A short story about a boy's move into adulthood. He learns that things don't have to be either one way or another, but can be both. He learns that one couple's relationship, with its taboos and barriers, can be another's lifestyle, without them. He is given something he had waited all his adolescent life for, and he gives something that will be loved forever.

I hope you enjoy reading this tale as much as I did writing it. Please let me know, one way or the other. Roy. sunbeamtb@yahoo.co.uk


He was tall, handsome, bronzed and fit. The most attractive guy I'd ever seen and I squinted through the searing sun to watch him. The outline of his cock was clearly visible through his black speedo, thick and heavy. His ballsack wasn't exactly small, either, I amazed at how it all stayed covered by so little nylon. His legs, his body, his face, his -- everything -- was just 120% perfect -- and more. He must live on the beach to get a tan like that!

I rolled my head slowly, watching him as he approached, walking up the path towards the hotel. He must be about 18. He smiled as he drew near.

"Hey kid! You should hang a flag on that!" he said, "Warn planes to fly round it!" and walked past. The accent was music to my ears, even if he did call me `kid'. I glanced down. Oh no! I was as hard as a rod, my trunks were stretched skyward, and the head was clearly visible! Red faced and very embarrassed, I rolled onto my stomach and watched him walk away. The black nylon clung to his ass tighter than skin, and his spine dimpled his back in just the right way. He glanced back over his shoulder and winked. I hadn't realised I'd been humping gently until that point, but seeing his smile as he glanced back at me, you know the sort of smile, where a flash of light glints off a brilliant white tooth, made me cum, and cum hard.

I also realised I'd been humping the sand, and I'd rubbed my cockhead raw. It hurt, it hurt a lot. I dropped my face in the sand and felt the pain.

I'm Dave, I'm 16, and I'm on holiday here in Florida with my parents. We wanted a holiday with a difference, so we've chosen America. It's a lot different to Bournemouth, where we usually go.

They want to see the sights, I want to lie on the beach and tan, we had a big row so I'm here and they're -- wherever. There's something else I want, I want to get laid. I want to lose my virginity, I want some serious pussy action, and I want to clear this confusion in my head about guys.

I've got to do something about this pain, so I grab the towel and jog down to the surf. I drop the towel on the sand, run straight into the sea, and swim out to where I can stand and attend privately to my injuries. I swill the cum off my trunks first, then wash my cock over and over in the sea, but the burning won't stop -- of course! Salt water! What a dickhead I am! I pull up my trunks and walk back to the towel. I sort of dry off, wind the towel up and head back to the hotel. A shower and -- we must have some lotion or something that'll help. I reach the hotel lobby before I realise the folks have the room key. Shit! Now what am I going to do! I go into a `restroom', slip into a cubicle, shuck down my trunks and look at the damage. It doesn't look as bad as it feels, but it's red. I spit on my fingers and swab it with that, which helps a bit. I piss in the bowl, and it burns so much I cry out, then clamp a hand to my mouth -- I hope no one else is in here! Another swabbing with spit soothes it again.

I tuck it back in my trunks and walk out into the lobby. Now what am I going to do? God knows when they'll be back. I walk out of the side door, past the hotel's pool towards some tables and chairs by the pool bar. I'll just have to sit and wait for them.

Someone grabs my arm as I walk past a table. "Hey kid! Hope I didn't embarrass you back there!"

I'm held, and look round - it's him! The guy from the beach! I fluster, and I know I turn red. "'S'OK!" I say. "No sweat!"

"You're British!"

I turn to look at his companion, who said that. A girl, the same as him. The same as him, but a girl. Exactly the same as him, but with -- you know. Nice ones, too.

"Hey! Welcome to the States! Come'n join us!"

He's still holding my arm, and slides a chair out with his foot. He's still got my arm as I sit on the chair. Perhaps he pulls me to it, I don't know. They both smile. Identically.

He introduces them both. "I'm Chet and this is my sister Cassie. We're twins, if you hadn't noticed!" He lets my arm go, at last. "I'm Dave." I say.

I don't know where to look first, they're both -- gorgeous. She's wearing a black bikini in the same material as his speedo. The pain down below sears through my nerves. I twinge.

Cassie leans towards me. "Hey! You've been crying! Whatever's the matter?"

"It's nothing!" I lie.

"Must be something!" she says, sitting back and smiling. "Bulldog Brits don't get red eyes over nothing!"

"I embarrassed the kid on the beach" Chet says to her. "I'm sorry, kid, I didn't mean to upset you."

"It didn't-" I start to say, but his hand's back, rubbing my arm in sympathy. The effect gives me a searing pain and I jerk forward. "Ow!"

I can't stop it; a single tear runs down my face. Cassie's side. Her hand rubs my other arm.

"What is it? What's wrong?" she asks. Her accent is as musical as his, but and octave higher.

I'll do anything to stop this burning, so I give in. "I got sand in -- on -- down there!" I say, and nod down once.

"Ow! Painful!" Chet winces. "Hey! We've got some salve in the room, maybe that'd help!"

They're both rubbing my arms, and my body's hormones are demanding a full-stand erection. Only the pain in my cockhead says no, but loudly. I'll do anything, anything, to stop it.

"Yes! Come on, it's in my medicine bag." Cassie says, standing.

"Cassie's doing medicine at Madison Uni" Chet says, lifting me with his hand under my arm. "She'll soon have it sorted!"

Grateful for the promised relief, I stand and we all walk into the hotel. In the lift, Cassie asks me "How old are you, Dave?"

"I'm 16!" I tell her proudly. Well, my birthday was only last week.

"You look very fit!" she says.

I miss the compliment. "I play football." I explain. "I'm in the school team!" I say, proud again. The lift door opens, and they indicate a door dead opposite.

Once inside their room, Cassie hunts out her medicine bag, and Chet stands behind me, his hands on my arms, at the shoulder. She opens the bag and produces a tube of cream. Then she comes and kneels in front of me.

"Come on then, let's see the damage!" she says, looking up at me.

Oh, no. I've got an Olympic torch burning in my trunks that wants to turn into a telegraph pole. The pain is unbearable. She picks tantalisingly at a leg hem.

"I -- I'll put it on in the bathroom?" I plead.

"I've got to assess the damage." She says professionally. "It might need something stronger."

"She's a Med, Dave, she's seen it all before!" Chet whispered in my ear.

I give in and lift the elastic waistband out as she pulls the trunks down by the legs. She looks at it standing out and the fire's so hot I want to cry.

She holds it so gently and slides the skin back, rolling my foreskin back off the head. I want to step back, but Chet's there, holding my arms.

I look down and she's squeezing the cream from the tube onto her fingers. I know what's going to come next, and I don't want it to be me. I look up and roll me eyes back into my head. There must be something I can think of to stop feeling this, something, anything -- there isn't. I feel her fingers touch where no female fingers have been before -- except my mother's, and that was a long time ago. Round and round they go, up and down they go. It gets harder.

"This is mildly anaesthetic, so it'll stop you feeling the pain." She said, still working it in. "Sand burns are a killer, aren't they?" she added. I nodded weakly. The pain was going, though, so it must be working.

She finished rubbing the cream in, but wrapped her hand around my cock. Slowly she slid the skin forward, and my foreskin rolled back almost covering my cockhead. It's over at last, I thought.

I feel the skin sliding back again, and look down in shock. She's looking at it, studying it intently.

"It's beautiful. Beautiful." She whispered, sliding the skin forward.

I jumped when I felt Chet's lips on my neck. Softly, just brushing the skin. His hands came from my shoulders, under my arms, to my chest. His fingers teased my nipples. His erection pressed into my buttocks. I froze rigid.

Ever so slowly, my cock skin was being slid up and down. Ever so gently, my nipples were being rolled. Tenderly, my neck was being kissed, then gently nipped by teeth. I relaxed and gave in to the caresses.

Gradually, as the minutes passed, the rubbing got faster, the teasing became more intense, the kisses became more passionate and the nipping became the odd bite. The erection behind me became harder, and humped the top of my ass and my back.

I felt the warmth swirling through my body, the prickling as the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I felt the tension build, muscles throughout my body tightening, ready for the inevitable, and stood on tiptoe to go with the feeling, make it more intense. I felt Chet holding me tight to his chest. I felt the tickling in my balls, I felt them lift to my body. I felt the lips on my manhood.

I felt the blast of my climax, over and over and over, as it filled her mouth and rolled down her throat. My eyelids flickered as I lost control, if Chet hadn't been holding me I'd have fallen to the floor, spraying my fountains of lust as I dropped. Now it was over.

Chet carried me to the bed and laid me down. I was beyond moving, swimming in ecstasy. I drifted out of this world.

When I woke up, they were both on the bed with me, one each side, naked.

We talked for a while, about this, that, and nothing. Chet got up and poured me what I think was a coke, for which I was grateful. I was hot, sweaty, and dry-mouthed.

Cassie circled her finger around my navel. "Have you got a girlfriend, Dave?" she asked. "No." I replied.

"A boyfriend?" Chet asked. I laughed. "No!" I said again.

"Which one of us would you have?" Cassie asked, the navel tickling still ongoing. I swung my head between them both. I felt totally relaxed, no need to lie.

"Either." I said. "Both." I giggled. They laughed.

"Have you ever -- with a girl?" Cassie asked.

"Or a guy?" Chet added.

"No!" I giggled. I couldn't stop giggling. Everything was so funny.

"Never?" Cassie asked again as her hand slid down to my now-soothed, and reawakening cock. "I can't believe that some pretty girl hasn't got the hots for you, Dave!"

"Or some hunky guy!" Added Chet, whose finger moved to trace a line over my breastbone.

I started fits of giggling again. "No!" I managed to say, in between.

"No?" "No?" they both asked.

"N-never!" I managed to get out between giggles.

"Oh my poor baby!" Cassie said, then pulled me over onto her. I knelt between her legs, my body supported by my arms at her sides.

I wasn't giggling now, suddenly this was deadly serious. I knew what was going to happen, so did she, and so did Chet. And I wasn't going to stop it, not now.

"It's OK, baby, it's safe and warm in there." She cooed.

I looked at her, I looked at Chet. I knew what I wanted, I wanted it all.

"Go on." She whispered.

I looked at her, I looked at Chet. He smiled. "Go on." he mouthed.

I looked at her breasts, those wonderful, firm, proud breasts, and I leant forward towards them. I was hard, harder than I've ever been, even with what happened a few minutes before. I felt it slip just inside.

It was safe and warm in there, as safe and warm as a fireside on an icy winter's day. I pushed it right in.

I knew what to do, it's instinctive. It needed no thought, no effort. I did it, and I knew I was doing it.

I looked at her face, looking back at me, and saw the love in her eyes. I looked sideways at Chet, and it was in his eyes too. I glanced down and saw their hands clasped tightly together. I was doing it, and I kept doing it.

I felt the explosion, the happening. The force of my coming made me harder still, with every blast, and I kept doing it.

I kept doing it after I'd cum, until the pain made me stop. She'd come too, I'd felt her shudder under me twice before I came, and again, stronger, as I did.

I rolled off between them, even more exhausted than before. Cassie leant over me and kissed me. "Thank you." She whispered. As she rolled back, Chet leant over and kissed me too. "Thank you." He said. "You aren't a kid any more!"

Chet was the first to get up and shower, then Cassie, then me.

We dressed back into our swimwear, and left the room together. In the lobby, we split up as they wanted to go off and -- well, I don't remember what, but we split. I went back to the poolside, and about ten minutes later my folks turned up. The morning's row was forgiven, and they told me where they'd been, what they'd done and seen.

"And what have you done all day?" my mum asked.

"Oh, lazed on the beach, caught a few rays, then came and sat here. Just lazed, generally!" I told them.

Later, a few days later in fact, I was sitting in the hotel lobby waiting for my parents to come back down from our rooms after breakfast. We were going off on another sightseeing trip to -- oh, well, wherever it was, it wasn't too boring I suppose.

Chet and Cassie stepped out of the lift, saw me and came over.

"How are you, sport!" and a playful punch, Chet greeted me with and sat beside me. "Hiya!" beamed Cassie as she came from the hotel desk where she'd dropped off their keys.

We chatted for a few minutes, they said they were going home that day and they'd already sent their luggage to the airport. Chet asked if I'd got an e-mail address, as they wanted to stay in touch. Without thinking too much about it, I told them it.

I thought about them a lot when we got home (at night mostly!) although less so a couple of months later after I met a girl, Patricia, whom I got on with very well and soon became my girlfriend. She is almost a year older than me, and she has a brother, Paul, a year younger than me, who is as handsome as she is pretty.

She's also told me he's bisexual.

She's very good in bed (when we have the opportunity to be alone near one!) and keeps me very satisfied -- but when Paul looks at me sometimes I get the old stirring down below.

Pat's told me, several times, that she and her brother are very close and share everything together.

So far I'm the only thing she hasn't shared with him, but when she's ready -- so am I!

I'd almost forgotten Chet and Cassie until today. When I opened my e-mails, there was one from them! The subject line simply said `Happy Anniversary!' and I realised that it had been a year since that day on our Florida holiday when -- well, you've just read about it above.

I opened the e-mail to find it contained a photograph of the beach, with our hotel behind. They were there, standing on the steps up from the beach to the hotel. Cassie was holding up a baby, wrapped in a shawl, for the photograph.

The message underneath said:

Thank you, Dave, thank you, thank you, thank you. We've called him `Florida'.