An After Game Surprise

By: CWhite

My name is Christina. I'm currently 29 years old. I'm 5'9", 140 lbs and my measurements are 34b-24-34. I have been, for the longest time, a lesbian. However, this story isn't about me right now. This story is about how I got my start as a lesbian.

I had been sexually active since I was 11 years old. My family had no restrictions when it came to boys. I was allowed to have boys sleep over on the weekends. Most times the boy would just say he was staying the night at a friend's house. There was one boy that was the only child of a divorced father. He knew where his son was going and he was ok with it. Other girls were at home masturbating while thinking about having their boyfriend in bed. I was actually in bed with my boyfriend.

If it wasn't obvious, my family is way different than most. My parents are happily married. I am an only child. There are differences. Mom has a lover in addition to my father. Dad is away on business 2 weekends a month and sometimes works over nights during the week. Mom has her boyfriend over anytime dad's gonna be gone all night. Everyone at mom's office knows that steven is her lover and nobody even bats an eye.

My dad has a boyfriend as well. Dad's boyfriend goes with him on some of dad's out of town trips. Dad's boyfriend unofficially lives with us. See mom and dad don't sleep in the same room. Mom snores. Dad's boyfriend stephen sleeps with dad in dad's room. Judging by the moans, dad is the bitch 100% of the time. I've seen the two of them have sex so many times they don't flinch anymore.

That leaves me. My parents are very liberal with sex. I didn't even think to ask if it was ok if I had sex. I assumed it wasn't ok so I snuck around. Then mom talked to me one day in the kitchen.

She said, "So, chris, got any plans for tonight?"

I said, "I was gonna go over to Mike's house and watch a movie."

She said, "Why at his house?"

I said, "I dunno. We like it over there."

She said, "You know if he came over here, you wouldn't have to sneak around."

I said, "What do you mean?"

She said, "You forget I used to be a girl once. You always wear skirts to his house when you watch movies. That means you guys wait until you think it's safe and then he fucks you real quick."

I said, "I...uh....i'm a virgin mom."

She said, "I'm giving you permission dear. If your mom and dad sleep around then why should we deny you? You have our permission to bring guys..hell, girls too...over. They can even stay the night if they can swing it. Don't matter to me."

I said, "Are you serious?"

She said, "Yep. Your dad and I already discussed it. We decided that when you started becoming sexually active we'd let you do whatever you wanted. Just as long as you are always on birth control."

So I was allowed to have boys stay the night at age 12. Sex is so much more enjoyable when you don't have to sneak around. Only problem is how wierd boys are at that age. I had around 17 different partners from around christmas of 6th grade until a few months into 7th grade. I'd fuck a boy on the weekends and we'd do it for a month or so and they'd decide that someone was prettier or whatever and we'd break up. I'd say from that point until 9th grade I slept with another 10 or so boys.

In 9th grade I started dating a junior. We dated solely because of my reputation. I was the girl that was a guaranteed score. His dad was the dad that knew he wanted to fuck me and he was ok with it. Derek's dad's only rule was that he kept his grades up. If he kept a 3.5 average, he could spend the night once during the week and twice on the weekend.

Derek and I fucked 3 times a week at the very least. It was more like about 5 times a week. If he wasn't staying the night we were "hanging out" at my place. He had to be home for dinner on nights he wasn't staying the night. He loved it because I was on the shot for birth control. He never wore a condom and we did anything he wanted to.

The summer after 9th grade he wanted a threesome. He wanted me to fuck him and his best friend jared. I told him that I would do a threesome only if he and jared would fuck each other along with fucking me. He said he had to think about it. I was all excited. He didn't mention it for a while.

Then one weekend I said, "So, we gonna do that threesome?"

He said, "I don't know. I haven't asked jared."

I said, "Why not?"

He said, "Wouldn't it be weird for me to tell my best friend that I want to suck his dick?"

I said, "Do what?"

He said, "Oh...uh....I would i tell him that we could fuck you if we all did it together."

I said, "That's not what you said. You wanna get him into bed don't you."

He said, "Oh crap. Please don't tell anyone I said anything about this."

I said, "I won't if you tell me everything."

He said, "Ok, well, we haven't done anything big but we have fondled each other in the dark."

I said, "Gimme his number. I know what to say."

He said, "You aren't gonna say something i'll regret are you?"

I said, "Absolutely not."

He handed me his phone. I dialed Jared's number and it dialed. He answered.

I said, "Hey jared, it's chris. What's up?"

He said, "Nothing much. You good?"

I said, "I'm awesome. Hey listen. I wanted to talk to you about something."

He said, "Oh yeah, what's that?"

I said, "So, derek tells me you want to fuck me."

He said, "Derek said that? Well, he mentioned about wanting to do a threesome."

I said, "Yeah, a threesome. You me and derek. You up for one?"

He said, "Hell yeah. That would be awesome."

I said, "There's only one catch."

He said, "What's that?"

I said, "Derek wants to sleep with you first."

Derek shouted, "What the fuck, chris!"

Jared said, "I'd love to."

I said, "Hold on. Say that again."

I put him on speaker phone. I said, "Say that again?"

He said, "I've been wanting to get into bed with Derek but didn't know how to go about it. I'd love to get him in bed."

It was kinda funny though. The threesome never did happen. Derek and Jared became lovers. They slept together that very night. They both thoroughly enjoyed it too. They enjoyed it so much that they didn't want to do anything else. They both publicly came out of the closet shortly after.

I joined the girls JV Softball team my sophomore year. I dated two guys that year and continued my slutty ways. The next year I was moved up to the Varsity softball team. I didn't date anyone for the first 4 months of my junior year. It was because everyone thought I was taken and I just didn't know it.

The whole season there was a girl that I suspected was hitting on me. We were really good friends. She would pat me on the butt every time I walked past her. She would do little things like wink at me, blow me kisses, flirt. I didn't pay it any mind because I often flirted with everyone boys and girls alike. I actually liked the butt patting. It would stir something up inside me. I found myself looking forward to it and purposefully walking in her path so I could get spanked.

One day we were at an away game. We won and we were in the locker room changing. We were all gabbing about sex and stuff. We had all become accustomed to each other naked. You know how there's that awkward phase where you'd giggle when you saw each other naked. Well, that part was over. Now, some girls would look at other girls alot more than others. I found myself being one of those girls.

Well, anyway, we're in the locker room and we're all undressed and gabbing before getting in the showers. Susan, the girl that's been hitting on me, and I were in a personal conversation. We were talking about what turns us on and all kinds of things pertaining to sex.

We had talked enough that by the time we were headed to the showers the other girls were already done and drying off.

I said, "We'd better get in the showers."

She said, "Yeah, we don't have too long before we have to get on the bus."

I grabbed the shampoo, conditioner, some liquid soap and a poof. The two of us headed to the showers. I took one shower head. She took one across the shower room.

I said, "You can come over here by me, you know. I don't bite."

She said, "I didn't wanna seem freaky and just walk up next to you."

Now, I thought she would take the shower head right next to mine. Instead, she joined me at my shower head. Now, I found Susan very attractive. I'm standing there a relatively skinny and physically fit junior. I was tall, slender, nice round ass and small tits. She's about 5'5" and 140 lbs. She isn't fat just thick. She has a big round and firm ass. She has thick thighs and small boobs.

I kept my pussy clean shaven except for a landing strip. Susan kept her pussy natural. Not one part trimmed or shaven. She also doesn't shave her armpits as long as the team is winning. It was 3/4 of the way through the season and our team was undefeated. So, she had about 3 months of growth under her arms. I found it strangely arousing.

I said, "So, I see you don't shave your armpits."

She said, "As long as we're winning I don't. Why? Do you like it?"

I said, "I love it actually. What do the guys think about it?"

She said, "Haven't had a guy say anything actually."

I said, "Really, that's odd. Why not?"

She said, "Well, because i'm a lesbian."

I said, "That's so cool. I bet your girlfriend digs it then."

She said, "I'm actually available at the moment."

She got real close to me. I was hypnotized. Our arms instinctively wrapped around one another. We stood there with the water beating over us with our bodies pressed together. We stood there with our mouths on each other. Our lips were touching one anothers but we weren't kissing.

She said to me with her lips touching mine, "Are you thinking what I hope you are thinking?"

I said, "I'm thinking when we get home, you stay the weekend at my house."

She said, "I'd love to, but what would we do?"

I said, "Well, we'd go up to my room...."

I gave in and kissed her on the lips. Our tongues touched and swirled together.

I continued while still kissing, "We get naked....."

I reached for her face and we started to make out. Her hand went between my legs and she lightly touched my hard clit.

I continued, "and you spend all weekend turning me into a lesbian."

She said, "Do you mean it? Please say you mean it."

I said, "If the sex is as amazing as I think it will be, you bed baby."

We were pressed against the wall of the shower. We were writhing against each other. We were making out. One of the girls walked in and said, "You two are gonna have to put that on hold. We have 5 minutes to be on the bus."

So we rushed out and got dressed. I was wearing the starter suit that we were given. It was a jogging suit in our school colors. I wore that with no shirt, no bra and no panties. Susan saw me and wore the same thing.

We were on a charter bus since we were at a game that was pretty far away from home. It was going to be about an hour and a half till we got back to the high school. Susan and I took the back seat on the bus. It was the only one with no armrest between the seats.

All the girls knew we were hot for each other. Susan had been talking about how bad she wanted me the whole season. Our starter suits didn't stay on for long. 10 minutes after leaving both Susan and I were naked in the back seat. We made out, we fondled each other. We kissed every square inch of each other's bodies. I ended up spending the last 45 minutes of the ride home eating her pussy.

It was love at first lick. I tasted her hairy pussy and knew that I would never put another dick in my mouth again. I fingered my pussy as I licked and sucked on her delicious pussy. We became lost in our orgasms. The other girls started to sing and play music loudly to cover up how loud we were moaning. The bus pulled into the school parking lot and susan and I were deadlocked in a 69. When the bus finally stopped, Susan and I scrambled to get dressed so we wouldn't get in trouble.

We ended up being the last 2 off the bus. I walked off with my jacket unzipped. My breasts were visible to anyone with 2 eyes. Susan got off with her pants off her hips. Her hairy pussy was visible. Her jacket was half zipped up. Her breasts were keeping it up.

My new lover and I walked to our cars and drove out to my house. What would be in store would be a wild and hot weekend.

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