Muscle garage
by HenryI

This is a fictional gay porn story and purely meant to arouse the reader. I you are offended by this, or not of legal age to read such stories, close this file right now. The story does not reflect a true experience and any similarities with persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. In the spirit of a fantasy the story describes non-safe sex, but in real life I really think you should always have safe sex.

Marvin arrived at the train station and as he walked down the platform, he already could see his older brother waving. He waved back and picked up speed as he walked to Tom.

Marvin was 18 and Tom was 23. Their family had 5 children, but Tom was by far his favorite sibling. One of the reasons was that they shared a common sexual interest: they were both gay.

Tom had studied in a large town, around 175 miles away from his parent's house in a small rural town. Marvin still lived with their parents, and missed his older brother a lot. So every Summer Holiday he would go meet up with his brother in that big city he lived in.

This year Tom had told Marvin he had started a business, which had made him a lot of money that he could use very well to pay for his study. Marvin was very curious about this, and couldn't wait to hear more about it. However, he had just arrived and that would come up later, most probably.

They walked to the exit of the train station and to Marvin's surprise Tom walked to a fancy BMW. He got a pair of keys out of his pocket, pressed a button on one of them and the doors of that car were unlocked!

"Dude seriously?" Marvin said, looking at Tom in disbelief.

"Yep boy, seriously!" Tom grinned.

They got in the car and Marvin was checking out the lavish interior, as Tom started the car and brought them to his house.

The house was a studio in an apartment building, small but fitted with its own kitchenette and shower room. Immediately Marvin spotted a pile of bodybuilder magazines in a corner and grinned. He knew his brother was into muscle men and he could imagine how he would be using them.

"That car, did you buy that from your money that you earned with your company?" Marvin asked.

"That's right bro, that's exactly how I paid for it." Tom grinned again.

"Wow, so what's your business about?"

"I have a service car garage!"

Marvin couldn't believe what he heard: "Really? I'd imagine there are thousands of car garages in a big city like this!"

"Sure, but I have found a very special feature that really sets my garage apart from all other garages!"

Tom walked to his bedroom and returned with a pile of paper. It was a report on a study he had done, involving sport supplements.

"We got an assignment at the university to create a new vitamin supplement, that had to be made out of ingredients that were not used before in vitamin supplements. I was in a team of 4 and we discovered a rare mountain plant, that only grows in the mountains that start around 75 miles away from here. We expected to find very little of them, but in fact we found large fields of the plants! We took as many as we could hold and started working on them."

He continued "We tried the plant itself, but it didn't bring a lot of vitamin output. So we performed many procedures to try and concentrate the juice of the plants. The results are in front of you: they worked nicely.

One of our test subjects was a bodybuilder and he reported that the new supplements were increasing his muscle growth. We measured it, but we couldn't really tell if it was because really of our supplements that he had grown more.

However, as you can probably imagine it did catch my interest and I decided to concentrate the supplement even more. I even used different procedures and sure enough it worked. I put the guy on the new supplement and I could see him grow 10 lbs in 2 weeks time! He begged me to make more of it."

Tom grabbed his groin and put on a dirty grin, as he continued:

"And let's just say he was VERY convincing!"

Marvin grinned back, knowing exactly what his brother meant.

"I was able to produce more of the stuff, and this teen bodybuilder stacked more and more muscle. It was amazing! He entered in bodybuilder competitions and he blew away the competition. This made more guys want my supplement and soon I was really earning a nice buck."

"Wow man, that's amazing! And that's how you were able to buy the BMW?"

"No, those are expensive cars, my brother! No, for that things needed to take a different turn. You see, since our project had ended, I lost access to our lab. I was able to buy some lab equipment from the money I had earned, but soon I was out of money. I had even spent my life's savings and some of my scholarship. If I didn't do anything about, I would be even thrown out of this studio! So I raised the price of my supplement. The guys taking the supplement were really hooked on this fast grow and didn't want to go without it, so they paid up. But soon THEIR money was gone too! So my sales dropped, just around the time I had earned most of my money back.

Another student on college, who's my best friend, had a dad who owned a garage. It's in a rough neighborhood and the man had big trouble getting personnel to work for him. One day I had a great idea to get a solution for both problems: my customers would work in his garage to make money to buy my supplements! It turned out the man was so desperate he was very glad to contract unskilled personnel, so the boys got working. Soon money started rolling in and my customers started growing again."

"Was the garage that good, that you could employ that much guys?"

"Well, you see, the supplement has some OTHER side effects. It doesn't only give a vitamine shot and make men grow muscle, it also makes them much... hornier. One day one of them brought a car back to a female customer and when she opened the door wearing only some bikinis, the guy asked her if he could be of any DIFFERENT service, while grabbing his groin. She turned out to be very receptive to the 250 lbs, 23 year old blond hunk. Soon we were covered in work provided by women, who all wanted their car personally delivered to their doorstep. And that's when things were really booming!"

"Hahaha, I can imagine!" Marvin laughed.

"I managed to keep the owner in the dark about our... extra services and he only saw business rise to overwhelming proportions. He was 66 years old and decided it would be time to retire. He was so grateful for my help that he sold the garage to me for a symbolic $1, provided that I would financially support him for two years. That happened two months ago, so I think it's about time you got a grand tour at my garage!"

Marvin had expected a LOT from Tom, but this?! This was crazy! He was so overwhelmed he couldn't say a thing when they got in the car and started driving. His brother was owning a happy-ending-garage, employing only supplement taking bodybuilders with enlarged bodies and libidos. Would he be able to hide his cool in that pool of male testosterone? What if he would stare at them too long? Then he realized his brother owned the place and he couldn't imagine his brother not protecting him.

When they reached the garage, Tom drove up the parking lot. As they got there, Marvin saw it being a very normal garage with garage equipment and men working on cars. The only thing was that the employees were all young bodybuilders, making the overalls stretched to their limits.

Suddenly another car pulled up to the parking lot and a mechanic stepped out. There was a very sexy lady sitting behind the wheel, who winked at the mechanic. The hunk grabbed his groin as she drove off the property. Marvin couldn't believe his eyes. Tom grinned and asked:

"Another satisfied customer. Want some coffee, bro?"

Marvin nodded and they went inside to the coffee corner where Marvin got two coffee from the machine. They sat down on bar chairs and as they were drinking the coffee down, Marvin was checking out the mechanics. He noticed they were a various bunch of guys. Some were heavy weight bodybuilders, but many of them were probably not working out that long. The age also ranged from teenager up to thirty-somethingers.

"You've got a lot of different guys here." Marvin said.

"I try to offer a variety to our customers. Not everyone has the same taste!" Tom replied.

"Come on, let me give you a tour!" Tom said, as he jumped on his feet. Marvin followed. Tom showed him several cars where the mechanics were working on. Marvin's eyes however were everywhere but on the cars. It was clear Tom and he had a pretty similar taste, as he only saw handsome guys. Their muscles were also intoxicating to him and he couldn't get his eyes off of the hot men. He noticed some of them even had a bulge in their overalls and he really had to keep himself from imagining what those overalls were hiding. He didn't want to get hard himself!

As they were checking out a '97 Chevy, Marvin even noticed one of the mechanics, who was lying under the car, squeezing his groin! He couldn't believe his eyes, especially because the teen muscle boy didn't even try to hide it. Even more, no one of the other mechanics seemed to notice it although it was almost impossible for them to miss!

As he looked around and looked closer at the other mechanics, he noticed several of them were having a bulge in their overalls and most of them would squeeze it regularly. Suddenly he heard some moaning and to his shock he saw the teen guy was now really rubbing his groin and he even moaned softly! The boy opened the buttons of his overalls and put a hand in there and while he was still lying under the car he started beating off!

Marvin pulled Tom at his sleeve and pointed to the masturbating mechanic. There was a big tent in his overalls and he was jacking off furiously, while moaning out loud. Tom grinned and said:

"Like I told you before, the supplement makes these guys horny. VERY horny. And when it's hot like today, some of these guys do it no matter where they are, or who is watching. But then again, we're in the back of the garage and all the other guys are not seeing anything they haven't seen before. In fact, watch what happens when they DO notice it!"

As Marvin looked around, he noticed several guys looking at the masturbating boy and licked their lips. Without a second thought they opened their overalls, pushed them down and started rubbing their own horn! Testosterone was electrifying the air and soon around 10 muscle guys were standing around the '97 Chevy, jerking their rock hard erections. They moaned loud and Marvin didn't know what to do with it. One of the hunks started to gasp for air. He stepped forward to the boy lying under the car and started to shoot thick jets of spunk on the sweaty, tanned bodybuilder body. His body twitched when the heavy drops splashed on his very defined six pack belly.

Another hunk grunted out loud, as he unloaded his spunk on the young guy. Without hesitation he grabbed a younger hunk at his nuts and squeezed hard, making the jock scream out loud and shoot very hard jets of his cream against the car!

All the guys who had now shot their load stepped up to the other guys. Some twisted the other's nipples, some massaged prostate through the area between the sack and ass, others pressed their bodies against the other's. Soon every other hunk moaned, grunted or snarled while their balls started to shoot the man cream all over the teen mechanic on the floor.

Now the boy started to twist all over and next thing Marvin knew he was shooting his load. It came out so hard that it shot up against the side of the car!

The other guys pulled their overalls up and went back to their job, and the teen mechanic pushed himself away from under the '97 Chevy. He grabbed some cleaning paper, cleaned himself up a bit and then closed his overalls up. Then he returned to his job like nothing had happened!

Marvin was in total shock. Tom said:

"You liked that? Maybe you want to get in on it next time!" he said with a dirty grin on his face. Then his mobile beeped. He replied to a message and then put it back, saying:

"I have to pay a short visit to my accountant. I have to sign a form, or something. I'll be right back, you can just stay here. Have another coffee or something!"

"Whoa man, what do you mean? I should stay here... without you?!" Marvin exclaimed.

"Relax man, these guys don't bite! You'll be fine, I'll be back before you know it." And with these words Tom grabbed his suitcase and left.

Marvin was in shock. What would happen next? The show he had just witnessed had made him very horny and he didn't know if he'd be able to keep his hands in his pockets next time!

He looked around the room and saw all the guys working. He did see some of the guys having a bulge in their overalls again. Fearing the next jerk off could happen any moment, Marvin walked to the toilets to take care of his own half hard erection.

As he had entered the toilet room, he closed the door. He immediately opened his zipper and pulled his rising cock out. He started jerking it, which sent lust shivers through his spine making him moan softly. Of yeah, that felt good! He relived the jerk off session earlier and sure enough his balls started rocking in their hairless sack.

He really got going now and he moaned louder. Then suddenly the door opened and a very handsome latin hunk, around 22 years old, was looking at the owner's brother jacking his boner! Marvin realized he had closed the door, but he hadn't LOCKED it! He totally freaked out and tried to pull his pants back up. Because he was freaking out, this was nearly impossible though.

"What are you doing?!" the latin hunk asked.

"S-sorry man, I I didn't want to... I mean, I..."

"What are you doing, beating off all alone on the toilet? Why are you hiding your lust to us? You didn't seem to mind looking at US earlier on, so why should we mind looking at YOU?!"

It took a few second for Marvin to fully interpret what the guy just said and then he stopped all activity.

"S-sorry?!" was all that he could say.

"Yeah man, why hide? Come out and play with us!" the latin guy said, grabbing Marvin at the jeans, pulling him out of the toilet. He pulled him to the back of the garage, near the Chevy. Then he pulled his overalls open, exposing the most ripped body Marvin had ever seen. The hunk pulled his hard cock out and started to jerk off.

"Come on boy, take your cock out and jerk off with us!" the guy said. With trembling hands Marvin pulled out his cock again and rubbed it slowly. The latin guy clearly enjoyed this sight and moaned:

"Oh yeah boy, that's it. You're so fucking hung man, you must cum like a bazooka!"

These words were sounding well through the room and all the guys looked up. It took seconds before all the guys were dropping their work and joined up on the action. The teen muscle boy who had been under the '97 Chevy walked up to him, totally entranced by Marvin's cock. Marvin was indeed quite hung, but he never thought much of it. The other guys however certainly thought much more of those 8 inches of throbbing male meat! His slim, athletic body only accentuated the size more. The boy got on his knees and moved Marvin's hands away from his cock. Marvin was so hot by this that his deep purple cock head started to ooze some precum. The teen bodybuilder licked his lips, as he put his big, strong hands on the throbbing shaft and matching big, heavy nuts.

Marvin was on a lust high and just looking feeling the warm, strong man hands on his equipment was enough to blow him way past his point of no return. He screamed out loud, as his big balls were shooting out big globs of man seed through the big cock down on the handsome teen face in front of it. The boy opened his mouth to catch the spunk, and started to shake all over as he too started to shoot his cream. Again it was shot out with amazing force and he was shooting it way up to Marvin's face and hair!

Loud moans filled the garage, as one after the other bodybuilder started shooting his horn! It turned Marvin on immensely and his admirer in front of him saw the big snake rise up again. The boy didn't hesitate one moment, when he opened his mouth and let the rising cock slide deep inside his warm mouth! Marvin was shocked, thrilled and overwhelmed by lust at the same time as his cock got engulfed by that hot boy. If he hadn't just cum, he would have cum instantly.

The boy started to go up and down the still growing shaft and he grabbed Marvin's balls. He pushed behind the balls towards the prostate, sending jolts of electricity through Marvin's body.

More guys wanted a piece of Marvin, so they started touching him, kissing him, rimming him and one even sucked on his fingers. Experiencing a sensory overload, Marvin almost passed out and was not able to think anymore. He just wanted more and he got more.

The hunk put him down on the floor and at least 6 or 7 hunks were all over him. He yelled, screamed, gasped and even started to foam around the mouth. Without any warning his cock started to shoot spunk deep in his young sucker's body. The boy immediately moved his head away and let the erupting boner shoot its cream at least 7 feet in the air! Oh yeah, Marvin sure WAS shooting like a bazooka!

As the cum landed on the hunks around them, they also reached their point of no return and aimed their shiny cock heads at Marvin and started to shoot him with their velvet cream. The air was filled with sweat, cum, sizzling lust and oversized bodybuilder bodies blasting off. It was amazing.

Now all the guys were totally spent and sagged down on the floor, gasping for air. Marvin was totally soaked with their cum and he loved it. As he looked up, he saw Tom enter the building again. When Tom was able to see the situation, he grinned. He knew his brother would have the best Summer Vacation ever.

--- the end ---

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