The following story is fiction. It didn't happen. If you don't like reading stories with gay sex in them or aren't allowed to for legal reasons, then don't. If you do and you can, read on!! This story is copyrighted June, 1996 by the author. It may be posted to other free websites as long as my name and email address are included and no changes are made. A courtesy email to let me know you plan to post to another website would be appreciated. Thanks!!


By Robby Sr.

Dave and Sara were having one of their typical vacations: they were hopelessly lost! No one could call it a guy thing and blame Dave. Nor could anyone blame Sara. The first time driving anywhere both of them were equally inept at following directions. They came to Florida from up north and were only trying to find the beach. It was night, and the city was new to them. They weren't used to the smell of salt in the air; which was everywhere, so heavy that the van's windows were shut and the air conditioning was on. They didn't have a street map so there was really nothing to follow and they were lost.

After 19 years of marriage Sara found out Dave was bisexual. Instead of kicking him out of the house right away, Sara did the intelligent thing. She did some research and discovered that such a thing wasn't as uncommon as she thought, and decided to see if she could live with it. The result so far was a tremendously spiced up sex life for both of them, and tonight they wanted to do some fucking on the beach. If they could only find the fucking beach!

They were driving through a section of the city that was almost deserted. Not a lot of people around to ask directions from; though that hardly ever helped anyway. A few were walking down the street, and a few hanging out on corners. A few hookers around here and there in their tight miniskirts, long legs and high heels. After several blocks the hookers turned into boys hustling their butts on the corners.

"Hey," Dave said, "Let's find us a cute guy to play with! Maybe if we make him shoot a load he'll tell us where the beach is."

Sara gasped, "Honey!! Come on! We've never done another guy this way before. We don't know how!"

Dave smiled, "Honey--" he said and reached between Sara's legs and rubbed her pussy, "We've never done anything like everything we've been doing lately! This is just one more. Come on, honey, let's give it a go. Some of these guys are probably bi."

"But how do we know they really know what they're dong? Some of them look awful young!" Sara said. Now it seemed there were guys everywhere. Damn cute guys, too.

"We know what we're doing, honey," Dave told her. "And these guys are so cute, I don't care if they know what they're doing or not. It'll be a lot of fun just playing around with them."

Sara pointed, "Now THAT one is beautiful!" she said, "He looks just like a young Omar Shariff!" Dave looked on the other side of the street and just about stopped breathing. He WAS beautiful! Dark hair, not long, not too short, a mustache. He walked to a lamp post, raised one arm up and leaned against it. He was wearing some kind of high school looking letter jacket, open. No shirt. When he put his arm up, the jacket fell open to reveal a slightly boyish looking, but downright gorgeous chest.

"WOW!" Dave said, "He looks ready!"

Sara giggled, "His pants are so tight! I wonder how long it takes him to put them on."

"He probably doesn't put 'em on," Dave smiled, "Somebody sprays 'em on him!" As they drove past, "Omar" started to cross the street. Dave looked at him through the rear view mirror. "Shit!" he yelled, "Did you see his butt?!?"

"Now calm down, honey," Sara put her hand on Dave's thigh, "No one else is around. Let's see if we can try him out."

Dave very calmly pushed the accelerator to the floor and did a doughnut in the middle of the street - squealing tires and all. "Omar" barely noticed until Dave pulled over to the curb across the street from him, rolled the window down and called out, "Hey guy!"

"Omar" slowly walked across the street, tilting his head to see who was in the car. His crotch strained against his jeans, driving Dave nuts. "Omar" leaned against the window, which let his jacket fall open. Dave could check out his chest and belly. His bulge was really prominent. "Omar" looked like he could be in his 20's, but when their eyes met, Dave could see the youth in them. 'Damn," Dave thought, 'that high school jacket is probably brand new.' "Omar" let his eyes scan the street, then settled on Dave, waiting.

"Hi," Dave said, "What's your name?"

"Joey. You guys lookin' for some fun tonight?"

"Hi, Joey. We are if you are," Dave replied, "What's the going rate here?"

"Depends on what ya want."

Dave flicked his eyes toward Sara and asked, "Are you bi?"

Joey leaned over further and looked Sara up and down. Finally, Dave got to see him smile, "Fuck yeah!" Joey said, "Want me to do ya both?"

Dave had to ask. "How old are ya, Joey?"

Joey shook his head, "Old enough - I don't carry no ID when I do this. You gotta trust me. Want me to do ya both?"

"Yeah," Dave said, "And we want to do you. At least I do."

"Fine," Joey shrugged. "A hundred fifty bucks I'll do ya both."

"That's the going rate?" Dave smiled.

Joey leaned over and looked Sara over again. He winked, "You guys ain't from here are ya? Tell ya what. A hundred bucks I'll do ya both. Welcome to fuckin' Florida."

Dave thought, 'He's too young to know how to ask for money. The boys at home would want twice as much, plus a hotel room.' Dave nodded, "100 bucks. You got it, Joey. Tell ya what. If we all three cum together, I'll throw in the extra 50 bucks."

Joey just shook his head and smiled, "I ain't promisin' that. 'Sides, I only really need a hundred more bucks. I don't charge as much as the other guys do. 100 bucks I'll do ya both. You cum when ya want."

In spite of the bargaining, Dave was something of a sucker for young guys who were in situations that made them take risks that guys their age shouldn't be saddled with. "100 bucks won't buy you food and a place to stay for very long, Joey," Dave said, thinking about the stories he'd heard of young gays living on the streets because their parents had no guts or brains to deal with their kids being gay, or even learn something about it - and so kicked them out of the house.

But Joey just shook his head again, "Look mister," he told Dave, "I'm only doin' this so I can buy my girl some earrings for her birthday, okay? I only come here when I need extra cash. I got a place to live. So what's it gonna be?"

Dave pulled out his wallet. He took a 100 dollar bill out. Then he let two more 100 dollar bills show and looked at Joey, "Tell ya what, Joey. You let us watch ya fuck your girl, and these two friends are yours."

Joey jumped back. He stared at the two $100 dollar bills for a few seconds, then shook his head, "She ain't into this shit," he told Dave, "She don't even know I do this. No, man. Just the 100 bucks and you get all of me. Right here, right now." But his eyes were still on the larger bills.

Dave didn't want to hand Joey the money and watch him take off down the street with it, so he reached back and put the bill on the back seat of his van, "Get in, Joey," he said. As Joey walked around the car Dave said to Sara out of the corner of his mouth, "How'd I do?"

"How should I know?" Sara hissed, "At least it worked."

Joey slid into the back seat of the van and pocketed the bill.

"I'm Dave, this is Sara."

"Hi, Joey," Sara smiled.

"Hey," Joey smiled back.

"By the way, Joey," Dave asked, "Where the hell is the Goddamned beach?!"

Joey gave him a strange look, then a smile. He pointed in the only direction Dave and Sara hadn't tried yet, "Two blocks that way. If your windows was open you'd hear the waves."

"Oooooooh shit!" Dave groaned.

Joey leaned up and put his arms around both of them, "Welcome to fuckin' Florida!" he laughed.

Fifteen minutes later the three of them were naked on the beach. Joey was on his back with his feet up in the air. Dave was slamming his dick into Joey's ass while Sara smeared her pussy all over Joey's face. Sara leaned over and started sucking hell outta Joey's dick. Joey tried to moan, but Sara's cunt was really dripping and Joey could only make gurgling noises. Dave had his head thrown back and was panting and sweating with each thrust. Sara rose up and jacked Joey's cock. Dave looked at her, then leaned over and tasted Joey's dick on her tongue. Joey was bucking his hips and meeting each one of Dave's thrusts. 'Shit!' Dave thought, 'he's young, but he's good!' He started pounding Joey's tight little hole even harder and could tell Joey was still wanting more.

Dave met Sara's eyes and glanced down at Joey's dick. Sara got the message. She let her cunt slide over Joey's face a couple more times then turned around. Dave spread his own legs further apart to drop down lower, and pushed Joey's legs apart until they were almost pressed down on the blanket; making Joey resemble a frog. Sara straddled Joey's hips and lowered her pussy down on Joey's cock. Joey's eyes bugged out. "Yeah!" he growled. His face was all shiny and wet. Even the front of his hair was soaked with Sara's cunt juice. Joey reached up and played with Sara's ample tits while Sara used her pussy to jack Joey's cock.

Dave pounded away on Joey's ass, his sweaty chest every now and then slamming up against Sara's back while she bounced up and down Joey's shaft. "Oh fuck!" Joey whimpered, "Fuck me!" Dave fucked Joey's butt. Sara rode Joey's cock. Joey fucked Sara's pussy and was going nuts. Then suddenly he dug his elbows into the ground and used them to brace himself. He bucked his hips, gritted his teeth, and jackhammered his dick into Sara's cunt. Sara rose up a little and kept still, allowing Joey to drive his young fuck meat up her pussy. "Ooooh yesss, Joey!" she breathed, "Fuck me Joey! Fuck my pussy baby!" Each time Joey slammed his dick up Sara's hole he also met Dave's dick as it slid up his ass.

'Holy shit!' Dave thought, 'This guy may be a kid, but he's no boy! He is fucking GREAT!'

Every muscle on Joey's body was standing taunt as he gave Dave and Sara their money's worth and more. Sara leaned forward until her face was almost in Joey's. Their eyes bored into each other's--each concentrating on the slam bang fucking they were giving and getting. Dave was making some kind of animal noises as he drilled Joey's hole, and Joey was hissing through his teeth as he drilled Sara's. Sara tried to cheer Joey on in between the thrusts that were coming fast and furious. "Fuck--me--Joey--fuck--me--baby--my--pussy--is--yours--my--pussy-is--all--yours!

The orgasm started in Sara's pussy and exploded. Shock waves ran down into her toes and all the way up until they jerked her head back; making it look like she was howling at the moon. She was howling all right, but she didn't give a fuck about the moon. Her tits started jiggling on their own as her body was wracked by wave after wave of some of the most intense pleasure she'd ever had. Seeing her cum, and knowing he did it drove Joey over the edge. His concrete fuck stick throbbed and pumped his juice up Sara's cunt and throbbed and pumped and pumped some more. Joey's own head fell back; his mouth formed an "O" as he panted and huffed and came and came. Joey's juice was filling Sara's cunt while Dave's was filling Joey's butt. Dave just stared straight ahead and concentrated all his energy in his hips. Joey's hole was flexing and milking Dave's cock dry. Joey's cum was running out of Sara's cunt and mixing with Dave's cum oozing out of Joey's ass. Finally Joey relaxed; his body slumped down on the blanket and Dave's cock fell out of Joey's hole with a sucking sound. Sara raised herself off of Joey's dick and collapsed half on and half off of Joey. She leaned over and slowly started licking the sweat off Joey's face, and Dave leaned over and licked the cunt juice and cum off Joey's cock. Then he lay down on the other side of Joey and joined Sara licking Joey's face.

There was a noise out in the darkness that Joey ignored, but got Dave and Sara's attention. A kind of clicking noise. "What kind of animals are those?" Dave asked.

"Those ain't no animals," Joey said. Then he chuckled and put his arms around Dave and Sara and pulled them in close to him. "I forgot to tell you guys. This is a pretty popular place to come fuck at night. Them's people clapping."

"What?!?" Dave said, and then laughed, "You mean we just put on a show, Joey?" He looked at Sara, who had her hand over her mouth; her eyes wide.

Joey nodded, "Best fuckin' show they EVER saw!"

"Oh shit!" Dave laughed and leaned over and kissed Joey. Soon it was a three-way kiss. They heard car doors closing, engines starting, and then fading away.

Dave figured now was the time. "The offer is still good, Joey," he whispered in Joey's ear. Joey didn't look at Dave; his head just kind of fell in Dave's direction, "Huh?" he asked.

"Two hundred big ones, Joey. And we watch you fuck your girlfriend. How 'bout it?"

Joey sat up and waved his hand, "I can't!" he said, "Look guys, this was great. Fuckin' great! But she don't know nothin' 'bout me. We only been goin' for a few months. I only done her a few times. She don't know I do this. And she don't know I like dick. No way I could talk her into it." He started feeling around for his clothes. Sara stayed quiet and let Dave and Joey talk.

"She doesn't have to know, Joey," Dave said softly.

Joey turned to look at Dave, "What the fuck does that mean?"

"How old are ya, Joey?" Dave asked again.


"For real?"

"Yeah," Joey said, "I ain't lyin', Dave. I'm a senior in high school. Graduate in a few months. I'm legal, don't worry nuthin' 'bout that."

Dave smiled and nodded, "So you don't really fuck your girl at her house or yours, do ya? You always go someplace else, right?"

"Well, yeah."

"Look, Joey," Dave said, "You tell us when and where. We'll get there early and hide. You bring your girl and fuck her any way you want. We'll watch, get our rocks off, and let you leave first. She doesn't need to know anything else about you, and she doesn't even need to know we're there."

"Well......." Joey hesitated.

Dave didn't really feel bad about pushing Joey. He could tell from the fuck Joey just threw that there was very little Joey hadn't already done, and that teenagers were always ready for a new experience, a new adventure; so he pressed on, "Tell ya what, Joey. I'll give ya a hundred now, and slip another to ya when it's done. How's that?"

Joey thought about it some, and began to smile. He looked at Dave, "You'll hide good? She won't know you're there?"

"She won't know a thing, Joey. And hell, even if she does see us, that won't tell her we know each other. She'll just think we're a couple of old farts who escaped from the home."

Joey laughed, "Boy will she be wrong about that!!"

"So you'll do it?" Dave asked.

Joey smiled and confirmed Dave's instincts, "Yeah."

Dave grabbed his wallet and gave Joey a hundred dollar bill. Joey looked at it like he'd never seen one before. He shoved it in his pants pocket, then grabbed Dave and Sara's hand, "Come on guys. Let's take a dip and wash off."

The three of them ran into the ocean and washed each other off, laughing and splashing and kissing and hugging.. Then Joey said he had to start home, "If my dad wakes up and I'm not there, he'll beat my ass black and blue!" Dave glanced at Sara. Her lips were tight.

"How are you getting home, Joey?" Sara asked, "Do you have a car?"

"Nah, I wish," Joey said, "That's OK. I'll get home."

"Come on Joey," Dave said, "Tell us which way and we'll take ya home. Just do me one little favor first?"


Dave grinned, "Put your pants on last!"

On the way, Joey gave directions and told them where to be tomorrow. They dropped Joey off as near to his home as Joey felt safe letting them, and then drove off. Sara told Dave he shouldn't have pushed so much to have Joey bring his girlfriend. She said Joey may change his mind and not even show up.

Dave shook his head, "I don't care if he doesn't show, honey," he said, "I just wanted him to have the extra hundred bucks." Sara leaned over and kissed Dave.

Joey told them they were only about 15 minutes from their hotel, and how to get there. But with their sense of direction it took them an hour to find it. It didn't help much that Sara was leaned over and sucking Dave's cock while he drove, and that kind of took his mind off his driving. He didn't complain, though.


Dave and Sara looked like some kind of newlyweds walking through the bushes. They weren't sure where they were; they were just following Joey's directions, but had to back track and start over twice. You guessed it: they got lost again! There was something of a trail that at times vanished and Dave had to consult the list of landmarks Joey told him about. They left the bushes and entered a large clearing they were told to expect. They crossed the clearing into the bushes on the other side. Then they encountered many small clearings; some small enough for only one person to lay down and sun bathe--or whatever. 'So' Dave thought, 'This is what's called, "The Party Spot" huh? Cool.' As instructed, they walked straight through four of these small clearings then came into one that had a small drinking fountain. So far so good. They were glad they came early.

The next clearing was the one they wanted. They picked a spot in another small clearing right next to it that provided a good view of Joey's clearing and spread out their blanket. It just barely fit. They sat down and Sara opened the picnic basket and spread out lunch.

"We're awful early," she told Dave.

"That's OK, honey," Dave said, "Gives us time to eat anyway. Besides, I wouldn't have known what to do if we walked right in on them!"

"We would have kept right on walking, of course!" Sara admonished.

"But we're supposed to watch them," Dave insisted. Sara just rolled her eyes and laughed.

They ate their sandwiches and chips, drank their sodas, then Dave took off his shirt to get some sun. After a few minutes he heard a noise. "They're here!" he said and rolled over to scan the clearing. A couple came into view; obviously high school students, but it wasn't Joey and his girlfriend. They walked on through the clearing and vanished.

"Fuck!" Dave said, "Anyone could decide to stop here before Joey gets here," he told Sara.

"Well, if someone does, we can at least go back and maybe Joey will see us and know something is wrong," Sara said, "There has to be more than one of these clearings they go to. They'll just head for another one. Then we can follow them."

"Yeah, I guess so," Dave smiled, "You're gettin' nice and sneaky, honey!" he reached over and started playing with Sara's tits, "I like that!" Then they heard another noise; this time from the opposite direction. But no one came into view. They realized that what they heard was a girl giggling.

"It's those other kids that walked through here," Sara said, "They must have stopped out of view."

"Yeah!" Dave grinned, "And they're startin' to have some fun. Let's go watch them!"

Sara gave Dave's butt a playful slap, "NO!" she said, "We'll wait here for Joey. It's still a little early."

"Come on, honey!" Dave pleaded, "We came down here to forget everything else and have some fun. So let's go take a peek. We can get back here when it's time for Joey to show up."

"We might miss them," said Sara, "Besides........"

"What?" Dave asked. Then he grinned and tickled Sara's pussy, "Why do you want to wait for Joey? Come on now. Fess up!"

"Well......." Sara gave Dave a sheepish, somewhat guilty look and murmured something.

Dave leaned over closer to her and teased her, "What? I didn't hear you......."

Sara gave him a stern look, "I said.....Joey's cuter, OK?"

Dave laughed, "I knew it!" he teased, "You liked Joey from the first time you saw him. You're the one who pointed him out to me!"

"Well, so what?" Sara said, "I can think guys are cute too you know!"

"Sure you can, honey. And you're right. I like Joey too. And his cute lil' butt!" Sara elbowed Dave's ribs.

Then Dave realized something. This was the local Lovers Lane, the Inspiration Point. This was where all the high school kids came to make out and fuck. Every city and town had one. Hell, they may get to see quite a bit of action like what was happening on the other side of the clearing.

"I'll tell you one thing, though," Dave said, "Those other two over there?" The two were making a completely different noise now--a noise that was in rhythm. "They have a great idea!" And he leaned over and kissed Sara.

Joey did show. And he did bring his girlfriend. Her name is Regina - Gina for short, Joey told them. Dave and Sara were already naked, and Dave's dick was wet. They almost missed the noise of Joey's arrival, which was just about drowned out by the noise Dave and Sara were making. Sara was riding Dave's dick and had to duck away quick and wiggle and squirm to get off it. They both had to dig their faces into the blanket to subdue their laughing.

First thing Joey did was wrap Gina up in a hug and kiss her. A real long, wet, sloppy, WE are gonna FUCK kind of kiss. Gina returned the kiss with the same passion and intensity as Joey. 'I don't blame her,' thought Dave. 'Or him! She is hot!' Gina was about as tall as Joey, curvy but slim, very light brown hair, almost blonde. Dave couldn't tell if her dark eye brows were make up, or belying her real hair color, but who cares? She looked great! 'Good job, Joey!' thought Dave.

Joey and Gina finally broke away and Joey spread out a blanket. Gina kicked off her shoes and sat down. Joey did the same and immediately grabbed Gina again and pulled her down while kissing her. They both lay on the blanket, and while their lips were welded together their hands were almost a blur going over each other's bodies. Dave and Sara lay naked together, elbows dug into the ground with their chins in their hands, and smiles on their faces. For the first time in his life, Dave didn't give one thought to his butt getting sunburned. Suddenly, in one smooth motion Joey pulled Gina's jacket and blouse off and was pulling her skirt down. Dave's eyes widened. He looked at Sara, "Damn!" he whispered, "Was that smooth or what?!?" He was watching the whole time but didn't even notice Joey unbuttoning the blouse or unzipping the dress. But Gina was no amateur either. Joey's shirt was off and his pants unzipped almost as fast. 'Wow!' thought Dave.

Joey pulled Gina up, sat up with her, and in another swift move her bra was on the ground. 'Nice tits,' thought Dave. Joey lay Gina back down, leaned over and devoured her tongue again. Dave saw one hand play with a tit, and this time he caught the other one sliding Gina's panties off. Dave smiled and shook his head, 'Joey's something else,' he thought, 'Not even outta high school yet, but he can uncover some pussy in record time!'

Sara leaned over to whisper to Dave, "He's good. He's not even looking around to see if we're here."

"I wouldn't either," Dave whispered and jerked his eyes toward Gina, "If I had that to play with. Besides, what's he got to loose? He's already made an extra hundred, and he's gettin' laid to boot!"

"Well I guess I wouldn't care either," Sara said. She licked Dave's ear, "But I'm talking about him!" Dave reached over and gave her butt a playful little slap - - before he remembered that slaps make noise.

"What was that!?" Gina hissed.

"Nuthin' babe," Joey murmured, and went for her lips again.

Gina's hand went to the waistband of Joey's pants. When she pushed them down to uncover his butt, Dave closed his eyes and remembered how much fun it was to fuck that little butt last night. Dave had to roll onto his side and stroke his own cock. Gina pushed Joey's pants down as far as she could reach. Joey stayed on top of her and scissored his legs until his pants were off. He wasn't wearing any underwear, and now both of them were naked out in the sun. As though she knew there was an audience, Gina's hands went to Joey's ass and pulled the cheeks apart, showing Dave and Sara his little fuck hole. Dave started stroking his dick faster.

Joey squirmed down and started sucking hell outta Gina's tits. Even though they weren't right next to them, Dave and Sara could see Gina's nipples stand straight up and get sucked into Joey's mouth. Now it was Sara's turn to roll onto her side with one hand playing with her own tits, and the other playing with her cunt. Sara closed her eyes and, again without thinking, she let out a little moan.

Gina again said, "What was that?!? Somebody's here!'

"It's nuthin, babe," Joey said as he switched tits, "Somebody's always here. You know that."

"It sounded awful close," Gina said, "Maybe we should have gone someplace else, Joey."

"Don't worry about it," Joey murmured between licks, "All the guys know this is my favorite place. They all stay away. Maybe we can hear, but that don't mean any one can see." He went back to Gina's tits and slid a hand down to her pussy. It came away wet. Gina forgot about the noise and relaxed.

Joey rolled off Gina and she eased him onto his back. She got up on her knees and leaned over Joey. She grabbed his cock and stood it up straight. Joey opened his legs a little and put his hands behind his head. Gina leaned down and kissed the head of Joey's dick, then slowly, but in one motion swallowed it whole. Dave couldn't just lay there and watch. Watching two hot young bodies working each other was too much for him. He squirmed around and stuck his own cock in Sara's mouth, and while Sara tried to suck they both maneuvered themselves so they could both watch.

It was obvious Gina was no virgin either by the way her head bobbed up and down and got Joey's cock all wet and slippery. Joey was cheering her on with his moaning and repeated, "Yeah's," and, "Yesss's" He started bucking his hips and fucking Gina's face without holding her head still. That made Dave suddenly start bucking his own hips hard. But a little too suddenly and a little too hard--Sara gagged. Gina's head snapped up.

"Who the fuck is there?!?" She demanded. Joey rose up on his elbows and tried to calm her down.

"Come on, babe! Don't stop now," he pleaded, but Gina jumped to her feet, oblivious of her nakedness. Dave looked away and continued to pump Sara's face, as though he hadn't heard. Gina sat back down quickly and put a finger to her lips at Joey, telling him to be quiet. She leaned over to him, "Somebody is fucking right over there!" She told him and snickered. Joey thought this was the end of it, and he wouldn't get his extra hundred dollars. He even started to sit up, looking around for his clothes.

"Let's sneak over there and watch them!" Gina said

Joey couldn't believe what he just heard. He just looked at Gina with his eyes bugged out, and almost fell back down. "Huh?" was all he could manage.
Gina grabbed his hand and pulled, "Let's GO!" she whispered, and began crawling on her hands and knees toward the bushes, almost pulling Joey with her.

'Oh shit!' Joey thought, 'NOW what do I do? What the fuck is SHE doing? This is fucked up! This is all backward. Now I gotta give them the hundred bucks back.'

Dave and Sara had been trying to act as though they didn't know any one was around. Dave got between Sara's legs and started eating her pussy, while still keeping an eye on the other two. Sara was trying to roll on her side and suck Dave's dick in a way so she could also watch out for themselves. But they both couldn't look in the same direction at once. Dave tried to move Sara around so he could eat and watch, and Sara tried to bend Dave's dick around so she could suck and watch. They tried to act natural, but only ended up looking silly. When Gina first got up on her knees and looked away from them to grab Joey's hand, Dave spun around and stuck his dick in Sara's cunt and started humping. Now Sara could bend her head back and watch.

When Joey and Gina started crawling towards the bushes, Dave and Sara did what any one would do who could stay calm in such a situation: they kept right on fucking. In seconds Joey and Gina were too close for eye contact, so Dave and Sara averted their eyes and pretended to be oblivious.

Gina crawled up to the bushes and ducked down real low. She reached out and very slowly parted a branch. Then she turned to a still confused Joey. "There's an older couple in there, and they're fucking!" she whispered excitedly. Joey could only shrug his shoulders. Gina turned back to watch, and Joey just looked up at the sky. One would think he was praying. He thought Gina to have been the type of girl who would grab her clothes in panic and run away. Then Joey would not only loose the best pussy around, but he would be out a couple of hundred bucks too! If this didn't work he had no intention of keeping the money. But instead Gina grabbed his hand and pulled him closer, a big smile on her face. She put a finger to her lips and jerked another toward the bushes, telling Joey to take a look. So Joey parted the branch and smiled a little at Dave humping Sara. Dave's eyes glanced up and saw Joey. Dave looked back down at Sara, then back up to Joey. Dave could only shrug, give Joey a pleading look that meant, "What else are we supposed to do? We're fucking NAKED, man!" and keep right on hammering Sara's cunt.

Gina wanted to watch some more, so she reached between Joey's legs, grabbed his swinging cock, and used it to pull him backwards and out of the way. She took his place between the branches. Joey saw her hand slide down between her own legs and she started fingering her own pussy.

'Oh what the fuck!' Joey thought, 'If I ain't never gonna get that cunt no more after this, I might as well say fuck the whole thing and get me a good piece today!' So without Gina noticing, he got up on his knees and positioned himself behind her. He grabbed his own dick, and with a flex of his hips, shoved the head right inside Gina's wet cunt.

That certainly took Gina by surprise. In fact, she was so shocked that she whooped and tried to jump up and turn away so she wouldn't be seen. But her knees buckled, and instead of turning away, she fell right between the bushes into Dave and Sara's clearing, and came to rest with her eyes only inches from Dave and Sara's.

Everybody froze. Dave with his dick half in and half out of Sara's pussy, his bugged out eyes locked on Gina's, equally wide. Sara's eyes were just as big and locked on Gina's. Joey groaned. Both Dave and Joey's cocks immediately went soft.

The only thing Dave could think to do was give Gina a guilty, Cheshire Cat big smile and say, " heh....Hi guys!"


"OH MY GOD!!" Gina yelled. Dave and Sara's eyes moved as one to Joey, who's eyes were shut tight.

"I'm so glad it's you!!" Gina said excitedly. Now three pairs of wide open eyes turned as one toward Gina. She had Joey's full attention now. Gina turned toward Joey. "Look, baby! Look who it is!"

'What the fuck is going on?' thought Dave, 'Does she KNOW us?'

'What the fuck is going on?' thought Sara, 'Did Dave fuck her already?'

'What the fuck is going on?' thought Joey. 'Did she already fuck them?'

"Uh, what are you talking about, babe?" Joey slowly asked Gina.

Gina looked back at Dave and Sara. "I'm just so glad it's you," she repeated, "I thought you were some of the other kids from school, and you'd know it was us, and you'd blab it all over school and I'd just die!"

Three people had been sitting, kneeling, and laying all tensed up, and all tensions went out of them at the same time. One could almost feel the air move as all three exhaled their relief.

Dave smiled at Gina, "Well, we won't tell any one at all....uh...." and he looked at Gina expectantly, then at Joey.

Suddenly Joey woke up and remembered no one was supposed to know any one. "I'm Joey!!!" he almost yelled, too quickly. He pointed to Gina and almost jabbed her back, "This is my girlfriend. Her name is Gina!" Then from behind Gina, he winked at Dave and Sara.

As though their voices were wired into each other's somehow, Dave and Sara said together and pointed.

"I'm Dave."

"I'm Sara."

"She's Sara."

"He's Dave."

"She's my wife."

"He's my husband."

"Yeah, I'm her husband."

"I'm her wife. I mean HIS wife. Oh..."

Then Gina laughed and Joey snickered, and the ice was broken. Dave sat up on his knees and Gina looked down.

"Hey, Dave, nice cock!" she said and smiled. Joey just stared at her. He'd given up on being surprised.

Dave smiled at Gina, "Well, thanks, Gina!, uh,....tits"

Sara sat up and looked at Joey with a conniving look on her face and a sexy little smile, "Hi Joey," she said, "Niiiiiiice dick!!" Joey just laughed and fell back on his side.

Gina seemed not at all embarrassed about being naked in front of strangers, which surprised them all, but any onlookers would be able to tell that Joey and Dave thoroughly enjoyed it. "Hey Dave," Gina said, "I saw you eating Sara's pussy. It was soooo hot! I wish you could teach Joey to eat pussy like that. He never has, you know."

Joey almost choked on his own spit. Started coughing and gagging for a minute while Dave and Sara laughed. After all, Joey had a whole face full of some real nice pussy just last night.

"Sure, honey!" Sara teased both the guys, "Teach Joey how to eat pussy! He can practice on me!"

Joey was going just about nuts trying to take it all in. Here was his girlfriend - the proper cheerleader at school who made all the guys wish they were him - talking like a common slut. Saying the stuff that Joey liked to hear!

Gina leaned over and started patting Joey's back, "That's okay, baby. I've been wanting you to eat my pussy ever since we met. Now we've got a couple of experts here! Let's make the most of it!" Joey just stared at her.

"Yeah, Joey," Dave said, looking at Joey with a shit eating grin, "Let's make the most of it, buddy!"

Joey just looked at the three of them, then smiled, shrugged his shoulders and said, "Fuck yeah! Let's go for it!" Then he grabbed Gina and laid her down on her back. He beckoned to Dave, "Come on, Dave! (wink) Show me how it's done."

Dave wasted no time. In seconds he was stretched out between Gina's thighs, pushing her knees up to her tits. Joey got down close and watched Dave's tongue dart in and out of his girlfriend's snatch and lick that young pussy all up and down.

"Oh my God!" Gina yelled and squirmed, "That feels sooo goood!" She squirmed and wiggled and Dave licked and licked. Joey watched as Dave's tongue fucked his girlfriend. He knew Dave was tasting not only Gina's cunt, but his own precum as well and smiled. He looked up at Sara and licked his lips. Sara smiled at Joey and jerked her eyes to Gina. Joey caught the hint and straddled Gina's face. He bent his cock down and shoved it into Gina's mouth. Gina took it and started sucking Joey's dick like she'd never sucked before, and that brought an instant grin to Joey's face. Sara leaned over and put her hand behind Joey's head. Joey leaned over and kissed Sara while he fucked Gina's face.

Sara moved her lips to Joey's ear, "He wants you too," she whispered. Joey looked at her. "He wants you with him. He wants to share her pussy with you." Then she guided Joey's head and pushed him down so his face was right next to Dave's. Then Joey and Dave were both working Gina's cunt.

Now Gina had two hot tongues paying attention to her snatch, and that drove her wild. She started whimpering and sucking hard on Joey's cock. Joey no longer had to hump her face. Gina was bobbing her head back and forth and swallowing Joey's dick over and over again. Joey felt like she was trying to suck it right off and swallow it whole. That made him get right down next to Dave and their tongues starting fighting each other's for a place in Gina's cunt. Sara lay down and ate Dave's ass while Dave and Joey ate Gina's pussy and sucked each other's tongues and licked each other's faces and Gina sucked dick. Every one was squirming so much, that poor little blanket got the worst of it. It got all wrinkled up and squished flat. But four people were getting the best of it. Joey couldn't believe his luck. He was finding out his oh so proper girlfriend was doing the kind of fucking he liked to do. No making love here - not now. Now was just plain ole good time fucking. No worries about performance, no worries about pleasing your partner. No worries, no love, no commitment, just get down, get dirty, and get fucked!

Suddenly, Gina started bucking her hips like she was having some kind of seizure. She yanked Joey's dick out of her mouth and started panting and moaning, her voice getting higher and higher. Dave moved his face out of the way and let Joey lean forward and sink his tongue up Gina's snatch and finish her off. Dave reached around and tweaked Gina's clit while Joey slurped up her juice and Gina went plain ole nuts! She reached up and jacked Joey's dick and screamed and came and bucked and came and howled and came some more. Finally, every muscle in her body relaxed. Joey raised his shiny wet face and grinned at Dave, who winked. Sara got her face out of Dave's butt and laid down right next to Gina, who was sweating and panting.

Dave's eyes bored into Joey's. Dave jerked his eyes to Sara, and put his hand up on Joey's shoulder and gave him a slight push. Joey got the signal and scrambled off of Gina. Dave immediately rose up and lay right on top of Gina and kissed her. Gina sucked Dave's tongue right into her mouth. While they kissed, Dave slid his hard cock up Gina's sloppy wet pussy and started humping away. Gina's eyes flew open when she realized things weren't done yet. She wrapped her legs around Dave and held him there. Sara grabbed Joey and started to pull him on top of her, but Joey didn't need any help. He spun around, got between Sara's legs, and started fucking her like Dave was fucking Gina. Now there were two pairs of legs wrapped around two butts, Joey fucked Sara hard and fast and furious and grunted like an animal, and Dave sunk his cock into some sweet 18 year old pussy and just fucking wallowed in it, and man I tell you what but there was some slippery nasty sweaty FUCKIN' going on in that clearing!

Dave was on top of Joey's girlfriend giving her cunt a pounding and right next to them Joey was on top of Dave's wife sinking his dick in her snatch. They were both fucking away on each other's women, looking at each other and smiling. Dave reached over and put his arm around Joey, and Joey put his arm around Dave. The four of them fucked like that under the sun and sweated and grunted and grinned 'til all four of them came hard and loud and furious. Dave and Joey didn't notice that they rammed those cunts so hard that all four of them had slowly but surely scooted a few feet from where they started fuckin'.
Joey slid off of Sara and rolled over onto his back, squirming between the women, his dick not yet starting to go soft. Dave rose up on his knees and his dick fell out of Gina's cunt. All four of them stayed quiet except for their breathing. Two pussies were just trying to close, almost as if they were scared of what may happen next. Two cocks were wet and shiny, twitching a little, like they were looking for another target.

Dave glanced over at Joey. Joey had the biggest shit eating grin on his face! He looked at Dave and their eyes met. After a second, Joey glanced down at his cock, then back up at Dave. Dave caught the look and his face broke out in a huge grin of his own. Dave's shoulders shrugged just slightly - only Joey caught the movement. It was like both of them thought, "Why the fuck not?" Then right in front of Gina, Dave leaned over and started licking Joey's cock clean.

Joey glanced over to see Gina's reaction, but her eyes were still rolled back in her head. Then he just thought, 'Oh fuck it all!' He rolled up onto his side and pulled Dave closer to him. Dave's dick was coated with Gina's pussy juice and Joey slowly licked it off, then sucked Dave's dick up into his mouth while he felt his own dick slide into Dave's mouth, and Dave and Joey started a 69 right between their women. Then Joey felt a tongue slide across his fuck hole and realized that Sara had turned around and was eating his ass. That made him suck Dave even harder and he felt Dave's dick get harder and harder in his mouth. He sucked a few drops of left over cum from the head of Dave's dick, and when he stopped for a second to swallow, he could still hear the sound of his lips smacking. Then he realized that it wasn't his lips that were smacking, and wondered what was going on. He opened his eyes just as Dave parted his legs a little.

'Goddamn!' Joey thought as he almost bumped into Gina, 'That little slut!' he smiled. Gina had rolled over and was eating Dave's ass with the same gusto that Sara was eating Joey's.

Joey stuck Dave's dick back into his mouth and sucked away. He sucked and licked, and sucked Dave's balls and licked his way to Dave's hole where his tongue met Gina's, and the two of them licked and made out right in Dave's butt. Joey could feel that Dave and Sara had the same idea as two tongues started vying for a spot up his own ass. He raised one leg and draped it over one of them to give them more room, and the four of them went at it again.

No one would be able to tell if it was spit, or pussy juice, or cum, or sweat, but all four of them were wet and shiny. Sara and Gina were squirming around trying to eat butt and finger their own cunts. When Sara wanted to lick Joey's hole she would grab his dick, bend it down and stuff it in Dave's mouth to get him out of the way. Then she went nuts on Joey's butt. Gina was having a great time gnawing on Dave's hole. She licked and sucked it and Dave could even feel her teeth raking across it. He started bucking his hips, trying to get more of Gina's face in his butt. Anyone in hearing distance would hear the unmistakable noise of fuck. Dave wondered if they were putting on yet another show for some other high school kids. 'Who fucking cares?' Dave thought, 'Joey alone could teach the teachers some stuff!' and he went on sucking Joey's cock.

Dave squirmed around and wound up on top of Joey. He turned around and sat on Joey's chest, then fed Joey his dick. Gina straddled Joey's hips and pushed Dave forward until he was in a push up type of position with his cock still in Joey's mouth. Gina grabbed her boyfriend's dick, stood it straight up, and then sat her pussy down on it. Sara lay down on her back and spread her legs. Dave looked like he was doing push ups, with each down count sinking his cock into Joey's throat, and his face into his wife's pussy. Gina rode Joey's cock and leaned over to eat more of Dave's ass. And the noise of fucking went on and on.

Gina could feel Joey's dick throb and she knew he was about to cum again. But she slid her cunt off it, grabbed hold of Joey's dick and squeezed hard, not letting him cum. Then, just like she did with Joey, she reached between Dave's legs and pulled his dick out of Joey's mouth, and used it to pull Dave down Joey's body until the two dicks met. She grabbed one of Joey's legs and pushed the knee to his chest. Joey's other leg automatically followed. Joey shot Gina a look - he didn't think she would let him go this far. Gina smiled and looked at Joey.

"Go ahead, baby!" she said, "I know you want it. I know you like to get fucked too!"

Joey's mouth dropped open yet again. Dave lay on top of Joey, looking at him and smiling. Sara sat up on her elbows and smiled too.

"Wha--what do you mean?" Joey asked Gina.

"Don't forget, I used to go out with Jack," Gina laughed. "He told me all about how you would drain his cock dry after baseball practice."

"Ahhhh shit!" Joey slumped down. He'd never even thought that Gina would know such a thing. Or that Jack would tell. But Gina wasn't done yet.

"He also told me he'd hide here and watch you suck his little brother's dick too!" Gina said. Dave and Sara were looking at Joey and laughing.

"Huh?" was once again all Joey could manage.

"Sure!" Gina said. "I always wondered what was going on at their house. Every time I would surprise Jack and go over there, one of them would always come running out of the other's bedroom. So once I went at night and snuck a peek in Jack's window."

Dave thought he would lay on top of Joey and feel Joey's dick go soft as he tried to take all this in. But instead, it got harder.

"Jerry was naked and sweating, and he was fucking the holy shit out of his big brother's ass! And Jack was yelling for more."

"Oh my God!" Joey moaned. So much for secrecy! He hadn't fooled Gina for even a second.

"Don't worry, baby!" Gina laughed. "I know brothers start out by fucking each other a lot - sisters too. And I like fucking you as much as the other guys do. And I don't want to stop. But..." she looked at Dave, "I want to watch him get fucked. I want to watch him get fucked just like he fucks me!"

That was all the encouragement Dave needed. He looked at Joey, who now had a big smile on his face. 'I knew it!' Dave thought. 'This guy will go for anything! Anything at all!' So Dave slid down just a little, and his dick almost fell into Joey's waiting butt. Joey arched his hips and let out a moan as Dave's dick slid home all in one smooth motion. Dave gritted his teeth and moaned as he felt Joey's tight little fuck hole wrap itself around his dick and squeeze. Gina laid down and got her face right up close to watch Dave's cock slide in and out of Joey's ass. Joey saw what his girlfriend was doing and decided to lay back and enjoy it. He clamped his hands behind his knees and pulled his legs way back, opening up his hole for Dave. He worked his hole and squeezed Dave's dick even harder. Gina finger fucked herself and watched Dave fuck her boyfriend. Dave gave it all he had and slammed his dick up Joey's butt so hard, he made Joey's hair shake with each thrust.

None of this was getting past Sara. She knew how much Dave liked to get fucked himself, and had a surprise of her own. At home she would strap on a big 8 inch dildo and pummel Dave's ass with it. Dave didn't know it, but she'd brought it with her. She pulled it out of her bag now. Gina saw it and her eyes went wide. She'd never seen a real dildo before, and crawled over to Sara to check it out while Dave went nuts in Joey's butt. Next thing you know, Sara had shown Gina how to strap it on, and Gina stood up with a big dick hanging between her legs, laughing. She held it up and jacked it - a little clumsy at first, but soon got the "hang" of it.

Dave saw her, and it was too much for him. He reared back and started shooting a load of cum up Joey's ass. Shot after shot and grunt after grunt, and cum was oozing out of Joey's hole once again. Joey gritted his teeth and cheered Dave on, bucking his hips to meet each thrust. He reached to his butt and grabbed Dave's dick - jacking it as Dave came in his ass. Finally Dave gave one last grunt and slammed his dick up Joey's butt and ground it around as his last drop made it's way into Joey's hole. Then he collapsed on the ground, sweating and panting. Joey still had his legs in the air. That gave Sara an idea.

She reached over and grabbed Joey's ankles. Then she pulled. And pulled. Next thing, Joey's back was straight up and down and he was looking up at his own hole. His dick was pointed straight at his own face. Sara then reached over and grabbed the dildo that was strapped to Gina, and guided it to Joey's hole. Gina caught on and put the head of the dildo right up to Joey's hole. Still loosened up some from Dave's fucking, and greased up with cum, Joey's hole just opened up by itself and Gina slid the dildo in up to the hilt. Once more Joey's eyes went wide and he let out a loud, "YEAH!!!" as he watched his girlfriend fuck his butt.

Again a little clumsy at first, Gina stood up and pumped the dildo in and out of Joey's butt. Dave lay down on his stomach next to Sara, and they both watched Gina fuck Joey. Gina knew what it felt like to get fucked, and soon worked into a rhythm and gave Joey the same pleasure he'd given her. Now and again Joey would glance over at Dave, and they gave each other a smile and a wink. Dave liked the idea of him and Joey getting fucked by the same dick--sort of.

Gina was getting another surprise. She thought she was going to give her boyfriend the same pleasure he gave her and nothing more, but she was wrong. The base of the dildo was attached to a square of hard rubber. Padded, but still solid. When it was strapped in place, the square sat right over her clit. While she fucked her boyfriend, the square pulled away and pressed against her clit in rhythm, in effect, massaging it. She started moaning at the sensation, and it made her fuck Joey even harder. In just a couple of minutes, she and Joey both were grunting and yelling. Gina's own tits started jiggling on their own as her orgasm exploded.

It was quite a sight to Dave and Sara, seeing Gina standing up with her feet planted apart, her head thrown back, and screaming as orgasmic shocks wracked her body. Dave saw Joey's toes fan out and knew he was gonna shoot, too. And he did. BOY did he ever shoot! He reached up and grabbed his own dick. Dave, Sara, and Gina watched as he opened his mouth and shot his cum right down his own throat. Gina went nuts. Sara applauded. Dave smiled and shook his head. Finally the four of them were all lying on the ground, exhausted, panting, and spent. Then the same noise happened. The same clicking noise, and Dave realized they had in fact, put on another show. Joey ignored it as he did last night, but Dave looked at the women, who had their hands up to their mouths, their eyes widened. Then they all laughed, wrapped their arms around each other and kissed.


The next morning Gina had to work, but Joey met Dave and Sara at a restaurant next to the Party Spot. This time Dave found the place on the first try. Their bags were packed and in the back of the van. They were flying back up north today. Over breakfast, Dave slid a hundred dollar bill across the table to Joey.

"There ya go, buddy!" Dave said, "You deserve a lot more."

Joey pushed the money back to Dave. "I don't want no money, guys," he said.

"But Joey!" Sara said, "We promised you, and you did earn it. We want you to have it."

"That's right, Joey," Dave said, "That was the deal, and I wasn't kidding about it, or the fact that you deserve a lot more."

Joey just shook his head and pushed the bill over to Dave. Dave looked like he was going to say something, but Joey slammed his hand down over Dave's.

"Better put it back in your pocket," Joey said with a grin, "Or I'll shove it between Sara's tits right here in front of everybody." Sara laughed.

"I guess it might not matter," Dave laughed, "It would just be one more show, right?" He was thinking about the audience of the past couple of days.

Joey laughed too, "Oh fuck them," he said, "They ain't nuthin' but a bunch of high school kids like me. They's probably with their girlfriends and boyfriends right now practicin' what they seen us do!"

After they laughed, Joey cleared his throat, "Look guys," he said and took a breath. "I ain't no good at this, but let me tell ya. I made enough money from you guys. I don't want no more. Yesterday was fun. I mean, I had a great time, and it was just FUN! That's how I want to remember it. That's how I want to remember you two. I mean, not that it was business, but that you were fun. Besides," he put his hand back on Dave's and looked at him, "You showed me somethin' I didn't know nuthin' 'bout before." He smiled at Dave, "You showed me I got the best pussy this side of the Mason/Dixon line! And.." he put his other hand over Sara's, "You got the best on the other side." Sara smiled at Joey. "I made enough money to get Gina her present," Joey continued, "I don't go downtown 'cause I like it. I go just 'cause it's the only way I can make any money, but I only go when I need to, and I ain't gonna need to for a while now. I just want to remember yesterday as one of the best fucks I'll never forget."

"Well, Joey," Dave said, "For a guy who's no good at this, you sure do a hell of a job. How about this? When we get home, I'll donate the money to some kind of charity that helps gay folks, how's that?"

"Good enough for me!" Joey smiled. They walked out to the car, and Joey held the door open for Sara.

"Well!" Sara smiled, "Thank you, kind sir."

"Oh, great!" Dave laughed, "Now she's a Southern Belle!"

"And a damn gorgeous one, too!" Joey said, and bowed as Sara got in the van.

Joey kissed Sara goodbye from her window, then walked around to Dave's side. He looked around to make sure no one was watching, then leaned into the window and gave Dave a kiss.

"By the way, Joey," Dave said.


"How do I get to the airport?"

"OOOOHHH NO!" Joey groaned, and wound up taking a cab home from the airport.


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