Pledge Class - The New Class
By Derek17

Note: This story series includes depictions of gay sex, straight sex, bisexual sex, and incest. If that's not your thing or if it is illegal for you to read this story, then stop. This story is completely made up and does not depict anything true.
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Recap: Four freshmen pledges are at the end of their third and final pledging task. Each freshman received a task from a fraternity brother, sorority sister, ands sorority pledge - and they had to do whatever they were asked. Having completed the first two parts, they now have their final task of their pledging - the desires of the sorority pledge class.

Part Seven – The Third Task Concludes: Pledge Sisters
Jaden, Doug, Ethan, and Caleb talked late into the evening. The other three boys had all been in intimate positions with their siblings just this week. That helped ease Jaden’s mind, but not his heart. His twin sister was going to make him fuck her.

“The two of you, never, at any point…” Caleb wondered aloud.

Jaden shook his head. “No. I mean we talked so openly and honestly about guys and sex and dicks and head. We’ve both been with the same guy on the same night – sometimes I’d catch a guy on his way out of her bedroom for one final round. And I once sucked her very straight boyfriend’s big beautiful dick with her in the room. He thought I was Jordan. But we’ve never touched each other.”

“What about the first task?” Doug asked. “Didn’t I see her over by…”

“She wanted to. I was so confused at the time. But we didn’t. Time ran out. And I just made myself forget about it since then. I don’t think I can do this with my sister.” Just saying those words caused Jaden to shudder.

“You’d be surprised,” Caleb muttered knowingly.

At around 1 am, after a quick snack run, Doug retrieved his bong from his dorm room and over Doritos and some beer, Doug began to share some of his gay and bisexual experiences. They were fascinated, but the sex, tension, and drugs were too much, and by 3 am, Jaden, who was a lightweight when it came to booze, had passed out and Caleb was fading fast. They knew it was time for bed.

The next morning, the envelopes were waiting when they woke. Once again, they gathered together and ripped them open simultaneously.

Caleb couldn’t help but smile. He was born under a lucky star. Nicole did want revenge against Neil and had originally thought of a series of ass-poundings for her brother. But Neil, anticipating the possibility, had bargained it down extensively after many apologies. As far as being forced into a gay task, this was pretty benign. Caleb read from the card, “My task is for Neil to give Caleb the best blowjob of his life.”

Jaden snorted. “Like that’ll be hard for him to do. Neil’s gay.” The other brothers looked over quizzically. “He may not admit it even to himself, but Neil is a flamer, for sure. I know these things. Except about Doug…”

Doug tried to suppress his smile. “Caleb, you should read this,” he said, passing his task card to his fellow pledge.

“My task is for Doug and Caleb to fuck each other,” the words read. Doug had imagined how much pleasure he might get from his friend’s body. Caleb couldn’t deny he had been turned on watching Doug with the seniors and was a little curious. Maybe this was a convenient way to explore with no repercussions.

“To succeed in life you have to take risks and roll with the situation,” Caleb thought. “And I want to be fraternity president, so turning this down would be a poor choice. Plus this could even be fun. Or at least eye-opening. So, why not?” As non-chalantly as possible, Caleb handed the card back to Doug and all he said out loud was, “Okay.”

Ethan’s hopes sank and then rose as he read the card. In his imagination for the best outcome of this morning required gay task, he would only need to be sucked by some guy like Caleb’s task. But instead he read Alexandra’s card (which had clearly been crafted together with Alexis): “Our task is to see Ethan and Doug have sex.” Ethan tried to turn his mind off and not think of Doug’s dick, but then he realized he hadn’t finished the card. “…in a foursome with Alexandra and Alexis.” All things considered, Ethan decided, that was okay. He showed the card to Doug.

Jaden pulled his card last. He knew what was coming and the card didn’t surprise. Jordan had written simply, “My task is for Jaden to fuck Jordan.”

The dorm room phone rang and Caleb listened for less than a minute before hanging up. “We all need to be at the fraternity house by 11:00 am ready to go.”

With Doug and Caleb in two tasks, the brothers had decided on an order. But Doug had called Dylan who had passed on a message to Chet. “My brother says he can go two or three times in a row without a problem, so put him wherever is best,” Dylan reported without comment or emotion.

So the order was set starting with the lamest tasks and working to the hottest, in Chet’s eyes. Neil would blow Caleb. Ethan and Doug would get together with the Alexes. Doug and Caleb would fuck. And, as the Sunday night pledge task conclusion, Jaden and Jordan would fuck.

While the GZO brothers had been setting up the room, the ETO sisters had confronted Nicole. “How could you let Caleb have such an easy task? He just has to get blown? Like that hasn’t happened all week? You missed a great opportunity with both Caleb and Neil” Various girls berated her.

Chet was personally disappointed that he wasn’t going to see Nicole and Neil together after the hints of it on Neil’s task for Jaden. Bailey was the most angry. She felt betrayed by Neil and his secret gay relationship with Nick. She had confronted him about it and he had tried to dismiss it as nothing. But she knew he was lying and dumped him right there. She wanted the pledge class to fuck him in the ass until he couldn’t remember his own name. Everyone else thought it was more of a challenge for Neil than for Caleb.

In the face of such criticism, Nicole tried to compensate. By the time of the task, Nicole had instructed the entire sorority and fraternity house to be present – the first time for any of these tasks. Not knowing about the hidden cameras, she had several people bring their own, including asking Shaun to bring his web cam and laptop. She was going to post this task online.

Neil protested as did Caleb. He refused to be show on the computer getting his dick sucked by anyone – Neil, Nicole, Angelina Jolie…well, maybe her. He didn’t want to have incriminating video out there for the world to see.

Neil said that he refused to participate if it went outside the basement room. A brother-sister shouting match erupted and everyone took sides. Chet calmed the room down and asked Nicole if she had an alternate challenge, perhaps, that didn’t involve the internet since fraternity rules prohibited anything that happened in the basement from going beyond the basement.

Nicole decided to conference with Bailey. Neil groaned. The girls came up with it. Neil would watch Caleb in a twosome with his sister and his ex-girlfriend. Nick would then blow Caleb followed by Neil getting fucked by Doug and Ethan and Jaden…The room broke out in protest – this was supposed to be a challenge for Caleb not for Neil. It had to involve Caleb all the time – and not be a series of events either.

Chet took the two freshman girls aside for a private discussion. He didn’t want the sibling dispute to disrupt his pledging process. Neil forced his way into the discussion and they could hear both Neil and Nicole reject some possibility. No one was satisfied with the result, but the senior pledge master was persuasive. “Caleb should be sucked by Neil and then he should fuck Neil giving him a facial each time with everyone watching,” she ordered without enthusiasm.

The entire house stayed. Neil protested this too, but Nick grabbed him and told him to shut the fuck up already. “As if you’ve never sucked or been fucked?” Nick whispered. “It could be much, much worse. Chet’s on your side now. That could change. You’ll be fucking your own sister with Doug and Dylan’s cocks in your mouth and ass if you keep complaining.” Neil shut up.

The blowjob was not impressive. Despite Nicole’s and Bailey’s orders of what to do, Neil had little enthusiasm and was ignoring them. He also was trying to convince the rest of the house that he had minimal experience in giving head when every member of the fraternity knew he had been a convenient sex toy for Nick in recent weeks. After twenty minutes, his jaw was hurting, Caleb was frustrated, and the crowd was bored. Caleb made a command decision, pulled Neil off, and said, “Turn around already.”

Slipping on a condom that Chet tossed him, Caleb rammed Neil hard, dry, and quickly making the nineteen-year-old literally cry from the pain. Nick and Caleb were about the same size, but Nick, while aggressive, was always gentle in his fucks. This was rough fucking. With the girls cheering him on, Caleb went all out as Neil begged for mercy. Fucking a guy in the ass for the second time was much easier – and Neil was no virgin back there. Caleb kept going, getting harder and more excited by the crowd’s cheers and adulation. Craig was especially vocal turning his 18-year-old brother on.

Caleb pulled out, ripped off the condom, and as he stroked himself, he ordered the sophomore to turn around and open his mouth. With careful aim, Caleb directed several shots into the boys open mouth before covering his nose and cheeks with the last drops. Still feeling in control, he demanded Neil clean off his dick and lick everything clean. Neil, humiliated, ashamed, and harder than he ever remembered, complied.

Nicole declared she was satisfied as Caleb got dressed. Neil wiped off his face and looked to Nick for a rendezvous to help him out. Nick shook his head and was instead eyeing Caleb. Neil slipped out of the room. Everyone congratulated Caleb on making the task more interesting than what it was.

When they were finally set an hour later, it was only the queen-sized bed, Chet, and the chosen foursome: The Alexes, Ethan, and Doug. The twins were in just lingerie – hot Victoria’s Secret lace bras and panties that left little to the imagination and highlighted all the right things. They were very much women in form and figure. Ethan calmed himself by focusing on the positive: Fucking twin sisters was such a hot fantasy and he would achieve that this afternoon no matter what he had to do with Doug to get it.

Alex and Alex began with a striptease. Alexandra had the larger breasts and liked squeezing them together. Alexis was a little skinnier, but had those intense lips. The girls had a lot of experience turning guys on. They lost their virginity on the same night to the same guy – a 17-year-old punk named Rex who did odd jobs for the family since the girls’ dad died two years before. They were thirteen at the time and with a healthy supply of alcohol and a rebel’s charm, Rex sweet talked the girls into letting him fuck them. He said he should do both of them because this way they’d be equal still. They complied, glad to have this attention from an older, sexy boy. For a few months, Rex continued getting his jollies off on these young girls, sometimes inviting a couple buddies to join in too. Things changed the afternoon the twins’ mother walked in on Rex doggie-style fucking Alexandra while Alexis lay naked, still recovering from her recent fuck.

None too pleased to find out her beautiful daughters had been deflowered and fucked repeatedly at such a young age, it also turned out mom had been enjoying Rex’s sexual company as well. She was being two-timed by this teenager with her own daughters. Rex was lucky he ended up with only a broken nose, broken arm, three broken ribs, one chipped tooth, a black eye, and a large number of bruises caused when a woman pounds your face and body with a her 3 carat diamond ring. Their mom had originally wanted to castrate the boy, but the Alexes kept her to just assault.

Rex never pressed charges – he would have been arrested on a host of crimes if he did including statutory rape and endangerment of a minor. Rex had turned eighteen two weeks ago. He simply disappeared from their lives. A year later, the girls’ mom remarried – her fourth husband. This time it was a wealthy stockbroker from Pittsburgh and she moved the family there. Since no one knew them, their Mom was confident the girls could start over and be simply beautiful and virginal high school students.

That lasted about three days. Then the 14-year-old twins seduced their 16-year-old next door neighbor who was mowing his family’s lawn. The girls quickly learned the power of a pair of breasts – and the increased power from a pair of pairs. They wanted to use that power.  After their experience with Rex, they liked to take control. Throughout eighth grade and high school, they used every sexual trick they could to help themselves in popularity, property, grades, and influence. As a result, they surrounded themselves with a cliquey group of girls and developed a stuck-up and slutty reputation, both equally earned.

While their mom, now on husband five, had begged them to go to separate colleges, they refused. After a few double ventures the first week of college, Alexis began to date a sophomore in her history class. Other than one night with Doug while she was in a fight with her boyfriend, she had remained faithful to him. They had only broken up a week or so ago. Alexandra dated a little here and there and was currently regularly fucking the TA in her Psychology 101 class. Her grades had improved considerably since his “tutoring” began.

They couldn’t keep count of how many boys they had shared – both separately and together. But they knew how much they could make a boy squirm in anticipation.

When the girls began to kiss, Ethan thought he would die. He always had a thing for lesbians and watching it in person for the first time was a huge turn-on. Doug had seen girls kiss before. Hell, he had seen a girl plow the ass of another girl with a 12-inch strap-on while she was handcuffed to a wall. That was a night he wished he could forget. So this wasn’t anything new – but he did admit it was hot.

They beckoned the boys over, both in their underwear, and each girl began to make out with one them. Doug had slept with both at one point already. Ethan had only the blowjobs from the earlier task. The kissed and pawed in heterosexual pairs, switched partners, and then Doug and Ethan found themselves face to face.

Ethan knew what they wanted from him and he knew he had to go for it if he was going to fuck the Alexes. Without waiting for instructions, he leaned in and planted a wet, open-mouthed kiss on Doug. Surprised, Doug reciprocated and the two began to make out. They felt their underwear being pulled off and the warm, wet, wonderful sensation of a pair of lips. The Alexes began to blow the boys as they kissed. Ethan was entranced again by the tongue piercing. It was the easiest way to tell which girl was sucking you and it definitely made a difference. But even with the tongue stud, Alexandra wasn’t as good as her sister. Alexis was a goddess in blowjobs. After a few minutes, while Ethan and Doug were still swapping spit, the girls swapped dicks to suck. Ethan knew he wouldn’t last long enough with Alexis sucking him.

Ethan decided to be bold. He pulled off Doug and grabbed Alexis from between his legs. He ripped off her panties and spread her legs apart.

“Condom!” Alexis cried shocked at Ethan’s boldness

One was quickly tossed to him by Chet and he began fucking her hard thereafter. Doug figured he was obligated although he strangely found himself reluctant. So he treated Alexandra to the power of his tongue as he went down on her.

The boys worked separately until Alexis stopped him and with a whisper made everyone change positions. Soon Alexandra was sucking Doug on her knees while Ethan was fucking her from behind – Ethan’s first ménage à trois. Alexis lowered herself onto Doug’s face and let him explore her pussy with his tongue. Ethan was in heaven in this foursome and reluctantly began to cum.

As Alexandra paused, letting Ethan orgasm without excess movement, Doug pulled out of her mouth, grabbed a condom, and pushed Alexis onto the bed fucking her hard. He soon shot knowing his next one would take longer and give him more time to explore.

The Alexes then pushed spent Ethan down and while Doug took a moment to recover went full court twin on him with their tongues, breasts, and hands. He returned to full hardness, quickly. Alexandra whispered, “Now, I want you to finish the task…I want Doug to fuck you.”

It was like a cold bucket of ice being tossed on him. He was prepared to have some sucking – and he supposed he’d be willing to fuck Doug, but he couldn’t accept that thing between Doug’s legs was going up his ass. With the girls lying to his left and right, he began to negotiate, looking for an alternative.

Just then Ethan’s eyes opened wide and he swallowed hard. The girls looked down to find Doug’s mouth wrapped around Ethan’s cock. They shrugged at each other and leaned back to enjoy the show, letting Ethan continue to paw and grope at them.

“Ethan,” Alexandra whispered to him. “You’re a cutie and a real gamer today, so we’ll take this as an alternate on one condition. You have to lick everything up.”

“Okay!” Ethan cried, not even listening as the suction in Doug’s mouth felt like his soul was being squeezed out through his cock. He never imagined anyone could blow him better than Alexis. He had met the person who could. Moments later, with Doug having been informed, Ethan shot all over Doug’s face with a wild shout. Ethan lay back panting heavily, exhausted and completely drained.

The taller pledge brother crawled up Ethan’s slim, fit body and presented his cum-covered face to Ethan. Ethan then comprehended what Alexandra had said. Knowing that 10” up his butt was the alternate, Ethan stuck out his tongue and began to lick off his own cum. He used all his self-control to not show any displeasure or gagging. Doug helped by licking some off his lips. When Doug was clean and shiny, the girls gave each of them a kiss and declared themselves satisfied.

Caleb was summoned to the basement as Ethan and the Alexes departed. Caleb asked Ethan to stay as they passed each other on the stairs. The basement quickly filled as Jenna, Jaden, Dylan and Madison, Brandon and Logan, Nick, Haley, Chloe, Craig, and Noah also came downstairs to join Chet and Doug. The boys didn’t mind an audience, but Caleb didn’t need excess. Twelve was deemed acceptable by both.

Doug was still hard since sucking Ethan, but Caleb asked if he could top first. “I don’t know I’ll be able to stand after Doug finishes with me.”

Craig pulled his brother aside. “You don’t have to do this, buddy. No one will think lesser of you.”

“You didn’t turn anything down your year – or this year. I’ve gotten off pretty easy this pledge week. And I’ve got to admit, I am curious. Plus Doug’s a friend. He’ll take good care of me,” Caleb whispered back appreciating his brother’s good intentions. Then he turned back, “Wait a minute – you had me fuck Ethan two days ago, so how can you say what you did?” Craig shrugged the reply of the man with no appropriate answer.

Fucking Doug was even more natural than Caleb had imagined. Unlike his experiences with Ethan and Neil filled with pain, reluctance, inexperience, or anxiety, Doug wanted things hard and sensual. He also wanted it bareback. Caleb thought that was a bad idea and wore a condom anyway. Maybe another time…

It was a good thing Caleb was in good shape. Fucking Neil earlier that day and now Doug was exhausting. Great workout though. Fucking two guys in one day, Caleb marveled. As he grabbed Doug’s hips and thrusted from behind, Caleb asked, “What’s the Japanese tattoo mean anyway?”

Between grunts, Doug laughed. “I have no idea. I was drunk when I got it. But I asked Amber and she told me she was Korean and had no idea. Miyoko, the sophomore, doesn’t read Japanese. So I have no fucking idea.” Many months later, Doug would be pleased to learn his tattoo was Ryuu, the symbol for Dragon.

They both giggled a little until Caleb recognized his orgasm was building to overflow. With no guilt as he had in fucking Ethan, he let himself go, shouting out in consuming pleasure. They both collapsed, drenched in sweat on the bed. Jenna came over with cold drinks and towels. “That was so hot. So amazingly hot. Take a few, but then we’re still going to do round two.”

Caleb looked at athletic friend, their bodies glistening with perspiration. Doug’s cock was mostly hard. “You ready?” he asked the surprised Doug.

“I was born ready. You sure?”

“I’m sure. Just be kind. I’ll remember who was my first forever. I’m glad it is you.” They both supportively laughed.

Nick leaned over to Dylan and whispered, “I think the boys are falling for each other. But I had some plans for a new nighttime visitor now that Neil is useless.”

Dylan offered half a smile. Madison was holding his hand. They fucked like animals following the three-on-one fuck of Doug yesterday. She seemed to get off on guy sex more than anyone – guy or girl – he had ever known.

Doug knew how to be gentle when gentle was what was needed. Plus there was an audience, so he wanted to make it a production. First he rimmed out Caleb, who had never known a girl’s mouth on his ass before, for an extended period, loosening him up and getting him hard again. He began with one finger, then two, then three. Caleb grunted in pain, but didn’t want to cry out like Ethan had. Finally, Doug’s entry was slow and easy, although a certain amount of tearing and pain was inevitable.

Dylan couldn’t deny he was turned on by Caleb and Doug’s fucking. Actually, no one in the basement could deny it. Two incredibly good looking and charming teenagers with big dicks and fit bodies making very public love to each other was simply hot. Unlike the forced events of the previous days – the use of tasks for revenge or punishment or pure titillation – this was two friends fucking with respect, brotherly love. Dylan wondered if he had made all wrong choices. He and Doug had something special once and he forced it away for society’s sake and for his baseball career. And he had forced Doug to be someone he wasn’t by not letting him be free in his sexuality. He’d have to live with those choices from the past, but could still make changes for the future.

Nick thought Caleb was hot and bright and charming. His gay sex on the side was strictly for fun. But some fun with Caleb would be nice. Craig imagined himself where Doug was – fucking his little brother with tenderness. Wasn’t that wrong? He was still hard.

Each man and woman present imagined themselves on one side of the equation or the other. Everyone was hot and horny. Doug flipped Caleb over and lifted his legs onto his shoulders as he continued fucking. Doug was gentle and firm, confident in each thrust, caressing his friend’s legs and chest with his hands.

“Oh!” Caleb suddenly cried. To everyone’s surprise, including Caleb’s, he was cumming. No one had been touching his dick, but the thrusts of Doug had been so overwhelming that he shot off as a bottom. It sprayed all over Caleb’s stomach and chest, and even hit a little on his face. Doug smiled. It didn’t happen often enough, but when it did he felt great about it. He caught Dylan’s eye briefly as they both remembered one night up in that ski lodge over winter break three years ago. Thinking of his brother just got him hotter and he sped up his intensity, ready to relieve the pressure that had been building since the earlier task with the Alexes and Ethan.

Doug sprayed across Caleb’s chest as well mostly for show. He had done something similar in one of the online videos and it was praised. They both got applause and made Caleb blush. They both were  beyond exhausted and needed a shower. The seniors gave them permission to wash up in the fraternity house so they could be back in time for Jaden’s task. The 17-year-old had requested all three of his fellow pledges be present for support.

During the break, Chet shooed most everyone out. While everyone wanted to stay, Jaden had been clear that he wanted the minimum number present possible if he even went through with it. Other than the three pledges, Chet was the only one who needed to be there. Nick pulled Jaden aside and said something that got him permission to stay. It was hard to say no to Nick. In fact, Nick was so horny during the 45-minute break that he sought out a quickie. Chloe, his early short-term relationship from the year, was a no, surprisingly. He figured she’d be hot after seeing her brother and Doug. Haley and Chet were off together as were Dylan and Madison. With no other sorority sisters around, he looked at his brothers. Neil wasn’t around, but Nick knew he was through with him anyway. Caleb certainly wasn’t going to be up for anything. Ethan would be a no.

It was then that Erin fortuitously showed up at the house. She was looking for Craig who needed a quickie of his own and had texted her to come over immediately. Back when Nick was a freshman and was off the deep end from his relationship with Skye, he had gone on a fucking marathon that had included most of the incoming freshman class in the sorority up at school on a visit, Erin included. Most of the girls still thought of him kindly and were occasionally interested revisiting those days two and half years ago. Intercepting her before she could find Craig, Nick got the brunette into his room and undressed for a lightning quick fuck. He could barely make it a few minutes while thinking about Doug and Caleb together. He was done so soon, that he had time to lie with her and slowly caress, kiss, and pleasure her. Craig was always out the door two minutes after cumming. Forty minutes passed quickly and they got dressed, gave each other a chaste kiss on the cheek and went on their way. Erin texted Craig back that she had her phone off earlier, just got his message, and couldn’t come over. Craig had been forced to make do with his right hand.

Jordan was calm as she waited in the basement. Having a very sexually active twin brother was never a problem for her. She was never molested by the babysitter and she never blew a room full of guys at a sleepover at 13. In fact, Jordan took much more time and didn’t start getting truly sexually active until her final year of High School – just last year when she was 16. That was also when she began to fantasize about her brother.

Jordan had seen Jaden with a number of guys – many bi-curious, very closeted, or just seduced by her skinny, sexy, younger (by three minutes) brother. She had walked in on her brother in any number of sexual positions with other boys who were often ashamed to be discovered. Jordan knew Jaden had purposely arranged a lot of these discoveries.

While Jordan had dated casually over her sophomore year, which included giving her first blowjob and losing her virginity, she hadn’t dated anyone long-term and was considered a bit of a cock tease by many of the guys at school. A couple guys she had been with ended up coming out later in the year – one of them when he was found by the school principal in a broom closet sucking a gym teacher’s dick. She had developed a “fag hag” reputation because of that and her close sibling relationship.

When she began to date Garrett over the summer between sophomore and junior years, she thought she had it made. He was gorgeous, athletic, and almost as smart as Jaden and Jordan. All three defied any standard “smart” kid stereotype. Garrett and Jordan’s dates had been fun – he was easy to talk to and very easy on the eyes, but other than a little fumbling in the car, he showed no inclination to go further. Jordan decided she was ready to start having sex with her boyfriend regularly, but she couldn’t get him to take action. That was a first.

Always one to take matters into her own hands, Jordan had Garrett come over one night while her parents were out with the intention of seducing him in her room. He seemed quite uncomfortable when she tried to take off his pants to blow him. No 17-year-old guy turns down a blowjob from their girlfriend, she thought. The phone rang and Jordan took it out into the living room, getting trapped into a twenty-minute conversation with her grandmother.

When she returned to her bedroom, it was empty. “How did he leave without me seeing him?” she wondered checking the bathroom as well. When she heard the little moan it all became clear to her without even seeing it. Deciding she’d just peek and not confront, she peered through the intentionally ajar bedroom door of Jaden to find him swallowing her boyfriend’s ample sausage to the end.

Transfixed, she watched her brother melt his sexual conquest with her mouth. Garrett was shaking in pleasure and trying not to cry out. He showed none of the hesitation or reluctance he had with Jordan, but was lying back in sexual paradise. Jordan realized she was getting wet watching this scene. She should be furious. Instead she was incredibly hot. After several minutes, Garrett tried to cry out, “I’m gonna cum,” and even formed the words with his lips, but not sound came out.

The orgasm was intense. In his whole life, Garrett had only cum from his own guilt-ridden masturbation up until now. Jaden swallowed it all up, as usual, and was gentle in helping the older boy deal with his emerging homosexuality – praise, calm, confidence, and not too fast.

>From that day on, Jordan found her infatuation with her brother growing. She loved watching him have sex – and Jaden let her watch all the time without ever directly inviting her. She’d intentionally bring boys home so that she could fuck or suck them and then let them find their way into Jaden’s room where he somehow could convince them to engage in some further activity. On a dare from Jaden, she had her boyfriend Tommy wear a blindfold and Jaden sucked him while Jordan watched. Tommy never learned it had been her twin brother getting him off. But they never spoke about any of her of desires or fantasies.

Until now. Jordan wanted to fuck Jaden badly. Labeling something incest was stupid, she decided. She was on the pill. She could fuck whomever she wanted. And she wanted her brother.

Jaden wished he could disappear. Bad enough having to be with girls, but now his sister? His best friend!

With only the three pledges, Chet, and Nick present, Jordan felt very much the girl. It helped that she had slept with the three pledges already – Caleb earlier in the year and all three freshman during the fuck-a-thon. Nick was gorgeous, but appeared harmless. Chet was a dirty old man at 21, but she knew he’d have to be present.

Doug pulled Jaden aside up in the kitchen giving him a joint to relax and loosen up. Ethan had brought scotch for the same purpose, but the pot seemed the better route.

Shortly thereafter, the twins were lying next to each other in their underwear on the queen-sized bed. Jordan was lightly rubbing her brother’s leg while they talked quietly.

“Why J?” Jaden asked his twin.

“I’ve been watching you with guys all these years and I guess I got jealous. You remember that one time when you took Garrett from my room into…”

“Garrett was a fairy trapped in a deep closet,” Jaden interrupted her. “I knew you’d never get anywhere with him. My gaydar is finely tuned you know.” He thought of Doug and how he’d missed that entirely. Well, bisexuals were always confusing.

“No, I am not mad at you. It was while I was watching you pleasure Garrett,” she continued, “that I realized how much I wanted you. From then on I’d do anything for you. I let you suck Tommy and he never knew it was you.”

“Tommy had one awesome big dick,” Jaden remembered.

“And I let you watch me when I had Austin and Perry in my room together. And how I made the two of them touch each other before they could touch me. That was for you. And I graduated high school early because you wanted to. I really didn’t. I came here because you wanted to go to this school and not the one closer to home that I liked. And I pledged this sorority – well, I would have done that anyway,” she added.

Jaden began to reflect on the past year. He hadn’t realized how he had asked so much of Jordan and never offered anything in return. She seemed so grateful, but now he knew why.

“But J,” Jaden remarked, “why this? It won’t give me pleasure. Why fuck me?”

“Oh, Jaden,” Jordan was fighting back tears. “I need to hold you, feel you, know you in a way that others do. I just need this and we’ll be done. This one time. This once.”

Jordan’s hand had slowly been making its way up Jaden’s leg. He realized she was massaging the front of his crotch and he was getting hard. She leaned in and began to kiss him. First on the forehead. Then the nose. Then the cheeks. Then the mouth. Jaden slowly opened his mouth and accepted his sister’s probing tongue.

She had slipped her hand under the elastic and was holding onto his hardening dick. Moving on top of Jaden, Jordan began to kiss his neck, shoulders, nipples, and stomach before pulling off his underwear with her teeth.

Jaden’s cock jumped in response to the cooler air of the basement. It jumped again as Jordan began to blow warm air from her mouth onto his manhood. Her tongue flicked in and out on the bottom of the shaft and the balls. She’d toy with him for a little while and heighten the moment.

Caleb remembered his nights with Jordan earlier in the year. They had only hooked up three or four times, but she was very talented, he thought. So skinny and young, he noted too. He had thought Jordan talked about her brother too much. And it was weird dating his pledge brother’s sister. Well, at least it was weird then. Caleb wasn’t sure what he could call weird now. When he and Jaden started rooming together, Jaden had asked a few too many questions that seemed over the line about Jordan and Caleb’s time together. And he seemed to know a little too much information too. Jordan probably told him everything, even about when Caleb lost his balance and tripped while she was blowing him and nearly impaled himself on a floor lamp.

Jordan was well into the blowjob and achieving a true erection for Jaden who lay completely still with his eyes closed. She went quickly and the slowed down, over and over intensifying the moment and then cooling it down. Jaden was so anxious earlier. He was lying completely still now.

“Fuck him!” someone shouted. It was Nick, but he only did at Chet’s urging.

Jordan crawled up her brother’s naked body grinding her own into him. She knew she’d need to be on top both to control the pace and to keep Jaden participating. He was so awkward tonight. With all his experience and sexual confidence, Jaden was awkward and nervous like an virginal teenager. Well, she’d fucked her share of those last year and knew how to handle them.

She inserted his dick speedily and aggressively. Jaden gasped as his sister’s vaginal muscles squeezed on his 6 ¼” dick. Jordan rode up and down, applying pressure as she grabbed her brother’s hands and brought them to her breasts.

“He’s not wearing a condom,” Ethan whispered to Caleb. Despite the wild week of sex, they had been generally safe. But Jordan knew she wouldn’t get pregnant on the pill and for whatever unknown reason she felt confident they were disease-free.

Jaden was confused. He was gay. He was absolutely gay. But he couldn’t deny there was some not only physical pleasure, but some sort of emotional connection too. He loved Jordan more than he loved anyone or anything. While he had never imagined this moment as she apparently had, he took joy in bringing her pleasure. A glance at the other boys confirmed he was giving them pleasure too, especially Chet and Nick. Don’t question. Just relax and accept, a little voice inside of him said. And so he did. This was a connection of two halves into a sexual whole.

For the next ten minutes, Jordan fulfilled her personal fantasy. When at last her gyrations caused him to cum, she breathed in deep and stared down at her adorable 17-year-old brother and thrilled to watch his facial expressions with each blast he shot inside of her.

“You okay?” she whispered, as she dropped next to her brother on the bed, his softening dick falling out of her.

“Yeah,” Jaden panted. “Wasn’t so bad, you know. Not that I want to ever do it again – with any girl, but if I did want to do it with a girl, it’d be you.” Jordan felt more complete than ever before.

The kissed softly a few times, ignoring everyone around them and their naked, sweat-covered bodies. The five boys watching each gave the twins a final once over committing their hot nude images to memory.

Chet turned to the other freshman boys. “Hey boys, it seemed you all passed your tasks. Meet here tomorrow at 8 pm for induction. Wear a clean shirt.” Chet and Nick left them behind as the twins finally got dressed.

The four boys, pledges for only one more night, had a quiet celebration in Doug and Ethan’s room. Usually they hung out in Jaden and Caleb’s room because it was bigger, more centrally located, and the RA on their floor wasn’t a dick, but Doug didn’t want to transport his bong across campus again and with the pressure off, Ethan was exhausted and likely to pass out any moment. Jaden was surprisingly energetic and Caleb was simply happy (although a little sore). After a few tokes, beers, and a shot, Jaden, always a lightweight, was asleep on Ethan’s shoulder whose head was resting on his bed.

Doug and Caleb talked until late. Doug shared a lot of his past, omitting the blowjob task from Dylan’s pledge year, but alluding to his past relationship with his brother.

“Are you freaked out?” Doug finally asked Caleb after bringing him up to the present.

“No. Actually, I’m a little turned on,” Caleb replied honestly. “But I’m also exhausted. So let’s talk some more another night.”

“Talk? Okay. You got it,” Doug laughed, rubbing his hand on Caleb’s knee.

“Now, let’s get the sleeping beauties to bed,” Caleb stood up. “We can continue this later. Come on, we have a fraternity induction in a few hours.”

To be continued...

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