Pledge Class - The New Class
By Derek17

Note: This story series includes depictions of gay sex, straight sex, bisexual sex, and incest. If that's not your thing or if it is illegal for you to read this story, then stop. This story is completely made up and does not depict anything true.
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Recap: Four freshman fraternity pledges completed a fuck-a-thon with their sister sorority house's pledges and now prepare for their second task.

Part Three - The Reward and the Second Task
It was a Saturday morning, so they all slept in. When Caleb awoke, Jaden was still passed out. Caleb, his head pounding and his body aching, immediately went to a dorm shower and turned on the hot water full blast. No one was around as he closed the curtain in the private shower stall. As was his morning ritual, he shampooed his full head of hair, his soapy right hand then making it’s way downstairs for some relief of morning wood.

“Ow, fuck!!” he shouted as let go of his swollen and bruised cock. He had forgotten. His member was usually up for a good work out first thing in the morning, but after last night, it needed at least a day off. He could get it up; he just couldn’t touch it without massive pain. When he got back to the room, Jaden was surprisingly awake and grabbing a towel.

Jaden gave him the update: “Ethan called and suggested we all spend some time in the hot tub. We should meet them down by the gym. Doug arranged for us through Dylan to get into the baseball players’ workout room.”

A long day of soaking and relaxing helped. Caleb began to be eager to talk about the task. Ethan to a lesser extent. But Doug showed some boredom on the subject and Jaden finally requested they not speak about it at all. He was still somewhat nauseated from the multiple heterosexual contacts. He would happily have lived his life without ever having sex with a girl. And then Jordan at the end. What the fuck was that? He’d put it out of his mind.

By the next day, Doug was sufficiently recovered that he sought out Amber that afternoon and convinced her to do a quickie. She was terrified of Doug’s dick, but in a bold move for her agreed. Thus Doug completed the full set having now fucked all ten girls in the freshman sorority class. Upon hearing about this, Caleb tried to do the same with Kaitlyn, his only miss, and she told him to fuck off – she only had the sex as part of the pledge task. Otherwise, she was steadfastly faithful to her boyfriend.

Sunday night at 8:00 pm, the entire sorority and fraternity gathered in the big GZO basement – 17 guys and 38 girls crammed in.

“Welcome,” Chet was in is element in a crowd. He talked for a few minutes about the process thus far before he was heckled into getting on with it.

“Both houses’ next task will be tomorrow night. I understand Alex and Alex are exempt. Before I describe the task, however, a little old business. Boys, we have a little confession to make. Fucking that many girls in a row isn’t really physically doable,” Chet explained to the four pledges.

“For some people!” Noah shouted. While the fraternity brothers laughed – Noah was even a bigger player than Austin or Chet had ever been – the freshmen could see numerous girls shift uncomfortably having each been with Noah at some point.

“So, we helped you out a little,” Chet continued. “The beer we left had a dangerous mixture of various drugs to help keep you hard and active. We do not recommend you using the combination again – and you should never mix it with alcohol.” Many laughs and smiles. “I don’t think there were any lasting side effects, but it seems all those commercials have some validity. Remember, if your erection lasts more than four hours, contact your doctor.” The other boys filled the room with laughter. The pledges looked less than pleased.

“Now, that said, we have a reward to give out. Caleb…According to the rules, your prize is a blowjob from a chosen member of the senior class. So, we need to have a decision,” Chet looked directly into the handsome 18-year-old’s eyes.

Caleb had been pondering his options. Of the seven sorority seniors, he eliminated Mindy, Chloe, Haley, and Jessica immediately. Mindy was a skanky whore, Chloe his sister, Haley was too scary while she served as pledge mistress, and Jessica was a lesbian. That left Riley, who was really hot and had an unpleasant break-up with his brother Craig as well as one from Noah. Autumn, who was just as hot and was currently dating Noah. And Chelsea. Caleb had a sweet spot for Chelsea who never spoke much, but was stunning and, he had heard, really knew how to suck. He had heard that from his brother who was currently occasionally hooking up with her. But that fact seemed to only make it better.

“Chelsea. I choose Chelsea.” Caleb stammered.

The brothers burst into laughter. Caleb looked at them without comprehension. “I’m sorry, Caleb. I should have been clearer. You don’t get to choose the senior. Your brothers do. You don’t get a say. And we can choose from the senior class of either house.”

Caleb started to sweat. They were going to make me get blown by a man? That wasn’t the kind of reward he wanted. “Who are you choosing?”

“It is done by vote. Only fraternity brothers are allowed a vote,” he reminded everyone. The 7 senior girls and 4 other senior boys stood up. Austin looked positively ill at the possibility. Most of the senior girls were also unhappy with this ritual, making its third appearance. One by one Chet pointed to a sister and the eight juniors and sophomores in GZO shouted out their opinions with some of the senior frat members and sorority sisters also adding their thoughts. As one might expect, Jessica was gaining most of the support – horny guys generally pick the lesbian.

But just as Caleb thought it was done, Chet pointed to the male seniors, starting with himself. Now the group’s opinion seemed shifted towards Dylan or Austin and even Chet. Caleb continued to sweat.

“And there’s one more senior. That’s…Chloe.” Chet pointed to Caleb’s sister and the room exploded with deafening applause from the GZO brothers.

“Fuck you all!” Chloe shouted. She turned to her brother Craig and berated him, “You are going to let this happen? We didn’t learn a lesson when you were a freshman? You are all so fucking juvenile. There’s a reason some people shouldn’t be with other people. And yet you boys seem to take delight in being totally perverse. What the fuck is wrong with you, Craig? He’s your brother. You are the fraternity president. You can step in.”

Craig broke into an ear-to-ear grin. He often defused anger with charm. His sister’s reddish streaks in her hair bespoke fieriness in her personality. Craig was consistently gregarious. “Chloe, let’s talk reasonably. You’ve enjoyed your share of watching some kinky things happen over the last few years and you never complained. You once told me that watching Dylan and No…” Chet cleared his throat loudly. The experiences of each year’s pledge class was always supposed to remain a secret.

Craig nodded subtly at Dylan and Noah in apology. “Well, when I was a freshman, you didn’t complain at the time about that challenge.” Caleb’s eyes opened wider and wider. He understood now – during Craig’s pledge tasks, they must have made Chloe and Craig get together. Did she blow him? Did she fuck him? Involuntarily, Caleb began to get hard at the thought of his older sister and brother together. He had never imagined that.

“I made a terrible mistake back then,” Chloe countered.

“I don’t think so,” argued her red-headed younger brother. “And I also think you’ve expected this moment and even anticipated it from the second Caleb arrived on campus. Whether you like it or not, that moment is here. It’s the mutual pact of Gamma Zeta Omega and Epsilon Theta Omicron during joint pledge tasks. All brothers, sisters, and pledges must abide by any non-violent instruction by the pledge master, pledge mistress, or the president. You benefited from it last year when Shaun and Elisha both…” Chet cleared his throat again. Craig offered his sister another smile and sat down.

Chloe continued to shake her head. Then she caught Caleb’s eye. Her little brother, four years her junior, looked so adorably helpless, just as he did when she used to babysit for him. She had always thought he was cute and was secretly envious of her friend Pam who had taken Caleb’s virginity when he was a high school freshman. At the time she didn’t understand why, but later she recognized her own jealousy. There was no way to get out of the task without quitting the sorority that she loved and supported. Two years ago with Craig, she remembered, had been one of the most physically pleasing experiences of her life. She was ill with regret and anger for weeks. But nothing bad happened. No lightning struck. Life moved on and her relationship with her sometimes obnoxious freckle-faced brother didn’t change. And she had always liked Caleb so much more –he was even cuter. It’ll be over quickly, she rationalized. Just do it and get it done and it’ll be over.

Moving to the center of the room, the room burst into cheers. Chloe knew what it was like to have sex in front of a large group from previous years’ tasks. Her three-way with Shaun and Elisha last year was considered one of the hottest moments in Sorority and Fraternity history. She beckoned Caleb into the center of the room and spoke into his ear.

“Just go along for the ride, Caleb,” she whispered. Caleb, who rarely had felt intimidated in a sexual situation, even with an older woman, was nervous about being blown in front of a crowd.  Friday had been bad enough – but no one was really watching him. This was in front of over 50 people. And it was his sister!

Surprisingly, to Caleb, that fact wasn’t as big a deal as he would logically have imagined. Caleb had always been close to Chloe growing up. They had grown very close when their mom went back to work. Her friends loved to baby Caleb and treat him like their plaything. That finally paid off when Chloe’s friend Pam had “made him a man” his freshman year in a near molestation. But Caleb knew that when he was honest, he had imagined this moment before. Never in reality, but he had spanked the monkey thinking about his sister since he first discovered masturbation. He always tried to concentrate on her friends instead, but inevitably, a few days later, he’d be back to visioning Chloe. Caleb always felt dirty for his incestuous thoughts, but never rejected them.

Ziiip. Chloe had dropped to her knees and began undoing Caleb’s jeans. Dropping them to his ankles, she admired the already hard bulge under the boxer-briefs. Pulling those down, the crowd offered a verbal approval of Caleb’s 7” throbbing cock. From his seat, Craig wasn’t sure, but he thought his little brother might be bigger and thicker than him. He was accurate in his assessment.

“You can do it!” a voice cried from among the boys. Flipping the bird with her left hand in the general direction of the voice, she grasped the base of her brother’s dick with her right and swallowed in the first third of his shaft.

“Oh!” Caleb involuntarily exclaimed to everyone’s delight. She wasn’t wasting any time. Chloe had developed an appreciation for the power of sex. She was pretty, but not stunning. She wished her breasts were bigger and she kept trying variations on her hair color. So she had to use her charm body language, and sense of self to draw in guys. Guys inevitably called her “sexy.” She didn’t sleep around like some in her sorority, but also rarely had long-term boyfriends. So her skills were average, but not unpracticed. Her brother’s dick was longer than most, but she had a brief fling with Nick earlier in the fall and he was pretty much the same size. She also had been occasionally seeing a senior from another fraternity house, as a “fuck buddy.” He was a football player and huge – in all ways – 6’2”, 210 lbs, 8” and thick. And he loved having his dick sucked, so she had learned, through some trial and error, to deep throat him. He, in return, ate her pussy out better than any man she ever met. In fact, they rarely fucked anymore – they mostly traded oral sex.

Caleb enjoyed a healthy sexual appetite, but he had never tried any kinky stuff or experimentation. And certainly the girls back home were pretty straight-laced. Getting a blowjob took much persuasion and usually it was a few licks and call it a night. Since getting to college, he had discovered the magic of getting real head. There was nothing like it. And his sister was really…fuck, it was his sister!

As the waves of pleasure consumed him, his body had a slight shudder. It wasn’t that Chloe was the best ever. But the experience was. He saw Craig staring at them with a full grin and the other boys cheering him. He watched how Chet clearly loved each moment and, if he didn’t know better, it seemed Nick was checking him out. The girls were a mixture of discomfort, envy, and fascination. Caleb was mostly trying to keep his balance and not fall over with the lust that was overwhelming him. It was a bit exciting to be butt naked in a room and having a beautiful girl pleasure you. That it was his sister actually only seemed to make it more thrilling. This was almost seven years of jack off sessions suddenly come to life.

He knew he wouldn’t last long. Chloe had the right technique and she was trying to get this done as quickly as possible. Caleb tried to both enjoy himself fully and delay things as long as he could. This was a one-time thing. But he was still a little sore from Friday night, and anyway, Chloe was in charge and he couldn’t alter positions or slow her down.

Then Caleb’s hips began to buck and he warned in a quiet voice, “Chloe, I’m gonna…” He never made it to the end of sentence, but Chloe was prepared. She pulled off quickly and, only getting one shot in her face, and letting him shoot onto the carpet and a little bit of her blouse. She looked at Caleb’s dick with a dripping strand of semen and then in what she could only explain as “being caught up in the moment” she leaned in and cleaned off her little brother’s penis with her tongue.

“Give him a kiss!” Logan shouted as the rest of the group applauded. Chloe stood up and gave him a small chaste peck on the cheek. Without any further words, she slipped off to the sorority house.

Caleb wiped his own ejaculate off his cheek and then, realizing he was still exposed to the world, pulled up his pants. The brothers came up to congratulate him and Craig gave him a knowing “I’ve been there” smile. Caleb felt like the king of the world and also like he was sickest sleezeball on the planet. Haley ordered the sorority pledges back to their house for instructions.

When the room was empty of women, the four freshman were directed to the couch while the 13 brothers faced them. “Next task, gentlemen,” Chet began. “This one is a little different. Tomorrow night at 8:00 pm each of you will be led into the basement one-at-a-time. Down here you will find cardboard panels with holes in them. Sticking out of each hole will be a cock.”

Ethan bristled at what was in store. Jaden resisted a smile. Chet continued. “The cock will belong to one of the fraternity brothers in this room. Using only your eyes and your hands, you will need to identify which cock belongs to which brother. For every cock you get wrong, you will have an appropriate punishment. If any pledge misses more than 5, all of you will face consequences. If you collectively miss 15 or more, you all fail. The pledge who identifies the most right will also get a reward. Good night.”

“What sort queer gay task is that?” Ethan complained as the four brothers walked to Caleb and Jaden’s room to strategize.

“You’ll need to get past that shit if you are going pass,” Doug counseled.

“Did you see Austin’s face?” Jaden whispered to Caleb. “He looked like he was going to throw up as Chet explained the task.”

“And did you see Logan’s?” Caleb added. “He looked gleeful. I don’t know if it’s because four guys are going to touch his cock or because Ethan is going to have touch so many dicks.”

“Poor Ethan,” Jaden whispered sarcastically. “After the last task, I think it is great that we’re doing one up my alley.”

They all popped open beers and soda and held, what Caleb insisted on calling, a pledge “council of war” and Jaden continually called the “council of cocks.”

“Let’s figure out what we know between us,” Doug began. “First off, I am betting the punishment for each dick you miss is you have to blow that brother.”

“What!” Ethan and Caleb shouted together. Jaden didn’t seem the least phased.

“I just know from history and experience…whatever, I just know,” Doug continued without waiting for his insight to fully sink in. “Now, there are only 13 of them, so how hard could this be? Shaun is black, so that’s one down. My brother is 10” long, so he should be easy to spot. Only 11 to go.”

“How do I know what ten inches looks like?” Ethan asked.

“It’ll be 3 times the size of your dick!” Caleb joked, trying to break Ethan’s (and his own) tension.

After a chuckle, Doug explained: “It’ll be the biggest dick there, you dimwit.” Ethan pulled out a pad and began to make notes as did Caleb on his laptop. “Let go over the seniors,” Doug continued. “Austin’s dick is very long and skinny and he is the whitest guy around in so many ways. Pick the one that looks like a long white worm. Nick, Brandon, and Chet are all about the same size – maybe 7” or a little more. And all of them are circumcised. You can get Chet’s easily because it is really thick, like a beer can. He’s also shorter – but I bet they keep the guys all at the same height. Nick is tan – all over – so you can distinguish his from Brandon’s who has blond hair so look for the pubes.”

The other three were all staring open-mouthed at the depth of knowledge and easy recall that Doug seemed to have on the seniors’ dicks. They also had never seen him so organized in thought. Of course, he hadn’t smoked anything tonight, so perhaps that helped too. “We can discuss how I know all this another time,” Doug added, responding to their gaping mouths. “What do you all know about the other brothers?”

“My brother’s dick is a lot like mine – so it’ll be pale, but he’ll have red pubic hair. I’m not sure how big his is exactly. And you all just saw mine.” Caleb offered with an embarrassed grin. “That’s all I know.”

“I don’t know anything,” Ethan said. “I haven’t made a habit of looking at my brother’s crotch.”

“How big is yours?” Doug pressed his uncomfortable roommate. “Maybe there is a similarity.”

“I haven’t really measured it in a while, but I guess that I am about 6”. I’m also three inches taller than Logan though. And I don't know if mine is such a help. I mean Logan and I don’t look anything alike. Oh, wait, there's one thing - I’m uncircumcised. So is he. I think.” Ethan helped out.

“Oh, Craig and I are both circumcised for some reason,” Caleb added.

No one knew anything about Brian. Noah it had been rumored was pretty well endowed. Both were brunettes and they guessed both were uncircumcised from where in the country they were from and religious background.

“I can tell you Neil doesn’t have a big dick,” Jaden remembered his brief observation through the crack in the door. “And I think we was uncircumcised, but I only saw it for a moment and he was hard, so I am really not sure.”

“How the hell do you tell the twins apart?” Caleb asked.

“Elisha’s dick hangs slightly to the right. Elijah’s to the left,” Jaden responded. When the brothers’ paused for an explanation, Jaden added, “I’m gay! I look at people’s packages all day long. They are cute. They both wear tight gym clothes and have a decent thing going, it seems. And they are circumcised. They’re Jewish, so it isn’t that tough to figure that out. Remember, Nick, Elijah, and Elisha will all be circumcised for sure.”

For another thirty minutes or so, they recorded the information they had – both factual and highly speculative – and then each took a copy of the strangest study guide they had seen. Caleb wanted to talk to someone about what happened to him that night. Doug put a hand on his shoulder and said, “Put it aside for now. You need to focus. We can talk about anything later.”

The next morning, the sorority pledges approached the fraternity boys and were eager to pool their information. The girls apparently had a similar challenge. All of the GZO and ETO brothers and sisters weren’t talking to the pledges until after the task was complete. In any form, Mackenzie learned, when she tried and was rebuffed from her usual hook-up with Noah last night. It was a complete silent treatment.

But the girls did have additional information. Mac confirmed that Noah was indeed very well endowed and that he was circumcised. Bailey reported that Neil was on the smaller side and was also circumcised. Other girls knew that Chet had a little mole on his cock head and that Nick was indeed tan all over. Austin, several girls could report, had an 8” or so dick. The girls were surprised that the boys seemed to know even more than they did.

The day was filled with classes and anxiety and at 8:00 pm the four fraternity pledges met Haley in the kitchen. “With all your brothers involved in the task, I have been asked to supervise. Some of my sisters are downstairs organizing things. Only one person will be allowed in the basement at a time. You will have exactly 5 minutes. You must not speak at any time. You must fill out your answers before leaving the basement. You may manually stimulate any of the penises with your hands if you wish.”

Ethan just then realized what she was saying. They had been discussing how long each cock was only when hard. But flaccid, it could be most any size. While Dylan and Shaun might be obvious no matter the condition, he’d have to get each guy hard to learn their length – and probably multiple times. “Fuck,” he grunted to himself.

Doug was told to go first. Suddenly the sorority pledge twins, Alex and Alex, exempt from this task, came through the basement door and escorted a confused Ethan, Jaden, and Caleb downstairs.

“Oh, yes, I forgot.” Haley said to the perplexed Doug. “Your three pledge brothers will also be down there. So you will need to identify 16 penises.”

The sight of 16 dicks, mostly flaccid, sticking through small holes in otherwise plain cardboard paneling, is somewhat surreal. Like a twisted modern art sculpture or performance art gone wrong or a glory hole explosion. As he feared, but expected, the cocks were all at identical heights giving one no indication how tall the owner was. Furthermore, only the penis was visible. The balls and pubic hair were out of sight, eliminating that avenue of discovery. The lights were turned low and there was esoteric classical music filling the air.

Doug was handed a pencil and sheet of paper by Haley with the numbers 1-16 on it matching a number written above every hole that a penis stuck out. He was instructed to write one name next to each one. Doug began by getting most of the dicks hard. He needed to do some comparisons and needed to see which ones he’d have to compare. Some choices were easy. He recognized all five seniors cocks immediately – Doug had a solid recall of every cock he’d ever sucked. As he stroked a few of the dicks, he acknowledged that this was kind of fun.

He assumed Neil was the smallest one there and could get easily recognize Shaun as the only African-American cock. He guessed Noah for the largest of the ones remaining. Two dicks that truly were identical he assumed were Elijah’s and Elisha’s. Of the six left, two were circumcised and four were not. He knew the cut ones were Caleb and Craig’s, and he took a leap of faith that his fellow pledge was the larger of the two trying to remember more from Chloe’s blowjob of it the other night. He thought he recognized Ethan’s dick from their room and took the one most like it to be Logan’s. That left Jaden and Brian as the last two. As Haley told him his time had run out, he quickly scribbled in his best guesses picking the thicker one as Brian.

Doug was escorted upstairs. Soon, Ethan came out from the basement looking embarrassed as he looked at the man who had moments ago been stimulating him. Doug was brought back downstairs where he was told to strip off his pants and was given a pair of infrared headphones to block out any possible noise. Moving behind the partitions, he found the other brothers in various states of undress pressed up against the paneling. There were various stools to help them all reach the height of the hole, which Doug didn’t need as the hole was conveniently exactly 6’3” tall for Dylan and Doug. Alexandra directed him to the empty hole and he pushed through after putting on his noise-blocking headphones.

Ethan was terrified. He had never really looked at another guy’s dick let alone touched another cock. But five minutes later, he had stroked nearly everyone in the house and did his best to match numbers and names. Surprisingly, the ones that gave him the most trouble were Doug and Dylan. It was obvious which two cocks were theirs – but one was circumcised and one wasn’t. He had never noticed whether Doug was or not. Ethan thought back to the previous night. What had Doug said? “All of them are circumcised,” when speaking about the seniors, so he figured the uncircumcised one was his fellow pledge.

Caleb had been studying hard for this task. He had every fact anyone had given him down cold. He had used a ruler and some hot dogs to be able to judge the difference between 6” and 7” at a glance. Going third, he had some time to think while Doug and Ethan took their turns, so he had been able to remember some things from the other night about his pledge brothers now that he needed to guess them too. Caleb had seen Jaden’s dick both flaccid and hard in their room and thought he could recognize it. He knew Doug was circumcised and was as big as his brother who was uncut. He thought back to Friday night and the blowjob he had seen Ethan get from…oh, he couldn’t even remember who. It was uncircumcised and about an inch shorter than his own. He used intuition and logical deduction to fill in the answers and felt pretty confident about his answers. But stroking over that many cocks to get them hard was really weird.

Jaden was in a dilemma. He was sure Doug was right – the “punishment” for getting them wrong would be a blowjob. But Ethan was sure to mess this task up and if Jaden purposely screwed the pooch, he might lose the task for all of them. Plus, the reward might be much better than the perceived punishment. They might even have some sort of “reverse punishment” just for him. So Jaden did his best and finished quickly giving him an extra minutes to simply stroke any cock in the house as much as he’d like.

When Jaden handed in his answers, the Alexes had him return to the kitchen for a couple minutes. Upon returning to the basement, he saw a 17th panel had been added. He was placed in another new hole, as he had been after each round. The Alexes were recording who was matched with each hole for each pledge’s sheet.

The sorority pledges would now have their turn with a similar task. But the girls had different consequences for errors they were reminded. With the Alexandra and Alexis exempt, it meant eight girls participating at five minutes each. In all, the were pressed up against the panels for almost an hour and ten minutes including transition time and other delays. Then it was all over. The brothers got dressed. A few raced off to the bathroom to masturbate. Having been made hard over and over for a couple minutes by 11 or 12 different hands was too much to ignore. And for those who had dicks that were similar to others, they had been jerked many more times. The remaining brothers packed up the paneling and brought it upstairs for storage. The pledges were told they were free for the night.

While Ethan insisted on reliving the experience over and over speculating on different dicks, the others engaged in other thoughts and tasks. They knew they’d find it all out tomorrow night. It was out of their hands, literally. Doug went to find someone to fuck as did Jaden. Caleb tried unsuccessfully to hit on the sorority girls, but they were under lockdown for the night. Ethan just obsessed on his own.

All four pledges fell asleep that night unintentionally counting cocks.

To be continued...

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