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Gravy Baby


The School

Part 3

The Astral Plane 

He felt nothing at first and Tony's brow wrinkled in concern.  Had his request gone unanswered?  Had he done it wrong?  He tensed slightly and then sighed in relief as something round pressed up into his palm.  Gently he lifted a small sphere of light from the bag he had reached into.  He uncurled his fingers and it floated into the air to hover nearly a foot above his head.  Seeing Dancing Cloud nod and smile he reached in and did the same thing again.  He repeated the process five more times until a total of seven pulses of energy hovered above them.  As the small woman began to close the bag she held an eighth light floated out of its own volition, paused a moment then floated to a spot just above the others keeping itself nearby but separate.

"Hmmmm, how unusual." Was the only thing Dancing Cloud said as she tucked the bag away under her shawl.  Tony almost asked her why when he was distracted.

As the two watched the first seven pulses began to move seeming to dance to unheard music around the eighth as their colors flashed and changed.  The last one pulsed but remained a solid silver.  The speed increased until the lights had almost blurred into one.  Suddenly one separated from the others to streak off to the east.  The second went south, the third west, and number four went north.  Three were left dancing and pulsing until two shot off at the same time, one straight up and the other disappeared into the ground.  The last of the dancing lights slowed to a halt and began to drift towards Tony.  The boy's eyes widened slightly.

"It won't hurt you, a-yo-tli."  The little woman reassured him.

The light drifted lower until it centered itself at Tony's chest.  Gently it touched his bare skin and a shiver ran through him as it sank inside.  They stood in silence for a moment then their eyes were brought skyward by the cry of a bird.

"Your animal of the east."  Dancing Cloud gestured at the creature who flew lower.  "The Eagle will help you on your spiritual path through challenges and toward illumination.  It is the power of the Great Spirit and will keep you balanced between the spirit realm and the Earth.  It holds healing power in it's feathers."

Tony held out his arm allowing the magnificent animal to land on it.  Though it's talons were long and sharp he was not harmed.  Shining eyes looked into his own for a moment then with a low cry it faded from sight like mist in the heat of the sun.  There was a tingling where the silver medallion Tony wore touched his chest.  He lifted the piece of metal and looked.  Most of the surface was still foggy but to one side a clear impression of an eagle feather could be seen.  The rustling of grass brought his attention back up and he saw a spindley-legged creature step forward.  It turned it's antlered head in the woman's direction and blew softly but then made its way towards Tony.  Dancing cloud spoke softly as it approached.

"Antelope is your animal of the south and protects your inner child."  She explained as Tony stroked it's head and side.  "It will teach when to be humble and when to trust so that innocence will be balanced within you.  He is knowledgeable action and makes you aware of your mortality.  His medicine will give you strength of mind and heart, and the ability to make quick and decisive decisions.  He is action."  As the antelope faded and the medallion tingled their was a familiar thump of a hoof  followed by a soft neigh.

"Ah, Horse!"  Beautiful and solid white with eyes like dark liquid, the next creature stepped forward blowing his breath in Tony's delighted face and received a hug around it's powerful neck.  "He is power of the physical kind and of the unearthly kind.  Power is wisdom found in remembering your total journey.  This is not power in dominating another.  You will learn this for yourself.  He is from the west and will lead you to your personal truth and inner answers.  The path to your personal goals can be found with him."

Tony watched a little sadly as the stallion dissapeared and the tingle at his chest came again.  He missed Night Wind, his black and white horse in Oklahoma.  A slight tickling sensation drew his gaze to his arm.  He brought it to eye level and watched as the insect's antenna waved about even though it had stopped walking.  It was almost as if it were presenting itself for inspection.

"Ant calls you from the North and gives you wise counsel, reminding you when to speak and when to listen.  She cautions you to remember to be grateful for every blessing every day."  Dancing Cloud raised her own arm watching as her own ant wandered lazily about.  "She is one of my animals as well and has taught me many things.  Self-sacrifice and patience are but two parts of her medicine, though her patience is most powerful.  She works for the good of the community and shows trust in the Universe to provide by knowing 'what is yours will come to you'."

The insect was gone and Tony barely felt the tingle as he turned towards the sounds of grunting and snorting.  His eyes met small fiery ones peering from a rather ugly be-tusked, snouted, and bristly face.  It waddled forward on legs that seemed tiny for its frame but the young man new the physical power the creature possessed.  It was so large it came nearly to Tony's hip and he stared at it in near awe.

"Wild Boar looks down from above and teaches you to honor the Great Star Nation reminding you that you came from the stars and will someday return there.  He is your guardian of the Dreamtime and will provide access to the other dimensions.  Wild Boar's medicine teaches us to confront our weaknesses and turn them into strengths.  He is confrontation, courageously standing tall, not running from what life presents us with.  He will call to your warrior nature."  The giant swine nudged Tony's leg and was gone leaving the by now expected tingling in it's wake.

Tony stared rather bemused at the animal that came next.  The fat bird's rather ugly face sat atop an almost too-long neck.  The only attractive thing on its plump, long-legged body was the fan of feathers it showed off.

"A turkey?"  He asked but the little woman next to him just chuckled.

"Many know Turkey as the Give-Away Eagle.  Don't judge him by what white men have said about him being funny or stupid."  The bird approached and cocked it's head at the two of them as if listening to her words.  "Turkey has been the medicine of many saints and mystics.  He shows you have many virtues and have or will transcend self.  You act and react on the behalf of others and aspire to help those in need not from a sense of self-righteousness or guilt but because your understand that life is sacred.  If you needed to you would 'give away' all you possessed to help others of the tribe.  He is the Below animal who teaches you about the inner Earth and how to stay grounded and on the path."

Tony looked at the awkward-seeming fowl with a new respect.  The tom bobbed his head as if acknowledging the boy's feelings and faded.  The tingle was still fading as Tony looked around then glanced inquiringly at Dancing Cloud when no more animals stepped forward immediately.

"Your seventh animal is the one from Within.  It teaches you how to find your hearts joy and how to be faithful to yourself.  It is the protector of your sacred space."

"Sacred space?"  Tony asked still wondering why he had not met the next of his totem animals.

"It is a place,"  Dancing Cloud explained, "that is yours alone and is only shared by invitation.  For your animal to make itself known to anyone other than you that person must be allowed to see it because to see it is to have intimate knowledge of your inner self.  That gives that person great power with you."

Tony thought on this a minute.  His face began to show comprehension then he turned to the frail lady.  He pulled her into a brief hug then pulled back to smile down at her.

"I would be honored to share this with you u-s-di e-ni-si."  At his words there was a soft rustling of grass.  They both turned to see the shy animal gazing at them through the tall blades.  Tony went down to one knee holding out a hand to coax it closer.  "It's alright little one you can come out."  Tiny hooves made almost no noise as the dappled-fur animal stepped towards them tentatively then with more confidence.  It sniffed then licked Tony's hand allowing him to stroke it's soft head.

"I had a feeling."  The wise woman chuckled in delight as the fawn nudged her hand wanting to be petted.  It accepted a few touches from her then turned back to Tony and licked his hand again. They stayed in that position as Dancing Cloud continued with her lesson.  "Deer is the embodiment of  gentleness and teaches to use the power of that gentleness to touch the hearts and minds of the wounded who try to keep us from Sacred Mountain where we go to see Great Spirit.  The dark and light of it's coat let us know the light and dark may be loved to create gentleness and safety for those who seek peace."

Tony stood as the fawn faded and touched the medallion as it stopped tingling.  He looked up at the last sphere of energy that had removed itself from the bag.  It remained where it was softly pulsing silver.

"What is that one?"  He asked.

"That I do not know," the little woman's shiny grey hair reflected the things glow as she shook her head wearing a puzzled expression.

She had no more than finished speaking when the orb began to move.  It dropped lower until it rested in front of Tony's face.  Frozen in place Tony had to fight not to cross his eyes as it moved closer.  When it was close enough to touch his forehead it paused.  Tony jerked and grunted slightly as with a warm sensation it sank into him.  He blinked in reaction and touched the place the ball of energy had gone.

"Okay that was just weird feeling!"  He laughed shakily.

"It appears the answer to your question is to come later, possibly in a vision of some sort."  Dancing Cloud smiled and gestured for him to walk with her.  They walked side-by-side in silence until they came to the edge of forest that seemed to appear from nowhere.  "As I told you before the last two of your totem animals walk by your right and left sides."  She stopped causing Tony and herself to pause on the outskirts of the wooded area.  "For this part you are required to go alone.  Your chosen animal will join you then you may return here to seek the last one."  Tony nodded then stepped forward.  "I will wait here for you."

Tony slowed to a halt just as he passed the first tree.  Turning around he found the field and the woman in it had disappeared.  Fighting back a thrill of unease he turned back around to walk further in.


Dancing Cloud watched the young man disappear from sight.  Feeling a presence behind her she turned and calmly surveyed the man walking towards her.  He wasn't tall only about 5'8" or so and was rather thin but attractive.  His pale skin glowed under the bright sunshine that reflected a little off his bald head.  The smile on his face was kind so she answered with one of her own.

"Greetings."  The man's voice was a smooth cultured baritone.  "My name is Charles Xavier."

"I am Dancing Cloud."  She clasped his hand and felt his energy wash over her.  "I have heard that name before.  Ah yes!"  She placed her other hand over his and squeezed.  "You are the man who gave Joseph such a wonderful job all those years ago.  I am so happy to meet you at last!"  She gave his hand another squeeze then release it.

"You are a friend of theirs?"

"I've know Joseph since he was in diapers."  The aged woman laughed softly and Charles smiled.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, madam."  There was real sincerity in his words.

"Believe me, Charles," she patted his arm, "meeting a handsome man like you makes the pleasure all mine."

"Beautiful words from a beautiful lady."  Charles picked up a delicate hand and bent to place a gallant kiss on it drawing a girlish giggle from the older woman.

"I assume your are here to find Tony?"   She asked as her hand was released.

"I am indeed."  He looked around.  "I feel him nearby but I don't see him."

"He should be back momentarily.  He is in there."  She gestured to the trees.  "Could I ask a favor of you though?"  Charles nodded.  "If you could please not disturb him right now.  He is undergoing a ritual that is almost complete."

"Joseph mentioned a 'spirit walk' but said that this one was unusual."

"It is strange."  Dancing Cloud nodded in agreement turning away slightly.  "I was at home meditating on our young man when I was suddenly here.  I have been connected to someone in there visions before but not like this.  It all seems so real and now I have met you."  She had been staring off into the forest and turned back to Charles.  "Does this have something to do with Tony's gifts?"

"We believe so."  He explained about the astral plane and how most psyonic mutants could enter it.  "This is the first time I have met a non-mutant here though.  It will be something I need to ponder."  He paused.  "He is coming back.  I'll watch from a distance if that is okay?"

"It should be fine."  She watched with interest as he faded from sight though she could still feel him nearby.  Turning back to the woods she watched as Tony stepped into view.


Tony smiled at the antics of the little creature that walked at his left side.  It waddled and chittered sometimes running ahead to sniff out a bug.  He looked up and waved as he spotted Dancing Cloud waiting for him.  As he drew closer he had a sense that he was being watched.  He stopped in front of her and looked around.  Not seeing anyone else he shrugged.  He looked down at his furry companion to see little paws covering masked eyes as if it were playing peek-a-boo.

"How wonderful!"  Dark eyes sparkled with laughter as Dancing Cloud watched the show.  "Raccoon is known as the 'generous protector'.  It is so appropriate that it be your left side animal.  Raccoon is the protector of the underdog and provides for the young, infirmed, and elderly.  It is the medicine that helps you assist others without allowing them to become victims or dependents.  You help provide for others before keeping anything and you honor others and yourself equally.  Your left animal protects your female side and teaches you receive abundance as well as nurture yourself and others.  It also teaches you about relationships and mothering."

Expecting the little clown to disappear like the others Tony was surprised to see it raise up on its hind legs and place a little paw on his pants leg then drop to all fours and take a few steps away.  It walked back to them and repeated the process.

"I believe she wants us to follow her."  The little elderly lady interpreted.  When the critter sat back on its haunches and brought its paws together as if clapping they both burst out laughing.

"I would say you were right."  Tony agreed and began to follow the furry waddling backside.

It didn't take them long to come to large craggy hill covered in medium size trees and the occasional good-sized boulder.  Once again Tony left his friend to wait and started forward.  This time though he was accompanied by his new companion.  As they moved up the hill past trees and around rocks the raccoon stayed close to Tony's side.  Several minutes of hiking later they were startled by a low rumbling growl.

Turning slowly so as not to make any sudden moves Tony had just enough time to recognize the mass of fur and muscle just as it pounced.  The raccoon skittered quickly off to the side as the big cat bowled Tony to the ground pinning him by the shoulders.  His heart slammed in against his ribs as the feline snarled in his face then proceeded to sniff him.  Evidently finding him to be to its liking the cat's rough tongue licked Tony up the side of his face.  The large feline climbed off and allowed Tony to sit up.  The boy looked down and was relieved to find that the piss had not been literally scarred out of him.  As he started to stand he felt the animal push him with its head as if to help.  When he was once again on his feet the cat moved to stand at his right while the raccoon returned to its place on the left.  As a group they headed back down.

"Mountain Lion,"  Dancing Cloud explained as she pet the animal's silky coat a few minutes later when Tony re-joined her,  "is the animal of leadership and can be a difficult totem to have.  You could be blamed for things or often placed in a situation were you will have to take charge because others can't or won't.  The leader always becomes the target.  This animal teaches us lessons in using power in leadership.  You must learn from the Mountain Lion how to balance power, intention, physical strength, and grace just as it does when it pounces.  Balance of body, mind, and spirit are the key to good leadership."  Her face was solemn as she met Tony's nearly black eyes.  "Pay heed to all your animals Tony but I feel you must pay special attention to this one."

"Why do you say that?"  Tony asked holding the smaller animal in his arms as it played with his necklace.

"I'm never completely certain of the visions I receive,"  she sighed, "but for many weeks now I have seen you in my dreams.  You are going to lead people, Antonio.  People who, when they find you or you them, will be in desperate need of a strong but fair leader.  You will need to be ruthless at times but never forget that power corrupts.  This animal," she stroked her hand down its head, "is to your right.  It guards your male half and teaches that, no matter what, you have a 'Father-protector' within.  Not only that, it is your courage and warrior spirit.  Your are to be leader, warrior, and protector for a people who will not have had one in a very long time, or maybe not ever have had one at all."

"I don't understand."  Tony felt as if a weight had landed on his shoulders.  "I'm not that important.  I don't know anything about being a leader!"  Just then raccoon began to wriggle free so Tony placed her on the ground.  She moved to his left side as the mountain lion moved to his right.

The two animals began to glow and shrink until they were the size of the previous balls of energy.  As one they floated upwards until they touched the medallion Tony wore and vanished.  The tingle that happened this time was stronger than ever.  Tony realized that since the eagle had gone he had not looked at it.  He brought it up.  Around the outer edge small symbols of each of the first seven animals were etched.  Inside the circle of animals to the left was a little raccoon.  To the right there was a cat ready to pounce.  What was odd was that in the very middle of all of these symbols was a blank space that had remained foggy.  The last orb that had entered his head came to mind.

"There is more to you, Antonio, than you could ever imagine."  Dancing Cloud smiled.  "I'm going to leave you now but you will not be alone."  She nodded her head at something over Tony's shoulder.  Before he turned she pulled him into a hug.  "Take care Tony.  Never forget you have friends who will always be willing to help."  She released.  "He's finished Charles but could you talk to him for a few moments?  I need to speak to Joseph."

Tony turned to face the bald smiling man who appeared out of nowhere.  He turned back to say goodby to the old woman but she was gone.

"You do realize this is the second time in less than two weeks that I've had to do this right?"  Charles chuckled at the boys stunned expression.

"Second time...?"  He began to ask then his mouth made an 'o' of understanding.  "This is the astral plane then?"  When the older man nodded Tony looked around.  "This is so much different than last time.  Why?"

"The first time you were very close to death when you entered.  This time though you slipped in voluntarily through meditation."  Charles placed an arm around the teen's shoulders and began to walk him towards that same glowing door he saw last time.  "Though I do see now that it may have been an accident, could you please try to wait until you get some training before doing this again?"  Tony's face darkened in embarrassment.

"Sorry."  Tony mumbled as they waited a few moments at the closed door.

"She's done.  We can go now."  Charles face had gone a little vague but was back to normal.  "Lets let Joseph know we're both okay."  They stepped into brightness then the world seemed to spin and Tony felt himself falling.


The breeze picked up briefly and blew a stray strand of hair across sightless eyes.  Being careful not to touch him in any other way Joseph reached over and moved it back over the boy's shoulder.  For nearly an hour he sat talking quietly hoping that somehow the sound of his voice would help Tony come back.  He had just launched into a rather amusing story of one of the first times Andres tried to ride a rather frisky pony Joseph had just given him when everything went quiet.

His heart nearly stopped as Joseph watched the now silent flute be placed across the musician's lap and the bottomless eyes raised to meet his own.  A gentle smile curved up the boy's lips.

"Tony?"  Joseph felt a thrill of fear at the unblinking stare.

"He is here."  Tony's lips moved but the voice was not his own.  It was much older and surprisingly feminine.

"Who is this?  What is happening to my grandson?!"  Joseph's voice began to raise in anger and panic.

"Oh, a-yo-tli,"  the voice chuckled,  "calm yourself.  Do you not recognize an old friend when you hear her voice?"

Joseph froze for a moment then his eyes widened.

"Dancing Cloud?"  His voice was barely audible.


"B-but how did....."  Joseph waved his hand trying to form a question but he was interrupted.

"All will be explained.  Come see me when you get home.  There is much to discuss but now is not the time.  I'm placing Tony in very good hands."  Tony's head turned to look at Xavier who was still deep in his own mind then turned back.  "And very handsome ones if I might say."  The voice chuckled again.  "You should bring him with you when you visit!  He would probably be most interested in what I need to tell you since it may effect some of Antonio's training."  With a sigh Tony/Dancing Cloud leaned forward to pat Joseph's cheek.  "Do not worry for our young one anymore, dear Joseph.  What you see occurring at this time I have long suspected would happened.  The moment Andres lay that precious sleeping bundle in my arms for the first time I felt a kindred spirit.  For some reason though that connection has grown stronger in the past week or so."  The voice and the expression became a little puzzled then cleared.  "But enough for now.  When I leave he will be restored to you.  Remember,"  he/she raised an admonishing finger, "come see me as soon as you return home."

"Yes ma'am."  Joseph smiled.

With that Tony's eyes returned to normal and Joseph grabbed him quickly as he slumped to the ground unconscious.  Charles raised his head and his eyes fluttered open.  Both he and Tony looked a little pale but the bald man flashed his characteristic benign smile.

"Back safe and sound but a little tired."   Charles murmured then a yawn caught him off guard.  "Remind me to start training him ASAP."  Both men laughed quietly as they made their way back inside with Tony and his flute cradled in Joseph's big arms.


Brown eyes watched anxiously as the patient currently occupying the bed before him stirred restlessly in his sleep.  Alex had volunteered to stay with Tony while Hank went to get something to eat.  He, Jean, and his brother Scott had been in town when Jean had received the message from the Professor to stay away from campus until he contacted her.  Following his orders she had tracked down the few students that had also gone into town and had kept them occupied while she waited for the all-clear.  She did not mention why and to keep everyone from asking questions she told them she had wanted to treat everyone to a trip to the new go-cart track.  A few hours later Jean let everyone know it was time to return home.  As Scott drove she finally explained what had happened and Alex had nearly jumped out of the car before it had come to a complete stop in the parking garage in his haste to get to Tony.

That had been almost three hours ago.  Tony had barely moved a muscle as he lay covered to his chest in white linen.  Alex sat by his side combing his fingers through the black mass of hair that spilled off the edge of the bed to barely miss the floor.  When Tony stirred and his eyes began to flutter open Alex rushed to page Dr. McCoy then returned to his seat.  Tony yawned broadly and rubbed his eyes.  Blinking he looked up and saw the person leaning over him.

"Alex?"  His voice was rough with sleep.  He cleared his throat and started again.  "What are you doing here?"

"Dr. McCoy needed a break so I volunteered to sit with you."

"Sit with me?"  He looked around.  "Ah crap!  Am I in the med bay again?!"

"Yup."  Alex chuckled at his irritation.  "Hold on buddy!"  Alex pushed the boy back when he tried to sit up.  "No moving allowed until the Doc checks you out."

"But I-"

"No 'but's fella!  Just stay put until your cleared."  Alex gave him a fierce look that brooked no arguments.

"Yes, Doctor."  Tony rolled his eyes but couldn't help grinning.  He yawned and stretched deciding silently that he didn't want to move yet anyway.  He was enjoying the attention, at least from Alex.  "How long have I been out?"

"A little over three hours."  Alex forced his thoughts from how Tony's body moved so he could answer.

"Better than last time, I guess."  Tony saw the blonde's confused look and explained about the flight to the school.

"Damn!"  Alex gave him a wide-eyed look.  "What caused that?"

"I'm not sure."  Tony's brow wrinkled as he tried to remember.  "I felt kinda uneasy then the next thing I knew I was here."  He shrugged.  His sigh was full of exasperation.  "Do you think I could at least sit up?  Looking up at the person your talking to can get kinda weird after a while."

"Well they said you didn't hurt yourself physically so I don't see why not, but let me help just in case."


Alex stood to adjust the pillows so Tony's back was propped against them.  Tony leaned forward to help and his cheek brushed Alex's.  Tony inhaled sharply as he leaned back in surprise causing the sheets to fall to his lap baring his shirtless torso.  Alex looked up and his eyes darkening to the color of melted chocolate as they met ones so dark they were almost black.  Without breaking eye contact he ran his finger's through Tony's waist-length hair tugging on it until he had brought it forward to lay over the boy's shoulder's like heavy satin drapes.  His hands did not release their hold as he allowed the backs of his fingers to brush against the smooth supple skin of Tony's pecs, teasing the nipples to hardness and ringing a soft moan from Tony's throat.  Unable to stop himself Alex tugged him forward until their breaths mingled.

"Your had me worried today."  Alex's voice dropped to a rumble.  His mouth was so close Tony could feel the lip movements as Alex spoke.  His insides began to quiver and his brain turned to mush.  "Please don't do that again, okay?"  Tony nodded wide eyed unable to string two words together intelligently.

Their lips came together in a soft but searing kiss.  When Tony's mouth opened slightly Alex pulled back looking into half-closed eyes and a flushed face.  With a moan Alex plunged both hands into Tony's black mane and their lips reunited like two halves of a whole.  The room was filled with the moist sounds of mouths meeting and tongues dueling.  Not realizing it was happening, just wanting to be as close as possible, Alex climbed onto the bed to straddle Tony's legs.

Tony was in heaven.  This boys lips were as sweet as honey and as hot as lava!  When Alex's hard body pressed against his own he thought he would go mad!  He could have stayed in that embrace forever but he had just enough sense left to feel someone approaching the room.  He pulled back gasping as he gently pushed on Alex's shoulder.

"S-some (pant) someones (pant) coming!"  Tony barely resisted the urge to ignore the disturbance and just continue trying to suck this hot blonde's face inside-out.

"Shit!"  Alex groaned as he released his hold on Tony's head and climbed off the bed.

Tony thanked every deity he could think of that he had worn pants that were a little tight.  It was a bit painful but it prevented the embarrassing tent his sheet would have had otherwise.  Alex just had to remain seated long enough for his boy to calm down.  As Dr. McCoy entered the room he noticed both young men seemed a little flushed and tense but didn't think anything of it.  While Hank gathered his equipment Tony took several deep slow breaths to bring his heart rate and blood pressure down.

"How are we feeling?"

"Fine, just a little tired."  Tony was shocked that his voice was so steady.

"Good!  Lets just give you a once-over and you should be okay to leave."  Hank puttered around checking this and that until he pronounced Tony fit.  "Try not to do anything strenuous for the next twenty-four hours or so just to make sure, alright?"

"Yes, sir."  Tony waved to Hank as he and Alex left the room.

They had just turned a corner when Alex pulled Tony into an unused maintenance closet, turned on the light, and shut the door behind them.  Alex pressed the dark-skinned youth to the back wall wrapping both hands in long black tresses and lowering hungry lips to taste the the other's again.  Tony had to tilt his chin up since the other boy was taller than him by at least two inches.  They kissed hotly for several minutes as they pressed their firm bodies together.  When they pulled apart Tony let his shoulders lean back weakly with arms limp at his sides while Alex rested his hands on the boy's hips with their groins pressed together.  They gazed into each other's eyes for a long moment before either spoke.

"God I've been wanting to do that ever since you opened your door that first day!"  Alex's voice was husky.  He brushed his lips lightly to Tony's and sighed.  "It was better than I ever thought it would be!"  Tony just nodded and smiled crookedly as he ran a hand up Alex's stomach and chest to run his fingers through the other boy's shoulder-length golden blonde waves.  Alex moaned and rubbed his cheek against the palm.  With a chuckle he caught the hand and brought it back to Tony's side.  "We need to get you something to eat and if you keep that up it'll have to be cold left-overs."

"Well you started it!"  Tony pointed out laughing.

"True.  It is your fault though."  He gave Tony his patented heart melting smile.  "Your just too damn sexy to resist!"

"I could say the same."  Tony's voice simmered with suppressed passion.  Suddenly he grabbed Alex's hands, spun him around so that the other boy was against the wall, and pressed those hands against the wall above his head.  Alex gasped in shock at Tony's speed then moaned as he was licked from shoulder to jawline.  "You taste good."  Tony growled softly in his ear.  "Lets go get some food before I eat you."

Tony turned to leave but was stopped as Alex grabbed him by the hips and pressed his hard crotch into Tony's jean-covered ass.  Alex's lips latched onto the side of his neck where it was sucked and bitten lightly.  Tony's head fell back resting on the shoulder behind him with a grunt of pleasure.  Alex moved his lips up to press them gently to the boy's ear as he whisper.



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