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Gravy Baby


The School

Part 7

As Tony's door shut Remy brushed past Logan with a sniff headed towards his own room which is where they had been when the young man's nightmare-induced screams had brought them running.  This time, however, he had no intension of inviting the big-mouthed hairy lout inside to finish what they had begun!  He ignored the low growl behind him but yelped as he was snatched up and thrown over a hard broad shoulder.  He was stunned silent for several seconds then began to quietly struggle to be put down as Logan marched effortlessly towards his room at the opposite end of the hall.

"You best be puttin' me down right n-!"  Remy sputtered as a firm smack landed on his wriggling butt.  "Batard!"  He spat in French fighting harder.  "Je jure Remy gonna kick-" he froze with a gasp as sharp teeth clamped down onto the tight meat of his ass.  Logan took advantage of Remy's shock to get them through the door and locked it.

With a grunt Remy landed on the bed where he was tossed on his back.  Before he could reorient himself he was pinned with hands on either side of his head.  More French curses turned the air blue as Logan road his prisoner's bucking body until Remy gave up and lay panting but still fuming at his predicament.

"I think,"  Logan rasped his breathing completely unaffected by his efforts, "your needin' to be givin' me a reeeeal sweet 'I'm sorry' for what you did back there, bub.  You gotta sharp elbow."  If it were not for his regenerative abilities Logan would have been sporting a couple of rather nasty bruises on his rock hard stomach.

"You needin' t' get yo head checked if you t'ink Remy gonna apologize-"  Logan smothered his words with a kiss.  When he pulled back Remy was quiet but still wore a mutinous expression.

"So you refuse to apologize?"  Logan narrowed his eyes at the man he pinned.

"Oui!"  Remy pouted and Logan couldn't help sucking that full jutting lower lip in his mouth for a nibble.  Remy moaned but didn't give in though he did get a little concerned when the hairy man above him pulled back with a toothy grin.

"Guess I get t' finally try these things out then!"  He flattened himself on top of Remy and quickly with his right hand reached over the edge of the bed pulling out a pair of fur-lined manacles.  Before the younger man could do more than gape for a second Logan re-captured the hand he had let go, locked it in, threaded the chain through the rungs of steel railing at the head of his bed, and secured the other end.

"What de hell you doin'?!"  Remy yanked at his hands as Logan sat back using his weight to keep the lower half of the Cajun pinned.

"Revenge is a bitch aint it?"  The response was a low rumble that had the shackled man shivering excitedly though he fought to hide it behind a look of anger.  With great relish Logan drew his fingers lightly down the exposed and vulnerable ribs stretched out before him.

"No!  Oh please no!"  Remy squirmed as he was tickled.  Gritting his teeth he fought not to laugh.  The fight was lost as finger pressure increase.  Shrieks of laughter rang around the room and it was as if Logan sat on a green unbroken horse when Remy arched and thrashed.  The only thing that kept him in place was the fact that his modified skeletal structure made him heavier than he appeared.  What little energy Remy had after his initial struggle leaked away quickly in trying to dislodge a man that outweighed him by a good seventy pounds or more.  "OKAY!  OKAY!  I'M SORRY!!"

"Excuse me?"  Logan stopped his punishment and cupped a hand behind his ear.  "Come again?"

"I say 'I'm sorry' you ass-" Remy revised what he was about to say as fingers threatened again,  "tronomically handsome man."

"That's what I thought."  Logan leaned over to place a quick kiss on those still-smiling lips.

"You gon' let me go now?"  The chain rattled in emphasis.

"Nope."  Logan lay fully atop him as he crushed Remy's mouth in a burning kiss.

Dizzy with arousal Remy fought his way from his lust-induced haze.  He disengaged his swollen lips from Logan weakly trying to remember what he needed to say.  He almost had it when a hot wet mouth latched onto his neck blowing his concentration to hell.  Moaning he tried to wrap his fingers in Logan's hair and found he couldn't.  The clink of chains brought him back.

"Logan.  Logan, please I-I...."  His voice was hoarse as he blinked his eyes open.  A tongue trailed down his neck and chest to swirl around a nipple.  He shuddered then grunted as teeth gently tortured the hard nub.  "Logan, stop!  You need to let me loose, cher!"

"Uh-uh."  Logan moved to the other sensitive tip.

"But what if someone heard?"  Panic started to fight with lust.  "Dey come in here an' see me like dis-"  Logan slid back up with a silencing press of mouths.

"Aint gonna happen, babe."  He raised his head and brushed a stray hair from in front of Remy's eyes.

"How you know dat?"

"Walls 'r sound-proofed."  Remy's eyes widened.  "I got tired o' waken people up every time I had a fuckin' bad dream so Chuck had th' room modified."  Pointed canines flashed whitely down at him.  "S' scream an' shout all y' want to, sweetheart.  Your mine and aint nobody comin' t' the rescue!"

Heat shot through Remy at those words and he whimpered in anticipation as Logan's moist lips brushed over his.  Eyes fluttered closed as tiny kisses feathered over his cheek to his ear where it was nibbled and sucked.  He turned his head to give better access and was rewarded when the delicate tender skin just below the lobe was nuzzled.  Despite his gruff exterior Logan was one of the most attentive and tender lovers Remy had ever had.  This sudden show of dominance thrilled the Cajun down to his currently curled toes!  Most times there was rough talk but this was the first time this side of Logan had manifested physically.  There was movement above him and his eyes opened.  A ripped six pack sat inches away from his nose as Logan held onto the top of the curved railing looking down the length of his body into Remy's fire and obsidian eyes.  The dark patches of fur looked soft and inviting as the stomach moved with it's owners every breath.

"I think a more direct apology would be best, don't you?"  The rough voice purred above him.

Remy rolled his eyes up to watch Logan's blue eyes darken like a stormy sky as he slowly raised his head to plant a soft kiss on the taut skin above him.  A broad sweep of his tongue had Logan's eyes closed and head back as he began to breath open-mouthed.  Remy pulled playfully at the dark hairs circling the navel with his teeth and a grunt was his answer.  Finally he did what he knew would flip his lovers switch big-time, licking and sucking at the shallow dip of that same navel.  Logan moaned humping into Remy's chest as he felt that thread of nerves pull electrifyingly down to his groin.  His eyes rolled to the back of his head as he froze back arched.  They remained like this for several moments then Remy pulled back and placed another soft kiss in the same spot as the first.

"Sorry."  He whispered then chuckled deep in his throat as he watched Logan open glazed eyes and blink down at him.

The bed bounced slightly as Logan rolled off and practically tore the sleep-pants from his body.  Just as quickly he was back straddling Remy's chest using one hand to paint his captive's sweet lips with the head of his swollen cock.  Precum made the mouth shiny and inviting.  Remy moaned as he rolled his lips inward to taste them.  He raised his head taking the tip of his lover into his wanting oral cavity locking it in just behind the plum sucking forcefully.

"Oh, shit!  Yeah, baby, suck that cock!  Wrap those beautiful lips around me and suck me dry, bitch!"  Logan continued in this vein as Remy applied himself more vigorously taking as much in as he could from that angle.  At every backstroke he paused to run his tongue over the tip and under the foreskin swirling in around.  The position wasn't the best for depth so while the talented mouth worked the first few inches Logan wrapped a hand around the rest and began to jack the remaining several.  "Oooh yeah, baby.  Fuckin' shit, your good!  You want me t' spray your throat, slut?"  Remy moaned and nodded.  "You like bein' my little cock-whore don't ya?"  The answering moan was louder as Remy thrust his hips in the air desperate for his aching sex to be touched.  Sweat began to run down Logan's face dripping onto his heaving chest as he pumped faster.  Remy held still, his cheeks hallowing to apply even more suction.  "Oh fuck, babe, here it comes!  Drink it!"  Logan grunted then threw back his head with a shout as his Goliath member unleashed its white gold.  He jerked and swore as he felt his balls nearly sucked up through his shaft.

Remy kept up his oral work until he felt Logan begin to soften.  He allowed the wet flesh to slide from his lips planting a kiss on the almost purple head as it retreated back into its sheath.  Hot lips covered his and he shared the remaining flavors.  His tongue was stroked and sucked inflaming him to the point that he could barely breath.  Suddenly the lips were gone and he had to force open his eyes to watch his lover move lower.  Tiny nips down his torso had him nearly cross-eyed as he was reduced to little gasping breaths.  Seconds later he realized he was completely nude and watched distractedly as the light-weight pajama bottoms he had been wearing sailed across the room.  He nearly sobbed as his throbbing dick was engulfed in Logan's vigorous maw.  Logan reveled in the feel of smooth hot flesh in his mouth as his tongue danced along the thick veined stalk and spongy crown.  Blue eyes watched as a flush darkened the handsome youthful face and spread down the well-formed chest of the man he held in his mouth.  Most people found the oddly colored eyes that took in his movements distracting and hard to read.  Over the past few weeks, however, Logan had learned the secret and could immediately tell when they began to go out of focus.

"Logan, mon amore...."  Remy groaned.  "I need you inside me, please!"

Logan moved from the hardness of the member in his mouth down to the heavy balls below it.  He rolled each tender orb gently in his mouth as Remy arched and panted.  Leaving them wet and dripping he licked lower wordlessly encouraging Remy to open to him.  With a whimper the silent command was obeyed as Remy raised his knees to his chest.  Strong blunt-fingered hands propped up hips presenting Logan with the mouth-watering view of a vulnerable pucker begging for attention.

Remy barely choked back a scream of joy as his man's long talented oral digit lapped wetly at his pink hole.  He loosened more and more soon allowing Logan deeper.  He twitched and shuddered his moans coming almost continuously.  Sweat poured down his body dampening the sheets and still Logan continued.  The tongue was replaced by first one, then two, then three fingers raising Remy to a frantic fevered pitch.

"Please, Logan!  I want you in me when I go!"  Remy wept and begged as his body was plundered.  He arched and shrieked as Logan found his hot spot.  "Oh God!  Oh God!  I'm not lastin' much longer, cher!"

"Sounds like my cue."  Logan growled.  Before Remy could protest his absence he had hopped from the bed, grabbed the lube stashed in the nightstand, and returned to kneel at Remy's wide-spread ass slathering a generous amount of the clear gel on his renewed erection.  He aimed for the winking opening and thrust forward burying half his considerable length in the spasming orifice in one go.  Remy bucked and yelled partially in pain but mostly from raw pleasure as his ass was split open.  Logan held the thrashing body under him still as he forced his way deeper until all ten inches were enclosed in scalding moistness.  "Yeah take it all, baby!  I'm gonna fuck you a new hole!  Gonna come out your fuckin' mouth!"

Thats the way Remy felt as he was stuffed to bursting with Logan's horse dick.  He locked his legs around thrusting hips as Logan rabbit-punched his guts, torturing his prostate with every move.  A scream tore its way out of his throat as his orgasm slammed into him.  Hot cream sprayed both of them as Remy's heaving hose came to life.  Strong anal muscles milked Logan who roared like a wounded lion as he was swept along for the ride unloading in the hot ass he had torn into.  He was amazed he had cum so quickly after enjoying the other end of his lover's body.

"Shit, babe!"  Logan wheezed as he collapsed atop the hard, sweaty, cum-covered body below him.  "Your gonna kill this old man!"

"Not [gasp] if you [wheeze] kill me first!"  Remy was limp and had absolutely no desire to move.

Logan's heaviness crushed him into the mattress but Remy could have cared less.  He loved the feel of the hairy body atop him and the softening member still buried in his well-fucked ass.  Nibbling at the salty wetness on the shoulder near his face he sighed with contentment.  He waited patiently for Logan to move then blinked in surprise when he heard the light snoring.  Deciding against waking Logan to set him free he moved to do it himself.  Focusing his abilities he touched a finger to one of the links in the chain charging it.  With a quick yank the link crumbled.  Lowering his arms Remy grimaced as he felt the pull in his shoulders.  He rolled them being careful not to wake the man above him then wrapped the snoozing beast in his arms with a quiet chuckle.

Logan's thick dark hair tickled his face as he nuzzled the ear nearest him.  With a sleepy murmur Logan rolled to his side without waking pulling Remy against them.  Unable to get up to turn off the light Remy contented himself with studying the face of the man who had so recently stolen his heart.  He placed a gently kiss on the slightly parted lips and smiled as Logan muttered his name squeezing him tighter.  Knowing he wouldn't be heard he whispered the words that he had been too frightened to say to anyone since he lost Robbie.

"Je amour vous."

He was shocked as sleepy blue eyes opened partially and a drowsy smile curved Logan's lips.

"I love you too, darlin'."


The odd tingle was not nearly as unpleasant as the first time Sarah had 'tested' Tony's aura after his metaphysical growth three days earlier.  It was the Saturday before orientation and since many students were to be arriving Sunday she wanted to make sure Tony's defenses were repaired.  A small frown wrinkled her brow as she concentrated running her hands a few inches above the surface of Tony's prone body.  Since his abilities were connected to life and nature she had brought him to a secluded area of the recently re-secured forest behind the school and had him lay quietly meditating in the shady grass.

At first he had been very self-conscious stripping down to nothing but the buckskin loincloth she had brought for him to wear.  It basically consisted of a strip of hide that fed between his legs and was secured into place at either side of his waist by leather ties.  The front and back of the hide formed flaps that fell down the upper third of his thighs.  Everything important was completely covered but, even though he had no problem going around shirtless, Tony still felt as if he were showing off too much of what he thought of as his too-thin body.  When she had first presented the brief covering to him he had been shocked and argued at the necessity of it since he could just as easily wear a pair of shorts.

"You need to have as much skin contact with the earth as possible."  She explained patiently.  When he began to argue further she gave him a little smile.  "This was sent to you by Dancing Cloud so don't get grumpy with me.  She did, however, say there is one other option."  Tony's look of hope fell into one of horror at her next words.  "You could go nude!"  He didn't say another word but took the garment to his room in defeat and put it on pulling jeans on over it so that the flaps hung over the front and back.  Since he would have to take them off anyway he left the shirt and his usual moccasins behind.  He had just finished braiding his hair to keep it out of the way when his roommate had returned.  At Jon's curious look he held up his hand walking out of their room.

"Don't ask and no comments, white man."

"Whatever you say, Mr. Native American, Sir."   The redhead snapped a salute.  Tony flipped him the bird and Jon's laughter had followed him down the hall.

It had taken a while for Tony to relax enough to clear his mind as he lay with most of his skin exposed to the warm breeze that rustled the leaves overhead.  Calmly and patiently Sarah had lead him to a state of complete relaxation that left him aware of the pulse of life around him though he concentrated only on the feel of his breath passing slowly and evenly through his nostrils and into his lungs.  The tree's branches danced in the breeze almost hypnotically.

"Place your hands, palms down, at your sides and close your eyes."  He moved his hands from where they lay limply on his stomach feeling the soft carpet of summer grass against his palms.  He felt the dappled sun on his eyelids as the leaves cast shadows upon him.  "Feel the breath of life pass over and through you to mingle with your own.  Become the breeze, touching everything around you.  You are a thing of nature and life.  Open yourself up to it and,"  he felt the warm tingle of her aura contacting his and felt something in him open like a flower in the morning sun, "let it fill you."

The warmth he had begun to feel tripled at her last words and his blood began to sing through his veins, running hot.  Sarah watched with half-closed eyes as a flush over-took the body of her new student.  She smiled at the evidence of his acceptance of the joy of life as the front of the loincloth began to tent with his arousal.  She closed her eyes moving her hand over his now-pulsing aura from his head to the base of his now-turgid groin testing each chakra for imbalance or weakness.  Noting the anomalies she sat back on her heels and reached for a pouch attached to the belt she wore pulling out several different colored stones.

"Tony."  She called softly so he would not be startled from his meditation.

"Yes."  His voice was husky and distant as he communed with the energies around him.

"I've found an imbalance in you that needs correcting.  I want you to listen to what I tell you I am doing so you won't be startled, do you understand?"  He remained perfectly relaxed and unmoving.

"Yes, I understand."

"I am placing purified crystals at your chakras so I will need to touch you.  You need to remain relaxed.  Can you do that?"


"Good."  She took a piece of reddish tiger's eye placing it between his slightly spread thighs so that it rested against his covered perineum.  A sigh left Tony's lips but he remained still and relaxed.  "Your Base or Root."

The orange of the carnelian she placed near the top of the loincloth just below his navel was glass-like.  "Your Sacral."  Yellow calcite rested warmly on the upper part of his stomach as it raised and lowered with his steady breaths.  "Your Solar Plexus."  Rose Quartz caught the sunlight winking through the trees as she lay it in the middle of his chest.  "Your Heart."  The multi-tonal blue of the sodalite was flecked with white where it rest on his bronzed neck.  "Your Throat."  Amethyst was next carefully balanced in the middle of his forehead.  "Your Third Eye or Brow."  The last stone was a piece of pure clear quartz that she found could be tucked in the hair at the top of his head.  "Your Crown.  Now I want you to listen to the music of life and nature around you Tony.  Remain perfectly relaxed and hear it sing to you."

For the next half hour she sat monitoring his progress.  At regular intervals she tested his aura noting that about half-way though a wave of warmth flowed over its surface sending an answering tingle up her arms and was amazed to note that she herself was responding feeling the moisture build between her legs.  Interesting.  She thought.  Tony sighed gently but remained still.  Near the end she noted his breathing change slightly and noted the throb at the front of his cloth.  Almost done.  She nodded, pleased at his progress and shivering as her breathing unexpectedly began to match his.  She was in the middle of one last check when pulsing warmth shot up her arms and down to the very center of her groin.  Her eyes opened wide with a soft cry that was echoed by the young man on the ground before her.  As one they road the waves of a gentle, mutual climax.  Tony shivered delicately yet remained relaxed, the front flap of his loincloth hiding the fact that the layer closest to his skin was darkening with his seed.

Sarah sat back on her heels her breathing unsteady in the wake of their shared ecstasy.  Tony came up from the depths of his meditation feeling refreshed and whole.  He lay there blinking dazed eyes as Sarah removed the stones that rested on and around his body.  It soon began to dawn on him that his front wasn't nearly as dry as it started out being and sat up quickly his face turning crimson.

"I-I-I" he stuttered not able to meet her eyes doing his best to cover himself.

"It's alright, Tony."  Sarah's gentle laugh held only affection.  "It was to be expected that you enjoy what just happened.  I would only have been concerned if you didn't."


"But nothing."  She admonished him as she stood brushing off her skirts.  "All that happened was that you experienced one of the basic joys in life, that of physical pleasure.  You granted it to me as well."

"What do you mean....."  Tony found himself unable to continue and his eyes went wide as he finally understood what she was trying to say.

"I was quite surprised myself.  I've never had that happen before, nor have I ever heard of it happening."  She helped Tony up and gave him a considering look.  "You are a rather extraordinary and unique being, Tony.  I think this is going to be an interesting ride for the both of us."  She patted his still-burning cheek then turned her back so he could remove his soiled garment and slip into his jeans.  She turned back when he was done and took the loincloth from him and placing it in a plastic bag.  "As of right now your aura is fully functional and your inner energies are balanced.  For the next few months I will visit you daily at seven in the morning for meditation and training, and yes that will include the weekends."  Tony groaned at this as they walked back towards the mansion.  "Then once I feel you are headed in the right direction we will drop to two or three times a week, but,"  she stopped him with a hand on his arm, "you are to keep up with the daily meditation on your own."  The look she gave stopped his un-uttered complaints.  It was the most serious expression he had yet seen on her normally easy-going face.  "Self discipline and proper shielding are crucial to those of us who have supernatural gifts, Tony.  With the level of power I've felt from you, the fact that it is still growing, and your sensitivity to all energies around you, this is not an option!  If you do not gain complete mastery of the talents you have been given there is no telling what damage could occur.  Do you understand?"  When Tony nodded she seemed pleased.  "Good.  Dancing Cloud has bestowed a lot of trust in me by sending me here as your guide.  She cares for you like one of her own children and I am honored at this opportunity.  I will do my utmost to fulfill that trust, Tony.  All I ask is that you do your best."  Her words were filled with sincerity and Tony could sense she spoke only the truth and let her see that he knew this.

"I'm the one who is honored."  He smiled down into her eyes and impulsively pulled her into a gentle hug.  "Thank you for coming here to help me."  When he stepped back he looked at her with his head cocked then a grin split his face.  "Now I understand why she sent you."

"And why is that?"  She raise an eyebrow at him.

"If I screw up from lack of trying, or if I start slacking off, you'll kick my butt!"  Tony chuckled.

"You'd better believe it, buddy!"  She looped an arm around his.  "Now be a gentleman and show me to my car."

"Yes ma'am!"

The walk to the car was pleasant and Tony was surprised to find he had gotten over his embarrassment about what had happened so easily.  Sarah paused before opening the car door.

"I understand your unease about your body, Tony.  It is very normal in this day and age to feel self-conscious if you don't look like the models in the magazines."  She squeezed his arms.  "You are a beautiful young man, Antonio.  Your are a thing of life and pleasure, I felt as much today."  She did not mention the odd almost dark flutter she had sensed when his power had spiked.  "It is the very essence of what it is to be linked to nature.  Primal and joyous!"  Tony blushed and she smiled shaking her head.  "There is no shame in that, child.  By the time I'm done with you I hope you will see yourself as I do."  She startled him by pulling him down and planting a mother kiss on his cheek.  "Tomorrow morning, 7 am, same place, and be ready.  Here you'll need this."  She tossed him a small bundle from the back seat and he groaned when he was it was another loincloth.  Laughing at his reaction she climbed into her car and drove away.

"Why me?"  Tony asked the heavens then made his way back to his room.  Jon sat at his computer checking his email and noted the absence of extra cloth around Tony's waist.  Face blazing Tony held up a hand shaking his head when he saw Jon's expression.  "Don't ask!  Just.....don't ask!"  He headed straight for the shower.


Monday (Orientation Day)

Tony lay boneless on his bed contemplating his day thus far.  There were no classes until tomorrow and Jon was still busy signing up for his extracurriculars so he had the room to himself for a while.  He closed his eyes and linked his hands over his chest as he let the frames of memory play on the insides of his lids. 

Tony had been shocked to find that not all of the instructors were mutants!  There were several who were 'normal' humans that were strong mutant sympathizers, many of whom had one or more relatives either attending or that had graduated from the school.  Xavier explained that, until a few years before, everyone who worked at the Institute had indeed been mutants.  However a sudden surge in the young mutant population and made it necessary to supplement the staff with non-mutants.

As shocking as that was Tony was still completely un-prepared for the person who had been introduced as the newest addition the Xavier's teaching staff, or for what happened afterwards.

Ms Staton had just recently been hired to take over the position of History instructor and was eager to meet the students she would be teaching that semester, inviting them to come to her office afterwards.  She radiated an aura that Tony found himself drawn to powerfully.  He had trouble keeping his focus throughout the last of Charles' speech due to the fact that his dark gaze kept being drawn to her.  It wasn't just the fact that she was extremely attractive, which she was, but also the metaphysical energy that boiled around her making every small hair on his body stand at attention.  The words Charles spoke rolled past him unnoticed for the most part as Tony fought to control his reaction.  Alex began to notice Tony's odd behavior and shot him a questioning look.  Tony mustered up a sheepish grin then stretched and yawned.

"Tired."  He mouthed and Alex nodded excepting the explanation.

Tony, seeing that he was to have her at the end of each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, told his friends he would meet them later then joined the group of students that had gathered in the small room to greet her personally.  Her presence filled the limited space causing his heart to thunder as he drew closer.  Slender fingers pushed chin-length medium brown hair behind one small ear as she smiled up into the eyes of a student.  She was forced to crane her neck due to the fact that she couldn't have been more that 5'1" if you stretched her on a rack!  For all of her daintiness the energy that rolled from her tried it's best to stop the much taller young man in his tracks.  It was as if Tony were forced to walk through thick molasses as he came within the last few feet of her. 

" nice to meet you.  I hope our time together is as productive and interesting as possible...."  Her voice was a light smooth soprano

The other students left until he was the last one there and, as her light greenish-hazel eyes met his, the smile she still wore became a bit puzzled.  There was a jolt and everything seemed to slow to a halt as their hands connected.

The smell of trees was nearly overwhelming.  Her muscles stretched to their limits allowing her to nearly fly as paws dug into the thick carpet of grass and fallen leaves.  Other large furry bodies brushed hers, muzzles nipping playfully bringing feelings of pack and home.  Blood flowed hot in her veins and the males crowded closer as the scent of her growing arousal drew them....

Tony fought his way up from the vision finding himself meeting not the hazel eyes tinged with green of his diminutive instructor but the intense amber ones of a wolf!  They were wide and stunned.  Warm animal energy crawled over Tony's skin and he had to choke back a surge of mixed excitement/fear/nausea.

"Wow!"  The soprano had dipped down to a purring rumble.  "What a rush!"  She seemed reluctant about it but released her grip on his hand, her cheeks flush with excitement.

Tony flexed his bruised hand gingerly watching as the little half-moon fingernail marks filled with blood.  The sheer physical strength in that small hand let him know this delicate beauty would have no trouble breaking him in half.  Wolf eyes bled back to normal human and she let out a shaky laugh.  She stopped as she saw the damaged she had caused.

"Oh my goodness!"  She raised the hand gently looking over the wounds.  "I'm so sorry!  Is anything broken?"

"No, I'll be fine."  Tony reassured her.  He pulled a few dislocated fingers and the audible pop as each went back into place made her wince.  As they watched the skin closed, the bruises began to fade, and the swollen knuckles went down.  Soon not a mark was left.  "See, all better."  He smiled at her amazed expression holding up his hand wiggling his fingers at her.

"I've never even seen a member of my pack heal that f-"  She paled as she realized what she had just said.  Panic filled her.  How could she have been so careless?!  If anyone found out about her here, the only place that seemed willing to hire her, she didn't know what she would do!  Professor Xavier was willing to take a chance on her, but if parents found out she was a werewolf-!  She was startled out of her thoughts by Tony stepping backwards with a hand to his head.  "Are you okay?"  Concern for her student over shadowed all other feelings for a moment.

"Yeah, its just...."  Tony blinked and gave her a half-smile,  "if you want to keep secrets you should really not project so loud around telepaths.  I'm not very powerful and that nearly busted a vessel!"  He felt a fresh spurt of fear from her and grimaced at the strength of it.

"You mean they all know now?!"  Her eyes started to shine with tears.

"No."  A voice said behind Tony answered reassuringly.  "I was able to block most of it.  Your lucky I was nearby, Janine, or I wouldn't have heard until it was too late."  Charles floated into the room.  "It seems as if Tony was able to pick up on everything though.  It was most likely the proximity."

"Please," her voice was pleading as Janine turned back to the dark-skinned young man, "I beg of you, don't tell anyone.  If word gets to any of the parents...."  Her voice choked off and her bottom lip began to tremble.

"Okay, sure."  Tony agreed without hesitation.  "I don't see what the big deal is though.  Lycanthropy isn't contagious unless the carrier is in animal form."  He received surprised looks from both adults.  "What?  I'm right aren't I?"

"Well y-yes."  Janine stuttered.

"You are completely correct."  Charles agreed.  "Where did you learn that?"

"Internet."  Tony shrugged.  "I started looking up information just after I got here because of the problems you were having with that pack that was roaming around right before you brought me to the school."  Charles nodded in understanding.  "So, what's the problem with a werewolf being on staff?"  He asked.

"Most people are scared of wereanimals and would never let their children come anywhere near one of us much less teach them."  Her expression was sad and her voice dripped with bitterness.

"Well thats just stupid!"  Tony was shocked and disgusted at peoples bigotry.  Show any difference and suddenly your an object of fear and hate!  "Don't worry, nobody will find out anything from me.  I won't even say anything to Grandfather even though I know he probably wouldn't give a rats a...uh tail.  Unless you give me permission, of course."

"Thank you."  Relief radiated from her in warm waves as she touched his arm.  He quickly blocked the images he received from her and smiled.

"Not a prob!  As long as you don't change and start chasing us around we're cool."  He smiled and held out a hand making sure his shields were as tight as possible as she clasped it in her own.  "I'll see you in class Wednesday."

"I look forward to it, Antonio."  The smile she gave him radiated like the sun and he was forced to ignore her heat as it lapped against his barriers.  There was still a trace scent of the arousal the vision and energy they shared had caused in her.  In reaction his body pooled blood in his groin.  Almost against his will he began to notice how well her petite but nicely curved body filled out the dark brown slacks and cream colored blouse she wore.  He raised his eyes quickly to meet hers again, hoping she had not noticed his appraisal.  To his embarrassment it was obvious she had as she arched an amused brow at him.

"Tony is fine."  His voice croaked a bit as his cheeks blazed.  He dropped her hand as quickly as was polite and with a nod to Charles he left, stooping to scoop up the class schedual he had apparently dropped in reaction to their first touch.  One thought followed him as he sped down the hall to meet up with his friends.

Oh, this is going to be bad!

The front of his jeans were painfully tight, his stiff prick showing no signs of going down no matter how much he willed it to.  He looked over his shoulder and saw Charles gliding in the opposite direction.  Slowing his pace he almost made it to the end of the hall when heat darted through his body.  His nipples hardened and his member throbbed.  With an odd gurgling sound he stumbled to a halt and leaned back against the wall rubbing a hand over his suddenly hyper sensitive nubs as they cried out for attention.  He was barely able to stifle a moan as he back-tracked unsteadily to a mens room he had just past.  To his relief it was empty and he quickly shut himself into a stall instinctively putting a telekenetic barrier over the bathroom door so it could not be opened without him knowing.

Yanking down his zipper he sighed as he fished out his rock hard eight inches.  So hard was it, in fact, that what normally stood straight from his body came close to touching his stomach as it bobbed with his heartbeat.  Air wooshed out of him as he wrapped a hand around his cut member stunned to find how insanely sensitive it was and how large it had gotten.  It seemed as if in the past few weeks his already substantial sex had grown significantly, including his testicles.  What had already looked, he admitted to himself with just a little pride, quite impressive on his thin frame was getting dangerously close to freakish proportions!  If the rest of his body didn't hurry and catch up to his apparent genital growth spurt he was going to have a problem finding pants that fit!  As it was he found many of his jeans almost uncomfortably tight in that area.  The throb of his excited loins brought him back to the present problem.  He cupped large hairless glands in his free hand allowing denim and boxers to drop to the floor as he sat on the toilet to take the weight off his shaking legs.

The memory of Ms Staton's scent fogged his brain as he gripped his painful erection tighter.  His other hand unconsciously tugged his heavy nuts and he grunted as his head fell back.  It was as if his entire being were focused only on sex.  His head rolled forward and he watched as the flared nob of his rampant tool turned nearly purple from the blood trapped by the pressure he exerted.  It oozed pre-cum until it ran down his shaft and over his hand.  He released his hold on the steel bar between his legs and licked the wetness from his skin ravenously, sucking his fingers clean as the color of his cockhead faded to a more normal shade.  Breath becoming quick and ragged, he once again wrapped his fingers around the pulsing creature that had Shanghaied his poor adolescent mind.  His eyes drifted closed as he slowly made the first stroke and, even though he could still feel and was completely aware of what was happening to him physically, it was as if a part of him were transported from his body....

Charles left moments after Tony.  Janine made herself comfortable behind her desk her eyes fixed on the now closed door.  Residual tingles hummed deep inside her and she tried to ignore them as she leaned forward to go over the information files stacked neatly for her attention.  She reached across to grab a pen to make notes and her arm brushed over the sensitized peak of one breast.  It hardened instantly in response and she shivered as a quiet involuntary moan tore its way from her throat.  Memories of that knee-buckling surge as her skin touched Tony's brought instant moisture between her thighs.  At first she was horrified to think she was turned on by a virtual child.  Then she realized that, as nice looking and as kind as Antonio seemed to be, it was the power he generated that her body longed for, not the boy himself.

As if of its own accord, her hand moved to a breast and she pinched the nipple firmly, growling deep in her chest as she leaned back spreading her thighs.  The hum became a full-fledged vibration as if he were right in the room radiating that sensual force upon her like the sun at high noon in the desert.  She felt she could almost smell Tony's excitement as strongly as she had just before he practically ran from her office a few short moments ago.  Lust overtook her and soon she was squirming like a bitch in heat.  Panting, she brought the other hand to play torturing the other stiffening point, alternately squeezing and releasing them faster and faster until she couldn't stand it anymore.  Suddenly she realized that someone could easily walk in or pass by and see into her office via the window in the door.  In a flash she had the door locked and the privacy shade pulled down.  Shirt and bra flew into a corner soon joined by shoes and slacks.  Dressed only in panties she flung herself back into the waiting chair.

Full, firm breasts overflowed her hands as she rubbed them whimpering in a frenzy of animal lust.  What the fuck is wrong with me?!  It was as if she had no control over her own hormones or something!  Her body flush hotly and she could literally feel her clit engorge with blood, pulsing insistently.  With a curse she brought the heels of her feet up to rest in the chair seat then tore the crotch of her panties away and cried out as she buried three fingers in her soaked snatch....

Tony practically fell to the floor from the sensation!  His hand on his raging member had him writhing while the pleasure he picked up from the small room several yards back down the hallway had him nearly over the moon.  He looked down would have been scared shitless by what he saw if he hadn't been in such a haze.  Confusion and hormones battled it out until Tony finally gave up and just excepted what was before his eyes.  He could see that he still sat in the stall and his hand moving over the shaft of his hard cock but superimposed over that he could see a delicate hand moving in a near blur over the downy carpet that was covering a woman's mound, her creamy smooth thighs spread wide to accommodate her busy digits.  The hand pistoned in and out several times then slowed as the thumb turned inward at the top of the moist fleshy outer folds.  Tony's back arched and he opened his mouth in a silent scream as a button was hit that shot electricity throughout his body.  In response the hand at his boiling nuts moved to the tip of his leaking dip-stick rubbing it in juicy circles imitating the phantom thumbs movements.  The heady smell of cunt filled his nostrils....

Janine pumped her hips lewdly as she frigged herself.  Her eyes closed and she felt the tell-tale beginnings of what was to be one of the best and hardest cums she had in a very long time.  Lightly painted moist lips parted as she breathed in on a gasp and out on a whine over and over.  Heat tingle down low in her body and spread like wildfire to the rest of her and her cries crescendoed as she shot into the stratosphere.....

Tony's back nearly snapped with the force of his spasms and his cries all but deafened him as they reverberated in the narrow metal enclosure.  His balls practically slammed upward as he shot what felt like a year's worth of spunk on his hand, the stall door, the walls, and nearly the fucking ceiling.  He whimpered and slumped sideways against the cool metal as his body continued to twitch with the aftershocks of a two-fold orgasm.  Finally it ended and he peeled his eyes open.

His vision was back to normal and he sent up a silent prayer of thanks that he had lived through the last few minutes.  When his breathing was back under control he cleaned himself and the stall up as best he could then, on unsteady legs, made his way to the cafeteria for water and food to replenish his drained body.

With a sigh Tony sat up on the bed, popping the last bite of a banana in his mouth and tossing the peel in the garbage can across the room.  Noticing the time he grabbed his schedual and hurried off to meet his roommate at the main building.

What a way to start the year!


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