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BALI ENCOUNTER II by LenZelig 'at'

Lori and I arrived home in Seattle after our honeymoon in Bali. As expected it was a time filled with great sex. Unexpected was that the sex was not with each other but with a family of six Balinese brothers. The youngest brothers, identical twins, fourteen years old, came home with us to attend school in the USA.

E Wayan and E Kadek were very muscular at five foot six and over 160 lbs. Each sported a ten-inch uncut and very thick cock. They knew how to use them too and it was made clear that the young twins would be the heads of our new family.

Since Lori was expecting twins fathered by the eldest brothers our first job was finding larger living quarters as our downtown condo was already outgrown. The boys insisted on a large house on Lake Washington. It had five bedrooms and six baths with an indoor lap pool, boathouse on the lake and a five-car garage with an extra suite above the garage. It was over two million, but the next day we found the price deposited in our account.

The boys, of course, had the master suite. Even with the custom platform bed, about 150% king-size in length and width, it was spacious and had an equally grand bath and deck overlooking the lake. A back door opened to a private stair to the lap pool and exercise room.

Lori and I had the second bedroom, also a suite, fitted with a king bed. There was an alcove that we fitted as a home office for Lori, who could work from home. An adjoining space would be the nursery once Lori gave birth.

However, our first nights were spent in the master with Wayan and Kadek. It was after the second night that the boys introduced us to Mark and Jeff. Wayan and I had just finished a wake-up fuck. I was straddling his lap, my back resting on his broad chest when two young men entered the room.

They were both in their early twenties, I'd guess. While they were fully dressed, tight fitting jeans and tee shirts, it was easy to see both were extremely muscular. One at six-foot-two and maybe two-fifty and the other about five-ten and a bit over two hundred, all muscle.

They weren't the least startled seeing the scene in the bedroom. I was still coupled with Wayan's thick cock clearly visible stretching my hole and Kadek's was still pulsing as he added more cum into Lori's leaking cunt while she moaned in the grip of another strong orgasm. Their only reaction was stiffening in their jeans where I could see they were both almost eight inches.

"You wanted to see us sir?" One asked to Wayan.

"Yes. I wanted to introduce Pete and Lori. Pete, meet Mark," indicating the taller of the two, "and Jeff."

"They will be taking care of the grounds and cleaning the house," continued Kadek who was still pumping cum into my wife.

"They'll be staying in the suite above the garage. Both are juniors at the University of Washington," added Wayan.

"Hi Pete," they said in unison as Jeff shook my hand. It was clear that Wayan and Kadek had both fucked these studs and, while both were older and physically bigger, the Balinese boys were dominant sexually. As I looked into Jeff's eyes I was uncertain of my status, particularly when, after we broke our handshake, he caressed my cummy cock and balls before touching my expanded flesh where Wayan entered me.

"Your wife is quite beautiful," added Mark who had cupped one of her firm breasts as Lori gazed at him with eyes glazed from the continuing pleasure of Kadek's fucking.

"Thanks for stopping by," Wayan said dismissing them. "You'll have a chance to get better acquainted with Pete and Lori when they're less occupied."

I guess that meant when we didn't have the boys' ten-inch cocks inside us. But I didn't ponder it since Wayan started to stroke my ass with his thick pole, hitting my most sensitive spots. I gasped as he quickly triggered an eruption from my cock and then kept me on the brink of another for, what seemed like, forever before jetting another huge load of his superior seed in my gut while my over stimulated balls squirted fresh jizz on my face, chest and abs.

It took the cooling spray of the huge master shower to bring me back to earth. Wayan was holding me upright in his arms while soaping my body. His cock, still hard, was plugged in my gut. As I recovered enough to stand on my own, a couple inches slipped out due to my being taller than Wayan.

Lori was straddling Ketuk who was sitting on a teak bench under the spray. She was washing his long black hair. His thick member was, of course, still buried deep in her pussy. Lori was riding the bottom few inches as she ministered to her young stud. It was enough to keep her sexually excited without pushing too far. Lori was telling Ketuk how good a stud he was and how much she enjoyed the sex last night. Ketuk was just smiling as I'm sure he needed no assurance on his performance. A couple subtle hip thrusts that sent a quick shock of pleasure through my wife were his acknowledgement.

Suddenly Wayan did the same with me, pushing my cock to spurt again. "Oh, God, boss," I exclaimed.

"Just getting your attention, Pete," he said while extracting his thick cock from my gut.

He turned me around so I could wash the firm pole of cum and juices it had accumulated after hours embedded deep in my gut. Meanwhile he rubbed his fingertips along my stretched ass ring, helping it recover from the night's activities.

"Time to get dressed for our first day of school," stated Wayan, ushering me out of the shower.

"Pete, you'll drive us," added Ketuk while drying off Lori.

A half-hour later Lori and I were in the kitchen. I had dressed for work where I'd be heading after dropping the boys off at high school. Lori, working from our home, was only in a sarong like we used in Bali and, as in Bali, topless, exposing her large, firm breasts. We had set out fruit and cereal for breakfast.

Wayan and Ketuk came in dressed in form fitting jeans and knit shirts. Their big muscles were easily outlined under the tight cloth, and, also clear were the outlines of their, now soft but still thick and over seven-inch long, cocks as it extended from the bulge formed by their big balls, up and off to the side of their hips.

"How do we look?" Asked Ketuk.

"Sexy," said Lori, rubbing her fingers along the fabric covering Wayan's pole.

"That's the idea," said Wayan, cupping her left breast.

"We expect to make many friends at school," continued Ketuk.

"All the girls will be trying to get in your pants, as well as the guys."

"Only the guys for now; Lori is our only woman," answer Wayan, stroking Lori's breast as his cock hardened to obscene dimensions under her fingers.

"No time for that now," I said, pulling Lori's hand back. "We need to leave in a few minutes."

Wayan and Ketuk had some fruit and each took a big glass of milk and a protein supplement that Mark and Jeff had left for them. Then it was off to school in the Escalade we'd gotten for family outings.

Wayan and Ketuk were starting in tenth grade. They were just fourteen but had documents that said they were sixteen and, with their physiques and confidence, looked even older. The year had started about five weeks ago, but they didn't think they'd have trouble with academics and I had to agree. Both boys were very sharp. I dropped them off in front of the school and headed to my job in Redmond.

When I got home in early evening I changed into a sarong. I found Lori in the kitchen working on dinner.

"How was your day," I asked pressing against her back.

"Good. Mark and Jeff were working around the grounds over lunch and took a break to fuck me. They have nice bodies but they're not as big as you or as talented."

Or as good as the boys, I thought. "Are the boys home?"

"Yes, they brought a couple friends from school. I think they're by the pool."

I found them there with their guests. They were all in the pool, their guests holding the side of the pool while Wayan and Ketuk were vigorously pumping their asses. They'd already deposited a few loads in their buddies as leakage was clouding the water.

"It looks like your fitting right in with your classmates."

"Yes, but it was a tight fit at first," said Wayan while not missing a stroke.

"We joined the swim team," added Ketuk. "Ryan and Joe were the team captains."

"We fucked the entire team," continued Wayan.

"And the coach."

"But we wanted to make sure Ryan and Joe were happy about the changes."

It looked like they were. They were so lost in the pleasure of being fucked that they hadn't reacted to being watched.

The boys pumped another big load in their guts, forcing another climax from their fuck buddies. Then they got out of the pool and lifted their partners out. They switched off and let their friends nurse on their cocks.

"How many fucks did you do today?"

"A couple dozen."

"Not counting Lori and you."

"There are lots of hot guys at school."

"But not much time between classes and only a lunch break during the day."

"So mostly during swim practice or in the weight room."

"Not that we got much practice swimming."

"The pool was cloudy with the cum overflowing from the team's well-fucked asses."

The boys interrupted their narrative for a couple minutes to feed a massive load to the guys sucking their cocks. They swallowed fast but couldn't keep up. Joe pulled off and had his face and hair thoroughly soaked by the next few spurts before he shoved it back in. Ryan tried to back off too but Wayan grabbed the back of his head and forced him to swallow the shaft to its root delivering the rest straight to his stomach.

"We'd better get the guys cleaned up and sent home."

"Then we have homework."

"And need to fuck Mark and Jeff before their girlfriends come over."

"But the night belongs to Lori and you."

"We'll see you at ten for a bit of fun before bed."

"We need to be a couple hours early to school tomorrow for swim practice."

"The girls' team has the pool after school tomorrow."

"So we'll use the weight room after school."

"Are you going to start weight training or just fuck the best-built boys?"

"A bit of both I guess."

"We're already the strongest guys in school."

"But with the supplements and regular lifting we can get much stronger."

They certainly didn't have any problem lifting their fuck-toys into their arms and carrying them upstairs.

Next morning, as we were heading off to school, we met Mark and Jeff heading to the university with their girlfriends that had spent the night. They were certainly beautiful and sexy as might be expected with their handsome, built, boyfriends. The girls were clearly taken by the boys and surprised that they were only sixteen. Even Mark and Jeff didn't know they were actually fourteen. Meanwhile their boyfriends clearly had stiff cocks in their pants. I knew they were reacting to the sight of the Balinese twins and remembering the sex they'd had, but their girls probably thought it was for them.

When I arrived at the school there was a crowd waiting: Ryan and Joe among them. The boys were certainly popular.

Lori and I attended a swim meet at the school about a week later. Wayan and Ketuk were swimming sprints from 50 to 200 meters, butterfly and freestyle, and the 400 IM. The stands were packed with students. I'd bet they'd fucked most of the guys and the girls were hoping. At least the water in the pool looked clear.

There was a cheer when the teams came out. Wayan and Ketuk were wearing black speed-suit bottoms that fit like a second skin. There big cocks were clearly outlined, but less noticeable with the black stretch material than with their normal blue jeans. Their upper body development was way beyond any of the others. Naturally smooth, they didn't need to shave, but their long hair was concealed under tight-fitting caps.

Each won four races with their brother second, leading the team to victory. Ryan took the 1500 meters. The girls' team seemed a bit off.

We had about an hour after the meet to wait and met some of the teachers. All had good things to say about the boys. I was pretty sure that a couple of the younger male teachers had been fucked already.

I saw a few kids from the losing team come out, a bit dazed and walking stiffly. The winning team had big smiles from more than the victory. Those that had been to our home recognized us and said the boys would be done soon.

A few minutes later the twins came out freshly showered and with big smiles. We added our congratulations.

On the ride home we gave the news that we'd confirmed Lori would have twins. She was five weeks pregnant; an easy determination since we knew the exact day she was impregnated by boys' older brothers.

The boys had news too. They'll have some schoolmates over Friday night and the swim team would be over Saturday night. We'd set out some snacks and cold soda and juices, but obviously the food was secondary and Wayan and Ketuk were providing the entertainment. We'd have our first nights alone since our honeymoon.

"You're fitting in well. Is everything like you expected?" Asked Lori.

"It's better," stated Wayan.

"At home we were the youngest and smallest," continued Ketuk.

"But now we are in charge."

"Americans are very inexperienced sexually."

"Once we show them what how good sex can be they will do anything for more."

"We fucked most of the guys on the sports teams and some of the others that seemed cute."

"Not to mention the teachers," I added.

"Yes, we've done a few. It helps us avoid problems as our activities are not very secret."

"All the girls want us to fuck them too."

"But they know when we've fucked their guys."

"Not that it's a secret. We like to go up to a fuck-buddy when he's with his girl and tell him to see us later."

"Most everyone gets instantly hard thinking about what's going to happen."

"And the girls hate it that their boyfriends react to us more than them."

"So all the girls must hate you," said Lori. "Too bad they can't know you like I do."

"Most still hope that we'll fuck them. We sort of encourage that hope."

"We can easily bring a girl to orgasm in less than a minute by touching her sensitive spots even while she's fully clothed."

"On our first day we went up to a couple sexy senior girls walking in the halls during the five minute break between classes."

"They were startled when we pushed them against the wall with our bodies. They didn't know what was happening."

"But once we touched them just right they lose all thought as sensation takes control."

"A minute later we walked off, leaving two flush-faced girls who could barely stand."
"Not to mention a bunch of gawking observers that had no clue to what we'd just done."

"Of course, by now they all know what to expect even if that's second hand."

"We still like surprising the girls, even though that's harder now as everyone is looking at us all the time."

"We prefer doing girls in jeans as we leave them with huge wet stains when we're done."

"But now most of the hot girls wear jeans and, if they're lucky, show off their stained jeans. Some have even faked it."

By now we'd arrived home and I pulled the Escalade into the garage. Mark and Jeff were returning from the university with their girlfriends and pulled in next to us.

"Here, we'll show you," offered Wayan.

The boys went over to the girls and pushed them back against the car. The girls had seen Wayan and Ketuk before but never acting like this. They were surprised and called to their boyfriends, but Mark and Jeff knew better than to interfere. Then with a few touches all resistance ended. The girls' eyes went wide but glassy as the boys brought them to ecstasy. A minute later they pulled back from two dazed women. One in jeans soaked through the crotch and the other's short dress streaked and juices dripping down her inner thighs.

Then they directed Mark and Jeff to lean on their car, pulled down their pants, whipped out their cocks and gave the college studs a fierce fucking as their girlfriends watched. Five minutes and three explosions from their partners later they filled their asses with massive loads of cum and pulled out.

Wayan put his arm about Lori and Ketuk about me. As they escorted us to the main house all I could think about was the upcoming sex that would last all night.

I awoke when the morning light streamed into the bedroom. I was wrapped in the muscled arms of one of the twins. I didn't remember which had fucked me last and was still plugged up my gut. Lori was wrapped up with the other, but from my angle I couldn't spot any of the tiny differences we use to tell them apart. Her lover was behind her with about eight of his ten inches shoved between her clutching vaginal lips. While I was watching the last couple inches were pushed in and then started a very slowly to withdraw. The motion caused Lori's body to spasm as she climaxed and awakened at the same instant.

"Oh, that's the best way to wake up," she moaned in delight.

"Good morning, Lori," Ketuk said from behind her, twisting her upper body that was surrounded by his strong arms so he could kiss her deeply. Lori responded passionately.

The cock up my ass twitching was my first indication of Wayan waking. He quickly initiated his morning fuck, punching my internal hotspots. That was the last memory I had until I recovered, sharing an after-sex kiss with Wayan. I was still in his arms and he still in my gut, but we were just resting.

Lori was resting with Ketuk too. They'd obviously watched as Wayan fucked me. I'd sprayed Lori when I came. Ketuk's hand was rubbing some of the white goo into the firm flesh of her right breast.

"Good morning," I greeted everyone.

"You look cute when you're fucked," observed Lori. This was probably the first time she saw me without the distraction of being fucked herself.

"Thanks. You know, the boys are so good it's impossible not to get lost in the sensations."


"Wayan, how is your exercise program going? You feel a bit bigger."

"We are. The supplements and exercise are working."

"We can now bench 225 kilos and squat with 350."

"We've gained an 3 cm on our arms and thighs and 2 cm in height in only three weeks."

"And almost two centimeters on our cock too. We're now 28."

"You can feel the difference?"

"Yes. It must be a bit thicker too."

"Maybe. We didn't measure that."

With that revelation the boys helped us get out of bed and into the shower. It was time to get ready for school and work. The boys are more responsible than us. I'm sure Lori and I would stay in bed all day if the boys would fuck us.

I took a few hours off work to help Lori prepare for the guests the boys invited for the night. So I got home about two, which was right at the time I'd told Lori. I saw Mark's car was in the garage so they should be able to help.

I found everyone in our bedroom. Mark and Jeff were fucking Lori. Jeff had her cunt and Mark her ass.

Mark noticed me at by the door. "Mr. Fletcher, we're sorry, we didn't mean to fuck your wife. It just sort of happened."

"Call me Pete. No need for excuses I know you've been fucking Lori every day when I'm at work. She likes it and the boys told me they gave you permission, so it's good."

"Hi dear," greeted Lori. "I got the guys together to prepare and we had a few minutes before you were due home. They're not Wayan or Ketuk but it's fun. Mark's cock is almost as big as you."

"I'll change into my sarong while you two finish up." They didn't need further prompting.

They both shot a load into Lori and she got off too as I was changing. Lori cleaned off their cocks with her mouth when they pulled out. Mark and Jeff had shirt and pants but I gave them sarongs and showed them how to tie them. They looked pretty hot, bare-chested, with their big muscles on display.

I gave everyone something to do. As they were leaving I stopped Mark for a bit.

"You're built like a bodybuilder. How big are your arms?"

He flexed a double biceps for me. "Twenty-one inches. I've been working out since I was ten."

"That's impressive. What's your best bench press?"

"Four hundred twenty five pounds for a single rep, but I normally train at a top weight of four hundred for five reps."

"I assume that's a pretty good weight for a guy your size. Did you know Wayan and Ketuk are doing almost 500 now?"

"Wow. No. I always figured Jeff and I could handle them if we wanted, but they always were such great fuckers that we were eager."

"Lori says you're not bad yourself. I wouldn't mind trying a ride on your cock sometime myself. The boys will be busy with their guests tonight, so you and Jeff are welcome to sleep with us. That is if your girls aren't visiting."

"Thanks, that's a plan. Our girlfriends won't be staying over until Sunday. We didn't want anything to interfere with whatever the boys had planned. By the way what should we expect from the guests. I know they're all students at the high school."

"Yes. We're expecting six guys tonight and ten tomorrow. They'll be sleeping over in the master bedroom. Wayan and Ketuk have already fucked them and I guess I'd expect a sexual marathon. I think the guests will be worn out before our boys."

"What if a guest wants to fuck with us?"

"Well, I made them promise everyone will be over sixteen, so they're legal in the State of Washington. Don't ask them, but if they ask you, have fun."

Wayan and Ketuk got home about five. Their guests were expected about eight. We had set up some snacks and non-alcoholic drinks in the pool area because it had direct access to the master bedroom. There were plenty of towels at the pool and master bath and we had several large air mattresses around the pool deck. We had a rack with hangers for clothes. They were quite pleased with our efforts.

Lori, Mark, Jeff and I were in our sarongs to greet the guests. Lori had tied on a top but Ketuk removed it. Lori and I would answer the door and Mark and Jeff would show them to the pool area and help with their clothes. The boys would take it from there.

The first two guests arrived about five before eight. They were excited but nervous with frequent glances at Lori's breasts. I got Jeff to escort them.

The others knocked promptly at eight. I guess they didn't want to be early. When Lori opened the door we had five, not four.

"Is it OK if my older brother comes too?" Asked one of them. "He's a freshman at the university."

"Did you tell him what to expect?" I inquired.

"Yes, but he thinks I'm exaggerating."

"Go ahead, but check with Wayan or Ketuk when you see them." The brother was clearly an athlete, so I was pretty certain the kid would learn how wrong he'd been. Mark showed them the way.

Mark and Jeff came back a few minutes later, reporting that the party was well started. We weren't needed before breakfast, so I suggested we all go to our bedroom. I got my fuck from Mark and got to fuck him and Jeff, but mostly we three-teamed Lori, taking turns in her various orifices.

We had a visitor, one of the guests, during the night. He asked if he could fuck Lori and she agreed. Once he was in rhythm Mark moved behind him and pushed his stiff cock at his crack. His ass lips were red from the friction of several earlier rounds with the big Balinese cocks, but there was lots of leaking cum for lube. There was no reaction from the kid intent on fucking my wife, so Mark pushed his cock inside. Mark held the kid by his hips and took control, shoving in to the hilt while pushing the kid's cock into Lori, then pulling his out before dragging the kid out of Lori. When a good pace was established Lori pulled the kid's head down to suck on her breast. He was really getting into being stimulate front and rear, not even counting the fun he was having sucking and kissing Lori's breasts. I haven't seen better breasts on Playboy playmates and hers were all natural.

After ten minutes of strenuous fucking he shot into Lori. As he pumped his ass contractions brought Mark off, mixing his cum with the massive loads already there. He slumped on the bed beside Lori as Mark slipped from his ass. He was still nursing on Lori's breast as she caressed his head. His cock had softened but Lori's cunt lips still held its head in her warm, wet canal.

"You did good kid. I enjoyed your fucking," Lori complimented him, though, truthfully, she enjoys every fucking. "Have you fucked a woman before?"

"No, it was my first time and I never expected it would be today or with such a beautiful woman."

"You're sweet. What's your name and how did you meet the boys?"

"I'm Henry Rogers, Hank. I'm in eleventh grade and on varsity track. I was working in the weight room when Wayan and Ketuk came in. There were three other guys working out and they fucked us all before hitting the weights. I'd never done anything with a guy before but I'm glad they showed me. I guess every guy in school wants to be fucked by them now. I've had five chances so I was glad to get invited tonight. They've each fucked me twice tonight, but I really enjoyed fucking you too."

"Thanks, Hank. I guess it's time to send you back to the boys. I bet they'll be fucking you a few more times before morning."

"You're right. I'll be going." He got off the bed and backed out our room, keeping his eyes on Lori the whole way.

We tried a few more combinations before giving into sleep.

After a morning round, we showered and donned sarongs for our morning. Lori took charge of preparing breakfast while I set the table. Mark and Jeff went to their place.

It was nearly nine when the boys led their guests to breakfast. They'd fucked them this morning, more than once probably, but they had a shower before coming down. I saw that the skeptical brother had received special attention. He was still dazed and his brother was helping him walk. Everyone was still naked.

"Hi, Hank," greeted Lori, "I really wanted to say again how much I enjoyed you fucking me last night."

He just blushed a deep red at being so publically outed. Ketuk gave him a playful slap on the butt.

The group was hungry after a full night of sex. Wayan and Ketuk each sat between two of their guests on opposite sides of the table while Lori and I took the end seats. The other guy, still overwhelmed, we left rest in a soft chair.

Between big helpings of eggs, toast and juice, the conversation was animated. Mostly they praised the boys on their bodies or sexual skills with lots of feeling of their muscles and cocks. The boys each had a quart of milk mixed with their protein supplement in addition to a big breakfast. They knew they were superior sexually, but enjoyed hearing it confirmed anyway.

When everyone had their fill Lori got up and started clearing the plates. She asked Hank for some help carrying dishes to the kitchen. When they came back about five minutes later, Hank was trying not to smile but the wet sheen on his cock shaft gave proof of what everyone already knew. Lori just wanted to boost his confidence and I'd say succeeded.

The boys led everyone back to get dressed as Lori and I finished cleaning up the table. We were at the doorway when they were ready to leave. Our extra guest was now walking unassisted talking with his brother. Wayan and Ketuk kissed each guest, wrapping them with their arms and holding them tight. Each had a big wet spot in their pants when they finished their goodbyes.

We watched them head to their cars. "You know we should have our cars too," said Wayan.

"You need to be sixteen to get a license," I countered.

"We are, at least officially," said Ketuk.

"OK. I'll take you to get your learners permits next week." They had decided, so it was settled.

"Lori, we want to thank you for showing Hank a good time. He told us that he was worried he liked being fucked too much, but you showed him he could enjoy a woman too."

"No thanks are needed. You know I enjoy being fucked and it was good being his first, so eager and enthusiastic."

"We don't mean to offer thanks with our words, but more personally," said Ketuk stepping in front of her and undoing the sarong as Wayan pressed her from behind.

Ketuk pulled Lori to him for a kiss. He lifted her by the hips until her pussy lips were above his cock then eased her down. Lori wrapped her legs around Ketuk's narrow waist as the thick flesh expanded her vaginal canal. Meanwhile Wayan's stiff staff was squeezing into her ass. Her muscle spasm indicated her first orgasm as she broke the kiss with a high-pitched squeal. Held suspended between the boys muscular bodies, pinned by two steely shafts moving inside her stimulating every sensitive spot she careened from orgasm to orgasm without a break. She rested her head between Ketuk's bulging shoulder and flaring neck, her face veiled by his long black hair that draped to mid back. Ketuk and Wayan came but didn't stop their fuck. Wayan pushed his head forward to whisper in her ear. Lori virtually disappeared as the boys' broad muscled bodies surrounded her. Only her widely split legs, now caught in the crooks of Ketuk's elbows, were visible. As the double fuck continued Lori's moans grew louder as she writhed in pleasure. When Ketuk and Wayan exploded for the second time she screamed as every muscle in her body convulsed and she passed out.

A minute later the boys disentangled from an unconscious Lori. She looked peaceful, sleeping and happy. They carried her up to our bedroom and set her on the bed. I stayed with her, holding her hands in mine.

She came around almost an hour later. Lori was disoriented the first minute, still thinking and feeling the last memories of her fuck and moaning the boys' names. Then she dropped into reality and looked about. She asked where the boys were. I told her to relax. She still was leaking cum from her ass and cunt. But Lori was still over-stimulated. She rolled me to my back, tore open my sarong and straddled me. She said she felt better with my cock in her and said we didn't have enough husband-wife sex any more. I agreed though we both knew how much better sex with our Balinese boy studs was. But we still enjoyed each other. We reached our orgasms ten minutes later and rested another five in the afterglow. Then, regrettably it was time to get up and prepare for tonight's guests.

Mark and Jeff were already working, cleaning the pooled and dried cum from the air mattresses. I saw that the pool filters were doing a good job clearing the water so we could just let them run. We had to change all the sheets and clean up the splashes on the floors and walls while Lori worked on the refreshments for tonight.

The boys had invited the other kids from the swim team, so we were expecting ten, double what we had last night. Wayan asked Mark and Jeff to stay in one of the spare bedrooms so that with Lori and I the kids would have some options if they were occupied with others.

About four Lori answered the phone. I guess some kid's parent had questions about the arrangements.

"Yes we're expecting him," Lori spoke to the phone. "About ten guests not counting our boys. No, no girls, just the boys on the swim team. Yes, my husband and I will be here the whole time. Yes, of course, no alcohol. Our boys are into developing their bodies naturally, so no alcohol or drugs I can assure you. I'm sure he'll have a good time. We'll see him about eight."

That seemed to satisfy the questions. I wondered what story our other guests gave to their parents.

We were at the door with Mark and Jeff before eight. Just before the hour a group of cars pulled into our property. I guess they decided to arrive together and they knocked at eight on the dot. We greeted the group and got them headed to the indoor pool. Seeing Lori topless surprised them. Most stared openly and Lori smiled and cupped them giving the guys a show.

Wayan and Ketuk were waiting by the pool, nude. They had obviously just sprinted a few laps as they were still wet and dripping. Their cocks, though, were fully hard and pointing vertically up past their navels.

"Hi, guys," greeted Wayan.

"You're overdressed," added Ketuk. "Put your stuff over there."

"You've met Mark and Jeff. I don't think you'll need your sarongs until tomorrow."

"And Pete and Lori Fletcher. Lori is very sexy," commented Ketuk, removing her sarong. "And you can see a natural blond," he added, brushing her trimmed, blond pubes.

"Since this is a party, I thought we might try some party games. Mark and Jeff will be the judges for the first, telling us which of you has the tightest hole. We're not able to judge that since with this," Wayan indicated his thick piece, "everyone is tight. The winner obviously hasn't been fucked hard or often enough, but we'll fix that before our next swim meet."

"The two grand prizes are judged by Pete and Lori based on who fucks each of them best tonight." Ketuk bent his knees to dip his cock beneath Lori's opening, then stood up, letting everyone watch as his thick member speared Lori's body, rubbing her clit the whole way. Lori rose to her toes she bottomed out on Ketuk's pole. Ketuk then squatted down withdrawing his cock now slick with Lori's lube. "Wayan and I don't count, of course. The two winners get a final fuck after breakfast. We'll make it extra-special."

"Ryan and Joe are first up. We have some snacks and drinks while you wait or watch. You can't start the party games until we warm you up, but when you're ready they'll be in the bedrooms upstairs."

That was our cue to leave. We went to our bed and just relaxed. It was about 40 minutes went a couple heads tentatively peeked through the door that we'd left open.

"Come in guys," urged Lori.

It wasn't Ryan or Joe, perhaps the boys' second round. They were nervous.

"What are your names?" I asked.

"I'm Frank and he's George. We're juniors."

"Have you fucked a guy or girl before?" Asked Lori.

"Sure, we have girlfriends," assured George, "and we've fucked some of the guys on the team once we knew how much fun it was."

"So who'll have me?" Asked Lori, spreading her thighs a bit wider.

They looked at each other a bit and then Frank moved to Lori. He had about six inches about normal in thickness. George had about six and a half and a bit wider.

We were visited by eight of the ten guests. A couple repeated to try the other combination. About two in the morning we must have drifted off to sleep. Lori was with Brian, in tenth grade like the boys and barely sixteen. He had a slim cock that was close to eight inches but hadn't fucked a girl. Lori showed him what to do to please her and a running commentary giving him tips. I think virgins bring out her Mrs. Robinson side. I had Joe, the senior with me.

I woke up hearing Lori being fucked. Brian was having a morning round. Lori had her legs around his waist, using her heels on his butt to indicate a good tempo for him.

"That's good. Good. Oh. Oh. Good. Keep going. Deeper. Deeper. That's perfect. Oh. Oh. Oh. Yes. Yes. Ah. Yes." She cooed as she came as he shot his load inside her. "My young stud is making my husband jealous. You're a natural. Did you have fun too?"

"Yes. Wayan and Ketuk are great. I love when they fuck me. With you it's just different. I had fun but even better was I could see that I was making you happy too."

"That's a good answer," I said. "You should head back to the master bedroom. The boys will probably want another round with you before breakfast." I woke Joe, who'd slipped out of me while we slept and sent him off too.

We had a couple hours to get set for breakfast, helped by Mark and Jeff who'd finished their contest. The boys and their guests came in from the pool area. All had big smiles and were chatting happily. Most greeted us by name and a pleasant remark about our activities together last night.

They were hungry.

While they were eating Wayan asked Mark and Jeff for the tightest hole winner. They picked Frank, who got a lot of kidding and several guys pushing fingers up him to test his prize-winning orifice. I was next and picked Bob, a senior with a tightly muscled body and a pretty thick seven-inch cock that gave me a vigorous workout. Wayan had the winner come sit next to him. Lori was next and chose Brian. I wasn't surprised. Ketuk told him to sit with him but first to thank Lori. Brian got up, said thank you to Lori and went to him. Ketuk pushed him up and told him to thank Lori the way she likes and stroked his thin cock with his fingers until it was hard.

Lori stood up and motioned for Brian. He was nervous performing in front of his friends, but Lori was really sexy. He sat Lori on the table and lifted her legs to his shoulder as Lori lay back. Lori reached out to line him up and he pushed in. Most of his friends stood up to get a better view as he started to piston her. They urged him to go faster and harder and he did. Lori shook her head around in time with his strokes, her long blond hair waving about. They came simultaneously a few minutes later to much cheering and applause. Lori shifted her legs to around Brian's waist, holding him close as he finished cumming. Lori sat up as Brian's softening cock slipped from her. She kissed him. When they broke the kiss he said thank you.

Ketuk didn't give him time to bask in the moment. He stepped behind him and lifted him off his feet. Brian flailed his legs a bit when he lost contact with the floor, but relaxed when he realized that he was secure in Ketuk's hands. Holding him to his broad chest with one arm he adjusted the other to capture Brian's knee in his elbow, then repeated for the other leg. Now Brian had his legs split over a pair of muscular arms that were thicker than his thighs and body held securely by Ketuk's strong hands just below his lats. Brian looked down and saw past his cock, now hard again, the dark golden shaft, powerful, bouncing gently, the skin at the end just clutching the sides of the flaring cap, a small trickle of precum emerging from the tip.

Ketuk lowered Brian until he could drag the cock tip along the open grove between the glutes and pressed the tip to the quivering rosebud. "Are you ready to receive your prize?" Asked Ketuk softly. Brian looked at Lori, still sitting on the edge of the table just in front of him for a ringside seat, then down his body where the big member could no longer be seen. Lori stroked his face with a hand and smiled at him. He nodded yes and licked his lips.

Ketuk just allowed a bit more of Brian's weight to rest on the head of his pole. Slowly the pressure forced the flesh to open and let more of the cap inside. Brian had been fucked by the boys before, many times. He was accustomed to their size, but now he was feeling himself open by each small fraction. His ass danced on the tip as it gradually slid from view. You could see the reaction on Brian's face when the broad flange popped in and his ring snapped to the sides of the shaft.

Ketuk paused a minute, just holding Brian. I thought the image exciting. There was Ketuk's broad muscular body with its natural deep tan, holding the slim defined swimmer who looked and was much smaller. Brian's white skin a stark contrast to Ketuk's shading. That was nowhere more apparent where their flesh merged. The golden shaft, thick as his wrist and over nine inches remaining, poised to enter the pale ass. Brian's cock was sticking straight out from his groin, dripping precum onto the floor. It was almost as long as what remained to enter him but only a third as thick.

"You earned your prize by pleasing Lori, so you found her sensitive spots," Ketuk commented as he eased more of himself into Brian. Everyone likes being fucked by us because we know your sensitive spots. Number one is the prostate. If you know what you're doing and have the right equipment you can play with it." Now he stroked Brian up and down, making subtle adjustments in body position. "I can give a little pleasure or a lot, build it slowly or suddenly then let it ease." Brian's face reflected the pleasure he was getting and muscle tremors raced through his suspended body when something was particularly intense.

"I can make you cum." Brian did. The first jet hit Lori on her right breast, the next hit her torso and the third splashed on her trimmed blond bush before the last few hit the floor.

Lori wiped cum off her breast with a finger and pushed the tip between her lips for a taste.

"Even after you cum I can keep you hard. I can raise the intensity and make you moan." Brian did. "Now we'll explore higher peaks, and higher. At this point you probably can't focus on anything but the sensations pouring through your body. You're thinking it can't get more intense, but it can, and can again. When I cum you'll finally get your prize. Lori could you catch his cum?"

Lori knelt in front of Brian, holding the tip of his cock in her mouth, following its motion with her head as Ketuk bounced him along his thick sex pole. Then Ketuk pressed Brian down against the base and pumped him full of his sperm, while Lori caught Brian's load with her mouth.

Brian blinked as he returned from his pleasure-induced daze. He was surely aware that he was still impaled on Ketuk's pole as I know the overstuffed feeling is impossible to ignore. He turned his head toward Ketuk who kissed him deeply.

"Lori saved something for you. Kiss her and eat your own cum."

Lori stood and pressed herself to Brian's body. He wrapped her in his arms and shared an open mouth kiss as their tongues transferred his seed from her mouth to his and he swallowed it down.

Ketuk disengaged, setting Brian on the floor. Lori gave him another kiss and just held him about the waist maintaining full body contact, her breasts pressing to his pecs and his still semi-hard cock beneath her crotch. Brian was beaming a hundred watt smile and put his hands around Lori, holding her ass possessively as his teammates came by to congratulate him.

With all the attention on Brian, nobody noticed that Wayan had given Bob his prize by fucking him senseless. Wayan threw the kid on his shoulder on the way to toss him in the pool to revive him. Lori suggested that Brian might need another shower before heading home and led him away accompanied by hoots from his teammates.

The boys next swim meet was at Ballard High School. We'd gotten their learners permits and I'd given them some local practice so I agreed when they wanted to do the driving to the meet. They were actually very good, alert in traffic and smooth and skillful in handling the car. I know them well enough so I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was impressed.

We got some seats by the pool while the teams got ready. There were several families and a good group of students to cheer our team on.

"You must be Lori Fletcher," said a woman approaching my wife. "I saw you at the last meet. I'm Brian's mother. I called you before the party last week."

"Hello. Nice to meet you in person. This is my husband, Peter." I nodded. "Did Brian enjoy the party?"

"Yes, he did, very much in fact. I hope you didn't mind me calling to check up."

"Not at all. You can't be too careful these days. But we were there the whole time and I can assure you that everyone had fun and that they didn't sneak in any girlfriends or alcohol."

"Brian seems so much happier and confident since then. It must have helped."

"Well, you know, teenagers are such a mess of emotions and hormones it's a wonder they survive. Perhaps Brian has sorted his out now, though, who can say if a simple party with his friends had anything to do with it. Just be happy that he's gotten through it successfully."

"You're right. I hope I'll see you later."

"You certainly had a big impact on him," I said as she walked back to her husband. "You're going to be a great mom."

We won the meet beating Ballard, Cleveland and Chief Sealth. Ketuk was moved to the 400 and 800 meters freestyle that he won easily, while Wayan did the sprints, butterfly and freestyle up to 200 meters and the 400 IM. The team also took the 400 relay with both boys swimming legs and the 400 medley relay with Wayan doing butterfly and Ketuk anchoring on freestyle. Brian took the 100 meters backstroke and swam the initial backstroke leg for the medley. Ryan pulled a close second at 1500 meters.

Unfortunately the girls' team could only manage third.

After the meet, waiting for the team to shower and dress, something we knew would take a bit longer than you might normally expect, the coach came over to us.

"Mr. Fletcher, Mrs. Fletcher, it really is a pleasure to coach swimmers as talented as Wayan and Ketuk. I think the boys' team has a good shot at the state championship."

"Pete and Lori please," I urged. "The boys have told us how much they enjoy you as their coach."

"I'd never had exchange students on the team before, but they bonded with everyone immediately and with their talent they became the captains and leaders of the team. I'd say they're the most popular boys in school. How did they come to stay with you?"

"We were on our honeymoon on Bali and we met their family," explained Lori. "They invited us to their home. They have a lovely place in the highlands of central Bali where they grow fabulous coffee. They made us feel like part of their family. Wayan and Ketuk were the youngest of six brothers and saw the chance to come to the USA as a way to get a bit more freedom. When the family agreed to let them come, we were happy to agree."

"The boys mentioned that you're pregnant."

"Yes, six weeks now. We got lucky on our honeymoon."

"That's great. My wife's pregnant too. We just confirmed it yesterday. We'd been trying for a couple years and were considering trying a clinic."

"Congratulations," I offered.

We saw Brian come out. A cute blond girl ran up to him and hugged him. He put his arm about her waist and walked our way.

"Hi. This is my new girlfriend, Cindy."

"Hello Cindy. We're the Fletchers. Brian is a friend of our exchange students."

"Oh. Wayan and Ketuk. Everyone knows them."

"I'm sure Brian and you will have lots of fun," added Lori. They both blushed, so I guess Brian already shown her his new skills.

"Wayan and Ketuk will be a few minutes yet. They're meeting with the captains of the losing teams."

"Thanks Brian," I said. "And congratulations on your win. I saw your parents outside."

The boys arrived about fifteen minutes later. It was after dark so I needed to do the drive back to our home. The boys were excited from the swim meet and got in the back seat with Lori. She wasn't wearing a bra or panties so by the time we were on the road, she was riding both their cocks.

"I think you boys are still growing," observed Lori.

"Yes. We grew another two centimeters taller in a week," confirmed Wayan.

"And two centimeters on our cocks. They're almost 30 now, that's just shy of twelve inches, and thicker too," added Ketuk.

"We can bench 250 kilos now too. We'll soon exceed the weight capacity in the gym. The coach says he'll get more 50 and 100 kilos plates and stronger bars.

"We can curl 100 kilos with one arm for ten reps. Look at this, Lori." Ketuk, who was plugged in her cunt flexed his arm by her face. "That's fifty-four centimeters, over twenty-one inches."

"The supplements must be working. We need to thank Mark and Jeff again."

"You know you're much stronger than them," I said.

"We always thought they were stronger since they're much bigger and heavier than we."

"We never had to test that since they recognized us as superior sexually."

"But it's nice to know."

Saturday was for more driving practice. They said they were ready and they were right, so we set next Friday afternoon for the test. They had a couple of friends from the football team over Saturday night. That meant they could give them their full attention and there was little for us to do, great for us, exhausting for their friends.

Mark stopped me while he was doing the lawn Sunday afternoon.

"What's gotten into the boys?" He asked. "They threw us a mind-blowing fuck after the meet last week."

"The supplements you gave them are working great. They said they were going to thank you."

"The fuck was fine, but they were very aggressive physically. With their big cocks we love being fucked, but they never man-handled us like that before."

"I guess I'm to blame. When they told me how much they were lifting these days, I mentioned they were stronger than you. They'd just assumed you were stronger because you were bigger."

"They didn't hurt us or anything, it was just so unexpected. I never met a guy that could make me feel weak in comparison. It's hard to explain, I guess. On top of that my girlfriend told me she's pregnant."

"I assume you were using something."

"She was on the pill. I read it's not 100%."

"So what will you do?"

"She wants to get married. I think that's best. I can still finish out my degree though money will be a bit tight."

"The suite above the garage has enough room. I'll talk to the boys about a raise for next year. Lori will be looking after our twins by then so we can help out while you have classes. Let us know what you decide."

"Thanks, you're more than generous."

They won their next meet at Roosevelt High. I was home early Friday to take the boys to their driving test. I had about an hour before they were due home so I took a mid day break with Lori. I heard a car pull up a bit early but I'd shot a load a few minutes earlier so I apologized to Lori and quickly dressed and rushed downstairs.

Brian had driven the boys home from school.

"Hi Mr. Fletcher."

"Pete, please. Hello Brian. That was a great performance in the meet. We've got to be going for the boys' driving test. Thanks for driving them home."

"It's no problem, Pete. Uh. I was wondering if I could say hello to Lori before I go?"

"You just want to say hello, Brian? I'm sure she'd love you to fuck her if you have time. She's in our bedroom. Do you remember the way?"

"Yes, I remember and do have the time. Perhaps I'll stay until you get back and can find out how Wayan and Ketuk did on their test."

"OK. We'll be back in a couple hours." The boys each mussed his hair as they left him in the entryway.

It was no surprise that they were perfect on the written and flawless in the driving test. On they way home they were discussing what cars they'd buy. They decided on Corvettes. That's a powerful car for a new driver, but it was their decision. I knew them well enough to know that if they thought they could handle it, they could. I'd take them car shopping tomorrow.

When we got home we were greeted by a naked Lori and Brian. Brian's slim eight-inch piece was hard and shiny with Lori's juices. They'd obviously just decoupled when they heard us pull up. Brian had his hand around Lori's waist.

"Hi guys, how did it go?" Asked Lori.

"We passed," announced Wayan.

"Maybe we should ask you how it went," said Ketuk. "I think Brian wants to replace us as your primary lover."

"Brian was great. He brought me off several times. He'll always be welcome in my bed. But I could never replace my big boys."

"Why don't we go to our room and celebrate since you're already undressed for it."

Wayan tossed Lori over his shoulder and Ketuk carried Brian while I followed. When we arrived at the giant master suite the boys tossed Lori and Brian on their backs into the middle of the bed and then turned to me and tore my clothes to shreds before tossing me onto the bed.

The boys decided to give us a show. First they stepped out of their shoes. Then they pulled their shirts off over their heads. Then they made a double biceps pose.

"Can your new boy-toy match these, Lori?" Wayan taunted.

"We're up to 55 centimeters now," asserted Ketuk. "We're benching 290 kilos now. That's more than twice your combined weight."

"Brian has good muscles. I feel safe in his arms. Hold me tight lover." Brian wrapped his arms about Lori with his hands on her large firm breasts.

"How about these abs?" Asked Wayan.

"They are nice," conceded Lori. "But my lover has a nice firm stomach too. Let me sit on your lap dear." Lori straddled Brian's Slim, firm thighs as he held her from behind. When she sat down his slim pole slid easily between her lower lips. "It feels so nice in there."

"I'm surprised you can feel it at all," Ketuk said. "Look at this." He ran his index finger along the long outline of the thick pole under the tight cloth.

"I think Lori might want a closer look," said Wayan unbuttoning his jeans. He slowly pealed them down. "There's the tip. It's almost at my hip just below the top of my jeans. I'm lucky it's not hard or it might have popped out. That would have been embarrassing during our driving test, though I think the examiner spent more time looking at it than the road."

"It looks too big. Brian's feels so comfortable inside me."

"You should give up," insisted Brian, playing along. "It's clear she prefers me."

"I think Lori needs a better look," said Ketuk, pushing his jeans down his bulging thighs and pealing them off, taking his socks too. Wayan followed his lead. They stood facing Lori with their legs split and hands on their hips. Their thick sex was angled about forty-five degrees below horizontal, the heads still hooded by their foreskins.

"You know we're 31 centimeters when we're hard," said Wayan. "That's a cock and a half over Brian and three times thicker too."

"It doesn't look that big."

"I think you need to see it ready for action," said Ketuk. "Watch."

Without touching them their cocks grew and grew. As they did the angle increased to horizontal and beyond. The mushroom-shaped cap pushed more and more beyond its hood. As the skin retracted past the flange, the shaft reached vertical, extending past their second row of their 6-packs.

"We may be even a bit bigger than last we measured. We're growing boys."

"They're much too big. I don't like them. Besides, I already have a lover."

"Well, I like them," I added.

"We know you're queer for our cocks, but we have two so Lori can have one too."

"I already have one. I don't need another."

"She's right. I'm already inside her. There's no room for you."

"We'll see about that. I think it's overdue we taught you to give the proper respect real men demand. Wayan you take the queer and I'll take the slut."

Wayan kneeled on the bed, grabbed my ankles and bent me double. His broad torso moved over me and I felt that tremendous cock press along my smaller one. It was hot and throbbing with power.

Beside me Ketuk had lifted Lori's legs to his shoulder. Her body pressed into Brian who shifted one arm to brace himself against falling back on the bed. With one hand he positioned the wide tip of his spear where her lips parted around Brian's cock. He pressed.

"What are you doing?" Asked Brian who could feel pressure on his cock.

"Giving you some lessons," asserted Ketuk. "Your first lesson is sharing."

I couldn't see Lori's opening from beneath Wayan but as he dragged Brian closer splitting his legs around his thighs, the long shaft had to be entering her. From the thrashing about that Lori and Brian were doing the sensations were extreme. I remembered when the boys had doubled up in me when we were in Bali. At least Lori can be thankful that both cocks aren't thick ones.

Then I forgot about Lori as Wayan started entering me. He was big, not as big as his eldest brothers. Did he say they were 31 now? They grew 5 centimeters, two inches, in a couple months. Was it the supplements, a normal teenage growth spurt or a bit of both.

"You like my big cock?" Asked Wayan, who was only halfway in.

"You know I do, boss."

"That's good. You remembered. You must act like our parents for school and we thought you were forgetting. In this family, we are the husbands and you are our wives. We will provide for our family and keep you sexual satisfied. You will obey us, not because we are stronger, but because you love us."

As Wayan talked he'd put himself fully into me, the massive, hot, throbbing member in the midst of my gut unmistakable proof of his dominance. He didn't need me to answer him. A look at my face confirmed my love for him. He smiled down at me.

"Look at Lori," he commanded.

She was still on Brian's lap, but Brian, being held by the hips, was straddling Ketuk in the middle of his bulging thighs. His pale cock was still in Lori but next to it was the thick, golden flesh from Ketuk. There was still six inches or so of the pole yet to enter her. Brian had his arms wrapped about Lori's chest while Lori's hands pressed the flat plates of Ketuk's pectorals.

"We knew Lori enjoyed sex and we encouraged her by providing her a variety to explore. We think she truly loves Brian. Brian has a girlfriend now but needs a sexual relationship where he can be completely uninhibited and Lori can offer that. It's just we felt that Lori was beginning to think of us as just two and the best of her many lovers. We're going to remind her that we are her whole world."

"Brian, can you feel me now? I'm head-to-head with you," said Ketuk as he pulled Brian's hips a couple inches closer to him. "No need to answer. I can see it on your face. Now I'm going to give you a little cock massage."

Ketuk with a slight pump from his hips moved his pole in and out about an inch, brushing the head of Brian's cock with the flange of his own. With a grunt Brian came, squeezing Lori in his arms.

"Oh, Ketuk, Ketuk," moaned Lori as she orgasmed too.

"That's better, Lori. Brian has his best cum in a week. I can feel it dripping back on my cock head. But, Lori, you moan my name because you know who's responsible for your pleasure. Lori, now I'll fuck you. You need to be reminded what a real man can do. In two minutes you won't remember your own name, but you'll remember mine. When I come you'll be in a dream world where there is no sight, sound, or time, only sensation. I'll keep you there moaning my name as your last connection to the world. When you open your eyes you'll see my face and kiss me in your joy.

"Brian, you're going along for the ride and lesson two, size does matter."

With that Ketuk pulled Brian closer until all twelve of his inches were in Lori. Then he lifted the pair up and away extracting most of the long shaft. Then the real fuck began. The hot flesh seemed to know where to go to cause the most exquisite pleasure.

"Oh God, Oh God," mumbled Brian, clinging tightly to Lori he came again and again.

Lori was moaning Ketuk's name as her mantra. He called her name but she didn't react, lost in the sensations that caused one orgasm after another. Ketuk made a strong thrust as he unleashed his seed. Lori body convulsed and she screamed his name. When he resumed his motion Lori just stared at him with wide, glazed eyes softly mumbling his name.

"Your turn," announced Wayan as he started to fuck me.

Both the boys knew how to fuck. I don't mean put dick in ass or cunt and move it about. Everyone can do that. It's just they know their partner. If it were someone new they'd learn in the first minutes. But the boys knew Lori and I, inside and out. Wayan found the spots that controlled me. I rocketed straight to an eruption and moved into a world of endless sensation.

How long I was there I don't know and didn't care. My first memory on returning was Wayan's face hovering above my eyes. I wrapped my arms about his neck and kissed him on the lips. He slipped his long tongue in my mouth and I caressed it with my own like it were his cock.

Gradually bits of the world dropped into my mind. I was still bent double with my calves on Wayan's shoulders, nearly beside my head. We were both dripping from cum shot while I was fucked, many times by the amount, though I only think I remember once. Wayan's long cock was still in me. I could feel the heat, the pressure and the beat from the blood coursing, powerful but now quiet.

I saw Lori, now sitting in Ketuk's lap with her flesh stretched about the root of the thick shaft that entered her. A steady seepage of cum was leaking from the juncture and oozing down the short length of visible cock and covering the drawn-up ball sack. Brian had repositioned between Ketuk's thighs so he could lick the cum-coated flesh. I noticed his cock and groin area was coated with cum from the time he spent sharing Lori with Ketuk.

Ketuk and Lori had obviously been watching Wayan fuck me.

"Did you both have fun?" Ketuk asked. Fun hardly describes what we had and he knew it. Lori and I nodded.

"And what lesson have you relearned?" Wayan asked me.

"You are the men of the family and we will love, honor and obey you as respectful wives should," I replied and meant it. They were right. We had been starting to think of ourselves more like parents and the boys had been required to remind us of their dominance in a friendly but forceful way.

"Brian, you're are friend and teammate. You're welcome to fuck Lori or Pete. Just ask permission from Wayan or me first. And Lori or Pete, if you meet Brian and he says he wants to fuck, you can assume he has our permission since we trust him not to abuse his privileges.

"Thanks Ketuk. I really appreciate that."

"If you can stay the night Brian, you can fuck Lori again and we'll show you how to fuck Pete and, of course we'll fuck you."

"That's great, but I've got to call my mom. My phone was in my pants."

"Then it's in my bedroom," said Lori, "end of the hall." He jumped out of bed and ran out.

He was back in a minute with the phone to his face. "My mom wants to speak to you."

"Hello. Yes. Pete and I will be home the whole time. No. No alcohol. And no girls, except me of course. Ha. Yes. See you at the next meet. Bye. It's OK you can stay Brian."

We spent a few hours together in the big bed exploring some of the possible combinations with four poles and eleven holes before the boys fucked us off to the happy land of dreams.

Now everyone was recovering in the big master shower. I was shampooing Ketuk's hair while he was doing Brian's with Brian riding his cock. Wayan was seated on the bench with Lori, facing him, straddling his thick thighs, impaled on his pole. They were doing each other's hair. Wayan straight black hair was twice as long as Lori's shoulder length blond locks. Draped in front it would reach to the bottom of his pecs. This morning soapy, wet blond and black strands were intermingled.

About ten the boys were ready to hit the road to shop for cars. I was along to drive the Escalade back once they had their wheels. Wayan took the driving first with Ketuk in the passenger slot and me behind.

Brian would stay with Lori for a couple hours before heading home. He had a date with Cindy in the evening.

They headed over to Lake City Way and pulled into a dealership. They got a salesman right away, a function more from pulling up in a new Escalade than ourselves. The salesman tried to engage me but the boys took charge and I stayed in the background. Wayan was interested in a red Corvette convertible, listed at a bit over $67,000, and Ketuk in a black Corvette coupe, at just under $60,000. Both were in dealers stock and the salesman, after talking with the manager, took both the boys out for a test drive in their chosen car. He was much calmer on the return after seeing their driving skills.

Back in the office the boys explained the planned to pay cash and no more than the MSRP including all dealers fees. That was $59,675 for the convertible and $50,605 for the coupe. The salesman sputtered and, addressing me, said this was unrealistic and nowhere near the vehicles value. It was then that Ketuk told me to step outside as Wayan was explaining that they'd offered a fair price and this was not a negotiation.

Ketuk shut the door behind me. I took a seat on the showroom floor and noticed they'd closed the blinds. About fifteen minutes later, the manager went in. Ten minutes later everyone exited with big smiles.

"The cars will be ready in two hours. We paid $59,000 and $50,000 including the title fees." Wayan explained.

"What happened in there? Did you fuck him?"

"Only on the car price," said Ketuk. "He had a family photo on his desk, a wife and teenage son and daughter."

"We just asked him what he thought might happen if his wife, son or daughter, met someone who looked like us, very friendly and interested in them. No force or compulsion, just friends having fun."

"I guess he didn't like the answer he thought to himself."

"We offered a fair price and they tried to screw us out of extra thousands. We had the money. It's the principle. So we suggested screwing can go both ways."

We went for a bite of lunch while they prepared the vehicles. Wayan pulled out his MacBook Pro and got on the internet for insurance using the car details from the dealer. I was glad I wasn't paying that insurance bill.

I drove home after they picked up their new Vettes. They wanted to try them out with a bit of a drive.

Brian had headed home just before I got home. Since Lori was still naked, resting in our bed and the boys would be gone for a while, I took advantage of the rare break to fuck my wife.

The next week was easy as I no longer had to drive the boys to school. They enjoyed the freedom their cars gave them and visited friends after school and did some shopping.

Their next swim meet was at Rainier Beach High. They drove their Vettes and we came down in the Escalade. The men's team won again and qualified for the city championship to be held after the Thanksgiving break. The girls didn't do well and we heard that some were pregnant.

We waited after the meet to congratulate the boys. Brian, who won the 100 and 200 meters backstroke and the lead on the medley relay victory, was out early. He'd driven down in Wayan's red convertible, but he said he was driving back with us. Cindy or his parents hadn't come to this meet, probably by his design. He waited with us, arm about Lori's waist, for the boys, who he said were settling bets with the other team captains.

They came out about twenty minutes later each with a captain from one of the losing schools that they said would be spending the night. Their partners were very subdued. They had been fucked already and knew they'd be fucked some more. They'd been subdued, mentally and physically, and, by morning, they would be virtual slaves to the boys' will. They went off to introduce the boys to their families that had attended the meet and explain their plans. I wondered what their families thought, but, perhaps, they never could image the changes that befallen their sons.

The boys drove their guests in their Vettes. Brian came with us, sharing the back seat with Lori who sucked his cock on the ride. Brian had left his car at our home before riding with Wayan. The boys had gotten there ahead of us and were in their room with their guests. We took Brian to our room where he fucked Lori, I and Lori again, before heading home.

We saw the boys and their guests at breakfast, two more in love with them. We had worn our sarongs but they were still nude. Ketuk came up to me and pulled off my sarong. He pushed his cock up my ass as we shared a kiss. Meanwhile, Wayan pushed Lori's sarong up past her hips and plunged his big pole into her as they kissed. A few quick hip thrusts in the right places brought Lori off as he shot his seed inside her. I knew this little show was to make clear to their latest conquests what our relationship was. Their guests were oblivious to anyone that wasn't Wayan or Ketuk, not even a stare for Lori's breasts or pussy. Their eyes were on the big cocks, fully erect and vertical, glistening with juices from my ass and Lori's pussy.

While they were having breakfast and the protein supplement, they asked us about our time with Brian. They've been teaching him to be a better top with some of the guys from the team, but he really prefers women. I said I enjoyed his fuck, but he'll never equal them. That brought a laugh.

As we were sharing the meal and conversation the others were between their thighs, sucking their cocks. When we'd finished our meal they got theirs. The boys must have fucked them this morning and several times last evening, but they still had trouble swallowing all the cum they were fed. When they finished and stood, both wiped their mouths of the excess with the backs of their hands and then licked it off. The boys took them back upstairs without ever telling us their names; just casual fucks, used and forgotten.

Now with there new wheels, both boys would stay at different friends Friday night. My parent genes were telling me to ask questions, but Lori put her hand on my knee. It was enough to remind me that they were not under my control.

When I got home after work Friday, their cars were gone, but I recognized Brian's. He was in our bedroom fucking Lori, probably for some time.

"Hi Pete, he greeted me cheerfully while continuing to stroke Lori. "Will you fuck me while I finish another round."

"And then the guys can switch places," added Lori.

That sounded like a plan to me. The boys had made our arrangements for the night.

Ketuk arrived back a bit after eight in the morning. He stopped up in our room where Lori and I were sleeping in on the Saturday morning. Brian had left in the evening, not having his parents' permission to stay out overnight.

Ketuk scooped both of us up in his arms and carried us to his room, saying that Wayan and he wanted to talk to us. Wayan was there, changing from his jeans to the sarong we all used at home. Ketuk placed us in their bed and sat down beside us. Wayan sat down too still holding the bright sarong in his hand.

"We are concerned about some things at school," Wayan began. I heard the concern in his voice, but couldn't help but look at his big sex organ, still near ten-inches totally soft between his massive thighs.

"It seems that there are an unusual number of girls getting pregnant," continued Ketuk.

"A number are girlfriends of guys we know."

"And about half the girls' swim team."

"Did you have sex with any of them?" I asked.

"No," they said in unison.

"But you had sex with their boyfriends," observed Lori.

"Yes. Mostly. But a few of the swimmers are thought to be lesbians," answered Wayan.

"Your coach's wife is pregnant too and Mark's girlfriend. You've had sex with them too," I observed.

"Yes but not their girlfriends," insisted Ketuk.

"Did you ever fuck your teammates in the school pool?" I asked.

"A few times," admitted Wayan.

"You're worried you're responsible," said Lori. They nodded.

"It's possible," I said. "Lori could you bring me a condom." She left to get one from our bathroom.

"We don't use condoms. They're not effective with us even if they don't rupture," said Ketuk.

"It's for an experiment. I have some ideas, but there's a lot of guesswork."

"What's your theory?"

Lori was back with a couple condom packets.

"Let's try this first. Can you put on a condom and shoot into it?"

Wayan took one and opened it.

"It's way too small for you, but you only have to slip it on a few inches. Leave plenty of room for cum."

"I haven't masturbated since I was eight, but it was our first sex lesson from our parents. You can't understand your partners' pleasure until you know your own."

Wayan held his pole lightly in his right hand and placed his left with the thumb below the shaft and cupping his orange-sized balls. He pressed and rubbed places he knew very well. He was rapidly at full erection, now easily thirteen inches. A bit more stimulation and he started pumping his seed until a tennis ball bulge of cum formed above the tip.

"What now?"

"Take it off twisting the opening so it doesn't run out," I instructed.

He did and handed me the full latex. I held it. A few minutes later a film formed on the outside and soon it started a slow drip.

"That's why we don't use them," said Ketuk.

"It's also why your friends girls are getting pregnant. If your sperm can get through latex it will get through the walls of the gut. Then it can go anywhere. Some may get mixed with cum your friends shoot. I know your coach was trying to get his wife pregnant and Mark and his girlfriend were relying on the pill. We know that doesn't work with you. I don't know how many of your sperm gets into a friend's cum or how long after a fuck it might survive. It may not take too many in your case. It's a bit like that in the pool. Your sperm are diluted and I can't tell without experimenting how long they might last, but a girl using the pool might be exposed to a few to a few thousand. Obviously some found an egg to fertilize."

"Wow. We tried to be careful and never had sex with a girl. But we weren't careful enough. What do we do?"

"First, don't fuck in a public pool. Our home pool should be fine since we know who is using it. Second, if the friends you fuck aren't strictly gay, and most aren't, they should use a condom when fucking their girlfriends."

"But the condom doesn't stop our sperm," Wayan objected, pointing to the swollen latex I held that was forming another drop.

"Yes, but there are millions in here. With just dozens to thousands diluted in a friend's cum it will work for the few minutes necessary. I don't want to waste this." I drank his cum from the latex.

"What do we about those already pregnant?" Asked Ketuk.

"There is little you can do," Lori said. "Some will have their babies, some will be adopted and some may already have ended their pregnancies."

"They would do that?"

"Yes, some," I agreed. "But we love having your eldest brothers' sons. I bet your coach and his wife are happy. But there will be problems. The babies will look like you and I guess be twins. That will raise questions. DNA will show you are the fathers, but you never had sex with their mothers. At least there are several months to decide what to do."

"I think we need to apologize," said Wayan softly. "You've been wonderful."

"But we've gone too far in demonstrating our dominance," continued Ketuk. "It was rude, but you never complained."

"We know you love us and not just this," Wayan indicated his still stiff cock.

"We do love you. You're what we'd like my children to be at your age," insisted Lori. "Though I do admit I love sex with you." She ran a finger along the length of Wayan's pole.

"I think we understand you boys a little," I added. "In spite of your strength and sexual skill you're still just a few months past fourteen and on your own for the first time. In a couple years you'll be confident enough that you'll not need to demonstrate you're the boss. Everyone will know it just by your manner."

"We promised to obey you as wives and don't regret that," said Lori.

"I guess we haven't been respectful enough husbands," admitted Ketuk.

"But that will change," Wayan promised. "At least we can show our love in the traditional way."

Wayan slipped a muscled arm about my back and pulled me close. He looked into my eyes and I knew I was loved. We shared a kiss as we lay back on the bed. Ketuk lay beside me kissing Lori, who had his sarong draped about her neck.

We rested on our sides, looking at each other. I felt the bulging muscles of his upper arm, tracing the vein that ran along his biceps. He was still a couple inches shorter than my five eleven, but about forty pounds heavier and all that was muscle. His chest was 50% wider than mine, so on our sides his head was several inches above mine. The swelling pectoral muscles pushed his male nipples to point toward his waist and sides. The broad chest tapered to a narrow waist, set off by six bricks of abdominal muscles.

I felt the steel plates of his chest and with my fingers traced the lines that carved the abs. But just beyond the first row was the head of his magnificent cock. Fully hard, the skin that enfolds the tip retracted past the flange, I stared at the slit in the end. Drops of precum would form and flow, dripping off the lower side.

My own cock was hard as it always is in proximity to the boys. At eight inches it didn't reach as far as the base of his cock head. Wayan's member was so much thicker too. I was leaking precum too, but not nearly as much.

I brushed a finger around the head, spreading the oozing fluid over the surface then traced the veins and bumps along the surface of the thick shaft.

Wayan slipped a foot between my ankles and pressed until his hard calf was splitting both of mine. As he bent his leg he forced mine apart to make room for his thigh. He pushed until his quadriceps was touching my balls. He held my waist in his hands and rolled onto his back, pulling me on top of him, resting on his muscled torso. He moved his other leg between forcing mine to spread wide.

Our cocks were pressed together between our bodies. I still hand one hand on his pole where it extended beyond my own. I could feel it throbbing with power, waiting to be released. The skin felt hot against my own cock that would quiver in response to every motion of his much larger organ.

He held me tight to him with one arm about my back while the hand of the other probed my ass. His finger traced around my ring and eased inside. This was for my pleasure as there's no need anymore to prepare me for his big muscle. He found a spot to trigger my cock and I sprayed my seed against his pole, providing extra lube for what was to follow.

I looked at Wayan's smiling face. It was framed by locks of his straight black hair. Some had spread over the bulging pectorals and along the valley between his arms and traps. His white teeth contrasted nicely to the golden brown skin. Other than the hair on his head and a small bush above his meaty cock Wayan was without a bit of body hair. His chin and face had no hint of stubble. Well he was only really fourteen, a fact that was hard to believe looking at his physical development and sexual prowess.

With Lori's moaning providing background music, I looked into Wayan's eyes. He saw I was ready and drew me into a kiss. He stroked my tongue with his. I was ready and he knew it.

He pushed me along his body, my cock shifting along his cobblestone abs as the thick tube of his dick passed under my crotch. He pushed it behind my balls until it lodged against my hole. Another firm push and he was inside.

He shoved a few more of his many inches into me, punching the button of my prostate with the tip of his spear. He bucked his hips under me to massage me inside with the flaring head. My body shook as I came again.

"Our parents gave us our first lesson about sex when we were six," Wayan explained as he let me recover, just keeping enough motion to leave me excited. "We were only 15 centimeters then and couldn't produce cum.

"First we learned how to please ourselves, finding what gave us pleasure. Then we learned how to please a partner, man or woman. Our mother was the only woman safe to practice with but she taught us well. Lessons were our only chance to fuck our older brothers, but they fucked us every day. We, of course, were taught how to be receptive to another man and our brothers were all excellent at fucking. However, mostly Ketuk and I practiced on each other.

"When we were eight we were given tutoring at home in various subjects instead of school. The tutors were all young men in university. We were only about 140 centimeters, well under five feet and less than 45 kilos, but still quite strong and about 17 centimeters. We seduced our tutor that first day. It was expected. We knew our brothers were having sex with their tutors too.

"We got a bit carried away. We had never had sex with someone outside our family before. We found it easy to give our tutor pleasure and thought more would be better. When our father looked in on us he'd been delirious for hours. It took him a day to regain awareness and another to stand unassisted. From then on he was always hard when we were with him. It was our first lesson on the power we could exercise.

"Now we're learning to use our power responsibly. We're lucky to have you in our new family. We know you love us, but we love you just as much. Thank you."

"I'm proud of you. Your body says you're a man and now your mental development has caught up with your body. You're a good person, but, right now I'm really, really need more of that man-sized cock."

Wayan rolled me over to my back, bridging my body on his knees and elbows. He wound up deeper in my gut. It felt like about half way.

My legs were raised to rest on his shoulders, bending me double. He began to fuck. The first deep thrust sent a wave of pleasure through me. My eyes went wide as I stared at his face above mine. He smiled and shook his head. His long hair tumbled from his back forming a curtain around our heads, our private world.

He kissed me again as he continued to move within me, touching all the right buttons. As the sensations rocked my mind I sucked on his long tongue. He knew what he was doing to me. My cock erupted. He broke the kiss and lifted his head a few inches above mine and smiled.

He started again, faster and more intense. I came again, arching my back. He eased me down. I was panting to catch my breath.

He built me up to another peak. He took longer and held me on the verge forever. I was sweating and moaning. Finally he pushed me to orgasm and I came. Then just as I eased down, he started spewing deep inside me as his cock beat my intestines like a drum. I came again even harder.

"That was more than I could handle," I said, slowly regaining my breath.

"No, it wasn't. I've taken you beyond there before and I know I could take you even further. I've taken you to the timeless world. If you want I could take you to the place beyond it."

"I remember the that. I was there and happy and then I wasn't. What will this be like?"

"Different. More. I've been there myself, as have my brothers.  It's impossible to describe. There is some danger. My parents said sometimes a person doesn't come back. That's what we feared with our first tutor. But you're safe if you're with someone you love and loves you. I'll take you to heaven and bring you back."

"Let's go. I know I'm safe with you."

And we did go, there and back again. But don't expect me to describe the journey.

The End