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I Never Knew I Missed You

by Slig

We came back that night with 15 dollars and a very pleasant buzz. We made more, but we spent some of it on alcohol. Gabe looked happier than I had seen him so far; his eyes were shining and his cheeks were flushed from the cold night. He looked very young. When we got back to the apartment, He got the guitar back out of its case, and played more. I just opened another beer when I heard a familiar knock on the door. He looked up.

"This is the girl I'm seeing right now," I stage whispered to him, "She's pretty, but kind of a bitch sometimes. But good in bed," I leered. He chuckled. I opened the door. Jessie was standing outside, looking hot in a tight black slick-looking shirt and no bra.

"What took you so long?" she complained. "It's freezing out here!"

I pulled her in and kissed her, feeling a hard-on start, almost against my will.

"Who's that?" she asked.

"Jessie, this is my best friend since forever, Gabe. Gabe, this is Jessie."

"Nice to meet you," Gabe offered. "If you don't mind, Dave, I think I'll take a little walk. I have an idea for a song in my head and I need some alone time to think about it."

"Sure," I said, glad to be relieved of the pressure to find a way to be alone with the girl. "Be careful. "

"See you later, Gabe," Jessie said.

As soon as the door closed behind him, Jessie frowned at me. "Okay, he's 'best friend since forever', and I'm not even 'friend', let alone 'girlfriend'! You asshole!"

I stroked her shoulder and pushed a strand of reddish-gold hair out of her face. "Now, Jessie, you said just two nights ago you didn't think you were ready to go steady, and I was fine with it. I thought you'd be mad if I called you girlfriend. Now I haven't seen you for two nights, and I missed you. Come here."

She leaned in closer. I took one large, firm breast in my hand and kneaded it. She sighed, and I knew I had won the argument for now. I wasted no time in getting her naked, and she pulled at my clothes just as hungrily. We landed on the couch, her riding me, her high, pale breasts bouncing in front of my eyes. I licked one of her nipples.

"Oh, Dave, do that again." I ran my tongue up her breast to her nipple, then used my tongue to draw circles around the small, erect pink bud. She squeezed my dick inside her, and heat rushed through my body.

"Oh, Julie," I sighed. Her dark blue eyes widened and she hissed. She slapped my face and dismounted me, making my dick slap my belly wetly.

"You asshole!" she was getting dressed quicker than I had undressed her.

"Wait, Jessie. I didn't mean it. You know I didn't." I protested feebly, not knowing how to get out of this one.

"You're still in love with her. There's nothing I could do to make you forget her. That's why I wouldn't 'go steady'. You dumb prick!" She left, and slammed the door behind her. I stayed on the couch. Jesus, if I had just waited one minute to be stupid, I could have gotten off! I was still stiff as a board. I pulled off the condom and tossed it in the trash. I gripped my prong, and slid my fist up and down it. I felt myself getting close again when I heard the doorknob rattle. I grabbed a couch pillow and covered my crotch.

Gabe stepped in. "God, it's gotten colder out there. What just happened? Oh, are you naked? You two have a strange relationship." He shook his head and walked into the kitchen. I pulled my pants on and sat down. "Beer?" he offered. "Yeah," I answered, "Make it three."

He came back, sat next to me and pressed one of the cold beer bottles against my bare stomach. I yelped. "You jerk!" I yelled. He just laughed. "If you only knew what I just went through!" I growled at him.

"Tell me."

I opened the beer, placed the other two on the floor by my feet, and leaned back.

"I just got dumped, I think.When you left, we argued for a minute, then we got right down to sex. Right before I was about to come, I called her another girl's name. She slapped me, and left me with blue balls. I guess it's all right, though. I didn't like her that much. It was mostly sex."

He snickered. "You called her another girl's name? Whose?"

I frowned at him. "Julie. A girl I went out with about a year ago. I was really in love with her, and she wasn't. She left me for some artist-type. I guess I still kind of love her, though. And Jessie knew it."

"Ah, such is the way with women," he sighed. "Want to hear a song about it?"

"Sure." I opened the next beer.

He got the guitar back out, strummed for a minute, stopped and seemed to think about something, then launched into a song. It was obviously off the top of his head, being about Jessie and Julie and me, and blueballs, but it was really funny. When he was done, I was almost over it. I was laughing so hard I forgot about my abused balls. I wiped my watering eyes and looked at the clock.

"Damn, I wish I didn't have to say this, but I think after another beer or two I need to get some sleep. I've got school and practice tomorrow."

"Okay. I'm still a little tired from my trip, anyway." To confirm this, he yawned. He walked to the kitchen, guitar in hand, and came back with two more beers, tossed me one.

He picked at the guitar for a few more minutes, finished his beer, and went to the bathroom. I drained my last one and began folding out the couch.

Lying in bed, he said, "I had fun today. Thanks, Dave."

"I did too. I hope you decide to stay for awhile."

"Cool," and he rolled over. About a minute later, I was staring at the ceiling, and he began to snore. Damn, that boy can sleep, I thought. A few minutes later, I joined him.

I dreamed about Julie again that night, and again I woke up pressed close against Gabe, but this time with the evidence of my wet dream spreading in my shorts. He was still snoring. Goddammit! This has got to stop, or I'll have to sleep on the floor. At least he didn't wake up...Before I could get up to clean myself off, I drifted back to sleep.

Tuesday evening, I felt like I had strained every single muscle. I couldn't even walk without pains shooting through my legs. Even lifting a book hurt my biceps. I complained about this to Gabe. He teased me, calling me a wussy football player. "Don't make me kick your ass," I threatened, flexing my arms and shoulders so that they strained the seams of my shirt. "Ouch! I shouldn't have done that." He laughed at me.

"Don't you have a masseuse? I thought most teams did."

"Yeah, he's out sick, and the guys won't massage each other."

"That's stupid. Male masseuses are more common than females, and they have more male clients, too. I bet they're just afraid the team will call them gay," he chuckled.

"Maybe. How do you know about that stuff?"

"I took a few massage classes. They were just extracurricular stuff, but I've always been good with my hands, and I figured I might like to be that or a chiropractor. I can rub you down, if you want."

"You sure? It's not weird?" I asked, hopeful. I could use it.

He shrugged. "Only if it's weird to you. In my advanced class, we practiced on each other all the time, and most of us were guys. If you just look at it as muscles and skin, it's no problem. You should take your shirt off, and get on a blanket on the floor. That's the best way I can think to do it here."

He folded two blankets triple to make a soft pad for me to lay on. I pulled my shirt over my head, and then pulled my pants off. Hell, we got massages in our jocks at school. "Stomach or back?" I asked.

"Probably you should lay on your stomach first, and get the tension out of your shoulder groups first. Got any lotion?"

He came back from the bathroom with a small bottle of lotion and rubbed some between his palms.

"Now I want you to relax as much as you can, Dave, and try to trust me completely." He positioned my arms a little differently. "I take it you're somewhat used to massages, but if something hurts in a way it shouldn't, tell me."

I relaxed and he started working my shoulders. I thought about what he said, Trust me, and I realized that I really did. I didn't think he'd do anything to hurt me, physically or otherwise. I was made glad by my new understanding. I hoped he felt the same way.

"Man, you've got some muscles! Do you lift weights often?"

"Yeah," I drawled, "about four or five times a week. I have to do it for football, but I would anyway, I think. I really enjoy it."

I appreciated the implied compliment. He worked his way down my back. I felt the tension leaving my muscles.

"Gabe," I said, "do you trust me?"

He was silent for a second, then he said, "Yeah, sure. Why?"

"Oh, nothing. I was just curious."

"Oh. Are your leg muscles bothering you?"

"Yeah. They've been killing me today."

"Okay. Turn over. It's easier that way."

"Could you get my butt? For some reason, my ass feels terrible."

"Oh, that's pretty normal. The muscles there are some of the biggest in the body, so they can get very strained."

I guess he was talking to take some of the possible strangeness out of kneading my ass. But he did it expertly, and I relaxed even more.

"Okay, on your back now."

I turned over and got comfortable. "Now relax again," he said, "and remember to trust me." He squatted on my left and started working on my hand. I let my head roll to the side, and noticed the huge erection straining against the seam of his pants. I looked at his face, and he was giving all his attention to my hand. I closed my eyes. He worked up my arms, smoothing all the pain out of my muscles. He did my right arm, and I peeked, curious if he still had the boner. He didn't.

Next, he worked on my torso. When he touched my nipples, I felt a thrill run through my body. I started remembering the time Julie and I gave each other sensual oil massages, back when we were still having fun, before I fell headlong in love with her. I couldn't keep my dick down the whole time. I felt it rising now. I tried to think of something else, but it didn't help. Oh well, he had one, it's not a big deal.

He moved down to my legs and held one over his shoulder, almost vertical. He worked from the toes down, and when he got to my thigh, I winced.

"That hurt too much?" he asked.

"No, I think it's just normal. I think I just squatted too much. My thighs were my biggest problem."

He lightened his touch, and when his fingertips reached the sensitive skin right below my crotch, I gasped and my penis sprang fully to life. He thoroughly loosened up my thigh, then did the other leg. I reacted the same way again.

"Sorry, Gabe," I said, "I couldn't help it. That part of my thighs is too sensitive."

"That's cool. I'm ignoring it. It happened to me quite a few times in class. I was embarrassed, until I noticed how much it happened to other people." He laughed. "By the end of the semester, everyone was tenting their pants all the time and no-one thought anything of it. I noticed a lot of people went home together afterwards by then."

"Did you?"

"Yeah, once. But once we got to my place, we weren't interested anymore. It was pretty funny. We both knew. We just watched tv for a while, then she said, 'Gotta go. See you in class.' and left. With touching that intimate, some people did let it get to them. It was funny - the last couple of weeks people were showing up to class with erections, and they didn't care who saw them. It was pretty sick, though, when a guy would 'accidentally' rub up against a pretty girl he was massaging. He usually had a hard time finding a partner after that. The 'rubbers' got stuck together. Does your body feel better?"

"Yeah, lots."

"Okay. Now get in a comfortable sitting position. Try to keep your legs straight, but don't stretch them too far. If you can't, sit Indian-style."

He was behind me, and I felt his fingers slipping through my hair. He rubbed my scalp and neck. When he squeezed my neck in a certain way, I felt it go straight to my cock, like a bolt of electricity.

"Now lay back again."

He kneeled above my head, and rubbed from my collarbones to my jaw. My boner was pointing straight up. I felt everything he did to me run through my entire body. My nerves were on end.

"Relax," he soothed, "or you'll undo everything I just did."

I tried, and was pretty successful, except my cock wouldn't relax. Against my will, it jumped a little every time he touched me. He ran his fingers over my face and temples, almost sending me to sleep. I opened my eyes and looked up at his face. He stared back for a few seconds, then said, "Now just stay still and try to stay relaxed. You can sleep a little if you want. If you do, don't worry, I'll wake you up in a few minutes."

I closed my eyes, and considered asking him to lay with me. I stiffened a little at the thought, and forced myself to relax. I just let thoughts run through my head. Why am I thinking that way? Did the massage turn me on that much? Or is it that Gabe makes me feel comfortable, no matter what? Why does Gabe turn me on? Is it just the sensitive parts of my body? No, it happened when he was rubbing my face, too, and that never gets me off in any way. He had a boner, too. Why? Am I turning gay? Or bisexual, or whatever? I do love Gabe, as a friend. Is it turning into something else? God, I hope not. I don't want to be a queer. I like girls too much. Or do I? I've never been even remotely interested in a guy this way. But I've never known a guy as well, or trusted, or even liked a guy as much as I like Gabe. Maybe I just feel really close to Gabe. Maybe I should try something, see if he's interested, before I even think about this any more.

I felt his hand gently rub my shoulder, and heard his deep voice close to my ear. "Dave, wake up." My cock throbbed. Oh, Jesus.

I opened my eyes and looked at Gabe's face. His hand still rested lightly on my shoulder.

"Gabe," I whispered.


I reached up a tentative hand to touch his face. I ran it lightly down his cheek, touched the corner of his mouth. His fingers swirled slightly on my shoulder, then he leaned back. And broke into a smile.

"I guess I should have warned you beforehand what my massages can do to people. Get up, Dave. Take a shower. You'll forget about it."

I came back from the university the a week later on Wednesday to find Gabe still in bed, smoking a cigarette and reading a tattered paperback. He looked up when I came in, adjusted his blankets and gestured with the book.

"You ever read this?" he asked. I looked at the cover. Lord of the Flies.

"Yeah, I read it my freshman year in high school. It was one of my favorites."

"Me too. But I read it the year after that, and it was as good as the first time. Since then I've kept this copy, and I've read it once or twice a year."

"Doesn't it get old?" I asked, getting a Coke out of the fridge.

"No, not really. I mean, sure, I know what's going to happen, but it's just the words he uses to tell the story. I notice something new every time I read it, something that gives me goosebumps." He mock-shivered and laughed. "God, I'm a nerd sometimes."

"Nah," I said, sitting on the mattress. "I think you're just a smart guy who needs to be back in college."

He made a face. "Do you know how many times I've heard that?"

"Sorry," I said, then pressed the cold soda can against his stomach. He uttered a small shriek and pulled the blanket up to his neck. "Christ, Dave!"

"Gotcha back," I said, then opened the Coke and took a swig. "Are you naked under there?"

"Yeah? So? I like to read naked. Doesn't everybody? And anyway, I didn't think you'd be back for another hour or more."

"Well," I confessed, "We talked Coach Reed into letting us out early. You see, the guys in the football fraternity are throwing their monthly Hump Day party tonight, and they wanted to go to their frat house and start getting ready. You wanna go?"

"Hump Day party? Sounds like fun. When does it start?"

"Around nine or ten. Doesn't get exciting until later, though. You know, strip poker, seven minutes in heaven, spin the bottle, all that."

"I thought those were kid games," he snorted.

"Yeah, I did too, until I went to the party last month. They turned them into very 'adult' games, if you know what I mean."

He laughed, and said, "Yeah, sure. I'm up for it. Now let me get dressed." He stood up, back to me, and started pulling on his underwear. "I think I'm going to go stop by Goodwill and then play for an hour or two at this coffee shop downtown and make a little money. You want to go? Sing a few with me?"

"I don't know if I'll sing, but I'll go for a little while. I've got to stop by Rick's dorm room - guy from my chemistry class - and get his notes. I'll probably go while you're there. How did you find out about the coffee shop?"

"I saw an ad in the window the other day, and I called the guy this morning. He said they didn't have anyone tonight, but he needed to hear me before he could just let me set up and play. Toss me that shirt. No - to your right. So - this was really cool - I just set the phone down and played into the receiver. I sang a little bit, and when I picked the phone up, the guy was into it. He told me to come by when I could, even if it wasn't tonight, and we could maybe get me a gig there once a week. And getting paid, too, aside from tips. Isn't that great?"

"Yeah, man! That's cool. I'm glad for you."

"How'd you do?" I asked him, on the way to the party.

"Pretty well. I made about twenty dollars, and the manager said they were having a slow day. But I'm going to start playing there every Thursday, and they'll pay me fifty dollars each time. He said they'll call me if they get any cancellations, too. I gave him your number. Is that okay?"

"Mi casa es su casa, amigo." I punched him in the shoulder "'Is that okay'..." I repeated. I shook my head.

"Alright, alright, just checking." He smiled. "So, did you get laid at the last Hump Day party?"

"No," I sighed, "But a lot of other guys did. Julie was there, and I didn't want to have sex with her around. It's freaky, though. They have a room that they set up as Hump Room. They section them off with screens, like at hospitals, and put down kindergarten nap mats. They have bowls full of condoms everywhere, which is pretty cool."

"Sounds freaky. You think it's safe?" "

Maybe," I grinned at him. "We'll find out."

The party was just starting to get interesting when we got there. There were a few girls going around in their bras and panties, but no-one was naked yet. Gabe and I were ushered into the kitchen and handed beers, and then I saw Robbie, one of my friends from Chem Lab.

"Hey, Dave-O, how's it goin', man?" he asked. "Who's this guy?"

"Hey Robbie, pretty good. This is my friend Gabe. Gabe, this is Robbie. Now, he's a nerd."

Robbie laughed, and Gabe shook his hand. "Hey, Robbie, nice to meet another nerd."

"Dave," Robbie said, "Did you get those notes from Richard?" I nodded. "Well, can I come by your place tomorrow and look at them?" he asked.

"Sure. I'll be home from six on, probably. Stop by any time. Nerd." I teased. "At a party, probably half-drunk already, and you're talking about Chemistry notes."

"Yeah, but I'm a nerd with a 4.0, buddy," he smiled. "You know, you're just in time. Strip Poker starts in five minutes. If we want chairs, we'd better get into the big room."

A few hours later, I was full of beer and lust. I somehow lost Gabe, but I wasn't too worried about him. I had made out with several girls, and I was more worried about finding one who would take me to the Hump Room, when I felt a pair of hands snake around my waist. I turned around, and it was Jessie.

"Hi, Dave," she said, and pressed her body against mine.

"Oh, hey, Jessie. I'm, um, really sorry about the other day..." She put a finger against my lips to quiet me.

"It's okay. I overreacted a little. I saw Gabe a little while ago, heading up to the sex room. You wanna take me there?" She reached up and kissed me. I grabbed her ass and pressed myself into her.

"Is that a yes?" she murmured when we stopped to breathe. I picked her up and carried her up the stairs.

One of the doors upstairs was decorated with a big sign that read "HUMP ROOM". Attached to it was a plastic baggie half-full of condoms. Jessie grabbed a few, I pushed the door open with my foot, then placed Jessie on her feet inside. As the door swung shut, I looked around. This time there were no partitions, and many couples, plus a few threesomes, were rolling around on the floor. The only lighting came from candles in glass cases placed on the window sills. I was a little nervous about having sex in plain view of other people, but the combination of alcohol, lust, and Jessie beat down my inhibitions. She began stripping, clearly enjoying it. When she was fully naked, I tore my own clothes off and pulled her to the ground.

During sex, I noticed that I didn't really mind all the other people in the room. Maybe I had a few repressed exhibitionist tendencies, or maybe it was okay because everyone else was doing it, too. In any case, I found that it made sex a little more exciting. I noticed more of what we were doing, and I thought about how we must look to other people. Not too bad, I thought. I know I'm in good shape, and she's got a hot body, so we've got nothing to be ashamed of.

A few minutes into the sex act, she was riding me, running her hands down my chest, but looking up and over me. And apparently enjoying what she was seeing.

She saw that I noticed her looking. "Dave," she whispered, leaning down close to my face. "I just found Gabe for you. He's over in the corner."

I kissed her throat while she continued to watch. Curious, I rolled us over so that I was on top. I peered toward the corner, and I saw Gabe with two girls. Damn! He was kneeling, and the brunette was on her hands and knees with his cock in her mouth. The redhead was behind him, rubbing his chest and kissing his neck. The image excited me even more, and I pumped Jessie hard a few times, then slowed down so I wouldn't come too soon. I pulled my attention back and kissed Jessie for awhile. I got on my knees with her legs aroung my waist. I held her lower back up with my left hand, and ran my right thumb over her clit. I fucked her with slow, deep thrusts and massaged her clit gently with my thumb.

"Oh, God, Dave!" she cried out softly. I felt her muscles clench around me, and I fought hard to control myself as she moaned and tightened around me. When I opened my eyes, I saw Gabe looking right at me. He was fucking the redhead doggy style, and the brunette was underneath them. The girls were kissing. Gabe stared at me for a few more seconds, then the dark-haired girl pulled Gabe's face down and kissed him passionately. I came almost violently.

I looked down at Jessie. She sat up and kissed me roughly. I got on my back and pulled her on top of me.

"Again," I gasped. "But let me get my breath first."

She smiled a wicked smile and started kissing her way down my body. Her hair glinted in the candlelight. By the time she got to my hips I was stiff again.

"You're just a stud tonight, aren't you?" she smiled, and then took me into her mouth. I moaned softly. I pushed my hands into her hair and she started bobbing on my hard-on. I fucked her mouth for a few seconds, then hissed, "I want to fuck you."

She licked my cock a few more times, looking me in the eyes, and then crawled up to my face, rubbing her breasts over my body. She leaned forward and licked my upper lip. I sat up a little to kiss her, but she pulled away. She leaned down again, running her tongue over my bottom lip and letting it linger in the corner of my mouth, then pulled away again. I moaned. I was suddenly aware again of all the people around us. I wondered if she was putting on a show. Well, two can play that game, baby, I thought.

I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her down, holding her against my body with my other arm. I kissed her hard enough to make her bottom lip bleed. She pushed her hips against me, grinding her wet vulva against my stomach. I got on top of her and kissed her again, tasting her blood. I bent down and sucked one of her nipples, squeezing her other breast with my free hand.

"Fuck me, Dave," she hissed. I smiled and ran my hand over her mound. She sighed. I placed my cock-head against her entrance, and paused.

"Fuck me," she whispered. I pushed the tip of my dick into her gently, then withdrew.

"Come on," she urged. I pushed my moistened head against her clitoris, and began masturbating against her.

"Oh, God, Dave, do it!" she whispered. Her hips bucked. She ran her fingernails down my back, gently. A little precum eased out, and I rubbed it into her clitoris.

"Fuck me!" she whispered.

"Say please," I instructed, then licked her earlobe. She groaned. I ran my cock up and down her very wet slit.

"Please fuck me," she begged. All my attention was on her - everyone else had vanished again. We were playing out this scene for each other, now. I slid the tip of my dick inside her, then pulled out and resumed running it over her wet lips.

"Louder," I prompted in a whisper.

"Dave, please fuck me," she panted, loud enough for the other people in the room to hear. I pressed against her clitoris again, then slid my dick down and held it against her, ready to push in.

"Louder," I whispered again. She grabbed my ass and tried to push me inside her, but I held back. She almost sobbed in frustration. I pulled back a little, now barely touching her pussy.

"Fuck me! Please! Fuck me!" she yelled. I plunged in deep, and she pulled me down and kissed me furiously. Our bodies slammed together, and I pushed my lower belly against hers so that my stomach massaged her clit. She came very quickly, and then loosened her grip on me and we both relaxed and slowed down.

Then I was aware of the people again. I glanced around the room carefully and noticed about half of them watching us while they fucked. I looked in Gabe's direction. He was on his back. The brunette was riding him, and the redhead was kneeling over his face, taking his tongue in her pussy. Gabe started moaning into her, and she climbed off and started to kiss him. Then she couldn't any more - he rolled his head from side to side, making inarticulate noises. Then, with a final "Oh!" his whole body stiffened and he visibly shook. He relaxed, panting, and the girls laid down beside him, rubbing his stomach. I felt my balls tighten, and I concentrated hard, again, to control myself. I did. I kissed Jessie's neck, and slowed down to a long, deep fuck.

Her body rose to meet mine at every stroke. It felt like we were moving as one body, connected at the waist and the mouth. She sighed, "Oh, David, yes," and shivered as another orgasm ran through her. Her movements triggered my own orgasm, and I breathed into her neck when I came.

"Oh, Jessie, baby." I rolled halfway off her and curled my arm around her. I dozed off.

When I woke up there were more people in the room; it was beginning to get crowded. Jessie was asleep beside me, her body warm and soft. I rubbed her shoulder gently. "Wake up," I whispered into her ear. She opened her eyes, yawned, and kissed me gently on the lips.

"You busted my lip, you little shit," she whispered, smiling.

"Yeah, but you liked it." She smiled wider and kissed me again, then rose and started searching for our clothes. I saw her bent over and felt my penis stir. I walked up behind her and pressed my growing member against her bottom. She turned around and giggled.

"Again?" she asked. I grabbed her by the waist and held her up against the wall. She wrapped her legs around me.

"You are sooo," I bit her neck lightly, "sexy."

I fucked her against the wall until my legs got tired, then she stood in front of me facing the wall and we finished, with juices running down our legs.

"You want to go home with me?" I asked, pulling my pants on.

"What about Gabe?"

"Shit, how could I forget? What, you want a threesome?" I joked.

Her eyes seemed to glaze over. "Maybe," she admitted, "but I'd rather just be alone with you, stud."

"I'll go see what he's doing. If he wants to stay here for a couple more hours, we can have the apartment to ourselves for that long at least. And with how much I've done already, I seriously don't think I'll last much longer than that."

She kissed me and reached into my pants. My body reacted despite what I'd just said. "Oh, I think you could." She removed her hand. "But that's cool. I don't think I can take much more, myself. I almost feel raped." She laughed at herself. "Well, not quite raped, but really sore. Go ask Gabe. I want to get you alone soon."

I found Gabe where I'd seen him last, and I had to weave around several copulating couples to get into that corner. He was still with the two girls, and still asleep, snoring gently.

"Gabe," I whispered. The redhead put her finger to her lips and shushed me. She gestured for me to come closer.

"Are you his friend Dave?" she whispered. I nodded.

"Don't worry about Gabe," she assured me. "He's coming home with us tonight. We're letting him sleep, save his strength."

I smiled, and she winked mischieviously at me. She gestured me closer again. When I leaned in close, she cupped my chin and kissed me. I accepted the kiss for a few seconds, then leaned back a little.

"Do you want to come home with us, too?" she asked. I let my eyes explore her body briefly, and her friend's, but I shook my head no.

"Thanks, but maybe some other time. I'm going home with someone else tonight."

She pouted and sighed, "Okay. But don't worry about Gabe. We'll get him home early tomorrow."

"Okay. Have fun. If you hurt him, I'm coming after you."

She smiled and waved, then wrapped her arm around Gabe again and nuzzled his neck.

I took Jessie back to the apartment.When we got inside, we were both very tired. I was glad I never folded up the couch; we just sort of flopped into it.

"I feel like I could just fall asleep right now," I complained.

"Don't you dare," she threatened, then yawned.

"Okay," I said. "I know what to do. Hang on."

I found a few candles in the kitchen and lit them. I filled up two wine glasses with beer and carried them to the bed.

"It's beer, but we can pretend."

She stood up and took a glass. "To good sex with a good guy," she toasted.

I laughed. "To sexy sex with a sexy girl," I agreed. We drank, and I put our glasses on the table. I undressed her slowly, kissing her revealed skin. Then I peeled my clothes off, and we settled under the blankets.

We made love slowly, knowing we'd probably hurt ourselves trying to do anything else. But it was good - it was laid back, and it was the first time in a long time that I didn't feel pressure to make her come, or to be original, or particularly romantic. We kissed slowly, we rocked back and forth slowly, and I think both of us fell asleep several times for a few seconds. But after I came, and before we even had a chance to separate, we fell asleep, with her body resting on top of mine.

She left an hour or two later, and I stayed up for a little while. I got a beer, and walked around the small apartment. I had another beer, and got back under the blankets. It was cold. I got up and turned the thermostat up and got my other blanket out of the closet. I burrowed under all the blankets with my beer and wondered why I couldn't go to sleep. I wondered what Gabe was doing. I laughed out loud at myself.

That's why I can't sleep. I'm just worried about Gabe. I didn't see him for six years, and now he's not here for one night, and I'm worried. Silly.

I chucked my empty beercan in the trash and went to sleep.

I was having sex with Jessie. She moaned and sighed, "Fuck me, Dave." I blinked, and it was Carol, the cute basketball player, under me. "Fuck me, Wallis," she groaned. I blinked again, and it was Rebecca, a girl from my freshman year who liked to be spanked. "Fuck me, Davey," she purred. Then it was Julie. "Fuck me!" she growled. I closed my eyes and heard a deeper voice saying, "Oh, Dave..." I opened my eyes and Gabe lay under me. "Oh God, Dave," he moaned. I bent down and kissed him. He moaned into my mouth. "Oh, Dave, fuck me," he whispered.

"What?" Gabe's voice asked.

"What?" I answered, not yet awake.

"What? You were saying my name. What?"

I sat up. I rubbed my eyes. I knew why I said his name - shreds of the dream still clung to me. I couldn't tell him.

"I was just..." I cleared my throat. "I just had a dream that you got home and I was going to ask you something. I must have heard you open the door."

"One time I was dreaming I was an ant and I was in the anthill, doing my ant things, when suddenly this deafening alarm went off to warn us of an enemy ant invasion. I woke up and the alarm clock had been ringing for thirty minutes straight. I was late for school, but I had Psychology first period. I told the dream to my teacher and he didn't count me tardy." He laughed. "What were you going to ask me?"

"I don't remember. God, it's cold in here!"

"Yeah. Do you want me to turn up the thermostat?"

"I did already. Hope it's not broken. What time is it?"

"A little after four," he said, shedding his clothes. "God, I'm tired."

"Me, too," I said. "Did you have fun?"

He groaned. "Yeah, but I haven't slept since you left the party last night. They woke me up when you were leaving, and took me home." He shook his head. "Jesus."

He got under the blankets with me. "Crazy party, huh?" I asked him.

"Yeah. Brrr! I'm going to get a little closer to you, if you don't mind. I'm freezing." He snuggled up next to me, our cold bodies somehow making warmth together.

"I am too. I have been all night. I was worried about you!" I chastised him.

"What, did you think I'd get raped?" he laughed. "That's what you get for leaving me with strange women."

I yawned. "Well, I'm glad you're home safe." I slid my arm between his arm and his body. I shivered.

"Brrr. I think your heating is broken." He pushed closer to me.

"Me, too." I was starting to feel a little warmer already. "You know, Gabe..." I paused.

"What?" He turned around a little to look at me.

"You can stay here as long as you want. I mean, months, years, as long as I'm living here. I like you being here."

"Thank you." He smiled and patted my arm. "I think I'll stay for awhile."

He closed his eyes and settled on his back, with his hand on the arm I had around him. We were silent in the dark, and then I said, "Remember when we used to sleep like this all the time?"

"Yeah. What were we, five or six?"

"Something like that."

"Goodnight," he said softly.

"Good night," I said. I adjusted my pillow and hugged Gabe a little tighter against me, then fell asleep.

I didn't dream.