Foreword: I am a straight male in my forties. I wrote this short story to partially satisfy my fantasy of a bisexual encounter. I am happily married to a beautiful, sexy woman, but have fantasized for several years about what it would be like to make love to my wife while sucking on a hard cock. I would love to hear from other married bisexual guys about their own urges or experiences. If you want to correspond on the subject, please email me at! No gay men, please - just bisexual men and couples. I hope you enjoy my story - let me know if you want to read more.


Andrew sat in front of the computer with his finger poised over the mouse, undecided about his next move.

"Push the button, honey!" his wife urged. She was standing behind Andrew, leaning on his shoulders, her full breasts nestling the back of his head. She was topless, wearing only her thong underwear, as she often did at home. Andrew was in gym shorts, bare-chested, sitting at the keyboard, his brow furrowed with fret.

"Are you sure about this, Steph?" he asked, "You sure that this is what you want?"

"Andrew, you know it is! We made a deal, remember? Don't you remember how much fun you had when I brought Linda home for our little menage a trois? You remember how hard you got when I went down on her shaved pussy and she fucked me with the dildo? You almost came on my face right then and there! Now it's your turn to live up to your end of the bargain! Push the button!"

Andrew smiled as he remembered what a turn-on it was watching his beautiful wife sucking Linda's pussy. His cock got hard beneath his shorts as he recalled his hard dick sliding in and out of his wife's pussy while she brought her friend Linda to a crashing orgasm. The girls had taken turns sucking his dripping cock until he unloaded a streaming jet of hot cum on both of their faces.

Stephanie took note of his rising cock as it tented his gym shorts. She reached down to his stomach and slid her hand under the waistband of his shorts until her fingers encircled his throbbing penis. "You DO remember, don't you? And that means that you also remember our deal. I make your fantasy come true, and then you make mine come true, right?"

Andrew moaned as Stephanie's fingers caressed the head of his dick. "Yea, I remember. But, I mean, are you really sure you want to go through with this? What if you decide its really gross, or a big turn-off, or you lose respect for me?" he asked.

"Honey, you got hard thinking about me and Linda together, right?" Andrew nodded in the affirmative. It was impossible to deny. "Okay, then" Stephanie continued, "you should understand that I get wet just thinking about you and another guy jacking each other off and sucking each other's cocks. It really gets me hot, and I want to see it happen. I won't lose respect for you; I'll respect you more because you love me enough to make it come true. Besides, you admitted that it kind of turned you on to think about fucking me while you were sucking a guy's dick, didn't you?"

Andrew had to admit to himself that she was right. He often thought that it would be a huge turn-on to have another man's hard cock inside his mouth while he was getting his rocks off inside his beautiful wife's tight pussy. He didn't find other men attractive; it wasn't like that at all. It's just that something about playing with an erect dick got him kind of horny. Horny enough to make the deal with his wife. "Okay, Steph, let's just read the ad one more time, then I'll send it."

"You're stalling, but okay." Stephanie replied.

Andrew called the personal ad up on the screen again, and together he and Stephanie read it.

Sophisticated, educated and ultra-discreet married couple seeks a bi male playmate for one night of mmf action. You must be very sophisticated, attractive and willing to perform with him for her satisfaction. We are attractive and fit and we are seeking a trim, good-looking male for oral play  and mutual masturbation while she directs the action. Don't reply unless you are discreet, professional and sophisticated. Send us a nude photo, then let's meet for drinks to see what develops. Reply to curious-and-

Accompanying the ad was a cropped picture of Andrew and Steph in the nude. Satisfied with the text, Stephanie reached over Andrew's shoulder and pressed the mouse button to click on "Submit." Andrew sighed, stood up from his chair and carried his wife to the bed. Laughing, Stephanie pulled Andrew's shorts down around his knees and cupped his balls in her hand while she encircled his cock head with her soft lips.

"Honey," Stephanie paused and looked up into her husband's eyes, "why don't you hand me the strap-on from the drawer? I'll put it on and we can 69 each other. You can suck my dick and I'll suck yours!"

Andrew laughed and reached into the nightstand drawer.


Andrew walked into the study the following Friday evening after work to find Stephanie reading their email on the computer. She seemed to be intent on her reading, so he approached her from behind and leaned down to kiss her neck. "Mmmmm, hi baby!" she cooed. "I think this is the one! Sit here and read this email."

She stood up to let him take the chair. He adjusted the seat and began to read:

Dear curious-and-shelovesit, I imagine you've received numerous responses to your exciting ad, but I hope you'll take the time to peruse mine carefully. I am a bi-curious male with one past experience. I am 5' 10", 170 lbs. and consider myself to be attractive and fit. I have been divorced for the past three years. About two years ago, I dated a gorgeous woman for six months. About three months into our relationship, she confessed to me that she (like your wife) had a fantasy about watching two men have sex. Of course, I was shocked at first. But, I began to think about her fantasy, and she occasionally pushed the idea. Slowly, I started warming up to the notion, and finally agreed to help her make it come true. She had a male friend at work who she knew was bi, probably more into men than women. She asked me if it would be okay if she approached him with the idea of getting the three of us together. I had never really entertained the thought of sex with another man. Like you, I never felt any gay tendencies - I love women and everything about them. I've always thought of myself as 100 percent straight. But knowing that she would be tremendously horny watching me and another man together started me fantasizing it. I finally agreed to let her try to make it happen. To make a long story shorter, she put the scene together, and we met the guy for dinner and drinks. We ended up at her house later in the evening, and she somehow got the three of us into the bedroom naked. She sucked my cock to start with, and the next thing I knew, she was offering my stiff cock to the other guy. I can't tell you how nervous I was when I saw his mouth swallowing my dick! Soon, I forgot about the fact that another guy was sucking me off - it just felt great. My girlfriend knew I was in seventh heaven getting my hard-on sucked, so she grabbed my hand and pulled it over to his cock. Without even really thinking, I started stroking this other guy's dick, and at that moment, I had one of the most intense orgasms of my life. Later, my girlfriend and I licked and sucked his cock until he came. She ended up with his hot cum dripping from her lips, and she kissed me deeply with his cum on her mouth. We spent the rest of the night inventing some very interesting ways to share two cocks and one pussy. Since then, I've wanted to try it again. I saw your ad and had to reply. Attached is a recent photo of me. I hope you'll find me interesting enough to send a reply. I look forward to meeting both of you. I believe that I can give your wife an experience she won't forget! My name is Greg, and I hope you'll get back in touch. Please reply to

Andrew pulled up the attached photo, and saw a 40-ish year old man with a trim build and muscular legs. In the photo, the man was nude, holding the base of his erect penis with a thumb and forefinger. The man in the photo was circumcised and had obviously shaved his pubic area. His testicles and penis were smooth and clean, and there was only a slight growth of pubic hair on his lower abdomen. It was hard for Andrew to feel lustful about the photo at first, but when he re-read the man's email, he started visualizing himself stroking and licking the erect cock in the picture. His dick started to rise.

"What do you think, honey?" Stephanie broke the spell, "should we email him back and set something up? I think he sounds pretty good!"

Without replying, Andrew clicked on the "Reply" button and started formulating a response. Stephanie watched him type, rubbing her hands up and down his chest. She could feel herself getting moist as Andrew set up a meeting with Greg. In the reply, Andrew invited the man to meet with them at the downtown Hilton the following Friday.

Later that night, Andrew was laying in bed reading the newest Tom Clancy novel when Stephanie climbed in between the sheets and nestled her head on his shoulder. She began stroking his chest and stomach with her soft fingers. "Honey, I'm really turned on right now, thinking about how this might really happen." she spoke softly, "Why don't you feel how wet you're making me?" She closed his book and set it on the nightstand, then took his hand and ran it down her naked breasts to her tummy. When he reached farther to feel her soft pubic hair, he found a surprise. She was once again wearing a strap-on device around her waist, and protruding from the center of it was a life-like dildo in the shape of a six-inch cock. Without thinking, Andrew wrapped his fingers around the rubberized dildo, feeling the head of the fake cock and the molded-in veins simulating the large blood vessels of a real erect penis. The surface of Stephanie's faux penis was slippery with some kind of oil.

"Where'd you get this crazy thing?" Andrew asked his wife.

"I picked it up at that new sex boutique on 5th, " she replied, "I thought it might be fun to practice a little with something like the real thing. Is that okay, baby?"

"Why's it oily?" Andrew asked.

"Its peppermint flavored edible lubricant. You want to taste it?" Andrew looked at his wife skeptically. "What do you mean, taste it?" he asked.

"You know, just lick it a little. See what it tastes like. Let me watch you lick my cock. It'll be great practice for next week when we meet our mystery bi guy!" Stephanie looked at Andrew expectantly.

"You're completely crazy, Steph!" Andrew said, but Stephanie could see that he was smiling.

"Maybe, honey, but just humor me, okay? Just pretend that I'm him, and you're about to go down on another man for the first time. This way, it won't be so weird for you next week."

Andrew shook his head, not quite believing his wife's enthusiasm for her male-on-male fantasy. But, he had promised to make it come true for her, after all. Resigned to his fate, he pushed the sheet away from her curvaceous body, and bent over her hard "cock" to take it into his mouth. As his lips circled around the dildo, Stephanie felt the wetness start between her legs. She was fascinated, watching her husband take the life-like rubber dick into his mouth. Her horniness increased as he licked up and down the shaft. Andrew started giving the dildo a blow job, experimenting with deep throat actions.

As Andrew slowly raised and lowered his mouth over his wife's play penis, he let himself imagine how it might feel to actually go down on another man. To his surprise, he felt his own cock grow hard at the thought. He was getting off on watching his wife's reaction. Stephanie was obviously turned on watching him give the rubber cock a blow job. He could smell her womanly scent as her pussy began to lubricate. She reached between her legs, under the strap-on dildo, and began stroking her own pussy lips. She was masturbating, getting off on watching Andrew pretend to suck another man.

"Suck my hard cock, baby!" Stephanie said breathlessly, "Let me see it in your mouth!" Stephanie watched her husband suck the dildo while she toyed with her own pussy.

After several minutes of watching the show, Stephanie sat up and pushed Andrew down on his back. She reached over to the nightstand and poured a generous amount of the peppermint oil on her fingers. She turned her shapely ass towards Andrew's face and straddled him, her knees on either side of his head. Her strap-on cock was dangling in Andrew's face as she rubbed her oily fingers up and down his hard dick. She looked down her body toward Andrew. "Suck my cock some more, baby. Take it into your mouth."

Andrew reached up to guide the rubber dick into his mouth and resumed sucking. Stephanie watched him for a moment, then started rubbing her oily fingers over his balls and down to his ass. She spread the oil between his ass cheeks and lubricated his anus with the hot peppermint lubricant.

Andrew was enjoying the stimulation of Stephanie's oily fingers on his asshole. He began to lose track of himself, getting carried away by the twin sensations of having his wife's fingers probing his ass and having his mouth filled with a hard dick, even if it was a rubber fake. His pleasure increased three-fold when Stephanie took his cock into her mouth and began to tongue his shaft.

Stephanie began to bob her head up and down on Andrew's pulsating penis as she oiled his anus with her fingers. His cock filled her mouth with throbbing lust, pounding against her tongue and cheeks. "Jack me off, honey!" she gasped, her mouth still around his cock. "Stroke my dick like you'll do to Greg's!" She released Andrew's cock and looked down between her legs. She felt her pussy start to drip with lust when her husband reached up with his left hand and grasped her "hard-on." She watched, hypnotized, as Andrew masturbated the dildo. After a minute or so, Andrew released his wife's "cock" and moved his hand up to her ass. His oily fingers found her soaking pussy lips, and he grasped her labia with his thumb and fingers. He pulled down on her pussy lips with his fingers, feeling them stretch and then snap free as his slippery fingers slid off of them. She gasped with delight.

In her lust, Stephanie almost forgot her original idea, but remembered what she intended to do after a few minutes. She was still lightly stroking Andrew's asshole with her fingers, but she changed her strategy. She began to probe her husband's ass more forcefully until she felt her finger slip into his anus. She felt his cock jump against her face and heard him moan as her middle finger found its way into his ass. She once again took his cock into her mouth, and began to pump her finger in and out of his asshole. She knew Andrew was enjoying the probing. He was rapidly stroking her slippery cunt lips, and soon began pushing his fingers into her pussy. She could feel his sphincter alternately clutching and releasing her finger as his lust grew. When she felt he was ready, she inserted her forefinger alongside her middle finger and pushed both into his ass. Andrew's eyes rolled back, and he felt transported to another dimension as his wife gave him a pleasure he had never known before.

Removing her fingers from Andrew's ass, Stephanie pulled away from her husband's probing fingers, turned around, and positioned herself between his legs. She knelt between his legs and stroked his raging hard-on with her hand. She kneeled and wiggled her way under his ass, lifting his legs on top of her own, until her fake cock was poised at the entrance to his asshole. She grasped the dildo with one hand and rubbed it around Andrew's anus, spreading the oil in around the opening.

"Honey, I'm going to fuck you with my cock now, do you think you'd like that?" she breathed heavily. Andrew closed his eyes and replied "If it turns you on, baby, go for it."

Stephanie watched intently as she pressed the rubber penis against her husband's asshole. She was unbelievably excited, pretending that she was a man about to take her husband's virginity. She thrilled at the sight of Andrew's anus spreading open as she pushed her way inside. The vision was such a turn on, that she couldn't resist reaching behind herself and probing her own ass with one oily finger. Feeling mesmerized, she slowly watched the dildo disappear all the way into her husband's clutching ass. When she was all the way in, she began masturbating Andrew. In between strokes of his cock, she slid her finger in and out of her own ass, and flicked her thumb over her clitoris.

Stephanie could feel Andrew's climax building as his cock began to throb rhythmically. She slowly started fucking Andrew's ass with the strapped on dildo, pulling slowly out and pushing in again. In just a few strokes, she knew her husband was about to cum. She stroked his cock faster, and pumped his ass harder with the rubber cock. In the next instant, Stepanie saw Andrew's cock heave and bulge, and he sprayed multiple shots of cum across her stomach and tits, painting her naked torso in stripes of hot passion. He moaned loudly and shot one more jet of cum as she pulled her "cock" out of his ass.

Stephanie was crazy with lust fever. She cupped her hand and slid it up her stomach to gather the gobs of her husband's creamy cum into her palm. She slathered the white cum on her pussy and straddled Andrew's face, placing her cum-covered pussy lips over his mouth. "Eat my man-cum, sweetheart! Lick my cum!" she instructed Andrew. He pulled her hips down until her pussy covered his mouth. Hungrily, he tasted himself mixed with Stephanie's own juices. He ran his tongue in and around her lips, driving her toward her climax. His tongue found her hardened clit, and he flicked it rapidly back and forth until he felt her pussy start to pulsate. As her climax began, Andrew pushed one of his own oily fingers into his wife's asshole, causing her to gasp with pleasure. Stephanie began to buck her ass back and forth across Andrew's face, and her long-awaited orgasm came crashing down on her. She collapsed on the bed, heaving and crying.


Andrew looked as nervous as a whore in church, thought Stephanie, as she watched him sip his drink. It was Friday night, and they were in the cocktail lounge of the downtown Hilton as they awaited the arrival of Greg. Stephanie remembered how nervous she was when she approached her girlfriend Linda with the idea of a threesome. She knew her husband must be feeling the same agitation and butterflies- in-the-stomach stress.

"Honey, please try to relax. I promise it will be fun. Let me be in charge of everything, okay? After all, this is my fantasy, right?" she tried to sooth his nerves.

Andrew took a long drink of his margarita and let out a deep sigh. "Sorry, babe. I just can't believe this is really happening. You sure about all this?"

Stephanie didn't answer. Instead, she reached under the table and placed her hand on his thigh. She quickly moved her hand up to his crotch and gave his dick a squeeze, winking at him. She looked up to see a man approaching their table. He was dressed in khaki pants, a casual Polo shirt, and L.L. Bean casual shoes. The man was attractive, medium build with dark eyes and neatly groomed. Andrew followed her gaze, and stood to greet their bisexual playmate.

"Andrew and Stephanie, I presume?" said Greg in a jokingly fake English accent.

"That's us. And you would be Greg?" replied Andrew.

Greg nodded in the affirmative, and Andrew waved him to chair at the table. They shook hands, and Andrew introduced Steph. After getting Greg seated, Stephanie waved to the cocktail waitress for more drinks. Greg ordered a beer. After the waitress left, there was an awkward silence at the table for almost 30 seconds. Then, Greg laughed out loud. Andrew and Steph gave him an inquisitive look.

"Well, I'm kind of relieved to know that I'm not the only one around who's nervous!" Greg explained. Andrew and Steph laughed at that, and the ice was broken.

"But you're the one with experience at this." Stephanie said, "You should be as comfortable as can be! Look at poor Andrew over there, he's about to jump out his shoes!" Andrew gave his wife a playful sour look.

Greg downed his beer quickly, and they ordered another. They made small talk for a few minutes. After two rounds, the conversation turned to the matter at hand. Andrew and Stephanie explained to Greg about their bargain - she makes his fantasy come true and he makes hers come true. Steph explained to Greg that she had always fantasized about two men together.

"Don't get me wrong, Greg," she elaborated, "I love my husband, and I love the fact that he's straight and manly. Maybe that's why the thought of seeing him together with another guy turns me on so much!"

"I absolutely get that," replied Greg, "As I said in my email, I feel that I am totally straight, its just that there's this kind of rush when I think about joining in with a couple and being free to enjoy another man's cock without worrying about what people think. Since it's a fantasy for you two, I can really get into it. How do you feel about it, Andrew?" Greg turned to Andrew.

Stephanie could see her husband's Adam's apple bob as he gulped nervously. He hadn't said too much up to that point, and now he was on the spot. He glanced at Stephanie, panic in his eyes. To her surprise, he turned back to Greg and replied, "Honestly, I never thought I would be here, talking to another guy who is into having sex with men."

Stephanie's jaw dropped and she felt her heart skip a beat. Was her husband about to renege on their deal? Had he changed his mind and was now running scared? She felt disappointed to think that she wouldn't soon be enjoying the sight of two erect cocks in front of her face.

"But, now that I'm here," Andrew continued, "and since Stephanie is so turned on by this, I have to admit that I'm getting horny thinking about having a stiff hard-on to suck." He grinned impishly at Stephanie.

"Hot dog!" Stephanie cried, "let's go upstairs to the room, have another drink and get naked!"


Once in the hotel room, Stephanie grabbed two fresh beers for the guys and excused herself to "freshen up." Left alone, Greg and Andrew sipped their beers and talked lamely of baseball and weather while Stephanie was in the bathroom. They were relieved when she finally entered the room, dressed in a provocative one-piece lacy negligee. Her breasts seemed to push through the sheer fabric, and her nipples were already hard. She sauntered across the room and sat down in one of the occasional chairs. Reclining in the chair, she allowed her legs to spread slightly, giving the men a teasing view of her lace-covered crotch.

"Okay, guys, I know you're both nervous, so I'm going to run this show. You boys just play nice and do as you're told. Deal?"

Greg and Andrew exchanged raised-eyebrow glances with each other. Both nodded in agreement.

"Okay, good. Now I want you both to strip down for me, all the way, then lie on the bed beside each other."

The guys followed her instructions. Andrew removed his shoes and socks, pulled his shirt over his head and unsnapped his jeans to remove his pants. As he did so, Greg followed suit. Soon, the two men were completely naked. Andrew stole a glance toward Greg's smoothly shaved penis and was surprised to see Greg openly staring back at Andrew's cock. Andrew was glad that he had shaved his pubic area that morning. There was something about shaved balls and cock that just looked cleaner. The men sat on the edge of the bed and reclined on their elbows, awaiting their next cue from Andrew's wife.

Stephanie was smiling at the men as she stood up and pulled the straps of her negligee off her shoulders. She slowly removed her sexy garment, peeling it down her body and wiggling her hips to slide the negligee down her sexy long legs. When she stepped out of the nightie, she turned her back to the men and bent over to give them a long look at her shapely ass. When she turned back to face them, she was gratified to see two stiff cocks pointing toward the ceiling.

"I see you both enjoyed my strip tease. Just look at your beautiful cocks, all hard and throbbing!" Stephanie saw the men looking at each other's members. "Would you like to watch me some more?" she asked. The men nodded yes eagerly. "Then I want you to stroke each other's cock, very slowly, while I watch."

This was the moment of truth for Andrew. He was about to hold another man's erect penis in his hand for the first time in his life. He swallowed nervously. Greg was already reaching for Andrew's pulsing dick. When he felt Greg's fingers close around his cock, Andrew let out an involuntary gasp. As if in a dream, he watched himself place his hand around Greg's iron-stiff manhood. He felt Greg's dick throb harder in his hand, and he began to lightly stroke the length of it. He looked at his wife. Her face told the story; she was staring at the men's penises, watching them massage each other's manhood with their fingers and palms. Her eyes were half-closed, and her mouth was half-open. She was in dreamland. Andrew was supremely excited watching his wife. He could almost taste her wetness that now glistened on her pussy lips.

"Don't go too fast, you two, I want to enjoy every minute of this!" Stephanie leaned further back in the chair and spread her legs over the arms. She reached down with both hands and began slowly rubbing her labia, spreading her lubricating juices all over her pussy. The men continued to masturbate each other, getting harder and harder watching Andrew's sexy wife play with herself.

After a few minutes of watching the men, Stephanie arose from the chair and approached the bed. She knelt beside her husband, bent over, and took his cock into her mouth. Careful not to work him into a frenzy, she gently licked and sucked his cockhead while Greg continued to stroke the base of his penis.

"Greg, Andrew's dick is sooo tasty! Would you like to try some?" Stephanie asked, taking a break from sucking Andrew. She grasped Andrew's cock with her hand and offered it to Greg as if it was a popsicle. Greg smiled at Steph and turned himself around to take his first taste of Andrew's member. Andrew lost his grip on Greg's dick during the maneuver, but regained it when Greg turned around. Greg was on his knees facing Andrew's throbbing cock. He braced himself with his arms, and bent down to take Andrew's penis into his mouth.

"Oh, yes. Suck that big cock!" Stephanie exclaimed. She fed her husband's dick to Greg with her hand, and she felt her pussy tighten as she watched Greg's lips surround Andrew's manhood. Greg's cock was hanging down between his legs, and Andrew was busy stroking it with his left hand. Andrew lifted his head to watch Greg give him a man-to-man blow job. He found himself pumping Greg's cock harder as he watched. Stephanie looked hypnotized as she gazed at Andrew's cock disappearing deep down Greg's throat. Andrew gently pulled on Stephanie's upper arm to draw her toward his head. She scooted alongside her husband and kissed him, plunging her tongue into his mouth.

"Watch this," Andrew whispered into Steph's ear. He released Greg's penis and placed his hands on Greg's ass. He guided Greg into position until Greg's knees were straddling Andrew's head and his engorged rod was directly above Andrew's mouth. Andrew pulled Greg toward him until Greg's cock was touching his lips. Andrew looked at Stephanie to make sure she was paying attention, then opened his mouth to experience his first taste of stiff dick. Stephanie let out a moan when she saw Andrew engulf Greg's penis with his mouth.

"Oh, baby!" Steph whispered in Andrew's ear, "You look so sexy sucking that dick! It makes me want to cum so bad!"

Andrew reveled in the sensation of 7 inches of throbbing meat filling his mouth. It felt incredible to suck Greg's cock. He could feel Greg increase the tempo of his own sucking as Andrew pleasured him. Stephanie stroked her husband's face, feeling the bulge of Greg's pulsing cock against Andrew's cheek. Andrew pulled his mouth away from Greg's dick and motioned to his wife to suck it. Stephanie leaned over her husband's face, and together, they took turns sucking and licking Greg's throbbing cock.

Stephanie broke away and moved down to her husband's hips. She pulled Greg's head away from Andrew's crotch and spread- eagled herself over her husband. Greg got the message. As Stephanie lowered her dripping pussy down to Andrew's cock, Greg grasped it firmly and started massaging Stephanie's pussy lips with it. He slowly moved Andrew's dickhead up and down Stepanie's lubricated lips. He found her clitoris and shook Andrew's cock back and forth across it, making Stephanie crazy.

"Ooooh, yeesss!" Stepanie cried, "Put him inside me, Greg! Fuck me with his dick!"

Greg complied with her wishes by inserting Andrew's manhood into Stephanie's sopping cunt. She cried out when Andrew's hard cock filled her insides. Leaning back, she grasped Andrew's ankles and began to ride him up and down. Greg leaned over and took turns licking Andrew's dick and Stephanie's clitoris.

Andrew was furiously pumping his mouth up and down Greg's penis. He began to feel the onset of orgasm, but he didn't want to cum until his beautiful wife was fulfilled. Stephanie was making animal sounds, grunting with each thrust downward onto Andrew's aching cock. Andrew pulled his mouth off of Greg's dick, and urged Greg to kneel on the bed beside him. Then, he reached up to pull his wife forward until she was leaning over his chest. Reaching for Greg's cock once again, he began stroking Greg's cock and rubbing it across Stephanie's face. Stephanie hungrily sucked on Greg as she built up to her climax. Andrew watched, fascinated, as his wife gulped Greg's dick. He reached behind his wife's ass and started spanking her ass forcefully.

"Oh yeeessss, baby! Spank me harder! I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" Stephanie cried out loudly as she came to a crashing, blinding climax. Andrew stroked Greg's bulging dick faster and faster as he felt himself gushing his hot cum into his wife's pulsating, clutching pussy. Just as Andrew's orgasm began to fade, Greg's cock exploded hot white streams onto  Andrew's lips and face. Stephanie quickly covered Andrew's mouth with her own, trapping Greg's pumping cock between their lips. Together, they licked and swallowed the loads of Greg's cum juice from each other's faces.