Pledge Class - The New Class
By Derek17

Note: This story series includes depictions of gay sex, straight sex, bisexual sex, and incest. If that's not your thing or if it is illegal for you to read this story, then stop. This story is completely made up and does not depict anything true.
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Recap: Four freshmen pledges have completed two of their three final tasks. The first was a fuck-a-thon with their sister sorority. The second was matching fraternity dicks to their owner. Now Ethan, Jaden, Caleb, and Doug face the results of the second task.

Part Four – Consequences
On the evening after their penis-guessing task, the four pledges returned to the fraternity basement for the results. It was Tuesday, November 7 and had started to turn a little chilly. Upon arrival, they found the entire fraternity as well as Haley.

“Gentlemen, your results,” Chet began. Haley pulled out a piece of paper and began to read from it.

“Caleb – of 16 dicks, you identified 14 correctly. You swapped Austin and Noah.
Doug – of 16 dicks, you identified 13 correctly. You swapped Brian, Logan, and Ethan.
Jaden – of 16 dicks, you identified 12 correctly. You swapped Elijah and Elisha, and also Caleb and Craig.
Ethan – of 16 dicks, you identified 12 correctly, you swapped Dylan and Doug, and you swapped Jaden and Logan.”
No one missed more than 4. Together you all missed 13. You each pass and the group passes. You boys certainly know cock.”

“Jaden, I’m disappointed,” Logan called out. “You’re letting these straight boys do better on cocks that us homos. Get your head back in the dick!”

The pledges breathed a sigh of relief. It had turned out Noah and Austin were each blessed with 8” although in truth they didn’t look a lot alike, Caleb was actually bigger than his brother, while Logan and Ethan had similar sized 6” uncut dicks. Brian and Jaden were likewise uncut and about the same 6.5” or so. And Ethan had gotten confused on the circumcision status of Dylan and Doug.

“If you’re curious,” Haley added on the way out, “Mackenzie was the only sorority pledge to get a perfect score in identifying all 17 of you.”

“And now the consequences,” Chet began after she left. “Knowing your brothers completely is the responsibility of each pledge. Failing to identify a significant part of their life is serious indeed – almost an insult. We have to make sure this never happens again, that you can identify a brother by any part of his body, especially his manhood. Therefore, you will each give a blowjob, tonight, to all the brothers and pledges you misidentified.”

Ethan had been steeling himself for this moment, What he wasn’t prepared for were the actual specifics: Two fellow pledges, two gay guys, but worst of all, one of them was his own brother! He wanted to throw up. Doug was delighted with his punishment. He could finally do some gay stuff without Dylan giving him shit about it. And he realized he’d be the first guy to ever blow Ethan. Jaden was kind of pleased with his results and had to admit that he must have subconsciously missed the twins and his roommate. Caleb knew this was coming and was glad he only had to do two, but they were both so big. How did he confuse them?

“Caleb, you’ll receive your reward only after the successful completion of the consequences by all of your pledge class. Gentlemen, let’s…” Before Chet could finish, Brandon cleared his throat and beckoned his friend over. After a moment of whispering, the other senior boys and Craig also joined the quiet conversation. Before long, all 13 brothers were part of the discussion while the four pledges waited. The extra time only added to both Caleb’s and Ethan’s anxiety. Ethan was sweating, not sure what he would do.

Finally, the brothers broke and Chet addressed them. “I seem to have been a little hasty. My brothers have reminded me of some details about you all. Caleb and Ethan, am I correct that this will be the first blowjob you’ve ever given?”

As both boys nodded yes, they noticed that Doug wasn’t being asked the same question. “Well, Caleb, you’re going to have a baptism by fire, as it were. Both of the brothers you need to pleasure are well-endowed as you know. If you’d like to practice on someone smaller, I am sure we can find a volunteer.”

Caleb always tried to project strength in moments of anxiety. “I’m okay with just my mandatory consequences. I’ll do my best.”

“Now Ethan,” Chet turned to the pale eighteen-year-old. “You never sucked a dick?” Ethan shook his head. “Have you ever been blown by guy?” Ethan signaled no again. “Well, have you ever gotten a blowjob?”

“Of course!” Ethan shouted out defensively causing the brothers to laugh supportively. Ethan’s mood lifted slightly.

“You have a real challenge ahead of you. As you know, you missed correctly identifying the two biggest guys here. And, then there’s your brother Logan. The brothers have decided that the normal order must be adjusted. You will blow Jaden first then Doug then Dylan and then Logan.”

Jaden didn’t know if that was a signal to begin until Noah pushed him forward calling to Ethan, “Take off his pants!” Another voice added, “And get on your knees.”

Ethan had never, ever touched another guy on purpose until the task yesterday. Having a gay brother, he was well aware of the details and nature of gay sex, and no longer found himself completely disgusted by it. But he remained thoroughly straight and didn’t find guys at all physically attractive. How could he blow four guys while being mildly nauseous?

Ethan then remembered Cornelia. She was a dumpy pimply girl he had met during a summer on the lake. At a make-out party a friend brought him to, everyone paired off. Cornelia was the only girl left and matched with Ethan. Seeing the other guys in action, he had, for his own pride and honor, kept up with the other guys and ended up messing around with her. He wasn’t attracted to her. In fact, he didn’t even like thinking about her. But he powered through and still made her squeal when he finger-fucked her that night. He had done that and these guys were all better looking than that skank, using a word that he had hear Neil use the previous week.

He unzipped Jaden’s pants. The skinny teen kicked them off and then decided to go completely buff. You can count his ribs, Ethan noticed. And Jaden was already hard. His cock was similar to Ethan’s. A little skinnier perhaps and perhaps a little larger.

“I’ll help you through this, buddy,” Jaden whispered, and he began to offer helpful advice. Ethan, ignoring the fact that 15 guys were watching his every move, did just as he was told and followed every one of Jaden’s words instantly. It was easier to concentrate on doing what he was told than to think about what he was actually doing. Jaden’s dick felt weird in his mouth. It was warm. His throat rebelled against the entry and he continually had to struggle with gagging. But as he relaxed, so did his throat, and he began to move his head back and forth.

“Use your tongue,” Jaden advised. “You need to stimulate me with more than just your lips.” Ethan involuntarily shuddered, but understood. “And stick to the head if you can’t take too much in.” Ethan began to review the handful blowjobs he’d gotten. He knew he’d need to be forceful or this would take all night. And he had three much tougher challenges ahead. The fact that Jaden was gay was actually quite discomforting to Ethan. Straight guys were only doing it cause they had to. Jaden desired it. But Jaden was being gentle and so helpful, and Ethan realized that this was the best first cock to suck.

Since Ethan was doing so well, Chet compelled Caleb to get started on Austin, and Doug to begin on Brian. Austin called Caleb towards the couch where the senior dropped his own pants and revealed his skinny 8”. Caleb began to jack him, trying to get him hard. He knew from his brother that Austin was a bit homophobic, but being a GZO brother he had to follow the rules. Caleb knew he would have to do some unpleasant things to get into the fraternity. He figured something gay would happen. Caleb couldn’t deny that he had once-in-a-while wondered what it might be like to be with a guy. And especially since he started rooming with Jaden, he always felt that at any moment he could hook up with him. Now he’d find out. Nick came by and stood near Austin, his former roommate, to show support – and to watch Caleb in action.

Always prepared for every task, Caleb had consulted Jaden for some advice early in the morning in anticipation of what might happen that night. And he watched Ethan’s initial suck carefully seeing Jaden’s words put to action. He also successfully solicited a tutorial from Alexis that afternoon. Using one of her dildos as a model, Caleb had practiced repeatedly and seemed to have the basics down. Alexis said he was a natural and she was impressed. But that was on a 9” dildo. This was a real cock attached to a real person.

When Caleb’s nose hit Austin’s pubes, just shy of all 8” in his throat, Nick exclaimed with delight, “You’re no first-timer!”

Caleb quickly pulled off and briefly explained his preparation. Nick, and the other brothers who had gathered around were impressed. Austin told him to shut the fuck up and get this over with. Caleb’s experience settled, he went back to work.

Doug had never desired to hide his bisexuality. While he agreed to keep his physical relationship with Dylan a secret, he was less comfortable with his brother’s demand that Doug keep a straight profile. As he unzipped Brian’s pants, he knew the entirety of the frat house would have a lot more information about him now. He spotted Dylan on the edge of the room working hard to “not look” at his brother in action.

Doug could suck a cock. He was really good when he was 16 and sucking the pledge class as part of their blowjob task. He was even better last year on America’s Teachers. Although it had been a few months, those skills would never leave him. Brian’s six and a half inches didn’t present a particular challenge and Doug used his physical strength to control Brian’s rhythm. Brian was the least known member of the house. He was very quiet and kept to himself, studying science and building electronics. He had, in fact, helped expand the hidden camera system in the basement. While some assumed he was gay, in actuality, he was shy. 6’ tall with curly light brown hair, he had recently begun dating Erica, a pretty and similarly quiet junior at the ETO house. His only male-male experiences had been his freshman pledge year and last year’s pledge class. He was prepared for whatever pledging brought. Being blown by the 6’3” boyish and beautiful Doug who had a finger up his ass at this moment, was certainly a more enjoyable gay task than the previous years.

“Get off…I’m almost there…” Jaden warned Ethan as he tried to help his straight fellow pledge. Chet had been unclear about swallowing or facials, so Jaden grabbed his own cock, jerked himself and shot accidentally hitting Ethan’s shoulder and then mostly the carpet. Jaden was breathing heavy as his hand slowed and his orgasm subsided. “Not bad, rookie,” Jaden congratulated Ethan. The straight 18-year-old was a bit queasy, but also glad to hear he could do a good job. One of the brothers threw each of them a towel, which they used to wipe up their sweat and the globs of cum. Ethan went to get a drink of water. Jaden motioned Craig over to began his consequences.

Brian shot next and Doug swallowed every drop. Brian rarely had found a girl who would swallow – Erica wasn’t into oral sex at all – and was completely drained and satisfied. Austin gave Caleb a facial, enjoying the humiliation he perceived by coating the boy’s face in his jism. Caleb decided he didn’t like facials and he didn’t like Austin.

Ethan and Doug had to swap blowjobs. For roommates, it was surprising they both misidentified each other. Ethan was told to go first and soon he was face to head with the largest dick he would ever touch in his life. It was 4” longer than Jaden’s and much thicker. It also was circumcised, which looked so different to Ethan whose own cock was uncut. Ethan tried to replicate his earlier actions, but found he could barely get a couple inches in his mouth. Ethan knew enough to use his hands to stimulate the rest of the cock while he tongue-bathed the head. The pre-cum surprised him and he thought he’d lose it, but he once again powered through.

Doug was likewise gentle with his pledge brother, suggesting ways to make it easier. This conflicted boy was doing a pretty fair job of cock-sucking, Doug recognized. If you only heard about Ethan – his caution, his sexual discomfort, his lack of assertiveness, his awkwardness in many social situations, his clear brother issues – you might assume he was some dorky looking social misfit. But Ethan was nearly 6’ tall and in great shape. He was funny when he was relaxed and wicked smart. He had short dirty blond hair and really great teeth, Doug had noted. If he only found more confidence, Ethan would be a big man on campus.

It took about 15 minutes of consistent effort to get Doug to cum. He too warned Ethan and shot with force over Ethan’s head and onto the carpet. The next couple volleys landed on Ethan’s left ear, Doug’s shorts lying on the floor, and Ethan’s leg. After some mopping up, they switched places. Ethan sat down and Doug leaned in, swallowing Ethan’s member completely. Ethan couldn’t believe his roommate was blowing him. Logan was still watching his brother intently, but had thus far remained silent. Ethan was surprised that he had gotten pretty charged up from giving head, so he found himself involuntarily getting hard quickly. Doug’s skilled mouth took over then. This was without a doubt the most physically pleasing blowjob in his whole life. It wasn’t long before he too had his cum swallowed by Doug, his first ever blowjob from a guy. And, he hoped, his last.

Jaden finished Craig off quickly and then turned to Caleb who was right there. It had been fascinating for Caleb to watch his brother get sucked by a guy up close. He had no idea what gay experiences Craig might have had, but Caleb had to admit that even though it was queer – and even though it was his brother – he was fascinated. Per Doug's suggestion, Caleb had blocked the whole experience with Chloe out of his mind. But staring at his brother, it came back and he couldn’t help but imagine his siblings together in one position or another. Chloe might be in Jaden’s role…or Caleb might be.

As Jaden began to pleasure his own roommate, Caleb realized he had gotten hard staring at his brother’s dick being sucked. He was a twisted fuck. But he was a horny one and. Jaden didn’t need to do too much to bring his roommate to climax. Jaden was disappointed that Caleb’s first male blowjob was over so quickly. As he always did, he swallowed up every drop from Craig and Caleb.

All four pledges had now been blown by one of their own. How times have changed, Dylan thought, as Ethan went to work on him. Three years ago, it had taken days of sex to get his pledge class to experiment gay – and Austin never blew anyone, he remembered. Now, as a matter of course, he had a completely straight boy trying to tame his python simply because the fraternity had told them so. That was Chet’s influence on the pledging process.

Noah had a dick similar to Austin’s, but thicker. At 21, Noah was simply hot. His smile, his eyes, his abs, his ass – all were captivating. He even made the fuzz on his chin work, where Caleb usually thought it looked silly. As Caleb began to suck, he wondered how many girls had done this in Noah’s busy sexual career. He knew Austin preferred a fuck to a blowjob, but Mackenzie had mentioned that Noah was a huge fan of fellatio, and Autumn’s reluctance to suck him regularly had led him to Riley and then later to Mackenzie. Caleb knew he couldn’t match those girls, but he’d give it his all to complete his consequences. For some reason, he didn’t want to disappoint.

Just a few feet from where Ethan was trying to get his mouth around Dylan, Doug was sucking Logan. Here were the younger brothers sucking the other’s brother. Doug looked up at his brother mournfully. He wanted to be where Ethan was. Dylan wasn’t really enjoying his blowjob. Ethan was having trouble with Dylan’s size – and Dylan usually took a while to cum from only fellatio. But he was more concerned because this was bringing up lots of old feelings. Dylan had been able to completely mask his gay experiences of late from the world – and his lingering lust for his brother from himself. Now everything was potentially falling apart.

Doug wished he could find a way to get Dylan to be open to being intimate with each other again and get past whatever Puritan hang-ups he projected his brother was having. Doug also noticed that Logan was completely naturally hairless – and in other places, he was shaved. But Ethan wasn’t hairless at all. Doug thought that was odd for two brothers. Logan watched Ethan with a smile - he was next. Ethan was too focused on finishing the task at hand to notice others.

Jaden beckoned the twins, Elijah and Elisha, to sit next to each other on the couch. He asked them to remove all their clothes revealing that their trim bodies were really fit and truly identical. They both left on the rimless glasses that made them look smart and clever and totally adorable. Most guys have had a sexual fantasy about identical twin girls. For Jaden, it had always been about two boys. From the moment he saw them, he needed to consume them, but they both presented themselves as straight. Jaden’s gaydar had unclear signals about them, but now was his chance.

Their dicks did truly lean slightly left and right. With his fantasy ready to go, Jaden began sucking one boy’s dick and jacking the other. He moved back and forth and back and forth between the two quickly erect cocks, delaying the end, and heightening the sexual tension.

“Fuck it, just suck me!” Elisha demanded in lust. While he still rubbed Elijah’s identical 7-incher, Jaden devoted his entire mouth to pleasuring Elisha. With all the starts and stops of earlier, Elisha and Elijah were both ready to burst. Elisha came down Jaden’s throat, and Elijah shot within a minute of Jaden mouth engulfing him. Jaden was again disappointed to have finished so quickly. Maybe he’d be able to arrange another rendezvous.

Noah and Logan both came at about the same moment. Caleb tried swallowing this time mostly because he didn’t want another a shot of cum in the eye. Much of it dribbled out the sides of his mouth, and Caleb found it slimy, but Noah declared it was a decent blowjob. Caleb was surprisingly delighted to hear that. Logan, transfixed on the sight of his brother working on Dylan’s enormous dick, finally couldn’t hold back. Doug naturally swallowed it all.

Dylan continued to take a while. With Ethan’s amateur, but earnest efforts, it took even longer and the poor freshman’s jaw was throbbing in pain. But Dylan did cum at last and did so without warning, nearly killing Ethan whose mouth, filled with this huge dick, had trouble adding the streams of cum to the mix. “Sorry,” Dylan muttered recognizing his thoughts had been somewhere else and with someone else.

When Ethan had gained his composure and had something to drink, Chet signaled everyone to listen. “Great work boys! Everyone has completed his blowjobs, except for one. Ethan needs to blow Logan.”

Logan had known this was coming for 24 hours. Chet had shared with all the brothers the list of which pledge missed which identification. At first, he thought it was hysterical that his own brother missed him. Then he was kind of bummed that his dick was apparently identical to 17-year-old Jaden’s. Then he was depressed knowing the anxiety that this would cause Ethan – they may not have been the closest of brothers, but he still cared for Ethan’s well-being. Finally, he was delighted – Ethan would lose his supposed moral high ground when he judged Logan’s actions.

Ethan had not had time to process this. So he simply looked at Chet and said, “No.”

Experience had shown Chet how to get beyond this moment. A combination of time, pride, praise, peer pressure, and the desire for the ultimate reward: Fraternity Membership. “You’ve come so far, Ethan,” Chet began, “why make it all a waste? Why did you do the others if you won’t do this?”

“I may have given into the peer pressure tonight and completed my tasks, however much I might not have preferred to do them. But this is just really wrong. It’s incest. It’s immoral. It’s just not right,” Ethan was struggling for the right words. He knew he couldn’t – and shouldn’t – argue this on the grounds of homosexuality, but incest he figured was safe.

“I don’t think it is actually technically incest,” Craig interrupted – but no one wanted to hear.

“You’d be surprised what has been done in this room,” Chet was talking calmly and compassionately. “Just a few days ago, you saw Caleb and Chloe together. And among your brothers are all sorts of stories and secrets.” The brothers shifted uncomfortably. Caleb, Doug, Elijah, Elisha, Craig, Austin, Dylan, and Chet had all been with a brother or sister as a result of fraternity pledging. And who knew what else some of the brothers had done outside of fraternity life? “You just sucked three dicks. And did it quite well. Close your eyes and do number four. Otherwise, hasn’t everything you’ve already done been in vain?”

Ethan looked to his brother for support. But Logan’s face simply seemed to say, “fraternity rules superseded all else during pledge tasks.” Ethan asked for a few minutes to think. He sat down with a strong drink in his hand.

Jaden was baffled as to what would happen. He had heard Ethan’s discomfort towards homosexuality, and especially towards Logan, spewing all year long. Jaden was shocked when Ethan blew him. But sucking his own brother? Jaden had done some crazy stuff in the 4 ½ years he had been “sexually active.” He had been with two brothers separately and he and his sister had shared a guy, but he had never seen two siblings having sex until Chloe sucked Caleb. Jaden’s brothers were much younger than him so he had never even really thought about it for himself.

Caleb, however, had imagined having sex with a sibling. Sex with Chloe had been a fantasy. Sex between Craig and Chloe was something he had visualized, only recently realizing it had happened when Craig was a freshman. Sex between Caleb and Craig – that had never occurred to him. Until he watched Jaden suck Craig. And he discovered that he wasn’t that shocked by the idea.

Having engaged in an on-again, off-again very physical relationship with Dylan, brotherly sex was part of Doug’s world. Plus, he had discovered some things about Ethan’s resentment towards gay sex. Much of it was simply a substitute for being mad that Logan stopped spending time with him when he started getting physical with boys. Being at a university with out gay classmates had forced Ethan to rethink his discomforts. Jaden was the first gay person other than his brother that Ethan had really taken the time to know. It was eye-opening. But the biggest influence was Brandon.

Before Logan and Brandon began to date, his brother was a sex-crazed bundle of hormones. He was dismissive and harsh to Ethan and shoved his free sexuality in his brother’s face. Logan had never sought to maintain a intimate relationship. But since Logan and Brandon became a couple, Ethan saw positive changes in his brother. Furthermore, Brandon was impressive in every way – brilliant, self-made, successful, popular, friendly, kind, caring for his brother, and, even Ethan recognized he was one great-looking guy. Ethan would never be able to forget the vivid image of walking in on Logan getting butt-fucked by the 20something cable installer when Logan was 14 and Ethan was 12. Nor the seemingly endless parade of boys that snuck in and out of their house – often through Ethan’s bedroom window – to sneak a quickie with his brother. It had made Ethan uncomfortable around sex because his brother was so loose with it. But Brandon was different. He was someone to love and idolize – and Brandon was gay. Brandon had helped Logan become a socialized, reasonable, even moral human being. Doug had noticed that Ethan had begun to accept both his brother’s sexuality and his brother.

When rationalizing, one small fact can be all you need to do something otherwise impossible. Having already sucked three dicks, Ethan wasn’t stuck on the blowjob part of the task. A fourth tonight wouldn’t make much of a difference in the long run. It was the brother thing. That was the new wrinkle that he was having trouble getting past. But that one small fact can be what you hang major actions upon. “He isn’t really my brother,” Ethan reminded himself. “Not by blood.” Logan’s parents hadn’t planned on having a second child for several more years after Logan was born. 20 months after Logan’s birth, his parents’ best friends were killed in a car wreck while their four-month-old son was home with a nanny. With no family capable of raising the child, they had brought little baby Ethan home and soon after adopted him. He had never known another family and his parents had loved him no differently than they loved Logan. But, technically, Logan wasn’t his brother.

That fact was enough for Ethan. He sighed, chugged a second drink, and then gave a weak wave of his hand to direct his brother to the couch. All of the fraternity brothers had seen brother-on-brother sex. The memory of Elijah and Elisha together from last year’s class would always stay with them. So as Ethan took his brother’s already hard dick and put it in his mouth,  the boys, outside of Caleb, had neither the shock nor titillation one might expect. However, Ethan’s latent hostility to gay people all year long and Logan’s “essence of queerness,” as Nick called it, created a tension charged atmosphere that seemed to excite them all.

Ethan’s jaw ached. Doug and Dylan had been a massive task. He had wrapped his jaw around two giant salamis for who knew how long. His brother’s dick was a relief in comparison, but didn’t soothe his aches. He really wanted to get this over with and then forget about. If he ever could.

Logan began to push his brother’s head with force. His hips thrusting forward aggressively. Ethan was not yet a skilled cocksucker and Logan enjoyed receiving a masterly tongue. Doug had shown some impressive talents and Logan knew it’d take longer to cum this second time in such a short period. But he was 20 and he was looking at his naked little brother sucking on him. Who would have thought it? He had won. All those years of Ethan judging him, looking upon him as if he was some sort of lesser person because he was gay and because he was with a lot of guys were all past. He would have this moment to hold over him and the power surged through Logan.

Things weren’t progressing the way Ethan might have wanted. Logan seemed no closer to orgasm after an extended period of sucking than he had at the start. They shifted positions with Logan lying back on the couch with Ethan on his knees from the floor approaching from above. Logan then saw something that changed the whole meaning of the event. Ethan was hard. He could see his brother’s erection poking against the couch. Occasionally, Ethan dropped an unconscious hand on it. His brother, Logan realized, wasn’t disgusted in the moment, but turned on.

Logan didn’t want to waste the moment. Ethan might not be aware of his body’s responses, but Logan would make him aware. He maneuvered Ethan to climb more onto the couch. Ethan’s naiveté blinded him to what was about to happen. He stretched out to swallow Logan’s cock again, his own legs reaching towards Logan’s head. Then he felt an unexpected sensation. Logan had grabbed his legs and swallowed his little brother’s dick himself. Ethan was unable to process this fact and then found Logan’s cock was again pushing against his lips, so he opened wide.

Some of the brothers began to more openly jerk-off watching this brotherly 69. Caleb was surprised to see Craig totally into it and unashamed to slap his salami in public watching his former roommate blow his little brother. Caleb’s cheery red-headed brother was revealing all sorts of new sides to him. And, he thought, he was looking really good too. Fraternity president agreed with him. His acne was a thing of the past. He was in shape and had more muscle definition. He even was trimming his red curly pubic hair, Craig noted. He looked damn good. And it had paid off. He knew Craig had slept with at least a dozen of the girls in ETO, probably more.

For five minutes the brothers slurped on each other’s man popsicle. Logan, being so much more skilled, got a quicker response from his little brother. Ethan dropped Logan’s cock out of his mouth and grunted a few times as he came and spewed into Logan’s mouth. When he had finished, he took a few quick breaths and resumed his task. Logan, his mouth free, offered a few suggestions. Finally, Ethan used his hand to aggressively jerk off his brother who came suddenly fully into Ethan’s face.

A round of applause burst from the group watching, even as a few disappeared into various bathrooms to relieve themselves. Logan and Ethan were each handed towels to clean up. Logan looked kindly at his brother as he watched him rub his own spunk of his face. Ethan couldn’t look at anyone in the eye and after a visit to the bathroom, sat quietly on the couch with another stiff drink.

After a short break, the other three pledges, now fully clothed, sat next to Ethan and gave him silent support. Chet then addressed them, reading from a typed sheet.

“Your next – and final – task will begin on Thursday night and is called ‘fantasy fulfillment.’ Each of the pledges will draw the name of a fraternity brother and a sorority sister. Those whose names are drawn can request anything they want from the pledge that can be completed in one session. The pledge must comply. If the brother or sister requests an action that requires a specific individual other than the pledge, there must be alternate choices given in case that specific individual refuses. The brothers and sisters have also been given secret instructions regarding limitations and requirements of their requests.”

The four pledges each raised their eyebrows in confusion.

“I told you it was too wordy,” Nick interrupted. “It’s simple: You’ll pull a name. That person can ask you to do anything or arrange anything – although it’ll probably be sexual in nature. They can’t make you a sex slave for a week or anything – only a one time event.”

Chet continued Nick’s explanation. “And if the person says, as well they should, I want to have sex with Chet, well what if I refuse? Which I wouldn’t, but if I did, the person must have other names in mind. But if they want to do something with you, well, you can’t refuse. There are also a few surprises that’ll you’ll see. And this will be surprising for us since we don’t know what names you’ll draw or what each person wants, Thursday will be a real wild card.”

The pledges nodded to each other and to Chet that they understood and got ready to leave. “One more thing,” Chet called to them, stopping them in the move to the stairs. “We still have Caleb’s reward for winning the identification game. That’s two-in-a-row, Caleb. Impressive. You’re more of a success than even your carrot-topped brother.”

Craig punched Chet for this remark who simply kept going. “Your reward, Caleb, for knowing best the dicks of the 16 others in this room, is to have someone know your dick. You may pick anyone…from among the 16 of us and that brother or pledge needs to give you a full, awesome blowjob.”

Caleb was only mildly surprised by the reward. He had a sneaking suspicion – and Doug had agreed that this was likely. He looked around the room. Jaden had already blown him tonight, so that was out. Ethan had gone through enough. It seemed cooler to make someone straight do it, so that eliminated Logan and Brandon. Dylan kind of intimidated him and Doug was becoming such a good friend – plus there was something about Doug’s past that he wasn’t telling them. He wanted to know more first. He worried about asking the pledge master, Chet, and what it might mean and Austin was an ass. He didn’t really know Brian, Shaun, and Neil, so that held no interest. He was left with the twins, Noah, and Nick. How could he choose one twin over the other? He couldn’t tell them apart most days. Noah was intriguing – reciprocation for the earlier blowjob and making this “player” kneel before him. And as for Nick, well he was so much fun – probably the fraternity brother that Caleb was the most attracted to as a friend, outside of Doug. If he made Nick do it, that budding friendship might fall apart.

“What’s your decision?” Chet interrupted Caleb’s silent analysis.

I guess, Noah it is, Caleb thought. But he realized the words hadn’t actually come out of his mouth. And then he understood why. The answer was obvious. How had he not realized it immediately? His subconscious was smarter than his conscious. Could he do that? What would everyone say? What did it mean? In uncharacteristic spontaneity, Caleb just went for it.

Chet asked again, “What’s your decision? Which brother will pleasure you tonight?”

Caleb cleared his throat, stood up a little taller, and in the most relaxed and casual voice he could find, said, “I choose my brother, Craig.”

To be continued...

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