The Seduction

I couldn't believe my luck. I am sitting at the bar at my hotel, and this very attractive woman comes on to me. She buys me a drink and gives me a "come hither" look. I joined her. This was a classy dame, all turned out in a cocktail dress, with heels and hose, the whole bit. She had long, curly brown tresses, and a great pair of legs. Was she a pro? She had to be, this was just too good to be completely on the up and up, but pros don't buy their clients drinks.
Sure enough, there was a catch, but it wasn't what I was expecting. Her husband showed up. I was disappointed that the evening wasn't going to end as I had imagined it.
I thought he might have seen me with my hand on her knee, or the moment when she blew into, then nuzzled my ear. He would have been pissed, I figure. He had to see it, he interrupted us!
But he wasn't pissed, not at all..He was a gregarious sort, Larry was. He didn't seem to mind what was going down at all, even when Susan's attitude towards me continued to be very coquettish, then outright seductive. I started to get the idea that he was getting off on all of this. He watched her as she allowed her skirt to become well hiked up, then looked at me with a lascivious smile. I must have been leering, or at the least staring at her legs, but he didn't seem to mind at all, he seemed to enjoy it.

She was really hot tonight, and watching her tease him was really turning me on.
We had both chosen him. There was no question, no second choice, we had both agreed that it was him or we moved on. I went to another part of the bar and sat down to watch her reel him in. She bought him a drink, and he was sitting next to her in no time. I watched them for a while trying to judge the moment. When things were obviously moving along, I joined them.
His name was Seth, and he was quite handsome. He was in town on some sort of business, alone, and obviouly looking for some action. I think he was a little put off at first, with my showing up, because he was afraid that I was going to rain on his parade. Susan made sure that he knew she was still interested in him, even with me there.
We got pretty loosened up, and her dress had ridden up so that you could see the tops of her stockings and a shot at her crotch now and then. Seth was pretty much gone, and I didn't blame him, she can be very seductive.
I felt like a pimp, which I guess I was. I was using Susan as bait to get Seth, and I admit it. But on the other hand, if I was a pimp, that made her a 'ho, and she was absolutely relishing the role.

He liked to see me as a slut, willing to do anything right in front of him. It is something that I am quite good at, and I do enjoy it, but I figure he made me do it, and he should pay. After all, that loss of innocence is worth something, right? I mean, you know, you can't ever go back once you have crossed the line. He should pay, and he should pay by becoming as big a slut as he had made me.
Larry and I were up for another of our little adventures. Seth was probably going to be perfect. He was straight, as near as I could tell, but would he go for a little stroll on the wild side? I had already seduced him, that was for sure, but could Larry? What was in store for him? Would he get to watch his wife fuck another man, only to be disappointed in this man's attentions to himself? I didn't think that would be enough for him. Not tonight. We strove for mutual satisfaction, he and I. This is what made it work, I was the enabler, the enthusiastic "teacher" that absolutely required that he act out both of our fantasies.

It turned out that they lived here in town, but they sometimes got a room here, just to get away for the weekend. The drinks flowed, and we all got a little smashed and very, very friendly. She had her hand on my knee, and she was nuzzling my neck now and then, letting me inhale her perfume. It was divine.
All of this didn'ts seem to faze Larry at all. In fact, he was digging it.
She went to the ladie's room, remarkably steady on those high heels.
He turned to me, watching me drink in the sight of her as she receded into the crowd.
"You could fuck her if you want." I knew this to be the case by now, But when he declared this to be fact, I still almost spit out my drink like an old movie. "No, I'm serious. She likes you. Do you want to fuck her? Beautiful isn't she? Great legs. We have a room upstairs." He moved his stool closer. He spoke in a low, but excited voice. "See, I like watching her fuck other guys." So that was it. He paused and looked at me for a reaction. I was surprised, but interested to hear more. I wondered just what was this guy's agenda? Were there some strings?

"There is just one thing, I like to play too. I like to play with anybody that she fucks". He looked a little shocked, but made no attempt to leave.
So far, so good. He was definately intrigued by the idea, so I decided to plunge in.

Oh, shit. I had this guy sized up as one of those who was mostly a voyeur, getting off by himself, watching me fuck his wife. But no, this guy wants to join in, and what's more, he wants to fuck around with me! I suppose I could have pulled out right then. I mean, Larry was pretty up front. He wanted to watch me fuck his wife, but he didn't want to be left out of the equasion. I had to make a choice. If I bailed, I would be upstairs in my room with my cock in my hand, wondering what I had passed up. On the other hand, if I went upstairs with them, I would fuck her for sure. The question was, what about him? What would it itake to satisfy him? Would he just want to suck me off, or would he want more? (I wasn't too sure that I wanted to be fucked, not just then.)
This was very curious. But I was still here. Did that mean that I had become 'bi-curious?"
Ah, but she was too beautiful, and him, he wasn't so bad. Maybe I could just bail if things got too weird.

Larry's fantasies started with voyeurism. He really liked to watch. He liked to watch me flash my legs and stockings to another guy, crossing and uncrossing my legs until the poor victim experiences a complete loss of control.
But could Seth be turned, just for this one night? I thought so. My cunt became flush with the thought of the two men doing each other. The prospect of orchestrating Seth's bi-sexual awakening was definately intriguing, to say the least. But would I have resort to tricks, to get Seth into Larry? Or would he get with the program from the start? You could never tell with guys. I mean straight guys. You never know if they are going to dig it, or pull out at the last moment, overcome with guilt or whatever. They are harder to read than women.
As I stood up in the stall I thought about putting my panties in my purse. By now my cunt had made them sopping wet, but I decided that Seth had seen enough for the moment. What if he had gotten scared and left? My panties slid up my nylons and back in place.
I hoped that Larry hadn't scared him off. I told him that he should let Seth know about his little proclivities, as we didn't want any suprises to mar this evening. But no, as I came out of the ladies's room I could see them both still at the bar. I decided to hang back a bit, then come in and be the "closer".

"Shocked?" I said. "I know. It is a bit unusual. But it isn't like you would turn into a fag or anything, not for being a little playful with us."
He was still smiling, a good sign.
I plunged on. "Hey, please, don't misunderstand me. I just thought you might be the kind of adventurous spirit that might just lay back and enjoy it, know what I mean? You know, not being be too curious about who is doing what, and just get into it."
So far, so good. He was still listening.
"Besides, you don't have to do anything that you don't want to do, you know that."
He seemed to warm to that idea, with a fetching smile.

It was time to leave, if I was going to. The longer I stayed here the more dangerous this became. This was just too much.
But he was remarkably disarming, not threatening at all. He was very much a masculine being, not effeminate, and I sensed that his bi-sexuality was approved of, if not actively abetted by Susan. They were definately in this together.
"Besides, she likes it." he said.
"She does?" I asked.
"Yeah, she likes watching guys get it on. It turns her on. As long as she gets hers, know what I mean?"
"Ahh, right."
"She gets to pick, generally. She picked you. Lucky guy."
Lucky indeed. "Have you done this kind of thing before? With a stranger?"
"Sure, we had one guy, he was kind of reluctant, but he just kind of closed his eyes and enjoyed it. Know what I mean? Pretended that it was all straight. Another time, this guy I was sure was a hundred percent straight, turned out to be an animal." He smiled impishly. "Well, think about it, you won't be sorry. Here she comes, why don't you two get a little more acquainted? I'll be back."
More aquainted? That was a laugh. If we were any more aquainted I would be fucking her right there on the bar.
He rose and met her just out of my earshot. They spoke into one another's ears and laughed, then parted. He went to the men's room and I caught another generous glimpse of her thigh as she perched herself back on the bar stool. The dark welts of her long, glossy nylons were almost at her crotch. She noticed my glance but made no attempt to adjust her skirt. She looked up at me and kinda smirked.
"What has he been up to? Has he been propositioning you?"
"You could say that, yes."

This was the moment of truth. It was now or never. I crossed my legs slowly, giving him another generous view of the tops of my stockings.
"Well?" I asked, trying not to flutter my eyelashes too much.
When stopped staring at my legs he said: "Your husband wants to make a threesome. Not only that, He has menitoned some bi-sexual leanings that he has. Are you aware that he likes to make it with your partners?"
I smiled as he looked up from my crotch. His eyes met mine. "Give him what he wants, baby. We can have a lot of fun." I told him.
He looked at my body, drank in my perfume. As I uncrossed my legs, the light played on my glossy nylons. "You're the boss." he said.
"Good. Shall we go?"

We got him. As I followed them both down the hall, he was fondling her ass under her skirt, and she wasn't doing much to stop him. We arrived at the suite, and I unlocked the door. When I turned around, they they were, lip-locked. They were getting pretty hot until she broke and ran inside, giggling. Seth and I looked at each other, both of us transfixed by her girlish sexuality. "After you." I said, in arch courtesy. He laughed, then chortled at the thought of what was being offered. On the way to the living room, I added: "Abandon hope, all ye who enter here." Seth laughed again, and she fell into his arms.

She began kissing me in the elevator, and Larry was grinning broadly at us. He followed us down the hall while we started to get a bit lewd. I started to play with her ass, and I knew he was digging it.
Once inside their suite, we were kissing passionately on the couch while Larry went to mix us some drinks. Her tongue probed my mouth, just as my finger was probing her very slippery vagina. Her dress was quickly around her waist, her panties pushed to one side. Larry had brought our drinks and set them down on the coffee table just as she was unzipping my pants. He proceeded to undress, obviously taking great pleasure in watching his wife jacking me off. She was an great kisser and our tongues teased each other. Occasionally we would come up for air, or stop to remove another article of clothing. Larry was sitting on the coffee table, naked, his cock in his hand. They exchanged mischievious looks. and she giggled, then drew me back into her embrace. I nuzzled and kissed her breasts, and her nipples hardened even more.
She looked over at her husband. "Do you like that, darling? Do you like watching another man make love to me?" "Darling" appearantly liked it very much, for his prick was fully erect by now as he continued to slowly stroke it.
She and I got a little more comfortable on the couch and went back to making out. Things were going just great when I felt the sensation on my prick change. Her fingers felt different, had a different rhythm. Then I realized that it wasn't her fingers at all, since she had moved on to caressing my balls and my ass. It was her husband's mouth. A guy was sucking my dick! Well, I knew it was coming. It was clearly a quid pro quo. Something like "You can fuck my wife if you fuck me." kind of deal. I mean, he didn't come right out and say that, but he had made it pretty clear that he wanted a piece of me. And what's more, I seemed to be going for it. After all, he was giving great head.
She was just absolutely out of her mind. She was really digging what was going down. She watched him now, and played with his ass. That made him even more energetic. She and I looked at each other.
"That's nice, watching him suck you." She leaned back and took a sip of her drink, looking absolutly divine in her garter belt and stockings. She had left her heels on. She smoothed her nylons and watched us.
She fingered herself, slowly. "Yes, do it, suck his dick!"

We were over the first hurdle. Larry was energetically sucking Seth's dick, and he didn't freak out.. In fact, he was digging it, a lot. I couldn't keep my eyes off of them. Seth and I exchanged looks as we both watched Larry go for it. This was making me very hot. Seth pulled me twords his face. He wanted to eat me, but I wouldn't let him, not yet. I wanted to watch, savor the moment.

She eventually relented and straddled my shoulders, lowering her clitoris to my mouth. I lapped at her eagerly. She ground herself into my face, then lifted herself away, inviting me to enjoy the sight of her husband sucking my cock, framed by her legs and pussy.
Larry sucked me with the same enthusiasm that I was directing at his wife's cunt. She looked over her shoulder and moaned at the sight of her husband going down on me. "Make it nice and hard for me, baby, make it nice and hard for my cunt."
She slid down my body. "Put it in me. Put his cock in me, lover!" He reluctantly stopped sucking and guided me into her cunt.

Seth didn't seem to mind me sucking that big beautiful cock of his. In fact, he was getting into it pretty good. I figured that I would only have it for a little while, though 'cause Susan was going to want it. Sure enough, she ordered me to put it in her cunt. I took my fist and made his prick stand straight up while she lowered herself on it. It was such a turn on to hear her whimper and squeal with delight as it slid in.

She wouldn't let me come. If she felt me get to near the edge she would hold me tight, making me slow down until she felt me subside to a safer level. "Not yet, not yet. Save it."
I put it to her, ever deeper. My thrusts really became deep. when I felt his tongue working on the base of my cock, licking my scrotum.
"Don't come!" she said. "Save it, baby, save it." She slowed her movements, bringing me back from the brink each time. She, however, began to orgasam more or less continually.
Eventually she slithered from my body and lay on the other side of the bed, smoothing and pulling her nylons taut on her legs.
She looked at me with sultry, half closed eyes. "You could fuck him too, you know. I'd let you."
I was taken aback. So, they pimped for each other. I stared at her, then recoverd."Hey, thanks, that's awfully generous, you know, but I'm maybe not what you think." In truth, I was so horny at that point I sorely tempted by any receptive orifice.
"I know, but as a favor to me? Frankly, he needs a little fucking, now and then. Don't you baby?" Larry made some sort of protest, professing his innocence in all of this, but we all knew it was a lie.
"I know you would like it. And him? He is dying to have you inside him. Aren't you, lover? He is such a slut." She rose from the bed. "Well, you think about it. Stay here and rest. Larry and I need to freshen up a bit, don't we dear?" She sauntered to the bathroom with Larry in tow.

I loved watching her fuck him. She was so beautiful, so engorged and receptive to his sexuality. Her skin began to glow, and her muscles tensed in those tight nylons. Her garter belt framed her ass so nicely. Her tits jiggled as he pushed that big beautiful cock in her. As her passion mounted I continued to lick her ass, the shaft of his cock as it went in and out of her, and his balls, rising to shoot his cum in her pussy. But she wouldn't let him cum, not yet.. She stopped each time he was ready to cum, telling him to save it, not to cum yet. Finally she slid off of him, saying that they both had to rest.
His cock was still hard and slick with her juices. I wanted to lick it clean, but just then Susan proceeded to give me away, like she owned me or something. I was her chattel, and she was inviting her new lover to fuck me too.
He thanked her for the offer, but demurred. I wasn't sure I was ready for this just yet anyhow, so I was off the hook for now. She was treating me like a real slut, saying that I wanted it and all. She was really enjoying the pimp role. She let the offer stand and dragged me in the bathroom.
We stood in front of the sink, kissing passionately. :"My little cock sucker, yes, yes..That was so nice, watching you. He liked that a lot." We kissed some more. Her hand traveled to my crack..."He wants to fuck you." She put her finger on my anus. "Do you want me to help you be a slut?" she said between kisses.
Her finger probed. I moaned. "Yes....."
She broke the embrace and looked at me, smiling with anticipation. She rummaged in her bag on the counter.
"Put these on."
She handed me a pair of pantyhose.

Larry loved to wear hose. He had great legs, and I delighted in shopping for him.
I had bought his first pair for him, and now he was incurably addicted to wearing them. At first I dressed him in black, but after eventually shaving his legs and balls I started to select lighter shades for him. Never would I allow him to wear them on his own, only when I ordered him to put them on. Every once in a while I would come home unexpectedly and find him all decked out in some sheer to the waists, jacking off. Then there would be hell to pay. He always enjoyed paying the bill, though, in the "end."
Sometimes I would make him beg me to let him wear his pantyhose, it was another of our games. I would bring home ultra sheers for him to try, and I was always looking for sheer to the waists that didn't have that ugly reinforcement down the middle. I didn't want to hide the sight of his cock, straining against the slick nylon. Larry began to love modeling nylons and lingerie for me as much as I did for him.
It wasn't as if he wanted to be dressed like a girl or anything, he just liked nylons, and tight, silky underwear. Once I brought him some hose that had lace on the edge of the panty, and he wouldn't wear them. He said they were too "feminine."
Eventually I cut a slit in the front of a pair of hose for his cock to stick out of. I wanted him to be a bit more accessable. It was a nice look, and you could accesorize it with a pair of briefs, or a thong, or whatever. That led to the inevitable, another slit in the back. That was how I had planned to dress him tonight.
I wondered how Seth would react to seeing Larry decked out in hose. I couldn't wait.

She watched as I smoothed the fabric over my legs.
"They are a nice shade for you." They were light support hose, dark, satin taupe, sheer to the waist. There was a small hole in the front and a larger one in back. The hole in front was just large enough to admit my prick and balls, and it fit tightly around them, surrounding my cock in shiny nylon. The hole in back was much larger, and exposed most of my butt.
"Oh very nice, those look very sexy. Do they make you feel sexy?" she cooed as she ran her hands over my legs and ass.
They made me feel very sexy. They made the muscles of my legs look fantastic. She had cut the feet off, and they looked a bit like footless dance tights. They were quite sheer, with no reinforcement around the seam in front, just transparent. My cock was completely surrounded by tight, shiny nylon, and my ass was completely accessible, due to the larger hole in back. The whole effect was neither masculine nor feminine as much as androgynous, and very, very, sexy. I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror and wondered how Seth would react to them. She pressed against my back. and began to rub her nylons up against mine as she nuzzled my ear. The sensation of her nylons rubbing against mine was delicious.
Once again she slipped her finger up my ass and probed.
"What if I put a butt plug up you, would you like that? It would feel good, wouldn't it?" She pushed her finger deeper. :"Yes...." It made me weak with pleasure, and she easily pushed me forward, until I was bent over the counter. My ass was stuck out behind me
"You want to be ready for him, don't you baby?" (What was Seth doing, anyway? Was he listening to all of this?)
The plug was jet black, almost the size of Seth's cock, and anatomically designed. I watched the mirror with fascination as she coated it with lube.
"Nice and easy, that's it." she said. She probed around until she found my opening, then pushed gently but firmly. She had me pretty relaxed with her fingers by now, and there was little resistance. Eventually it popped in, up to the flange that nestled between my cheeks. Waves of pleasure washed over she pulled it out part way and then seated it firmly again. She left the plug and started to run her hands over my nylons, cooing :"Oh, you are so sexy, yes, will you be my little slut? Will you?" She nudged the base of the plug, sending it a little deeper into my bowels. "Yesss...." I replied.
"Here, put this on, it will keep that plug in you."
It was a black nylon thong whose back strap fit perfectly over the flange of the plug, ensuring its position up my butt. She began to play with it, sending jets of pleasure through me. Several times she had me bend over so that she could remove the plug altogether, only to slide it back into me. I watched her in the mirror. She looked magnificent in her heels and glossy hose as she played this game, nuzzling my ear as she seated the plug completely.

I told him what a slut he was as I readjusted the thong over the plug.
"He wants to fuck you, you know."
"I know."
"Do you want it? Do you want to get fucked.?" This of course, was a rhetorical question. I knew exactly what he wanted I adjusted his hose, pulling them higher in back. They shone in the many mirrors of the bathroom. I slapped his bottom, hard.
"Yes." he squealed.
"Good. I want you to. I want to watch him do it to you." I threw a robe to him. "Here, put this on." It was a short, of heavy silk that looked quite handsome with his dark pantyhose. It just barely covered the hole in the rear. He was ready, but was Seth?
It was time for Seth to see Larry in his finery. I called to him. "Seth?- will you bring me a drink?"

I lay on the bed, thinking about what had just transpired, and what was about to transpire. My balls ached with pent-up cum, and I couldn't wait to fuck her again. However, it was plain that she wanted me to fuck her husband, and I was sure that she pretty well got whatever she wanted. I was starting to form an image of this act in my mind when she called to me, asking me to bring her a drink. My dick was still half hard, and it wagged in front of me as I went to the bar. I brought her the drink, and here she was, putting a butt plug in her husband's ass! What's more, he had pantyhose on! Ventilated pantyhose! This was too much.
However, he was not unattractive.
I could maybe get into it.
He had very nice legs, and they were smooth, probably shaven. He actually looked great in those hose. He had this black thong on, over the hose but it barely contained his prick, and the thong in back fit over the base of the butt plug that she had appearantly just installed in him. She came over to me and gave me a wet kiss for bringing me her drink. My hand went to her breast, which she accepted quite warmly. "Cute, isn't he?" she said as she whacked him on the ass.

Seth brought her her scotch. She still had me spread-eagled in front of the mirror, and I could see him eying me from the doorway. Appreciatively, I hoped. I tried to rise, but she wouldn't let me. I felt completely vulnerable and under her control. My ears glowed hot and red because I was so embarrassed to show myself to another male in such a submissive posture, but I was under her control. Just to underscore the point, she slapped me on the ass.
"He is my little slut, you know. Aren't you, baby?"
I heard her stiletto heels clicking softly on the granite floor. She sipped her drink and walked slowly over to him. She kissed him and he started to play with her tits. "Wanna fuck him? Come on, I want to watch you.." she said, thrusting her nylon clad knee in his crotch.
"Hey, I don't know..."

This was too much. I have had a lot of experiences, but this one was unique. I mean, here she was, practically insisting that I cornhole her husband!
"Well, it isn't like you are a fag or anything. Lots of guys, like in the army or prison, they do just like us girls do, when there isn't anything else around, you know, you turn to your friends, so to speak." she said. She stirred her drink with her finger, then annointed the end of my cock with the cold liquor. The sensation was exquisite, and my reserve (what there was of it) was melting like the ice in her drink.
"But you are very much around." I told her.
"I know, but you have already fucked me and he needs a little fucking, too."
"Don't you, baby?"
This was very curious. But what about me? Was I becoming "bi-curious?" Was that what was happening?
.I had to admit, I didn't have too much trouble fucking his mouth, I got into that, especially seeing how much she dug it. I still hesitated. But this was a command performance....

I couldn't tell yet if Seth was going to go for it.
"He likes that.." I told him. "He likes me to put all kinds of toys up there." I spanked Larry again, hard.
"You would just be another sex toy to use on him. Sort of like a dildo, but the real thing." I knelt in front of Seth and took him in my mouth. He was hard again in no time. He might just do it. I stood and embraced him and teetering on my high heels, I rubbed my nylons against his flanks again, between his legs.. I kissed him, then looked down at my red fingernails as my hand began to slowly jack him off .
"Come on, just a little? Give him some of that magnificent cock that you have been fucking me with."
I brought him forward and began to rub his penis against Larry's ass. So far, so good. Larry moaned as I slipped the plug out of him. Seth smiled.
I looked down at Larry. "He's going to fuck you, baby." "Aren't you?"
"If you insist...."
There was a small bottle on the counter and brought it under Seth's nose. He knew it was nitrate, of course, and he inhaled deeply. As he felt his head swell and his heart pound I guided him to Larry's anus. "Fuck him, yes.... fuck him, baby." His cock lunged forward reflexively.
I whispered in his ear:"Fuck his sweet little ass! Fuck him for me. Yes! Fuck him. Fuck him...."

The plug had so relaxed me that he slipped in quite easily. Within moments my anus molded around the head of his cock. Susan was a very appreciative audience, urging him on, watching every move with delight.
She put the bottle under my nose and I inhaled.. I soared. He pushed all the way. I felt his hands slide over the nylon on my hips as he pulled me to his cock. Fully impaled now, I imagined that I could feel his balls rub against my hose. I reached between my legs and felt them, gravid with cum. Again she cooed in my ear: "Nice, baby, does that feel good? He has such a nice prick, doesn't he, baby? "
She was right. He did. And he knew just how to use it.

I had won. I had gotten Seth so hot that all I had to do was to steer his prick, and he would pump automatically, no matter where he was. But he happened to be up Larry's butt, and he was getting into it. I stared at Seth's butt at he thrust again and again. It was an immense turn-on, watching him fuck Larry. I couldn't keep my hands from Seth's ass. I lubed him, too.. I made his balls slippery so I could caress them while he fucked. Eventually I had to pull Seth away, because I didn't want him to go off too soon. I took them both back into the bedroom, and made Larry lie across my lap while Seth fucked him some more. Once again I had to seperate them, as I wanted Seth to last as long as possible. I ordered Larry to lie face down on a pile of pillows, with his ass in the air. Seth took a big slug of his drink and mounted him. I kissed Seth passionately while I played with his balls and his ass, making him fuck like a mad bull.
He came once again, pumping sperm in my hubby's ass, pumping him full. I watched the pearly drops drooling out of his Larry's asshole and over his balls.

It was her finger up me that did it. I came. I came while pumping her husband's butt, and it felt great. When I finished, and rested a bit, she said:
"You havn't sucked his dick yet." She was idly swirling her finger around in my come, which was oozing from her husband.
"Wanna?" She brought her fingers to her nose and inhaled the scent of my come.
"I'll show you how." She probed her finger deeper into him,and his cock jerked to attention. "C'mere, lover."
Larry stood, now and brought his penis close to her mouth She gobbled it greedily. Eventually she traded between kissing me and sucking him, until kissing and sucking became blurred. We kissed and a cock thrust between our lips. She was holding it now and pushing it between my lips, over my tongue, and into my mouth. She watched, transfixed, and fingered her pussy. "That's it, suck his dick. Suck that big beautiful prick." she whispered in my ear."Suck him just like that. That's it, just like that."
Once again I felt her greased finger penetrate my anus. She was languidly sucking my cock, fingering my ass, and watching me suck Larry's cock with increasing abandon. This went on for quite a while, while she tried every move in the book with her mouth on my cock. I attempted to repeat them all on Larry's cock and was again rewarded for my efforts.
Eventually he shot his wad down my throat. Suprised, I pulled away but she eagerly caught the next spurt and the next in her mouth. When she had licked him clean she started frenching me deeply. Her tongue probed my mouth, savoring her husband's juices on my tongue.
I thought "I'm not a fag, but I did suck one's cock, once."