Pledge Class - The New Class
By Derek17

Note: This story series includes depictions of gay sex, straight sex, bisexual sex, and incest. If that's not your thing or if it is illegal for you to read this story, then stop. This story is completely made up and does not depict anything true.
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Recap: Four freshmen pledges are in the midst of their third and final pledging task. Each freshman will get a task from a fraternity brother, sorority sister, ands sorority pledge - and they must do whatever they are asked. Having dealt with the difficult and embarrassing (and also pleasurable) tasks of the fraternity brothers, they now turn to the sorority sisters’ desires.

Part Six – The Third Task Continues: Sorority Sisters
One would think that the boys couldn’t be shocked anymore. Still sleepy, they had gathered all together in Caleb and Jaden’s room to open their envelopes. Somehow they had been led to believe that they had Saturday off from any tasks, so they were already shaken up before they even looked at the cards.

“Huh!” Caleb was surprised, but pleased. Autumn was a total knockout with huge breasts that Caleb wanted to know if they were real. Autumn had finally learned that Mackenzie was fucking her boyfriend, Noah, and wanted to make him pay. Aside from a huge screaming fight with Mackenzie and threats she couldn’t deliver on, she wanted to do something to make him feel shame. Autumn thought Noah was the most amazing guy in the world – great looking, a huge dick, great in bed, rich, talented, funny, charming, and so sexy. That she herself had gotten together with him while he was still exclusive with Riley didn’t seem ironic to her at all. She didn’t want to break up with him – in fact, she thought it was probable she would marry him. She just wanted to show him the pain of having your lover cheat on you. Her task was for Caleb to fuck her with Noah and Mac present. Caleb didn’t mind that task at all.

Jaden was also delighted. Riley likewise had a grudge to settle with Noah. Part one had been making sure Autumn knew about Mackenzie’s hook-ups with Noah. This would punish both her cheating ex-boyfriend and the sorority slut with whom he cheated. Part two was to embarrass her ex-boyfriend publicly. Jaden was so hoping he wouldn’t have to fuck any more girls. Riley’s task was not only gay, but one he’d enjoy. She wanted Jaden and Noah to do a 69 and both get a facial with Riley, Autumn, and Mackenzie all present.

Ethan was sure he was in for some more ass pounding. He couldn’t imagine what taking the three additional inches of Dylan or Doug would be like. And though his task did involve a buttfucking, it was actually Jessica, the lesbian senior, who wanted him to fuck her up the ass. Everyone was a bit surprised, but she said she had never had done the backdoor thing and a dildo wasn’t the same. She wanted to try it just once and see what she was missing. While not as good as Caleb’s task, this was certainly something he could easily live with.

Doug knew he wouldn’t be as lucky. He had drawn Mindy. And Mindy, with all the guys she had fucked and sucked while drunk, stoned, or just horny, still held a grudge because she had thought Doug was 19 when he fucked her while he was in High School. Doug couldn’t understand how he had besmirched her honor. Half the football team had “besmirched her” in the locker room just this year.

Mindy wanted justice. Her brand of justice was for Doug to be violated as her honor had been violated. But she lacked some key information about Doug, the seniors, and their history when she decided upon the task – a massive gay pounding of Doug. The boys that should “violate” Doug should be the ones who set it up Doug’s fuck with Mindy three years ago: Austin, Chet, and Dylan. The three-on-one actually sounded awesome to Doug, but he knew Dylan would be upset.

As the boys compared their tasks, the other three saw that Doug was not particularly bothered that he was going to have to service three big dicks simultaneously including his brothers. Doug was done with any acting or pretense about his pleasures.

“Maybe it’s time you tell us a little more about yourself, Doug,” Caleb suggested. Just then Doug’s cell phone rang. He talked quietly for a couple minutes moving to the other end of the room. The other boys heard only snippets: “Austin,” “Brandon,” “Noah,” “come on!” “please,” “get over yourself,” “secrecy,” “no LynLyn!” and “not a problem.”

Doug came back to his fellow pledges. “Seems there has been some heavy conversation about the tasks. Jaden, Noah has apparently agreed to do the 69 with you. Austin, on the other hand, has refused to do any more gay things and won’t budge. Brandon volunteered to be his replacement, but Mindy said she only wanted straight guys. Well, at least guys she only knows…anyway, So Nick volunteered.”

“Chet and Dylan said yes?” Ethan asked.

“Chet did, of course. He’d stick his dick anywhere, I bet. Dylan said no. That’s who was on the phone. He was getting pretty heavy pressure to do it from the house. And his girlfriend Madison had also told him she thought it’d be ‘wicked hot.’” Madison was a junior in ETO from Boston and was a physically perfect specimen, just like Dylan. “Dylan wants me to come over to talk to him. If we’re doing it, we’re doing it first because Dylan has a team meeting this afternoon and Nick has a meeting with his book agent tonight. Not every day you wake up and find out you’re getting triple-violated in an hour.”

“And by your brother,” said Caleb.

Doug seemed nonplussed by that last statement. Ethan tried to feel out what Doug was thinking while they walked back to their dorm room to shower. Both Ethan and Caleb had been with their brothers this past week.

“E,” Doug stopped and looked his roommate in the eye. “I love that you are so concerned for me, but it really isn’t a problem. One day, when we have passed all the tasks, the four of us will get high and I’ll let you in on some history. There’s a lot to tell. But for today, my only concern are my brother’s feelings. I am totally fine.”

An hour later, Nick, Chet, and Mindy were waiting in the basement. Craig was also there to serve as substitute pledge master since Chet was a participant. Austin wouldn’t attend any more than he would participate. Mindy told them no outsiders, such as Brandon or Logan, were welcome. But she agreed one of Doug’s pledge brothers could be there and Doug requested Caleb.

Shortly after Caleb arrived, Doug walked in followed by a slow-moving Dylan along with his semi-serious girlfriend Madison. She had been spending the whole morning reminding Dylan how horny she got at the thought of Dylan with a guy. And she added that Dylan being with Doug was a total turn-on for her. Since Madison was unaware of Dylan’s past gay experiences and his physical relationship with Doug, Dylan listened to Madison and agreed to do it. She was already wet just from seeing Doug and Dylan talk to each other. The fuck she planned on having with Dylan later would be tremendous.

“Stays in the basement,” Dylan muttered. He gave a death stare to Mindy. “No one talks about what happens here.”

“Enjoy your twin brother!” she sneered back.

Chet and Nick began a discussion on positions. Would they each pick one and stick or would they move around? Chet called “shot” on the blowjob knowing how great Doug’s mouth was. Nick argued that as the only one not actually involved in the original issue – and as very-straight Austin’s substitute – he should get first dibs on whatever he wanted. Dylan said he wasn’t fucking his brother. Doug asked what the third guy was supposed to be doing: was someone taking his dick in the mouth, hand, or ass?

Neither Chet not Nick was willing to be fucked by Doug’s huge tool either, and Nick insisted he was here as a guest. Finally, Mindy had enough. “Dammit! I’ll decide and my decision is final. Chet – mouth. Nick – ass. Dylan – deal with your brother’s cock.”

Doug stretched out on the mattress enjoying getting naked in front of the others. Dylan decided he would jack his brother, and that he could stay completely clothed. Doug crawled on all fours. Nick, lubed and condomed, pushed into his Doug’s dry ass. Doug then opened his mouth and wrapped it around Chet’s thick tool. Dylan lay down on the mat, reached under him, and began to stroke his brother’s meat. Just like that, Doug was in a foursome.

Doug had more sexual experiences in his teenage years than most people would in three lifetimes. And though he was moderately kinky, and had enjoyed the company of multiple men and women, this was the first time he had been with three guys simultaneously. He was loving it. Doug began to lean to one side to give Dylan better access to his dick and to make it a better show. His limited porn experience had helped him to instinctively position himself to allow maximum view of the cock to those witnessing the scene. As Dylan lay down on his side, Doug, showing extraordinary dexterity, reached over and pulled down his brother’s gym shorts and took the flaccid cock in his hand. It didn’t take long to harden. How he kept his balance, movement, and concentration no one could explain. Between his mouth, ass, and hand, Doug had 24” of cock that he was pleasuring simultaneously.

Craig and Caleb were both as hard as they could remember watching this. This sexual mound of men was functioning with skill and precision as if they did this every day. Caleb realized a few things as he quietly touched himself. Doug was bisexual. The stuff with the twins was a clue, but this went well beyond that exchange. Doug clearly had a lot of male experience that he was keeping quiet. Also, he recognized that this was not Dylan’s first time with Doug. Knowing what it is like to have your brother touch your dick for the first time, Doug barely reacted at all to his brother’s touch, and Dylan likewise to Doug’s. The ease in which Nick and Chet seemed to be accepted by Doug, made the rumors about Doug being part of the senior’s pledge class tasks three years ago seemed to be more and more likely.

Chet and Nick hadn’t been with Doug since that one blowjob when they were freshmen. Dylan, of course, had begun a passionate incestuous gay affair with Doug and over the following months. Brandon, having been in a threesome with the brothers, was well aware of the brotherly love. Doug had confided additionally to Chet. Nick had heard details here and there including that they had broken a bed while fucking, or something like that. All the senior boys were surprised by Doug’s heterosexual attitude during the first several months of this semester. They had heard plenty about Doug’s adventures – straight bi, and gay. Now Chet and Nick were discovering it first hand. While Doug didn’t have Dylan’s pure athleticism, drive, ambition, or even his smarts, there were four areas where he was superior to Dylan: He was funnier. He was more relaxed. He could score them killer weed. And he was insatiably awesome at sex. How he kept Chet’s 7” salami deep-throated while massaging Nick’s not-quite-as-thick but beautiful 7” in his ass while stroking Dylan’s cock while his own rod was being massaged was beyond them. They were loving it.

Dylan was not. Well, perhaps it was better said that he was confused. He had fallen hopelessly in love with Dougie three years back. And Doug had felt the same. But their intense sexual interchange fizzled with distance, other available partners, and a sense of shame and emptiness by Dylan. They had grown apart for a while, but had reconciled and created a friendship, something they didn’t really have when they were younger. Except Doug was still eager for an occasional hook-up and expressed it occasionally. Dylan knew that he couldn’t. It risked his baseball future. It risked his public reputation. And he doubted he could emotionally handle it.

A mutual handjob wasn’t such a big deal, he kept telling himself. He knew this was being recorded on DVD. There were other videos of the basement action that could always be used to humiliate Dylan in later life from the three previous pledge years, so this additional one made no difference. And the fraternity history of protecting that information had never been violated. Once he was settled on a minor league baseball team in some small Southern city, he’d be able to enjoy himself with a clean slate. Whether he’d meet some cute southern girl in the Texas League or just enjoy the parade of Baseball Annies sure to be present, he didn’t know. Dylan wasn’t sure he would actually be able to completely give up sex with men – or even just sex with his brother – forever. But he’d give it a go after getting drafted. He had heard about some ballplayers living double sex lives successfully. Maybe he shouldn’t rule anything out. This was kind of fun, he admitted. And boy did he enjoy his brother’s dick…

The position was too uncomfortable and Doug suggested a change. First Doug sat down on Nick’s dick. Chet straddled Doug’s legs for the blowjob while Dylan was underneath Chet and had a better angle now on the seated Doug’s cock. Doug couldn’t see and therefore had trouble continuing to jack his brother. But then Dylan did something that made him forget about any handjob.

“Holy shit!” Madison and Caleb cried simultaneously. Dylan had gotten on his knees, opened wide, and taken Doug’s hard cock deep into his mouth. Within moments, he was swallowing most of the 10” tool and bathing it in saliva. With Doug bouncing up and down on Nick’s cock, it was difficult to keep the dick under control, but Dylan found a way.

Madison was ready to bust. Her boyfriend has sucked dick! This big, gorgeous man who could bed any girl at school – and had fucked a large number of them – had his little brother’s big dick in her mouth. What if I had the two of them together in my bed, Madison wondered and got lost in her fantasy vision. Caleb was now desperate for Doug’s true history to be told.

Nick came first. Since he was stuck under Doug for the moment, his satiated cock remained implanted in the 19-year-old’s ass until everyone else finished. Chet came soon afterward and Doug swallowed every drop. More relaxed without having to service two additional cocks, and seated on Nick’s lap without moving, Doug was able to truly enjoy his brother’s sucking. A couple minutes later, he also came and Dylan swallowed much of his brother’s cum one more time. Doug looked down at his big brother and said quietly, “Thank you.”

While Nick, Chet, and Craig were congratulating Doug on his amazing skills, Madison was praising her boyfriend and begging him to fuck her. Dylan hadn’t cum himself and was ready to go have some fun. They went up to Dylan’s room. Caleb slipped off to the bathroom where he desperately needed to masturbate. Mindy just shook her head. “It was supposed to be humiliating. It wasn’t supposed to be fun.”

Ethan had never had any experience with back door sex until his own ass pounding by Caleb the other day. Based on his brother’s life, Ethan had always associated buttfucking exclusively with quick gay hook-ups. Nor would he have the confidence to ask a girl to try something like that. Strange how life works, he reflected. He lost his anal cherry to a straight guy and was about to take a lesbian’s as his first. Jessica was a lipstick lesbian; dark hair with auburn highlights, tight outfits, and killer shoes. Ethan thought she was quite attractive and like many heterosexual guys, even though he was uncomfortable with sex between men, he was turned on by sex between women.

Having reluctantly gotten some brief advice from Jaden at Caleb’s suggestion, Ethan massaged Jessica’s tight ass, hardened from many hours of aerobics, step, and spin classes. They were both naked and Ethan appreciated the 21-year-old’s fit body. Jessica was a spin instructor as a part-time job and her efforts had their positive results. She was probably in the best physical conditioning of anyone in the ETO house. Ethan stuck one finger in her rear and reluctantly probed her ass with it. Then two. Then he slipped on the condom to his aching hard dick and just pushed in.

The words that came out of Jessica’s mouth would have made a sailor blush, as the expression goes. She always came across as very feminine and reserved. Now she screamed a flood of obscenities about pain, the evil nature of men, why she hated the penis, what’s wrong with organized religion, how the Republican Party was destroying America, random other topics, and even a few about Ethan himself. Chet encouraged Ethan to ignore it and keep going, which he did. Blocking out the sounds of Jessica’s moans and cries, he focused on himself. The sensation was so different than how fucking a pussy felt. But it felt really good. Tighter for sure. He wanted it to last for hours, but the excitement wasn’t something he had could master. He knew better than to shoot a drop of cum onto his lesbian sex partner, but the condom kept that from happening. Ethan shouted out with each ejaculation.

“Once again,” Jessica declared as she rose from the bed and slipped on her robe, “I have proven to myself that I am totally 100% a lesbian. Ethan, congratulations, yours is the third and last penis that ever touches my body in any way.” Ethan smiled. He’d have to give back door action a try with future straight girls.

With two tasks down, Chet declared a break until the early evening. The next two tasks involved mostly the same people and Noah had football until then. Noah, Mackenzie, Autumn, and Riley joined Caleb and Jaden in the basement. Chet, Brandon, Logan, Craig and Haley were all there already. Ethan and Doug also slipped in and no one complained.

Autumn’s task was first. She pulled Caleb onto the bed fully clothed and began to make out with him. For Caleb, this was heaven. A gorgeous college senior, with mighty impressive breasts to complement the rest of her body, was going to have a full make-out and fuck session with him. He had never been with anyone so hot in his life. He had long thought Pam, the high school senior who had essentially raped him for his first fuck, was the height of beautiful older women, but she was actually a manipulative whore he later discovered. Chloe was, of course, a regular masturbatory secret fantasy. But Autumn was simply every guy’s fantasy. Long dark straight hair, big dark eyes, perfect smooth skin, incredibly shaped and toned body, luscious lips, and, of course, big breasts. As Caleb put his hands and mouth to them, he learned that they were real and they were spectacular.

Noah was depressed. He never wanted to hurt anyone and this evening was all about his actions. He had started up with Autumn after he and Riley had a big fight. Riley and Noah had been together – and he had been “mostly monogamous” – for most of his sophomore, her junior year. But Riley wasn’t into oral sex. Noah was. His big dick was a challenge to many girls, and over many months, Riley had grown tired of the ache in her jaw and the taste of semen. Plus Noah wanted sex in all forms much more often than Riley. After another argument between them, Noah had stormed off and he ran into Autumn, Riley’s roommate, on the Quad. Autumn had been very consoling and soon she was blowing him. But foolishly – at least on Noah’s part – they were doing it in Riley and Autumn’s dorm room and Autumn walked in on them.

Once the dust settled, Riley and Autumn each had new roommates and Noah and Autumn were dating. He had been exclusive with Autumn for seven months now, since before the summer. Well, she had been exclusive. He had a few harmless indiscretions here and there. Well, maybe more than a few, but they meant nothing. It was just sex and nothing more. He wasn’t as faithful to Autumn as he had been to Riley, but Noah figured that’s where the last relationship went wrong. His sexual appetite was far bigger than Riley’s, but monogamy left him no other outlets. No wonder they had fought about sex all the time. With Autumn, the sex was great and his emotional connection was greater. But when she wasn’t satisfying him vast sexual need, was out of town, was busy, didn’t want to do something from a blowjob to something kinkier, he didn’t fight this time. He just found the sex elsewhere. That way they never fought about sex and the relationship blossomed. Of course, he didn’t tell her either.

That’s where Mackenzie fit in. While meeting the new sorority pledge class, something clicked between them. He felt this incredible sexual energy and within two hours of saying hello at the mixer, he was fucking her with abandon. Unlike most of his extra-curricular sex ventures, which were one or two time things, he began to regularly visit Mac’s dorm room. She gave great head and didn’t seemed to have any problem doing it all the time. They didn’t make a good couple – they had different interests and styles. It wasn’t going anywhere, it was just sex. It was great sex, though, and they engaged in it often. But he was still in love with Autumn.

Autumn’s task was having its intended result. Watching Caleb fuck Mackenzie would have been a turn-on. Watching him fuck Riley wouldn’t have bothered him much. But watching Caleb fuck Autumn, the woman he had imagined one day might be the future mother of his children and the wife of a U.S. Senator was quite another matter. Caleb had Autumn’s shirt and bra off and was sucking eagerly at her ample bosom. Autumn continually tried to catch Noah’s eye, but he avoided her direct gaze and wished a piano would fall on him.

Mackenzie was bored. She enjoyed fucking Noah. He was in great shape and great in bed. He had a really big dick and she loved to suck on it. Plus, he was willing to eat a girl out, which boys were so reluctant to do. They were all take and no give. But Noah not only had a big dick, he could be a big dick. She was in it exclusively for the sex, so Caleb fucking Noah’s girlfriend was irrelevant to her. It was not as if they had a real relationship. They only had sex and nothing more. Mac did think Caleb was kind of hot, so watching him fuck someone would be, at least, visually pleasing. He had been enjoyable in the fuck-a-thon last week.

Autumn removed Caleb’s pants and massaged his cock through his underwear before pulling out his 7”. She began to kiss and caress it. With heightened drama, she then began to suck on it, getting as close to deep throating as she was able. It only took a few minutes before Caleb suggested they needed to stop that and move onto other stuff or he’d be done early. Both were completely undressed in moments and Autumn requested that they do it doggie style since Noah loved that position. Caleb was a decent enough lover to give some real pleasure to go along with fake orgasms she added in for effect and impact.

Caleb went slowly, wanting to make this last. He never knew how thrilling it could be to perform in front of others. He was proud of his body, his dick, his skills in bed. He was excited he had been chosen to plow this incredible woman. He was turned on by the pain it was causing Noah. Caleb looked over at Autumn’s boyfriend and realized he did have a little man-crush on his hot junior fraternity brother. Making him jealous was a turn-on.

Caleb did a good job of using slow, regular thrusts to give Autumn satisfaction while making the sex act last much longer. When he came, he remained inside Autumn as he caught his breath and she overdid her orgasm When Harry Met Sally style. Autumn looked over her shoulder with a wink at him, but Caleb merely said, “I can go again, if you’d like.”

While Noah shouted an objection, the others overruled him, Caleb flipped Autumn over and with a sexual rush of energy continued making love to the 21-year-old knockout without pulling out. Other than Noah and Riley, most everyone else in the basement was enjoying the porno in front of them. Doug noted that Caleb had a great ass and he wondered what it would be like to fuck his friend. Jaden realized that this was the first time he’d every watched a man fuck a woman all the way through. Looks kind of silly, he thought.

“Oh, yeah, baby!” Caleb heard himself exclaim and wished he could shut up. He pounded harder and harder and with a real shout of pleasure from both of them, Caleb shot off his second consecutive load of the night. As he came, Caleb involuntarily cried, “This totally fucking rocks!” The others in the room bust into laughter at Caleb’s goofy statement. Autumn gave him a deep French kiss as the embraced for a few minutes. Then she whispered thanks and they got dressed. Noah still wouldn’t make eye contact with either of them. Now it was Riley’s task.

Riley directed Jaden and Noah to the wrestling mats. She reminded them that it was to be a 69 and she wanted good facials. For Jaden, this was just fine. His exhibitionist side was ready to be nurtured. He knew he gave great head. Hell, last year he got an “A” in calculus, the only class he wasn’t good in, just off one blowjob. He knew he was skinny, even wiry, but had a decent body. And he knew that Noah was smokin’ hot. Jaden liked them a little older, well hung, athletic, but not over-muscled. Clean-cut but not a twink (the twins being an exception) – some hair on the chest and legs was a turn-on. And Noah was very straight. Jaden always enjoyed sucking a so-called straight boy firm in the conviction that in every heterosexual was a homosexual begging to get sucked out. If only Noah wasn’t circumcised, he might be perfect, Jaden mused as he undressed.

Noah was less enthralled. He was still uncomfortable from watching his girlfriend so willingly take on Craig’s little brother. But gay sex was not unfamiliar to Noah. His older brother Adam had a couple gay friends. One of them blew Noah on his 14th birthday – his first blowjob. Already then Noah was well-endowed and he became a secret party favor of Adam’s gay and closeted friends. Once-in-a-while Noah could be convinced to bottom or suck, but he preferred to have someone between his knees slurping on his fuckstick. At sixteen, he was first-string in football, basketball, and baseball at school and exclusively topped when he had his gay sexual outings. But they were rare. Most of the time he tried to get blown by as many cheerleaders as he could. But Noah didn’t consider himself gay or bi. He was straight with an eye for pleasure. He never fooled around with any of his own friends and classmates, just Adam’s and other older boys. He dated girls regularly and often – and had quite a number of girls on the side simultaneously.

In college, Noah was pleased to learn that becoming a freshman didn’t stop his opportunities. He made his way through the sorority houses with speed from freshmen to seniors. He discovered that college girls were more experienced, better in bed, but also knew more what they wanted and what they wouldn’t do. He could pressure just about high school girl into blowing him. But college girls knew whether they wanted to suck, whether they wanted to swallow, what they wanted from their guys – boyfriend or hookup. That Noah was willing, and skilled, at cunnilingus, added to his other attractions. That fact, actually, often made up for his cheating on every single girl he dated – sometimes with her sister or roommate. His appetite for sex was somewhat insatiable.

It was a bit surprising to Noah that his pledge class tasks two years ago had ended up with some acts of gay sex. During the task “guess who is blowing you?” Noah, despite having previously been sucked by some of the female participants, had guessed wrong nearly every time. He had never been able to guess when a guy was sucking versus a girl either. As punishment, he ended up getting fucked by Dylan. That fucking hurt. He hadn’t taken another dick in his ass since. And while Logan, his pledgemate, had been good for the occasional handjob or blowjob early on, Noah hadn’t done much with guys since college began other than the results of the pledge class tasks, one of his TAs, and a now graduated fraternity brother last year.

Although he wasn’t hard, Noah still had an impressive package. His legs had a fine layer of brown hair and he had a trimmed bush of pubic hair. His stomach and chest likewise were dusted with hair with a treasure trail defining a path from his bellybutton (an innie) to his cock. The fuzz on his chin had been trimmed way down – per orders from his football coach. Jaden was already half-hard and Noah realized this would be the first time in his whole life that he sucked someone a bit younger than himself – and Jaden was four years younger. In fact, he realized, Jaden was a young as his sister Sarah who was a senior in high school. True, he had been with a couple of Sarah’s classmates, but only with the girls. Noah’s eye was usually towards someone older – female or male.

The earlier blowjob task had felt rushed to Jaden. Sucking two pairs of brothers in the second task, he had been compelled to do it quickly while normally he would have savored the opportunity. Now he could take his time and show off his skills. Noah, it was clear, just wanted to get it over with. And Jaden was fine with whatever pace Noah went on his cock. But Jaden was going to savor this self-declared straight boy’s meat.

Completely naked and lying inverted on their sides, Noah began to jack Jaden and then almost immediately began to suck. He wondered how he could will himself and Jaden to cum as quickly as possible. Consistent pressure and use of the tongue, he decided, as he also began to fondle the boy’s hairless ballsac and stroke the base of his cock tightly. Jaden began with small breaths of air and darting touches of the tongue. Noah’s dick involuntarily responded and began to harden.

While Noah was going full steam on Jaden’s dick, Jaden took a while before he took Noah’s cock in his mouth. A lot of licking on the shaft and swallowing the balls happened first. And then it was sudden and complete. Jaden swallowed down most of the dick in one gulp causing Noah to almost bite Jaden in complete surprise. Jaden knew he would shoot soon with Noah resuming his pace, so he suggested a change of position to delay things. Jaden lay on his back with Noah above. Noah lowered his cock in Jaden’s mouth and used his legs to help pump it in and out. Jaden’s cock stuck out right into Noah’s face and he literally went down on him.

The group watching were all impressed with both boys. All of them also noted that Noah really knew what to do in giving head and they were all, except for Logan, lacking information about Noah’s past. Noah had kept his gay flings a successful secret. They flipped who was on top and then they rolled back onto their sides after a while. The changes allowed Jaden to artfully keep some control of himself while he continued to bathe Noah’s cock in saliva, pre-cum, and artful use of the teeth, lips, cheeks, and tongue.

Jaden had learned cocksucking early. Too early. 10-year-old Jaden had discovered his 16-year-old babysitter masturbating to some Cinemax film when Jaden was supposed to be asleep. While Jordan and their much younger siblings continued to snooze unaware, the babysitter, Paul, punished Jaden by first spanking him and then making the boy give him a handjob. Jaden learned about cum by taking a faceful.

Fearing how much trouble he would get into if his parents learned about this, Jaden never told a soul even as Paul came back several more times to sit. The next visit, the handjob turned into a blowjob. And for the next few months, Paul would hustle the other kids into bed and force Jaden to blow him. Jaden told no one.

Three years later, Jaden had not really done much more. Paul was long gone. Jaden had started to babysit, but without applying Paul’s abusive extras. He had played with one friend’s dick and looked at pictures and read stories online, but that’s it. It was only when he went to a friend’s sleepover that things moved ahead much more rapidly.

It was a friend of a friend really. Sergei was from a Russian immigrant family and he was friends with Jaden’s friend from soccer Seth. Sergei’s sleepover had 11 boys – all about thirteen. They were spending the evening camped out in his finished basement. They were left completely alone. “My parents never notice anything, my siblings are all out for the night, and I have a surprise,” Sergei announced.

Sergei had found a dirty video in his brother Alexander’s room. They slipped it in and discovered it was a 1970s Russian porno. While the women were not particularly beautiful, naked women were naked women at 13-years-old and the boys watched eagerly. Some of the boys began to secretly jack off until Dmitri, a friend of Sergei’s, encouraged everyone to be open about it. Jaden, his pants around his ankles, found himself staring at the other boys’ dicks and not the screen. He wasn’t sure whether any of the guys noticed as they were so enamored of the fucking on screen.

Then 17-year-old Alexander busted into the basement. He had found his tape missing after coming home from a failed date with a raging hardon. Seeing a room full of masturbating boys watching his tape, he threatened his brother that he would tell their parents. Sergei reminded him that it was Alexander’s tape and he’d be in even bigger trouble. The arguments went around until Alexander, still needing release, offered a compromise. The boys could keep the tape for the night. He wouldn’t tell. But one of them would have to blow him.

“Jaden should do it. He the queer one,” Dmitri announced. The other boys, who had clearly noticed Jaden’s glances, agreed. Jaden, feeling a surge of power and importance, motioned Alex to a couch trying to copy his position with Paul three years earlier, but Alexander demanded a blowjob with Jaden on his knees. Alexander’s dick was smaller than Paul’s but similarly uncircumcised. Alexander was hard instantly. The other boys were impressed – seeing their first hard big dick in person. Jaden went to work and found he instinctively knew what to do. Alexander started moaning over and over something in Russian. Then Jaden realized he was enjoying himself. He liked this sucking and the control over another guy. He felt at peace with a dick in his mouth. And when Alexander came, Jaden discovered he liked swallowing down another boy’s cum too.

By the end of the sleepover, Jaden had blown every single guy there. His jaw ached – 11 blowjobs for a rookie – and he felt a little ill from swallowing too much cum, which he stopped by the 6th one. But he felt renewed and confident and powerful. From then on, Jaden was a blowjob machine for other boys in the middle school and high school. Bored at middle school graduation, he counted and realized he gotten 85% of his male 8th grade classmates off at some point in the past year. Bottoming soon followed. By 14½, Jaden was tired of giving so much without receiving, so he demanded reciprocation, at least from the guys his own age and a little older. That slowed the tide a bit as did the 19-year-old boyfriend he had for five months during his freshman year of high school.

Jaden’s parents had a “don’t ask, don’t tell, don’t discuss” policy on sex. Jordan knew most everything about her brother’s sex life and always said she didn’t have a problem with her brother’s behavior. Throughout high school, Jaden’s sexual activity diminished in sheer quantity, but rose in quality as he began to date more often and be less of a complete and total whore. Since coming to college, Jaden had found occasional hook-ups around campus, but no steady relationships.

Noah moaned as Jaden licked his balls again. The 69 was coming to an end. Jaden could torture Noah for a while, but the 17-year-old himself couldn’t hold it any longer. “I’m going to cum,” he cautioned. Noah moved quickly to drop the boy’s dick out of his mouth and grabbed it with his hand so he could aim it away from his face.

Riley shouted, “Facial!” and Noah reluctantly pointed the head back at his face and let Jaden’s spray smack him on the nose, cheeks, and lips. He had remembered to close his eyes this time having previously learned the hard way.

While still shooting, Jaden had resumed sucking on Noah with a ferocity and intensity designed to send him over-the-edge. The girls watching all clapped with delight and Noah began to moan. He grunted something like, “I’m gonna…” before his hips pushed forward dramatically. Jaden caught the first volley in his mouth and then pulled off to comply with the task. Noah had a huge load and totally soaked his face. Jaden tried to make it as hot as possible for Noah’s various lovers watching.

While Noah collapsed, completely done, Jaden licked his lips, taking in the creamy goo. He thought about licking his own cum off Noah’s face, but realized that might not go over well with the older boy – and he wanted to reserve the possibility he’d get to suck on this excellent cock again. Jaden and the other freshmen left soon after, but Noah, they learned, publicly apologized to all the women he had hurt and begged Autumn to take him back. She did.

Conferencing late that night over beers, the four pledges decided it had been a most excellent day for all. Ethan enjoyed the new sexual experience even if his partner didn’t. Jaden had been very happy with his task. Caleb had loved his task and recognized that fucking girls in public was a huge turn-on. Doug has also loved his task despite that bitch Mindy organizing it. He’d happily revisit the seniors’ dicks anytime and knew he was great in front of a crowd. He felt bad for Dylan who was so uncomfortable and that their incestuous relationship had been more widely revealed.

With round three beginning tomorrow, they had learned, the four boys speculated on what tomorrow’s tasks would bring. It wouldn’t be as fun as today, that was for sure.

Nicole was expected to do something to torture her brother, Neil. She was still angry that Neil had pulled her and Bailey into the task of fucking Jaden and worse that he splattered his ejaculation onto her face. He should have known that she’d take revenge. Caleb wondered what he and Neil were going to have to do.

Jenna was sure to do something just to watch boys together. She was very much into anal sex and into guys fucking. Jenna had joined Madison and Kelly and few other sorority girls in watching gay pornos together the same way a fraternity house might show lesbian porn. Doug knew he’d be fucking one of the fraternity brothers on Saturday. He was totally calm. He was in a great position. As the only bisexual among the pledges, and as a guy with an endless appetite for sex that he had managed to keep slightly under control, he was happy to fuck or be fucked, suck or be sucked. Girl or guy.

Ethan was actually looking forward to the possibilities. Alexandra and Alexis were sure to want in together and not just to watch. What could fulfill the gay part of the brothers’ rule, he wondered, but also include the twin girls?

Jaden had not been able to reach his sister all evening. She wasn’t in her dorm room or the sorority house and she wouldn’t answer her phone or return his messages. Finally, she text messaged her twin.

Hey J, she wrote.

Hey J what bout tmrw? Jaden typed quickly.

For a while there was no response. Jordan tried to resist her brother’s requests throughout life, but never could. She had listened to him and stole that PowerPuff Girls lunchbox that Jaden wanted when they were seven. She had followed his plan in arranging it so Jaden could suck her boyfriend Tommy’s dick last year thinking it was Jordan. And now she carefully typed back her response.

Jaden’s phone chirped announcing the return message from his sister. He read it and closed his eyes.

J, You’re gonna have to fuck me.

To be continued...

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