Pledge Class - The New Class
By Derek17

Note: This story series includes depictions of gay sex, straight sex, bisexual sex, and incest. If that's not your thing or if it is illegal for you to read this story, then stop. This story is completely made up and does not depict anything true.
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Recap: Four freshmen pledges, Doug, Caleb, Ethan, and Jaden, successfully completed 3 final tasks for their induction into their fraternity: A fuck-a-thon with their sister sorority’s pledges, a penis identifying test with blowjobs to be given for each one wrong, and three personal sex tasks chosen by members of the fraternity and sorority.

Part Eight – Afterwards
Gamma Zeta Omega Fraternity induction has always been a low-key affair. In the basement, the boys were congratulated on their success, complimented on their behavior, and welcomed in as full and equal brothers. After the applause died down, the brothers revealed the existence of the hidden cameras and the DVDs created from the footage. Brian, Shaun, and Elisha had this year been the editors. With so much stuff so quickly, it had been a challenge, but they finished the 3-discs along with the highlights version in time.

“We were up all night,” Shaun reported. “Sometimes there were big crowds and a few shots were obscured from all angles, but everything is in there.”

“Why is it titled ‘65’?” Ethan asked.

The three editors looked at each other and laughed. Shaun pushed Brian forward to talk.

“In the editing room,” Brian slowly informed them, “we got a little punchy. So we started to count up the sex acts – how many fucks, how many blowjobs, and so on. Well, when we were all done there were 65 ejaculations as part of one of the last three tasks in this room.”

“What were the stats?” Chet asked eagerly, knowing Brian’s math and statistical skills.

Brian fumbled for a piece of paper in his folder. “65 times someone came: 24 from a straight fuck, 32 from a blowjob of which three-quarters were gay blowjobs, 8 from anal sex of which 5 were between two guys.”

“That’s only 64,” Ethan immediately figured out.

“Oh, yeah,” Brian blushed a little. He wasn’t comfortable talking in public and less so about sex. “Well, Caleb one time shot while Doug was…well, he did it and we didn’t have a category for it. But it made 65.”

Doug looked at Caleb who burst into a slightly embarrassed smile.

“Oh yeah,” Brian added. “Ethan came 9 times, Jaden 10 times, Doug 12, and Caleb a remarkable 17. Jaden sucked the most dick at 6 with Doug right behind him. Caleb and Doug had the most pussy. And Caleb fucked the most ass. Last, but not least, Caleb was with the largest number of different people – 18 in total. While it is not surprising that Caleb was with each of his pledge brothers, Ethan also pulled that hat trick. Congratulations.”

The brothers all realized why Brian had won the Fantasy Baseball league and NCAA pool last spring and was cleaning up in Fantasy Football.

“We actually made a special feature on the DVD showing the 65 cum shots as best we had them,” Elisha spoke for the first time. “Logan was very helpful on that because, well, there is too much of anything and we are all a bit burned out on editing sex tapes regardless of the gender or the physical act. Give us, oh, a day, and we’ll be back in business.” Everybody laughed.

After the short induction ceremony, the pledges were given time to watch the DVD – most of it in fast forward. It would be placed in the vault with all the DVDs, videos, and films of previous years – never to be shared by anyone else again.

That night, the four boys stumbled into Caleb and Jaden’s dorm room drunk, stoned, and delirious after an evening of partying in the fraternity house and a few local bars. While no one would say who started what – frankly, none could truly remember – most assumed Jaden had gotten the ball rolling when he started sucking a surprised Ethan’s dick. Too wasted to complain, he also couldn’t say anything when Caleb stuck his cock in Ethan’s mouth. Caleb devoured Doug’s meat and Doug took in Jaden’s. Lying on the floor, they continued to suck in a circle for a while until someone, probably Doug, had them switch positions. Memories are hazy at this point. Ethan, who never talked about this night freely, claimed it was one drunken blowjob all around and then they went to their own beds for the night. Others remember multiple blowjobs and Doug remembered some fucking. Caleb didn’t remember much of anything, but was sure he wasn’t fucked that night. Jaden was sorry he was such a lightweight because he really wanted to remember what happened. The dry cum in his hair the next morning did seem to hint at someone shooting their load on his face though. They never repeated the events of that night, whatever they were.

The ramifications of this year’s pledge class were actually not as traumatic as Chet feared they could be. He had ramped up the sexual activity more than double previous years and included the largest cast of characters yet. He had gotten the sibling interactions he hoped for – or almost all. But by letting others control the tasks, he had let it get out of hand occasionally. But no one seemed the worse for wear for the most part.

Over the coming weeks, Chet found himself thinking about his sister, brother-in-law, and nephew regularly. He visited them often in a purely platonic, appropriate brother/uncle role. His nephew Jackson was a beautiful and brilliant toddler and Chet wanted to help him grow up.

On campus, Chet continued fucking as many hot girls on campus as he had time for. He didn’t engage in much gay behavior despite being tempted a few times. By mid-spring he accepted a lucrative offer with a major advertising agency – his sister’s rival company, in fact. He planned his summer move to Chicago and wondered what was the best way to continue to meet girls after graduation. Just in case it was more difficult, he amped up his sexual activity over the last months of the school year.

Dylan had a great senior baseball year at the plate and in the field, was named an all-star, and that June the Chicago Cubs drafted him in the later rounds. They already had a great third baseman, but Dylan knew he was at least three or four years from the majors. Hopefully Chet would still be living in Chicago when he made it to the bigs. For now, he prepared to move to Mesa, Arizona for Rookie ball.

Leading up to graduation, Dylan’s relationship with Madison deteriorated as she regularly encouraged her boyfriend to bring gay sex into their sex lives. Dylan casually hooked up with a variety of girls throughout the spring. Aside from one late night encounter with the right fielder on a road trip, Dylan kept to the straight side of things. Dylan and Doug smoothed over their relationship as brothers, but didn’t resume any physical contact. He still had a longing for his brother that he tried to suppress.

Brandon graduated early in December, moved to Los Angeles, and worked ceaselessly on various business ventures. He and Logan visited often and they planned to continue that as Logan finished his senior year. Everyone expected them to get married after Logan’s graduation. They remained monogamous and supportive and the couple that fought the least out of everyone they knew.

Austin understood two guys getting married less than he understood two guys having sex. But he tried to be supportive of his fraternity brother’s relationship. Accepted by Johns Hopkins, as he had hoped, he bought a new convertible and spent his three weeks off before Medical School began driving around the country with Mackenzie, whom he had started dating. She was just young enough for his tastes and they enjoyed having sex everywhere they went as often as they could.

When Neil came out later that semester, you can’t say anyone was really surprised. Nick had ended their relationship completely. After playing around with a few guys here and there, Neil was discovered having sex with Bobby, a fellow sophomore and the star striker on the school’s championship soccer team, in one of the locker rooms after hours. They had snuck in through an open window for an evening of secret passion. A security guard discovered them in the midst of their efforts at a particularly kinky moment. The handcuffs and costumes that were also found only inflamed the situation.

Bobby’s strict Southern Baptist parents had ordered him to return home immediately. Neil found surprising support from his sister Nicole as his own parents struggled with the news. It was hard enough for them to suddenly learn their son was gay, but the other circumstances around the incident made it even more complex. Neil and Bailey had long ago called it quits, but she too was there for him as he was also reprimanded by the school on various charges. The fraternity machine went to work highlighting the inequality of the school’s actions – they had never done anything similar upon finding a guy and a girl having sex. Between the brothers’ efforts – and a few of their parents behind the scenes – all charges were dropped and removed from Neil’s record including the trespassing charge. Craig was even able to get it dropped as a story from the campus paper, although the internet blogs on fellow students were filled with crazy versions of the truth, especially regarding the costumes (which were actually 2 party masks already on the lock room bench when they arrived). When the storm passed, Neil found a way to be comfortably gay on campus in more appropriate settings. After coming out, Neil and Nicole were able to have the closest sibling relationship of their lives and become great friends (but much to Chet’s regret, they never hooked up).

Nick and Caleb hooked up just once. It was impossible to say no to Nick when he turned on the smile and charm. They both were comfortably straight, but they also recognized the enjoyment of an occasional walk on the queer side. It was an energetic, caring evening of great pleasure.

Two weeks later, Nick met with the new publicist for his new book – twenty-four year old Suzy. He fell hopelessly in love on first sight. While that was nothing new for Nick, the brothers realized something was different in this case. A month later, he was still just as smitten, but had only kissed her. Coasting through the spring semester, Nick focused almost exclusively on his book writing and publicity tours. Suzy was equally enamored and by May they were an official couple. Nick’s new book on teenage identity and the outdoors was a surprising minor best-seller thanks to a mention by a psychologist on Oprah. Nick’s first novel, a murder mystery set in a college fraternity, was expected to do quite well. Nick and Suzy planned to move in together after his graduation.

Autumn dumped Noah after finding him in bed with Mackenzie three days after her pledge task that was supposed to have taught him a lesson. Her rejection sent him into a spiral of depression. Mackenzie, meanwhile, was tired of the drama and found herself fucking Austin more and more. She soon stopped any sexual exchange with Noah. Dumped by both of the current women in his life, Noah showed a self-awareness that no one thought he had. He took a self-imposed “break” from girls and sex. Other than one blowjob from Jaden, he remained chaste from all sex for one month – the longest he had gone without a fuck since he was 14 years old. Then he started to date again. He tried not to get into any “relationships” and therefore couldn’t be accused of cheating. Monogamy was for your thirties, he would say. He was 21 and looking for fun. He found many interested parties of both sexes. Sticking almost exclusively to women, he had an active and enjoyable spring semester. In May, a few weeks before the end of the semester, he and Autumn began to talk for long hours. When summer vacation arrived, they had not gotten back together physically, but she agreed that he’d visit her in Atlanta where she had taken a business job. He still planned on Autumn becoming his wife and the mother of his children.

Elijah and Elisha began to date separately and develop more of their own identities. Elijah started to participate in the campus television station as the main news anchor. Elisha began to get involved in the running of the GZO fraternity house and was elected pledge master for the following year as Craig was re-elected president. After becoming pledge master-elect, several of the brothers and sorority sisters were especially nice to Elisha.

Elijah, a fledgling reporter, discovered why: “Noah’s sister Sarah is coming here next year and Shaun’s sister Sierra is considering it. Brian has been trying to talk his brother Todd out of coming here, actually, but Todd got laid when he was visiting, so he thinks this place is the best. Also Madison has a brother, Erica has a sister, and Miyoko has a brother all likely coming here. And maybe one other girl in the sorority. They want you to treat their siblings really well if they pledge the fraternity or sorority.”

While the twins mostly had regular, individual heterosexual relationships, they had a threesome with a girl once or twice that spring. Sexual contact with each other diminished, but never disappeared, as did some gay play. And they did have one more sandwich with Doug, taking a whole Sunday afternoon and evening to try things out together just for fun.

Craig loved being fraternity president. He also loved being a journalist. Those came into conflict as he had to squash various stories about the fraternity and its members that would have ended up in the campus newspaper or elsewhere. He did it with such skill, that Craig decided not to go into journalism, but politics. After winning fraternity president again, he then also ran successfully for Greek council president and for senior representative on the school’s student board. There he helped bring about changes in the faculty review process, hiring practices, custodial staff wages, and student exemptions for religious holidays, among other things. He and Noah discussed how they could go into professional politics together after graduation. Noah’s family was pretty wealthy and powerful and could give Craig a huge boost.

Chloe was proud of her brother. Craig and Chloe grew closer and closer over the year, and though some speculated there was some hanky panky, they both denied it. Having dated his share of sorority girls, Craig began a long-term relationship with Amanda, a junior studying journalism from a very prominent family. Everyone was sure they’d be engaged before the end of college. Chloe only dated here and there, once hooking up with Doug for the fun of it. She graduated with high honors in history and went off to Yale for graduate school.

Brian and Erica’s relationship continued to grow closer. They both had mixed feelings about their siblings, Todd and Sydney, coming to school here and pledging their fraternity and sorority. They knew both had enjoyed a visit to the school on parents’ weekend. What they didn’t know is that their little siblings had hooked up and were continuing to stay in touch via e-mail.

Shaun began to date Nicole much to his parents’ disappointment. “That’s what happens when you send our son to a white school instead of Howard,” his mother said. But Sierra, their 17-year old daughter was leaning heavily to going there too.

Nicole was smitten with Shaun – “Once you go black…” she’d smile knowingly to friends. Nicole’s parents were pretty middle of the road. Having a gay son and having a daughter who was dating an African-American student was a lot for them to handle. They struggled, but they still tried to be clear that they loved their children.

The sorority pledges had relatively uneventful springs with a few exceptions. Kaitlyn transferred schools to be nearer to her boyfriend. Bailey, drunk during spring break, appeared in a Girls Gone Wild video much to her and her family’s regret. The Alexes had issues with both a venereal disease and a stalker ex-lover, but that didn’t really slow them down. Jenna had a rough spring when she discovered she was pregnant. The girl who wouldn’t take birth control pills and relied on backdoor sex to as contraception had given into a momentary urge in town one afternoon with the adorable and hunky 16-year-old supermarket bagger. Alexis was incredulous that Jenna had fucked a teenage townie, but when she saw him, Alex too had a quick fuck in the back of her car. Jenna had an abortion and returned to ass fucking exclusively.

The four fraternity pledges found a sense of freedom after they became full brothers of GZO. When they moved into the house that spring, they had trouble determining the best rooming situation. Ethan realized that Caleb and Doug wanted to room together and so he asked Jaden to room with him. Everyone was surprised, but Ethan began teaching Jaden to ski that winter and they became strong friends.

Out of respect for his new roommate, Jaden tried not to bring his frequent hookups back to the dorm room. Therefore he had sex in more hallways, laundry rooms, library carrels, classrooms, and car back seats than probably anyone else on campus. Jaden proudly became the campus gay slut. He tried his best with all of his fraternity brothers, but other than one blowjob with a depressed Noah, a few hookups with Neil, and separate encounters with Elijah and Elisha, he mostly struck out close to home. But on campus, he found numerous willing participants of all types. Whoring took a lot of time and energy. His spring midterm grades were leading him towards expulsion. With heavy fraternity pressure and Caleb’s and Ethan’s strong oversight, the super-smart Jaden that graduated high school in three years returned. He salvaged his grades and a more typical gay college existence – if you were an extremely promiscuous homosexual.

Typical except for one thing: his sister. Jordan tried to coax Jaden into bed again and again, which he resented. When they turned 18, she asked for one more time as a present. He refused. So Jaden was a bit surprised to find his sister in bed with Ethan when he got back to the dorm room. Jaden laughed and sat in a chair, told them to continue, and watched his roommate get his rocks off. Ethan tried to explain later that Jordan had thrown herself at him and begged his forgiveness. Jaden told him not to worry about a thing.

Jordan tried, but failed, to match her brother in the slut department. She didn’t have it in her for the long hall. You had to really not care about your sexual partner to go from person to person every night (and even on the same night). By April, she was tired and bored with it. Meeting Cameron, the sweet nineteen-year-old son of her English professor, might have had something to do with it. Cameron had dropped out of his out-of-state school to be closer to home and help his dad with his mom who had multiple sclerosis. He would start in the university that summer. Jenna was smitten. His sexual innocence brought out a new side of her. To protect him, she forbade Jaden from coming near him and made sure Cameron didn’t pledge Gamma Zeta Omega. Keeping her vast experience quiet, she enjoyed slowly helping Cameron discover sex.

Ethan found fraternity life to be all that he imagined. The parties, the girls, even the drugs. He had his own small freshman crash in January before his brothers helped him back onto his feet. He rebounded quickly and stopped trying to be a big man on campus. He wanted to be the next Noah, but he had no shot. Caleb had a heart-to-heart with Ethan about being himself – not who he imagined he should be. That worked much better and suddenly Ethan found himself to be a more trusting, loving human being. He and Logan started to talk more, and he began to be a better friend to Jaden – especially as Jaden’s own slide escalated. He also began to date Amber. The beautiful Asian-American girl also loved skiing – but she did waterskiing. She taught Ethan that spring and they were soon inseparable.

Doug knew he was free now. Following induction in the fraternity, he could go back to being the sexual force he had been for the last half decade, consuming men and women wherever he went. He and Dylan had a tense several months as Dylan tried to present the best image to numerous baseball scouts watching his games and therefore kept them away from his brother just in case he said or did something revealing. But they came to an understanding of sorts. The desire was still there between them, but neither acted on it.

Caleb and Doug had become the best of friends. Doug helped Caleb recognize the variety that life had to offer, to not always “do the right thing,” and that he could disappoint people sometimes if it benefited himself. Caleb kept Doug focused on school, paying his bills, and from simply spending his days smoking pot and fucking. He also imbued their lives with a positive attitude. Since they became roommates, they had both had girls in the room at the same time and they had enjoyed a heterosexual ménage à trois with a beautiful sophomore, but they hadn’t been together again. When Caleb learned that Doug had blown a drunk Craig at a fraternity party, the two friends had a screaming match about taking advantage of someone. The yelling lead to Craig shoving the bigger and strong Doug followed by a lot of pushing, a few punches, and all-out aggressive wrestling on the floor.

When Doug forced Caleb into a prone position, he tried to get his friend to “give.” Caleb refused and continued to struggle, pushing himself off Doug’s muscled calves. “I don’t know about you,” Doug said after several fruitless attempts to free himself by the angry Caleb, “but I’m kind of turned on right now.”

Caleb wanted to scream ‘Fuck you,’ to Doug, but he realized that not only was he right, but the grinding together on the floor had given Caleb an erection. Doug gently let go of paralyzing Caleb’s body and turned his attention to caressing it. They were both naked quickly and spent the next three hours exploring each other’s bodies with their tongues, hands, breath, and mouth. Both boys would always remember that as one of the hottest nights they ever had – it was angry sex, it was make up sex, it was hook up sex, and it was friends with benefits sex all at the same time. When they awoke naked in each other’s arms the next morning, they were both completely sore. Looking around their room, they discovered dried cum all over their faces, hair, asses, sheets, carpet, and clothes. There was also one broken lamp, one spilled and cracked bong, multiple pieces of ripped clothing, a broken window, and a bed frame that was about to collapse from repeatedly being rocked back and forth as a 200 pound nineteen-year-old was pushed repeatedly into it by a hormone crazed 150 pound eighteen-year-old.

What might have been the start of something totally new together was derailed that afternoon. Neil, reluctantly, showed Caleb later that day a video clip from one of those “Straight College Boys Go Gay” pay web sites. Neil was exploring online porn when he saw one about ‘Chase’ and ‘Cody.’ The description: “Studly barely legal Chase has his first gay experience from his friend Cody. You won’t believe the size of these two straight studs.” When Neil started the video, there was a young man in workout clothes sitting on a bed. That young man was Doug.

Caleb tried to get Doug to talk about it. At first Doug refused and shut his friend and recent lover out. Eventually he learned that Doug had made it last year when he was short of cash. When Doug refused to divulge anything further, Caleb felt obliged to bring Dylan in.

Caleb and Dylan tried to learn more about how far Doug’s porn career had gone. They both wanted to limit any damage to Doug’s future – and Dylan wanted to limit any damage to his. After a couple days of relentless badgering, Doug finally gave in. He revealed he had made four or five amateur straight guy videos last year. He also revealed that he had made a new one just last week. Doug said he could make quite a living off having sex on the net and was considering losing a few pounds and becoming a porn star. When Dylan began to blow his top, Doug warned him that if he caused him problems he’d use Dylan’s name as his porn name. Plus he didn’t need school – he’d have a rich Major League Baseball playing brother to take care of him.

Caleb realized that Doug was an wonderful guy and a supportive friend, but ultimately a hedonist who saw no consequences. The spring semester was an awkward one for the friends. The tried to pretend nothing had happened – not between them and not with the pornos. But it was always the “elephant in the room.” Caleb considered it a success that he got Doug to stay in college and even pull reasonable grades. Doug enjoyed the various men and women in the area – students, staff, teachers, locals – and was open to just about anything. His only plan for the summer was to watch his brother play Rookie League baseball and fuck his brother’s teammates.

When Doug read an article about a team not drafting a talented player because of concerns about his family life, not about the player, the baseball piece became more real for him. He recognized this was his brother’s dream, his brother’s livelihood – and that only a few hundred men ever make it all the way to the top. If he loved his brother, not just sexually, but deep in his heart, how could he do anything that might hurt his brother’s career. Dylan had to work incredibly hard to even be a mid-level draft pick. With Dylan’s own past reputation, their lesbian sister Desi, and Doug’s multiple potential embarrassments, Doug started to think about how to help his brother instead of himself. As Dylan prepared to be drafted, Doug stopped treating it so cavalierly and agreed to stop making any more pornos of any sort. He still planned to spend the summer in Mesa where Dylan was playing and found a summer teaching gig to make a little money. He wouldn’t promise he would leave Dylan’s teammates alone, but Doug promised to show much more discretion. Dylan and Doug’s friendship grew tighter than ever, but nothing more.

Caleb never had any breakdown. When he helped counsel his three fellow pledges from their crises, he came across as cool and collected. That they all came out of their slides somewhat successfully and all were still dear friends, he considered a huge accomplishment.

Caleb had enjoyed the pledge tasks in the end. It opened a new world of experiences to him. He got to have sex with so many beautiful girls. He had been sucked by girls and guys, and had sucked a number of guys. He had fucked guys’ girlfriends and sisters in front of them. He had broken one boy’s anal cherry and also had his own broken. He had done something sexual with each of his pledge brothers. And he had been blown by both his sister and his brother.

It was the last one that troubled him because he still fantasized about it. And he knew, even as he continued to enjoy the company of hot coeds across the campus, that he was always thinking about his brother and his sister. Late one night, Caleb found himself alone in the living room with Craig. The house was quiet. They talked about this and that and Caleb directed the conversation to the pledge tasks and them.

“That was just a pledge week thing, bro. What happens in the basement doesn’t exist upstairs.”

Caleb tried to get Craig to reveal what happened his freshman year with Chloe, but his red-headed brother refused to fess up. When Caleb moved towards Craig, with the intention of seducing him, the junior pushed his freshman brother off and told him to let it go. When Caleb discovered Doug had sucked Craig a week later, it had incensed him out of jealousy. He wanted to be where Doug was.

His sister would become a great history professor soon. His brother was off into politics as a campaign manager or even a politician himself. Caleb knew he had to get them out of his system and after a series of short-lived girlfriends didn’t do it, he signed up for a psychiatry class for the final quarter of the school year. He liked helping people and helping them find themselves. He could start with himself.

Sitting across the room in the large class was a girl with the greenest, biggest eyes he’d ever seen. Perfectly matched by her chestnut hair, he was enamored. Kaylie was an English major who simply found psychiatry interesting. She impressed Caleb with her questions to the professor. They began to study together which led to dating, which led to a serious relationship. Both stayed at school over the summer, unable to be apart.

In July, Caleb returned to school from a July 4th weekend at home with his family celebrating his grandparent’s fifty-fifth anniversary. He headed towards Kaylie’s dorm immediately upon arrival; she wasn’t picking up her cell phone. He was distracted as these two great looking guys passed him on the way. The older one, around his own age, it appeared, had short black hair, green eyes, a smile as big as Nick’s, and was doing all the talking. The other, who was somewhere in his teenage years, had shoulder length hair and the same beautiful pale green eyes, but a more reserved manner. Caleb found himself openly staring at them as they passed and as they walked away. Since that one night with Doug, he hadn’t done anything with a boy – and Craig was the only boy he ever really thought about.

“Oh, Caleb,” Kaylie chirped as they embraced in her room, “I am so sorry you weren’t here five minutes ago.”

“Did I miss meeting your secret lover?” Caleb joked, feeling something was strange in the air.

“No, silly, you just missed meeting my brothers! Well…step brothers. You know that Judah is a sophomore at Washington University and Jeremiah just graduated high school back in St. Louis. They came up for the weekend while you were out of town – it was a total surprise.”

Kaylie and Caleb sat next to each other by a small fountain in the campus circle. It was busy and they liked talking with each other there. They had begun to reveal a lot about their pasts, but Caleb had withheld his experimentation and incest – both for fraternity rules and out of fear. Kaylie hadn’t shared certain parts about her sexual past either.

Kaylie continued talking about her brothers: “They drove together all the way here! Well, Jeremiah better get used to that. He’s finally decided to come here next year. Do you think he’ll be able to pledge GZO? That’d be so great. You’ll love him. And you’ll take good care of him, right?”

“What do they look like?” Caleb asked, knowing the answer already.

“What? Oh. They have dark hair - Jeremiah needs a haircut though. And great pale green eyes…”

Caleb didn’t need to hear more. “Yeah, I’ll take good care of your brother, of course!”

“And Judah, well, he’s an unusual guy,” Kaylie said. “I haven’t talked about my brothers with you because there’s a story that’s embarrassing and I didn’t want you to get freaked out. But now I know you won’t.”

Caleb couldn’t imagine what sweet Kaylie could have done that would cause someone to “freak out.”

Kaylie, reassured by Caleb, began. “Back in high school, Judah and I were actually already dating when our parents got together! That was three years ago when I was a high school sophomore and he was a junior. He was actually…” she paused looking for signs of horror in Caleb’s face and found none. “He was actually my first. I wasn’t his, but that’s okay. Isn’t that weird? I had sex with him – but before he was my stepbrother. It’s almost like I committed incest! But we started before our parents even met. They actually met because of one of our dates. They both chaperoned a school dance and they ended up falling in love.”

“Did you call it off?” Caleb was getting hot and flushed.

“Well, not at first. I mean, our folks were just dating. And since my mom died, my dad had dated a bunch of women here and there – but none for very long. So we thought it would pass. But after my dad proposed, it got really weird. We told our folks we had broken up long ago and that it was never serious between us. In reality, it had been serious for a while. But we decided not to be exclusive and to keep everything hush hush. Then about three months before the wedding our folks bought a big house together and we all moved in. Me, my older sister Kelsey, Judah, Jeremiah, and Justin – he’s 14. We were sort of like The Brady Bunch. Judah’s bedroom was 10 steps from mine! If our folks ever learned what we did at night. I mean, how could we not? We were already having sex. Now we had the easiest access of anyone in the high school. But then…”

Caleb looked at her encouraging her to continue with his eyes.

“Then I came home one day – we weren’t exclusive remember so I guess I shouldn’t have been upset. I can’t believe I’m telling you this! I’ve never told this to anyone.” Kaylie paused but only to seek out another comforting look from her boyfriend. “I came home early from a cancelled play practice and I heard a weird noise from Judah’s room and I looked in and he was…well, he was with someone. With someone we both knew.”

“Who was he with?” Caleb felt himself getting hard and tried to will it away.

“He was with one of his friends, Theo. And, he, they, well, they were both naked and Judah had Theo’s dick in his…he was giving him a blowjob.”

“What did you do?” Caleb’s erection was getting worse, not better.

“I screamed – mostly in shock. I didn’t expect to see two naked boys in there, let alone them having sex. I just was so surprised. Then Jeremiah’s bedroom door flew open. He was responding to my scream, I guess. He thought I was being attacked or hurt or something. He was only wearing his underwear and socks. And standing behind him were two of his friends, Tony and Megan. And they were only in their underwear. Except Megan wasn’t wearing a bra and I could see – I mean, it was impossible to miss that both boys had erections. They were freshmen then.”

Caleb was stunned with what he should say. He put his arm around Kaylie. He knew that as much as he wanted to be there for her, he also wanted to hear the rest of the story.

“So after I finished screaming and running into my room and crying and then my brothers – well our folks weren’t married yet – they came in. And we talked. They said the reason their parents had gotten divorced was that their dad was bisexual. Although their mom always claimed he was really gay and not admitting it. He left her for another man. And the courts in Georgia gave her full custody. Then they moved to St. Louis. Their dad had always been direct with them that they should try everything. As long as it doesn’t cause serious harm to you – or in any way to someone else – go for it, he taught us. So both of them had been exploring their bisexuality. Judah said he and Theo had fooled around a few times, And Jeremiah said he and Megan and Tony were just exploring . They had never done anything before.”

Kaylie too a deep breath. “I asked them which they liked better. And Judah said, he wasn’t sure yet. He needed to try both more. They both felt great, but…and he didn’t want to say it…he thought he liked guys more. Jeremiah said he hadn’t really gotten a chance to try anything before I screamed, so he’d have to let me know!”

Kaylie offered a small chuckle, which Caleb joined in.

“I’m not one to judge, you know. People are people. I mean, I’ve never treated Jaden any differently than Ethan, have I? Well, against my better judgment, I slept with Judah a couple more times, but then after we were almost caught by Justin, he was 11 then, Judah and I broke up. After our folks got married, we all became the closest of friends. We could just be brothers and sister and we got along so well. They never had a sister and I never had a brother. I love them to pieces and I don’t care who they are with as long as they are happy. I know you don’t care either, Caleb, because I see how supportive you are of Jaden and Doug and everyone. But you better be careful, Caleb! They were looking at your pictures in my room and my brothers said that if you and I get much more serious, they’re going to have check you out personally!” She laughed again, this time pushing his arm and smiling.

Caleb smiled. “I’ll be careful.” He walked with Kaylie back towards her dorm room. His cock was raging and he needed to fuck her now.

Just as they entered her dorm room, Caleb turned to her and asked, “Hey, Kaylie. Next weekend, what do you say we drive down to St. Louis so I can meet your brothers?”

The End
(Look for more pledge class stories about individual brothers later this year…)

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