Pledge Class - The New Class
By Derek17

Note: This story series includes depictions of gay sex, straight sex, bisexual sex, and incest. If that's not your thing or if it is illegal for you to read this story, then stop. This story is completely made up and does not depict anything true.
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Background: This is a sequel to "The Blow Job Task". You may want to read that story first here: /nifty/bisexual/college/pledge-class
Part one bridges between the previous story and now. Part two moves into the action quickly. The story will be in eight parts in all uploaded over the next couple weeks.
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Pledge Class - The New Class
Part One - The Seniors Prepare

The Gamma Zeta Omega Fraternity (GZO)
Chet - Pledge Master
Dylan - Brother of Doug, Dating Madison
Brandon - Dating Logan

Craig - Fraternity President, Brother of Chloe and Caleb
Logan - Dating Brandon, Brother of Ethan
Noah - Dating Autumn, Sleeping with Mackenzie
Brian - Dating Erica

Neil - Dating Bailey, Sleeping with Nick
Elijah - Identical twin brother of Elisha
Elisha - Identical twin brother of Elijah

Freshmen - "The Legacies"
Doug - Brother of Dylan
Caleb - Brother of Chloe and Craig
Ethan - Brother of Logan
Jaden - Twin brother of Jordan

Three Years Later
Three years. It had been three years since they were in this spot. There had been six of them then. Chet, Dylan, Austin, Brandon, Nick, and Jared. The tasks had been challenging, but doable until that one night of fucking those hideous women. That task had caused Jared to drop out of the pledge process. None of them every spoke about that night since.

Chet continued preparing the basement for the days ahead. As pledge master, he was charged with coming up with and implementing each of the tasks for the freshman class. He had been pledge master last year and most of the Gamma Zeta Omega brothers had encouraged him to return in the role. When Craig, the junior who had become class president, specifically requested it, Chet agreed. He loved the opportunity to indulge in his own twisted sense of relationships and sex.

It was the final task three years ago that changed everything. A week of blowjobs (and other things) from sisters, a girlfriend, a brother, and from their fellow pledges. Chet had discovered a whole new range of opportunities. And while he still enjoyed an occasional hook-up with another guy, he continued his previous pattern of sleeping with as many hot girls as he could. His ongoing tryst with his sister Sam and her husband Trevor had ended once Sam got pregnant. Thankfully, a DNA test had shown that little Jackson didn't have his uncle for a father. But Sam and Jackson had dropped him cold - as if their two-year incestuous experiment never happened. That hurt Chet who had become somewhat obsessed with the concept of incest between siblings.

Nick was unpacking the boxes of condoms. They had them shipped in by the gross - especially for the coming week and a half. At 21, Nick looked almost the same as he had at 18. Sure, he was a little more mature in the face, but the spiky black hair, the perpetual tan, the cheery smile that he had on his first day of college were all very present. It had been a long road for Nick who had suffered the most pain from their freshman pledge week. His longtime girlfriend Skye had been his substitute in blowing his pledge brothers. That was hard enough to handle. But when Skye's kinky side revealed itself that night, she and Nick broke up and he went a bit off the deep end. Skye and Nick had patched things up, it seemed, until Brian, their new Gamma Zeta Omega brother, had discovered an amateur uploaded video on the internet of Skye taking on three guys at once. After much debate among the brothers, they had shown Nick the video. While Skye was devoted when around Nick, back at her college, she was a sexual whirlwind exploring her kinky, group, and exhibitionist longings.

Nick had lost it for a while again and took to writing terrible love poetry. He was already a published author before college, but his new works were disasters and his agent and publicist both dropped him. That was a wake-up call. Nick began dating again, but had a tendency to fall in love with the girls, even on the first date. Despite his charm and good looks, it was smothering and ended most relationships quickly. Nick began to find hope through physical activity: Skiing, snowboarding, surfing, tennis, bike riding, parasailing, rock climbing, even hang gliding, helped him find some inner peace. He started a new book on "discovering your true self in nature" that several publishers were considering favorably. He was dating casually now, trying hard not to fall in love. He focused on girls, but had also been secretly having a sex-only relationship with Neil, a sophomore in the fraternity who was eager to project a heterosexual only image.

"Can you give me a hand, guys!" Chet called. At only 5'6", Chet was having difficulty reinstalling the shield for one of the hidden cameras that filled the basement. His tallest senior brothers, Austin, at 6' even, and Dylan, at 6'3", stepped in to help their shorter fraternity brother.

Austin was mighty skinny and pretty pale and had grown a ill-suited goatee. His life was devoted to his entry into Medical School. He was driven to perfection in class, and usually achieved it in everyone's eyes but his own. His long days in the classroom and library, coupled with eager nights with the freshmen girls on campus, left him little opportunity to enjoy the sunshine, exercise, or the fraternity. Austin's experience during their pledge week had revealed three things to him: Sex with a man could be physically enjoyable, but he didn't any desire for it at all. His skanky whore little sister was an amazing fuck. And he was totally hot for girls much younger than himself. After a little unpleasantness during his freshman year regarding some high school girls, Austin had stuck with the youngest looking college girls. Now, as a senior, he had eagerly begun to sample the new freshman class.

Austin had not touched his sister Jess in two years. For a while, they were fucking non-stop whenever he went home for vacations. But his sophomore year, she discovered she was pregnant. The list of possible fathers was long, but Austin was right at the top. Jess, at 17, had an abortion and right after high school graduation ran off with a much-older boyfriend. While they still talked occasionally online, he hadn't seen her in person in over eight months. Since the events immediately surrounding his freshman pledge year, Austin had not been with another guy - except what had been forced upon him in the last two pledge classes. Austin, in fact, hated pledging time especially as Chet made the pledges do more and more gay things with the older fraternity brothers. He was helping out in the basement now out of sheer obligation to his fraternity and fellow brothers. But he dreaded what was to come and how he might be forced to be involved.

Dylan was an even more stunning specimen than he had been as a freshman: 22 years old, 6'3", tussled brown hair, and beautiful pale blue eyes And that was just with his clothes on. Undressed, he had a perfectly toned and shaped body - just the right amount of muscle to highlight the best in a man's physique, not an ounce of excess body fat. And all of it natural through genetics and many hours in the gym. Dylan had gone through a variety of relationship phases since freshman year: He had slept around with both girls and guys. He had dated both girls and girls. He had been hopelessly involved and in love with his younger brother, Doug. He had stopped speaking to his brother for a while. He had been in long-term straight relationships. And that's where he was now. Madison, a stunning curly-haired brunette junior in their sister sorority, Epsilon Theta Omicron, and Dylan had been together for three months now. Dylan possibly imagined he might propose at the end of the year, but he knew that being apart next year would make that difficult. Plus he had omitted a few details of his sexual adventures, especially the ones about his brother Doug. And maybe there was something to be said to be unencumbered as a minor league baseball player.

Doug was now a freshman at the college and part of the new pledge class. Dylan had begged his brother not to come to the same school and then not to pledge GZO, but Doug wasn't one to listen. Doug had taken a year off after high school and should technically been a sophomore by now. But he spent a year volunteering in "America's Teachers," a program for future educators working with disadvantaged kids across the country. While Doug was generally excellent in his work with the kids, his year should have been called "America's Fuckers," as he made new friends in every city they visited. Doug had enjoyed his sexual explorations with the pledges when they were freshmen and knew a lot more fun could be in store. Plus it was a great school and a great frat.

Dylan's baseball career had also skyrocketed. His fielding at third base had begun to shine and he had gone on a power tear in the second half of last season. Scouts that had seen him as a marginal prospect with little chance of being drafted now took notice. His agent told him he had a good shot of receiving a decent offer - he figured most likely from the Minnesota Twins, Houston Astros, or Tampa Bay Devil Rays if he played similarly this season. And there was word that the Los Angeles Dodgers would take him. That prospect made him salivate. But he believed no team would touch him if they knew about his gay experiences. And no one outside his inner circle knew about him and his brother. Doug's arrival was a harbinger of doom, Dylan feared. Doug was sworn to secrecy about talking about the blowjob task and, at Dylan's insistence, had been completely heterosexual since arriving at school. But Dylan was sure that all his secrets would leave the safety of their fraternity and destroy his baseball dreams.

"That's it," Chet nodded, satisfied at the work the four seniors had done in preparing all they needed for the remaining tasks.

"Oh, we're too late?" The boys turned to the stairs and saw Brandon and Logan enter. Brandon, the other senior, was a blond drop-dead gorgeous 22-year-old. He literally turned heads on the street and could have been an Abercrombie model in a heartbeat. Logan, his 20-year-old junior boyfriend, also a fraternity brother, was beautiful in his own right with shoulder-length dirty blond hair, long sideburns, and rock-hard washboard abs.

"Nice timing," sneered Austin. His discomfort with homosexuality was exacerbated by Logan who he thought was a little...swishy. Logan was sometimes a walking gay stereotype. Even now he spoke with a slight lisp and loved to give air kisses. And though he was a monster on the basketball court, defending well against Austin in pick-up games despite being 4 inches shorter, he seemed to just radiate "gay." Austin knew he was being a bit of a homophobe - that he was more comfortable with Brandon who "acted straight." What gave Austin some pause and encouragement was Ethan. Only 16 months younger than Logan, Ethan was nothing like his brother. The freshman was shy, reserved, and uncomfortable around gay issues in contrast to Logan's ebullience and open sexuality. Plus everyone agreed Ethan seemed nice and until Logan started dating Brandon, most people thought he was a dick, Ethan was also part of the new pledge class with Doug.

"Sorry, got tied up," Brandon said and both boys burst in laughter. Chet joined in, aware of some of the games his former roommate and still close friend played.

"So we're done?" Dylan interrupted. He wanted to get another session in the gym before dinner.

"Not quite," they were informed by Chet. "The room is set, but we have to make the rules - I'll do that - and figure out who is going to do the actual judging and counting in the fuck-a-thon."

"I thought we all watch through the cameras?" Nick asked.

"Yes, but someone has to be in charge of counting each pledge. Dylan, do you want to count Doug?" Chet turned to the athlete.

"No. Someone else should do it," Dylan looked towards the floor.

"I will," Brandon offered. Brandon had enjoyed an incredible unexpected night with Doug back when Brandon was a freshman and Doug was in High School. They had later been joined by Dylan in an size-queen's fantasy: Two incredibly built brothers with (then) 18" of cock between them. While he hadn't repeated the experience with either - together or apart - he had a strong fondness for Doug and would enjoy being his counter.

Brandon was very mellow compared to his boyfriend's energy. His more reserved nature and magazine cover good looks sometimes caused people to underestimate his abilities and ambition. They usually regretted that as Brandon was a business wizard. He had founded several different business ventures during his college years, was technically a self-made millionaire already, and was headed towards the top of some lucky company - if they were progressive enough to hire an openly gay brilliant young executive.

"Okay, so Brandon will count for Doug. Are you counting your brother, Logan? And is Craig counting Caleb?" Chet continued.

"I don't think siblings should count each other," Nick piped in. "I think it is a potential bias. Plus Craig isn't supposed to get involved directly as president." Nick had found he had a slight crush on Caleb.

After a little more discussion, they divided it up. Chet would oversee the whole thing as pledge master. Brandon would count for Doug, Austin for Ethan, Nick for Caleb, and Dylan for Jaden. "It's all seniors, so it's all fair," Chet concluded.

"What is Jaden going to do?" Nick turned to Brandon and Logan.

"Are you asking us because he's also gay?" Logan responded sarcastically. "'Cause we don't know what he's going to do anymore than you do!"

"It'll be interesting to watch," Brandon added more conciliatory, "He might learn something knew about himself just as we did." Nick broke into a big smile that made everyone else smile and relax.

The boys headed out of the basement ready for the evening's task. Tonight was going to be fun.

To be continued...

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