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Gravy Baby


The School

Part 2

Tony smiled shyly into the Alex's brown eyes as they discussed various topics that neither were really interested in at that moment.  Both were more interested in the sound of each other's voice.  The noises from the cafeteria were pushed into the background as Alex continued to fondle the end of Tony's long shiny black braid and Tony began to watch the long fingered hands lightly stroke it as if to memorize how they looked.

His breath was forced out into a grunt and he sat up straight as a bolt of panic shot through him.  It wasn't his own but it was from a very familiar source.


"Tony?"  Alex dropped the braid and placed a hand on his shoulder.  The hand fell away as he saw the boy's dark skin go ashen.

Tony drew in a hissing breath as the panic grew.  His heart began to thud and adrenaline pumped through his system.  He stood so quickly his chair flew back several feet and the table jumped slightly.

"Something is wrong!"  He looked down into Alex's concerned face.  "Find your brother and as many of the other instructors as you can and head in the direction Kurt and Jon went."  With that he backed up a few steps and with a leap cleared the table and was gone in seconds.

*Professor!*  Tony prayed his mental call was heard.

*What has happened?*  Charles' mental voice was calm but urgent.

*Something is wrong with Jon and possibly Kurt.  Jon was in a total panic then I lost him.  I sense hostility nearby.*

*I am detecting unfamiliar minds.  We're on our way.  Be careful.*

Tony reached for the knives at his waist and found his shirt in the way.  With a sound of irritation he pulled the shirt completely off and threw it aside.  His stride lengthened as he made it outside until he was in a full sprint he vaguely realized was much faster than he had ever been able to do before.  With a dagger in each hand ready to be launched Tony cursed himself for leaving the big hunting knife behind in his and Jon's room.  He dodged through the trees almost as if they weren't even there.  Jon's scent was strong and laced with fear letting Tony know he was close.

Within moments he came upon two men dressed in black one of which was carrying an unconscious Jon over his shoulder.  Filled with rage Tony let a dagger fly severing one of the achilles tendons of the man carrying his friend.  With a howl of pain the injured kidnapper dropped his burden and fell clutching his bleeding wound.  Jon landed heavily but did not move.

Before the other man could react, Tony let loose with the other dagger hitting him in the thigh taking him to the ground as well.  Tony ran to his friend without a second thought crouching down checking to make sure he had taken no further damage.  When he was satisfied he turned to the men on the ground coming face to face with the business end of a handgun.  Cursing his stupidity Tony froze in his half kneeling position.


Alex and Scott nearly collided at full speed going out the front door of the mansion.  Alex explained what he knew as they sprinted neck-in-neck across the front lawn.  They spotted Tony's green shirt laying on the ground and then the person himself disappearing into the trees.

Damn he's fast!  Alex thought to himself as he pumped his legs harder willing himself to go faster lest he loose the trail.

They broke though the trees just as they heard cries of pain and angry shouts.  They caught sight of Tony kneeling over his friend who lay on the ground when they saw a man in black sitting on the ground raise a gun and fire.  There was a ripple of energy as Tony's hand raised then a pause.  Tony dropped his hand and the gun came up again.  Alex raised his own red glowing hands letting loose a blast of energy as his brother did the same with his eyes.


The armed man kept the weapon aimed at Tony as he pulled the knife out of his bleeding leg and dropped it to the ground.  He tried to struggle to his feet but fell back clutching his thigh as the dark wet stain began to spread.

"You son-of-a-bitch!"  The man shouted making spittle fly.  "I'm gonna blow your fucking brains out for that!"

Tony held up his hand as the gun roared.  They both watched as the bullet slowed until it had come to a complete stop to float in mid-air.  Stunned, Tony lost concentration letting his hand drop and the bullet fell to the ground.  The man's mouth dropped open in shock but he quickly raised his hand for another try.  Before he could shoot again two beams of red plasma energy hit the man in rapid succession, the first taking out the weapon, and the other hitting the man in the shoulder and knocking him flat.  Tony looked up to see Scott and Alex running towards him.  Alex's hands glowed while Scott kept his close to the strange looking visor he wore.

"You alright?"  Alex asked anxiously as he dropped to kneel beside Tony.  He looked at Jon.  "What happened to him?"

Tony passed his hands over Jon's body scanning with his healing abilities.  He detected the chemicals and isolated their effects on the boy's system.

"Tranquilizer."  Tony grunted.  "It should wear off in about an hour or so."

"I'm not sensing Kurt."  The Professor's chair stopped nearby.  He closed his eyes and concentrated a little harder.  "It is most likely that he is drugged like Jon.  If that is the case then there is no brain activity for me to pick up on."

"If Logan were here he could sniff him out."  Jean commented as she rendered both hostile men unconscious with a mental bolt to make sure they didn't get away.  She checked Jon's vital signs and nodded in satisfaction stating he would be fine.

"Well," Scott let out a sigh, "I guess there's nothing else to do but split up and search.  Hopefully these two were working alone and someone else doesn't find him before we do."

"Wait."  Tony got an idea and lifted Jon's hand to his nose.  He stood and loped off further into the woods turning his face one way then another.

"Tony what are you...?"  Tony held up a hand cutting off Alex's question.  He closed his eyes sniffed and began to nod as he looked back at the group.

"Cologne."  He stated.  "Jon doesn't wear any and neither are those men.  So that only means one thing."

"Kurt."  Scott chimed in.  "Alex,"  he turned to his younger brother, "help Jean and the Professor get Jon and those other two to the infirmary."  He walked to Tony's side and signaled for him to proceed.  "Sniff away.  I'm right behind you."


Jon's head felt stuffed with cotton and his throat was sawdust as he struggled from his drug-induced sleep.  Blinking weakly he spotted the person laying in a narrow white-sheeted cot next to him hooked up to an I.V.  The normally cheerful smiling face was lax and grey-tinged.

"Kurt?"  His voice came out as a thin croak.

"Hey bud!"  A familiar voice called soflty.  "How are you feeling?"  Tony's smiling face came into focus as Jon turned his head still blinking groggily.

"Like shit."

The grin was lopsided and weak but it was the best thing Tony thought he had ever seen.  He quieted the boy's questions and helped him drink some water.  Jon fell back against his pillow with a sigh and began again.

"What's wrong with Kurt?  Shouldn't he have recovered first?"

"Allow me."  Another voice cut in.  A large blue figure came up behind Tony and stopped.

"Jon, this is Dr. Henry McCoy."  Tony introduced them and stepped aside so Hank could draw closer.

"As I was saying," Hank continued as he checked Jon's pulse and temperature, "Kurt had a rather bad reaction to the drugs that were used on you both.  If your friend here had not found him when he did I don't know that Kurt would have made it."

A thrill of panic shot through Jon at the thought of loosing the one he had just found not a few hours before.  He looked at the dark youth who had been like his brother for so many years.  Grateful tears welled up in his eyes as he reached out a pale hand to clasp the other's dark bronze one.  Darkness began to crawl up the sides of his vision.

"Thank you."  He whispered as his eyes closed and his breathing slowed.

"He will be like this for a while as the last of the tranquilizer works its way out of his system."  Hank explained with a reassuring smile as he tucked the now limp hand under the sheet and lead Tony into the adjacent room.  "While we wait the professor wanted to proceed with your testing.  Is that alright with you?"

Tony agreed and for the next hour or so he sat through numerous examinations and scans.  His blood was drawn and sent through various machines while Hank 'hmmm'ed and 'ah-hah'ed reading the data collected.  A short while later Tony sat in a comfortable leather chair across a large oak desk from Professor Xavier who had just done another mind scan on him and was reading through the same data Hank had collected earlier.  As Charles read Tony smiled at Joseph who had just entered the bald man's office and took a seat next to his grandson.  After greetings were made Charles placed the printouts on his desk and began to explain the results.

"From what myself, Dr. McCoy, and the medical computer have been able to gather it appears that you, young Mr. Whitefeather, have many talents at your disposal, once you are properly trained of course."  He smiled slightly as he continued picking up the top sheet of paper.  "We will begin with psyonic abilities.  We already established that you are able to send and receive direct messages but are unable to actively 'read minds'."  Tony and Joseph nodded.  "I do, however, sense great potential in you so that may change with a little guidance.  We also already knew of your abilities as an empath.  What you do not realize, but what we discovered on the trip here, is your rather powerful ability to 'project' your emotions onto a person or group of people.  For safety reasons,"  Xavier answered Tony's question before it was asked, "I have had to place a block on that particular ability until you are better able to control it."

"How long do you estimate this block will have to remain in place?"  Joseph asked.

"With the way our rather talented young mutant here has been able to adapt so quickly I would say we need only wait until the end of this school year."  Tony blushed slightly at the compliment.  "Only time will tell though.  Now lets continue.  Also in this area I have gathered from your recent memories from the past 48 hours that you, Tony, are able to summon a telekinetic or 'TK' shield.  This has been confirmed by our other tests.  With this layer of psyonic energy you should be able to deflect most physical or elemental attacks.  I would not rely too heavily on this ability though because it has been shown that it can use up quite a bit of energy and can leave you drained and unable to defend yourself.  It also does almost no good against telepathic attacks and supernatural or shall we say 'magical' attacks of a non-elemental nature.  You also seem to have the limited ability to create magnetic fields.  That was how you were able to stop the bullet earlier today, though the fields are not as powerful as your shielding ability."  At the confused looks he received he elaborated.  "You are strong enough in that area to stop or move small metal objects like that bullet but not to, say, halt a train or anything of that sort.

"As for your healing abilities," Charles let his perplexity show on his face, "at least those utilized on others, we are not sure if it should be labeled as a psyonic trait, a physical trait, or a combination of the two.  Quite frankly young man I have never come across this particular mutation manifested in this way.  I know of mutants, like Logan and yourself, that can heal themselves rapidly of almost any injury due to what is referred to as 'hyper regenerative capabilities' which I will call 'HRC'.  I have also heard of, but more rarely so, mutants who can physically heal others with a touch or thought.  Never have I seen or heard of a mutant, other than you, who literally 'absorbs' the injury into their own body and then heals themselves.  Attached to this mutation is a sort of 'scan' that you apparently use to assess injury or the overall nature of a person's condition.

"As for the definite physical side of your HRC, besides what has been established before, you also can, like Logan, look forward to a rather long illness-free life and resistance to most, if not all, forms of disease or poison.  Your metabolism is heightened to the point where chemicals such as drugs, alcohol, and so forth will pass through your system so quickly you may not be able to feel the effects at all.  Do you remember when Hank gave you that shot?"  Tony nodded at the memory of the rather large syringe half full of clear liquid the doctor had shot into his vein.  "How did you feel afterwards?"

"Well,"  Tony thought back, "I didn't feel anything at first then for a moment I was a little unsteady but then I was fine.  He gave me another one a few minutes later and the same thing happened.  Why?"

"What that substance was,"  Charles explained, "was a dose of the same tranquilizer used on Jon and Kurt.  The first was normal strength and the second was double.  For all intents and purposes you should be sleeping quite soundly for several hours!  Amazing isn't it?"  Charles chuckled as both Tony and his grandfather nodded wide-eyed.  "Moving along."  He dropped the first sheet and picked up another.  "Other physical effects enhanced by your mutation, most of which you may have already realized, are a heightening of most of your senses: day and night vision, hearing, and sense of smell.  Also effected are your agility, including hand-eye coordination, and to a lesser extent your speed."

"Holy crap."  Tony whispered as the Professor finished.  His brain seemed to be filled to bursting with new information.  Suddenly a rather unpleasant thought occurred to him.  "Nothing else is gonna pop up out of nowhere is it?"

"I don't believe so though no one can ever be certain."  Charles chuckled again at the relieved look on the young man's face.  "However you can expect the abilities you have to increase as you train and grow into adulthood."

"That I think we can handle."  Joseph sounded as relieved as Tony looked.

"Ah!"  Charles eyes went vague then he exclaimed softly.  "It seems as if both of our younger patients are awake."  He turned to Tony.  "Why don't you go check on them while your grandfather and I check on the other two.  By the way," Tony sat back down, "If you wouldn't mind later on could you please see to the man who's tendon you sliced?  I know he had it coming but I don't believe in causing permanent damage to anyone, even 'the enemy' if it can at all be helped."  Tony nodded reluctantly.  "Very good of you, Antonio.  There's no need to hurry though.  They still need to be questioned."

Joseph snickered lightly knowing what Charles method of 'questioning' was.  A little mental poke here and there and both men would admit a fondness for ladies undies and pink tu-tus if it were the truth.  As Tony exited he passed Hank who then entered the office.  The blue doctor asked to speak to Charles in private and Joseph volunteered to meet them in the brig when they were done.

"Before you ask Dr. McCoy,"  Charles sighed as Hank took a seat, "I did not tell them about the anomaly in Antonio's X-gene."

"In all honesty,"  Hank scratched his furry cheek lightly with a claw,  "I am not sure weather to disagree with that decision or not.  On the one hand they really deserve to know this information.  On the other,"  he shrugged and shook his head,  "I don't see what it would accomplish beside adding to their worries to know that the young man's mutation seems to be in a state of perpetual flux."  Both men's faces were clouded by worry.  Hank looked out the window and his brow wrinkled.

"There is something you have discovered, isn't there?"  Charles could have just picked the information from his colleague's mind but he had more respect for him than that.  Patiently he waited.

"I have been comparing Antonio's X-gene to those of other known mutants and have come across only one who's gene shares similar characteristics though this person's is more stabilized."  Dr. McCoy continued watching the scenery outside.

"That should be good news,"  Charles prompted, "but I take it from your expression it is not?"  He made it a question.  The other man sighed heavily but did not look at him.

"I don't know."

"Who is it?"

Hank slowly turned his eyes to his employer.  Taking a deep breath he answered.



Hushed voices greeted him as Tony made his way into the dimly lit room not that he needed much light due to his enhanced vision.  Nearly silent he made his way to were Jon sat next to Kurt's bed.  His moccasin covered feet made only the barest whisper as he dodged equipment and chairs.

Kurt's sensitive pointy ears twitched as he picked up the faint noise.  He smiled weakly as he reluctantly turned his eyes from the handsome freckled face that gazed down at him with tender affection to that of the young man making his way towards them.

"Hey."  Tony greeted them with a white-toothed smile as he place a hand on Jon's shoulder.  "How are you feeling?"  Tony frowned slightly as he noticed how grey and weak Kurt still looked and how the young man squinted even in the dim light.

"Better dan I look apparently."  Kurt chuckled at the two's expressions.  "Just a headache and some veakness.  Hank said I should be good as new by tomorrow sometime.  I apparently have an allergy to something dat vas used in de tranquilizers."  Kurt's gaze moved back to meet Jon's as the other picked up his hand and placed it against his freckled cheek.  Tony smiled at the gesture as he moved to the other side of the bed.

"Maybe I can help speed things along."  With that Tony closed his eyes and concentrated on scanning Kurt's body with his mind.  After isolating the problem he placed one hand on the boy's head and one on his abdomen.

Kurt blinked in surprise as he was surrounded by the glow emanating from Tony's body.  He stared at the other boy who had his eyes squeezed shut and his brow wrinkled in concentration.  He gave Jon a questioning look but only got a nod and a smile in return.  The glowing stopped and Kurt watched as Tony removed his hands and slumped back into a nearby chair.  For a moment the boy's dark skin went pale and he place a hand to his head then he seemed fine as he stood back up and smiled down at the boy in the bed.

"How do you feel now?"  Tony watched as color came back to Kurt's face and yellow eyes blinked and stopped squinting.

"I feel,"  Kurt assessed his bodies reaction to movement as he sat up,  "great!  Vat did you do?"  All pain and weakness seemed to have vanished.  He looked wide-eyed from one friend to the other.

"Just a talent."  Tony's grinned broadly as he patted the confused teen on the shoulder.  "I'll catch you guys at dinner.  Auf Wiedersehen."  Tony blinked in surprise at the foreign words.  As he walked away he felt the same odd slightly disoriented feeling he had after he had used his abilities on Dancing Cloud and Jon.  He shrugged it off as he departed.

"But..."  Kurt's voice trailed off as he watched the young man leave the room as silently as he had entered.  He turned yellow eyes to green one.  "How...?"  Jon silenced him with a quick kiss.

"I'll explain later."  He chuckled as he helped Kurt to stand and pulled him into a hug.  "Lets go tell Hank your better and get some chow."  Just then Kurt's stomach loudly protested its empty state.  They both laughed as they walked off arm-in-arm to find the big blue doctor.


Logan was having the most amazing dream.  Warm soft tongues trailed all over his body teasing his nipples and then tracing every muscle in his chest and abs before bathing his dick in wet silkiness.  Moaning his eyes flew open to discover it wasn't a dream but the beautiful man he had fallen asleep with in the hotel bed the night before kneeling between his legs and licking his cock to full hardness.  Raising up on one elbow he used his free hand to pull the young man up into a scorching kiss.  They broke apart several seconds later breathing hard.

"I was wondrin' how long it take you t' wake up, cher."  Remy chuckled softly then pushed Logan until he was laying flat again.  "You jus lay der an' let Remy make you feel good."  With that he licked his way back to Logan's now fully erect ten-incher.  Closing his eyes in pleasure the Cajun sucked the deliciously fat head between his full lips swirling his talented tongue around it playing with the extra skin a little before taking in more.  Inch by inch he took in the hot pulsing slab of man meat until pubes tickled his nose.

Meanwhile Logan was having difficulty not thrashing around as expert throat muscled massaged his raging manhood.  It didn't matter how many times he was treated to Remy's oral expertise the young man made it feel like it was Logan's first blowjob.  Pulling back until he just had the head Remy sucked gently then slowly deep-throated the throbbing sausage again.  Several times he did this before releasing Logan's dick so that it slapped wetly against his hard six-pack and shifted to lay on his stomach.  Licking lower Remy pulled his lover's large hairy balls one at a time into his hot mouth tugging and slurping.  He smiled around the mouthful as his ears picked up the other man's moans.  While this was happening Remy moved so that hairy legs lay over his shoulders giving him more access.  Lower the tongue teased until it licked lightly at the edge of Logan's tight pucker.  The older man stiffened slightly at the intrusion.

"Logan?"  Remy raised up with a concerned look on his face.  "You okay, mon ami?"

"It's just...I've know let anyone...."  He stuttered to a halt and swallowed.

"Nobody ever give you pleasure back here b'fo?"  Remy smile was slightly confused.

"Well not just that....I ain't never y'know....anything like that..."  Logan's face darkened slightly.  Remy's smile faded momentarily then brightened as realization of what Logan was saying hit him.

"You still a virgin?"  Logan nodded his face blazing.  Remy chuckled gently and placed a kiss on a hairy muscled thigh.  "Don' you worry.  Remy be very good and very gentle if you let him be your first."  He rubbed his cheek against Logan's thigh and looked at him pleadingly.  "Please?"  Logan hesitated then nodded, his adam's apple bobbing as he swallowed hard.  "Jus' you know if I go an' do sometin' you not like you just tell me an' I stop, oui?"  Remy smiled broadly as the other nodded and tried to relax.  He raised Logan's knees until his feet were flat on the bed and placed a light kiss just behind his balls before pulling the muscular cheeks further apart and lapping at his slightly hairy opening.

Logan tensed up for a second then forced himself to relax.  He sucked in a hissing breath between his teeth as Remy applied more pressure with the flat of his tongue licking him from hole to balls and back.  Tingles of pleasure made his cock, which had started to deflate, throb with renewed excitement.  Remy saw this and applied himself more vigorously determined to make this the best experience for his hairy lover as possible.  Making his tongue into a point he gently poked causing Logan to gasp.  He twirled his tongue along the outer ridge then poked again with a little more pressure.  Logan's breathing became harder and more erratic as this process was repeated several times.

"Oh, fuck!"  Logan whispered harshly as he began to draw his knees more towards his chest giving the other man full access to virgin territory.

Soon Remy was able to put nearly an inch of tongue inside and began to eat Logan out in earnest.  At Logan's urging he flipped around until they were in a sixty-nine and had Remy's throbbing boner buried balls-deep in the other man's sucking mouth while he continued to french the steadily loosening hole.  The sounds of panting, moaning, and sucking reverberated lustily off the hotel room walls but neither man cared as they explored the heights of oral pleasure.

Logan's back arched off the bed as Remy introduced his middle finger slowly continuing to lick wetly at the other man's ass.  Logan grunted and sucked the dick in his mouth harder as the finger pumped gently in and out going deeper each time.  Remy felt himself draw close to the edge and quickly moved back to his original position laying between Logan's legs so that he wouldn't nut too soon.  A second finger joined the first as Remy wiggled them around loosening the opening further making Logan pant wildly.  When a third finger was added Logan growled and humped his ass up to take it in all the way.  By this time a light sheen of sweat covered the hairy man's entire body and his breath was coming in harsh gasps.  Logan froze then arched his back and howled as those questing fingers found his prostate causing his cock to jump and leak a steady stream of pre-cum.  Remy licked up the flow but did not take the drooling monster into his salivating mouth afraid Logan was too close to last.

"Oh, shit, Remy!  Fuck me babe!"  Logan shouted after several minutes of getting his ass thoroughly fingered.

"You sure, cher?"  Remy asked hoping he was.

"Yeah!  I want your cock in my ass!"  Logan was practically incoherent.

Remy removed his digits from their dark hole and moved up to shove his tongue practically down Logan's throat.  The taste of himself on the other man's tongue was almost enough to send Logan over.  Remy grabbed the bottle of lube off the nightstand then leaned back to rub a generous amount over his pulsing meat and add to the spit coating Logan's hole.  Pulling his knees up to his chest Logan tried to relax as he felt Remy's eight inch pole poked at his entrance.

"Dis gonna hurt some at first but I promise you gonna like it later.  Jus' you relax, darlin'."  Remy pushed forward firmly until the the head popped in.  Logan groaned in pain but didn't protest.  After a moment Logan nodded for him to proceed then grunted as the head passed through the second ring of muscle.  "Dat's de worst of it, cher."  Remy gritted out as he forced himself to wait until Logan had adjusted to his two-inch girth.  He pushed forward slightly then pulled back a little then repeated until Logan's grunts of discomfort became moans of pleasures.

With a smooth steady pressure Remy slid in to the hilt gasping at the sight and feel of Logan's hot velvety walls welcoming him into their dark depths.  He pulled out halfway and slid back in watching the pink ring grip him tightly.  Logan moaned as he felt Remy's rock-hard length slide against his prostate causing his dick to leak copiously.  He wrapped his strong legs around the younger man's hips urging him to a harder and faster rhythm.

"Fuck me baby!"  He grunted.  "Pound my ass!"

"I don' wan' t' hurt you, cher."  Remy gasped.

"You ain't hurtin' me, bub, but I might hurt you if ya keep holdin' back!"  Logan growled raising his ass for deeper penetration.

"Yo' wish is my command."  Remy pulled out to the head then slammed home long-dicking Logan's ass like a maniac.

Logan had never felt anything like it!  He was stretched and filled to the max and was loving every minute of it.  The pain/pleasure called to his animal nature.  He bit and licked at Remy's neck marking him as his own.

As the pleasure built Remy started to use a combination of hard quick rabbit thrusts and hard slower long thrusts driving the man under him crazy with sensation.  The sting of teeth on his skin was driving him wild!

"Oh shit, babe!"  Logan panted.  "I'm close!  Give it to me!"  Remy sped up his thrusts as sweat poured down their hard muscled bodies.  "Oh yeah babe!  Fuck me!  Fuck my ass raw!"

"Yeah!"  Remy growled back slamming into Logan so hard that the bed banged against the wall.  "Who do dis ass belong to?!  Huh?!"

"You!  It's yours!  Oh shit I'm almost there!"  Logan threw back his head grunting and moaning.  Remy felt his lover's orgasm begin and pumped faster as he slammed his mouth down on Logan's to swallow his cries.  Logan's cock heaved and sprayed between them as his anal muscles clamped down on the pistoning pole in his ass bringing Remy along with him.  The cajun threw his head back with a yell then lunged forward to sink teeth into the meat of his lover's shoulder.  The feeling of hot cum coating his insides and teeth clamping down on him intensified Logan's release to the point that he immediately (thanks to his mutant-increase stamina and 're-charging' ability) had a second one.  They moaned and gasped as Remy's hips jerked forward with each spurt until he was drained.  Completely emptied he pressed his swollen lightly blood-stained lips to Logan's sharing the sweet coppery taste of them.

They stayed in that position kissing and catching their breath until Remy's dick shrank enough to slide out of Logan's no-longer virgin ass.  Rolling on their sides they dozed for a little longer until the hotel's wakeup service called to let them know it was an hour until checkout.  After a lot of play and eventually a little actual cleaning in the shower they quickly packed up their things, left the keys at the front desk, and began the last three hours of driving that would get them to the school.


It had been nearly a week since Tony and Jon had left their homes in Oklahoma to join other young mutants at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.  Since things seemed to be going so well Joseph had decided that he would head home the following day.  Tony was anxious about that but knew that it had to happen sometime.

He looked around his and Jon's room and sighed with boredom.  Training didn't start for another few days, Jon was off getting to know his new boyfriend Kurt, Joseph was in a meeting with Charles, Alex was in town with Jean and Scott,  and he didn't know when Logan and Remy would be getting back.  He stared at Jon's computer for a moment but his new ability with the machine still freaked him out a little so he looked away.  To top it all off he had yet to find a place to practice his self-defense and knife work.  He would have gone into the wooded area but until the new security system was up and running that part of the campus had been declared off-limits to everyone but instructors.

The two men that were captured the day of the attack on Jon and Kurt had finally given up the fact that they had been hired by 'persons unknown' to hunt and capture as many of Xavier's students as they could.  However, just as they didn't know the identity of their employer, they also didn't know for what reason they were to take the young people.  Finally resigned to finding out the old fashioned way, detective work, the two men were turned over to the proper authorities after being made to 'forget' the fact that the school was for mutants.

Tony groaned and flopped back on his bed.  His wandering eyes locked onto his flutecase on top of his dresser and he began to smile.  A few moments later he sat cross legged in the middle of his bed blowing practice notes but became frustrated wishing he was sitting next to his little stream at home where the sounds of running water soothed him and gave his music life.  Then he remembered the fountain located in front of the school and how its sound had lessened his homesickness the day before as he sat under a nearby tree missing his horse Night Wind.  Placing the instrument gently back in its case and without bothering to don shirt or shoes he made his way back to that same tree.

His restless spirit calmed as a light breeze caressed his bare torso and blew his long raven black hair.  When his feet left the paved walkway and sunk into deep soft grass he smiled feeling closer to mother earth by the moment.  Ever since his visit to Dancing Cloud these instances had increased but, unlike with the new computer skills, this new aspect gave him comfort instead of feeling weird.  He had passed no one on his way here since most of the resident students had gone off to be with friends in town watching movies and doing other things thus leaving him with just the sounds of the fountain, the wind in the nearby trees, and the occasional call of birds.  Sitting cross-legged under his tree Tony pulled out his father's flute and began to play.

He started with a traditional song but soon was playing notes that seemed to flow from him and that he had never heard before.  As he played it seemed as if his senses expanded until he was outside himself touching every animal, plant, rock, and grain of dirt all around him.  As each blade of grass blew in the breeze so did he.  As the water flowed musically through the large concrete fountain so did he.  As each bird glided gracefully through the air so did he beat his feathery wings and join them to try and touch the heavens.

The flow of music change as he re-entered his body but it did not stop.  It became more....


Joseph stopped himself from calling out a greeting as he spotted his grandson playing under the big shady tree.  He was coming to tell Tony that Logan and Remy had arrived but something about the song he played and the way he sat stilled Joseph's speech.  As he stepped closer a gently wave of energy caused him to pause and shiver.

"Is there something wrong, Joseph?"  Ororo placed a hand on his shoulder.  She inhaled sharply as she too was touched by that strange sensation.  "Shall I go get the Professor?"

Joseph nodded absently and as her hand dropped from his shoulder began to walk towards were Tony sat.  The music seemed to draw him closer until soon he sat across from the young man.  Though his eyes seemed to be wide open Tony did not react to his grandfather's presence but continued to play hardly even stopping long enough to draw a breath.  Joseph's big frame shivered and his breath seemed to freeze in his lungs.

Tony's normally dark brown eyes now resemble black bottomless pits.  No iris or white could be seen, only the darkness of the deepest well or a moonless and starless night sky could be used to describe what Joseph saw.  But for the rise and fall of his body caused by breathing and the graceful flowing finger movements up and down the wooden flute Tony was completely motionless and unblinking.  The music flowed and pulsed with so much life while its creator sat as unmoving as a statue.

"Tony?"  Joseph called to him softly and received no reaction.  He reached out a hand to touch the boy but pulled back feeling his heart slam against his ribs.  For reasons he did not understand he felt, no knew, interrupting the trance Tony was in could be dangerous for him.  For it came to him as certainly as he sat there that it was indeed a trance.


Tall grasses swayed, brushing against his black buck-skinned legs as Tony stood in a field that seemed to stretch for miles in all directions.  The smell of soil, dark and rich, surrounded him as he closed his eyes, tilted his head back, and opened his arms wide feeling the warmth of the sun wash over him.  The wind picked up and blew hair the black of raven's wings around him like a cloak as it brought the sweet smell of green life to fill his lungs.  He smiled and let out a whoop of pure joy.  With a sigh he dropped his arms to his sides and opened his eyes to take in the untouched beauty around him.

Something in the distance caught his attention.  A small figure stood unmoving seemingly staring in his direction.  As the breeze blew again he saw a flash of silver hair and the billow of colorful fabric around the person's shoulders.  The fringe at the top of his knee-high black moccasins occasionally caught a blade of tall grass and tugged free as he began to walk.  The two drew closer together and Tony's eyes brightened in recognition.  With a laugh he broke into a run until he was close enough then pulled the slight person into a hug.


"Joseph?"  Charles spoke quietly.

Joseph placed a finger to his lips for silence but did not take his eyes from Tony as he stood.  Backing away a few steps he turned to face the small group of instructors that included Xavier, Ororo, Logan, and Remy signaling for everyone to move further away.

"Before you say anything Charles,"  Joseph began as the moved a safe distance away but stayed close enough to watch over the young man,  "I can tell you that I doubt this has anything to do with his mutation."

"I tend to agree, my friend."  Charles nodded.  "This has more the feel of the supernatural."

"Is there anything we can do?"  Ororo voice mirrored her concern.

"Just watch over him until he returns to us, A-da-ga-u-e."  Joseph put an arm around her shoulders and kissed the top of her head as he continued to watch for signs of change.

"Whata ya mean 'returns to us'?"  Logan asked shooting the big man a confused look.

"I believe he is on what is called a 'spirit walk' though I've never heard of one like this."  He received more looks.  "Lets just say that in Tony's case his spirit is on a quest for knowledge whether it be of himself, his future, or whatever.  As to why it has happened this way......"  he shook his head and shrugged.

"One moment."  Charles moved to Tony's side as everyone watched anxiously.  After a few moments he came back with a slight smile on his face.  "We may have been wrong at least partially on this having nothing to do with his mutation."

"I don't understand."  Joseph's eyebrows drew together in confusion.

"I believe our young friend has projected himself and his 'spirit walk' onto the astral plane with the help of his psyonic abilities."  Charles stated.  "You were right in not disturbing him physically, Joseph.  If you had he may not have been able to find his way back.  In effect he would have died."

Joseph felt a moment of sheer terror.  What if he had made physical contact?  Tony would be gone forever!  He began to tremble in reaction and Ororo hugged him reassuringly.

"He will be fine, Joseph."  Charles reached out and placed a hand on his arm.  "You and I will remain here so that you can monitor him physically while I will do so in here,"  he tapped his temple, "and on the other plane to make sure he finds his way home.  Come."  He signaled Joseph to proceed him.  "The rest of you please make sure we are not disturbed.  Keep all the students inside until I say otherwise.  I will let Jean know to keep the rest of them in town for a while."  Everyone nodded and went to their tasks as the two older men sat vigil near their young charge.

Charles propped his elbows on the armrests of his hoverchair steepling his hands in front of his face and went into a meditative state while Joseph re-took his seat across from his beloved grandson and gazed into his dark empty eyes.  The music and subtle energy flowed over and through them.  This has the feel of magic.  He thought to himself.  Dark worried eyes traced the contours of the expressionless face before him as Joseph searched for any sign of change but it remained as placid as the surface of a pond that not a breath of wind touched.  The notes swelled and ebbed but did not falter for even a moment.

"You look so like your father.  Both of you so handsome and proud looking.  You'll probably have to start worrying about admirers beating down your door pretty soon."  Joseph's chuckle choked off as he took a shuddering breath.  "Come back to me, son,"  he whispered raggedly, "I don't think I could live if I lost you too."


"Antonio, a-yo-tli!"  The small woman in his arms beamed and laughed as the young man sat her feet back on the ground.  "It is so good to see you again."

"It's only been a few days but I've missed you so much, u-s-di e-ni-si."  He looked around.  "Why are we here?  How did we get to this place?"

"I believe,"  she cocked her head and gestured to his clothing, "you are searching.  As to how we came here,"  her hand swept outward to indicate the land around them, "you brought us here.

Pushing aside the question of how he had brought them there he allowed his gaze to take in his appearance.  For the first time Tony noticed what he wore.  From the waist up he was bare save for a black leather cord from which a wide silver medallion hung.  His hand lifted the heavy piece of round metal to eye level as he tried to distinguish what was engraved upon it.  The surface seemed foggy and blurred as if it were a photograph only half developed, waiting for the last process to show what the camera it came from had captured.  Shrugging he let it drop back to his chest.

The rest of his body was clad in the softest of buckskins dyed as black as the hair that hung loose almost past his waist.  A loin cloth was tied around his hips while leggings clung to his sleek thighs and were tucked into the tops of his knee-high fringed moccasins.

"What do you mean 'searching'?"  Tony asked as he allowed his hands to run lightly over the supple hide.

"Black is the color of those who seek answers."  Her dark eyes looked deeply into his.  "You have many questions, I think.  Many questions, but not all can be answered right now.  You will need further lessons."

"Will you be my teacher?"

"Oh if only I could, a-yo-tli,"  she shook her head her face a little sad but also filled with acceptance,  "but I am too old, weak, and frail to make the journey that is needed.  My a-do-nv-do longs to go to the Great Spirit and there is too much to be done before I take the forever sleep.  I will send someone to you in my place."  She saw his concerned face and patted his cheek affectionately.  "Don't worry, young one, it will be someone I trust completely.  They will be able to help you just as I am here to.  Now,"  she pulled a small bag from under her shawl,  "we will begin by discovering your totem animals.  Each of the first seven animals represents a part of you and are from the seven directions: east, south, west, north, above, below, and within.  The last two are the animals that stand by your sides guarding and guiding your male and female halves.  Always remember,"  her gaze was intense upon his face,  "heed the advise of your totem animals and of those who visit you though you should not expect them to speak as you or I."

"But how will I know what they are trying to say if they don't?"

"You will learn,"  her smile was filled with confidence,  "but seek advise if you become uncertain."  She lifted the bag slightly.  "Are you ready?"  He took a deep breath and nodded.  "Open your heart, a-yo-tli, and with reverence ask that your animal guides come to you.  When you are done place your hand in the bag and pull out what you find then release it.  Do this seven times, one for each direction."

Tony paused and took a few cleansing breaths before he closed his eyes and sent out his silent request.  His eyes opened and after only a moments hesitation plunged his hand into the bag Dancing Cloud held out for him.


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