Pledge Class - The New Class
By Derek17

Note: This story series includes depictions of gay sex, straight sex, bisexual sex, and incest. If that's not your thing or if it is illegal for you to read this story, then stop. This story is completely made up and does not depict anything true.
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Recap: Four freshmen pledges have completed two of their three final tasks. The first was a fuck-a-thon with their sister sorority. The second was matching fraternity dicks to their owner and resulted in the boys giving numerous blowjobs to the others in the fraternity. With the third task beginning in two days, Caleb is about to reap his reward from the second task: A blowjob from any fraternity member he chooses.

Part Five – Reward and the Third Task Begins
“I choose my brother, Craig.”

Was it only this afternoon, Caleb thought, that I had never been with another guy? Now, he had been blown by his gay roommate. He had sucked two huge dicked fraternity brothers. And he had just chosen his older brother to suck him. He must be out of his mind.

Many of the brothers burst into applause at Caleb’s choice. Chet couldn’t be happier. He had dreamed this would happen, but never expected it. Having this event follow the previous reward of Caleb and Chloe was too perfect. This was a family that was redefining brotherly (and sisterly) love.

Craig wasn’t shocked that he would be blowing his brother. Given the events that he had seen in the previous two years, it seemed to be a matter of course. What did totally surprise him was that Caleb had freely decided it. This was his little brother? Craig didn’t say anything for a long time. He freely admitted to himself that watching Caleb and Chloe together had been sexy. Since then he hadn’t been able to get the images of his brother and sister together out of his mind. Memories of his experience with Chloe when he was a freshman were flooding back. She found such difficulty with it and never talked about it. He had found it…well, awesome. The topper had been today. Seeing Jaden, having just finished blowing him, with Craig’s own cum still dripping from his lips, turn to Caleb and repeat the suck process nearly caused him to bust another nut right there.

Chet cleared his throat which broke Craig out of his thoughts. What the fuck, he said to himself and knelt before his brother sitting on the couch. He released Caleb’s already hard 7” cock. Craig had been a little surprised to discover that Caleb was a little bigger than he was in the dick department, but Caleb had many miles in the experience department still to travel. Having a sweet, Opie/Howdy Doody/Danny Partridge look came in handy for Craig. Girls thought you were their best friend and soon you became a friend with privileges. There were at least eight hot girls on campus, all of them “good girls,” whom he could fuck pretty much any night that they weren’t with their boyfriends – and sometimes right before or right after they were with them too. Just in the Epsilon Theta Omicron house, Chelsea, Erin, Kelly, and Lisa were all available for any late-night drop-in visit from Craig and his boy-next-door image.

But Craig knew Caleb could do even better. While they both were smart, good-looking, charismatic, and popular, Caleb had a better sense of style – his hair, clothes, and attitude were all more attractive than Craig’s casualness. He was a real metrosexual. However, Caleb also had a stronger sense of morality and duty. He doubted Caleb could slip from a wild fuck session in Kimberley’s bed to her roommate Rachel’s bed for another round while Kimberley was passed out asleep. That had been a great moment for Craig last year with those two freshman girls. Kim hadn’t spoken to him since, but she hadn’t been that great in the sack either. Craig liked women, but loved fucking them more than he cared about them. Caleb, on the other hand, respected them. That would be his downfall, Craig reasoned.

It had been two years since Craig had blown a guy. He too had his freshman trials that had ended up with some of his pledge brothers’ and fraternity brothers’ dicks in his mouth. And his ass, he also remembered painfully. Unlike Caleb, pledge week was not Craig’s first time with a guy.  High school had its adventures. Craig was out of practice on the giving, so it took a few tries for him to not gag. Incest is just a word. What does it mean? What does it matter? They couldn’t get pregnant, so who cared if they were related, he rationalized. But as he began to massage his brother’s tool, he had a sudden distinct memory of almost exactly four years ago. Craig was a junior in high school then and had just gotten home very late from a party. Caleb was sitting on the couch on with an ear-to-ear grin. His freshman brother had been on a date that night. And in the back of his friend Trevor’s car, Melissa Connors had given Caleb his first blowjob. He had been waiting up to tell Craig with such pride and joy. Craig, who always got along well with his little brother, had high-fived him and let him tell the story over and over.

Now it was four years, and who knew how many blowjobs, later. And here he was playing the Melissa Connors part. This was actually making hot. His whole family had now been intimate. He began to work with more determination and passion.

“Ooooh!” Caleb moaned. This was awesome. While he had enjoyed Jaden’s blowjob despite the weirdness, and had especially enjoyed the Alexes jobs the other night, they all were rather rushed and impersonal. There was no emotion behind them. Even Chloe had been detached and reticent. Wow, Caleb thought, five blowjobs in the last few days. I could go five months back home before I got five blowjobs. College has its perks.

Craig was making love to Caleb’s dick. He was massaging it, stroking it, licking it, biting it. He wasn’t nearly the cocksucker that any of the other four had been, but he was the only one who seemed to give a shit about making Caleb feel good. “Oooh!” he moaned again.

With the other fraternity brothers cheering them on, Caleb was slightly embarrassed – especially for his brother. This would be so much better in private. Before Caleb could consider any way they might get alone, he suddenly knew this blowjob was just about over.

“Fuck, Craig, I’m….aaaaaaaaaaah!” Caleb came quicker and with more force than he expected. Craig was forced to swallow the first blast of hot jism, but pulled off to get a faceful from the second one. The remaining shots sprayed all over the place as Craig dropped Caleb’s dick as he choked from the semen blast in his mouth.

As the applause faded and Craig finished spitting, he and Caleb exchanged a wordless conversation of mutual respect. Caleb also sensed he’d be forced to return the favor in the not so distant future. Would this change anything between them? As they prepared to all leave the basement, Craig put his hand on his brother’s shoulder. Caleb turned and looked over expectantly.

Craig took a breath and with all seriousness said, “You know what. You’re still a little dildo.” And punched him on the shoulder. They both laughed as Craig reprised his most common insult for his brother from high school days.

Chet dismissed everyone to return again in two days.

Over the next forty-eight hours, the sorority girls kept eyeing the pledge brothers and laughing. Ethan was sure it was about the blowjobs of the night before – they knew. Jaden was concerned it had to do with him. Caleb simply marched over and asked.

“What did they say?” Ethan asked after Caleb’s long conversation with several sorority pledges.

“Well, they don’t know anything about last night. They had their own consequences for missing identifications, but they won’t say what it was. It didn’t involve the fraternity, though,” Caleb reported.

“I bet it was some lesbian thing,” Doug proposed and they all concurred. For a moment, the boys were lost in mental images of different combinations of sorority pledges having “hot lesbo sex,” as Doug sometimes called it.

“And they wouldn’t tell me what they were laughing about, but it was ‘nervous laughter.’ The kind you get when you are uncomfortable or unsure of something, so you just giggle instead. Nicole did say, ’See you tonight,’ which is interesting ‘cause I thought only the full sorority sisters were part of this.”

Jaden tried to get further info from Jordan, but his sister only added that indeed there had been some lesbian action in the house last night. “But isn’t that true most nights?” she cryptically added. She was intrigued by Jaden’s allusions to the man-on-man stuff that took place in the fraternity, but per fraternity secrecy, he said nothing, even to his twin.

When they assembled in the basement at 8:00 pm on the second night, everyone was there. In the center of the room were three glass bowls on a card table. On the wall were posted four large pieces of paper with one pledge’s name on each.

“Final task, boys. Congratulations,” Chet said after welcomes. “Here are the details. In the first bowl are the names of the 13 brothers of Gamma Zeta Omega. You will each pick one. That brother may request anything of you, but it must involve you, the pledge, and it must be sexual. The second bowl has the names of the 28 Epsilon Theta Omicron sisters. You will pick one and the sister may request anything of you with the same rules: it must involve the pledge and must be sexual in nature. The third bowl is a surprise – it has the names of the 10 ETO pledges. You will pick one. The pledge may request anything of you sexual as well.”

Ethan, Caleb, and Doug smiled over at the girls who all burst into nervous laughter.

“One final rule. While the ETO sisters may request anything they want, the other two fantasy fulfillments – from the GZO brother and the ETO pledge – must not only involve the pledge and be sexual, but must be homosexual in nature.”

Laughter from the girls filled the room again.

“Except for Jaden where they must be heterosexual,” Chet quickly added to more giggling.

“Fuck,” Ethan sighed in anticipation over what was to come. He knew pledging GZO was going to be difficult, but he had never imagined this. The blowjobs were pretty bad, but no one was fucking his ass. He’d drop out of pledging before that happened. He still hadn’t spoken to Logan since the other day. But they would go days without talking under normal circumstances, so it didn’t necessarily mean anything.

Doug was totally calm. He knew anything goes in pledging and since he could happily be with a guy or a girl or both, it didn’t matter. He had only presented himself as heterosexual this year because of his brother’s request. But when Dylan went off to the minor leagues this summer, Doug was ready to fuck anyone he wanted. And he also looked forward to visiting his brother at whatever small town he would play Rookie or A baseball and taking some batting practice with the fellow players using his own 10” bat.

Caleb figured it couldn’t get any stranger. He had been blown by his brother and his sister. What else could happen that would be more odd and, for him, unexpected?

Jaden had never really been with a girl – even kissing. So the experiences of the other night with two blowjobs, one ass fucking, and two straight fucking with the five girls was the sum total of his real boy-girl experiences. And he had been on whatever drug they had spiked their beer with. How would he get it up on his own?

Having let the rules sink it, Chet waved a hand towards the bowls. “Let’s begin.”

The boys reached into each bowl and pulled out one name. The names were read aloud by the pledge to applause and then written onto the appropriate large piece of paper. When they were done, it read:

GZO brother – Elijah
ETO sister – Mindy
ETO pledge – Jenna

GZO brother – Craig
ETO sister – Jessica
ETO pledge – Alexandra

GZO brother – Neil
ETO sister – Riley
ETO pledge – Jordan

GZO brother – Chet
ETO sister – Autumn
ETO pledge – Nicole

Doug was mostly okay with his names. Elijah was hot. Jenna was a wild child and anything goes with her. But it was Mindy that was the problem. When Doug had come up to the campus three years ago to fulfill his brother’s blowjob task, he had made Dylan arrange a fuck with a sorority girl. Mindy had been that girl. Chet and Austin had known she was – and still is – a tramp, and had told her that he was Dylan’s fraternal twin brother. She had a thing for Dylan and was mighty pissed when she learned she had actually fucked a 16-year-old high school student. She was still mad.

Ethan wasn’t sure what to make of his names. Craig was Caleb’s brother, fraternity president, friends and former roommate of his brother Logan, and seemingly nice enough. But he was worried what Logan might do and how he might influence Craig. Jessica was a lesbian, so he doubted he was fucking her. But she might off on gay guys or something. Alexandra was the kind of girl that ignored him in high school, but on Friday night she was awesome. Maybe she’d blow him again. Maybe he’d get to fuck both her and her twin.

Jaden thought it was fixed. How else did he get his sister, Jordan? Plus all the sorority sisters who got picked were seniors. It was fixed, somehow, he decided. Neil was a nice sophomore whom he knew had a secret gay side. He didn’t know much about Riley other than she was a senior and straight guys thought she was really hot.

Caleb thought he had done well. Chet was likely looking for just a blowjob, he figured. Autumn was Noah’s girlfriend and beautiful. Nicole was Neil’s sister and a girl he had a pleasant short-lived relationship with earlier in the year.

Breaking the silence of the room, Chet announced: “Tomorrow morning, the GZO brothers will present their chosen pledge with written instructions. By tomorrow night, the acts must be completed in this basement.” The 13 GZO brothers knew the room was wired with multiple hidden cameras and microphones. They wouldn’t miss a thing not being here in person.

The four boys talked late into the evening, speculating on the tasks and the people. Ethan was, naturally, the most anxious. Doug considered leaning over and blowing him just to shut him up. But instead, he lit up his bong and the four boys found a little period of calm.

The next morning, they found two envelopes under each of the dorm room doors, each marked with a pledge’s name. No one opened them until all four were gathered together.

Doug broke into a big smile. Caleb raised an eyebrow, but wasn’t unhappy. Jaden shrugged his shoulders as if it seemed inevitable. Ethan shook his head and stared at Caleb. “Fuck!” he muttered.

Between the written instructions and a few follow-up conversations with the brothers, they learned what that day’s task was to be.

Elijah’s task for Doug was to engage in a three-way with Elisha and Elijah.

Chet’s task for Caleb was to get Craig to join him in together blowing Chet.

Neil’s task for Jaden was for him to fuck both Nicole, Neil’s sister, and Bailey, Neil’s girlfriend, while Neil was present.

Ethan learned that Craig and Logan had teamed up to pick this task. Their task was for Caleb to fuck Ethan.

Ethan and Caleb had a long talk. Ethan had not been with Jenna the other night, and in fact, had never had anal sex. Caleb’s experience in that regard was minimal, but he knew it might hurt Ethan.

“I’m not gay,” Ethan told Caleb as if he was questioning it.

“Look, these tasks have nothing to do with you being gay,” Caleb explained. “It’s about you submitting to the will of your brothers. I think every guy in this fraternity has been tested this way. I bet your brother had to do all sorts of things like Jaden is doing. I know my brother had to do his share. And I heard, but you can’t repeat this, that when Brandon and Dylan were freshmen, Doug came up here and had sex with all of them for a pledge task.”

Ethan tried to process that information, despite its inaccuracy. His roommate certainly had seemed more experienced in gay sex than he imagined, but Doug having sex with the seniors when he was in High School? That seemed a bit unlikely. “I don’t really want you to fuck me,” Ethan added.

“And I have no desire to,” reassured Caleb.

“Why, I don’t have a nice enough ass for you? I’m not good looking enough?” Ethan responded angrily.

Caleb sputtered an apology before he saw Ethan was smiling. “It’s good you can joke. What do you want to do?”

Ethan sighed. This was classic Logan - putting him in an uncomfortable situation to make him squirm. Neil had actually given Ethan a little heads-up on pledging when they were studying for their math class together a month ago. He knew that he might have to “go gay” for the tasks, but had put it out of his mind. He had to stop running away from experiences. He couldn’t let Logan bully him into how he should behave. He did so many things in life in reaction to Logan. He now had to do things because he decided that was the thing to do. Being in the fraternity was his goal. He had to do whatever was needed to get there. Sometimes you have to say, What the Fuck, he thought. Literally. “Use plenty of lube and go slow. And try not to enjoy it too much.”

Convincing the rest of the participants turned out to be easy. Craig had been dreading the idea that Caleb was going to fuck him. While he didn’t mind getting a blowjob from anyone and was okay with giving one, he had not enjoyed taking it from behind. The memory of Dylan’s 10” plowing Noah’s freshman ass while Leo, then a senior in the fraternity, violated his own was both painful and a total turn-on. That didn’t stop him from agreeing to Logan’s suggestion for Ethan and Caleb. Caleb would be doing the fucking. This seemed like a small price to pay. Chet was still unhappy about Craig’s winning the fraternity presidency and would finally have his “revenge.” And he was helping his little bro get into the fraternity. The two brothers spoke for an extended period. They discussed Caleb’s very limited gay experience and their comfort with just trying things. Craig wouldn’t give Caleb any details on his experiences with guys in high school or during any pledge task including his time with Chloe when he was a freshman. He possibly implied it was a blowjob, but didn’t rule out it wasn’t something more.

Elisha and Elijah had actually been secretly continuing their intimate relationship since their pledge-year fuck. No one in the house knew. Having Doug as the meat to their sandwich was a joint decision.

Bailey had already fucked Jaden once, so a second time, even in front of her boyfriend, wasn’t a big deal. Neil sometimes had odd sexual requests. Nicole had not fucked him and was uncomfortable being naked in front of Neil. Of all the siblings connecting the fraternity with the sorority, they were the only ones that still had never been in a sexual situation together. She aimed to keep it that way. She could refuse. But it was just a fuck – and Jaden was a cute little gay thing. And, Nicole now had a better idea what her task should be when the time was right.

Jaden’s fucks happened first and were held during the early afternoon. With only Neil, Neil’s roommate Shaun, and Chet present from the fraternity, Jaden tried to get hard. Bailey and Nicole watched, ready to move in. There was some gay porn playing muted on the big TV, which left Shaun uncomfortable, and was having little effect on Jaden. As Jaden worried, it became less likely he’d every get it up. Thinking about the task ahead was not appealing. Finally, Chet walked over, sat down next to Jaden, and began stroking the teenager’s dick. Immediately it sprang to life and Bailey took advantage of it. She continued to massage it to greater hardness and then planted herself on top of it. The young girl did most of the work to the somewhat terrified and hairless teenager.

After 15 minutes, Bailey was getting tired. By this time, Nick had also joined the room to watch his secret fuck-buddy’s girlfriend and sister have sex with this gay boy. “This is getting nowhere and I’d like to get this done,” Bailey sighed. “Is there anything we can do to get you off?”

“Become a guy. But, well, maybe…” Jaden said, seeing a chance to turn a negative into a positive. “The porn on the TV is crap. I could use something a little more real and personal. Maybe someone could put on a little show for me?”

There was a period of lying and bullshit. Bailey had only had hints about her boyfriend’s extra-curricular sexual activities. Nick pretended he was doing this just for Jaden’s benefit as he began to strip. Neil did the same. Jaden was surprised to learn Neil had a nipple ring. He didn’t seem the type. When Nick dropped his pants, Neil reached over and began to stroke the tanned 7”. That sight was enough for Jaden who popped up fully hard and while staring at the hunky Nick, he orgasmed into Bailey’s pussy for the second time in a week. Bailey, however, seeing Neil’s casual response to Nick’s touch, realized all the rumors about Neil were true and she angrily got up as soon as Jaden finished,

Nicole requested they change positions. So, after a period of recovery for Jaden, he mounted her on the couch missionary style and Nick began to stroke Neil’s smaller dick. Jaden tried, but couldn’t bring himself to really enjoy it. Nick let go of Neil’s dick and directed the sophomore over to Jaden’s face. Dangling over Nicole’s head, Jaden began to lick the brother’s dick while fucking the sister. Enjoying the dick sucking more than the intercourse, he involuntarily pumped faster and faster. Nicole began to moan in pleasure, although having her brother’s blowjob inches above her was distracting. Then, all at once, it seemed, Neil exploded into Jaden’s mouth, on his face, and, as he pulled out, all over Nicole’s face below. That set Jaden off who shot for the second time that afternoon. When his thrusts ceased, he looked at the clearly upset Nicole who had several large splatterings of her brother’s cum on her face. Jaden leaned down and licked his female sexual partner’s face completely clean.

Even Shaun was turned on by the events that unfolded. He shifted his pants as he tried hide his obvious erection. Nick and Chet were both tenting as well. They all made their goodbyes. Nick and Neil left the angry Bailey behind so the boys could have a quick fuck. Bailey stormed off in humiliation. Shaun and Nicole made an unspoken arrangement and went off to her room for her first-ever black cock. Chet quickly disappeared to find someone to relieve his pressure. Jaden simply went back to his room to shower.

A much larger crowd tried to get into the basement to see Doug’s task. When word got out that the twins were repeating their performance of the previous year, this time with a special guest, most every one wanted a view. While Doug said he didn’t care. Elisha said they didn’t want to have the whole house watch them again. A bit of negotiation followed. In the end, Nick, Dylan, Brandon, and Craig were let in. Logan was specifically kept out, much to his regret. Doug asked Caleb to attend, which he did with mixed feelings. Dylan didn’t want to be there at all, but all the seniors were present – except for Austin who told them he had enough gay sex for the month.

A queen-sized mattress had been placed in the center of the room decked out in fine silk sheets. The crowd of onlookers found seats on the couches set up at a reasonable distance from the make-shift bed. Elijah and Elisha were wearing identical outfits – rimless glasses, dockers, a Polo collared shirt, brown shoes and belt. The only difference was Elijah’s shirt was light blue and Elisha’s was a dark blue. Doug, who arrived late, making an entrance, was wearing a tight high school baseball team t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. Looking at Doug critically, one could see he had a little more baby fat on him compared to his rock hard brother’s body. While they were the same height, Dylan was a symbol of physical perfection. Doug was just damn good looking and the 10 pounds of beer weight that he had added during the course of the year was easy to ignore.

Elisha and Elijah had always tried to look the same. They had the same short brown haircut. They used the same gel in their hair. When Elisha had broken his arm in fourth grade, Elijah threw himself off the jungle gym to try and match his brother (and ended up spraining his leg instead). They had extraordinary twin telepathy. They fucked most of the same girls. Sometimes one broke up with a girl to let the other go out with her. Sometimes both of them joined in together in a three-way. And sometimes they simply did ‘the identical twin sex swap’ where after sex, one would get up, go to the bathroom, with the other twin returning in his place for another round. They had been caught in this charade twice. Once, the girl thought it was hot. The other time she was livid and Elijah thought he was going to have his nuts chopped off Bobbitt style.

The twins’ close friends usually referred to each teen individually as “they.” You really couldn’t be friends with one without the other. Frankly, it was kind of surprising that except for a brief bit of experimentation in seventh grade, the boys had never engaged in sex play with each other before the pledge task last year that resulted in a mutual fuck. Elisha’s subsequent threesome with Chloe and Shaun was difficult for Elijah to take. They didn’t like one of them having a special experience that the other didn’t. They didn’t feel whole. So they had a few purely straight three-ways with some of the girls in the class. Anyone who ever had a twin fetish, and most people have had one, was thrilled to be double penetrated by the quiet, reserved, well-hung, good-looking identical twins. While sharing Kelly last year, they had unexpectedly resumed a little gay play and Kelly had been turned on by it. So twincest became part of many of their threesomes. They never brought in another guy and they tried to limit their sexual contact with each other, but without a female partner to once a week. Going beyond that, they decided, would limit their desire to seek out girls. Blowing or fucking your identical twin was really an exercise in masturbation they decided.

If anyone tried to distinguish them by personality, you found that Elijah was a bit more of a showman, liking the limelight. Elisha was more ambitious and driven for success. In short, Elijah sought fame, while Elisha sought power. But most people had trouble telling them apart.

It had been Elijah’s idea for the three-way with Doug. Elisha had originally proposed making Dylan and Doug have sex – it would be the closest they had ever had to watching male twins fuck. But Elijah reminded his brother that they had heard the rumors that the huge brothers had already been intimate for many years now. Elisha then thought they should do something with Alexandra and Alexis. But they needed to do something gay with Doug, per pledge rules. The Alexes were not identical twins, in fact they didn’t look that much like each other, and they both thought the two freshman girls were stuck-up bitches anyway.

A simple three-way with Doug would be satisfying. It would be new. And it would be shared. They mapped out their desires for who was going to what and what was reasonable to expect in one session together. Other than the decent blowjob from Jaden the other night, they had been “saving up” to have maximum stamina for this session. Doug, despite the variety of sexual actions of the past week, seemed insatiable. Elisha was a little concerned about Doug’s size. Other than each other, neither had ever been with another boy outside of Elisha’s forced threesome with Shaun and Chloe. Shaun was 8” (and he never fucked Elisha) and the boys’ 7” were nicely sized, but Doug's thick 10” third leg was intimidating. Elijah had gone so far as to buy a giant dildo to practice on, but the materials and the lack of arousal when using it made it difficult to insert.

It began simply enough with some joint kissing. Doug had been with girl twins in High School. He even had two brothers on the same night. But he had never been with identical twins – female or male. He was psyched. Revealing his bisexual desires was also liberating. Sucking cock had been good, Now he’d be able to take it further. Since childhood, Dylan had always been wound too uptight. Doug had found gay sex pretty early in life and enjoyed it. He had found hetero sex even earlier and found he enjoyed that. What else mattered if it felt good and everyone involved was a willing participant? Dylan, he decided, would just have to get over his hang-ups about the baseball draft,

It wasn’t long before their shirts were all off. The hairless twins needed to add definition on their upper body, but they were definitely cute. The twin twinks, Logan would call them much to their displeasure. They weren’t fond of Logan who had from the beginning of freshman year hit on them. Doug’s body only paled when compared to his own brother who spent multiple hours a day in the weight room. On his own, he was a well-built smooth-skinned stud. They noted Doug’s tattooed band running around the top of his left arm in a twisted, intricate pattern. The twins began sucking on his nipples while massaging the front of his pants. Doug had always been able to get hard quickly, and to cum quickly too should the occasion call. He began to work his pants off and kick off his sneakers. The twins followed and both took off the rest of their clothing including their glasses. Soon the three teens were lying on the bed swapping spit and groping everywhere. The twins were wearing silk boxers – Elijah red and Elisha grey – worn only to help the crowd in their identifications. Doug was wearing black boxer briefs and his stiff dick was pressing against the fabric outlining his hard cock with clarity.

For what seemed an eternity, they groped and kissed and pawed at each other. Finally, Chet,  finding it fascinating, but recognizing that there were two more pledge tasks to go tonight, called on them to “get it in gear and start fucking!”

With that command, the twins stripped Doug of his underwear and together made love to the massive cock that was approaching full hardness. As the twins lay on the mattress with their heads at Doug’s dick, their bodies were pointed the other way allowing Doug to begin to work of their underwear and their aching erections. Now naked, it was nearly impossible to distinguish between Elijah and Elisha. Caleb, remembering their earlier positions, noticed that Elisha was little better at swallowing Doug’s cock.

Doug was ready to end foreplay. He raised up his hands as if to ask “Who’s first?” One of the twins, Caleb knew it was Elijah, moved in and Doug, in a quick move, put the sophomore on his back. A couple minutes of rimming that shocked Caleb, some quick use of a bottle of lube that Elisha handed him, the insertion of a couple fingers, and the tearing open of a condom wrapper had the 19-year-old as ready as he was going to be. With Elijah's legs leaning on Doug's shoulders, he started pushing in with force and energy.

Elijah said nothing. His face betrayed his pain as the 10” incher pushed deeper and then back out. Elisha just watched. Doug leaned forward pushing Elijah’s legs back. his torso was perpendicular to the floor and his erection was as hard as ever and pointing back towards his head. Caleb saw for the first time that Doug had a small tattoo of a couple Japanese letters on the small of his back. He had never noticed it before.

Elisha moved behind Doug and began to lube up his own cock as well as Doug’s thrusting ass. With no experience in it, Elisha found that three people ass fucks were hard to do for long effectively and this proved no different. Elisha was never able to really fuck Doug – more to occasionally be able to stick his dick in and then have the body movements knock it back out.

With only a couple exceptions, no one in the room had ever seen Doug be fucked. They were interested at how casually he welcomed a dick back there even if the motions made it short-lived. Dylan’s face was stone cold and betrayed nothing about his thoughts. Elisha moved to the other side of the hunky teenager and began to massage his brother’s dick first with his hands and then with his mouth. Straddling his brother’s face, Elisha’s own dick was in prime position for Elijah to reciprocate. It was difficult to focus on giving good head when this telephone pole was splitting your backside, but Elijah did well enough.

The three boys thrusted and grunted and moaned for several more minutes – Doug working Elijah’s ass, Elijah and Elisha 69ing each other. Years of shared sexual experiences had led each twin to know exactly when the other was about to climax. Elisha knew that his brother couldn‘t hold up long to the three different stimuli in his ass, mouth, and around his dick. Preparing himself, Elisha swallowed most of his twin’s cock and let the warm, sticky fluid that burst out slide down his throat even as well as seep out his lips.

Elijah wanted to simply enjoy the ejaculation. But he still had two dicks inside him and had to take care of those. Elisha was incredibly turned on by the whole thing. When he looked up as he continued to clean his brother’s cock, he saw Doug give him his best “Aw, Shucks” smile. That was enough and Elisha deposited his seed down his brother’s throat. Lying on his back, it was difficult to swallow all of it and Elisha’s dick fell out of his brother’s mouth and splattered all over the side of Elijah’s face.

Doug saw both of the twins ejaculate in each other’s mouths. He increased his intensity until he felt his balls tighten and the moment at hand. Pulling out and ripping off his condom, he sprayed huge volleys of cum onto the legs, ass, and groin of Elijah, and all over Elisha’s face. The three boys remained in awkward positions, cum everywhere, for a few moments before the group burst into applause.

Towels were tossed and sweat and cum were wiped up. The threesome were told to get dressed. They all looked surprised at Chet who informed them it was past 8:00 pm and they had to get ready for the next task. All three were spent, but they could have rallied for another round. There was no reason, however, they couldn’t do that on their own time without an audience. Although Doug kind of liked an audience. One thing Dylan didn’t know about his brother was when Doug off on America’s Teachers, he had made several amateur pornos for a couple of those web-based ”straight guy goes gay” sites. So far, they hadn’t come back to haunt Doug – and he really needed the money at the time.

The seniors worked quickly to clean up the basement. One of the little known facts about GZO was that, by tradition, the seniors were actually the ones required to do most of the hard work in setting up – and cleaning up – the pledge tasks. That included interaction with spilled and dropped bodily fluids. Nick had become saddled with cleaning up most stains. Austin had been great with the hidden video and sound equipment. Dylan didn’t mind doing all the heavy lifting. And Brandon had been in charge of any “equipment” they might need from mattresses to lube. They had it relatively easy compared to five years ago when the fraternity went through a thankfully one-year S&M fetish pledge week. While handcuffs and hot wax weren’t hard to find, whips and a rack were more challenging.

By 9:00 pm, the basement, Chet, and Caleb were ready. Craig didn’t arrive back in the basement until 9:15 pm, accompanied by Haley, Kelly, and Chloe. Haley was there for no particular reason since the sorority pledges weren’t involved. She loved observing the humiliating circumstances that the fraternity put the boys through. She loved how even the older brothers were not immune from various tasks. She could never do that with her girls, although she was by no means an easy pledge master. Kelly was there because Craig had felt a sudden need to prove his heterosexuality before (and possibly after) this task. She was the first of his ”fuck buddies” he found on a sudden visit to the sorority house. She expressed that just as some guys found lesbians hot, she found gay sex hot and asked to come along. Chloe had been intimate with both of her brothers – and seen Craig blow Caleb the other night. She wasn’t going to miss their teamwork and was grateful to be an observer instead of a participant.

A variety of fraternity members also spread around the room. Caleb asked all three of his pledge brothers to attend for support. All the senior boys were there, even Austin. Craig’s former roommate Logan, and a curious Noah also filled out the crowd. Five of the brothers were absent. Brian rarely came to fraternity events unless specifically asked. Shaun was not really thrilled around gay sex and he was still in bed fucking Nicole since much earlier that afternoon, anyway. The twins were tired and didn’t need to be observers. Neil was so confused about himself and was also trying to get Bailey to forgive him. Chet, who loved an audience, plopped into a big armchair. Barry White music floated over the room – a touch added by Austin. While Austin and Chet had never become friends, their rivalry had cooled and there was a begrudging respect between them.

Caleb fell to his knees and began to pull down Chet’s pants. “Wait,” Chet told him. “I want you to make me hard. And this is all about the show, so start with a little kissing.” Caleb moved towards Chet’s mouth, discomforted by the process, but was again stopped. “Not kissing me. Kiss him.”

The brothers stared at each other. Was a kiss worse than a blowjob? It seemed more intimate. More incestuous. Caleb was afraid Craig was going to bolt, so he reached out and grabbed his brother’s red locks, pushed his head towards his own, and planted a deep, open-mouthed sloppy kiss on him. When they broke, Caleb pushed him in for another one. He would do this. Craig was grateful they both were fair haired – there was little stubble on either’s cheek to be a constant reminder that one was kissing a man. By the third kiss, Craig started to push his tongue in Caleb’s mouth too.

Why Craig had agreed to the task, no one was sure – even Craig. Craig had been the one to suck Caleb on Tuesday. If anything, Caleb owed Craig the favor. Protecting his little brother was likely a major piece of it. He felt responsible for getting his brother into the fraternity and he’d have to help him however the challenges turned out. That didn’t mean he couldn’t torture him along the way as the next task would begin to do. But he had to make sure Caleb succeeded.

Chet had originally wanted all three siblings, Caleb, Craig, and Chloe, to suck him together, Word had leaked back to Chloe and she swore that if he included her in any way she would beat him to death with his fists after first telling the whole college that he had a sheep-fucking fetish and had anal warts. Chet wisely decided not to make this Irish 21-year-old lass angry at him.

After a half dozen more tongue exchanges, Chet signaled he was satisfied. Caleb returned to pulling down his pledge master’s pants eager to complete the task, move on, and lock yet another experience away in a mental box. The tight exercise pants Chet was wearing without underwear revealed his 7” circumcised cock. Chet’s dick was very thick, almost unnaturally so. On his small 5’6” frame, it was a cannon between his legs. Caleb tried to open his mouth wide, but realized he’d have some trouble with his inexperience in swallowing that. Craig helped solve the problem as the two boys began to lick up and down the sides of the shaft.

It had been a month or so since Chet had been blown by a guy. The fraternity held little desirable possibilities for casual gay blowjobs. Brandon was completely monogamous with Logan now. Nick was still denying that he was having secret gay sex with Neil even though Nick’s gay flings were well known by the other seniors. Dylan refused to even touch the subject. If it wasn’t for an occasional blowjob by a classmate, Gary, a tall junior in one of his design classes, he’d have been living a completely straight life. But there was something about a boy, especially a straight boy, sucking that entranced Chet. It had now been over a year since had been with his brother-in-law Trevor. A couple months before his nephew Jackson was born, he realized. Chet needed sex a lot. And he knew he had enjoyed an occasional foray into the gay world. With few outlets in the fraternity house, and no desire to kill his on-campus reputation as one of the school’s most active straight players, Chet longed for an opportunity for more regular male attention. Jaden was too young, too gay, and too small. He liked having big, taller boys take his cock in their mouth and ass. A Napoleonic Complex, Austin had once called it. Fuck him, but maybe he was right.

Chet had wanted to be fraternity president. After excelling as pledge master last year, he thought he was shoo-in. How Craig won in the secret ballot mystified him, but seeing the sloppy, moppy haired red head slather his dick with his tongue was a nice delayed payback. He got along fine with Craig, but his loss had rankled him. He had been asked to be pledge master again by Craig as a way of making amends. Caleb seemed delightful. A little sexually inhibited, but nicer, more fun, kinder, and a much better dresser. And he was hot. Chet couldn’t put his finger on it. He wasn’t the tallest, in the best shape, didn’t have the biggest dick, or anything. He just had a total package that delighted Chet and made this choice of task clearer: Hot straight boys sucking. It sounded like a porn series.

He had considered having the brothers fuck. But Chet wanted in on the action and although he enjoyed fucking anyone up the ass as much as the next guy, he didn’t think it was appropriate to demand it in a task. Straight fucking? Sure. A blowjob? – he had lots experience with that from his freshman year. But fucking a virgin ass? That was going a little far. Apparently, Craig and Logan didn’t think so. But Caleb and Ethan were their brothers and ultimately their problem.

“Suck it!” Chet ordered Caleb, who somehow got his mouth around the tool and found a way to engulf a bit of the meat. Craig was kissing Chet’s balls and legs, and stroking the base of the senior’s cock while his brother slobbered over the head. Caleb decided he didn’t really like giving blowjobs. Maybe a small one, but after the two 8” cocks he had sucked the other day and this 7” Coke can, if he had to do this again, he hoped it would be something smaller. Most guys were not this big, he recognized, but for his first three, this was tough.

“Switch!” Chet ordered again. For the next five minutes or so, the boys swapped back and forth between sucking and licking. Craig began to beat Chet’s meat with greater velocity, hoping to end this embarrassing task. It seemed to be working based on Chet’s breathing. Caleb had his mouth around the head when it went off. Having earlier swallowed Noah’s eruption, Chet’s was no different and he slurped down as much cum as he could without tasting it. He supposed it was an acquired taste as he suppressed any urge to spit or throw up.

“Clean it!” Chet gasped after he stopped. The two boys very reluctantly licked the cock clean, Craig gagging at one point much to his embarrassment. That done, Chet nodded, stood up, pulled up his pants, and said to Caleb, “I think you’re supposed to fuck Ethan right now.”

Ethan was having second thoughts. Well, perhaps more accurately 102nd thoughts. He wanted to be in this fraternity badly. All his life he had been on the fringes of success and popularity. Logan had been the star of the show all his life, and by 14, Logan’s mouth and ass were finding many new friends. Everyone, except the true homophobes, loved Logan either as a sexual partner or as a “fun guy” – from little kids to senior citizens. Ethan was always called the stick in the mud.

Ethan knew Logan could be a real jackass. He was irresponsible, insensitive, and pursued his own desires – usually sex – above anyone else’s needs. He knew Logan cared about people only to the point that they served him a useful purpose. Ethan felt he suffered from his brother’s flamboyance and sexual reputation. Many assumed Ethan was also gay and he became defensive about it.

Joining Gamma Zeta Omega would put Ethan in the heart of the popular and successful on campus. He already had fucked more girls in the last few days than he had in his whole life. That Logan was also in the fraternity was of no matter. He and his brother had always had a tense understanding – they loved each other, but Logan thought Ethan was an uptight dickwad and Ethan thought Logan was a promiscuous immoral whore.

Of course, two days ago they had 69ed each other, so Ethan’s sense of morality had been torn asunder. If he had to pick a guy to fuck him, well, it might be Neil now that he knew he had the smallest dick in the fraternity as well as their developing friendship. But Caleb was the best choice based on personality. He was certainly the nicest of the whole group. They had gotten along well as pledge brothers and had become friends. With Doug’s bisexuality now being revealed, Caleb was the only other purely straight boy in the pledge class. That Logan and Craig had apparently conspired to take pleasure in this ass-fucking upset Ethan a little, but he understood where they were coming from.

“I don’t want everyone here if I am going to do this. I want the room cleared,” Ethan quietly announced to Chet and others. After a brief conference, everyone was sent out of the basement except for the participants (Ethan and Caleb), the task masters (Logan and Craig), and the pledge master (Chet). The other fraternity members knew that they’d be able to watch it all from the hidden cameras later, but were sad not to be there in person. Caleb asked if Jaden and Doug could stay, but Ethan whispered he’d be too humiliated for them to be in the room. So Jaden and Doug waited in the kitchen ready to show support for their fellow pledges when they came upstairs.

Caleb had asked Jaden that morning for some advice on how to do all this. As usual, Caleb liked to be well prepared. Any task he did, he’d do it well and he’d do it right. Jaden gave him another whirlwind mini-tutorial on gay sex and virgin holes – this time on condoms, lube, positions, entry, speed, pain, and the like. Hearing the depth of Jaden’s knowledge and the endless supply of personal examples he offered, Caleb couldn’t imagine what Jaden’s High School years had been like. With his newfound knowledge, and on an actual queen-sized bed that had now been set up in the room, Caleb had his pledge brother get undressed and get on all fours.

Ethan felt cold. He had gone online to learn a little more, but after Googling “anal sex tutorial” he couldn’t make it through the first description of “analingus.” The three fraternity brothers looking at them made him nervous and ashamed. He felt there were giant goosebumps on his fair skin in the cool basement air. His own dick was a flaccid little thing in the moment with no sense of sexual excitement inside. Not only was it totally insane he was about to get fucked. Not only was he weirded out by his brother making it happen and watching. But he wasn’t used to walking in a room and suddenly have sex.

Chet thought the whole thing was a little wrong. He once again tried to talk the juniors out of it. They had never really forced anyone to fuck another guy before, especially a virgin. Handjobs, blowjobs, even a couple rimmings, but never fucking. The previous year’s fucks among the guys had happened out of the moment and strong suggestion, but never direct task. But the older brothers were not to be dissuaded and told Chet that he never set up that rule, so they could pick what they’d like and he should stop pretending he had a moral conscience.

Caleb was conflicted. He wondered what fucking a guy was like compared to a girl. He wondered what it was like to break someone’s anal cherry. The only girl back home he could get to travel down the Hershey Highway was no novice. But it wasn’t about his needs. Caleb felt bad for Ethan who was so uncomfortable with sex in general and fifty times more with gay sex. Caleb had months earlier decided that Ethan was actually jealous of Logan. Logan was free to express himself, do what he wanted, say what he thought, act how he felt. Ethan was always worrying how his actions would be viewed compared to his brother and felt he had to do the opposite of Logan. Ethan wasn’t actually homophobic, he thought, but repressed. Maybe his brother thought this would be a freeing event. For Caleb, it was more interesting than titillating. And it might as well be me, he thought. I’ll treat him better than any one else would.

To get things going, Caleb began to play with himself, getting hard. He slipped on a condom and used ample lube on it before beginning to spread it on Ethan’s ass. Ethan shuddered against the cold cream and cold hands. Jaden had suggested some finger fucking in the ass – and he even more strongly encouraged rimming. Caleb decided he couldn’t do either. With his cock hard enough, he split his 18-year-old roommate’s cheeks and began to push his dick into the tiny hole a little too soon.

“Holy fucking shit!” Ethan screamed. “Owwwww!” Ethan rarely cursed so everyone was surprised by his reaction. Caleb knew he couldn’t let up even though it was hard work getting in. “Jesus Christ! Owww! Oh, fuck, Caleb. Ow! Oh! Wait. Not so much. That’s enough. That’s….ahhhhh….wait…don’t….unnnhhhh!” Caleb blocked out any comments. If Ethan was truly in unbearable pain he could always pull off himself. The pain, he was sure, was substantial. But Jaden told him that it would pass in time for the most part. A little pain mixed in with pleasure was exciting – like hot wax or ice. Again, Caleb recognized he couldn’t imagine Jaden’s High School years.

Grabbing the other boy’s hips, Caleb began to push in and out with a little more speed. Ethan had relaxed his ass muscles somewhat per helpful shouts from Logan and calming words from Caleb. He was pushing about 5” worth of his dick in, afraid to push it all the way. Ethan continued cursing. Caleb was enjoying this physically. It didn’t feel like a pussy. And it didn’t feel like the two girl’s asses he had fucked – Dawn in High School and Jenna in the earlier task. Neither was nearly this tight.

His dick was now rock hard and Caleb couldn’t resist as he pressed himself all the way in. “Jesus Christ! Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. Jesus!” Ethan shouted so uncharacteristically.

In and out, in and out, in and out. Faster, faster still, even faster. Caleb was really into it now. He had to get off and soon. He had to blow his load – this was so intense. He had to…. “Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ohhhhh.” Caleb’s ejaculations were really forceful. His face squeezed into a new configuration while he shot off still fully inserted. The condom caught each drop. Caleb’s pace immediately slowed and he pulled out with relief and some reluctance.

Ethan got up from the bed. He was clearly having some trouble walking and the pain hadn’t left his face. His dick was still soft. He pulled on his clothing, gave a cold stare to the three frat brothers, and said to Caleb, “I’ll wait for you upstairs.” The words jolted Caleb out of his post-orgasmic bliss and he jumped up and likewise got dressed.

“You’re quite the natural,” Craig called to his little brother.

“This wasn’t nice…I mean, I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t nice to Ethan,” Caleb chastised the brothers.

“Shut up, pledge,” Craig dismissed him.

Up in the kitchen, the three other pledges were standing quietly as Caleb emerged. After a break for showers and a change of clothes, the four boys sat in the campus coffee shop and said little. Doug had his first identical twin boys and thoroughly enjoyed it, but worried that Dylan was angry he was so ready to show everyone that he was a very experienced bisexual. Jaden had fucked two hot girls and simultaneously sucked one of their brothers. He had found slight pleasure in it, but no satisfaction. Caleb had shared giving a blowjob with his brother, which wasn’t so great, but had found his own physical enjoyment in his butt fucking. Ethan’s ass hurt. Ethan couldn’t deny that towards the end, he began to feel some pleasure mixed with the pain, but a feeing of shame was predominant.

Doug told each of his brother’s that they were amazing and he was proud to share the pledge class with them. Caleb, surprised that he hadn’t thought to be the first to give a pep talk, echoed those sentiments and assured them that their next tasks would certainly be better. They all hopefully agreed. The girls would want something more fun from each of them. Only Doug was uncertain knowing the cruelty that sorority girls might cause, especially what Mindy would to him.

“Thanks for doing it,” Ethan said unexpectedly to Caleb. “I mean, you were really nice about it and you didn’t have to do it, and…”

“No problem,” Caleb offered a big smile. “Although I’m not going to offer for you to return the favor. And thanks to Jaden for all the lessons. I can’t wait for the book on your life, Jaden.”

“I’d rather see the movie,” Doug suggested as they joined in their first laugh of the night.

The next task was two days away. They had a lot of schoolwork to do between now and then, so they returned to their dorm rooms prepared for a Saturday of making up missed readings and papers. It therefore came as quite a surprise when the next envelopes of instruction were pushed under the door early Saturday morning, the next day.

To be continued...

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