paused to take a deep breath.  "Charles here has a school named Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters."

"Thats the place you told me to call if you...died."  Tony said quietly.

"Yes,"  Joseph went on, "but I would like Charles to explain to you exactly what type of school it is."  Both of them turned to the Professor and waited.

Charles proceeded to explain how he founded the school to help young people with special talents, mutants, learn how to use their natural abilities in a safe and controlled environment free of prejudice.  He also explained how he and Joseph had met.

Many years ago Joseph had been a truck driver trying to make ends meet while taking care of his wife and his ten and fourteen year old sons.  One time he was sent to take a load to Oklahoma City.  It was late by the time he was done and he decided to stay overnight at a truck stop and sleep in the compartment behind the cab of his big-rig.  At the same time Charles Xavier was on an overnight lay-over for a flight from California back to his home in New York State and decided to eat at the restaurant nearby the same truck stop.  Sensing trouble, Charles had gone outside towards the parked trucks and come across two men attacking Joseph trying to steal his wallet and rig.  Before he could assist though Joseph had transformed himself into a large cougar and scared off the would-be thieves.  Xavier approached Joseph and they talked for a while.  Joseph explained to Charles that he had lost his construction job and had had to take a job as a trucker to help take care of his family.  He told the kind man he hated to be away from his family so much of the time but that he didn't have a choice.  He begged Charles not to tell anyone what he had done for fear of losing his only source of income.  The bald man assured Joseph his secret was safe and that he too was 'different'.

Charles mentioned a school he was building in New York out of his families old estate and asked Joseph if he would like to help in its construction.  He told Joseph he could bring his family to stay for as long as the job took so that they could be together.  Joseph agreed and a few weeks later he, Maria, ten-year-old Roberto, and fourteen-year-old Andres were staying in a temporary home in New York.  After it was complete the Whitefeather family stayed for three more years helping take care of the place and new students.  Missing his native home Joseph soon moved his family back to Oklahoma.  With the large sum of money Charles insisted on paying him, Joseph was able to build his family a home and started his own small construction company.  His family still made trips up to New York as often as they could to visit his old friend and the young students he and Maria had learned to care for.

A few years after returning home Maria developed cancer and was too sick to travel but they still kept in touch with the school and Charles.  When Maria died the communication lessened and after the accident that claimed the lives of Tony's parents and uncle they had lost touch completely until now.

Tony sat quietly absorbing the information.  He turned dark solemn eyes to meet those of his grandfather.

"So you're a mutant?"

"Yes."  Joseph held his breath.

"What else can you do beside change into a bear, a cougar, and jump tall buildings in a single bound?"  Tony started to smile and his eyes shone with humor.

"Well,"  Joseph's answering smile was filled with relief,  "my shape-shifting abilities are limited to animals I'm familiar with who's body mass is close to my own.  I can also run pretty fast, my strength is above average, my senses are more acute than most humans, and I can make a mean bean bread."

All three laughed at this.  Tony's smile began to fade.  He asked the question even though he felt he knew the answer.

"Why are you telling me all this?"

"You see, son," Joseph began, "it seems you are also a mutant."

"Oh."  Tony looked off into the distance for a moment deep in thought then turned back to both men.  "My memory of what happened in the woods is kind of blurry.  I do remember your shoulder being all messed up and that I wanted you to stop bleeding."  He glanced at Joseph's covered shoulder.  Joseph unbuttoned his shirt and showed Tony a fadded pink scar where the bullet hole had been then closed his shirt when Tony nodded.

"We are not sure exactly what happened, Antonio. But if you will let me use my gifts I should be able to find out."  Xavier waited patiently for the boys response.

"You can call me Tony."  His brow wrinkled.  "How exactly would you do that?"

"I am a very powerful telepath and can read the minds of and control others.  Some think I may be the most powerful of my kind in the world."  Charles smiled and shrugged slightly.  He was not bragging, just stating a fact.  "I would use my telepathy to retrieve your memories of what happened and to see if I can gauge what your abilities are."

"Oh," Tony paused briefly, "okay.  Go for it."

"Just relax and think of what you remember,"  Charles floated his chair closer and placed an opened hand on either side of Tony's head.  A few moments passed then he leaned back with a satisfied smile.

"Thats it?"  Tony asked slightly disappointed.  Charles chuckled and nodded.  "What did you see?"

"Well it seems three things happened.  The first was that you called telepathically for help.  That was what got our attention in the first place.  Unlike my own and Jean's talents you seem to be only able to send and receive direct communication but not actively 'read' thoughts.  This actually is not that uncommon."  Charles continued.  "The second was that you sent out a powerful empathic wave.  Let me ask you, Tony.  Can you tell what I am feeling?"

"How would I be able to-"

"Just close your eyes and relax your mind."

Shooting his grandfather a look, Tony complied and then opened his eyes wide.  He felt waves of sympathetic understanding and happiness from the the professor and worry from his grandfather.  He sat open-mouthed for a moment then calmed himself.

"You are very happy right now but grandpa is worried."  He closed his eyes briefly.  "Ms Munroe is amused and Mr. and Mrs. Summers are slightly irritated, like they are arguing but not mad.  Logan is..."  his brow wrinkled slightly then he opened his eyes, "nervous about something and its getting stronger."  The back door banged open and he turned just in time to see Logan stride quickly through the kitchen to the livingroom.

"Somebody's comin' up the drive."  Logan turned to Joseph.  "Are you expectin' visitors?"

"Everybody stay here."  He walked to the window and peeked out.  His shoulders relaxed as he walked to the door.  "Just my neighbor."  He walked out to greet the visitor.

The man was only a few years younger than himself and had the rangy build of a man who was no stranger to hard physical labor.  His eyes were the dark golden-brown of raw honey and his straight shoulder-length hair was the deep brown-black of fresh turned earth.  Though as dark skinned as Joseph, his hair and eyes revealed his mixed Native American and Anglo blood.  As he unfolded himself from the driver's seat of his somewhat beat-up Ford F150 his rather handsome but sun-lined face held a note of puzzlement.  Scuffed work boots crunched gravel as he approached his mountain of a neighbor.

"Hey, David."

"Joseph?  I thought you two were going camping."  They shook hands.

"Well we were but Tony came down with something."  They chatted a little more with Joseph avoiding the real reason he and Tony had returned so early.  "Thanks for coming over.  I'd invite you in but we don't know if he's contagious or not.  Don't want you taking something home for your wife and kid to catch."

"Oh not a problem.  I'll catch you later Joe and I hope Tony gets better soon."  They shook hands again and David drove off in a cloud of dust.  Joseph went back into the house convinced his good friend had not bought a single word of his story.

"He's gone.  I'd forgotten he was supposed to stop to check up on the place while me and Tony were gone."  Everyone relaxed and went back to what they were doing previously.

"You said three things happened, Professor."  Tony reminded him when it was just the three of them again.

"Yes."  Charles picked up where he left off.  "The third and most powerful thing was that you seem to be able to heal.  I don't just mean yourself, like Logan, but others as well."  Tony was silent.  "What seems to have happened is that you 'absorbed' your grandfather's wound into your own body thus healing him and then healed yourself.  The interesting part is that where as you healed without a mark Joseph still has a very slight scar, probably from the severity of the wound."

"You saved my life,Tony."  Joseph grabbed his grandson's hand and squeezed lightly then released it.  "Thank you."

"These powers you have are very strong but they have not reached full potential."  Charles continued when he had their attention again.  "I would not be surprised if they grew greatly in strength and I feel not all of your abilities have surfaced yet."  Joseph's eyebrows shot into his hairline as Tony's eyes widened.  Tony's expression became more thoughtful and he stood.

"I love you, Abuelo."  The boy bent to hug his grandfather.  "I need to be alone for a little while."  With that he turned and walked to his bedroom.

"You have a very special young man there, Joseph."

"I know."  Joseph eyes were bright with pride.  "His father and mother would be so proud of him.  Their spirits are happy."


Tony lay on his bed for a while but became restless.  He braided his hair to keep it from blowing in his face grabbed his horse blanket, knife belt and a narrow leather case, and headed out of the house.  Climbing over the wooden back fence he whistled sharply.  A black horse with white socks and a white blaze down its nose trotted up the rise to him.  Tony threw the folded blanket over the animals back and placed the case's strap over his shoulders so that it crossed over his back.  He patted the horse's nose affectionately and climbed on bare-back.

"Lets go to my special place Night Wind.  I need to think."  He wrapped his hands in the horse's pitch black mane and tapped his heels to the stallion's flanks.  They were soon flying across the field towards an isolated spot by a creek that bordered the back of the property.


Logan sat quietly in a tree letting his mind wander when he heard the pounding of hooves.  He saw the boy, Antonio, riding hard across the field.  When he was close enough for Logan to tell he didn't smell of fear he relaxed and kept quiet.

The boy dismounted and spoke softly to his mount who nickered and bumped his nose to the youth's shoulder then bobbing it's head up and down.  Laughter rang out at the equine antics as Tony thumped the sleek animal on it's side.  The boy left the horse to wander and spread out his blanket under a nearby tree.  He pulled a leather case from across his shoulders and sat.  Undoing the zipper the young man pulled out a wooden flute decorated near the mouthpiece with an eagle feather.

It had been several days since Tony had gotten to be here by himself.  Just touching his father's flute brought him peace.  He placed the flute to his lips and blew a few practice notes then began to play.  His soul soared with each note as he played.  The music was laced with his sense of confusion, fear, and sadness.

Logan lend back and closed his eyes.  At first he had been irritated to have his solitude interrupted but the boy's music spoke to him.  So powerful was it that it flowed over him like the warm caress of summer wind.  He felt the change as the song became one of determination melding into happiness.  Logan felt the warmth continue to flow over him even after the music stopped.  A ghost of a shiver tickled up his spine and the small hairs at the back of his neck raised briefly then he relaxed again.  Opening his eyes he watched as the boy sat with his eyes closed smiling softly.  Logan sighed in contentment and unconsciously mirrored the boy's expression.

After a few moments Tony opened his eyes and looked around, his smile fading but not disappearing.  He thought he felt someone nearby but didn't see anyone so just put it up to his new abilities playing with him.  He stood and stretched to begin his martial arts practice.  Remembering what his grandfather and self defense teacher taught him he began to warm up.  He stretched out his muscles for several minutes popping joints in the process then walked over to a larger clearing near where he had been sitting.

Taking a ready stance he relaxed and concentrated on the moves he had learned.  Halfway through his routine, as he performed a high spinning kick, he pulled his long-bladed hunting knife out and began to incorporate what grandfather had taught him.  He performed a rapid series of slashes holding the knife so the the dull part of the blade rested against forearm the point in the direction of his elbow.  He flipped the knife in the air and caught the handle in his other hand and performed several jabs and then another spinning kick.  The kick didn't feel right so he tried it again and again it felt wrong.  He placed the knife back in his belt and re-adjusted it so that the area where his throwing knives were was more comfortable.  Taking a deep relaxing breath he then proceeded to start the whole routine again but when he got to the same part he made the same mistake.  Cursing he jammed the knife back into place.  He heard a thump behind him and instinctively grabbed one of his smaller knives, spun, and let it loose.

Logan watched the graceful youth move with surety and skill as his sleek dark skin began to glisten with sweat.  He heard the curse and saw that the kid had made the same mistake for the third time in a row and decided to help.  Dropping down from his tree he crouched as the boy's knife sailed over his head and sunk into the wood behind him.  He looked back at the knife then turned to whistle appreciatively.

"Damn kid I'd hate t' get on yer bad side!"

Logan pulled the knife from the tree with a grin that showed slightly pointy canines and walked to hand it to Tony handle first.  The young man had turned pale as a ghost.

"OH MY GOD!"  He rushed forward an accepted the knife.  "I'm so sorry Mr. Logan.  I didn't know it was you, I swear!"  He sheathed the knife and stepped back his heart trying to crack his ribcage.

"Don't worry 'bout it, kid, and just call me Logan."  Logan chuckled.  "Mine are bigger than yours anyway."  He held up a fist flashing teeth again as three nearly foot-long blades shot out of his hand with a metallic shink.

"Holy crap!"  Tony stared in fascination as Logan retracted his built-in weaponry and shot them out again before putting them away and hooking his thumbs in his pockets.  "Is that your mutant power?"

"These puppies and my adamantium skeleton are compliments of some ass-holes who decided it was okay to experiment on mutants."  Logan stretched and his joints popped noisily.  He twisted his head one way then the other causing his neck to crack loud enough to make Tony wince.  "My mutation is that I heal fast.  I also can see, hear, and my nose works better than most people's."  He pointed over to where Tony had been working out.  "I saw the problem you was havin' with that turn.  Try this."

Logan moved to the center of the clearing and started the routine Tony was doing previously.  When it came to the part with the knife he modified it to use his claws then performed the kick perfectly tucking his elbows close to his body.

"Ya had yer foot turned too far and and your arms were too loose.  It left ya off-balance.  Ya also dropped yer leg.  Now you do it."

After a couple more tries Logan was satisfied and suggested they spar.  For the next hour they trained but Logan kept his claws sheathed to keep from accidentally hurting the young man.  When they were sweaty and Tony was exhausted they sat down on the blanket to rest.

"Yer pretty good, bub." Logan ran a hand through his damp hair and looked off into the distance. "If ya ever decide to come train at the school ya could really whup some ass."

"Th-thanks,"  Tony found his eyes wandering down to watch how the black shirt clung to the big man's damp torso defining each delicious muscle.  He quickly looked away so he wouldn't get caught staring and swallowed.  Trying to act calm he stood and walked to the creek bank.  Kneeling he began to splash cold water over his face and chest.

"Good idea, kid."

Tony froze as he heard the distinct slithering sound of a shirt being removed.  Logan knelt beside him and scooped cold water over his own head and chest causing the nipples to become erect.  Memories of the previous night hit him like a freight train and caused blood to rush to the young man's crotch.  Tony vigorously splashed himself until his lips started turning blue and he shivered but at least his pants weren't tenting.  He moved away to gather his things.

"Well...um I guess its time to go see about lunch or something."  Tony stammered.

"Wait up!  I'll give ya a ride, kid."

"Ride?"  Tony squeaked then cleared his throat.  "What do you mean?"

Logan stooped to pick up his abandoned black t-shirt and stuffed it in his back pocket so that it hung out over his tight ass.  He walked to the tree he had been sitting in and rolled out a black and chrome Harley motorcycle with what looked like a modified helmet tied to the back.  Tony gazed in awe.

"Holy crap!  Is that a Dyna Super Glide Custom?!"

"Beauty, aint she."  Logan stroked a hand lovingly over the black leather seat.  He adjusted the helmet back some and climbed aboard then looked over at Tony.  "Hop on kid."

Tony didn't think twice and climbed up behind the bigger man but froze when he realized they were both shirtless.  He placed his hands hesitantly on Logan's narrow hips and tried to keep his bare chest away from Logan's equally bare back. 

"Hold on tight kid.  Yer gonna fall off like that."  Logan grabbed the kid's hands and crossed them over his ripped abs.  The older man froze briefly as Tony's bare chest pressed against his back.  He inhaled sharply and blinked.  What was wrong with him?  He's just a kid, Logan.  Calm down!  He cleared his throat.  "Here we go."  He turned the key and the machine roared to life.

The sudden vibration between Tony's legs and the feel of his body pressed snuggly against the hard muscled body in front of him was too much and caused an almost instant erection.  Please don't let him notice!  The boy prayed silently.  Logan however had noticed and was beginning to get hard himself.

Shit!  Logan growled inwardly.  All I needed was t' throw wood!  That's just great!

When they reached the house Logan parked the motorcycle out back and they dismounted.  Logan pulled the shirt out of his pocket and held it in front of his crotch to hide his sizable bulge while Tony did the same with the blanket.  They greeted Scott, Jean, and Professor X in the kitchen with mumbles and rushed past.

"I'm going to my room."  Tony said as he hurried down the hall.

"I'm gonna take a shower."  Logan told them as he strode past.

"What's with them?"  Scott turned to Jean and pointed after the two with his thumb.

Jean and Xavier looked at each other in stunned amazement at what they had pick up from the two men.  Jean burst out laughing while the professor coughed to hid his own reaction.

*Did you feel that?!*  Jean mental voice was filled with amusement.

*Indeed.*  Charles' was muffled with laughter.

"I hate it when telepaths leave the the rest of us out of the loop!"  Scott grumbled as he walked to the livingroom.  Joseph past him and gave him a puzzled look.  "Ask them."  He pointed over his shoulder at the laughing pair.

When he asked where Logan and Tony were Jean gasped out their locations and clutched her stomach.  Joseph shook his head and went to the master bathroom to grab a robe.

Logan had just stripped when there was a knock at the door.

"Yeah, what?"

"It's Joseph.  If you give me your clothes I'll wash 'em for you.  I have some stuff here that should work 'till there done."

Logan opened the door part way, handed out his clothes, and accepted a bathrobe and a pair of grey draw-string sweats.


"Not a problem."

Turning the water on cold at full blast Logan stepped under the spray and shivered.  When his teeth started to chatter and his erection was gone he turned up the hot and started to soap up.  When done with his body he grabbed a bottle of shampoo and lathered his head.  The smell of the shampoo in the hot steamy air reminded him of Tony and how his hair smelled as he was pressed against Logan's bare back.  He stuck his head under the water to rinse the smell away but it was too late and his hardon came back to life.  Moaning he rubbed his hand down his stomach and grasped his throbbing meat.  He was at his full ten inches and two and a half wide and hadn't been so hard in a long time.  Stroking his cock slowly he imagined a soft, long fingered, dark hand in the place of his own.  He was surrounded by the smell of Tony's shampoo and of Tony himself since the young man had left a used shirt in the bathroom.  Logan's extra sensitive nose picked out that smell over everything else and his hand moved faster as he put his other out to lean on the shower wall.  His stomach tightened and dick tingled as he felt his orgasm build and his hand pumped faster.  Suddenly he was drowning in sensation as his balls tightened sending jet after jet of thick spunk onto the tile as he threw back his head and grunted in release.  He had never cum so fast or so hard before.  Legs shaking and gasping for air Logan finished his shower, rinsed the jizz away, and turned off the water.

A few rooms away the young man stripped off his dirty clothes, threw them in the hamper, and collapsed on the bed.  Tony could hear the shower running as he lay naked trying to calm himself.  It was no good.

He imagined Logan's big, muscled, hairy body under the hot steamy spray and groaned as his cock swelled to its full seven inches.  He imagined himself licking his way down that furry chest and six-pack to take Logan's hot hard dick in his mouth as his hand moved to stroke his own meat.  He could imagine Logan moaning as Tony mouthed his pulsing python.

Yeah, Tony baby, suck me!  The dream Logan grunted and shot his load down his young lover's hungry throat.  Tony sprayed his ball juice all over his stomach and chest to the imagined taste of Logan's cum.  He groaned loudly and went limp as his heart thundered.

Logan stepped out of the bathroom and started down the hall in his borrowed clothes.  As he began to pass Tony's room he heard the distinctive panting and moaning of the young man pleasuring himself and smelled Tony's release.  Cursing quietly he strode back down to the bathroom to take another cold shower.


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