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Gravy Baby


The School

Part 1

Antonio Whitefeather looked back at his childhood home one last time as he boarded the sleek black jet that was taking him to a new life.  Even the knowledge he would be back in a few months did not ease his heart.  This log cabin-style home was the only one he had ever known.  When he was just a toddler his parents had decided to live with his grandfather Joseph Whitefeather so that Andres, Tony's father, could help run the family's small construction company.  As business increased Tony's uncle Roberto decided to help out and, at Joseph's insistence, had moved into the large one-story dwelling.  They had all been so happy...until the accident.

Tony was ten when uncle Robbie's boyfriend Remy LeBeau invited the entire family to New York State for a visit.  Tony was in school at the time so it was decided he would stay home with Joseph while Robbie, Andres, and Tony's mother went.  Tony remembered smiles, hugs, and kisses as his parents boarded the plane with promises to return soon.  The little boy had watched excitedly as the passenger craft sped down the runway and roared into the air.  He waved and laughed as he held his Abuelo's hand.  Moments later the laughter became a wail of anguish as that same little boy watched the plane come crashing back to earth in a fiery explosion killing everyone on board.  Tony didn't remember much of anything until a few days later when he stood under the bright sun listening to the burial rights with his small hand once again holding Abuelo's seemingly huge calloused one.  It was found out later that a computer malfunction and an undetected fuel leak had been the causes of the accident and subsequent explosion.  A settlement was reached with the airline and nearly half a million dollars awaited Tony (though he did not realize it) in a trust fund being held for him until he was of age.

Nervously flicking hair back over his shoulder Tony moved to sit next to Joseph who had agreed to accompany him and Tony's best friend, and now fellow mutant, Jon O'Dell to Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters in Salem Center, New York.  The older man was going to stay a few days until the boys were settled, then he would return home.  As Tony watched the boarding hatch in the bottom of the jet whir shut he felt a thrill of unease.

"Is everyone settled?"  Scott Summers flipped switches then turned ruby-shaded eyes to his passengers.  When they all answered in the affirmative he nodded and turned to face forward again.  The engines whined to life as he gripped the controls.  "Prepare for lift off."

Tony closed his eyes at the sensation of moving straight up.  The engines began to rumble and roar as they worked.  Sweat broke out on Tony's brow and his heart began to pound.  His hands spasmed on the arm rests and his breathing became rapid and shallow.  A huge invisible fist squeezed his chest tight as he struggled for air.  His pulse pounded in his mouth and bright lights spiraled behind his closed lids.

"Tony?"  A large hand squeezed his shoulder as a deep voice seemed to call to him from far away but he didn't open his eyes or respond.  "Son, are you okay?"

The roar of the engines increased as they shot forward and his body began to tremble as his mouth opened wide and his breaths came in increasingly rapid wheezing gasps.  He began to hyper-ventilate as the memory of explosions and screaming raced through his brain.  Terror-filled dark eyes flew open as his back arched and fingers pulling frantically at the restraints keeping him in his seat.  His fight to breath increased.

At the controls Scott's hands shook as he was seized by a tidal-wave of panic.  Wild irrational fear froze him.  At the same time he could hear whimpers and gasping from everyone behind him.  Ororo cried softly, hugging herself and rocking as the jet dipped and weaved dangerously.

"What the hell is happening Professor?!"  Scott groaned as Charles grasped his own head.

"Its Tony!"  The bald man gritted out.  "Computer, emergency auto pilot!"  The jet steadied as the onboard systems took over.  Scott slumped in his harnesses breathing erratically.  "Forgive me child but this is for the best."  Charles sent out a telepathic bolt and Tony slumped unconscious.  Instantly everyone calmed and looked around confused.

"I'm sorry Professor."  Scott apologized as he leaned back in relief.

"No need for that."  He patted the man on the shoulder.  "If it was strong enough to effect me there was nothing you would have been able to do to protect yourself."  Rarely did a mind tricks or attacks work on the powerful telepath.  The boy is so strong but his powers are out of control.  Xavier thought.  It was wise of him to decide to train with us.  He looked back and watched as Joseph removed the boy's harness and moved him so that he rested in the big man's lap.  Joseph met his eyes and nodded.

"He's fine."

"What was that?"  Jon asked as he raised a trembling hand to wipe the sweat from his pale freckled face.

"That was our young friend projecting empathically."  Charles undid the locks that held his chair in place and proceeded to check over all the passengers.  "It seems Tony is able to manipulate the emotional state of others."  Everyone was fine.  "In all my years the only people I have seen be able to do it so strongly, and to a group no less, are myself and Jean.  We will be able to teach him more control but for now..."  He placed a hand on the boy's head and concentrated.  He pulled back after a moment.

"What was that for?"  Joseph asked as he combed his fingers through Tony's loose, black, waist-length hair.

"I've put up a temporary barrier that, without effecting his other abilities, will prevent this type of thing from happening again.  When he has learned to control that aspect of his powers better it will be removed."  Joseph nodded in understanding at Charles' explanation.

"It must have been the trauma he suffered watching his parents plane go down."  Joseph frowned in worry as his hand continued to move through the boy's hair.  "I didn't realize it was this bad."

"We'll help him my friend."  Charles smiled confidently then went back to his place next to Scott.

"I hope so."  Joseph leaned his head back and closed his eyes.  "I really do."


Tony woke to the sound of typing.  He blinked his eyes trying to focus on where it was coming from but was distracted by a huge yawn.  He stretched and rubbed a hand down his face.

"Ah, the patient awakens!"  An unfamiliar male voice greeted him as the typing stopped.  "Good morning young man."  He turned his head towards the sound of bare feet approaching and stared wide-eyed at the muscular blue-furred creature walking towards him.  The wide blunt face wore a friendly smile and he felt no hostility so he relaxed.

"Who are you?"  Tony's voice was thick with sleep so he cleared his throat as he looked around.  "Where am I?"

"To answer your first question I am Dr. Henry McCoy."  The man handed him a glass of water and helped him sit up.  "As to the second, you are now ensconced in the medical facilities within the walls of Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters in Salem Center, New York.  Better?"  He asked as he took back the now empty glass.  Tony nodded.

"Yes, thank you sir."

"You are quite welcome.  Outside the classroom you may call me Hank."  He turned back to his desk at the far end of the room.  "It's still early if you would like to join me for breakfast."  He nodded to a large bowl of fresh fruit by his computer.  Tony spotted a large shiny apple on top and his stomach growled loudly.  "I'll take that as a yes."  Hank chuckled and tossed the red fruit to him as Tony joined him.  "Have a seat and I'll let Joseph and the Professor know your up."

Tony sat and crunched into the perfectly ripe orb as Hank used the intercom.  He loved apples.  Around bites he and Hank chatted about the school and where Tony came from as they waited for the other two men.  Finally Tony asked one of the questions that was nagging him.

"Why am I here?"  He indicated the room.

"It appears,"  Hank answered clearing his mouth of the grapes he had been eating, "you had a rather nasty episode on your way here and the Professor had to put you under until you arrived."

"Oh."  Tony remember being uneasy as the jet took off last night but not much of anything else.  He turned towards the door as it slid open to admit Professor Xavier and Joseph.  Tony became embarrassed at his apparent lack of control during the flight.

"No need for that, Tony."  The bald man smiled broadly.  "It wasn't something you could help."  His chair stopped a few feet away as Tony stood to meet them.

"How do you feel, son?"  Joseph placed a hand on the boy's shoulder and peered with concern down into his face.

"Besides totally embarrassed?"  Tony smiled crookedly and shrugged.  "I'm fine."

"Good."  Joseph gave him a brief hug then backed away with a smile, his relief easy for Tony to pick up.

"Then I won't hold you here any longer."  Charles moved aside to give them room.  "I will, however, need you to meet me back here after lunch so that we may begin your testing."

"Come on."  Joseph moved towards the door.  "Lets get you to your room so you can settle in."

They hardly passed anyone in the mansion but as they made it to the dormitory they saw a few people who looked their way curiously.  Tony shyly returned the smiles a few sent his way as he tried to ignore the gentle but persistent waves of emotion that flowed over him.  They made their way to the boys hall and stopped in front of a door.

"Here it is."  Joseph said.  "Just press here," he pointed to a glowing pressure pad beside the door, "to verify your print and it will let you in.  Your roommate should be inside."

"Roommate?"  Tony's hand stopped halfway.

"Yeah, I here he's a great guy,"  Joseph's eyes twinkled, "though his best friend did say he can be a real pain in the butt sometimes."

Tony swallowed and press the button.  The door swung open and he stepped in, froze, then grinned broadly.

"Hey, Roomie!"  Jon lay across one of the two beds in a room filled with boxes and suitcases.  "I've already claimed this side.  You snooze you loose!"

Joseph left with a broad grin plastered over his face pleased with his little joke.  The boys tore into containers eager to get things the way they wanted them.  Tony quickly finished his own side since he had not brought nearly as much as his friend then helped the other boy finish unpacking.  They talked fast and their laughter was shaky and filled with nervousness.

Jon finally couldn't stand it anymore and, even though he was barely half finished with everything else, insisted on setting up his computer.  Without thinking twice Tony pitched in removing parts from boxes.  Jon began laying pieces out and was stunned as Tony started hooking up wires as if he did it every day.  The red-head was concerned at first since Tony barely knew how to check his own email and Jon's system was one he had built himself with special hardware upgrades.  He almost said something then stood amazed as he watched the parts go together as if he were doing it.

"Uh, Tony?"  Jon finally said as the computer was plugged in and Tony turned it on.

Tony's smile faded as he caught his friend's expression.  Finally realizing what he had done he froze.  Slowly his eyes widened and he turned to busy himself getting boxes ready to be put into storage or trashed as his heart raced.

"Since when do you know so much about computers?"  Tony turned to look at his friend as he struggled to find an explanation but Jon suddenly provided one.  "Oh,  thats right,"  Jon wiggled his fingers and made his voice melodramatic and spooky,  "your psy-y-y-chic!  Woooooh!"

"Yeah, right."  Tony forced a chuckle and turned away.  He had not told Jon he was unable to read minds actively.  He decided not to correct him but to ask the Professor about it later.

A few hours later Tony was finishing changing clothes as Jon flopped down to lay sideways on his bed.

"God I'm glad they put us together!"  He blew out a relieved breath.  "I think I would have totally freaked if I had had to share a room with someone I didn't know."

"Yeah."  Tony agreed as slid his moccasins back on then strapped on his belt minus the large hunting knife but still containing the smaller ones for throwing.  He was hoping to put in a little practice if he could find a nice isolated spot with some trees.  He pulled on a dark green t-shirt that was long enough to cover the belt so it wouldn't make people wonder.  "I was just thinking the same th-"


Tony fell back against the wall and Jon yelped in shock.  Standing in the middle of the room was a cute dark blue guy with a tail wearing baggy jeans and a white t-shirt.

"Sorry!"  The being apologized.  "I vent too far!"


The smell of sulfur was left behind as he disappeared.  The roommates choked and fanned the air in front of their faces.

"What the hell?!"  Jon coughed.  "That was the craziest thing I ever saw!"

"You should have seen my doctor!"  Tony chuckled and coughed.

A chime sounded from the door and Tony moved to answer it.  Standing outside with a sheepish look on his face was the blue guy and behind him was a tall blonde surfer-looking guy in a blue muscle shirt, baggy denim shorts, and white sneakers with sport socks.  Tony looked the hunk up and down and felt his pulse quicken.  Easy boy, he told himself, this guy could be as straight as they get.  Tony stepped aside so they could walk in.

"Sorry guys!"  Blonde Boy said as he placed a hand on the shorter guy's shoulder and moved him slightly aside.  "My blue friend here got a little excited wanting to to meet the newbies.  I'm Alex, Alex Summers."  He held out his hand and he and Tony shook.  Warmth flowed up Tony's arm from the contact and he flushed slightly.

"Summers?"  Jon asked as he stepped forward.  "Like Scott?"  They shook.

"Yep, he's my big bro.  He can be a pain in the ass sometimes but he's cool."  Alex's white teeth flashed as he smiled.  "This," he pulled Blue Guy forward, "is my roommate Kurt Wagner."

"Guten tag!"  Kurt smiled flashing small fanged teeth and waved a three fingered hand.  He was slightly shorter than Tony which put him at about Jon's height.  "Ve came by to show you around and take you to the cafeteria for lunch."  The boy's German accent was rather thick.  "You are Antonio, ja?"

"Tony."  They shook hands and Kurt's excitement was like a rush to Tony's system making him grin stupidly, giggle, and sway.

"Whoa there, buddy!"  Jon pulled Tony back making him let go.  "Empath."  He explained to the confused pair as he steadied his friend.  Alex nodded understanding.

"Oh,"  Kurt apologized, "sorry again."

"Not a problem."  Jon patted Tony on the shoulder as his friend recovered then held his hand out to Kurt.  "I'm Jonathan O'Dell, Jon."  He smiled broadly.  As their hands connected Kurt's face darkened ever so slightly.  Jon didn't seem to notice but Tony's keen eyes caught the color change and he felt a wave of shyness from Kurt.

Interesting!  He thought with a sly grin.

"Lets roll!"  Alex said as he began to turn and leave the room.

"Just a second."  Tony's voice made him stop.

Alex turned to watch Tony walk across the room to the bathroom.  He took in the strong stride made silent by the boy's soft soled moccasins, the swing of his loose waist-length hair, and the way his compact little butt flexed in the tight worn jeans.  Realizing he was staring Alex cleared his throat and look elsewhere.

Tony's hand fumbled as he picked up the brush and pulled it through his slightly mussed hair.  He could feel Alex's stare and felt the wave of attraction coming from him like a caress up the spine.  He shivered slightly then took a deep breath to calm himself as he turn with an overly bright smile.


There were already a few dozen students at the school and Alex explained to them that it was because for one reason or another those students lived on campus all year.  Some were orphans and had no family, like Kurt who had been raised in a German circus, while others, like Alex, had family who lived and worked at the school.  The most common reasons however were that the student's family had thrown them out or driven them away because of there mutation.

Jon became very quiet at this.  Tony sensed the pain in the boy's heart and felt an answering pang for him in his own.  Alex drew Tony's attention back to the scenery and while he was distracted Jon fell back slightly deep in his own thoughts.  On one hand he felt relief to be away from the hostile environment he had come from, but on the other he felt sadness at the relationship with his family that he realized now couldn't and wouldn't ever be mended.  He briefly mourned the loss of the last thread of connection to his past then began to smile as he heard the laughing happy voices around him.  It was great to finally be where he didn't feel he had to hide who he was.

"Gut."  The quiet voice brought Jon out of himself and he turned to find Kurt at his elbow.  The blue German smiled gently and raised a hand to softly stroke a finger down the side of Jon's still slightly bruised cheek.  "You shouldn't frown vhile you are here.  No vun can do dis to you anymore.  Besides,"  Kurt brought his upturned lips close to Jon's ear and whispered, "you are so cute vhen you smile!"  With that he blew a warm breath in the ear and sped up to join the other two.

Jon stopped as he watched in open mouthed astonishment as the boy with the midnight blue fur looked over his shoulder to wink and flip his tail coyly.  That brought Jon's eyes down to the cute behind the teasing appendage was attached to.  Kurt noticed and rolled his hips slightly giggling as Jon turned an adorable shade of pink.  A girl called a hello distracting Kurt who raised a three-fingered hand to wave at her.  He squeaked as his tail was yanked slightly and his butt was whacked by a strong hand.  Reaching back to rub the now tender spot he turned to see the freckled red-head begin to pass him whistling innocently.


"What?"  Jon asked wide-eyed and innocent.  "Crap!"  He yelped as Kurt dropped into a crouch with a toothy grin.  Jon darted across the grassy square they had been walking through and into the nearby wooded area with Kurt hot on his heels.

Alex laughed so hard he could hardly breath while Tony watched in stunned amazement as the two disappeared into the trees.  His expression slowly melted to a grin then he joined the blonde in gut busting laughter.

"I-It looks like Kurt may have met his match!"  Alex gasped clutched his stomach.

"I was about to say the same about Jon!"  Tony wiped his streaming eyes.

"Come on."  Alex looked after the two one last time still laughing as he lead the way back to the building.  "Knowing Kurt's stomach they'll catch up soon enough."


Jon had just started breathing hard when he was tackled  from behind.

"Victory is mine!"  Kurt yelled as he straddled his victim's back and raised his hands in the air laughing maniacally.  The laughter choked off into a yip as Jon rolled over then flipped Kurt onto his back using his entire body to pin him down with his hands over his head.

"High school Varsity Wrestling Team."  Jon answered the question written all over the other guy's face and chuckled.  "Do you yield?"  He quirked an eyebrow in question.  His eyes were drawn to the other boy's mouth as Kurt moistened his lips with the tip of his pink tongue.  Time slowed as they noticed just how close their faces were.  Kurt's heart began to thud as Jon's head lowered until their warm breath mingled and fanned over Kurt's lips.  The red-head repeated the question softly.  "Do you yield?"

"Ja."  Glowing yellow eyes closed halfway as Kurt slowly raised his hips to grind their growing hardnesses together.

With a groan Jon brought his mouth down swallowing an answering one from the lovely youth bellow him.  His lips are so warm, Jon thought as he savored his first kiss, and his fur feels like the softest velvet.  Their lips moved slowly over each other's.  Jon grunted as he felt Kurt's questing tongue stroke his bottom lip then pull back.  Jon reciprocated the move and Kurt sighed opening his mouth slightly in invitation.  Jon accepted and their tongues stroked and teased each other for several heavenly moments.  They broke apart to breath smiling softly into each others eyes.

"Dat vas vonderful.  Have you had much practice?"  Kurt asked teasingly.

"Actually,"  Jon smile went crooked as he rolled to one side freeing the other boy.  "That was my first!"

"Vell,"  Kurt rolled atop him bracing his elbows on either side of Jon's head and kissed the tip of his nose, "you are a natural.  How about ve practice more, ja?"

"Ja!"  Jon replied eagerly as he stroked his hands up Kurt's long well-muscled back.  They both giggled as their lips came together once again.


"Howdy ya'll!"  A pretty girl with brown hair that had a white streak in it greeted them as Alex and Tony stepped into the cafeteria.

"Hey, Rogue."  Alex smiled and made introductions.  "This is Tony.  He and his friend Jon arrived last night.  Tony, this is Marie better known as Rogue."

"Nice t' meet ya, Tony."  The girl held out a gloved hand and they shook.  "Where's your friend?"  She looked behind them to see if the boy in question was following.

"He and Kurt are taking,"  Alex looked at Tony and chuckled, "shall we say, an extended tour of the woods.  Would that about sum it up Mr. Whitefeather?"

"It would indeed seem to be accurate Mr. Summers."  Tony snickered.

"Holy moly!"  The girl rolled her eyes and laughed.  "That boy is quicker 'n shit through a greased goose!"

"What a lovely analogy to hear just before eating."  Alex groaned as they walked over to get in line for food.

With food collected they moved to sit near the other students so they could get to know each other.  As Tony took a seat he had to pull his long hair over his shoulder so he wouldn't trap it against the chair back.

"Man!"  Rogue exclaimed seeing the length for the first time.  "I didn't realize it was s' long!"

"That was an open invitation if I ever heard one."  Alex snorted.

"Hush!"  Rogue turned pink.  "I was referin' to his hair an' ya know it."

"Sure, sure."  Rogue stuck her tongue out at the blonde then turned back to Tony.

"Ignore Surfer Boy, shugga.  What I was tryin' t' say was that your hair looks wonderful but it must be a pain t' take care of."

"Not really."  Tony swallowed a bite of his hamburger.  "Wash, condition, trim it a half inch every year, no big deal."

"But don't it get in th' way?"  She asked as she forked up some pasta.

"If it does or if I'm going to bed I just do this."  Tony pushed his chair back slightly, wiped his hands on a napkin, and with deft fingers split his hair into three sections and braided his long mane.  He pulled a strip of leather out of his jean pocket and tied the end together.  The whole process took him less than a minute.  He let the hair fall back so that the end rested in his lap and shrugged as he picked up a fry and took a bite.  "Like I said no big deal."

Alex leaned across the table to pick up the long rope, fascinated.  Tony's breath caught in his throat as he watched strong square-tipped fingers caress his pride and joy.

"Awesome!"  Alex breathed dropping the braid and touching his own wavy blonde locks that lay between his shoulder blades.  "Dude, you need to teach me how to do that!"

"Sure."  Tony's voice cracked at the thought of running his fingers through that spill of shiny gold.

Rouge blinked at Tony's reaction then smiled when it became obvious how the dark youth felt towards the other.  She admired how the two looked sitting across from each other, one deeply bronzed with hair and eyes as dark as sin while the other only needed wings to look like a golden haired angel with brown eyes that had fallen from heaven.  The thought of how they would look in other situations did funny warm things to her insides and brought color to her face.  The conversation moved to other things when Rogue saw Tony's attention begin to wander, not in boredom but in interest as a nicely built girl walked past the table.  Must be bi or somthin'.  She thought to herself as she popped a grape in her mouth chewing slowly.  This could prove interestin'!

A few seconds later evil thoughts went through her head and reflected into a small smile on her lips.  Turning the smile as seductive as she could without being obvious she reached a satin-gloved hand to Tony's shoulder to pull his shiny braid to her to fondle and gush over.  Out of the corner of her eye she spotted Alex across the table from them frowning fiercely at her antics.

Oo-hoo-hoo!  She thought as she kept an eye on the blonde's face and leaned closer to whisper in the darkly handsome boy's ear.  This otta burn his biscuits!

"How long d' you think it'll take b'fore Blondie'll try t' knock the stuffin' outta me, shugga?"  She giggled into Tony's ear.

"For what?"  He whispered puzzled by her sudden attention but smiled knowing she was just kidding.  Then he focused slightly and vaguely understood from her emotional state what she was trying to do.  His heavy black eyebrows raised and his mouth formed an 'O' then he grinned.  Feeling naughty he turned towards her to play along.  "You are sooo bad!"  He put his lips close to her ear and whispered.  She giggled again and ran the end of his braid over her lips as her eyes twinkled.

"Well," she dropped the braid and stood, "I'm gonna go get dessert.  Would you like anythin', darlin'?"  She she drawled and batted her eyelashes at Tony.

Tony only shook his head 'no' too afraid he'd bust out laughing if he tried to speak.  Making it look good, he watched as she walked towards the dessert counter and leaned over to look at what was available wiggling her butt a little.  A slight rattling sound brought his eyes back to the table to find Alex had moved to sit on Tony's other side.  The irritation and jealousy rolled off the boy in waves.  Tony had a hard time controlling his expression as he turned to face him smiling.

"Hey, Tone."  Alex said sliding the chair a little closer.  "Do you mind if I take a closer look at how you tied that?"  He pointed to the leather strip in the other's hair.

"Sure."  Tony said a little breathlessly.  He brought it over to Alex's side purposely brushing the soft feathery end down the boy's muscled arm making it look accidental.

Alex's heart began to pound at the sensation.  It felt like a silky paintbrush trying to color his skin.  His breath caught as the owner of the brush allowed the length to fall into Alex's lap to lay over one thigh.  With fingers that trembled slightly the blonde picked it up doing his best to make it look as if he were merely interested in the tie at the end.  He turned it over and over between his hands feeling the satin heaviness.  His voice was slightly breathy as he asked Tony questions not really paying attention to the answers so mesmerized was he by what he held.

A very self-satisfied smile curled Rogue's full lips as she spotted the two on her way back to the table.  The smile turned to one of pure pleasure as she took the first bite of the slice of strawberry cheesecake she had selected.  The peacefulness lasted for several minutes until Tony stiffened with grunt and his eyes went wide.



Jon and Kurt sat together in the shade of a tall oak talking as the red-head examined one of the other boy's slender three-fingered hands.  Their conversation was relaxed and filled with laughter as they enjoyed each other's company.  Feeling playful Jon nipped one of the knuckles with his teeth then licked the spot apologetically as Kurt scolded him with a giggle.  Just then the blue boy's stomach made itself known by growling loudly sending them both into fits of giggles.

"Vell,"  Kurt moved to stand, "I guess dat means ve need to head back."  He reached down to help the other to his feet but their hands barely touched.  There was a sharp barely audible whistle then Kurt stumbled and with a slightly surprised look dropped to his knees.

"Kurt?!"  Jon quickly rose to his own knees and barely caught the other boy as he began to go limp.

They both fell to the ground as something whistled overhead and hit the tree with a solid thunk.  Looking up he caught sight of what looked like a stubby feathered dart that seemed to be leaking a fluid.  Thinking fast Jon dragged his friend behind a tree catching the sounds of angry male voices nearby.  His hand brushed against something in the meat of Kurt's shoulder and he pulled out what he realized was a tranquilizer dart.

"You missed him you idiot!  Hurry up and reload!"  One said.

"It's not my fault this thing only holds two!"  The other whined.  There was a click.  "Where the fuck did he go?"

"Jon,"  Kurt's voice was a slurred whisper, "need...varn...school."  He flopped an arm trying to point.  "Dat vay...go."  His yellow eyes closed as he lost his battle with the chemicals flowing through his veins.

Jon hesitated only briefly as he conceded that Kurt was right.  He need to get to the school and warn them of an enemy on the grounds.  There was no way he could help his friend by himself but if he could find someone...

"There he is!"  A voice yelled as Jon darted from his hiding spot and ran in the direction Kurt had pointed.

He didn't look back as he heard bodies crashing through the branches behind him.  Putting on as much speed as he could manage Jon leapt over rocks and fallen branches.  Panic was beginning to claw at his throat as the sounds seemed to come closer.  There was a whistle and then a stinging pain in his right hip.  Without breaking stride he immediately pulled out the dart and tossed it aside trying to keep as much of the drug out of him as possible.  His panic level rose as numbness ate at his lower body causing him to stumble.  The school was almost in sight when a dart caught him between the shoulders where he couldn't reach.  With a strangled cry blackness fought and began to claim him as Jon dropped to the ground.  His last thought was of getting Tony.


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