Pledge Class - The New Class
By Derek17

Note: This story series includes depictions of gay sex, straight sex, bisexual sex, and incest. If that's not your thing or if it is illegal for you to read this story, then stop. This story is completely made up and does not depict anything true.
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Recap: The fraternity seniors readied the first of the final three tasks for the freshmen pledges Doug, Caleb, Ethan, and Jaden.

Part Two – The New Pledges and the First Task
Gamma Zeta Omega had a long tradition of excellence. The men who graduated with those letters were typically bright, athletic, intelligent, and headed for success in one field or another. The fraternity was also known for being the most sexually active and sexually creative on campus. The rumors about male-to-male relationships among all the brothers were never confirmed and always remained clouded in a veil of secrecy. It was certainly clear that the fraternity brothers found their way into the pants of many a girl on campus. And it was assumed into the pants of some guys as well.

Epsilon Theta Omicron had been the sister sorority to GZO for decades. Many a marriage between two houses had blossomed. Many more a quick fuck. This year, Chet and ETO Pledge Mistress Haley had decided to join forces on some of their three final pledge tasks. It had been a challenge to combine the process, but they both delighted in the idea they could enjoy watching their young charges engaged in some depraved sexual behavior..

The GZO pledge class had only four members. Gamma classes were always very small. The brothers were very selective about who received a bid. The pledge process usually also lost a brother or two. If all 4 boys completed the tasks successfully, the house would only have 17 brothers – the 5 seniors, 4 juniors, 4 sophomores, and 4 freshmen made it the smallest and most exclusive fraternity on campus. By contrast, ETO was a larger group. The sorority currently had 7 seniors, 9 juniors, 12 sophomores, and 10 freshman pledges. The better than 2:1 ratio of fraternity to sorority meant many available options for each Gamma brother.

The pledge class that had made it to Task Week had lost one additional brother. Simple excessive drinking and standard fraternity tasks along with schoolwork and some pressures from home had been too much for Steve. The remaining four pledges were being referred to as the legacies.

Doug, at 19 ½, was the oldest. The younger brother of Dylan, he had continued to grow since High School and now matched his brother at 6’3”. He was in good shape and looked a lot like his brother, but he had no desire to try to match Dylan athletically Rather than throwing a fastball or taking a jump shot, Doug was more likely to toss back a few too many beers or take a few too many bong hits. He was instantly charming and captivating with a dangerous innocence. With a complete sexually freedom since he was a young teenager and healthy self-image, Doug had little trouble bedding any girl or guy he set his mind too. Sex was his major form of exercise and entertainment. But on Dylan’s insistence, Doug had kept his gay experiences completely hidden since coming to school. He hadn’t talked about it and, despite some guys he was eager to explore, had only been with girls so far this year. Lots of girls.

Caleb was 18 and resembled his brother, Craig, in personality, rather than looks. Craig, a junior, was the fraternity president and a natural leader. Caleb had similarly become unofficial chief pledge by default and was already well regarded by just about everyone. But Craig was a redhead with a mop of curls and freckles and wasn’t too concerned with how he dressed. Caleb had shorter brown hair and was always stylish – a metrosexual his older sister Chloe always called him. Chloe was a popular, attractive senior in ETO. Caleb liked that he would be attending the same school as his brother and sister for the first time since he was a freshman in High School. Caleb liked being a leader, knew he was good at making decisions and inspiring others, and planned to be fraternity president in two years as his brother was now. He always tried to do whatever would make the other person happy, even if it resulted in his own discomfort.

Ethan, Logan’s younger brother, was worried about the pledging process. He had heard rumors about the “gay” stuff they made you do to get in and was a bit terrified. At 18, he had only limited sexual experience and was sometimes overwhelmed by too many new things at once. While high strung and holding some sexual hang-ups thanks to his brother’s excessiveness, he was good looking and personable, a future engineer, and an excellent skier. Logan had done little to alleviate Ethan’s fears, but the other brothers had made him feel more confident.

Jaden was the only pledge of the four who didn’t have an older brother in the fraternity. At 17, he was even a little too young for the whole experience. With a casual brilliance, Jaden had outgrown his small town and graduated high school in just three years. Although there was some disagreement among the brothers, Jaden had been very persuasive during fraternity rush. Jaden generally could get his way through charm, smile, small talk, and oozing sexuality. At a wiry 5’7”, with an earring and a image of youthfulness, the skinny 17-year-old didn’t seem like he’d make it through the sexual rigors ahead. Jaden was also gay. He had made that clear from the start. The fraternity had no issues with out members - Logan had pledged while very open with his sexuality. But Chet was prepared to capitalize on Jaden’s sexual orientation in the pledge process. Jaden’s twin sister, Jordan, was herself a pledge for ETO this year.

Three of the four pledges were the younger brother of current fraternity brothers and two of them had sisters in the sorority. It was going to be a very intimate family affair this year. Chet and Nick had discussed privately their personal satisfaction in seeing siblings get it on. They remembered very vividly the blowjobs that Austin had gotten from his sister, Chet from his, and Dylan from his brother during their pledge tasks. Chet had shared his twisted desire with Haley, the pledge mistress for ETO, and she had concurred.

The sorority pledge class was typical. Brilliant and talented women who were also stunningly beautiful. It was also more diverse than the fraternity. While GZO had only brother of color, Shaun, an African-American sophomore, ETO was much more wordly. The large sophomore class alone had a rich diversity: 2 Asian women, 1 Latino, and 2 African American, and 1 Indian (whose family had moved from the sub-continent only a decade ago). The pledge class was somewhat less diverse. Amber was Asian-American and Jada was African-American. Among the rest were Alexandra and Alexis, twin sisters who both liked to be called Alex, and Jaden’s twin sister Jordan. Nicole, whose older brother Neil was a sophomore in GZO. Neil was also sleeping with Bailey, another pledge. Mackenzie was secretly hooking up with Noah, a GZO junior. Kaitlyn and Jenna completed the 10 some.

There had never been so many siblings in and between the fraternity and sorority:
Dylan and Doug
Logan and Ethan
Chloe, Craig, and Caleb
Neil and Nicole
Jaden and Jordan
Alexandra and Alexis
Elijah and Elisha

The last three particularly drew attention. Two sets of fraternal twins, and the pair known as “the twins” – identical twins Elijah and Elisha, sophomores in GTO. Chet had particularly enjoyed torturing the twins last year during pledge tasks culminating in an unexpected, but incredible ass pounding that Elisha and Elijah gave each other in the final task. No one had ever seen identical twins fuck – and “the twins” had never been with another guy before that week or seemingly since. They were known for occasionally being with the same girl at the same time, but no one thought they actually had any gay inclinations on their own – with each other or anyone else. But no one could be sure, either.

It was a warmer than usual night for early November. The four pledges gathered in the empty basement at 8:00 pm sharp on Friday, November 3. They knew the drill from the previous few tasks and had heard that they were down to the final three. So far, they had all been a bit disappointed. Pledging hadn’t been particularly challenging. Lots of liquor and little sleep, stupid tasks moronic rules, but that was all to be expected. Ethan and Jaden both got blitzed pretty easily, but they had stuck together as a group. They knew the next few days were going to be quite different. The boxes of condoms, gels, and creams that were around the room were their first clue along with extra couches, a bed, pillows, a mattress, and a wrestling mat.

A dozen bottles of beer and an envelope were on a table in the center of the room. “Here we go,” Caleb said as he ripped it open.

“Dear GZO Pledges. Congratulations on making it to the final three tasks. Over the coming ten days you may be asked to do things that are considered by some to be immoral and maybe even illegal, but will ultimately be very pleasurable if you open your mind. Of course, you may drop out at any time, but failure to complete any task will prevent you from becoming a fraternity member. As an added bonus, some of the tasks will have a ‘winner’ who will receive some very special and satisfying rewards.

Your initial task involves our sister sorority, Epsilon Theta Omicron. The 10 pledges from ETO will be here in the basement in 10 minutes. Your task is simply to have sex with as many of the sorority pledges as you can. Sex, in this case, will be defined as vaginal, anal, or oral sex that results in ejaculation.

Each of you must complete at least 5 sexual acts tonight with at least 5 different sorority pledges for the task to be considered complete.

The pledge that can have sex with the most girls by sunrise will win a prize: A blowjob from a chosen member of the senior class.

You should know that the girls have their own task to complete tonight and it similarly involves sex with you, so you won’t have to work very hard. But their task has its own rules and consequences.

Condoms, lubricant, and other necessities can be found in the basement along with a healthy supply of snacks, drinks, alcohol, blankets, pillows, etc.

Before the girls arrive, each of you must each finish two beers.

Have fun!

-    The Gamma Zeta Omega brothers.”

“Read it again,” Jaden asked.

When Caleb was done they quickly analyzed the situation. The boys were going to have lots and lots of sex tonight. They were going to fuck more than three of them ever had. A minimum of five times each.

“What’s your record?” Caleb asked Doug.

Doug shrugged non-committally. He had a few hazy memories of multiple times, but decided to only voice one he could remember clearly. “I’ve never fucked more than 2 different girls on the same night. I guess I banged this one girl at least 5 times one night – and that with her having a 11pm curfew, but I was younger then.”

They all laughed and Doug chugged down three of the cold beers easily. Jaden drank much too fast for his weight and drinking history and immediately was buzzed. He was nervous, as was Ethan who was slowly finishing his second bottle. While Doug had tremendous experience, and Caleb had been very popular in High School and since getting to college, Jaden and Ethan each had very different situations.

Ethan had been with the same girl throughout much of High School. They broke up before college – long-distance seemed silly – and he had dated some since getting to the university, but he had only fucked 3 different girls in his whole life.

Jaden had known he was gay since he was 13 and he had never fucked a girl nor ever really wanted to.

“There’s oral and anal too,” Doug reassured Jaden, putting his hand on the 17-year-old shoulder, and comforting him with his kind bright blue eyes. “You can just close your eyes and pretend it’s someone else…like me.”

Jaden smiled and tried to relax. Doug had hit somewhat close to home. While Jaden did think his pledge brother was incredibly hot, he was completely turned on by Dylan and fantasized about him regularly.

“Hi!” a hesitant voice called from the top of the stairs. “Can we come in?”

Without waiting for a response, the 10 pledges of ETO entered the fraternity basement. They were all dressed in casual clothing, clearly not having expected the task any more than the boys had. Caleb put down his third bottle of beer and offered a host’s smile.

Doug had bedded three of the freshman pledges already that fall and fooled around with a fourth. Caleb had been with two, including Jaden’s sister Jordan. Ethan had pined away for a girl who wasn’t part of the sorority, but had fooled around with Mackenzie early in the semester before she was regularly sleeping with Noah. Naturally, Jaden hadn’t been with any of them.

“So, how do you want to get started?” Jenna, the sluttiest of the freshman girls, asked.

Before anyone could answer, Doug flipped off the main light in the basement, leaving only side lamps, one lava lamp, and the TV, perpetually tuned to SportsCenter to provide plenty of light. Then he marched up to Kaitlyn, a pretty reserved Midwestern blonde, and led her to one of the couches. With every eye on them, he stoked her hair and began to kiss her. She immediately responded.

“I guess that’s how,” Caleb confirmed under his breath. He went straight to Jordan, feeling comfort in the familiar. She seemed initially hesitant, but moved with Caleb to a bed placed in the corner of the room.

Ethan also sought the familiar and moved towards Mackenzie who looked utterly indifferent to the situation.

Alexis stepped out of the crowd of girls and approached Jaden who let her lead him to another couch.

The other six girls looked at each other and went to sit down. Some mixed a drink or grabbed snacks. One girl started flipping through the channels on the quiet TV. A third found a stereo and turned on some music. The rest sat and decided that tonight was a night they could openly stare and watch.

Doug knew he’d need to be quick. He couldn’t afford to be a gentle, slow lover, but would have to go for “Wham, Bam, Thank You, Ma’am.” That also meant he wouldn’t be doing his best, but that’s what it took. Caleb was meanwhile doing some math. Sunrise was about 6 am – that’s almost 10 hours from now. If he could stay awake all night, he’d only have to fuck one girl an hour. If he could do a few quickly in the beginning, he might even be able to get some shuteye. Of course, cumming 10 times in a night seemed a bit unlikely. But he was going to try. Hell, if he could stand it, he’d go for 11 or 12 and fuck a few twice.

Ethan knew he’d lose the challenge to Doug or Caleb. So his goal simply had to be fuck five girls. He’d have to consider which five he most wanted to fuck and take advantage of this opportunity that had fallen in his lap. In four more years of college, he probably wouldn’t fuck five girls. He’d more than double the number of girls he slept with in his whole life so far in just one night.

Blowjobs, Jaden thought. And anal sex. Maybe that’s the way to do it. They all count. I have to give it a go. Too bad it’s not ‘fuck my fraternity brothers,’ That’s a task I can handle.

The first round went as expected. The boys and their matches soon stripped mostly naked. While Doug had fucked in rooms full of people, Caleb hadn’t, only once getting a sloppy blowjob while he was drunk at a party. Ethan had never been naked in front of anyone but one girl alone in a bedroom, usually with the lights off, so he was very embarrassed. Jaden didn’t care about being nude; he just wasn’t turned on by the naked girls around him.

“Oh!” Kaitlyn cried. Everyone turned and looked to see the excitement. Then they all saw Doug’s python. Like his brother, Doug’s dick was 10” long and thick. But unlike his brother, Doug was circumcised. The dick was a bit frightening to some girls and a total turn-on to others. Kaitlyn was ambivalent. She had never seen one so big and was intrigued, but also unsure whether she wanted it in her. Frankly, she wasn’t so sure about this whole task. Having sex with guys she didn’t know well when she had a serious boyfriend attending another college, made her unsure. Back home, this wasn’t what nice girls did.

“Can I just stroke it?” she asked Doug.

“It’s gotta be mouth, butt, or pussy for our task,” he informed her.

Well, that settled it. Her ass was off-limits. Her mouth could never tackle that thing, so he’d have to fuck her, Kaitlyn decided. Only the third boy to do so. Doug grabbed a jumbo-sized condom, pushed Kaitlyn onto her back, and crawled on top of her, kissing her and caressing her. Before she was even comfortable, he had split her legs and inserted himself.

It hurt. A lot, Kaitlyn thought. But, he’d be done quickly, she decided. And remember how much you want to be in the sorority.

Fucking a girl who wasn’t into it was a real turn-off with Doug. He knew he’d have to struggle to make this anything more than a form of masturbation. He began to remember better fucks, and then he looked across the room to see Jada and Nicole staring at him with desire. Well, they’d be numbers 2 and 3, he decided. Licking his lips he stared as Nicole stick her hands in her pants and start to rub herself. Then the two girls leaned in and began to kiss. That excited Doug and he shot having given little pleasure to the uncomfortable Kaitlyn.

Caleb and Jordan fucked pretty quickly. They had done it before and were familiar with each other’s rhythms. Caleb’s only concern was Jaden. Fucking a girl in front of her brother was…well, awkward. But Jaden was busy with his own issues and never looked over once. Jordan, on the other hand, seemed to be somewhat preoccupied in watching her brother with Alexis.

Alexis dropped to her knees and told Jaden to close his eyes. A mouth around a cock feels good at all times. Jaden worked hard to imagine it was someone else – Nick or Noah or Brandon or Dylan. That was hot. Alexis was clearly experienced at this and it wasn’t long before he grunted, “I’m cumming,” to the surprise and attention of the entire room. She never let go and swallowed his jism to the last drop.

“My first blowjob from a girl,” Jaden thought as he looked to the rest of the sorority to see what was next.

Ethan found Mackenzie cold and distant. He knew that she had dumped him flat the moment she got some attention from Noah. The fact that Noah was still dating Autumn while fucking Mackenzie didn’t really bother the freshman girl. Noah was hot, Mackenzie reasoned. Noah was great in bed. Noah had a huge dick. Noah was a junior and gave her instant status on campus. If he was cheating on Autumn, that was Autumn’s damn problem. Plus, Autumn had cheated with Noah when he was dating Riley, so she was a big hypocrite to complain. Of course, Noah had worked to keep Autumn in the dark about his extra-curricular sexual activities.

Mackenzie knew she’d have to finally fuck Ethan. It wasn’t that he wasn’t good looking. He simply wasn’t assertive enough. And he was too young for her. His 6” uncut cock and his hips did the job, so it wasn’t bad. And she needed to do it. She squeezed and kissed and pawed and got the boy to cum quickly. He was a slightly above average fuck, Mac decided. He just needed more confidence and more experience.

Doug made quick work of the dark-skinned Jada and the pale Nicole. Both girls sat close as he fucked the other. Fucking three times in an hour wasn’t anything so amazing for Doug. Four or five – well that was more unusual. And three different girls, that was a first too.

Doug decided to take a short break after his fuck of Nicole when Alexis approached him. He had enjoyed fucking her at the beginning of the year and hoped tonight to get into her sister Alexandra’s pants finally. But while he sat on the couch and rehydrated with a bottled water and ate some cookies, Alex dropped to her knees in front of him and began to suck on his mostly flaccid, but still large cock.

Alexis had made a decision. She would suck each guy’s cock tonight in quick order. She had gotten the most challenging one out of the way: The gay one. Now she’d tackle the huge cock before her mouth got tired. Alexis knew she gave the best head in her whole high school. When she took Doug in her mouth, he didn’t mind. A girl wants to blow you, why stop her? He continued eating cookies while his dick came back to life.

Caleb, still pacing himself, was on girl number two: Jenna. She was somewhat plain looking, but Doug had said she was a great backdoor fuck. Well if Doug’s 10” could find a home, Caleb’s 7” certainly could. Caleb had very little buttfucking experience. The girls back home weren’t really into it. But Caleb found it wasn’t so complex. Jenna preferred to fuck without a condom. She wouldn’t take the pill because of bloating, so to avoid pregnancy, she began to take guys in the rear. Fucking without a condom was freeing for Caleb. He was surprisingly turned on by the teddy bear tattoo on her left ass cheek. It didn’t take long for him to finish.

He drank one more of the beers and, feeling energized, he next bedded Amber. Caleb had never been with an Asian girl before. Amber was somewhat of a stereotype - pretty, demure, brilliant. She was a great math student and played the violin. And she hadn’t had sex much because of her overprotective father. That would change tonight. As Caleb entered her, Amber recognized this was her first “hook up” ever. And it felt liberating and really good.

Ethan approached Jordan fresh off her time with Caleb. She nodded, looking over his shoulder for a moment, before turning and smiling to Ethan. Jordan was in many ways like her brother – 17-years-old, skinny with dark hair and a sexual aura – but she had perky breasts and her hair was long and straight. Like Jaden, she was really smart and had also finished high school in 3 years. Jordan had come to her sexuality much later than her brother, but had made up for lost time. The teenagers and young men in town were eager for a pretty young girl with open legs. The older men too, but she found them creepy. Ethan was the shy boy type she recognized. She knew how to draw them out and did just that.

Jaden was trying to fuck Bailey. The hot Californian had been dating Neil, a GZO sophomore. Neil wasn’t only dating Bailey, but was also fucking Nick in secret. Jaden’s gaydar had identified Neil immediately and he soon discovered the closeted sophomore slipping into Nick’s single room late at night. Through the crack in an errantly open door, he spied on Nick and Neil naked and kissing. So, Jaden figured Bailey had experience in screwing a gay boy – even if she didn’t know it. She’d be a good first fuck. And she was. Bailey saw a lot of Neil in Jaden, but didn’t know why. So she used her athletic body to draw the boy in. She lay him on his back and then rode his 6” from above so she’d do all the work. Jaden made a feeble attempt at stroking her breasts, but couldn’t get it to work, so he closed his eyes and just went with the pleasurable sensation. His ejaculation was short and uneventful. As she pulled off him, Jaden realized he had just lost his straight virginity.

After spraying Alexis’ face with his blast, Doug lay down with her sister and simply began making out. His dick was still somewhat hard, but sore and it needed a break. He’d lie with Alexandra until he was ready for round 5, he decided.

Caleb was ahead of schedule. He plowed Jada doggie style for his fourth girl of the night. Feeling surprisingly up, he got a great blowjob from Alexandra who then went over to Doug. Caleb was already through five. He wondered how many Doug had done. He also was surprised that he had never noticed Alexandra’s tongue piercing before. He liked it.

Ethan was enjoying himself. The girls were clearly available and he was surprisingly up for the task. Alexis had approached him and began to blow him. It was by far the best blowjob of his young life and he couldn’t help but grab the back of her head and shoot down her throat when he came. No girl had ever swallowed back home. He needed a breather after that and tried to take a little rest and grab another beer. Amber wouldn’t let him go far and began to stroke him in her hand as she kissed his ears and nipples. Amber seemed to find comfort in Ethan who was more like her dates had been in high school.

Jaden went to Jenna next. The back door entry was familiar enough and he had no trouble working through it with a modicum of pleasure. He could use an hour to not do anything, he decided, but Kaitlyn was upon him almost immediately. Kaitlyn was willing to only do the minimum she needed for this task. Doug had chosen her, so that was one. Jaden was gay, so it really didn’t count as cheating she decided. She’d be done after this.

Doug had finished fucking Alexandra and added another beer, Jordan, and Mackenzie as well. Jordan was a particularly good fuck, even as his dick felt like it was going to fall off. That Jaden was only 15 feet away as he got her to scream in pleasure made him especially happy. Mackenzie tried too hard, he decided, although he probably should have gotten head from her remembering something he had heard about Mac and Noah. That left Amber as the only pledge he hadn’t fucked before – either tonight or earlier this year. Before he could act on it, Jenna came over to him.

“Let me alone for a few minutes,” he begged her.

“Can’t do it,” she stated, massaging his sore, but still hard tool with urgency.

Caleb had a quick enjoyable fuck from Mackenzie. Then Alexis came up and, shoving Bailey aside, she matched her twin and gave him a blowjob. Sore as he was, she was gentle and even better than her twin sister. It took much longer than usual and some manual stimulation, but he came and she directed the small squirts of semen right into her mouth. Finished, she had a smug, satisfied look on her face as she let Bailey return.

Caleb tried to push her off, but Bailey wouldn’t let him, trying to hurry the fuck. Bailey grabbed some lotion that was on a counter and gently massaged Caleb’s cock.

“Ow!” he said as his cock began to surprisingly harden. Despite being bruised, his member seemed to find life once again, but each touch highlighted the sore spots and brought pain more than pleasure. This would be #8 and he had been doubling his projected pace – two an hour. That was going to kill him. Bailey continued rubbing. Caleb noted her belly button ring. College girls were not his high school’s girls, that’s for sure.

Ethan had added two more as the clock approached midnight. First it had been Amber and now Alexandra had her lips around his dick. How he kept getting it up at this point was beyond him

Nicole approached him with determination and began to use her hands and mouth to soothe him back to an erection. That felt a little weird since she was Neil’s sister – Ethan and Neil were in a math class together and had become friendly. But he couldn’t deny the sensation, the soreness, and the excitement.

Jaden had finished his blowjob from Alexandra and was now the attention of both Mackenzie and his own sister. Mackenzie was trying to push Jordan out of the way, while Jordan was trying to talk to her brother alone. Jordan won.

“Hey J, how you doing?” she dropped down naked next her twin.

“This is so surreal, J. And you thought I did some wild things back home?” he tried to joke.

“Listen, we’re not supposed to say anything. But you need to reach your quota right now. We will be leaving in a few minutes.”

 “But our task goes to dawn!” Jaden protested.

“Maybe so, but we are going to be going back to the sorority house at midnight. It must be a trick the brothers played on you to get you to not finish the task. We were also told to never let there be a moment’s peace for your cocks. And there’s one more thing…” she paused, rubbing his left leg as Mackenzie glared impatiently at them.

“You see,” she continued, “any girl that gets all four guys gets a huge reward. It would make me exempt from the next task! The Alexes are both done, the stuck-up bitches. Mackenzie and I are both at three. And Mackenzie and I both just missing you. And it’s almost midnight, so…”

Jordan’s leg rubbing had grown more and more intense and now her hand was suddenly on Jaden’s semi-erect dick. The pieces clicked in for the boy at that moment.

“Go to hell, J. I’m not sleeping with you.” He shoved her hand away,

“Come on,” Jordan reasoned with her brother, “just close your eyes. You can do me in the ass or I’ll blow you. We don’t have to fuck.”

Jaden jumped up. “Shut up, J! I can’t. No.”

“I need to be exempt. The consequence on the next task is supposed to be brutal,” she pleaded.

They quietly argued for another minute before Mackenzie pushed her way in.

“Step aside, Jordan, he’s mine now,” Mackenzie dismissed her fellow pledge sister.

“Fuck off Mac!” Jordan didn’t like being interrupted or told what to do. The girls now picked up the argument as Jaden started searched for his clothing.

Then a bell went off. Everyone froze as the door at the top of the stairs opened and Chet and Haley walked in. Some of the girls, such as Amber, suddenly got self-conscious and covered themselves with clothing or couch cushions. Ethan wanted to, but he had just ejaculated less than a minute ago and was still inside Nicole.

“Girls,” Haley began, “your time here is done. Please get dressed.” The girls jumped up and retrieved their clothes from around the room and dressed in record speed.

Chet signaled the guys to gather in. “Well, it looks like the girls aren’t staying until dawn. Who knew?” He couldn’t contain his smile. “So your task is over too. Get dressed.”

In complete silence, everyone put on all their clothing and then sat back on the couches. The smell of cum was everywhere, and each of the guys looked pained as they put on their underwear. Just then, Nick walked in and handed a slip of paper to each pledge leader.

“Well, girls,” Haley asked. “Did you all pass?”

They all nodded. Haley knew from the paper in front of her that all of them had been with at least two guys, but preferred to see how honest they would be.

“Any exemptions?” she continued.

The Alexes raised their hands. Alexis reported four blowjobs. Alexandra said she had three blowjobs and one fuck. Haley granted their exemption from the next sorority pledge task.

“It’s not fair,” Mackenzie interrupted. “I would have gotten four, but Jordan monopolized her brother and wouldn’t let me have my…” Mac stopped short. The look of absolute anger and terror emanating from behind Haley’s glasses gave her pause.

“As I was saying,” Haley continued without a beat, “Alexis and Alexandra are both exempt from the next task. Let’s go girls…”

The sorority girls, with a few sentimental and appreciative looks, filed out single-file and silently up the stairs leaving behind only the four boys, Chet, and Nick.

Chet smiled at them. “Well boys, did you all finish in time?” Chet asked already knowing the answer. They all said they had fulfilled their required five.

“Jaden?” Chet asked. “How was it?”

“Okay, I guess. But I’m not changing teams.” The skinny boy noted.

“Now who is our winner?” Chet queried the pledges. Ethan was delighted that he had somehow reached six – going from three girls he had previously fucked to nine in one night, a 200% increase! Jaden had just the minimum five. Doug had seven, unable to finish his lackluster ass fuck with Jenna in time. Caleb had an outstanding eight, having completed his fuck with Bailey just a minute before the bell rang.

“Nice work, Caleb! You’ll receive your prize in two days,” Chet told an exhausted Caleb. “I think you’ll heal up a little by then. Now, go get some sleep.”

The cool air of midnight was refreshing. As it was a Friday night, the campus was buzzing with activity. The four boys slowly walked from the GZO house back towards their dorms. Per GZO tradition, housing was moved around the moment the boys began pledging. Doug and Ethan were now roommates as were Caleb and Jaden. Because it was closer and neater, the four gathered in Caleb and Jaden’s dorm usually. Unsure of what to say, they sat in silent pain, pride, and pleasure for a few minutes before Ethan and Doug headed off to their own dorm to crash

Combined it had been 26 ejaculations in four hours. How each had done it, they didn’t know.

“The weird thing is,” Doug said to Caleb as he walked to the door. “I’m so sore, I’m so tired, but I’m also still hard.”

This was just the first of the three final tasks. What would happen with task number two?

To be continued…

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