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Part 5

Wind blew the man's slightly shaggy reddish-brown hair as the convertible he was driving cruised down the darkened interstate.  A light on his dash blinked to let him know he had a call coming in from the school.  Turning the radio off he pressed a button and the console opened to reveal a hidden phone.

"LeBeau here.  Talk to me, cher."  He took the other hand off the wheel just long enough to adjust the sunglasses he wore even though it was dark.  They were designed to hide his eyes but not block light unless they needed to.

"How goes your trip, Mr. LeBeau?"

"Hey Professor!  It goin' great!  Nawlins' was hoppin' jus like always.  It felt good t' be home f' a while but I'm kinda itchin' to get back t' de school.  'Cause Gambit know how much you miss him when he gone too long."

"Do you still plan on driving all the way back?"

"Dats de plan, cher."

"Where are you as of right now?"

"Goin' up 59 almost to Jackson, MS."

"Excellent!  I need you to make a side trip to assist some team members in Oklahoma.  They are helping an old friend of ours and need some backup."

The cajun was quiet for a few moments as the car's computer brought up the coordinates.  Swallowing hard he realized he recognized the area on the map.  Feeling himself begin to tremble slightly he slowed the car down and stopped on the shoulder. Taking a deep breath he tried to control his reaction.

"Are you sho you want me der Professor?  Are you sho dey would?"

"I know this is difficult for you, son, but you are all I have available and they need someone as soon as they can get there.  Nobody blames you for what happened all those years ago."

"Yeah, nobody but ol' Remy." The young man said quietly.

"I know,"  Xavier sighed wishing he could be there to lend comfort.  "Can you do this for me?"

Remy LeBeau removed his glasses and wiped a hand over his oddly colored red eyes that had black where the white should be.  He forced the tears back and calmed himself.

"What de trouble?"  He asked with a voice that was still slightly husky.

Charles gave him an overview and told him everything would be explained in detail when he arrived.

"I need you there no later than 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon.  Go at all speed but make sure you get some rest.  Thank you, Remy."

"I do dis fo' Robbie an' his family not nobody else, Professor.  Besides,"  Remy tried to chuckle, "it mean you owe Gambit a couple mo' days off, no?"

"That it does."  Charles smiled sadly on the other end and they disconnected.


*You had no choice Professor.*  Jean could tell what was happening from across the campus.

*I know.*  Charles shook his head as he looked down at the desk in his office.  *But that doesn't mean I have to like it.*


Back at the interstate Remy made his way back onto the road which at this time of night was almost deserted.  He pushed the button that raised the top and then activated the cars computer.

"Computa."  He waited for the confirmation beep.  "Engage autopilot t' c'ordinates currently in active mem'ry at 'All Speed'.  Autho'zation LeBeau, Remy codename Gambit.  Ova ride sequence alpha-alpha-1-0-9 to engage cloak and auto evasive manuva capabilities.  Confirm."

[Authorization confirmed.  Engaging safety precautions.]

Reinforced straps came over Remy's shoulders, up between his legs, and around his waist to hold him securely in place.  Two padded braces came around his temples from the headrest to hold his neck and head immobile.

[Precautions in place.  Engaging cloak.]

If anyone had been around they would have witnessed the red sportscar suddenly vanish.  The cloak was such that you could no longer even hear the engine working.

[Engaging 'All Speed' in 5-4-3-2-1.]

Remy slammed back into the seat as the car shot forward reaching speeds of 200+ miles per hour. His heart pounded in his chest as the car cannoned down the interstate whipping around cars who's drivers had no clue how close to death they were coming.  Remy yelped as the car whipped in and out of the occasional traffic sometimes feeling like his heart would stop and all the time grinning like a fool.

"WHOOOO!"  He yelled and laughed maniacally.  "GOD I LOVE DIS CAR!"

Five hours later, having deactivated the auto pilot and speed parameters, he pulled into the parking lot of the closest motel to his destination.  He locked up the car and walked into the slightly shabby lobby to be greeted by a man chomping on a huge unlit cigar.  The man looked Remy from head to toe taking in the sunglasses, red shirt, black pants, black steel-toed boots, and long brown leather duster.

"Da names Lebeau.  I call about two hour ago and you say you got a room fo' me, no?"

"And how will you be payin' this fine evenin' Mr Lah-boe."  The man said with a slight sneer.

"Dis good nuf fo' you, mon ami?"  Remy tossed a credit card with the Xavier logo on the counter top and leaned on one arm.

"Werks fer me buddy."  He noticed the hand that had held the card.  "Damn them are some crazy gloves yer wearin'!"  Remy held up his hands to display black patent leather gloves that covered only his palms, the back of his hands, and his middle two fingers on both hands.  His thumb, forefinger, and pinky were all exposed.  "Looks like some weird sports gloves.  What do you do play golf, bowlin', pool?"

"Cards mostly."  Remy said with a wicked grin.  "Maybe I show you a few tricks b'fo I leave t'morrow, what you tink?"

"Yeah, right."

The paperwork was filled out and the charge run.  A few minutes later Remy was inside a small but clean room that had seen better days.  As he lay on the thin blanket covering the sagging bed he put a hand behind his head and stared at a picture he had pulled from one of the many pockets inside the coat that now lay flung over the back of the only chair in the room. It showed himself and another man standing on the beach.  He wore red swim trunks while the smiling dark-skinned man behind him in blue trunks wrapped his arms around Remy and rested his chin on Remy's shoulder.  Remy's arms were back so that his hands were clasped behind the other man's neck holding him in place.  Both men were caught in the middle of a laugh and looked so happy.

Remy removed his shades and tossed them on the nightstand.  He wiped away the tears that flowed out of his eyes and back into his hairline.

"I miss you, mon amour."  He kissed the man's face and slid the picture back in its pocket in the duster.  Since it was nearly 3 o'clock in the morning he set the motel alarm clock for 11 a.m. and tried to sleep.


1 o'clock the next afternoon Remy pulled slowly up to the entrance of the long drive and stop.  He stared at the log-style home that he remembered so well and tried to calm the butterflies in his stomach.

"Da last ting you need t' do is chuck up you lunch, Remy."  He told himself.  He took a deep breath and started up the drive.  He had left the top on the car up to prevent the dust from the dirt road from getting on the leather interior.  Remy stopped the car and said a silent prayer as he saw a huge muscled man step onto the porch to greet his visitor.


Joseph was alone in the house when he saw the red sports car hesitate at the road then start up the drive.  He dried the dishwater from his hands and walked down the hall to the side porch where Ororo was starting some laundry.

"Looks like someone coming up the drive.  Single car so it might be your backup arriving."

"They drove?"  Ororo finished filling the machine and reached for the soap.

"Apparently.  I'll meet you out front."  He made his way back through the house and stepped onto the front porch just in time to see the car stop.  A figure got out and began to walk towards the house but the sun was in Joseph's eyes so he couldn't see the face.  Joseph squinted and shaded his eyes with one hand.  "Hello?  Who's there?"  Joseph blinked in surprise and his jaw dropped as the man stepped into the shade at the bottom of the stairs and lifted his head to look at him.

"Hello, Joseph."

"Remy?  Remy, is that you?"

"Oui."  Remy climbed the stairs, stopped for a second, then held out his hand to shake.

"Oh my god it is you!"  Joseph ignored the hand and caught the smaller man around the shoulders.  Hugging him for several moments.

"Remy?"  The front door opened behind them.

"Hello, cher."  He gasped to Ororo as he felt himself crushed in a vice.

"Joseph, I think our poor friend here needs to breath."

"Sorry!"  Joseph released Remy but held him at arms length with a hand on each of the man's shoulders.  "It is wonderful to see you again!  Please come in and sit."  He grabbed Ororo's hand and led the way inside.

Remy noticed the way they held onto each other and smiled in surprise.  It was good to see them both so happy.  His heart twinged at memories of himself that way but he pushed them aside.

"So de Professor he tell me you havin' some troubles, no?"  They sat in the livingroom with Ororo and Joseph on the couch and Remy in Joseph's usual chair.  Remy removed his glasses and stuck them in a pocket. "He say you fill me in on all de details."

"Well let me start with when I got shot."  Remy's eyes widened slightly but he didn't interrupt the story.  Joseph told of the attack in the woods, how he almost died, and how Antonio had saved his life by using his just emerged mutant abilities to heal Joseph's wounds.  Joseph showed the younger man the scar on his shoulder and explained when it happened.  He then explained about the threat to his and Tony's lives.

"Dis happen less dan t'ree day ago?!  Well toss me in a pot an' call me gumbo!"  Remy looked around.  "Where be dis' amazin' young man.  Remy wanna shake his hand!"

"He and Logan are at the back of the property training."  Ororo explained.  "Apparently the young man has the potential to become a great fighter from what Logan says."

"You tink it okay fo' me to go take a look?"

"They just left about thirty minutes ago.  It would take you about fifteen to walk the distance and they usually stay out for about two hours so you should have time to catch a peek,  maybe get a bit of a workout."  Joseph grinned and walked with the other man to the back door.  Before Remy stepped off the back porch Joseph placed a hand on his shoulder and stopped him.  "It does my heart good to see you.  You loved my son so much and made him so happy."

"Yeah,"  Remy put on his shades to prevent Joseph from seeing the pain and guilt in his eyes, "but if it hadn't been fo' me he'd still be livin'."  He turned and walked to the fence, valted lightly over it, and walked away.

"He blames himself you know."  Ororo wrapped an arm around her lover's waist.  "He thinks if he hadn't insisted everyone meet him in New York then...."

"He couldn't have known."  Joseph put an arm over her shoulders and kissed the top of her head.  "No one could have know."  He cast one last sad look at the retreating figure and they both went inside.


The sun shone down brightly on top of Remy's head as a light breeze blew in his face ruffling his fashionably shaggy hair.  The light made it look as if his brown hair glowed red as his highlights became more pronounced.  Heat had finally made it necessary for him to remove his brown leather duster and sling it over his shoulder as he made his way to where Tony and Logan were training.  He wondered how the young boy he had become so fond all those years ago had grown.  Did he blame Remy for his parent's and Roberto's death as much as he himself did?  It weighed heavily on his heart to think so.  With his free hand he reached back and into a long pocket inside the duster over his shoulder and pulled out a foot long piece of metal.  He pushed a button at its center and both ends telescoped out until he held a five foot staff.  Using it as a walking stick he continued to where he heard the sounds of the two he sought.

As he reached the trees he heard the sound of metal hitting wood and smelled the distinct odor of Logan's cigars.  Quietly he entered the edge of the clearing but made sure to stay in the shadows as he watched a young man with dark bronze skin flick knives into a wooden target about twenty feet away hitting it dead center every time.  Remy lay his jacket on the ground, crossed his arms with the staff under one, and propped his shoulder against the tree he stood by to watch.  He was happy to see the boy had kept up with his practice.  Logan sat back against a tree to one side watching and smoking.  When the last knife hit its mark Remy stepped forward.


Tony was nervous having someone watch as he threw but pushed distractions aside and continued.  He had thrown the last knife when he heard clapping behind him and saw Logan jump to his feet.

"Bravo, petite!"  A familiar voice said as Tony swung around in a ready stance.  "Okay, maybe you not so petite no mo', eh?  You almost as tall as me!"

The boys brow furrowed in confusion.  Out from the shade of the trees walked a man about Logan's height with reddish-brown hair and sunglasses wearing a tight red t-shirt, black jeans, and combat boots.  Under one arm he carried a long metal staff and on his hands were oddly designed black leather gloves.  The boy's dark brown eyes widened in surprised recognition.

"Uncle Remy?!"  The boy walked hesitantly up to the man.  "Holy crap!  It is you!"  He wrapped his arms around the man catching him by surprise so that he dropped the staff.  They hugged each other fiercely for a few seconds then pulled away smiling.

"Uncle Remy?"  Logan barked in amusement.  "I take it you two know each other?"

"Oui."  Remy ruffled the boys hair fondly.  "Remy know him since he was knee high to a crawfish!  Knew de family since I came to de school long time ago."

"Wait,"  Tony pulled away a little, "the school?  You mean you are a mutant too?!  Is that why your here, to help?"  Remy nodded and removed his glasses.  For the first time ever Tony saw the reason why he had never seen the other man's eyes before.  They were red as fire except for his pupils and the fact that where the whites should be were black.  Tony was taken aback.

"De Professor he call me since I was nearby an' he ask me to come."  He pointed to the target.  "It do Remy's heart good to see you still at what he taught you.  You almost as good as de teacha, but can you do dis?"  He positioned himself ten feet further away than Tony had been from the target.  Quick as lightning the man used both hands to pull six throwing stars from secret compartments on his belt and launched them simultaneously.  They stuck deep in the target making an almost perfect circle around Tony's knives.

"Holy crap!"  Tony whispered his eyes wide.

"Keep practicing mon ami.  You be betta dan me someday.  You already damn good!"

"Is that your mutation?"  The boy asked his eyes glued to the target.

"No dat jus talent."  Remy smiled cockily.  He pulled a couple of cards from his back pocket.  "Dis is mutation.  Step back."  Tony moved watching in wonder as the cards began to glow red.  With a sharp flick of his wrist Remy sent the cards flying until they made contact with a tree limb where the cards and the limb exploded.

"How the heck did you do that?!"

"To make it simple I charge up de ca'd or whateva and make 'em blow up wheneva dey hit sometin'."

"Freakin' A!"  Tony breathed looking at the remains of the limb.

"Hey Cajun,"  Logan said gruffly, "we was trainin' not showin' off!"  Remy raised an eyebrow at Logan.  If he wasn't mistaken the other man was jealous!

"By all means, cher,"  Remy bowed slightly, went to get his throwing stars, and moved aside, "continue."

He watched leaning on a tree twirling his staff in one hand as Logan and Tony spared.  De boy good.  Remy thought to himself.  Soon Tony was winded though Logan seemed to have barely broken a sweat.  They took a break and as they sat Tony looked curiously at what Remy was doing.

"What's that for?"  He nodded at the staff.

"Protection mainly."  Remy answered.

"Will you show me?"  Tony asked shyly.

"Sho' if you want I'll show you some practice tings.  You too tired to spar so jus you sit and watch okay?"  With that he removed his shirt his muscles rippling with the action.  Now all three were shirtless.

Remy moved to the center of the open area.  Closing his eyes he began deep breathing and relaxing his muscles.  He cleared everything out of his mind then brought up the staff so that he held it in a firm but not tight grip horizontally in his right hand so that it was eye level.

Logan had seen this demonstration before and new the kid would be in for a treat.  The other mans 5'10" frame was all sinewy muscle with not an once of fat anywhere.  When he used the staff it was like watching a dance, a very deadly dance.  Logan had seen the damage the man could do and had been on the receiving end of more than a few blows in the Danger Room.  The Cajun was heaven in motion to watch, Logan just wished he weren't such a pain in the ass all the rest of the time, though sometimes he wondered if it weren't an act.  His attention was brought back to the present as Remy opened his eyes and began to move.  The movements were slow and controlled at first but he began to pick up speed.  The staff was soon a blur of motion as the man twirled and spun using it as an extension of his body, as if it were a part of him.  The show was excellent as always but something felt amiss.

Logan's sensitive nose picked up a scent from Remy as he moved.  As the man began to sweat the scent grew stronger and Logan realized he was upset.  A sound next to him made him look at Tony and was startled.  The boy was quietly weeping yet he never took his eyes from the man in front of them.  It was almost as if he were mesmerized.  The older man's eyes went back to Remy just as he finished.  Before the Cajun could turn away Logan saw tears streaking his handsome face and a look of pain then he turned from them and walked a ways away.

"Tony, bud."  He touched the boys shoulder to get his attention.  The boy turned to him and the look of anguish on his face made Logan inhale sharply.  "What's wrong?"

"He's so sad and angry!  He seems to almost hate himself."  The boy put a hand to his head and groaned softly.  "It's too much."

"Go back to the house.  I'll talk to 'im."  He gently helped the boy to his feet.  Tony swayed slightly but steadied himself.  "Walk, don't ride the horse.  If ya fall off yer gramps'd never forgive me."  The boy nodded and made his way out to the field and towards the house.  Logan turned to look at the other man for a moment then went to him.

Remy heard Logan's footsteps behind him and quickly reached up to wipe his face.  He felt a hand on his shoulder and jumped in surprise.

"Hey, Gumbo,"  Logan sqeezed slightly, "ya wanna talk?  I know I aint no expert or nothin' but I got ears, I can listen if ya want.  If ya don't maybe we can just sit down and relax."  Remy nodded and Logan led him by the shoulder to the creek.  "Why don't ya cool off."

Remy pushed the button on his staff and it shortened enough for him to put it in his back pocket then stripped off his gloves and stuffed them in the other.  As he squatted to splash himself with water Logan moved to lean back against a large rock nearby.  Dousing his head and chest Remy ran a hand through his hair and tilted his head back with his eyes closed.  He remained in that silent position for several moments.

"I'm de reason dey dead."

The comment caught Logan by surprise but he remained silent as the younger man turned his head in Logan's direction with his arms resting on his knees.  After a moment he stood and moved to sit next to his older teammate, one leg out straight the other bent with his arm rested on it as he leaned back on the same rock the other was using.

"You wonda earlier about de fact dat me an' Tony knew each otha."  He lay his head back against the stone and his black and red eyes stared unseeingly at the sky.  "When I was about seventeen de Professor discova me in Nawlin's bein' a t'ief.  He tell me he have a place where I can go an' not feel like a freak.  When I get dere I meet dis young man name of Roberto who was vistitin'."  Remy smiled sadly.  "He was so good lookin' and liked Xavier and us students even dough we was mutants an' he wasn't.  I love him de minute he open his mouth an' start talkin'.  When I turn eighteen we met up again and start datin' and we fell in love.  He bring me here to meet his family an' dey treat me jus like one of dey own."  Logan realized why the name Roberto was familiar, that was Tony's uncle.  "Tony, he become like my blood.  I had to return to de school and invited Robbie an' his family to visit.  Dey had to wait but I took an earlier flight an' dey follow afta."  He paused and closed his eyes.  As he continued tears seeped out and trailed down his face.  "Dey decide to leave little Tony at home wit Joseph since it was school time and left.  De plane...she took off but," Remy cleared his throat, "den she crash right afta an' killed everybody on board when she blow up."  Remy couldn't hold it anymore and buried his face in his propped up arm as his shoulders shook and he sobbed silently.  Not knowing what else to do Logan put an arm over his shoulders.  "It my fault!  I kill dem!"

"It wasn't your fault, bub."  Logan stroked a hand over the other man's shoulder trying to comfort him.  "It was an accident!  You couldn't a' known what would happen.  Hey,"  He pulled the younger man into a hug and rocked him as the sobs increased, "I can't see nobody blamin' you but you.  Tony seems t' care about you a lot an' even though yer as annoyin' as hell,"  Remy half laughed half sniffled as he calmed, "so do I."  Remy quieted then slowly raised his head to look Logan in the face.

"You mean dat?"  He asked quietly.

Logan swallowed and nodded as his pulse began to race like he had just run a marathon.  Remy's smell was all around him and his face was only a few inches away.  Logan's calloused hand stroked up and down his bare side as their eyes stayed locked.  Logan's breathing came a little faster as his eyes moved to the other man's full lips.  Remy saw where Logan's attention was and his heart sped up.  Unconsciously he licked his lips and Logan's eyes darkened as he leaned in.  Electricity shot through them as their lips met.  The younger man froze at first then turned into the other man's embrace with a sighed as the kiss deepened.  He ran his hands up Logan's hairy muscled chest and over his shoulders until his fingers tangled in the thick hair at the back of the other man's head.

Guilt pricked at Remy's conscience as he thought of Robbie.

Its okay.  A voice seemed to say in his head. It sounded like Robbie.  I want you to be happy and love again.

Remy relaxed into the kiss as tears dropped down his cheeks.  Logan pulled back and brushed the tears away with his thumbs.  He kissed the other man's lips softly then drew him into a hug.

"Sssssh."  Logan stroked his hand down Remy's back and kissed his shoulder.  "There aint no need t' cry."

"I know dat now."  Remy turned his head to bury his lips in Logan's neck and kissed it.  "T'ank you, Logan."

"Any time."  They kissed one last time then drew apart.  Logan stood then held down a hand for the other man.  As he stood, Remy put his arms around Logan's waist and pressed himself against that warm hairy body.  The two men were eye to eye as they grinned at each other.

Remy leaned in and pressed his lips against Logan's as the other man wrapped his arms around his shoulders and placed a hand on the back of his head.  Their tongues dueled as their hard bodies started to grind together.  Logan groaned into his mouth as Remy slid his hands down to grope the tight ass in the camouflaged pants.  They parted panting and pressed their foreheads together.  Logan chuckled brokenly.

"Maybe we should head back before things get a little too,"  he moaned as Remy squeezed again, "involved."

"I guess you right."  Remy reluctantly moved his hands way from the tight globes and placed them on Logan's narrow hips.  "We have all de time we want don't we, cher?"

"You bet, bub."  Logan kissed him again and pulled back.  "Grab yer stuff an' lets get goin'."

As he and Logan grabbed up shirts and Remy's jacket he noticed Logan still had on what passed for his uniform.

"Don't you got nutin' else to wear but dat?"  Remy slid back into his shirt.

"Nope."  Logan tucked the same black t-shirt he had worn for the past couple of days into his pants.  "Chuck 's s'posed to bring me somethin' tonight when he, Red, an' Slim get back."  Remy nodded as they walked to where Logan's bike was.

Logan climbed on and waited for the other man to put away his weapon and slide into his duster.  Remy wrapped his arms around Logan from behind as he mounted the bike and pressed himself close.  Logan turned his head and they kissed briefly.  As they rode off they both wore smiles.


Tony had been laying on his bed for the past five minutes worried about the man he cared for like family.  What could have caused him to be so sad and angry at himself?  He heard the sound of the motorcycle pulling into the back yard and was out of his room and into the kitchen in time to meet them.  Both men were smiling and radiating happiness.  With relief he threw himself into Remy's arms and hugged him tight.

"I'm so glad you feel better!"

"What you mean, petite?"  Remy asked looking at Logan in confusion.

"He's an empath," Logan explained, "and he felt you were upset."

"I'm sorry, cher."  Remy hugged the boy briefly then they stepped apart.  Reaching over he squeezed Logan's hand and smiled.  "I'm feelin' much betta now dough."  Tony noticed the gesture and the new feelings between the two and after getting over a momentary twinge of jealousy felt happy for them both.

"Its' okay."  Tony replied and Remy smiled then went to get his bags from his car and move red convertable into the back yard so it wouldn't be seen.  Tony turned to Logan and hugged him.  "Thank you.  Your good for him."

"Uh," Logan flushed a little, "yeah."  They went to the livingroom to join Ororo and Joseph who were watching television while Remy settled in.


It was around 4 o'clock in the afternoon when three things happened.  The first was the telephone ringing.

"Hello?"  Joseph answered.

"Hello, Joseph."  Charles sounded tired.

"How is the situation at the school?"

"Difficult."  Charles sighed and explained.

Grim-faced Joseph returned to where he was sitting on the couch and kissed Ororo on the cheek.

"Bad news?"  She was worried as Joseph nodded.

"It seems their have been some difficulties with a large werewolf pack thats been roaming the area between Salem Center and New York City.  There have been several attacks at the school and in town and Xavier and the others need to stay there to try and keep order."

"So no additional back up and no clothes."  Logan grunted.  "Y' know I'm gettin' pretty damn tired o' smellin' this."  He pulled at his shirt.  His sensitive nose wrinkled at the smell of day-old body.  "And I can't just run around in an old pair o' sweats."

"I t'ink I may have sometin' you can wear.  We about de same size, mon ami.  Dough Remy like how you smell"  Remy smiled and kissed Logan on one stubbly cheek and sniffed the grumpy man's neck then stood.  Joseph smiled so relieved the young man he had grown to think of as a third son was starting to be happy again.  He told himself to ask Ororo about what kind of man Logan was.

Just then the second thing occurred.

Tony shot to his feet with a frightened look on his face

"Tony, what's got you scared?"  Joseph stood quickly as the boy ran to the door.  Tony stopped and swayed slightly with his eyes closed.

"Its not me.  Its," his eyes popped open in disbelief, "Jon!  He's close by and scared."  He hissed in pain and grabbed his ribs dropping to his knees.  "He's hurt!

Logan and Joseph heard the sound at the same time.  Tony would have heard it too but he was distracted by the pain.  It was the slow labored sound of a bicycle coming up the drive.

"I'll go."  Joseph was out the door in a sprint.

He saw the boy hunched over the handlebars of a dirtbike like he couldn't straighten up trying to pedal to the house.  He had only made it a third of the way when the bike swerved off the trail and dumped him in a ditch with a groan.  Joseph was at the boy's side in seconds.

"Jon?"  He rolled the now unconscious teenager over and hissed.  "Dear God!"

The boys face was a mass of bruises, his nose was bleeding and obviously broken and his jaw was crooked and swollen.  He checked the boy for other injures and found a swollen knee and what were probably at least three ribs either cracked or broken.  The most disturbing thing though was the boys hands, they were bruised and swollen but there was also something else.  His fingernails were gone and in their places were thin steel plates shaped like the nails they replaced.  Joseph put his thoughts aside and gently picked the boy up and carried him to the house.

In the house Tony had recovered and was sitting shakily on the couch.  He had felt Jon pass out and had come back to himself now that the boy wasn't projecting.  When Joseph carried the battered boy inside Tony lept to his feet and rushed forward.

"Take him to my room."  Tony said knowing what to do but not how he knew.  Joseph nodded without questioning and followed his grandson.  When the boy was laying still Tony and Joseph carefully removed his shoes, socks, shirt, and pants being careful of the boys injuries.  "Stand back."  Everyone had gathered around the bed but moved aside as Tony removed the shirt he was wearing.

Holding his hands just above the other boys pale flesh Tony closed his eyes and concentrated.  Just as with Dancing Cloud he concentrated on 'feeling' the boys injuries to discover the extent of the damage.  The injuries to his face were bad but as Tony's hands passed over the ribcage he stopped and his brow wrinkled.  He opened his eyes gave Joseph a frightened look.

"He has two fractured ribs but he also has a broken one that has punctured his lung.  He's been injured for a few hours.  If I don't do something now he may die.  I don't see how he made it this long."

"Tony,"  Joseph moved to his side and placed a hand on the boys shoulder, "be careful.  You nearly died saving me."  Tony nodded and smiled slightly.

"I know."  He concentrated again.  "I don't have enough energy to heal everything right now but I can do his ribs and his lung."  Tony placed his hands directly to the boys skin over the injury and relaxed.  A soft glow began in the middle of his chest and spread down his arms.  The glow intensified lasting several moments until everyone in the room had to look away.  The light faded and Tony stood drenched in sweat and shaking.  "I'm done."  He grunted and doubled over.  "AHHH!"  He collapsed to the ground holding his ribs, wheezing, and coughing up blood.  He spasmed for several seconds as everyone looked on helplessly then he stilled and seemed to stop breathing.

"Son?"  Joseph was frantic as he knelt by the boy laying so still on the floor.  "A-da-nv-do, can you hear me?!"

The boy gasped for air and sat up gagging.  He coughed out a several blood clots then leaned into his grandfather's arms.

"I'm okay!  I'm okay!"  He continued to inhale deeply for a little bit more.  When he was breathing normally he got back to his knees and checked the boy over.  "He'll live."  He sighed in relief then lay his forehead on the bed and was glad he did when he felt the same odd sensation go through his head as when he healed the burn on Dancing Cloud's arm.  "Christ that hurt!"

"You are amazin', petite!"  Remy was dumbfounded at the boys power.  "I can't believe you jus' now manifestin' cause you damn powerful for a newbie!"

Situation three happened.

Tony, Joseph, and Logan stiffened.

"Someone's comin'."  Logan said.

Tony closed his eyes for a moment.  He sensed several sets of emotions not in the house.

"There are several of them but they don't seem hostile just curious and nervous."

"I'm not expecting anybody but bad guys tonight."  Joseph went back to the livingroom and peeked out the window.  With a confused look he moved to the door and stepped out just as two trucks with people in them stopped in the drive.

"Hey boss man!"  A man about twenty years old yelled as he jumped out of the back of one.

It was Brad, one of the workers from Joseph's construction company.  As a matter of fact most of the six people that arrived worked for Joseph and were also close friends to their boss.  The only one who didn't work for him was the man driving the first vehicle, his neighbor and best friend David.  The men all greeted him and shook his hand as Joseph looked at them in confusion.

"What are you guys doing here?"  Joseph asked David.

"We heard you needed help."  The men went back to the trucks and each one pulled out a weapon of some sort, mostly hunting rifles and large knifes.

"Who told you that?"

"Grandmother."  David said as he put extra bullets in his breast pocket.

"Dancing Cloud?  What did she say?"

"She said to bring the most loyal men I could find to protect you and Tony.  Apparently,"  he checked to make sure his rifle was loaded, "you two got some shit comin' your way that could effect all of us."  The rifle snapped shut and the man's honey-gold eyes lifted up to Joseph's dark brown ones.  "I made a promise and I intend to keep it.  So introduce us to the friends you got inside."

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