The following story is intended for adults over age 18 interested in sexual fantasy. If that's not you, please read no further.

The following story depicts unprotected sex. As said, it's fantasy. You are reality. Practice safer sex.

All characters in this story are fictional with no resemblance to any real persons implied.

BALI ENCOUNTER by LenZelig 'at'

The long flight from the states was a strain, but when we arrived at our hotel in Bali, late at night, my young wife and I weren't interested in sleep. Our bodies still thought it was mid day thanks to a 12 hour time change, so we spent the night with the wild sex that marked each evening since our wedding three days ago.

My wife, Lori, is a real stunner at five foot six, 35-24-34 and full, firm C-cup breasts. Her blond shoulder-length hair, flawless light skin and kissable soft lips complete the package. She's been insatiable in bed and really enjoys my thick eight inch cock as much as I enjoy the velvet friction in her slick cunt. I enjoy watching my effect on her, seeing her body flush with passion, moaning and shaking as I push her and I to a shattering climax.

We married right after college and both had good jobs waiting when we returned. The trip was a wedding gift from her parents.

I was a business major in college and a varsity swimmer, specializing in freestyle sprints. At five eleven and a muscular 160 lbs. I had lots of interest from both girls and guys. I met Lori during our sophomore years and we've been a steady couple ever since.

After that first night we slept most of the next day and night with only a break for a romantic dinner and another hot round of sex. We did some sightseeing the next day and another steamy night before drifting off.

We enjoyed the beautiful beach of our hotel for the next day, getting a nice tan under the tropical sun aided by plenty of high SPF sunblock. We were headed back to our room. My attention was on Lori, looking so sexy in her small bikini when I walked into a brick wall. I staggered from the impact and started to fall backwards when the 'wall' grabbed me.

The 'wall' was a hugely muscular Balinese man. He'd reached out and clutched me by my lats with arms that easily topped twenty inches. He lifted me back to my feet, showing not the slightest strain in handling my weight. I saw he was a couple inches shorter than me, but with maybe sixty more pounds, all muscle. I'd guess he was a bit younger too, maybe eighteen or nineteen. He was wearing a patterned green wrap tied around his waist that extended past his knee. His head was wrapped in a cloth of the same pattern. Straight black hair extended down his neck to mid back. His torso was uncovered, revealing a massive chest. His pectoral muscles bulged, forcing his dark brown nipples down and toward the sides. A six-pack of abdominal muscles looked like the brick wall I already knew he felt like. His skin was a flawless golden-brown, showing not an ounce of fat on his bulging muscles.

"Are you all right?" He asked in lightly accented English. I shifted my gaze from his fantastic body to his smiling face.

"Yes, thanks to you. I'm sorry. It was my fault. I wasn't looking where I was going."

"No harm done. I'm glad I was able to prevent your fall. Bali prides itself on its hospitality," he said as he slipped an arm about my waist, lightly holding me to his side.

"My husband has been a bit distracted since we've arrived for our honeymoon," added Lori staring at the muscular young man. "You look very strong."

"I'm as strong as I look. Here feel this," he offered, making his biceps jump as he curled the arm not holding me.

Lori ran her hands across the huge muscle, tracing the thick vein that was prominent along the top of its bulging surface. "Wow. That muscle is so big...and hard."

"All of my muscles are big...and hard," he said with a bit of extra emphasis on the word, all, as he looked directly into her eyes. "If you'd like, let me invite you to my room. I'd like to show both of you, my new friends, some of the pleasures of Bali. I am I Wayan Anugerahi. You can call me Wayan. Will you join me?"

I just looked at him, not knowing what to say. I don't know what I expected, but my cock knew. It was hard and leaking pre-cum, wetting my trunks. Lori was silent too, just looking wide-eyed at the confident young man.. I saw our new Balinese friend had stretched his arm around her back. His long fingers were blantantly caressing the bottom of her firm breast. The hard point was clearly evident through the flimsy fabric of her top.

We allowed ourselves to be herded through the lush tropical foliage of the hotel's grounds. I didn't pay much attention to the short journey. We reached a small, free-standing structure. Wayan led us up onto the small porch and stepped out of his sandals as Lori and I followed suit. I noticed another pair of shoes already in place. He opened the door and urged us inside.

The room, dimly lit from sun filtering through the curtained widows, was similar to our own, but perhaps a bit bigger. The floors were dark hardwood with hotel furniture and chairs in the Bali style. Adjacent to one wall was a king-sized platform bed. I heard the sounds of a shower running somewhere in the back.

A quick motion from Wayan's hand slipped my trunks over my hips. They dropped to the floor as my, now hard, cock snapped out horizontal. His arm behind my back pulled me against him, his thick, muscular thigh spreading my legs as my cock wetted the green fabric of his wrap.

Wayan's other hand was busy too. He had pushed Lori's top over her breasts. It hung loosely about her neck as he openly cupped her firm flesh. Lori was flushed with sexual excitement and had straddled Wayan's other thigh, humping her damp pubic area against his muscles. She was transfixed on his face. She licked her lips in anticipation. I understood what she was feeling. I was doing the same.

Wayan called out in the local language for a short time. In response the sounds from the shower ended. He looked intently at each of us and continued in English. "I have a big surprise for you. Why don't you unwrap it? He continued indicating with a glance the knot securing the waist of his garmet.

I moved my hand over the taut flesh of his abdominals but couldn't break my eyes away from his own. I felt Lori's hand aleady there, fumbling with the material. The touch of my wife's flesh caused me to switch my gaze to her. She'd done the same. We had a moment as we recognized our mutual lust for this muscular Asian. We smiled at each other and quickly looked back at the source of our passion.

We struggled with the unfamiliar closure for a minute before our uncoordinated efforts got it loose. I got an end free and pushed it around his back, passing it to Lori who continued to unwind it. It had two turns undone before falling free. I felt the material flutter against my calf as it fell to the floor.

I broke my eyes from his face to glance down the muscles that crowded his torso to the area previously concealed. He was huge, half again as long as me and twice as thick. It was a bit darker than the skin of his body. A couple thick veins crisscrossed its length, visibly pulsing as it was still filling out fully. I noticed he was uncut though the skin was almost fully retracted over the head that was damp from the pre-cum that had already leaked from it.

Lori was the first to reach for it. Her small hand could not completely surround the thick shaft. "I think you like my surprise. But I have another one for you."

I heard a sound from the back of the room. I looked over and saw another young Balinese man who seemed to be a duplicate of our new friend. He was nude as he strode into the room using a large white towel to continue drying his long, straight, black hair. He saw Lori and I huddled with Wayan and smiled broadly, showing his even white teeth. He said something to Wayan in their common language and got an answer back. His cock, which was larger soft than I am hard, hanging between his extremely thick thighs, sarted to fill out and rise toward horizontal.

"Altough I am first-born, this is my big brother. You can call him Kadek. As you can see he also enjoys meeting new friends."

As I was watching Kadek dry his long hair as his cock contiued to engorge, now at forty-five degrees, I regained enough composure to venture a question. "You look identical. why do you call him your big brother?"

"We are almost identical, but Kadek is 35 centimeters when hard and I am only 34. I am a centimeter thicker though." I didn't know what that was in inches, but it clearly was a lot, easily over twelve. "Kadek doesn't speak much English, But I don't think that will be a problem. Do you?"

Kadek finished with the towel and tossed it aside. He came toward us and pulled me against him. "No," I got out before his lips covered mine. I felt his tongue touch my lips. I parted them to let him inside. Kadek surrounded my body with his strong arms. The bulge of his biceps and triceps under my armpits pushed my limbs out horizontally. I rested my hands on the mellon-sized mounds of his shoulders. My cock was hard pressed against his rock-hard abdominals, leaking its fluid onto his golden skin. As we continued an extended kiss, I felt his long sex-pole press through my thighs and thrust upward against the base of my ball sack.

Without breaking our kiss Kadek maneuvered me toward the bed. I was just following his lead, he was in control here. I didn't even know where he was heading until I felt him break our kiss and lift me onto the firm mattress. He followed me onto the bed, spreading my legs and settling on his knees between my spread thighs. I looked down at my huge friend, admiring his body. His cock was now a vertical tower in front of his torso and reached upward to the middle of his second row of brick-shaped ab-muscles, that glistened with the residue of the fluids smeared on it by my dripping cock. Half of his black mane draped over his left shoulder, reaching to the middle of the flat plate of his pectoral muscle.

A shake of the bed announced Lori's arrival to the bed, placed next to me by Wayan, who took position between my wife's spread thighs. He looked to me identical to his big brother. If there were a difference to their cocks, I couldn't see it from where I was. Wayan reached up and pulled off his head covering, tossing it aside. A quick shake of his head flicked his long hair about his head like a black cloud. It settled, draped behind his bulging shoulders.

I stole a glance at my wife. Her sole attention was for Wayan. Her body was flushed and breathing rapidly, probably already close to orgasm even though Wayan had barely started with her. As I watched Wayan pushed on top of her, rubbing the long length of his cock over her pubic mound as he moved up for a new kiss.

That must have cued Kadek to resume. He reversed himself, straddling my face in a sixty-nine. He reached underneath to push the straining pole suspended horizontally below his body down toward my mouth. I felt it brush my lips as I opened wide to accept it. Kadek gently lowered the first few inches into me as I reached both of my hands to steady it. He removed his own hand and shortly I felt him lick the length of my own stiff piece.

Now I'm not gay, but I did have a bit of experience. It was sort of a ritual for the new members of the swim team to take care of the veterans after practice and away meets. I was told I was pretty good and, of course, I'd taught Lori what to do to please me. I sure thought that knowledge would put to good use tonight. Next to me I heard the sounds that told me Lori had had her first orgasm just from the external body contact with her strong Balinese lover.

My wife gave good head, but Kadek was phenominal. I went to work on his own member, trying my best. I licked around the crown and the back of the shaft. I tried, but Kadek knew tricks with his mouth I'd never imagined. He flicked my cock rapidly in an especially sensitive spot and I errupted. He swallowed my load. When I recovered a bit I resumed my efforts on the thick member that pinned my head to the bed. I tried to match the things he was doing to me. It must have worked because I was rewarded with a steady flow of his tasty juices.

A glance to my side showed that Wayan had reversed his body to attack my wife's pussy with his mouth and tongue. Meanwhile Lori struggled with Wayan's thick member. I think he'd said he was a bit thicker than his brother and Lori's mouth is smaller than mine. She had both her hands around the long length of shaft that extended from her lips. I saw her body shake as a scream was stiffled by her firmly plugged mouth as Wayan's actions pushed her beyond the brink again.

I returned my attention to my own situation as I felt Kadek begin to explore my ass. A long finger found my virgin hole. He rubbed it around my opening and gently pressed the tip of his finger at the hole. He removed his probe for a few seconds. When it returned I could feel it was wet and slippery. I hadn't noticed the lube, but I was glad Kadek had found some. He wasted no time in pushing a finger into me, probing and loosening my hole.

I should have been nervous, waiting for what I knew was coming. I'd never been fucked before and now Kadek was preparing me for the biggest cock I'd ever seen. Its just that Kadek, and Wayan too, were so confident, so in control, that it never occurred to me. I wasn't thinking, just reacting. I would do whatever these Balinese men wanted, and only hoped they wanted a lot. This must be how my wife feels during a long night with me. How she felt now, I couldn't even guess. She'd already had several orgasms and her lover hasn't entered her yet.

Kadek added a second finger, expanding me further for what was to come. As he pushed deeply into me he found a sensitive spot. He touched it and I gasped for air around his cock. He must have been searching for that spot because he started stroking it while working his special magic on my cock with his tongue. Involuntarily my body started shaking. Only my head was still thanks to the fleshy pole spearing it. I made my own stiffled scream of ecstasy as I came again.

The room was air-conditioned, but I was sweating heavily when I recovered my awareness. I still had Kadek's cock deep in my mouth. From the accumulation of his pre-cum I'd been out of it for a couple minutes. I swallowed it down and resumed my service. He was lightly licking the surface of my own cock, waiting for my recovery. He picked up the pace as he felt me start to respond again. When he resumed his anal probe, I noticed he'd added a third finger while I was gone. He spread them to stretch the opening. I knew he'd need me pretty loose to get the thick piece in my mouth up my ass. He removed his fingers for a few seconds and returned with fresh lubricant for my ass, spreading it as deep as he could reach as he entered me to the knuckles.

Kadek let my cock slip from his mouth. It snapped hard to my abs. He lifted his own piece from my lips. It snapped tight to his torso as he positioned himself between my spread thighs. He lifted my legs so my heels rested in the valleys between his thick neck and bulging shoulders.

I saw that Wayan had positioned himself similarly relative to my wife. Kadek reached between my wife's spread thighs, dipping his fingers deeply into her soaking cunt. He spead the lubricant over the length of his brother's rigid cock before repeating the procedure with his own. I thought it fitting that her lubricant was easing my anal initiation.

Kadek said something to his brother and they had a short discussion. Wayan explained. "Kadek thinks you are ready. Do you know what he is going to do with you?" I nodded. "And you know what I will do with your wife." Again I nodded. "And then there will be more. Your wife is already lost into pleasure. Kadek and I want to certain you want to proceed. We are your friends, and lovers if you'll let us, so we will give you this chance to back out. Are you sure you want us to go on?" I nodded once more. "No that's not good enough. Tell us what you want while you still have the ability to think rationally about it."

Was I still rational? I didn't think so. All I could think about was that my hole ached for Kadek's cock. I wanted them to stop talking and start fucking. But I thought I could still talk, so I did.

"This evening has been a blur to me since I ran into you. I don't know how I got into this situation.. If your cocks are as talented as your mouths, I don't want to be anywhere else. I know I can talk for Lori, please fuck us."

With that Wayan gave a small head motion to his brother. Kadek smiled at me and started to bend me double. His slippery pole dragged across my own straining piece as he moved it into position. He planted his arms by my shoulders and stared down at me. I looked between our bodies to see him push his tip into my spread crack. He angled his body searching for my entrance. I reached down with a hand, gripping the flesh, slick with Lori's lube, and guided it to the spot. He felt when the tip touched my hole. I looked up at his face and wet my lips. I was ready, I thought, for whatever comes next.

Kadek started to press into me. My sphincter spasmed against the intrusion as it was forced, little by little, to yield to the steely member. I closed my eyes and willed myself to relax as he opened me up. I was stretched as wide as his fingers had opened, but the head was only partially in. A quick stab of Kadek's hips as I cried out in surprise and he was in. A steady pressure allowed him to insert a few more inches. I glided my hand along his length to where his hard body joined with my flesh, running the tip of my middle finger along my over-expanded ring. I reopened my eyes and smiled up at his face.

Kadek smiled back as I felt him sink deeper. Inside of me he touched the spot he probed earlier with his fingers. He hit it again and again with a rapid motion from his hips. I writhed beneath him in the unexpected heat of pleasure. Kadek noticed my reaction and his own smile broadened as he observed me helpless from the waves of pleasure he was forcing through my mind. The room filled with the sound of my moaning. A jet of liquid splashed my face, then another.

Kadek was kissing me. He sensed I was back with him and moved away a bit. I opened my eyes. My eyelid was damp and my face wet in places. Kadek leaned back to me and licked up some of the stuff covering me, then offered his tongue to my mouth. I licked him off, tasting my own cum. He repeated that again. The third time, as I reached to clean off his tongue, he snapped it back into his mouth, licked his lips and swallowed.

I winced a bit as he pushed some more cock in. He was definitely beyond the depths prepared by his fingers. I instinctively tensed my body, expecting further pain. Kadek must have felt me react to his intrusion, he backed out a bit and started a slow, steady pistoning motion, keeping a constant friction over my most sensitive spots. As his delightful internal massage sent pleasure signals straight to my brain, I relaxed. That was what Kadek needed to gradually claim more and more of my body.

Kadek increased his pace as I lay dazed beneath his sexual assault. My cock, hard and throbbing, spurting drops of pre-cum onto my abdominals as each new thrust bottoms out. I grab his biceps, bulging on the pillars of his arms, that were planted beside my shoulders to try and anchor myself. The outside world becomes a blur as the feelings from inside dominated my mind.

Faster, deeper, harder becomes my universe. Then a sudden break, a pause, and something new. A pulse runs down the stake spearing my gut. I feel a jet of heat errupt deep inside me, then another, and another. My cock spews in synch with the action inside me. Slowly the intruder withdraws, still spraying my intestines with liquid fire. Then in again, still slowly and still cumming strongly. It goes deeper than before. I feel no pain in the delerium of the most intense orgasm I'd ever experienced, but even through my clouded mind I knew something powerful, irresistible, was moving within me to places I'd never known existed before.

My ecstasy seems to last for hours. Then there is a moment of preternatural stillness. The throbbing within me has ended I realize, and my own cock is quiet, resting. The room stops spinning around my head and I focus once more on the visage of the Balinese stud. He's smiling. A firm pressure on my butt tells me he's conquered me completely. I can feel his pole, still impossibly hard, plunging down into my depths. A quick tremor runs through it from base to tip, reminding me of its power.

Kadek scoops his arms under my back and rears back so he's kneeling on the firm surface of our bed. I'm hoisted upright, finally sitting with my butt nestled on his lap, still bent double, my ankles by my ears. Now repositioned, he moves his hands lower down my back while still supporting me. That allows me to spread my legs past his wide shoulders, eventually resting my knees in the crooks of his arms, a position a bit more comfortable for me.

We are now face to face. I wanted to thank him, to somehow express my gratitude, but he didn't know my language and I had no words adequate to the task anyway. I just wrapped my arms around the pillar of muscle that was his neck and pulled my self into a passionate kiss. When we broke off I could see he understood.

As I recovered I became more aware. I noticed Lori laying on the bed. Wayan had settled on his knees with his huge thighs widely split so my wife's cunt could nestle agaist his groin as her legs splayed over the bulging muscles of his thighs. Less than a half inch of the long shaft was visible, tightly clutched by her vaginal lips. Her swollen clit was red from the continual friction of the thick member beneath it.

She appeared to be resting, but I could tell that was not the case. Her eyes were open but unfocused. Her body flushed to a reddish tinge, covered in sweat, and wracked by spasms of small, uncoordinated muscle movements. Breathing was rapid and shallow, punctuated by a low, contiuous moaning. Suddenly a change comes over her. Her eyes snap wide and focus on Wayan. She utters a loud exclamation, then another. She arches her back into a bow that lifts her body clear of the bed, supported by the back of her head and steel pole that is Wayan's cock.

Wayan is cumming, again. He's infusing her with more of his seed, but my wife is already full. Cum spurts out from the tight seal around his shaft. After a minute Lori's muscles go slack and she slumps back to the damp sheets. Not finished, Wayan starts a slow fuck stroke drawing inch after inch of his long member from her body before reinserting himself.

That's Kadek's signal to start with me. His hands hold my waist and lift me up. I ride the full length of his shaft powered by his strong muscles. My weight is nothing to him. Kadek is thick enough to rub my sensitive spots continuously. I held his neck as pleasure flowed through me. My cock, still stiff, traveled in the deep groove that splits the rows of his abdominals. He pressed my torso to his, sandwiching my straining cock between our bodies, lubricated by my sweat and cum. As he lowered me down his tall tower of flesh, I could feel it, through the layer of my abdominals muscles, push alongside my own cock.

Kadek speeds the pace building toward his release. I ride the waves of emotion coursing through my body. I cum, but this time there is no respite. He drives me past the peaks I'd reached before. I cum again and Kadek continues unabated. He lifts me higher than before until just the very tip of his pole remains piercing my body. Then he slams me down to the base in an instant. My body rocks with the impact and he holds me planted to his groin. His cock goes wild inside me, shaking my frame from head to toe. His hot seed spews forth, again, again, and again. I join him.

The cool spray of water revived me. Kadek had carried me into the shower. It was an outside area screened from view by a high wall. Screens enclosed the space above the wall, excluding insects. The sink and toilet were under a small slab of roof to protect from rain, but the shower area with a large tiled floor and a long stone bench was in the open. Several spray heads were mounted high on the wall and now turned on to a full cooling rain. Between the tiled deck and the outer wall were beds of flowering tropical plants. Night had fallen and the area was illuminated by several electric lights.

Kadek was holding me in his arms while he stood under the spray. He was still deep inside me, but not trying to stimulate me; at least no more than his powerful presence in the midst of my body did by its own. I saw my wife sitting on Wayan's lap as he sat on the bench. he was gently soaping her body waiting for the cool spray to affect her. Lori's legs were widely split to straddle the thick bulge of his thighs. Wayan had pushed her back a bit so she sat about mid thigh so he had good access to clean her front. That slid about six inches of his cock from her cunt, but that much or more must still be inside.

Kadek said something to his brother. Wayan translated for me. "My brother says you were a good fuck. He will be pulling out of you now." As Wayan finished, Kadek lifted me high over his head, extracting the long length of his cock from my ass and letting me disentangle my legs from his arms. He set me on my feet in front of him. I saw his cock was still hard, standing upright before his torso. The spray from the shower was rinsing the coating of cum and ass juice from its surface. My abused hole was having trouble adjusting. I felt a steady flow down my inner thighs as I struggled to close the opening he'd forced so wide.

As Kadek started to soap my body, I saw Lori break out of her reverie. First her muscles tensed as her mind regained some control. She whipped her head around, rapidly scanning the area, before fixing on Wayan. She slowly scanned his body, stopping for extra seconds as she saw the thick tube that connected them, then back to his face. She then looked to me, doing a double-take back to Wayan as she saw Kadek. She returned to Kadek and I. Then there was her shock of astonishment as she recognized how big Kadek's cock was. She quickly returned to Wayan, now understanding what had happened to her and how much of Wayan might still be inside her.

"Wayan? Is that your name?" He nodded yes. "What happened to me? Us? I remember you inviting us to your room, but the rest is a blur."

"This is my room," explained Wayan. "You've been here most of the evening. That is my twin brother, Kadek. You met him when you got here but I think you were distracted when I introduced him. He's been fucking your husband while I fucked you. Did you like it? I think you did."

I could see her trying to process what Wayan told her and fit it with her memory of the evening. She'd always been easily stimulated sexually. My own memories were just a blur of random impressions and intense emotion. I could barely imagine her experience.

"I've...I've..." She stared at Wayan, then down at his cock, looking along the six inch gap that it bridged before disappearing within her. She looked up and started again. "I've never felt anything like it. It's still like a dream, a wonderful dream." She looked over at Kadek. "You fucked my husband?"

"Kadek does not understand English, but yes, he did fuck your husband," Wayan explained. "And after you're refreshed a bit, he will fuck you, while I have your husband. Are you ready for me to pull out?"

"No. I think I'd want you inside me forever. But, if you must, do it." She looked down at their junction, waiting.

Wayan moved his hands to the sides of her small waist. He lifted her a bit extracting another inch. I saw a shudder run through her as the motion reminded her of the stimulation he'd given her earlier. Wayan stopped, holding her in suspense, both literally and figuratively. "Oh, I remembered you haven't introduced yourselves. Now that we're better acquainted, can you tell us your names?"

Lori looked confused. She looked at Wayan, then where he'd entered her, them back at him. She giggled. "Yes. You're right. We are better acquainted. What secrets should we have from friends that know us inside and out? I'm Lori and my husband is Peter, Pete Fletcher. We're from Seattle in the United States. We've been friends for three years, but married just five days ago. We're here in Bali on our honeymoon. I'm glad Pete ran into you. And Wayan, you were right, all your muscles are big and hard, but I think I do have a favorite one," she added, smiling and looking down again to where their flesh merged.

I thought Lori seemed strangely confident. Wayan completed extracting himself from her body, his cummy pole standing tall and proud, ready for action. Lori, he set on her feet beside the bench. A steady seepage of cum dripped from her onto the tiles where the shower rinsed it away.

Wayan stood behind her and hugged her to his body as he cupped her breasts. Lori meanwhile rubbed her fingers over, around and then in her slit, clearly missing what had seemed a part of her. Wayan was talking to his brother while resuming his washing of Lori's body. Kadek did the same with me. It was more of a sensual embrace than a scrub down. Soapy hands an fingers roaming over every inch, carressing, probing, massaging. Our bodies almost enveloped in their muscles, encircled by their massive arms, huge thighs moving against our legs, and their powerful sex, hard and ready, just teasing us with its potential, rubbing our skin, pushing at the door, but never actually entering.

After half an hour we were clean and eager for another round. After we dried each other Kadek turned me around for a passionate kiss. When we broke, the boys exchanged us. Wayan's kiss certain made me feel welcome as did the heat flowing off his cock to mine as we pressed our bodies together. When Lori and Kadek separated she had one hand holding the middle of his long cock while fingering her clit with the other.

Wayan herded me back to the main room while Kadek followed with my wife. A young man and women in hotel uniforms were in the room when we returned. Wayan was not surprised and spoke to them a bit. I saw they'd changed the sheets on our bed and set up a large tray of fruit and juices. Wayan gave each a Rp 50,000 bill, about $5. They made a small bow, placing their hands together and left. The man hung the Do Not Disturb sign on the door handle as he closed it.

"I thought we might need a bit of refreshment before starting again. It's important to not get dehydrated and sex, as we like it, burns lots of energy," explained Wayan.

"Thank you," Lori responded. "That sounds like a great idea. We certainly don't want to run out of energy with so much of the night to go."

Wayan and Kadek moved the table to the side of the bed. We sat down on the edge of the bed with Wayan and his brother in the middle by the table and Lori and I outside with our new partners.

Wayan poured me a tall glass of pineapple juice and some for himself while Kadek took care of Lori.

"To friendship," proposed Wayan, adding a translation for his brother. We all clicked glasses and drank.

"To intimacy," proposed Lori and we toasted again.

"To love," I added.

Then Kadek made a long contribution. "To sex, long, hot, sweaty sex, followed by more sex," Wayan translated. We all laughed and drained our glasses.

Wayan refilled our glasses then speared a section of pineapple. He brought it to my mouth and I bit it off the fork. He had a piece himself. Kadek was similarly feeding my wife. We contiued that way sampling pieces provided by our partners and drinking more juices.

"What is that?" Lori asked, indicating an unfamilar fruit with a hard outer husk.

"That's a local delicacy. a mangosteen. Let me show you." Wayan grabbed one and cut the husk in half with a knife. Kadek followed suit. Inside were segments of fruit. He pulled off a segment and offered it to me. It was very sweet and tasty.

"That's really nice. It's so sweet," Lori said after savoring hers. Kadek put another in her mouth. The next she took in her mouth, then kissed Kadek passing him the piece. Kadek licked his lips and placed another in her mouth. This she reached in and extracted in her fingers. Lori raised the piece to Kadek's mouth then pulled it away. She waved it around his head a bit teasing him before lowering her hand and pushing it between the lips of her vagina. Looking at Kadek she stuck out her index finger and pushed it in a couple inches.

Kadek raised a finger to her face and wagged it slowly back and forth to say, no, no, no. He stood up facing Lori seated on the bed. She looked up at the muscular Balinese man with a defiant expression, crossed her arms across her breasts and closed her legs; playful but a challenge nonetheless. Kadek reached for her knees, siezing them in a firm grip. With no apparent effort he forced them apart, split more than forty-five degrees and stepped between them. Lori still looked at him with her mock-severe expression. Kadek made a big smile and curled his mighty arms, levering Lori's knees above his shoulders as she flops backwards. With a shout of surprise Lori finds herself suspended upside-down a few inches above the mattress.

Kadek dips his head forward and plunges his long tongue into Lori's soaked snatch. A few seconds of movement and searching and out it comes with his prize on the tip. He looks through her split thighs to show Lori his victory which she acknowledges with a big smile. Kadek lays her back on the bed, kneeling between her legs. Taking another segment of the fruit he shows it to her and moves it to her cunt. He pulls it back, wagging a no, no, no, with his finger before popping it into his mouth. He then points to his cock, standing hard and straight before his torso and rubs the long length of the shaft over her slit while nodding, yes, yes, yes.

With that Kadek reaches under her legs to get her by the waist and curls her off the bed, holding her cunt a few inches above the point of his sex spear. No thought of defiance now, Lori, legs splayed wide by the bulging muscles of Kadek's arms, Looks down at the big cock poised to enter her and wets her lips. But Kadek sees the need to demonstrate to my wife the proper submission that normal women and men should give to a stud of his caliber. He lowers her untl half the flaring mushroom of the head has entered her and holds. Lori writhes in his grasp trying to get more. It's futile. He lifts her off a fraction, using the side of the crown to plow her lips and tease her clit. He rubs her up and down over the surface of his tall pole, mixing her juices with his pre-cum, getting himself ready while driving her to a frenzy. She has her first orgasm.

"Please, Kadek, please, please, please," she begs. This needs no translation. Kadek lowers her onto his shaft and stands to his feet in one smooth motion. Lori takes it, all of almost fourteen inches, to the hilt, having another shattering explosion before reaching the bottom. She rests her head on Kadek's shoulder, arms about his thick neck.

Kadek carries her to the other side of the king bed and lays on his back with Lori on top. Lori sits up, kneeling astride his groin, fully impaled by his spike. She starts riding him.

Now it's my turn. Wayan lays his back on the bed and I straddle his narrow waist. I reach behind me to position his member at the proper spot. Holding it steady I sit back. I feel it press agaist me. I apply a it more force and it breaches the gate. Wayan was telling the truth. He is thicker. I didn't see it, but my ass can feel it. It's not a problem with all Kadek's cum lubricating my gut. I take more, four inches, six, eight, ten, twelve, then the rest. I'm sitting on his hips, his straight black pubic hair tickling my balls.

I placed my hands, one on each of Wayan's bulging pecs, the fingers trapping the firm nubs of his tits. Now it was my turn to ride this stallion. I lifted my ass up his pole, feeling the exquisite friction as it dragged across every sensitive spot, in and out, slow then fast, short then long. The heat built in my body. My own cock as stiff as I'd ever felt it, dripping a steady flow onto the mounds of Wayan's abs. I felt the inevitable approaching, I was flying up and down his cock at warp speed, getting the max from each of his many inches. At the end I just stroked his flange across my most sensitive spot. My first jet hit the wall behind the bed. Before the second, Wayan bucked his hips, cramming the remaining eight inches up my gut, then flooded me with his sperm as I laid lines of cum over his face and body.

As I shot my final spurt I collapsed on Wayan's torso, pulling a few inches of his still spewing cock from my bottom. He surrounded my chest with his strong arms. Bucking his hips to shove a few inches in every time he spurted, he continued to flood me with his hot seed for minutes after I finished. Eventually the throbbing from his buried member stopped. I rested, my head on his shoulder. But, of course, Wayan was just starting.

He moved out from beneath me, extracting his cock from my ass in the process. With me face down, he spread my legs and moved in position between them. He lifted my hips a bit and shoved a pillow in to improve his access. He positioned my cock until it pointed toward my feet, stroking it in a firm grip to restore it to firmness. I felt his cock touch my ass. He lay on top of me, filling me up in one motion.

Wayan's flesh touched me from head to toe. It felt like his body was surrounding my own. He must have supported most of his muscular weight on his knees and elbows, but he allowed enough to rest on me so I could feel each of his muscles press into my back. Both of his thick thighs, each larger than both of mine, split my legs. His bulging quadraceps massaged my cock with every movement of his body. His massive upper arms were immoveable pillars caging my chest. A wrist was gripped securely in each hand.

He dipped his head beside mine. His long black hair draped down like a curtain, blocking out the world. He whispered. "How long are you staying in Bali?"

"Another seven days," I answered, also whispering though I didn't know why.

"You will spend it with us," he stated. It was clear that was already decided and I had no desire to dispute it. "We have a villa in the highlands of Central Bali. There's just our wives and younger brothers. They will all be happy to meet you."

"You're married? You wives won't mind you bringing us home?"

"Of course not. They are both six months pregnant and we are very big." He made a long stroke in my ass to emphasize the point, as if I needed reminding. "It has been a long time since we felt safe to make love to them. But you are small enough to do it safely, so they will be delighted to see you."

With eight inches I'd never have imagined being selected for my small size. "I'd be happy to be of service. You've been so kind to me and my wife. Why didn't your younger brothers fill in? Are they too young?"

"No, two are sixteen and two, fourteen, and sexually quite experienced. I'm sure you both will enjoy meeting them. But they are all much bigger than you, so there is the same problem for our women."

"How big are they?" I asked as I imagined what a week with six guys like Ricky and Kadek might be like for Lori and I, not to mention the wives.

"The oldest are both 29 centimeters and the others, 26, but they should grow some yet. The others may add a centimeter or two as well. I don't know what that is in English measures, but, as I said, it is more."

"Where are your parents?"

"They died in an automobile accident three years ago. Since then, Kadek and I have been in charge of our family. We inherited our land and family home. We grow very fine coffee. The cool highlands and volcanic soil is ideal. There was also a considerable amount of money in the bank, so we are quite well off. My brother and I married six months ago. Our women are very beautiful, as is your wife. They will have much in common."

"You certainly got lucky with your wives right away. Congratulations."

"Yes. The men of our family are very potent. Our parents always made us promise, no sex with women until we married."

"You certainly were good boys and listened to your parents, so you only had sex with men until then. You certainly made up for lost time though. You gave Lori a month's worth of orgasms in a few hours and, from her sounds, Kadek is giving her next month's right now. At least she's still on the pill, so we don't have to wory about pregnancy."

"That's what the Australian couple we met two months ago said too."

"Oh, so we're not the first. How did they work out?"

"We met them at the beach at the hotel here, on their honeymoon, like you. They were able to stay at our villa for four days before returning to Sydney. We heard last month they're expecting twins."

"How can you be so casual about it? Weren't they angry at you?"

"What's the problem? We're married. They're married. You're married. I'm sure you'll give our sons a good home. And, it gives you an excuse to visit us again, so your sons can see their fathers. We will teach them about language, culture and sex, like our parents taught us. And you can get reaquainted with us and our family. I'm sure you'd like that." He began a steady thrust in my butt. It was slow and just a few inches, but it was enough to remind me of the pleasure he could give.

I had a million questions but couldn't think of one. It was suddenly unimportant. "Just fuck me," was all I could say.

He did. He lifted his head, raising the curtain of his hair from about my head. He flipped his head tossing it onto his back. I noticed that Lori too was positioned face down, moaning softly into a pillow as Kadek pistioned her doggy style. He'd already deposited several fresh loads in her as her cunt was dripping steadily with the overflow. I wondered if our sons would have one father or two, or did that make a difference with identical twins? Wayan's first power stroke snapped my attention back to me.

In a minute my moans made a duet with Lori's. I went from one peak to the next and the next, shooting my gun each time but never running short of ammo. And each time Wayan spewed gushers of his hot seed into my gut. His body, his smell, his cock became my whole world. Time was measured by his heartbeat, his motions and his erruptions. My moans dissolved into just a loving repeat of his name.

When the world returned I was still weakly repeating my 'Wayan' mantra. Light from outside was filtering into the room. Wayan had rolled us to our sides. He was sleeping behind me, still coupled, his arms and legs entwined with mine, holding me tighly to him.

My wife was facing me, still sleeping. She was mumbling something in her dreams but the only word I could understand was 'Kadek'. I wasn't jealous. I reached out and lightly caressed her hand.

Kadek was behind her, holding her to him with a muscular arm about her chest, it's hand cupping a firm breast. One of his thick legs split hers. I thought his golden-brown skin made a nice contrast to my wife's lighter tan shade. Kadek was, naturally, still deep inside her, but he'd shifted to her ass at some point, probably because her pussy was full. Lori's upper thighs were coated from the spilled excess cum. Some still dripped from the opening.

I saw Kadek stir. He raised his head a bit and saw I was also awake. He smiled at me. He made a slow hip motion that plugged the few inches that had slipped from Lori during the night back into her.

Lori's eyes snapped wide as she awoke. "Oh, Kadek, I love you," she shouted. Then she saw me. Then softy, "Pete, dear, I'm sorry."

"It's OK," I assured her. "I love Kadek too. And Wayan. Who wouldn't after last night? But, I still love you and want to share our lives togeher."

Kadek called to his brother. I felt him move behind me. He took a few slow strokes in my ass then checked my cock with his hand. I was hard.

"Good morning. I hope you enjoyed last night as much as we did." There was really no need to say anything to that. "Before we get on with the day I think it's time for our newlyweds to make love." He added something for Kadek.

It became instantly clear to me that while my wife and I would have sex, our bodies were still controlled by our Balinese lovers. Wayan enveloped me with his muscles just as Kadek did with Lori. They closed the space between us until our bodies pressed together. A motion of Wayan's hips inserted my cock into Lori's cunt. It was bathed in their churning sperm. Lori was obviously seriously stretched from the brothers' fucking, but soon adjusted to my smaller thickness to apply delightful pressure on my cock.

Wayan began a steady motion with his hips, partly sliding through my ass and partly stroking my cock in my wife. I was not alone. I was sharing Lori with Kadek. I could feel his huge meat moving inside her, rubbing against my cock separated only by a couple thin layers of her internal tissues. I was stroking her with my arms while she was held in Kadek's strong embrace. Her hands touched me but then drifted to Wayan. We belonged to each other, but we both belonged to Wayan and Kadek. As I looked into her eyes it was clear we both knew the new facts of our life.

Always very sensitive, Lori was first to have an orgasm, and the second. As Wayan flooded my gut, I added some spurts of my sperm to the flood from the twins that filled her. Kadek simultaneously added a new jets in her gut. She shouted, "Kadek, Kadek, Kadek," as she came again stronger than before. I kissed her as Kadek spoke something softly into her ear.

The boys built us up for another round. For Lori it was enough to put her near delerium by the end. I was exhausted, but well satisfied when we disentangled. Kadek carried Lori to the shower while Wayan sat on the edge of the bed, me recovering on his lap, and made a couple phone calls. I guessed it had something to do with his plans for the rest of our visit.

When we reached the shower Kadek and Lori were shampooing each other's hair. Kadek had straddled the stone shower bench while Lori sat on his lap facing him. Though I was watching from the back, from the lithe dance of Lori's lower body, I could see she was enjoying riding Kadek's thick pole while they ministered to each other.

Wayan sat us down on the bench. I straddled his thighs on his lap, back to front, riding him as he cleaned us both. I wondered what Lori was thinking.

To finish up the morning abulations, the boys switched off. Kadek placed me at the edge on one side of the sink counter and shaved off my morning stubble. He shaved with one hand and held my head steady with the other, an important detail for my safety, since the cock that was just up my wife's cunt was pounding foot-long strokes up my ass. Meanwhile Wayan had replaced Kadek inside Lori. They were brushing each other's long hair. Wayan was careful not to push Lori too hard until their grooming task was completed. The boys took care to make our shower session more exhilerating than exhausting, the perfect wake-up for a new day.

Back in the bedroom, Wayan announced that he has arranged breakfast by the ocean. We only had our clothes from yesterday so he recommended we try the traditional batik sarong. He and Kadek wrapped matching red patterned cloths about their waists and demonstrated how they were tied. Kadek wrapped me in a green one. For Lori Riki demonstrated how a sarong could be tied lengthwise about the chest for full cover. Needed if a woman were to visit a temple. But, for today, he recommended it go about her waist like ours. For a top he produced a matching, smaller piece of cloth like that he'd had wrapped on his head when we met. For Lori he put it behind her neck, crossed it around her front and tied it in back, a look both sexy and modest.

We had an open-sided tented pavillion set up for us just off the brilliant white sand beach. A refreshing breeze was blowing and the morning temperature was moderate. A half dozen hotel staff attended to our ever need. A champaign breakfast to top off a perfect night.

As we ate, Wayan informed Lori their arrangements for the rest of our visit. She had no questions and was obviously excited at the prospect of another week with our new friends. Even the news that they expected her to bear their sons did not faze her. She said that she suspected it from the instant they first entered her. It had seemed like more than just sex, that she were receiving more than just their sperm but their essence of male power. However, she was concerned about what I thought of the news. I'd had a chance to think about that, it wasn't simple for me. In the end I decided I was happy we were both chosen, but I did wish I were able to change places with her. She seemed pleased with my answer, as did Wayan.

We went right to their car, a late-model Land Rover, after breakfast. The hotel had packed our rooms. They handed me a small bag with my wallet, Lori's purse and our travel documents. I started to the desk to check out but Wayan insisted it was all taken care of.

Kadek took the wheel while everyone else took the back with Lori in the center. I'm sure the drive was very beautiful, but who was looking. Mostly we double-dicked Lori's cunt. I let Wayan, and later Kadek do all the work. It was a tight fit, but really exciting to have my cock squeezed against the length of theirs, even more so as they exploded. I knew what Lori meant by the essence of male power. If I were a man, they were the embodiment of some Balinese gods.

Wayan announced when we were approaching their place. He'd given us enough warning to finish up our latest round and straighten up a bit. The car still smelled of sex, but if Wayan's descriptions were right, it's what his family would expect. Still Lori managed to brush her hair and wipe up the cum that had overflowed her. She found a tampon in her purse and placed it to absorb the inevitable future leakage.

As we approached I could see they had a large home of modern and traditional materials. Wayan said it was a traditional style, updated. It was constructed about ten years ago. The area was one of rolling hills. In the distance we could see the cones of several volcanos, none recently active though. Wayan said we were at an elevation of about 1,000 meters, the better part of a mile I gathered. The air was much cooler than near the coast, comfortable as compared to tropical heat.

A crowd formed by the entry as the approching car was spotted. Their wives and brothers Wayan said. They were expecting us as he called ahead from the hotel. Everyone was wearing a colorful surong, the women without a top. Their pregnancy showed but they still retained much of their figures. They were real beauties, much as I expected the wives of Wayan and Kadek to be.

As the car neared the house they formed a line of welcome. The two ladies were first, then the two sets of twins. We exited the car and stood facing the group between Wayan and Kadek. Wayan spoke for a couple minutes in their language. I heard our names used in a few spots.

The boys the escorted us in front of their wives. They placed their palms together and the first said, "My name is Ni Made." "My name is Ni Nengah," added the other. Then together, "We welcome you." That must have been most of their English as they continued in their own language.

"Our wives wish to see more of you," Wayan translated and nodded to them. They removed our sarongs. I don't think it was my best first impression. My cock was soft, nervousness from meeting the family, and still coated in cum and Lori's juice from the activities on the ride up. Nengah just kneeled in front of me and took me in her mouth to the root. A couple minutes later I left her mouth clean and hard. There was more discussion and a bit of laughter from the Balinese men as everyone removed their sarongs. Wayan explained. "Lori our wives think you are very beautiful and Pete, they say you are perfect, not too big and not too small."

"Tell them we think they are very beautiful too." He did.

We moved on to the first set of twins, the sixteen-year-olds, I assume. They were also identical and must have gotten the tall genes. Both were a bit over six foot. At a bit over two hundred pounds, they were muscular and defined, but not at the bodybuilder size of their older brothers. They didn't match their cock size either, but their length, of between eleven and twelve, was certainly impressive. Only their faces showed their youth.

They placed their palms together and made an introduction. "My name is Nyoman." "My name is Ketut." "We are happy to meet you."

"We are happy to meet you too," I replied and smiled, copying their hand gesture. They smiled back.

We moved to the next pair, also indentical. They were both about Lori's height, five foot six, but incredibly muscular for fourteen. They must have equaled my 160 lbs. on a much shorter frame. They didn't match Nyomen or Ketut in muscle, but it certainly was impressive. Their cocks were each a bit over ten inches. They were certainly eager for action as they had pre-cum already dribbling down the length of their poles.

They placed their palms together. This time Lori and I matched this right away as we were learning their customs. "My name is E Wayan." "My name is E Kadek." "We are happy to meet you," they said together. Then they continued alternating with one brother picking up or completing for the other. "We would like to practice English with you...and practice other things. We have learned our lessons well but have not had much experience with women...We have much experience with men...but we are the youngest and we still need to try...but we are bigger and stronger than you."

"Now little brothers, I know you've had plenty of practice with your English tutor," Wayan added.

"Yes...We have...But he is a bit we have to be careful...Peter is better...If you did not hurt him...we can be free to, what is the word..." They huddled for a second. "experiment."

Wayan laughed. "Now nothing too rough," he cautioned. "Remember how you always broke your toys as children then cried to mother."

Wayan turned to us. "Kadek and I will unload the car and prepare our evening meal. Pete, our wives will show you around while our younger brothers get to know Lori." He continued a bit in their language.

Each wife took one of my hands and led me inside. As I was led I saw that Lori had almost disappeared inside a scrum of muscular young men.

Their home had stone and glass walls, hardwood floors of tropical wood and was furnished in a contemporary Balinese style emphasizing native woods and colorful batik fabrics. there was a large, intricate carving hanging on one wall and several other decorative accents in wood, stone or silk. I was led up a curving teak-wood stair to a second level. We entered a large room dominated by a huge bed. Sliding glass doors opened to broad deck with a mountain view. The glass was pushed aside allowing the cool breezes to enter. This was probably the master suite of the home.

The took me right into the adjoining bath, built on an equally grand scale. We went into a walk-in shower with polished stone for walls and floor. It could easily hold everyone in the house. A touch on a wall plate and a warm rain fell from tiny holes spaced over the entire ceiling. The ladies soaped their bodies and then used their soapy bodies to scrub me. By the time we finished drying each other, I was ready to get them to the bed.

Wayan and Kadek were on the bed, lounging. Wayan said. "We are ready to make love to our wives."

"I thought you said your cock was too big for their condition."

"It is, that is why we will use yours. Have a seat," indicating his hard cock.

Ni Made and Ni Nengah lay in the center of the large bed. Ni Made split her legs wide. With Wayan plugged fully in my gut, he held me to him with an arm about my waist. He positioned us between her legs. We bridged her body supported by knees and four arms. As Wayan pressed against my ass he controlled my movements. He guided my eight inch cock into Made. When I was in Made's internal muscles held and messaged my pole, trying to pull it deeper inside her, then relaxing as Wayan pulled me outward.

With Wayan controlling it felt like my cock was an extension of his. By altering pace and stroke length, both in Ni Made and my ass, he managed the erotic stimulation for all three. Dipping his head over my shouder he kissed Made as his cum exploded into me and I into Made as her orgasm milked my cock. Fifteen mintes later he brought us to a second erruption.

Wayan then shifted his attentions to Nengah, where we repeated the performance, though Wayan definitely had to turn up the level of my anal stimulation to keep me going. Leaving me atop Nengah, Wayan pulled out of me and Kadek took his place. In the next hour he repeated the peformance.

When Kadek finally eased me out of a very satisfied Ni Made, I was amazed that I'd managed to cum eight times in two hours, not to mention taking eight huge loads in my gut from the guys. I wasn't even tired, perhaps because they did all the work and I was just their tool. Kadek extracted himself from me and set me on my feet beside the bed. Wayan suggested I go see how Lori was getting on with their brothers.

I spotted a three more large bedrooms on the upper level but nobody there. Going back down, the main area in the lower level was also empty, but I followed sounds to a large family or recreation room on the main floor below the master suite.

The room had a couple long couches near the interior wall, a large screen television opposite and a long table. Sliding doors led out to a pool area. But mainly the room was dominated by two low platforms, about 10 foot by 10 foot, each covered by a foot thick red leather pad. On one of these were Lori and the other four brothers.

The older pair were in her cunt and ass while she alternately sucked at the cocks of the younger pair. The pad had collected quite a bit of spillage from her lower body and what she had trouble drinking down was liberally sprayed onto her face and hair. No matter any of that, she was definately blissed out on pleasure.

When the fourteen-year-olds saw me they said together, "Peter." They stood up, one pulling ten inches of shooting cock from Lori's mouth, and came over to me.

"Hello, Wayan," to the one that was in Lori's mouth, "Kadek. With two of you, one could fuck me while I suck the other."

"I'm Kadek, he's Wayan," They corrected me. "But for the next few hours you can call us, 'Boss'. We don't want you to suck us, because then we couldn't practice our English with you. Just come with us."

"Yes, Boss," I replied.

"You're a quick learner," said one, sitting on a couch. "We like that. Now straddle my thighs and sit on my cock." I did, taking it all. No problem as it was thinner and shorter than what had just been there. "How much do you weigh?" Asked the one I sat on.

"One hundred sixty lbs."

"What's that in kilos?" He grabbed me about the waist and lifted me a few inches then set me back on his lap. "Feels like seventy to seventy-five kilos. We can curl 100 kilos," Added the other and then they continued finishing each others thoughts. "We can bench press 200 kilos...and squat with 320. So let us know if we hurt you...We can forget our strength when we're excited."

The other brother knelt in front of the one I sat on and lifted my legs to his shoulders. Scooting close between the first's legs, he pushed his cock to my junction with his brother. As I was pulled back against the stone-like chest of the brother behind, the one in front slipped in beside. Together they were a lot thicker than their elder brothers. I was stretched and stuffed. My hole ached. I tried to pull away and off, telling them to stop, then begging. They didn't listen and my efforts at escape were futile. Finally they both plugged me fully and they stayed still to give me a moment to calm down.

"See, that wasn't so bad...Now we can really have some fun."

"That was horrible. It would have been easier to shove your arm up there."

"I told you we should have opened him up with our fists first."

"No. No. No. I was just joking about that. No need for your fist. It's already starting to feel better. Just start easy, please, Boss."

The kneeling youth started a slow stroke in my ass where he was wedged between his twin and my gut wall. It was a tight squeeze and he found plenty of spots that sent tingles up and down my spine. My pre-cum was soon flowing freely as my cock rubbed his torso.

Then four hands lifted me up about eight inches off the seated twin's lap as the other extended his legs to stay fully plugged. It was the second twin's turn to explore and he certainly found a few hot spots. Then they let me settle down and recover.

"That was fun, but don't stop now. Good bosses won't tease me."

"It's not your role to must accept what we give you...But we weren't teasing...just experimenting. We know about male sensitive spots...female too...We were finding yours...We're not long enough and thick enough to hit all the have to be I Wayan or I Kadek for that. But together we are thick enough to hit most of them. Feel what we can do."

They started moving in me. First one, then the other, then both in synch and then slightly staggered. They hit single spots and combinations and places I hadn't felt before. Each movement radiated pleasure through my body. The pleasure increased and increased and increased some more. They came up my gut with twin jets of liquid fire. My whole body shook but I didn't cum. The stroked me faster. My body convulsed. I begged for mercy, for release. Finally, they hit a new point and instantly my cock spewed its seed. The first spurts went well above my head. I shot for minutes, much longer that ever before. Just as my spurts started to weaken, they shot inside me again and I errupted anew. Just when that eased we came again, then once more.

They let me recover. I flopped back onto the broad chest of the brother on the couch, my head resting in the deep valley between his bulging shoulder and trapezius muscle. I was panting to regain my breath, still feeling soft spurts of cum in my gut from their ever-hard cocks. It was late in the afternoon. They must have been fucking me for well over an hour while I had no sense of the passage of time.

"You kids are good. What did you do to me?"

"Oh, this?" They started it again. I burried my face into the neck of the boy I was on and lost all control, screaming with pleasure, as they gave me a quick summary of what they'd done before.

"It was an experiment as we told you...Successful too...We are the youngest in our family so we thought you might see us as just big kids...Now you know we are men.

"We've decided to return with you to the United States and go to high school and college there..It will be good to be in charge of our own family...If we stay here we'd always be on the bottom unless we had visitors...Don't worry we'll take good care of you and Lori...and provide good role models for our nephews."

"Don't I get a vote on this plan?" They starting pressing my buttons, taking me on another short visit to heaven that left me sweating and breathless.

"We think we made it clear who's in charge. Our elder brothers will need to agree but we think they will...Besides, consider your wife's needs too...We can give her what she needs and you can't."

I looked over at Lori still coupled with the middle pair of brothers. Cum was leaking from her mouth, ass and vagina and coated her hair and a good part of her body, but she was writhing and moaning in pleasure. I certainly knew what she was feeling and knew it was true that I couldn't make her feel like that.

"So you will have children with Lori too. Is that your plan?"

"No that's not possible...because she's already had sex with our brothers. After college we'll marry a couple American women...and have our children with them."

"I don't understand. After she gives birth, why would you not have sex with her?"

"She's very nice...and we will have great sex with you both...but all children will be from Wayan and Kadek...Men produce sperm all the time...but a woman has only so many eggs in her ovaries...Our elder brothers fertilized all her eggs with their sperm...When she stops nursing her first children...she will get pregnant again...After our birth our mother had her ovaries removed and a few hundred of her eggs frozen...They found the vast majority were male...but there were a few after Made and Nengah give birth to their sons...they will carry our sisters...and I'm sure Wayan will tell you his plans for Lori."

"I never asked for any of this. How can you force us into being your slaves."

"You didn't ask...but you never said no. All you need to slide off our cocks and tell Wayan you want to leave...Is that what you want?"

The youngsters started to slide their cocks within me and push my buttons; just enough pleasure to remind me of what they were capable. It was tough to concentrate. They seemed to expect me to say something. "I'll have to ask Lori," I blurted out. That seemed to satisfy them. Then they really started turning up the heat and nobody was interested in further talk.

It was several hours later when the boys gave us a break. I'd been exchanged with Lori during the afternoon and was with the middle pair of twins. They had filled me from both ends for most of the time. Now, however, it was time to clean up and recover. We were in another large shower area, part of the bath that served the rooms of both the younger pairs.

One boy was still up my gut while soaping my body from behind with the other against my front, his cock doing a dance with mine. I was washing his long black hair as he did mine.

In another part of the shower, Lori was between the younger set, one still in her cunt and the other up her ass. They were talking. About what I couldn't hear but Lori was smiling and laughing, interspersed with moans as they periodically hit her sensitive spots.

I Wayan poked his head in and said something to his brothers and, for us, added, "We've got the meal ready. The boys will bring you down in a few minutes."

Here bring down had a couple meanings. The first was when long cocks got extracted from our interiors. The boys wrapped us in colorful sarongs, no top for Lori. Then each between a pair of twins we were escorted to their dining room.

The large circular table was set with a variety of Indonesian dishes. The always present rice, a variety of satay choices, curry chicken and some vegetable options. Lori was seated between I Wayan and I Kadek with their ladies on their other sides. I was opposite my wife with the two pair younger twins on either side of me.

As we started eating there was a discussion among our hosts, mainly Wayan and the youngest twins, but the others all added something. I assumed they were talking about the boys' plans for joining us in the USA. Wayan took a moment to confirm that and went back to his discussion in their language. Lori looked puzzled. Wayan said something that seemed like a decision and that ended the discussion.

"E Wayan and E Kadek will return with you," Wayan stated. "They'll help you raise our children and when they are older they'll find American wives. They'll be able to keep you both sexually satisfied, but they'll have plenty of boyfriends, so you'll have some breaks. You should just consider our brothers as your husbands and obey them as a good wife should. They will take good care of you.

"We assumed, from your response to the events of the last two days, that this is what you'd like. Are we right?"

Lori threw here arms about Wayan's neck and kissed him, mumbling, "Yes. Yes. Yes."

Wayan lifted her off her chair and set her on his lap as they contiued a kiss. As Lori straddled his thick legs her sarong was pushed up to her hips, exposing most of her ass. Wayan's steel cock pressed up between her spread thighs bulging against her cunt still covered by the cloth of his garment. Lori squirmed in Wayan's embrace wetting the fabric with her juices. She reached down between their bodies. I watched from across the table as Wayan's sarong was ripped open freeing the golden brown pole that sprung up behind her butt, reaching up beyond the bunched cloth around her waist. Wayan lifts her hips allowing his rampant member to slip into place under her nether lips. He settles her onto himself. I can see her stretched white flesh griping the darker, wide intrusion as more and more enters her. Her body trembles as she climaxes.

"I think Lori likes our plan," observes the young twin to my right. "Do you?"

I saw Lori orgasm again and again as the thick fuck pole pressed her pleasure centers. I remembered the pleasure I had riding each of the Balinese males. Only a couple inches of Wayan's cock was visible I saw the flesh pulse with his release. My wife moaned as she was filled by more of the sperm that produced the new lives within her. After a minute the contiuing flow spurted past the grip of her lips, coating the shaft. By that time Lori had passed out from the pleasure.

I knew that I too would experience that each day in my future. We would have love and pleasure. "Yes," I answered.

The End