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Rots of Ruv

Gravy Baby


The School

Part 5

New York City

"Tessa, my beloved servant."  The vampire tugged on the kneeling woman's hand pulling her to her feet and into his embrace.  "We have been parted far too long, my beauty.  Call me by my name when we are alone.  I love to here it spill from your lips."  His voice held an English accent and was deep and warm like the softest fur on a cold winter night.  Cool breath against the big pulse in her neck shot a shiver down her spine as his white-blonde hair brushed her face.  "Say it for me."  The whisper caressed her ear and she shivered.  He smiled as she obeyed with a moan .

"William."  She brushed her cheek against his.  The cool smoothness caused her to become concerned.  Leaning away slightly she studied his stunningly handsome, yet overly pale, face.  "Why haven't you fed yet?"

"I will soon, sweet one." He chuckled.  "I was anxious to see you again and wanted to hear your report as soon as you arrived.  Once that is done I will attend to my needs,"  he traced a finger over her slightly parted lips and she inhaled softly, "all of them."  Hazel eyes darkened as William listened to the sound of Tessa's heart beginning to beat harder and faster.  With the softest of sighs his lips came down on her's in a spine-bowing kiss.  For several seconds the only thing that mattered to her was the hungry mouth bruising her own.  She caressed his dainty fangs with her tongue and whimpered.  They pulled apart with a moist sound.  "I will pour you a drink while you collect your briefcase."  He stroked his fingers down her cheek then released her.  She swayed unsteadily trying to gather her thoughts then finally was able to move.

Moments later, a glass of red wine in her hand, they sat. He made himself at home behind the large desk at one side of the room while she did the same in the seat across from him, placing the case on the highly polished oak top.  She took a sip rolling the liquid over her tongue before slowly swallowing.  Tessa had never been a big wine drinker but the shear pleasure on William's handsome face as he tasted the lush flavor vicariously through her was enough to make her fill her mouth once more before putting the drink aside.

"Just as I remember."  The words were barely a sigh as he leaned back in the dark leather office chair.  He stayed that way for a moment then drew himself up straight.  "To business."  With the press of a button the lights brightened.  "What information have you found for me."  Soon they were both held a copy of the report Tessa had compiled over the past several days.

"It was as you suspected."  They both looked over their copies as Tessa spoke.  "A master vampire has begun trying to build up his ranks.  It seems he wants to become the new Master of New York City."

"Christoph."  William leaned forward propping an elbow on his desktop and cupping his chin as he studied the documents and photos carefully.  He was silent for awhile as he read.  "What could he possibly be thinking?!"  He continued to flip over pages.  "It is true he is a master vampire but he is not and will not ever be strong enough to rest the city from me much less hold it against challengers."

"There is something you must see on page ten."  She waited for him to turn the page.  "Do you understand what he is trying to do?"

"It says here he is looking for mutants."  William looked at her with one pale eyebrow arched.  "Does he really think they will, or even can, help him take the city?"

"I don't think he is negotiating for assistance.  If you read further down you will note that his human servant was recently spotted meeting with a person who is a known sympathizer of the F.O.H."

"Friends of Humanity, the anti-mutant organization."  Tessa nodded.  "Tell me, what does that wonderfully brilliant mind of yours make of this?"

"Well, as 'B-movie' as it may sound, it would seem to me he is planning on capturing mutants and turning them hoping to create an army of super-powered vampires under his control as their sire."  She was startled when William began to chuckle as if she had said something amusing.  "I don't see what is so funny!  If he can do that then...."

"But he can't.  He is an even bigger fool than I had ever imagined!"  He held up a hand interrupting her question.  "In all 112 years as my human servant have you ever heard of such vampires?"  Tessa shook her head.  "Mutants have been around for a very long time, my sweet."  She still looked at him with questions in her eyes and he tried to explain.  "It has been known to the leaders of our kind, and of the wereanimals in fact, that mutation cannot withstand 'The Change'."  At the continued look of confusion on her face he clarified.  "When a mutant rises as a vampire they are as if they had always been human.  It is assumed that death nullifies their so-called 'X-gene'.  As for turning into a wereanimal the thought is that the lycanthropy-type viruses damage the mutated part of their DNA ridding them of most, if not all, of their mutant abilities."

Tessa was stunned.  Suddenly an idea caught hold and her eyes began to sparkle.  There may be a way to turn this to their advantage and take care of two things at the same time.  She opened her mind to her master and let him see the plan take shape.

"Beauty and brains.  How did I ever get so lucky?"  William laughed in delight that this wondrous creature could still be made to blush for him after all this time.  "I think later I shall make a few phone calls to see if we can't find a way to contact our future friends, but for now..."  his voice trailed off as the elevator chimed.

A young man of just above average height and about twenty or so with dark hair and eyes, olive skin, and delicate yet surprisingly masculine features stepped into the entryway.  Wavy locks fell past his shoulders to cling to the back of his dark green t-shirt.  The fabric was snug to his well formed upper body accentuating his lean muscles while the black jeans he wore were perfectly tailored to fit his trim waist and sleek thighs.  His feet were bare and she admired the high arches and long toes.

Tessa watched with growing interest as those long muscles flexed and bulged as he moved silently closer.  He stopped and dropped fluidly to one knee.  So distracted was she that Tessa did not sense William move until he knelt beside her chair putting him at eye-level to her as she sat.  With a little gasp she jerked her gaze to meet his and her heart thundered in surprise and excitement.

"Look at him."  William told her and her eyes moved back to the kneeling man.

Dark eyes watched them both expectantly, the barest of smiles giving him an almost 'Mona Lisa' quality.  One side of his long neck bore the pink marks of nearly healed bites while the other side showed signs of a more recent 'donation'.  The vampire nodded almost imperceptibly and the other man came to his feet turning slowly, pausing with his back to them so they could admire him fully.  Tessa took in the broad expanse of his powerful shoulders and back which tapered down to a narrow waist but then flared again to a mouth watering bubble-butt.  Finally he completed the turn and once again went to one knee his smile broadening minutely as he perceived her growing excitement.  His nostrils flared as his supernaturally acute sense of smell caught her arousal.  Her eyes and the front of his oh-so-tight jeans bulged noticeably. William's smoky chuckle danced heated fingers up her spine.

"Isn't he lovely, my sweet?"  She nodded and swallowed.  William brushed his lips to her ear and she inhaled sharply, her pulse continuing to pound a rapid tattoo in her neck"I found him shortly after you had left.  He is a werejaguar who has traveled all the way here from New Mexico.  Apparently the Master there was not to his...liking.  His name is Armand and he has been most anxious to meet you.  Isn't that right, Armand."

"Yes, master."  The smiling voice was somehow both light and rich with a heavy accent that showed English was not his first language.  "The senorita is as beautiful as you said and more."  The heat in his eyes increased as he spoke.

"Come."  William stood and helped Tessa to her feet.  "Let us retire to someplace a little more...intimate, shall we?"

Armand stood smoothly and followed as they walked past him.  When they reached the other side of the room he moved quickly to open the door for them and all three stepped inside.  The bedroom was ablaze with candles and the air was heavy with the scent of roses from the blood-red petals that had been strewn along the floor and atop the black satin sheets.

"Tonight is for you, my love."  He placed a kiss gently on her lips pressing their bodies together as it deepened.

Tessa melted into his embrace loving the feel of his cool lips on hers.  There tongues stroked each other in a slow dance as her hands tangled themselves in his soft pale hair.  She was startled as a feverishly warm body moved into contact with her back then relaxed with a moan as a soft hot mouth caressed the pulse in her neck.  The sensation of being between two bodies, one cool as marble and the other pulsing with animal warmth, was strangely erotic.  The heat left her and she felt her hair tugged free of it's neat bun.  The heavy mass fell to the middle of her back in ginger-colored waves as William's hands moved to release the buttons of her suite jacket.  He tugged the garment off her letting it fall to the floor.  The zipper of her dress made a faint noise as Armand assisted.  His hands felt hot on her bare shoulders as he slid them under the fabric.  Reluctantly Tessa and William parted to allow the dress to fall in a puddle at her feet leaving her clad only in a pair of black panties, matching strapless bra, stockings, and high-heeled pumps.  She stepped out of the dark fabric and Armand picked it up draping it over a nearby chair as master and servant moved back into each others arms.

Tessa did not notice the sounds of clothing being removed and tore her lips from William's startled as hot naked flesh embraced her from behind.  Armand pushed himself against her letting his hard member rub her satin-covered rear moaning deep in his throat as he pushed her hair aside to lick and nibble at the back of her neck.  Tessa whimpered closing her eyes and trembling as Armand's hot wet tongue swept up to her ear biting the lobe gently.  Her arms went back and she tangled her long fingers in his mass of soft waves encouraging him to continue.

"Ah!"  William chuckled as he watched.  "It looks as if our playmate has found one of your 'buttons'.  Lets see if I can do as well, shall we?"

As if it were orchestrated Armand move just far enough to allow William room to reach the hooks at Tessa's back then resumed his ministrations.  Tessa's nipples hardened to diamond points as her breasts were freed to be caressed by two sets of hands.  The warm pair cradled the soft globes gently as if presenting them to the cool fingers the lightly pinched and twisted the dark rosy tips.  Tessa whimpered and squirmed as a bolt shot straight to her dripping sex.  William smiled in satisfaction as he watched her cheeks darken with passion.  Unable to wait longer to taste her juicy nubs he locked his lips around one sucking it deep.  Pointed canines dented soft flesh as deeply as they could without breaking the surface.  He suckled contentedly as he listened to the quick pounding of her heart.

"Please, William!"  Tessa whispered moving one hand to hold him in place as she kept the other to the man behind her.

Several moments passed with Armand working both sides of her neck and each ear while William alternated from one succulent point to the other until they had their willing captive panting and begging.  Only then did William trail his mouth lower until he knelt circling the teasing appendage around the rim of her navel as he lowered the now saturated fabric covering her pulsing mound.  At last she was clad only in her spiked heels and stockings.  Tossing the small bit of material aside he paused to inhale her scent then slowly parted her outer lips until her hard clit was exposed.

"You are so beautiful, my love."  He brought a dew-covered finger to his mouth and tasted her.  "Like some exotic fruit ripe and ready to be devoured!"  The last word was a growl then he dove in licking and sucking like a madman.  Feminine cries were like music to his ears as he introduced two fingers into her wanting moistness finding her sweet spot.  She bowed back leaning her weight onto Armand who continued his exploration of the delicately scented skin of her smooth shoulders and neck.  He captured her hard nipples with his fingers and pinched them firmly multiplying her pleasure instantly ten-fold. 

Tessa shouted and shrieked as her orgasm washed over her without warning.  She would have collapsed but for the strong arms that held her from behind.  Both her hands held William in place as she sprayed her climax down his chin, hand, and on his chest.  When she had calmed he stood to kiss her letting her taste her own release.  They pulled apart and her face was as shiny as his, her eyes open and slightly glazed.

"Why don't you turn and let Armand sample your deliciousness, pet?"  William's voice was husky as he asked.

Strong warm hands at her waist turned her and she had a brief glimpse of glittering dark eyes then was caught up in the hot press of full lips to her own.  She sighed and wrapped her arm over broad muscled shoulders allowing Armand full access to her damp skin.  After disengaging their lips he proceeded to lick her chin and cheeks clean all the while pressing his hard member to her soft stomach.

"He has done such a good job maybe you can find a way to reward him.  What do you think?"  William smiled wickedly.

"I think I have an idea."  Tessa laughed languidly.

William moved to the other man's side as Tessa licked her way down Armand's chest, over his hard flat stomach teasing his navel, until she squatted facing his throbbing meat.  She lapped at the drooling head as she caressed his large, smooth, low-hanging balls feeling him brush her hair back so he could watch her talented tongue at work.  Rolling her eyes to his face she reveled in his reaction as she slowly took him in.  She sucked the nob gently as he murmured encouragements in Spanish that melted into a long moan as she swallowed him to the root.  He wasn't overly long, only about seven inches, but he was thick enough that her jaw was stretched almost to discomfort as she buried her nose in the neatly trimmed patch of curly hair just above his shaft.

"Buena, buena!"  He gasped.  Armand turned his head to look at the pale handsome man standing by him.  He carefully avoided William's eyes not wanting to be captured in his gaze.

William reached up and cupped the darker man's chin leaning forward until their lips met.  The sight so inflamed Tessa she began to work the cock in her mouth vigorously causing Armand to moan into William's lips as the kiss deepened.  Keeping the younger man's chin gently trapped in his fingers William teased Armand's lips apart plunging his tongue into the hot orifice.  He swallowed the other man's sounds of passion as he pinched and twisted the dark sensitive peaks on the hard bronze chest under the pale fingers of his other hand.  They remained in this embrace tasting each other's mouths until both Tessa and William began to sense the other man's impending release.  Tessa pulled off planting a light kiss on the dark cockhead then stood to make the continuing kiss a three-way.  William pulled back first, watching as the other two ate at each other's mouths while he stripped.  Tessa stopped kissing her dark lover to watch as more and more milky skin was revealed.  As pants and silk boxers hit the floor she could see that William's ample rod was still flaccid from his lack of feeding.  She reached out and trailed her long nails down his lightly haired chest and stomach until she was able to wrap fingers around that soft part of him while Armand stroked a lightly calloused hand down to cup one of the other man's smooth rounded ass cheeks teasing the crack as he did so.  William closed his eyes briefly savoring the touches with a sigh then looked at them with a smile.

"Come, my lovelies."  He lead the group to the waiting petal-dotted bed all three caressing each other wantonly.

He bade Armand lay on his back and Tessa, knowing her master's thoughts, moved to straddle the prone man.  With William holding the turgid organ at the right angle Tessa impaled herself slowly feeling as if the thick member would split her open.  Her breathing became short and rapid occasionally dotted with a whimper or gasp as Armand flexed causing his dick to twitch inside her.  Finally she hit bottom throwing her head back with a strangled noise as Armand grasped her hips seating her firmly in place grinding his hips upward.  William moved to lay face-down between Armand's bronze thighs as Tessa began a slow up-and-down ride.  She leaned forward to plant her mouth on Armand's and moaned into the kiss as William spread her cheeks, tasting her rosebud.  When she stopped moving to concentrate on the sensations at her ass Armand began a shallow humping motion that had her gasping for air through her nose as they continued to kiss.  The tongue at her pucker vanished after several heavenly moments and Armand pulled back from her with a strangled cry.  Tessa moved her lips to his ear with a quiet laugh as she felt the man below her spread his thighs wider.

"Tell me what he's doing while I ride your cock."  She commanded as she raised up then dropped back down on the beast inside her.

"Oh, God!"  He gasped.  "He licks my balls so good.  Ah!  He's sucking them in his mouth!  His mouth is so cool and you are so warm it drives me mad!"  He spoke in rapid Spanish squirming and panting as his knees bent up.  "He's licking-oh Dios-licking my-my-!"  He couldn't finish and his head rolled from side to side due to what was happening between his legs.

William savored the dark flavor of the puckered ring as he watched with half-lidded eyes as the pale moons of Tessa's succulent ass jiggled on contact with the dark muscled thighs he feasted between.  The sound of Armand describing aloud what was happening mingled with the slapping of flesh against flesh, the wet sounds of cunt ridding cock, and the rapid pounding of the blood through the big pulse in the thigh right next to William's ear until the vampire thought he would go insane.  He pulled back panting and sweating forcing himself not to tear into the firm flesh before him to get to that flow of ambrosia.

"I must feed!"  His voice was horse with need.

"Take my blood, master!"  Armand cried out.  "Put life in your veins and join us!"

William reared back showing dainty pointed fangs and struck at the artery that sang to him just below the dark lightly hair skin near Armand's groin flooding his mouth with the hot sweet metallic taste of blood.  Jaws worked as he swallowed mouthful after mouthful.  His heart fluttered then began to thud in sync with the heart that nourished him.  At last his body warmed and his sex began to harden rapidly.

"Santa MariaMaster, I can not hold out much longer!"  Armand held on by a thread as William's feeding pushed him close to the edge.  He had to hold Tessa still atop him so as not to shoot.

William pulled back licking his lips allowing the other man to calm down.  Moving faster than eyes could see he ran to the restroom and returned with gauze and tape.  Even though Armand could heal almost any injury in moments, a vampire bite (or an injury caused by silver or another wereanimal's teeth or claws) would heal almost human-slow.  Without proper care a person could bleed out through their femoral artery in under 20 minutes.  William tenderly cleaned and bandaged the punctures from his bite.  After a few more moments watching to make sure the dressing held and no great amount of blood seeped out, he pressed down on Tessa's back until her breasts were flattened to Armand's smooth pecs then proceeded to lap at her tight pucker as she whimpered and panted.

"Please, William!  Please!"  She looked back over her shoulder to watch as the pale head moved.  The master vampire worked his tongue into her back door steadily as she loosened.

She gasped and whimpered as he slowly inserted a finger.  Her hole spasmed and twitched as he pushed until he was all the way inside.  When she was looser he slowly added a second digit wiggling and flexing them as he prepared her for his fat rod.  A third finger had her panting open-mouthed.  William eased his hand away and reached for a bottle of lube he kept in the drawer next to the bed.  Squirting some on his fingers he worked her ass until he had introduced four fingers up to the second knuckle stretching her wide.  Tessa panted even more as Armand latched onto one of the dangling tits in front of his face.  She was practically weeping with want by that time.

"Give me your cock, William, please!  I need you to fill me up!  I want you both to fuck my brains out!"

"What do you think, Armand?"  William chuckled as he removed his hand and began to lube his fat nine-inch prong.

"I never could deny a beautiful senorita something that she wants so badly!"  Armand pulled away from the tender flesh in his mouth to say.

"Well I was taught to be a gentleman!"  William pressed the head of his dick to the slick ring, nudging Tessa's opening as he leaned to speak in her ear.  "It this what you want, my pet?"  She nodded raggedly and cried out as he slid in past her muscle.  "Then that is what you shall have!"  He slid into her slowly but steadily until the hair at the base of his hard cock tickled her ass.

"Oh my God!"  She moaned as her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

The two men worked together sometimes pumping in and out at the same time to fill her up to the max while at other time alternating so she was at a constant state of stimulation first in one hole then the other.  Cries and moans echoed in the candle-lit room as the three-person sex machine worked at a feverish pace.  Tessa came again and again gushing her love juices all over the two broncos she rode repeatedly yet never seeming to tire.  She was working her way up to either her fourth or fifth orgasm when she felt Armand's cock begin to expand in her drooling snatch followed shortly by William's doing the same in her well-fucked ass.

"I'm almost there!"  Armand grunted as his thrusts sped up.

"I as well!"  William panted slamming to the hilt rapidly.

"Oh yes!  Flood me!  I want your hot cum inside me!"  Tessa wailed as she started to peak.

Her wail turned to a shriek as somehow William worked his hand between her and Armand and pinched her clit firmly.  Her strongest orgasm of the night slammed into her and as both her love tunnels clenched shooting both men over the top.  All three cried out their release as hot fluids bathed them. Finally they collapsed in a heap.  When they were breathing halfway normally again they snuggled together.  William lay on his back with one arm around each of his lovers as they curled up on his chest.  Tessa felt an odd vibration and realized Armand was literally purring with contentment.  With a tender smile she reached over and stroked his hair.  Armand sighed happily and rubbed his cheek against William's chest licking contentedly at a nipple.

"Thank you."  Armand whispered then, with a wide yawn, fell asleep.

*What does he mean 'Thank you'?  I know this was pretty amazing but....*  Tessa asked William mentally so as not to disturb the man she continued to pet.

*Remember when I said he had traveled here from New Mexico?*  William answered as he stroked his hand down the well-shaped muscles of Armand's upper arm.  Armand smiled in his sleep and snuggled closer.  Tessa nodded.  *I guess the more accurate term is escaped.*  Tessa looked up into her master's face and saw that it held a tenderness tinged with sadness.

*What puts that expression on your face, my love?*  Tessa moved her hand from the soft dark hair she stroked to place it to William's now rosy-pink cheek making him look at her.  William sighed and turned his hazel eyes to her grey ones.

*You know my animal to call is the cat, all cats, correct?*  Tessa nodded again.  *It has been so long since any of my animals have been near that I feel strongly protective of this young one.*  William placed a tender kiss to the top of Armand's sweat-dampened hair.  *I delved into his mind to find what so terrified him about the last master he was controlled by.  Her name is Itzpapalotl, Obsidian Butterfly.*  William shuddered and Armand whimpered in his sleep as if he picked up on his master's disquiet.  The young man settled as William shushed him stroking him like a small child in the midst of a nightmare.  *His memories spilled over me like the frames of a horror movie!  There is a reason her lands are considered taboo to all other vampires and their people.  She has killed every other vampire not of her get that has crossed into her territory, as well as their servants, ever since she came into power.*

*But I thought human servants were too precious to the vampires for them to be harmed!  Isn't it against vampire law to-*

*Obsidian Butterfly believes herself a goddess, not a vampire.  She sees herself as her own law.*  William shared the memories he had gleaned from Armand's mind and Tessa looked at him with horror-filled eyes.  The emaciated hallow-eyed starved vampires, the sacrifices, and tortures.  Tessa shut her eyes as the images stopped and took a ragged breath.

*She is mad!*  Tessa opened eyes filled with tears and reached out to touch Armand's face soflty.  One of the images had been of him being 'sacrificed' for a show.  His chest had been cut open as the Master's human servant, acting as a high-priest for the 'goddess', had reached inside to grasp his heart as if to tear it out.  Tessa also caught the edge of Armand's feelings of guilt that someone would have to take his place since he had run away.

*I have told him that he may stay here if he wishes and that if he can persuade any of the others he can contact into following his example that they are more than welcome to join him here.*  William gave her a kiss on the temple as she nodded and yawned.  *Sleep, my pet.  You are tired from your travels.*

*But what about you?*  Tessa asked blinking to keep her eyes open.

*I'll lay here a while but then Simon and I have work to do.*

*Okay.  I love you.*

*And I you, beloved.*

Sleep closed over her and she smiled as she felt the press of lips to her hair.


Xavier's School


Rogue clapped and whooped as the last knife sunk home dead-center in the target Logan and Remy had set up for Tony's use behind the mansion.  Tony grinned crookedly then bowed dramatically.

"Thank you!  Thank you!"  He shouted as if to an arena holding up his hands to hush thunderous applause.  "For my next trick I will need a volunteer.  Which beautiful lady or handsome gentleman will risk their very lives,"  he paused for emphasis as the brown-haired girl placed a gloved hand to her mouth and 'ooooohed' but dissolved into a giggle,  "to entertain such a wonderful group of people?!"  He placed a finger to his lips and squinted looking around to choose his 'victim'.  Rogue hopped up and down waving a hand begging to be picked.  "You!"  She looked around then pointed to herself.  "Yes you my lovely.  Step forward and let the audience see you.  Isn't she wonderful folks!"   He grabbed her by the hand and twirled her around.

"Now,"  he concentrated a moment and the knives worked their way out of the painted surface and floated back to him,  "for my next stunt,"  he slid the small daggers into his belt and then handed a pack of cards to his 'assistant',  "I will ask this brave young woman to hold a card in front of the target.  Then I will attempt to pin said card to the bulls-eye without taking off one of her fingers in the process!  Don't worry folks I don't usually miss."  Tony wiggled his eyebrows as Rogue snorted.  She pulled out an ace of spades and stood facing the would-be performer with her left arm stretched out to her side holding the card as far away from her as possible and directly in the middle of the round piece of wood.  "Don't move until I tell you to, my dear.  Oh you do have life insurance right?"  Rogue rolled her eyes and groaned.  "Just checking!  Just checking!"  Tony held out his hands as if to ward her off.  "Here we go!"  Tony relaxed letting everything else melt away until all he saw was the small black mark in the middle of the white card.  He felt, as he had for the past several days, power pulse under his skin but he pushed the distractions aside with a shake of his head and re-focused.

Robert Drake laughed as Alex Summers regaled him with tales of the past few months.  He in turn shared stories of his trip to Europe with his family that had Alex almost green with envy.  It was Wednesday, the week before classes actually started, but Bobby had arrived early due to the fact that his parents had to make an emergency trip out of town. It was going to take several days to take care of and they did not want their son to miss most of the first week of school.  They had called the school to clear it with Professor Xavier and now for the first time ever (even though it was only for a few days) Bobby had his dorm room to himself!

"So when do I get to meet this new guy you keep going on about?"  Bobby asked as they made their way from the dormitories where he had left his bags and made their way around the side of the mansion that had served as the original school until it had to expand.  Most of the classrooms as well as offices and the Professor's private quarters were still located there.  Newer buildings served as dormitories for students as well as housing for the staff.

"Soon."  Alex smiled and flushed pink.  Bobby slapped him on the back and laughed.

"Man, you got it bad!"  Alex turned darker and Bobby ruffled his hair laughing harder.  "Don't worry bro' I'll play nice I prom......what the!"

They had just rounded the corner and stopped stock-still taking in the sight before them.  Bobby watched wide-eyed as a lanky, shirtless, darkly-bronzed boy with incredibly long black hair whipped out a knife, flipped it in the air to catch the blade, and threw it at Rogue all in one fluid motion.  He did this four time, alternating hands with each throw ending in a solid thud and so fast both boys who watched could barely follow the motion of his hands.

Bobby stood open-mouthed then jumped with a particularly un-manly squeak as Alex whooped and took off at a run.  The knife-thrower straightened and turned with a smile as he was hauled into the blonde's arms.

"Bobby!"  Rogue cried and he barely had time to brace himself as his arms were suddenly filled with giggling teen girl.  His heart, which had seemed to stop working when that first knife went air-born began to pound at the feeling of her wiggling curves press against him.

"What the hell was that?!"  He half-shouted as they pulled back a little.  He dropped his tone a little as he tenderly reached up to brush back a stray piece of hair from her face carefully avoiding touching her bare skin.  "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, shugga!  God I missed ya!"  She pressed a brief kiss to his lips but pulled back quickly.

"Sorry to startle you like that."  He looked up from Rogue's drowning green eyes to watch Alex and the other boy walk to him hand-in-hand.  It was the long-haired boy who had spoken.  "She was helping me practice."  The wide not-too-thin not-too-full lips curved into a somewhat shy smile as a hand was held out to him.

"Bobby, this is Antonio Whitefeather."  Alex introduced as the two boys shook.  "Tony, this is Robert Drake."

"Rogue's boyfriend!"  Tony's smile brightened making his eyes twinkle and his shyness melted away as the shake ended.  "I've heard too much about you!"  He rolled his eyes and laughed as the two in question blushed moved to stand closer to each other.  "Don't worry its all good-and PG!"

The only one not laughing as they walked back to the target area was Bobby.  He was still shaken by what he had seen.  As they approached the target he was stunned to see four thin blades pining the ace dead center to it each knife perfectly spaced to surround the spade in the center on four sides.

"Wow!"  Alex squeezed Tony around the shoulders.  "Your getting really good with that new set Remy gave you!"

"Practice make perfect!"  Tony tilted his head up to plant a kiss on Alex's jaw.

"But isn't that dangerous?  I mean you could have taken her hand off!"  Anger and fear tinted Bobby's voice as his face paled slightly.  He pressed Rogue more fully to his side.

"Don't worry darlin'."  Rogue rubbed her cheek to his shoulder.  "He wouldn't hurt me."

"Not on purpose, but what if he had missed?"

"Well-um,"  Tony's face darkened,  "I have a confession to make.  I have missed before practicing with Alex but-"

"You WHAT?!"  Rogue spun to face him her face gone white.

"Don't worry I wasn't hurt."  Alex chuckled.  "We did discover something about Tony's mutation though!"

"Apparently,"  Tony explained, "I cannot only shield myself telekinetically but I can project shields around others as well even if they aren't standing near me."

"So your a psyonic?"  Bobby asked.

"Do you think we should find a place to sit for this story?"  Alex laughed.

"That would probably be best."  Tony shook his head and sighed.

"Lunch is startin' in about ten minutes."  Rogue tugged Bobby's hand.  "Let's go the the cafeteria."

Forty minutes later they sat, food gone as Tony came to the end of his tale.

"Shit!"  Bobby whispered.

"There is, however, one person my touch-healing does not work on."  Tony rested his head on Alex's shoulder as the other encircled him with an arm.  It felt so good to be able to show affection like this in public and not have people judge.  Such an improvement from those stupid red-necks back home!  He had felt some twinges of discomfort from a few students but since Alex didn't seem to care Tony had decided that neither did he!

"Who?"  Bobby asked.

"Me."  Rogue explained with a grimace.

"Oh, yeah because your absorbing things cancel out each other!"  Bobby recalled from earlier in the story.  "I didn't realize that would happen."

"Neither did we,"  Tony said wryly, "until Rogue twisted her ankle badly a few days ago and I tried to help."

"I ended up having to touch Logan for a little assistance."  Rogue rolled her eyes in exasperation.  "That man is down-right grumpy sometimes, I swear!"

"You weren't a peach to be around either for a while after that!"  Alex snickered.

"That wasn't my fault!"  Rogue crossed her arms over her chest and humphed.

"So are you saying that the only way you would be able to heal her if she were injured would be that,"  Bobby paused looking for the word and failing, "dangerous hands-off kinda way that you did with that group?"

"I'm not sure but I assume so."  Tony answered with a shrug.

Rogue and Bobby started chatting while Tony sat quietly leaning into Alex's warm body loving the feel of the soft cotton t-shirt against his bare skin.  Lips brushed the top of his head as fingertips outlined the still boyish muscles of his shoulder and upper arm.  He sighed and snuggled closer placing a hand on the thigh touching his.  The warm pulse of power flooded him then faded as, once again, he pushed it aside.  It worried him for a moment because it happened much more closely to the last time than it had the previous times.  He concentrated on the slightly rough feel of the material under his palm and relaxed.

"Why are you always running round without a shirt on?"  Alex asked in a low tone.  "Are you trying to drive me crazy?"

"You know you love it!"  Tony giggled back.  "I just feel more comfortable and closer to nature without one.  But I was told by Jean that once the other students arrive it would probably be best if I did wear one more often."

"Party-poopers!"  Alex grumped.  "I love seeing all that naked skin!"  He growled leaning in to bury his nose in Tony's hair and nuzzle the back of his neck.

They hadn't done more than kissing and heavy petting.  Both had agreed that taking it slowly would make everything seem more special.  It was hard though, and in more ways than one!  Tony felt his pants tighten and barely suppressed a moan at the feel of lips on his bare skin.  Feeling Alex chuckle against him he decided a little pay back was in order and slid his hand up to lightly squeeze the bulge at the front of the blonde's denim shorts.  Blood pumped its way under his hand and he felt the swelling begin.  Alex grunted and grabbed the hand torturing him moving it back down to the 'safe zone'.  All this was done under the table where no-one could see.  Tony giggled and squirmed as Alex tickled his ribs in retaliation.  He struggled to free himself and ended up laying back across Alex trapped in the bigger boys arms as lips swooped down to give him a quick kiss.

"Okay you two!"  A voice called out a few table away.  Jon and Kurt wove their way towards the table carrying trays of food.  "Get a room or sell tickets!"

"Your one to talk, O'Dell!"  Alex retaliated with a snort as he kept his prisoner immobilized.  "Who was it Logan caught the other day because they were making so much noise?"

Kurt's blue face went purple with embarrassment and Alex yelped as he was whipped on the back of the head.  Tony took the opportunity to straighten himself out as Alex rubbed his head with a grimace and threatening to strangle his roommate with his own tail.  Bobby and Jon were introduced and conversation flowed amicably.  Tony was groaning as Jon launched into yet another 'when we were kids' story when he felt a gentle telepathic nudge.


*Yes, Professor?*

*Are you free to meet me in my office?  There is someone here to see you.*

*Really?  Who?*

*She says she has been sent by Dancing Cloud.*

Tony's breath caught and he swallowed.  It must be the one she said she would send to help me!  He was suddenly very nervous without knowing why.  Letting Charles know he was on his way, he then excused himself from the table placing a quick kiss to Alex's cheek.  The blonde raised a brow and Tony whispered to him that they would talk later.  With that he was off.

It didn't take long to reach Xavier's office but before he could knock he was staggered by another pulse of power stronger than any he had ever felt.  He saw flashes of white behind his lids as his eyes closed in response.  Struggling to bring himself under control he began taking deep breaths to slow his suddenly racing heart.  He tried, as before, to push the power aside but seemed to only succeed in dampening it.  It was as if it lay in wait just under the surface of his skin throbbing to the beat of his pulse.  As under control as he could make himself, Tony pushed away from the wall he had leaned on and knocked on the door.

"Enter."  Came the Professor's voice.

As he pushed the door open he was met by the faint smell of herbs.  The smell was so light in fact that Tony doubted anyone else but someone with as sensitive a nose as himself could detect it.  He stepped inside and felt a ruffle of energy along his skin and struggled to keep the suddenly vibrating power inside him under control.  Sweat popped out all over him as he quietly fought to breath normally.

"You called me Professor?"  His voice was gruff and he blinked.

"Yes."  Charles frowned in concern.  "Are you feeling alright?"

"I-I-I'm n-not sure."  He took in a deep breath to steady himself as he blinked again to try and focus on the blurry seated figure behind the desk.

"It looks like I may have arrived just in time."   A gentle feminine voice floated to him from his left.

As if in slow motion he turned his head to see the face connected to that sound.  He watched the slender dark-haired figure move gracefully towards him.  The faint swish of her skirts was much more distracting than it should have been.  He watched fascinated as the toes of her shoes peeked from beneath the long flowing skirt.  His gaze finally made it to her face and he stared at her numbly until she was close enough that he could tell her eyes were a calm summer sky blue.  He began to sway as felt the touch of her aura against his own.  The power pushed harder under his skin until he clenched his jaw trying to remain in control of it.

"Maybe you should sit."  She smiled gently.

It was a very good idea so Tony tried to move himself to sit but it didn't work.  Then the blue-eyed woman did something that wasn't such a good idea, she touched his bare arm.  They both froze and he saw her eyes go wide just as everything went white.

He threw his head back and cried out, body stiff as a board, as it felt like his skin had split open letting his very being fly to the four winds.  Vaguely he heard the woman saying something but couldn't make out the words as the floor went out from underneath him.....


What the heck is with Tony?!  Will that poor boy ever get control of his growing powers?!  Keep reading and you'll find out!

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