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"Is there a bar around?"  Logan asked Joseph later that evening.  He had been tense all day following the incident with Tony and he needed a cold beer, and just maybe a bit of a brawl, to calm down.  On top of that Chuck had just informed the group they were going to stick around for another day or so to make sure the threat to Joseph and his grandson Antonio (Tony) was gone.  As it was he had had to spend most of the day, once his clothes were clean, outside to avoid the boy and his intoxicating scent.

"Sure."  Joseph gave him directions and watched as the obviously agitated mutant went out the back of the house.  Shaking his head he turned to Tony who had just joined him in the kitchen.  "You were with Logan earlier.  Do you know what's wrong with him?  He seems kinda tense."  Tony stuttered that he didn't know anything and blushed bright red as he turned and abruptly walked to the livingroom and sat to watch television.  Seconds later a motorcycle could be heard gunning down the road towards town.  Joseph made himself a mental note to ask Charles or Jean for help to try and figure it out when they got back.  Jean, Scott, and Charles had gone back to the school to check up on everything and to get clothing and other things they, Ororo, and Logan would need for the next few days.

"Joseph is everything alright?"  Ororo walked in from the side porch with a basket of clean clothes.  She had insisted on doing the laundry for the group so that Joseph wouldn't be further inconvenienced by his house guests.

"I just need to ask the Professor or Dr. Summers a question when they return."  Joseph turned to see the attractive black woman sit at the cleaned table to start folding clothes.  He smiled and sat in the chair opposite hers.  "Let me help with that."

They chatted and folded all the while trying to look at each other as often as possible without the other noticing.  Ororo had always found the older man attractive with his gentle ways and large muscular body but had been either unwilling or unable to act on her feelings, first because of his wife then later knowing Joseph would be concerned due to their ages.  For Joseph the attraction was more recent.  On his last trip to visit the school, shortly before the accident that claimed the lives of Tony's parents and his uncle, he had discovered the white-haired student he had always been fond of had grown into a beautiful, highly intelligent, and insightful young woman.  They had talked for hours and Joseph had found himself falling for her but because of the age difference he had tried to put away his feelings when he left.  This was not because he thought her young but was afraid she would think him too old.  As they talked over laundry he found himself drawn once more to her.

"Grandpa?"  Tony stood in the kitchen door.  "Is it okay if I ride Night Wind for awhile longer?  Maybe go see Dancing Cloud?"

"Sure, son.  Just be back by 7:30 for dinner."  Joseph checked his watch.  "That gives you about two and a half hours, okay?"  Tony nodded and left.

The two continued talking as they walked through the house putting thing away and changing bed sheets.  Ororo insisted on helping Joseph with his since it was the only one besides Tony's that was left.  They had both felt it was best to let the young man deal with his own room. As they crossed Joseph's room Ororo stumbled over a stray shoe catching herself on the bedpost.

"Careful!"  Joseph grabbed her arm so she wouldn't fall and the touch of his skin to hers sent a jolt of sensation through them both.  The feel of her soft supple skin under his hand was like electricity causing him to jerk in reaction and pull Ororo against him.  He inhaled sharply as she turned her face up and met his dark brown eyes with her bright blue ones.  That quick breath sent his head swimming with the light flower scent of her.

"S-sorry," Ororo stuttered and tried reluctantly to move away but Joseph seemed equally reluctant to release her.  He took a deeper breath in moaning at the smell of her warm skin and his eyes darkened.  Ororo heard the sound and noticed the change in his demeanor.  She was unable to control her quickening breath and was sure her heartbeat was loud enough to be heard from the other room.  "Joseph?"

They gazed into each other's eyes for several seconds then Joseph began to slowly lower his face to hers.  The kiss was brief and gentle but very potent.  Softly their lips moved together then Joseph became a little bolder as he allowed the tip of his tongue stroke her full bottom lip then sucked that now moistened skin gently.  Beginning to come back to himself he started to pull back but Ororo murmured a protest, placed a hand to the back of his head, and drew him more firmly down.  The white-haired dark-skinned beauty was at least five inches shorter than his 6'2" frame and less than half his weight yet he was not strong enough to resist her.  Their lips met hungrily as she wrapped her arms around his neck and whimpered with desire.  Joseph moaned and hauled her off the floor into his bear-like arms.  Their tongues wrestled as they ate at each other's mouths heatedly for several moments.  They came up for air and he let her body slide down his own so her feet rested on the floor as he threw his head back gasping and trembling.  It felt as if he were going to burst into flames so great was his want of this woman!

"God, Ororo!"  Joseph placed a hand over his eyes and sat heavily on the bed.  "I'm so sorry!  I don't know what came over me."

"You don't need to apologize, Joseph."  Ororo placed her hands on either side of his bronze face to make him look at her.  She smiled sweetly, her face still flush with excitement and her breathing not yet steady, moving to stand between his legs.  "I've wanted to do that for a very long time."

"Really?"  When she nodded he sighed, wrapped his arms around her waist, and rested his forehead between her breasts as she lightly stroked his salt and pepper hair with one slender hand.  "All this time I've wanted to tell you how I felt but was afraid you would think me too old."  He raised his head and gave her a slightly sad smile.  "You are so young and beautiful, could you ever care for an old man like me?"

"I already do, love.  From the first day we met.  Besides,"  she giggled suddenly, "you are not old just well aged.  Like a fine cheese."  Her eyes twinkled as she took in his dear face that held not a single wrinkle.  The only indication of his age was the knowledge in his eyes and the silver in his black hair.

"Hey wait a second!  Are you saying I'm moldy and I smell bad?"  Joseph frowned with mock ferocity.  Ororo laughed and smacked him on one broad shoulder.

Her laughter quieted as she bent to brush her mouth warmly over his.  His tongue swept questioningly over her full lips and she opened to him.  Gently he drew her down to lay on her back and leaned over to deepen the kiss.  She tangled her fingers in his hair and sighed in pleasure as Joseph's big hands trailed slowly over her body.  Her skin seemed to come alive at his touch.  There was a whisper of sound as his work-calloused hands stroked over her clothing.  The thought of those big rough hands directly on her skin sent moist heat between her legs and made her moan softly.

She was solid sleek muscles under the thin cotton material of the borrowed knee length summer dress but also all soft and giving woman.  Her breasts were firm and full, her waist narrow, and her hips and butt flared out deliciously.  She had the legs of a runner, narrow ankles, and slender high arched feet with long toes.  All in all he found her perfect.

Her hands stroked over the parts of his thick neck, powerful shoulders and upper back she could reach, her skin tingling at the texture of his well-worn cotton t-shirt.  Her eyes closed and she could picture his tall muscled nearly hairless body as it had looked when he lay naked and unconscious when the search party had found them in the woods the day before.  Broad shoulders, huge arms, and wide chest capped by dark quarter-sized nipples.  The stomach was flat and firm with a hint of a six-pack, narrow hips, thighs the size of small tree trunks, and finally the dark nest surrounding his thick five inch soft uncut cock.

Ororo moaned as huge hands cupped her breasts and Joseph trailed a line of nipping kisses down her jaw and slender throat to the cleavage visible above the dress collar.  The moan changed to a gasp as his thumbs brushed firmly over her sensitive nipples and they both became more frantic.  Clothing flew all over the room as they sought desperately to press bare flesh to bare flesh.  Ororo cried out urgently as Joseph sucked a dark nipple into his mouth and one of his hands found her boiling center.  He eased a finger inside then froze with his head thrown back and eyes closed swallowing hard at the feeling of her muscles clasping around his digit.  With a curse that was half shout half growl he slid down her body.

A sound that was almost a shriek tore it's way from Ororo's throat as he buried his face in her box.  Her hand clutch his thick hair as he licked and sucked at the fragrant folds of her womanhood catching her hard nub at the top of every tongue stroke.  Knowing he needed to prepare her more he began to introduce more pumping fingers into her tight clasping sex.

The sensations were almost too much for her to handle as Ororo began to see sparks behind her closed eyelids.  It had been so long since someone else had handled her body in this way and now it was the man she had secretly longed to have for so many years!  She was nearly sobbing in reaction to the assault on not just her body but her heart as well.  Heat was building inside her until she thought she would explode!  Joseph sensed her impending orgasm and locked his lips around her clit sucking and flicking his tongue.  Ororo nearly shouted herself hoarse as she was smashed down by the waves of her release.  Her body spasmed uncontrollably and Joseph was forced the lighten his touch as she became too sensitive though he did leave his fingers inside her.  He raised his face, shiny with her juices, to take in the sight of her.  He gasped trying to catch his breath and calm himself down but the feel of her hot slick love muscles massaging his buried digits was more than he could stand.

"OH GOD!"  He removed his hand and moved between her thighs.  "I'm sorry sweet one I can't wait, its been too long!"

"For me as well, darling."  Ororo wrapped her long legs around his hips as she grasped his fat cock and guided it to her dripping hole.  "Put that huge beautiful dick in me!  Give me all of it PLEASE!"

It was almost too much for Joseph as he felt himself sink into her molten core.  He went slowly to allow her tight sheath time to adjust to his almost three inch wide eight and a half inch long monster.  Her back arched and her eyes widened as he slowly slid in further.  Her breaths became quick and short as inch after inch of huge man meat stretched her hungry little twat.  Finally growing impatient at his slow progress she used her legs to shove him in to the hilt and they both gasped.

"Oh goddess, Joseph!  Fuck me, fuck me hard!"  With a growl he did as she ordered pulling almost all the way out and slamming home again and picking up speed.  "YES!  YES!  OH GODDESS YES!"  He was hitting her cervics with almost every thrust but it felt like heaven as she climbed closer to completion once again.  She raked nails down his shoulders and back and rolled her head from side to side crying out in pleasure.

"Your so hot and wet!"  Joseph gasped.  He felt her tighten around his shaft and sped up feeling she was as close as he was.  His stomach muscle began to tighten and his big balls drew up to his body as he pounded her pussy for all he was worth.

"I'M CUUUU-"  Ororo' eyes began to glow white and her voice cut off into a scream as her body quaked and pulsed.  Electricity crackled in the air adding a pleasure/pain sensation but Joseph continued to slam home.

"ARRRRRR!"  Seconds later Joseph joined her as he howled out his own release and sprayed her womb with what seemed like gallons of thick white spunk.  After a few moments he rolled onto his back pulling Ororo on top never removing his still hard cock from her.  They kissed and panted as they caressed each others sweat covered bodies and the electrical charge dissipated.  The feel of his thick monster still stretching her tight sperm dripping hole and not getting soft brought a new wave of pleasure to Ororo.

"I'm not done with you yet sir."  She kissed him wantonly then sat back to take him all the way in again causing more of his hot seed to be pushed out to run down her thighs and his groin.

He groaned loudly as she reached back to fondle his heavy sack then brought her fingers up to her mouth to lick and suck the cum she had collected off them.  He reached up to take her bouncing breasts in his hands and pinched her nipples firmly as she slid up and down on his hard pole.  They panted and heaved causing the bed to nearly collapse under them as their speed increased.  Since he was calmer after his initial orgasm Joseph lasted long enough to bring her over the edge twice more.  Finally, after another half hour of being ridden, Joseph felt this stomach and balls begin to tighten.  He held her hips still and began to slam up into her while she yelped and grunted pinching and twisting her own hard nipples.

"Oh, Joseph, cum for me again, my love!"  She shouted and began to shake and squeal as she felt him fill her, once more pushing her over the edge and sending her flying.  She collapsed atop her lover's huge frame gasping for air.

They held each other for a while longer before Joseph picked her up and took them both to the shower to wash.  They fondled and kissed but were both too drained to do more.  When they were done they dried each other with soft towels, got redressed, and finished changing the sheets.  The rest of the time waiting for the others to arrive was spent with the two lovers on the couch talking quietly as they held and kissed each other.


Tony's new empathic talents had let him know he needed to leave the two adults in the kitchen to themselves for a while.  He smiled happily as Night Wind's swift legs carried him across the field to an old friend's house.  He was so glad his grandfather was starting to care for someone.  He hoped Joseph and Ororo would tell each other how they felt.  Tony could sense what a nice person the dark-skinned beauty was and his grandfather deserved to have someone like that care for him.

Tony whispered encouragements to his mount as they cleared a low portion of fence that divided their land from one of their neighbors.  About five minutes later they approached a small wooden cabin with an equally small figure rocking on the porch.  Tony swung his leg over and dismounted.

The old woman in front of her home squinted and shaded her weak eyes at the person approaching.  It took only a moment to recognize the bright energy coming towards her even though she could not yet see his face.

When Dancing Cloud was a child her grandmother, a powerful shaman of the tribe, had sensed an answering power in her granddaughter, then about the age of six, and taught her the ways the mystic.  She taught her spirit magic, how to divine the future, and how to look into the hearts of those around her to see their life energy or auras.  With this knowledge she discovered the wisdom to help those in need of guidance.  Unlike Tony or Joseph her power came not from mutation but from magic.  Over time she had studied with many teachers and learned different ways to focus her talents. 

"Antonio Whitefeather, so good to see you,"  she struggled to her feet and caught the young man in her thin arms, one of which was sporting a large white bandage, for a hug.  A flash of familiar energy went through her and she pulled back to look intently into his face.  The feeling was familiar, not from the young man, but from Joseph, his grandfather.  "Interesting,"  she murmered as she sat back down.

"What?"  Tony's smile became puzzled.

"Please sit."  he sat on the empty stool in front of her. "You are troubled young Tony."  He sighed and frowned slightly.

"You always seem to know my heart u-s-di e-ni-si."  All the younger people in the tribe called the frail woman their little grandmother because she cared for them all so much.  "I don't know if you would believe me though."

"I would believe more than you could imagine a-yo-tli."  She smiled knowingly at him.

"I have a couple of questions."  She nodded for him to proceed.  "First, what happened to your arm?"  He pointed at the large bandage that covered half her right forearm.

"Oh I wasn't paying attention when I was cooking yesterday and spilled hot grease on myself.  It blistered some but the doctor said I was lucky it wasn't worse."  She chuckled wryly at herself.  "What was the other question?"

"What did you mean when you said 'interesting' before?"

"Well,"  she rocked slowly and wrapped her shawl more tightly around her shoulders before continuing, "the last time I felt something similar to what I felt from you at that moment it was from your grandfather.  He was about your age and would visit me often, just as you do.  I can tell by the energy coming from you that you carry the u-do-we-lv, the mark.  I know his is of the animal, ga-na-tla-i, but yours is...different.  I can see by the look on your face your are afraid to speak of these things, but understand this, I know your grandfather is a mutant shapeshifter.  I have known for many years."  She smiled at his stunned expression.  "When he was about eighteen he came to my aid and saved my life.  A female bear protecting her cubs attacked me while I was in the woods collecting herbs.  Your father was hunting and upon hearing my cries came to help.  He understood the bear was just defending her family so instead of putting an arrow through her heart he transformed himself into a larger bear and chased her away.  He then carried me home, tended my wounds, and begged me never to reveal his secret.  To this day I have not told a soul though I am almost certain the majority of those who know Joseph would not hold his gifts against him.  Far from it, in fact I believe they would feel as I do, that what he is able to do is a gift from the Great Spirit so that he may protect us.  I believe also that you have been chosen to help people."

"Thank you, u-s-di e-ni-si.  I feel better now."

They talked for a while longer with her telling Tony more stories of his grandfather, grandmother, uncle, and parents.  Some stories made them laugh and at others they cried so that, by the time he needed to leave, the world seemed to sit right for Tony again.

"Before I leave, was there anything I could do for you?"  Tony asked.

"Well there is one thing."  She smiled mischievously and leaned forward.  "Tell me what your gift is."

"I'm not sure what they all are yet but I can do this."  He pulled out his knife and sliced his arm and let her watch as it healed.  She clapped her hands like a little girl and laughed.  "I can also do this.  May I?"  He indicated her injured right arm and she held it out without question.  Holding her arm steady with his left hand he placed his right lightly atop the bandage.  Closing his eyes he concentrated on the 'feel' of her injury picturing it smooth over.  Half opening them again he watched light flow down his arms to wrap around the one he held.  When he felt he was done he placed her arm back in her lap.  A second later he hissed as heat enveloped his arm and raised it so she could see his arm redden and blister then heal moments later.  "I can also feel what others are feeling-"  *and speak with my mind but I can't read minds.*

Her face registered wonder and awe at the apparent miracle she had just witnessed.  Undoing the bandage she saw that indeed her injury was gone leaving a light pink area with no hair where it had burned off.  With her head down she did not see Tony sway slightly.  He shook his head to get rid of the weird sense of unsteadiness and forced his lips to form a smile.  The little old woman's answering smile was as bright as the sun when she met his eyes again.

"You have indeed been blessed with great gifts a-yo-tli.  Gifts too great to keep hidden for long.  I will speak to your grandfather but for now be careful who knows of this, I do sense trouble.  Be vigilante, Tony."  They hugged then he mounted up and trotted towards home.


He was barely away when Dancing Cloud rushed as quickly as she was able to manage into her house and sat at a small table.  Pulling a small leather bundle out of her skirt pocket she spread it out to reveal a small pile of marked stones.  She picked them up and rolled them between her hands as she focused her mind on the Whitefeathers and chanted quietly.  She dropped the stones and leaned close to read them her wrinkled face becoming grim.  She stood up gingerly and hobbled to her phone and began to dial.

"Hello?"  The man on the other end answered.

"David, my grandson, I need your help."

"Of course!  What is wrong?  Are you hurt?"

"It isn't me.  I need you to go to the Whitefeathers' house tomorrow night.  Do not question anything or anyone you might see or meet.  Gather as many men as you can whom you and Joseph trust deeply and have them be only those who are willing to protect him and his grandson.  The spirits show me danger to them that, if not dealt with, could spill over to the rest of us."

"What do you mean e-ni-si?"

"The spirits have a great plan for the two but I can not speak of it now, not until I am given leave to.  Will you do this for me my grandson?"

"I would do anything humanly possible for you, you know that."

"I know, David.  You are a good man but I want you to remember one thing.  No matter what you see tomorrow night Joseph is still your friend so do not judge him or his people harshly."

"I am very confused right now but you can count on me e-ni-si.  I will not let you or Joseph down, I swear it."


Joseph sat relaxing on the couch while Ororo spoke on the phone.  Jean had called from the school to give them an update.  He heard her say goodby and hang up.  When she re-joined him on the sofa he put his arm over her shoulder and kissed her temple.

"What did she have to say, a-da-ga-u-e?"

"Apparently there was a problem at the school.  It is nothing terrible but it is important enough that Charles will need to attend to it.  He, Jean, and Scott will be coming back tomorrow with the things Logan and I need."  She shrugged.  "I guess until then we will need to borrow from you."  He nodded easily and she snuggled against his side.  She turned her face up to his with a questioning look.  "What did you call me anyway?"

"A-da-ga-u-e?"  She nodded.  "It means 'love' in the Tsa-la-gi, Cherokee, language."

"It is beautiful."

"I will teach you if you like."

"I would 'like' very much."  She smiled and he wasn't able to resist placing a soft lingering kiss on that smile.  She sighed when they parted and rested her head on his shoulder.


Logan sat in the smoke filled bar not liking what he was hearing.  Two guys were sitting far enough away from everyone else that their conversation could not be heard by regular ears.  Logan's more sensitive ones, however, picked up their low angry words easily and what they were saying put him on edge.

"Big red bastard is gonna pay for what he did to Tom."  The puffy blonde slurred slightly.  "Gonna get that little scrawny one too.  Gonna make 'em scream like the couple 'a squaw bitches they are, I tell ya what."

"Keep it down ya drunk idiot!"  The thin, dark haired, mean looking one scanned the room to make sure nobody heard.  "We'll be able to get 'em tomorrow night if ya don't fuckin' blow it!  Mike said he was able t' get a few more guys t' join in.  I found out the bastards' names is Whitefeather.  Jesus!" He snarled, "How much more injun can you get than that?  They probably fart piecepipe smoke!"

"Fart smoke!"  The blonde snorted with laughter and chugged down the rest of his beer.  "Gotta go drain the lizard.  Be right back."

As the man passed Logan's seat at the bar the mutant caught a whiff of his strong body-odor.  Draining his own bottle he walked over to a pool table near where the men had taken a seat and took in the other man's smell as well.  He remembered catching faint traces of the same scents along with a couple of others at Joseph and the boy's campsight.  The other man returned to his seat and the two men continued to talk.  Logan played a few racks waiting to see if the men would say anything else of interest but they moved onto other topics.  Just as he was giving up the two men finished their last drinks and stood to leave.  As they walked to the door Logan put his stick down and followed them out at a safe distance.  Slipping out the door and into the shadows he kept close as the two staggered to their cars.

"Remember,"  the dark-haired one reminded his friend,  "6 o'clock tomorrow night we meet at Mike's cabin and the fun starts after it gets dark."  Both men laughed as they parted company.

When they were gone Logan walked to his Harley and headed back to the Whitefeather house.

Fuckin' beautiful!  Logan smiled toothily into the wind as he sped along.  I'm gonna finally get some ass t' whup!


Tony paused and smiled outside the kitchen door.  Joseph and Ororo's happiness was like a warm caress over his mind.  Quietly he walked through to the livingroom and watched as they snuggled on the couch watching an old sitcom re-run.  He felt other, more intimate, emotions from them but it did not leave him feeling embarrassed.  His smile widened as they began to neck playfully, unaware they had an audience.

"A-hem!"  He cleared his throat then laughed as they scrambled to right themselves.  "No need to stop on my account."  He sobered as he felt waves of embarrassment and worry come from the two.  He moved to stand in front of them.  "Look," he began, "you don't have to worry about my feelings.  I am very happy for you both."  He smiled and bent to kiss first Ororo then Joseph on the cheek.  "As a matter of fact," he looked over his shoulder at them as he walked towards his room, "I was hoping you two would hook up, thats one of the reasons I went ridding."  He snickered at their expressions and as his door closed he heard Joseph burst out laughing while Ororo fussed at him still embarrassed.

"Oh what he must think of me!"  Ororo placed both hands to her warm cheeks and looked at the floor.

"He's probably thinking what I am."

"And what might that be?"  She asked.  Joseph lifted her face with a finger under her chin so that their eyes met.

"How beautiful, kind, and wonderful the woman his grandfather loves is."

Tears and her heart were in her eyes as she stroked a hand down his cheek.

"Do you mean that?"  Her voice was thick with emotion.

"With everything I am and until my a-da-nv-do leaves this world."  He brushed away a tear from her cheek with his thumb.  "My a-do-nv-do-di, my heart, is yours for as long as you can stand to hold it beautiful woman."

"My heart is yours as well, beloved."  Ororo smiled up at the man she loved.  "You have the soul of a poet you know."

"Only for you, a-da-ga-u-e."  They kissed lingeringly.  Joseph's stomach rumbled noisily and they parted laughing.

"Well,"  Ororo stood and walked to the kitchen, "my poet needs food so that he may have the energy to rhapsodies on about my beauty."  She fluttered her lashes at him over her shoulder and giggled.  He joined her in the kitchen after shutting off the television.

They decided since it would be just the four of them they would eat the rest of the large container of stew Joseph had made the day before his and Tony's ill-fated camping trip along with the leftover biscuits from breakfast.  The food was warmed and Ororo was just about to call Tony to the table when he rushed into the room wide-eyed and they heard the distinct sound of Logan's motorcycle roaring up the driveway.

"Something has happened,"  Tony looked at them and a weird feral smile flashed briefly over his face before it faded and the boy swayed slightly and blinked.  "Boy I need to learn to control that.  Logan is very agitated but excited about something and it kinda caught me off guard."

Before Joseph could say anything the man in question strode in the room blinking a moment to adjust from the darkness outside to the brightness of the kitchen.  Ororo reached over to squeeze Joseph's hand briefly before falling into her team leader mode.

"Logan, what has happened?  Tony was nearly overwhelmed by your emotions and you hadn't even made it to the house yet."  She indicated where Tony sat while Joseph handed the obviously flustered boy a glass of water.

"Sorry, kid.  You alright?"  The obviously genuine concern in his voice made her blink in surprise.  Logan wasn't too overly fond of children.

"I'm good."  Tony smiled slightly woozy.  "But could you all do me a favor?"  All three nodded.  "Could you please sit down?  Looking up is making me feel dizzy right now."

"I'll start serving."  Joseph said as the other two moved to chairs.  "We may as well eat while we hear Logan's news."

"Don't we need t' wait 'till Chuck, Red, and Slim get back?"  Logan sat down and nodded a thanks as a bowl was sat in front of him.  Ororo explained about the situation at the school and that the others wouldn't get back until sometime the next day.

As they ate Logan relayed the information he had gathered at the bar.  After the dishes were in the sink Ororo called the school to inform the Professor of the situation and received assurances that they would receive backup the next day and that he, Jean, and Scott would arrive as soon as possible.

As the adults discussed the situation Logan noticed Tony slip out the back door with his face looking a pale.  When the conversation turned a little more personal between the other two he excused himself and found the young man in the glow of the back porch light flicking throwing knifes with amazing accuracy at a narrow fence post.  Not wishing to disturb the boy's concentration he leaned up against a nearby tree and watched in silence.  He was amazed at the boys skill with the small daggers and the technique was strangely familiar.

"You don't need to try to pretend your not there."  Tony said to him as he walked over to pluck the knifes out of the wood and returned to his throwing position several feet away.  His eyes never left the post as he talked.  "I felt you as soon as you stepped out the door.  I appreciate your concern but I'm okay."  He let four daggers fly in rapid succession, gathered them up again, and gave Logan a brief smile before returning his attention to his practice.

"You were lookin' a little out of it when ya came out here."  Logan pulled out a cigar and a match.  He lit the rolled tobacco and took a long puff.  "I figured I could keep ya company seein' as how the lovebirds 'v only got eyes fer each other right now."  He took a puff and watched for a few moments.  "D'ya always practice with them things in the dark?"  He finally asked.

"Actually this is the first time.  I guess my mutation is growing like the Professor said it would."  Sliding the knifes back into their place in his belt he joined Logan by the tree and sat on the ground.  He leaned back on his hands with his legs out in front of him and his ankles crossed.  Logan joined him on the ground and leaned against the tree.  "My night vision seems a more acute and I can hear your heart beating from here.  I can also smell the dish soap being used to wash the dishes like I'm standing over the sink.  Guess I'm taking after my grandpa."  Tony chuckled.

Logan grunted in response around his cigar and the two sat in companionable silence for a few minutes.  When Logan spoke he went back to the main reason why he joined the boy outside.

"Why'd ya leave the house anyway, kid?"  The boy stared off into space for a moment before he answered.

"Well," he started and then paused as if trying to find the right words, "the emotional level inside was so...I don't know...high, I guess you'd say, that it felt as if my brain was gonna blow up if I didn't get some space.  I guess my empathy is a little too sensitive right now."

Logan grunted in understanding chewing thoughtfully on the cigar in his mouth.  He noticed out of the corner of his eye that Tony began to fidget and blush as he stared at his feet.

"Somethin' else botherin' ya bub?"  He asked.

"I'm sorry."  Tony said quietly.

"Fer what, kid?"

"For freaking you out earlier today and making you so uncomfortable you felt you needed to leave."  Tony looked at the toes of his moccasins in embarrassment.  "I know how weirded out some straight guys can get when another guy finds them attractive.  I just wanted to let you know I understand if...."  Tony trailed off too embarrassed to continue.

"Don't worry about it kid, I don't care if yer gay.  I'm bi m'self and pretty flattered ya'd find a hairy guy like me to yer likin'."

"Your bi?!"

"Yup."  Logan responded after taking a drag from the stogie.

"Actually I'm bi also."  Tony sighed in relief.  Logan grunted and nodded.  Tony turned to the older man in confusion.  "If that wasn't what freaked you out then what did?"

"Well I-uh-I,"  Logan's face flushed darkly as he pulled the cigar out of his mouth and cleared his throat, "I was...well...a little more...reactive than I shoulda been with a person yer age.  I'm just too old kid."

"You aren't old!  You can't be in more than your late twenties or early thirties."

"That's the healin' factor kid.  I could be older'n yer grandpa for all I know."

"What do you mean 'for all you know'?"

"The bastards that gave me these," shink, his claws from his left hand shot out, "messed with my head so's I don't hardly r'member anythin' b'fore 'bout four years ago and even then its all kinda fuzzy and distorted." Shink, the claws went back.  "Was soon after then that Chuck found me an' asked me t' join 'em at the school.  Been there ever since."  He put the cigar back in his mouth a rubbed the knuckles with his right hand absently.  He looked over at the boys sad expression.  "Tell ya what bub, there aint nothin' that says we can't be friends, right?  So we'll be buds alright?"

"That's cool."  Tony offered Logan a hand and they shook on it.  "Buds?"

"Buds.  Hey,"  Logan stubbed out his cigar and put the rest in his pocket, "ya wanna feel somethin' kinda weird?"

"Sure!"  Tony leaned forward eagerly and crossed his legs underneath him.

"Alright kid put one hand here," Logan pointed to the back of his forearm, "and the other here."  He pointed to the back of his hand and Tony complied.  "Now stay still."  Logan slowly made each claw come out and Tony felt the shifting under the skin and muscle.

"Holy crap!  That felt cool!"

On the porch Ororo and Joseph watched the new friendship grow as they held each other and smiled.  That night despite their anxieties everyone slept pretty good.  Ororo, after some persuasion on Joseph's part and much blushing on her part, shared a room with Joseph while Logan took over the bed that Xavier had slept in the night before.  They all needed as much rest as possible for what lay in store the next day.

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