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Part 6

Joseph invited the men inside and introductions were made, he noticed Remy had put his shades back on.  No need to make their visitors any more curious than they already were.  Additional chairs were brought in from the kitchen into the livingroom and everyone sat except Tony.  He was in the bedroom keeping an eye on his 'patient' and best friend Jon O'Dell.

"Well,"  David said after taking a swig from the beer Joseph offered him, "I promised Grandmother I wouldn't ask questions but I would really appreciate knowing why we were sent to help.

Over the next hour Joseph explained everything, leaving out anything regarding mutation of course.  He was hoping to keep those particular details a secret, at least until he could ascertain what people's reactions would be.  They had moved along to normal conversation when Tony stepped into the doorway looking drawn and pale.  The boy waved him over and Joseph excused himself to join his grandson in the other room.

"He's awake."  Tony whispered as the door shut.  "He wants us both to be here."  They walked to where the red-headed teen lay so that Joseph sat in the chair and Tony perched on the edge of the bed.

"Jon?"  Tony placed a hand gently on the boy's shoulder and his eyes fluttered open.  "Grandfather is here."


"I'm here, son."  Joseph stoked the boys head and smiled gently.  He noticed the swelling was gone from the boy's face, his nose and jaw were straight, and his bruises were fading.  That explained why Tony was so pale, he had been working more on Jon's injuries.  "What happened to you?"

Jon looked at Tony with a frightened face.  Tony smiled tiredly and nodded.

"It's okay, you can tell him."

"It was dad."  Tears began to pour down his face.  "He f-found out I like guys as well as girls and he-"  his entire body shook, "he and Gabe started hitting me and kicking..."  Sobs drown out what he was going to say.  "It hurt so bad!"  He whimpered covered his face.

"Ssshh."  Joseph gently pulled the boy into his arms.  He looked at Tony over the top of the boy's head.  "Water."  He mouthed silently.  Tony nodded and left.  "Your safe here, Jon.  They won't find you here, I promise."

Joseph cradled the boy's upper body to his broad chest beginning to feel him calm down.  By the time Tony came back with water and a bottle of aspirin the other boy was quietly laying back down.  Joseph propped the boy up on some pillows then handed him the glass and two small white pills.  The boy swallowed and as he handed the glass back he began to stare at his hands cautiously touching the shiny metal that had replaced his fingernails.

"Start at the beginning and tell me everything and I mean,"  Joseph gave him a gentle but stern look as he picked up a one of the boy's hands indicating the nails, "everything."  The boy nodded meekly and drew his hand back to his lap.

"I don't know how he found out but....."

(earlier that day.....)

Jon sat at his desk in his room chatting online to a friend when he heard the front door open and close loudly.  He signed off just as he heard his name called from downstairs.

"Jon!"  His dad was home early.  It was only 3 o'clock and he didn't usually leave the police department where he worked as an officer until almost six.  "Get your ass down here, boy!"  Jon went out the door and locked it behind him.  He had had to get a lock to keep his older brother Gabe from stealing his stuff.

"Yeah, dad?"  Jon hesitated at the top of the steps as he watched his father grab a can of bear from the refrigerator.  Not a good sign.  He thought to himself.

"I said get down here,"  the big red-headed man popped the tab and took a drink, "not stand up their like a damn idiot!"  He wiped his sleeve over his mouth and belched loudly as he took off his gun belt and tossed it onto the couch with the other hand.

Jon cautiously made his way down the stairs and walked to meet his father making sure to stay just out of reach when he stopped.  The big man took a couple of swallows then sat the can aside.  He began speaking while his back was to his son.

"I been hearin' some stuff from some guys as work."  He turned to look at Jon.  "You know what I been hearin'?"  Jon shook his head.

"N-no sir."  Jon swallowed nervously.

"I been hearin',"  Stan O'Dell cocked his head to one side and gave his son a mean look as he spoke quietly, "that my youngest son is a faggot."  Jon was stunned and turned white as a ghost.  He didn't react fast enough to avoid his father's meaty hand grabbing him by the front of the shirt.  "Did you hear me boy!  ARE YOU A FAG?!"  Jon could only stutter as his air was cut off.

"Hey pop."  Gabe walked in the room.  "Whats goin' on?"  He noticed what his father was doing and moved forward eagerly.  "What did the skid mark do this time?"

"Your little brother here,"  Stan shook the boy, "seems to like dick.  Aint that right, queer boy?"

"I knew it!"  Gabe snorted.  "I knew the little shit was a queen!"

"I aint havin' no faggot in my house!"  Each word was punctuated with a shake.  "Even if I have to beat the man back in ya!"  He backhanded Jon across the face and the boy's head snapped back with the force. For the next five minutes both father and older son proceeded to beat, kick, and verbally abuse the smaller teen until he lay in a crumpled heap on the floor.

Jon lay still hoping the two would think him unconscious and leave off beating him.  He heard Gabe laugh sadistically as he and their father moved towards the front door.

"I gotta get back to work,"  Jon heard the sound of a belt being replaced, "so you stay here and make sure the little queer don't leave.  I got somethin' to do after work so I won't be home 'til late."

"Sure thing pop."

The front door closed but Jon kept his eyes shut.  He heard Gabe approach and cried out when he received a bone-cracking stomp to the ribs.

"You stay on the floor where you belong you stupid piece of shit!  I gotta go piss."  With that he walked down the hall to the downstairs bathroom.

Knowing he had to be quick Jon struggled to his feet.  Barely able to see through his swelling eyes he stumbled to the back door to get his bike from the shed.  He had to get away and he doubted he could run fast enough.  He had just made it outside and was searching where the key to the steel lock that was the size of his palm on the shed was hidden when he heard Gabe shout.  He was able to get the big lock undone and pull it off as the older boy spun him around and punched him in the face breaking his nose.  Jon cried out and was choking on his own blood when a strange tingling warmth pass through his body.  Gabe tried to yank him forward but Jon's hand wouldn't budge from the strong steel door handle he had grabbed.

"What the fuck?!"  Gabe backed off wide-eyed as he stared at his younger brother.

"W-whats...."  Jon felt his skin heat up especially where his hands touched the metal lock, which was still in his right hand, and the door handle which he grasped with his left.  He watched in stunned silence as the lump of steel in his left hand melted and proceeded to flow up over his skin.  The lock completely disappeared except for a few small pieces of rubber.  The rest of what use to be a bullet-proof security device continued to move upwards until it stopped at his elbow.  Something caught his eye and he stumbled back from the door he had been latched onto with a cry.  It now sported a rather large hole and what had previously filled that area now encased Jon's entire left arm and had begun to travel up his neck and across his chest under his faded t-shirt.  

"Your a queer and a fuckin' freak?!"  Jon was too taken by the sight of his altered physical state to notice the snarled comment.  He flexed his fingers and they moved easily like they were encased in material instead of polished steel.  He heard movement and turned to see Gabe coming at him with a 2x4.  "Better dead than a mutant queen!"  Jon's eye's widened in terror as the wood came down at his unprotected head with all the strength the big teen had in him.

The younger boy raised his left hand to block the blow and instantly the metal went from flexible to rigid.  The wood snapped in half and went flying when it connected.  Jon swung an open-handed right at Gabe's jaw and with a solid thud knocked him out.  Taking a few shallow breathes Jon watched as the metal sank into his bruised flesh.  It didn't go away completely though because his fingernails were now shiny and silver-looking.

This lasted only a moment then Jon remembered where he was and that he needed to get away.  He had to find a place where his father wouldn't find him.  He got his bike and pushed it out to the deserted street.  Favoring his cracked ribs he climbed on and pointed himself in the only direction he could think of: Tony.  His father had no idea where it was so it should be safe.  The Whitefeathers were gone for a while but Tony had showed him the trick of getting in the locked house without using a key.  He could hide there until he could get help.  He couldn't go to the police since his dad worked there.  He sent up a silent prayer and pedaled off as crimson drops continued to fall from his busted nose onto his blood-soaked shirt-front...

"I was just down the road from here when my tire hit a rock and I fell."  Jon came to the end.  "I thought I felt something break."  He winced as he felt his still bruised side.  "I couldn't hardly breath but I got back on.  I went a little further then everything went black and I woke up here.  Don't tell my dad please!"  He grabbed Joseph's sleeve and begged.

"Don't worry, Jon."  Tony stood and pulled the covers up to his friends chin.  "Like Grandpa said, they won't find you here.  Try and rest."  Tony instinctively sent out waves of calm feelings to the boy and he relaxed.  Soon his breathing slowed to sleep and the other two left the room.

As they went out the door Tony stumbled.  Joseph grabbed him as he started to passout.  Cursing quietly he scooped the boy up and took him down the hallway to the master bedroom.  He gently placed Tony on the bed and covered him.  The older man's dark brown eyes took in the boy's pallid appearance and the dark circles under his eyes.

"Is he alright?"  Ororo asked quietly from the door.  She had been the only one to see the big man walk by the doorway with the limp form of his grandson in his arms

"He's just exhausted."  He ran a hand over the boys long shiny black hair and sighed.  "I think he just over-extended his new abilities trying to help Jon."

"How is the other boy?"  She moved to place a hand on the kneeling man's shoulder.

"He'll be okay physically, Tony saw to that, but..."  Joseph turned eyes that burned with helpless fury up to look at her.  "How could a father do that to his own child?!"

"His father did that?!"  Ororo exclaimed quietly.  Joseph nodded grimly as he turned back to Tony.  "But....why?"

"He found out Jon was bi-sexual.  There is more, though."  He stood and took her hand leading her to the other room.  He walked to the bed showing her the boys hand and quietly explaining what had happened.

"Mutation?"  She whispered so she wouldn't wake him.  When Joseph nodded she moved to leave.  "The odds of two non-related people who carry the X-gene being as close as you say these two are is astronomical, but I will leave that anomaly for Hank to contemplate.  What I need to do is call Charles and let him know about this.  I don't think it's safe for Jon here anymore, not if his father did this to him."

"How will we be able to get him away without anyone questioning?"  Joseph asked as they moved to the kitchen.

"Charles has his ways."  The dark beauty smiled secretively.  She picked up the phone and dialed.  "Hi Jean, I need to speak to the Professor." There was a pause.

"Xavier here."

"Professor, I'm sorry to disturb you."

"Think nothing of it.  The situation has calmed down here somewhat."

"I'm glad to here it because we have a bit of a problem that needs your 'special touch'."

She explained what happened with Jon and his family.  She also explained about the help that had arrived in the form of Joseph's friends and neighbors.  When they hung up she was smiling.

"It will be taken care of."  She hugged the big man and they walked to the livingroom to work up a strategy with their small army.


6 p.m.   The Cabin

A pudgy balding man stood in front of a group of seven other men giving directions to their destination and what the plan was.  When he was done he smiled showing tobacco stained teeth.

"We're gonna show this no-good piece of red trash freak and his little punk that we don't stand for what he done to Tom."  The men rumbled in agreement.  "We're gonna take that knife he stuck a decent white man with and use it t' cut off both their nuts and feed 'em to 'em.  Right?!"

"Yeah!"  "Right!"  "Red bastards!"  The men answered.

"Lets get this show on the road."  A big red-headed man in the back stood.  "I got some business t' take care of at home."  He slung a rifle to his shoulder and went out the door.


7 p.m.  The Whitefeather home

Logan perched in a tree watching the wood across the dirt road from Joseph and Tony's home.  His ear piece crackled then her heard Ororo.

"Logan, do you see anything yet?"  Ororo radioed from her and Joseph's position on top of the house.

"Nothin' yet."  His eyes scanned the yard making sure everyone on the ground was in place.

"Remember,"  she reminded him, "no use of mutant powers unless it can't be avoided.  I will provide cover when needed but only because no civilians will see me."

"Roger."  He turned his eyes turned back to the woods and he stiffened.  Then he smiled savagely and pressed the button in his earpiece.  "Time fer some fun, beautiful"  He saw movement and counted men.

"You see them?"

"Yup, seven in all."

"Get ready."  Slowly fog began to rise so that the unsuspecting men could not see what was waiting for them.

Logan signaled to Remy who was crouched behind Joseph's truck.  The other vehicles were hidden down by the creek at the back of the property.  At the signal the Cajun had the other men guarding the house shift into position.


A large figure approached the back of the house to make sure nobody got out that way.  He saw a boy moving around in the house and smiled.  Fish in a barrel.  He thought as he moved to a window and silently pried it open.  With agility it didn't look like his body could manage he climbed into an empty bedroom and crossed to the door.


Tony woke in Joseph's bed and sat up groggily.  The clock showed he had been asleep nearly two hours.  Concern for his friend made him get up and head for his own room where Jon slept.  He entered the other room and saw Jon start to sit up and yawn.

"Hey buddy."  Tony sat in the chair beside the bed and squeezed the other teenager's shoulder.  "How do you feel?"

"Like an elephant just tap danced on me.  You?"  It was good to see that freckled face smile again.

"Wrung-out dishrag."  The answering smile was tired.

Suddenly the night was broken by the sounds of shouting and occasionally gun fire.  Both boys jumped but remained where they were.  When the noise died down Tony closed his eyes and reached out with his feelings.  He was relieved to sense everyone was okay but he became uneasy when he felt something hostile nearby.  He opened his eyes and tensed as the door swung inward.  In the doorway stood a familiar red-headed man.

"Dad?"  Jon whispered in terror.

Stan O'Dell saw only the 'injun boy' at first but at the sound his startled eyes swung to the bed.  Sitting in the middle of it in just his boxers was the sixteen-year-old son his oldest was supposed to be watching.

"What the hell are you doin' here boy?"  Stan stepped forward menacingly.  Jon scrambled to his feet and Tony pushed his friend behind him protectively.  "Is this your faggot boyfriend?  If you yell,"  he swung the gun to point at Tony's head as he opened his mouth to call for help, "your brains are gonna decorate the wall."

"Leave him alone."  Jon's voice was angry and filled with hate.  Tony was startled to feel heat against his back.

"Who's gonna make me, you pussy boy?"  Stan sneered.

"Yeah," a hand on Tony's shoulder gently pushed him aside, "me."  As Tony watched the hand became coated in metal that seemed to come right out of the pores.  He looked up into Jon's face and the normally green eyes glowed with yellow fire as they stared at the older man.  The other now metal coated hand reached out towards Stan.

"What the-"  Stan blinked as his rifle started to vibrate.  As he watched the metal barrel crumpled like a giant hand had crushed it.  He looked at Jon with loathing all over his face.  "Your one of them stinkin' mutant freaks!"

"ABUELO!"  Tony yelled taking advantage of the moment.  It took a second for Stan to react bellowing like an enraged bull and charging the two teens.

Joseph dumped the last tied-up man on the front porch and had stepped into the house when he heard the cry.  He leapt over furniture, darted to the bedroom door, and threw it open.  He saw a large red-haired man charge his grandson and his friend.  At the last second Tony threw up his hands and the big man seemed to bounce off an invisible barrier landing with a crash into the dresser.  Joseph was stunned and couldn't seem to move.  Enraged the man picked up Tony's nearby hunting knife and charged Joseph.

"NO!"  Jon yelled and held out both metal covered hands as his eyes flashed from yellow to white.  Bolts of electricity shot from him to his father knocking the big man unconscious.  Jon slumped to the floor his hands and eyes returning to normal as he panted.  Tony dropped to his knees and wrapped his arms around his friend and they both began to shake in reaction.

"Are you boys okay?!"  Joseph knelt and took them both in his arms. 

Logan burst into the room, saw the downed man, and turned to the three holding each other.

"Where'd this asshole come from?!"  Logan used the toe of his boot to nudge the guy.

"He must have come 'round the back."  Joseph helped the boys to their feet and then went to squat down next to the guy and roll him over.  He felt for a pulse and nodded when he found it.  "Still alive.  Who is he anyway?  He looks familiar."

"That piece of shit,"  Jon snarled in disgust as he wiped his eyes, "is my father."

"This is the one who beat ya up?"  Logan growled.  When Jon nodded Logan lifted the man roughly by the back of his shirt and dragged him out of the room to be tied up along with the rest of the garbage on the porch.

"I'm so sorry, Jon."  Joseph placed a hand on the boy's shoulder.  "I said he wouldn't find you but he did."

"It's okay Joseph."  The boy sat on the bed exhausted.  "He wasn't looking for me, he came here with the others for you guys.  I'd say call the police but he's one of  'em."

"That's where I recognize him."  Joseph nodded.

"What am I gonna do?"  Jon asked in despair as he dropped his face into his hands.

"There is no need to worry.  We know someone who is more than willing to help you, Jon."  Ororo said as she entered the room and heard his question.  "As a matter of fact as soon as our 'invited' guests leave he will arrive.  I've sent Logan and Remy to the O'Dell house in Joseph's truck to get the older brother.  The Professor will need to see him also."  Jon looked at the young lady with white hair in confusion.



A younger looking version of Stan O'Dell answered the door with an icepack pressed to his jaw.  He looked the dark haired man up and down as he stood there puffing and chewing a cigar.

"Whatta you want?"  Gabe's words were slightly slurred from the facial swelling.

"A reason, bub."  The man answered around the cigar with a smile.

"A what?"  He asked.  The man grabbed the front of his shirt causing Gabe to drop the icepack and pulled him so close the cigar nearly burnt his nose.

"A reason, Einstein."

"To what?"  The kid squeaked.

"T' make the other side o' yer face match that one."  Logan indicated the nasty purple and black bruise on the kid's cheek and jaw.  "So please,"  he purred, "give me a reason."  He pulled the kid to the truck and threw him in the cab.  Remy locked the doors so he couldn't get out while Logan jumped in the bed.

"Where are we goin'?"  Gabe asked the driver.

"Family reunion, cher."  Remy smiled, pushed the gas, and they roared off.


Joseph waved goodby to his friends as they barreled down the driveway to head home.  He turned and went back into the livingroom.  There were bound and gagged men tied to dining chairs or just laying on the ground.  All were now conscious except Stan O'Dell who had not yet recovered from his 'shocking' experience.  Joseph checked the ropes on all the men and after ten minutes had passed he heard the roar of engines overhead.  He met Ororo at the back door to watch the Blackbird land out in the field.

"Good to see you again, Charles."  Joseph held his hand out to the man as he floated forward and they shook.  Scott Summers followed behind the man in the floating chair.

"Jean stayed behind to watch things until we return."  Xavier answered the question before it was asked.  He turned to the two young men that had just stepped onto the porch.  "Tony."  He nodded then smiled at the youth with red hair and bruises staring open-mouthed at the jet.  "This must be Mr. Jonathan O'Dell.  How do you do young man?"

"F-fine sir."  He shook the bald man's hand.

"This is Scott Summers."  He introduced and they nodded in greeting.  "So I am lead to believe there is a situation that needs my particular skills?"  He made it a question.

"A couple actually.  They're all in the front room."  Joseph lead the way as they walked inside.  He pointed out the conscious men.  "I guess they would be first."

"Very good.  Gentlemen, if I may have your attention please?"  Charles propped his elbows on the arms of his chair and steepled his fingers in front of his mouth as he focused.

After scanning their recent memories he shut his eyes.  Suddenly all of the men's faces went slack and their eyes glazed over.  This lasted for several minutes before the Professor spoke again.

"Untie them."  He said not opening his eyes.

Scott stepped forward and with narrow precise shots burnt off the ropes.

"Cool!"  Tony and Jon breathed in unison.

Hearing this Scott chuckled and smiled crookedly at them.  Tony caught a trickle of emotion from Jon and choked on a laugh.

"Down boy,"  Tony whispered and nodded at the ring on the man left hand,  "he's already spoken for."

"Shut up!"  Jon whispered back his face beginning to match his hair.

One by one the men stood and walked zombie-like out the door and down the driveway.  They kept their eyes forward and didn't deviate as they made their way back through the trees.

"What was that?"  Jon asked as Charles opened his eyes.

"Has it been explained to you about mutants?"  The man asked him. The boy nodded.  "Well I am a mutant who can enter and control thoughts or change memories.  What I did to those men was put them under a compulsion to return to their vehicles and go home.  When they get there they will have only memories of a drinking party to celebrate a good hunting season and no memory of this night as it actually occurred.  I already visited the man who Joseph sent to the hospital and convinced him it was his own clumsiness that put them there.  The other men who were in the hunting party who attacked Joseph and Tony in the woods will only remember a boring hunting trip where the only excitement was their clumsy friend."

"Awesome!"  Jon breathed.  "Is that how your going to help me with that?"  He pointed in disgust at his still unconscious father.

"In a way."

They all turned to watch as Logan and Remy drove up with their unwilling passenger.  Logan frog-marched a kid looking somewhat like an older version of Jon through the door.

"Ow ow ow!"  The boy yelped at the pressure on his arm.

"Hello," Charles paused to scan him, "Gabe.  You can let him go Logan.  Have a seat please."  The older boy walked in a slight daze to sit in a now vacant dining chair.  "Would someone please help the elder O'Dell to a chair.  I believe he is finally coming around.  I'll need his hands free so you may untie him."  He caught a stray thought from Jon.  "If you would like, Jon, you may go to another room.  I know this can be unnerving."

"No thank you, sir."  Jon's look was determined.  "I want to see this through."

"As you wish."

Stan groaned and came to.  As he raised his head he blinked in surprise at the faces around him and started to rise.

"Remain seated."  Charles said firmly and the man sat back.  "I need you to sign these."  Xavier held out his hand for Scott to hand him a folder.  He pulled out a stack of papers and placed them on the coffee table between them.

"What're they for?"  Stan looked at him warily.

"These are papers that would allow me to take over caring for your son Jonathan until he reaches the age of eighteen.  He would come with me now, tonight, and you would have no more contact with him unless he wishes it."

"You want the little bastard?"  Stan snatched up a pen and signed the papers then threw the pen back down.  "You can have him!"

"Thank you."  Gabe and his father stiffened in their seats their faces going blank for a few moments.  "Now stand."  Gabe and Stan stood.

"Wait, Professor."  Jon stepped forward.  "You say they won't remember what happens here?"

"Only what I want them to.  They will remember only that they came to a meeting with a representative that has offered you a scholarship to attend a year-round private school for the gifted and it was agreed you would leave immediately.  The papers he just signed release him of any and all rights to you and makes you my ward."

"In that case...."  The boy walked up to his older brother and punched him in the nose.  As the older boy clutched his bleeding face Jon walked up to his father and kneed him in the balls so that he doubled over.

"I like this kid!"  Logan grinned.

After Gabe and Stan were on their way Logan and Remy took Jon back home one last time to pack his things.  Joseph, Tony, and Charles went to the kitchen to talk while Ororo and Scott made the Blackbird ready for take off.

Joseph told Xavier what Tony and Jon had done when Jon's father attacked the two boys.  Tony knew what was coming next and had already made his decision.

"The only way we will ever come close to understanding both boy's mutations is testing at the school."  Xavier looked at Tony.  "I know Jon is eager for the trip but what of you young Antonio?"

"Actually,"  Tony said as he turned to his grandfather, "I think it would be best if I went to the school to train.  I can't seem to be able to control my abilities, especially my empathy, as well as I know I can and with more showing up I don't know what could happen.  If its okay with you I would like to go with Jon.  I think it would make him feel better also."  He looked solemnly into his grandfather's eyes.  "What do you think, Abuelo?"

"I think you are growing into a wise man, son."  He hugged the boy.  "I will miss you every day a-da-nv-do.  You make me proud."

"Then I'd better pack."  He stood and walked to the door then stopped and turned back.  "Do you think it would be okay if you came with me for a few days?  Just until Jon and I settle in."

"What do you think, Charles?"  Joseph turned to his friend and smiled.

"If you are free I think it can be arranged."  Charles nodded his voice laced with amusement.

"Thank you."  Tony turned and continued to his room as his stomach turned somersaults.  Joseph joined him a short while later to help him pack.


The process took a couple of hours.  Around the time they were ready Logan, Remy, and Jon had returned with the several containers and bags.  Since Jon would not be returning to his family's home he had to take what he wanted, including his computer, right then or leave it behind.  As everyone climbed aboard Logan announced that he and Remy would drive out the next day in the car Remy had brought and would meet them in New York.  They promised to lock up the house when they left and Joseph told them to help themselves to whatever they needed.  With that the jet roared off.

When they were alone Remy went to the sofa, removed his shades, and sat rubbing his neck.

"Dis Cajun is tighta dan a baptist preacha's butt."

"Let me see what I can do 'bout that."  Logan walked around the couch and dug his fingers into the other man's shoulders finding the knots and working them.

"Shoooooo, you good at dat, cher."  Remy sighed as he felt himself loosen up.

"Its even better if yer layin' down."  Logan said in the younger man's ear and licked the nap of his neck.  Remy shivered and turned his head to press his lips to Logan's.

"Sound good to me!"  Remy smiled and stood to take the other man's hand.  Together they walked to the room where he had put his bags from the car.

Once through the door Logan tugged Remy's hand until he was close enough for Logan to tangle a hand in the soft reddish-brown waves at the back of the other man's head and bring him in for a kiss.  As their lips moved softly over each others Logan slid the jacket off Remy's shoulders letting it drop to the floor with a soft thud due to all the weapons secreted within.  Remy's gloves followed.  They tugged at the bottom of each others shirts laughing into the kiss as they got tangled up.

They parted a moment and Logan tugged the other's shirt over his head.  He bent to lick at the exposed nickel sized nipples on Remy's smooth well-defined chest smiling at the moan of response.  Logan raised up and kissed him on the lips then moved back so Remy could do the same for him.  The black t-shirt slid off to reveal Logan's hairy pecs and six-pack.  Remy played his tongue through the forest of hair to tease the quarter sized nubs nestled within.  Logan sucked in a hissing breath as his nipples were licked and lightly bitten.  He tugged Remy's hair until the man raised up into a face-melting lip-lock.  Logan walked him backwards until they tumble onto the bed with Remy underneath while they continued to feed at eat other's mouths.  Logan pulled back to remove Remy's boots and socks then undid the pants and belt pulling them down to reveal the younger man liked to go commando.

"Nice underwear, babe."  Logan chuckled as he tossed the pants aside.

"Dey my fav'rite!"  Remy grinned and wiggled his hips causing his lightly haired balls to bounce and his four inch soft cut cock to shake in its trimmed nest of dark hair.

"Smartass."  Logan kissed him.  "Roll over an' I'll be right back."   Remy did so giving Logan a good look at his smooth round butt.  "Maybe that should be Cuteass."  He whacked it lightly and went out the door.

Remy heard him rifling around in the bathroom and when he returned he was carrying a bottle of baby oil.  Logan sat the bottle down on the nightstand and proceeded to remove the rest of his clothes.  When his seven inch long inch and a half wide soft uncut sex was revealed Remy's mouth watered.  It was a gorgeous monster!

Logan got on the bed and straddled Remy's thighs then grabbed the bottle and poured some oil in his hand.  He rubbed the oil to get it warm then began to work the knots out of the beautifully muscled back before him.  Remy sighed, moaned, and occasionally grunted at the sensation.  Logan moved further down working the firm globes of his ass then the backs of his legs.  When that was done he had Remy roll over and began to work his front.  First the arms and hands, then the chest and abs, then thighs and feet.  Remy moaned especially loud as his arches and toes were handled.  Logan slowly slid back up until his face was at the lovely semi-erect cock and heavy balls.  With a sigh he sucked the head into his mouth causing Remy to arch and gasp.  Swirling his tongue around the plum of the head Logan sucked his lover's rapidly growing erection deeper in his mouth until he had eight hard inches down his throat.  Pulling back until he had just the head again he gently sucked it like a straw then went down until his nose was buried in pubes.  Remy groaned and panted trying to remain still so as not to choke the hairy demi-god sucking his meat expertly.  Logan began to bob his head as his tongue memorized the feel of the two inch thick veined flesh in his mouth.  After several moments doing this he once again pushed all the way down swallowing the cock into his throat only to repeat the process over again.  Remy cooed encouragingly as he stroked fingers through Logan's hair.  Both men were in heaven!

Logan slid his mouth off and licked down to take first one then the other of Remy's balls gently into his mouth using his tongue to roll them around.  Remy raised his knees and murmured rapidly in French as Logan licked lower hitting his tight pucker.  Tongue stabbed at opening until Remy banged his head against the pillow and whined.  Logan rimmed him until he felt the ring loosen then slowly pushed a middle finger into the saliva-slicked opening continuing to slobber at Remy's hole until his finger found the hard bump he had been looking for.  Remy cried out softly and thrust to take more of the teasing digit into his hungry ass as Logan's mouth returned to work on his dick

"Oh God, Logan!"  Remy gasped as he felt the throat massage him as his prostate was teased.  "You gonna make me cum, cher!"  Logan picked up the pace and brought his free hand up to tug Remy's heavy sack as the finger of the other pumped in and out hitting the hot spot repeatedly.  A second finger joined the first soon followed by a third.  With each addition Remy's groans grew in volume.  Heat grew in his groin and spread throughout his body as his hole clutched at the invaders.  He shuddered and moaned uncontrollably until he couldn't take anymore.  With a shout his head went back as one hand fisted in Logan's thick hair and the other clutched the pillow under his own head.  "Oh my God!  Ah!  Ah!  Oh shit!  SHIIIIIIIIITTTT!"  The balls in Logan's hand tightened as the cajun shouted his release.  The snake in his mouth bucked and spit as Logan swallowed shot after shot of hot cum and Remy babbled incoherently.  When it became too sensitive Remy pulled Logan off his shrinking dick and into a kiss tasting his saltyness on the other man's tongue.  This went on for several moments as the younger man gained control of his breathing.  They parted and Remy kissed the tip of Logan's nose.  "Now Remy wanna take a turn."

They switched so that Logan was now on his stomach and Remy grabbed the baby oil.  He treated the older man to the same attention that had been showered on him earlier, smiling as he heard Logan grunt and groan as his muscles relaxed.  Slick hands played over broad slabs of muscle stopping to play with the delightful patch of springy soft hair just above the deliciously furred bubble butt.  The firm cheeks were next and a teasing finger stroked lightly between them and over the anus causing Logan to tense a little then moan and bite the pillow.  The fingers moved on without penetration to the hard thighs and strong hairy calves.  Logan rolled over when he was told and received the same attention to his front.  Ten inches were at full mast and dripping with precum with the purplish colored head nearly all the way out of the foreskin by the time the younger man had finished with the large long-toed feet.  It was enveloped by Remy's sucking mouth as Logan growled.  Pulling back the extra skin the rest of the way Remy caused his hairy lover to grunt then moan between gritted teeth as he ran his soft wet tongue over the sensitive dome poking gently at the leaking piss-slit.  Logan placed a strong hand on the back of the younger man's head and pushed more of his engorged meat in the velvet tunnel.

"Yeah,"  Logan growled, "suck that dick, baby.  You like havin' my meat fuck your face don'cha, bitch?"  Remy moaned around his mouthful as his dick began to throb back to life.  He loved it when his lovers used filthy language at him and called him names as he pleasured them!  It let both of them know who was in charge.  "Come on little cock-whore!  I'm gonna stretch those sweet twink lips o' your's with all the dick you can suck!"  Logan stroked in all the way as Remy's throat relaxed and moaned as he felt muscles contract and massage him.  This went on for a good five minutes when Logan finally decided it was time for the main event.  "Pull that beautiful face o' your's off and give me that ass, boy."

With more oil on it Remy's hand replaced his mouth and he stroked Logan's erect monster as he raised up to straddle narrow hips.  With the oily hand Remy brought the python to his soft slick opening and gingerly lowered himself.  He stopped as the head popped past his ring and whimpered.  He paused a moments with his head back swallowing convulsively as is body adapted.  The feeling was amazing as Logan's two and a half inch girth stretched Remy further than he had ever been before!

Logan began to sweat as his cockhead was almost strangled by tight muscles.  The heat was incredible!  Inside his lover was like a blast-furnace and he loved every second!  He reached up to pinch and twist Remy's nipples and felt the ring around him spasm then adjust.  He inhaled with a hiss as moist heat slid down his throbbing boner.

Remy felt the head pass through the second ring then the shaft of Logan's ass-ripping pole slide along his hot-spot bringing his own dick fully back to life.  As he hit bottom both men moaned loudly then started to pant as Remy began to move up and down. He was picking up speed when Logan grabbed Remy's hips and took charge.

"Damn baby," Logan grunted, "yer so hot an' tight!  Ride me, bitch!  Ride that dick!"

Remy was almost beyond coherent speech as Logan's filthy talk turned up the fire in him to a whole new level.  The ass-pounding seemed to go on forever and Remy didn't think he would mind a single bit if it did.  He thought he could spend the rest of his life feeling that hot meat tearing up his fuck-hole!

"Fuck me, you bastard!  Oh God!  FUCK ME!"  Remy screamed as Logan pounded harder and faster.  His fingers dug into his lover's hairy pecs his fingernails cutting half-moon shapes in the tanned flesh drawing blood.  Logan growled and the small pain made him thrust even harder.  The sounds of flesh slapping together echoed around the room as smells of blood and well-fucked ass drove the feral mutant into a frenzy.  "Oh God Logan!  Cher, I'm CUUUUMMMIIIINNNN'!"  Remy's voice rose to a banshee wail as his cock erupted without even being touched spraying thick ropes of spunk onto Logan's stomach, chest, and lips.  Remy's ass clamped down on Logan's dick nearly sending him over the edge.  He stopped moving gasping for air trying to calm himself and make it last longer.  The feel of the Cajun's anal muscles milking his hard cock and the taste of sweet cum in his mouth was almost too much as he clenched his teeth.  The younger man collapsed onto Logan's chest sweating and panting.

A few minutes later, when he felt a little more calm, Logan began to slowly thrust again.  Whimpering with renewed lust Remy raised up but held himself still as he reveled in the feeling of his lover pumping his meat in and out of his now well-stretched chute.  Each move stimulated the younger man's prostate bringing his own cock back to hardness yet again.  Moaning and panting he began to match Logan thrust for thrust until Logan knew he couldn't last any longer.

"Remy, baby, I can't hold it!"  Logan growled.

"Cum for me, mon amour!  Fill me up!"  Remy continued gasping encouragements in French as he rapidly approached another release.

Logan grabbed Remy's narrow hips holding him still as he slammed deeply and furiously until he froze ball-deep and threw back his head.  Howling his orgasm he sprayed deep into Remy's clutching orifice shaking with the force of his climax.  The younger man cried out as the feeling of Logan's hot seed flooding his insides rocketed him over the edge and into his third orgasm of the evening causing his balls to begin to ache.  Remy clutched Logan's hairy blood-streaked chest, both of them covered in sweat and other fluids, then leaned forward to kiss him deeply.

"Remy don't t'ink he be able to move for hours."  A yawn caught him by surprise but was cut off by Logan rolling them so that he was on top, his still erect penis firmly planted in Remy's ass.

"Guess that means," Logan thrust deep, "I'll have t' do the movin'."  They kissed again.  Logan made love to Remy slowly and repeatedly until the wee hours of the morning when they finally got up to wash each other then crawled into bed to sleep until noon.

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