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Gravy Baby


The School

Part 6

Gradually the world came back into focus and Tony found himself tracing the lines of unfamiliar ceiling tiles with bleary eyes.  He was breathing hard, almost wheezing, and both his hands clutched those of someone else like a life line.  The harshness of his breath calmed as he focused on the sound of a soothing voice above him.  It chanted softly and he felt the awful out of control feeling leave him.  The power he had unleashed was still there but it lay tranquil.  It filled the room like a warm bath, relaxing Tony so he lay soaking it in.  The odd sensation of emptiness he had begun to feel ebbed as it refilled him.  He felt himself reclaim what he had lost without being disturbed by the strangeness of it.  It was as if he were welcoming a part of himself home.  Besides, if he let everything odd that had happened to him in the past few weeks get to him, they would have thrown him in the Rubber Room a long time ago!

Tony looked up to meet blue eyes that looked tired but relieved.  He realized at that moment that his head rested in this perfect stranger's lap but didn't even feel the need to be embarrassed.  She smiled down at him and he responded in kind.  At no time did she stop the chant but she squeezed his hands gently and he knew she meant for him to stay where he was.  Finally, when he felt whole once again, and the chant stopped.

"How do you feel, Tony?"  The smell of herbs surrounded him as she spoke.

"Better than I have in a long time."  He answered smiling up at her.

With a little help he was able to sit up and found himself looking around Xavier's office from the floor.  He scanned the room in confusion.

"Where did the Professor go?"  Tony asked.

"I asked him to leave for a little while.  A blue man appeared from nowhere and then they both vanished."  She smoothed her skirt over her lap as she spoke.

"That was Kurt."  Tony mused.  "The Professor probably called for him to be teleported away."  As he said it he smelled the faint odor of sulfur beneath the stronger scent of the woman seated beside him.

Dark brown hair fell straight to her shoulders where it curled outward slightly.  Her long oval face held too many angle to be called pretty but handsome would be a apt description.  Tiny crows-feet marred the corners of her up-tilted blue eyes and the smile lines at the edges of her wide mouth were the only signs of her years.  She wore no makeup and the hands folded gracefully in her lap were tipped with short neatly-trimmed nails.  The simple green pullover she wore was a perfect match for the long paisley-print broomstick skirt that he vaguely remembered fell nearly to the floor when she stood.  She was calm and radiated warmth and caring but you could sense the steel of her spirit, like a younger version of Dancing Cloud all the way down to the earthy aroma of her soap.

"Was I a danger to him?"  Tony asked wondering why it had been necessary to send Charles away.

"Not really but his aura was powerful enough that it interfered with my helping you control your new-born magic."  She stood gracefully to her feet and Tony followed suite.  "We should find him so he knows we are well."

"Let me."  Tony reached out mentally to find both Charles and Jean sitting in her office waiting with several other anxious people.

*Professor?  Jean?*

*Tony!  Are you okay?*  Jean mental voice was filled with relief.

*I'm fine, just a little tired.*

*I'm glad to hear it young man, but could you do me a favor?*  Charles sounded calm but Tony's empathy picked up on his underlying worry.

*What is it?*

*Could you go one week without trying to give this old man a heart attack?*

Tony choked on a laugh and just shook his head at the lady watching him.

*I'll try!*

*Good.  I've let Alex know that your alright and he wants you to know that you'd better be ready for a chewing out when you get back to your room.*  Worry was replaced by amusement and they disconnected.

"I forgot you are a telepath.  Oh, I'm Sarah, Sarah Jenkins."  The woman held out her hand to shake.  It seemed a little silly after what had just happened and they both chuckled as Tony's hand wrapped around it.

"Antonio Whitefeather, Tony."

"Nice to formally meet you, Tony."  Warm currents passed between them but Tony was completely comfortable.  Sarah squinted up at him slightly as she tested the strength of his aura.  "Your much more powerful than Dancing Cloud led me to believe.  Then again maybe she doesn't know."  Their hands parted and Sarah turned to the door.  "Come lets get to know each other shall we?"

With a nod Tony followed her out of the door.


"Come in."  Hank looked up from his computer screen as the door slid open.  "Thank you for coming by, Charles."  His smile was tired and he rubbed his eyes in an attempt to clear them.

"Your exhausted, Hank.  Haven't you been sleeping?"  Charles manipulated the controls on the arm of his chair and glided to the desk.

"Some."  Hank yawned hugely showing off lots of pointed teeth.

"Well tell me what was so important then head off to bed for a nap, okay?"

"Yes, father."  Hank chuckled.  All amusement fled his face as he turned the monitor for Charles to see and adjusted his chair so he could read along.  "These are the latest test results for Tony.  We did them just after he healed that boy who had fallen and broken his arm.  I believe shortly after that is when he began beating me at chess."  The smile returned faintly but held almost no humor.

"It seems it is becoming more difficult for him to completely recover after each healing."  Charles frowned as he read further.  "It says here 'If the fluctuations in the subjects gene mutation are not either stabilized or put under less stress then cellular decay will eventually override said subject's abilities to recover normal functions'.  Does this mean.....?"  Hank nodded looking older and more tired.

"Though the knowledge and memories he collects are benign in the physical sense the mutant abilities are not.  As his body tries to integrate the changes into his system he is put under a dangerous amount of stress.  The only thing keeping the damage at bay is his regenerative capabilities.  However, if we do not help Tony control the absorption of other mutant's powers, his cellular structure will soon begin to deteriorate faster than his healing abilities can correct for.Hank blew out a harsh breath and turned haunted eyes to his friend an colleague.  "Charles, if this happens he will die torn apart cell by cell as his weakened system begins to reject what his mutation tries to force him to accept."

"Like what almost happened to Jeremy."  Charles whispered.  Hank jumped in surprise as the normally level-headed gentleman slapped this palm sharply on the desktop in frustration.  The usually benign voice became harsh with helpless anger.  "How could this have progressed so quickly?!  His mutation is less than a month manifested!"  Charles felt himself losing his so-tight control on his emotions and took a moment to center himself.

"It seems as if his healing ability was too raw for the first few times it was used and he over-extended himself.  However, I did notice one thing as I read through the notes I took while interviewing Tony after the mass healing he did."  Hank's face brightened slightly and Charles felt the first spurt of hope.  "The last few times he healed all he gained was knowledge even though all of those he helped were mutants.  So maybe....."

"Maybe the young man is learning control on his own or possibly his mutation is leveling out.  I will talk with him.  If we are lucky it won't take much to get his mutation under complete control."

"And if not?"  Hank asked

"If not we do the only thing we can."  Hank raised an eye brow as Charles finished.  "We pray."


It was just after dinner when Tony waved goodby as Sarah drove away.  It had been interesting to get to know the woman that would be his guide into the world of magic, but he was freakin' exhausted!  He had asked Sarah about her use of the term 'new-born magic' in regards to his loss of control in the Professor's office.

"What happened was not so much a 'loss of control as' a birth of new, more advanced, magical abilities."  She had explained as they sat cross-legged under his favorite tree.  It was approaching evening and they had decided the have their meal picnic-style so they relaxed on a blanket spread on the soft grass with plates of fresh fried chicken with all the fixings.  "Just as a woman's body sometimes has trouble bringing a new life into this world if the baby is large, so can a person's aura when the power they posses grows into a new, more powerful, form."  Tony chewed a mouthful of chicken slowly, his brow wrinkled as he tried to wrap his mind around the concepts she was giving him.  Sarah took a sip of iced tea to clear her mouth of food and then explained further.  "Lets continue with the 'childbirth' analogy.  The pulses of energy you told me you had been feeling for the past few days can be thought of as contractions.  As the power grew in your chakras, your bodies energy points, the more your aura dilated like a woman's cervics until finally,"  she held out her hands palms up,  "birth."

"So what your saying is,Tony sat his soda aside after taking a long thoughtful drink,  "you were my metaphysical midwife?"  The description made him grin.

"I suppose so!"  Sarah eyes twinkled as the delicate lines in her face deepened into a smile.  She passed a hand just above Tony's body causing him to shiver slightly as her energy mingled with his.  "From now on your blood will sing to the power of life and you will need to learn how to not let yourself become overwhelmed.  You have become more connected to nature and will feel its pull until the day your energy re-joins the Great Circle."  Tony paused with a chicken leg halfway to his mouth to shoot her a questioning look and she explained.  "The life force of every living creature is conjoined at its very foundation.  When our bodies no longer function we do not simply,"  she snapped her fingers,  "cease to beOur energy, or spirits, become part of the earth while we wait for a new home."

"You mean re-incarnation?"  Tony asked.

"Something like that."  Sarah smiled as she watched Tony set his plate down and fidget, rolling his shoulders as if trying to get comfortableHis face twisted into a mild grimace and she nodded knowingly.  "You can sense more of what you've gained can't you?"  Tony shrugged jerkily.

Even just sitting there calmly he could feel the ebb and flow of his new found power gliding around him like a warm breeze.  It wasn't bad but it also wasn't altogether pleasant.  It was like the itch that comes when a flesh wound is healing.  You want to scratch but it just makes it worse!  He mentioned this and Sarah explained that like a wound to the skin it takes an aura time to heal and that he needed to take care of himself carefully for the next few days.  No excessive physical contact with large groups (other peoples aura's could spread 'infections' to a wounded one), no fiddling with the new powers for a while (leave the scab alone or it will scar!), eat regularly, and get plenty of sleep because that was the best way to fully recover.  With that advise she had helped him clean up the remains of their meal then left saying she would check up on him daily and that as soon as he was recovered enough she would begin his training.

Feeling like he had been drug behind a herd of wild horses, Tony stumbled tiredly to his room.  As the door swung open he was snatched into a strong embrace.  He relaxed instantly into Alex's familiar warmth and heard Jon mutter something about going to the common room for a while.  Tony felt the pureness of Alex flow into him and sighed with contentment as they stood silently holding each other.  Lips pressed softly to his shoulder and Tony shivered burying his nose in the bend of Alex's neck.

"Hi."  Tony murmured weakly feeling soft skin beneath his lips.

"Hi yourself, buddy!"  Alex rumbled his voice a mixture of relief, worry, and irritation.  Tony suddenly found it hard to breath as he was squeezed tighter.  "I swear it's going to get to where I won't let you out of my sight!"

"I'm sorry."  Tony apologized when he was able to draw a full breath.

"It wasn't intentional so there's nothing to be sorry about."  Alex pulled back his brown gaze taking in the dark circles forming under Tony's weary eyes.  "Let's get you to bed, okay?"  Tony nodded in assent.

He took only a step or two when his legs gave out.  With a soft curse Alex swept him up and carried him the rest of the way.  Gently he placed his precious cargo on the bed then turned to the door.  He paused and looked down at the slender hand that gripped his.

"Don't go.  Stay with me a while, please?"  Tony's voice was slightly shaky.

"But I need to go get Hank.  Your sick-!"  Tony interrupted shaking his head.

"Not sick, just so tired."  He tugged Alex's hand until he sat on the edge of the full-sized bed.  "Hold me 'till I go to sleep, please?  I want you next to me."  Tony smiled as Alex nodded.  Before the tall blonde could lay down Tony tugged the bottom of his shirt.  "Off.  I need to feel your skin against mine."

"Yes, sir!"  Alex chuckled and placed a quick kiss to Tony's lips then stood and whipped the garment over his head and dropped it to the floor.  He bent over and began to untie the laces of Tony's ankle-high moccasins and slid them off then reached for the fasteners on the boy's pants.

"What are you doing?"  Tony felt his heart rate increase as those strong fingers came so close to him.

"You can't sleep comfortably in these things and that's all I'm planning for you to do, for right now anyway."  Alex wiggled his eyebrows lecherously and Tony's answering giggle was weak.

The pants joined Alex's shirt on the floor leaving Tony clad only in his boxers and his incredibly long hair.  Taking a moment to remove his shoes Alex then climbed into bed after helping Tony maneuver his mane so that it wasn't trapped under them.  Tony sighed as he used the broad bare chest as a pillow, then with a frown he tried to sit up.  Alex pressed him down again with a little mock-growl.

"I need to braid my hair or-"  Tony's explanation was cut short.

"Leave it."  Alex pulled the satin fall over them like a living sheet.

"But it'll tangle!"  His protest had no heart behind it as Tony felt the light tug of Alex's fingers petting his dark tresses.

"Then I'll brush it for you.  Now lay still and go to sleep!"  Alex reveled in the feel of all that hair caressing his exposed skin.

"Yes, sir!"  Tony chuckled as he used Alex's own words.

"Damn straight!"  Alex grinned pressed his lips to Tony's brow

With a tired but satisfied smile Tony drifted off.  Lulled by his deep steady breathing Alex soon joined him and they slept wrapped in each other's arms.

An hour later the door quietly opened and Jon poked his head in.  Seeing the two curled around each other a smile spread across his face.  Silently he gathered a few things into an over-night bag and as he left the room he flipped the light off.

Kurt answered the knock on his door almost immediately and gave Jon a slightly confused smile when he saw the bag in his hand.

"It seems as if I need a room for the night."  Jon raised the bag up for emphasis.  "You know anyone with a extra bed?"  He grinned broadly.

"Vell I guess," Kurt chuckled as he stepped aside, "I could let you stay here since for some strange reason my roommate has decided not to come back tonight.  Vould you know vhere he might be, mein Herr?"

"Why yes I would."  Jon dropped his bag on the floor pulling the blue devil into his arms after the door closed.  "As a matter of fact he gave me some wonderful ideas as to what I wanted to do tonight!"

"And vhat might dat be?"  Kurt's voice was husky as he wrapped his arms around Jon's shoulders rubbing the tips of their noses together with a sly grin.

"To sleep with a very special someone to hold onto."  Jon spoke softly against blue lips.

"That does indeed sound vonderful, mein lieben."  Kurt's yellow eyes half closed as he wrapped his strong tail around Jon's waist so that they were anchored together.

Their lips melted into the kiss they had teased each other with.  Clothes were shed until they both stood clad only in there undergarments with Jon in briefs and Kurt in his specially modified boxers to accommodate his extra appendage.  Their mouths parted and Jon threw back his head with a grunt of pleasure as Kurt's pointed upper and lower canines nipped at his neck and collarbone.  Using the fingers he had tangle in Kurt's blue-black curls Jon pulled him up so they were once again lip-locked.  They broke apart gasping for air, their hearts racing and hard members grinding against each other through just two thin layers of fabric.

"I'm going to explode!"  Jon's voice was hoarse.

"Vell den,"  Kurt used his tail to engage the lock on the door, "I'll just have to do somet'ing about dat, ja?"

Slowly he dropped to his knees tonguing his way down causing Jon to gasp as his hard little nipples were licked and sucked.  Blue Boy felt his painfully hard dick pulse at the noises he drew from the parted lips of his lover as he moved lower.  Kurt played wetly with the trail of dark red hair that had begun to develop just under the navel he had dipped into briefly.  He licked just under the elastic band then hooked fingers in it to pull down the last barrier to his goal.  He leaned back to watch the unveiling with hungry glowing eyes.  Soon seven hard inches of dark pink flesh waved bare and throbbing before his appreciative gaze.  He inhaled the scent of hot young male into his lungs like the sweetest of perfumes letting his eyes close as he savored.

"I've vaited so long for dis!"  Kurt moaned leaning closer until the moist tip of the cut member touched his lips.

"Oh God, Kurt!"  Jon rasped as hot breath blew over his ultra sensitive flesh.  "Are you sure?  I don't want you to do this just for me."  He forced the lovely creature at his feet to look up by tugging his head back.  Kurt's eyes opened and he smiled fiendishly darting out his tongue to lap the moisture that had collected on his pouty lower lip.

"I'm sure.  You taste so sveet!"  He moaned taking a quick taste directly from the source.

Jon cried out softly at the first touch of someone else at his sex.  He fell back against the wall as hot wet lips wrapped themselves tentatively around him.  His brain exploded with sensations as he was gently sucked and then those same lips slid lower.  Hard metal fingernails scrabbled at the wall behind him looking for purchase but finding none.

Kurt was instantly addicted to the cock in his mouth.  He had never done anything like this before but knew at the first taste he was born for it, to make his lover writhe with ecstasy.  He sucked gently at the full pulsing head then took in more until he gagged.  Pulling back he caught his breath and repeated the process more carefully until he had every inch he desired.  His moan was echoed from above and he desperately wished this could last forever but also yearned for the warm offering that would soon fill his waiting mouth.  He slowly began to draw back until he once again held only the tasty head then sucked back down to the root.  Wanting more leverage he placed his hands on Jon's narrow waist then let them drift down to where his hips flared ever so slightly then moved them back further to grip firm buttocks.

Jon forced his eyes open and watched the dark head bob over his aching rod.  Teen hormones and the fact that this was his first time with someone began to win out as he instinctively began to thrust his hips forward.  His stomach tightened as pressure built in his nuts and they began to draw up.  Electricity crackled through the air and Kurt looked up briefly to see green eyes begin to glow with a soft white light.  His skin tingled and he shuddered with surprised pleasure at the sensation.

"Oh fuck!"  Jon panted.  "I'm gonna cum!"  Kurt just moaned in response and kept sucking as his lips met Jon thrust for thrust pulling the dick in his mouth in further with the hands on Jon's flexing ass.

With a gurgled cry Jon held Kurt's head still by the hair and pounded his hips forward until he froze.  Lights flickered and Jon was barely able to keep enough control not to short out every electrical item in the room. Hot sticky boyjuice filled Kurt's sucking maw, covering his tongue with Jon's salty sweet essence as currents played over the surface of his skin causing all the small hairs to raise.  With a moan his knees gave out and Jon sank to the floor his still-hard meat making a wet pop as it pulled from the warm mouth that had held him captive.  He ended up half-straddling Kurt's bent legs with his sweaty back still pressed to the wall.  They held each other rubbing their bodies together as they kissed sharing the taste with each other.  Jon was startled at first but decided it wasn't bad at all and was anxious to find if Kurt tasted just as good.

"Bed."  Jon finally got out between kisses.

He stood shakily to his feet and pulled Kurt up and into his embrace.  Groping and fondling the whole way they somehow managed to make there way across the room to fall in a heap on Kurt's unmade bed.  Jon rolled on top taking control as he rubbed his naked skin over Kurt's soft velvet-like blue fur.  Kurt in turn stroked his long three-fingered hands as well as his talented tail over every bit of Jon he could reach murmuring softly in his native tongue.

Jon silenced him with a searing kiss then, mimicking what had been done with him, moved down to lovingly torture dark blue nipples until Kurt whimpered and begged.  Jon complied by slowly moved lower rubbing first one then the other cheek along sleek well-developed muscles as if scent-marking his man.  Kurt stroked his hair whispering encouragements as Jon licked along the firm flat stomach.  The texture of all that soft ultra-short fur tantalized him.  Did it cover everything?  The harsh scrape of the gathered waistband against his chin made him pause only briefly then slowly he began to work the last vestiges of Kurt's clothing off his body.

Kurt's breath caught as the fabric began to peel downwards then he lifted his hips to help all the while fighting to keep his wandering tail still.  As the material slid lower he fought the sudden urge to stop it.  Hurtful words thrown his way because of the way he looked echoed in his head.  Old fears began to rise up as the fabric inched lower but he squeezed his eyes shut and clutched silently at the sheets as he was finally exposed to Jon's sight.  The only people who had ever seen him completely unclothed had been those who had cared for him as a child and the doctors who had examined him.  He heard the sharp intake of breath and dread filled him only to be squashed with the next words he heard.

"God your so beautiful!"  Jon stared wide-eyed at the dark glistening flesh before him.

It was magnificent.  Seven and a half inches long, nearly two wide, a couple of shades darker than the rest of his body, large-veined, and uncut.  He couldn't see all the head due to the fact that Kurt's fear had caused him to soften slightly but under his loving gaze it pulsed and rose to its full glory.  The extra skin pulled back until nearly all the dark purple head was uncovered, shiny with pre-cum and begging for attention.

Boxers went sailing across the room as Jon's green eyes remained locked on the enticing creature that lay unclothed before him.  The fine dark fur that covered Kurt thickened into normal, though sparse, pubic hair at his groin but his proud member stood sleek and smooth from between his hard muscled thighs.  Jon drank in the sight for long enough that he was startled by Kurt tapping him on the nose with the point of his tail.

"Your staring."  Kurt giggled.

"Your beautiful."  Jon repeated and watched mesmerized as a flush darkened his love's face all the way down his chest to a near purple.

"I know I'm not, but t'ank you for saying it."  Kurt's smile faltered.

It tore at Jon's heart to see the sadness and embarrassment that began to fill the other boy's face.  He straddled the prone body and kissed Kurt deeply stroking all over that silky furred body then wrapping a hand around the firmness that drew him.  Leaning back he was pleased to see the flush was still there but was from passion this time.  Jon let his words and his actions speak as one.

"You,"  he squeezed gently, "are," he stroked and Kurt gasped, "beautiful." He kissed the parted lips flicking his tongue inside to tease pointed teeth one by one.  "Anyone who can't see that is either stupid or blind."  He let his eyes fill with the wonder he felt that Kurt was his.

Kurt's own eyes shone with tears of joy as he dared hope that Jon told him the complete truth.

"You truly mean dat?"  His voice still held uncertainty as the first drop slid down his face.  He searched the handsome freckled face that looked down at him so gently for any signs of falsehood.

"Every word, my love."  Jon said softly as he stroked a finger down a blue cheek damp with tears.  He leaned over to lick up the moisture then shared the salty flavor when their tongues slid together.  Jon leaned back with a rather wicked grin.  "Now where was I?  Ah, yes!"

The member that had gone down a bit during their talk flared to life as Jon slid lower to admire it.  He cupped the large satin-skinned balls in one hand as his other positioned Kurt's erection so he could kiss the tip, capturing a bead of moisture that he rolled around on his tongue.  He savored the flavor then squeezed until he had another pearly gift to lap up.  Kurt gasped and crooned encouragements as he combed his fingers through Jon's auburn tresses.  He hissed in a breath and stopped moving as lips locked behind the head of his cock and he was sucked tentatively.

"Ja!  Suck me, mein lieben!"  Kurt moaned struggling not to move his hips.  "Your mouth is der Himmel!"  He clenched his teeth his head arching back as Jon slowly took him in as far as he could.  Writhing, his hands shot to the headboard clutching it praying silently for the strength to last longer while aloud he babbled mindlessly as Jon started moving up and down increasing then decreasing his speed.  "Mein Gott!  Your going to kill me!"  Jon pulled back with a laugh.

"But what a way to go, right?"

"Ja!"  Kurt started to laugh then half shouted as Jon stroked him.  "Please!  Oh Gott, please!"  Kurt whimpered clenching his eyes shut while knuckles turned bluish-white as his hands tightened their grip.

"Please what?"  Jon's voice was husky.  He pulled the foreskin back completely and lapped at the swollen head of Kurt's cock and savored the sounds it created in his lover throat.

"Suck me until I cum!"  Kurt's voice became rough and demanding as he brought both hands to Jon's head pushing his burning pole into the other teen's equally scorching mouth.  "Yessssss!"  He hissed gently thrusting his hips forward.  "Take it all!  Drink me down!"  He panted as he pulled his cock almost all the way out then pushed forward filling the sucking lips that surrounded him.  Words of love spilled from his lips in German as he watched his darkness be enveloped by Jon's pale pink lips.

Jon moaned loving the slightly rough treatment and even though he didn't understand the words Kurt spoke he cherished each one that was uttered.  He swallowed back some spit at the same moment Kurt gave an extra-enthusiastic thrust and suddenly the head passed into Jon's throat as the muscles spasmed.  Kurt forgot to breath for a moment as he was gently massaged.  He came back to himself as Jon pulled off completely and coughed.

"Oh, Jon!  I'm sorry!"  Kurt sat up to check on him patting the other boy on the back.

"It's alright."  Jon laughed hoarsely as his eyes watered.  He pushed Kurt back down.  "I want to try that again.  Just lay still, okay?"

Kurt tried to protest but his brain turned to putty as wet silkiness engulfed him again.  He moaned and panted but kept himself still as Jon slowly worked himself down.  Feeling the nob hit the back of his throat Jon straightened out as best he could and swallowed.  Kurt groaned in pleasurable agony as he slid into the tight sleeve of wet muscle.  It was still a little rough on Jon, but once he relaxed he loved it!  He worked his throat trying to hold his breath as long as possible.  Kurt made incoherent gurgling noises and his body tightened.

"Please, Jon!  I can't hold out much longer!"  Kurt's jaw clenched and sweat broke out on his upper lip in his efforts to remain motionless from the waist down.

Needing to breath at last the red-headed tormenter pulled back until he had just the crown and sucked vigorously then began to bob.  Kurt groaned and placed his hands once again on the back of Jon's head holding him still as his hips rose and fell picking up speed.  Jon whimpered loving the face-fucking he was getting.  His own dick was painfully hard again and he reached down to stroke himself as he sucked the hard shaft pistoning in his face.

Through the haze he was in Kurt realized what Jon was doing.  Without thinking twice he grabbed the other boy around the waist turning him until he was sucking all seven hard inches in as he continued to pound Jon's sweet mouth.  They groaned and sucked each other wildly.  Kurt was the first to go and his cries were muffled by the cock stuffing him.  Jon moaned at the taste that flooded his mouth.  God he was delicious!  He gulped and swallowed as the beast in his mouth bucked releasing it's load down his gullet.  When that was done he spun around grabbing the headboard as he thrust into Kurt's willing cavity.  He had become so excited sucking Kurt off it only took seconds and his head went back with a cry as he painted the boy's tonsils for the second time that night.  Jon collapsed forward breathing hard and occasionally jerking as Kurt gently sucked him dry.  Finally becoming too sensitive he moved down until they lay in each others arms kissing tiredly.

"Oh my God!"  Jon moaned rolling onto his back completely worn out.

"Ja."  Kurt yawned and curled up on Jon's sweaty chest.  He licked a salty nipple and found he liked the taste so he did it again making the other boy groan.

"No more, baby!  Please!"  Jon gasped.  "I don't think I'd survive another round tonight."  Kurt snickered climbing quickly on top of him to pin his hands above his head.  Jon grunted in surprise.

"Do you yield?"  The German quirked a blue-black brow.

"Huh?"  Jon asked not understanding for a moment.

"Do you yield?"  Kurt laughed quietly.  Suddenly Jon remembered there first day together and smiled.

"Ja.  Completely and totally, especially my heart. "  Jon whispered and then he was kissed by the most wonderful set of lips in the world.


Smiling brown eyes warmed him as Tony met them with a laugh as the two of them walked hand-in-hand.  Suddenly a cry and his vision was awash in crimson.  He watched helplessly as Alex crumpled to the ground his beautiful golden waves matted with gore.  Tony fell to his knees clutching the so-still figure to his chest willing his healing abilities to work.  Familiar warmth began to spread through him but was cut short as pain ripped through every fiber of Tony's being.  In horror he felt Alex slip through his suddenly ghost-like arms.  His own screams echoed in his ears as his body tore itself apart........


Fingers dug into his shoulder and Tony looked around wildly.  He was sitting up in his own bed covered in sweat being pulled into strong tanned arms.  He shuddered and fought for a clear breath as Alex attempted to sooth him.  Tony jumped and cried out as the door rattled on its frame.

"Tony?  Jon?  Are you guys alright?!"  Logan's voice boomed from the other side.

"Just a second!"  Alex called.  He made sure Tony was laying down and completely covered before he opened the door.

The boy in the bed curled on his side hugging himself beneath the sheets.  He heard the door open and several voices in the hall but was too busy calming himself down to hear what they said.  When he was thinking more clearly he peeked over the edge of the sheet and groaned with embarrassment covering his head.  Standing in the hall outside his open door were Remy, Logan, and nearly every occupant of his hall.  His screams must have woke up half the dorm!  The door closed, the light turned on, and he sensed the two adults and Alex approach him.

"It was just a stupid nightmare!"  Tony's voice was muffled.  The bed dipped as someone sat behind him.  A hand rubbed his arm and he knew it was Alex.

"Sounded like somebody gettin' murdered t' me, bub."  Logan's deep voice was a soft rumble tinged with knowing amusement.  "Had a few of them kinda dreams m'self."

"Don' I know it, cher!"  The other side dipped as apparently Remy sat.  He tugged on the sheet Tony held in place.  "Come on out, petite.  We need to check you not hurt."  He tisked with exasperation as the buried head shook no and the grip on the fabric tightened.  "Little help here?"

Tony grunted in surprise as his ticklish ribs were poked.  While he was distracted the sheet was pulled down to his shoulders.  Remy peered into his burning face and Tony rolled his eyes at the concern.

"It was just a nightmare!"  He repeated huffily.  I'm such an ass!  He thought.  It took several seconds before noticed both Remy and Logan were dressed in only sleeping pants.  More blood flooded his face but this time from guilt.  "I'm sorry I woke everyone up."  He sighed.

"Well we wasn't actually sleepin' all that much, kid."  Logan leered playfully at Remy who's face went scarlet and eyes widened.  The older man grunted as an elbow planted itself in his bare stomach.

Tony strangled a laugh forgetting his own problem temporarily as Remy cleared his throat.  Logan leaned over to plant a kiss on one flaming cheek and was batted away.  Black and red eyes crossed in exasperation at the playful antics.

"TMI!"  Alex plugged his ears and closed his eyes tightly.  "Big whopping case of TMI!  La-la-la I hear nothing!  Nope not a thing!  Ouch!"  Alex rubbed his arm and gave Tony a glare for the pinch.

"Can we get back to de subject, s'il vous plait?"  Remy crossed arms over his muscled chest.

"Ah crap he's goin' all 'Frenchy' on me."  Logan groaned.  "Guess that means I'll be sleepin' alone tonight."

"Dat's 'Cajun Frenchy' to you!"  Remy shot back tartly.  Then turned back to Tony.  "Now, petite, are you sure you okay?"  His face became serious as he brushed back a stray hair from Tony's face.

"Yeah 'cause that scream scared him s' bad he almost bit off my-oomph!"  Logan was interrupted by another elbow to his gut.  "Dammit I was gonna say 'lip'!"  Logan scowled at the owner of said elbow.

"I'm fine."  Tony managed to laugh out.

Remy stood while Logan continued to rub his abused abdomen and grumble.

"I'll keep an eye on him."  Alex showed the two men to the door and they said good night.  Alex turned back to the bed with a yawn.  "Lets try to get some more sleep."  He crawled back into bed and pulled Tony to him.  "What was your dream about anyway?"

"I-I don't remember."  Tony answered hastily as he pushed away the memory of sun-kissed blonde hair soaked with blood.

"Are you sure?"

"I'm really tired, Alex.  Can we please just go to sleep?"  Tony buried his face in the other boys chest and shuddered.

"Okay but maybe you should talk to Jean tomorrow.  That dream sounded like a real bitch!"

Tony murmured non-commentally and forced himself to relax not really expecting to go back to sleep anytime soon.  Minutes later both boys drifted off and the next morning Tony didn't recall having any more dreams.


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