The Girl Party

By Erik Maskot

I was still a virgin at 17. No, I'm not a girl, so I was not a virgin virgin. But at 17 I still haven't been with a girl. I have masturbated a few times with a couple of mates, who were the same age as me, but I wasn't gay either. Actually I was in love with about every girlfriend of my sister's. They're all a year or two older than me. I have to admit, I'd been listening at my sister's door many times, and peeking through the window to her room, to find out what they were doing or talking about. I never really found out, because they were playing music too loud and the curtains were shut.

One time Brenda, my sister, was not home, and she had left her bedroom door unlocked. I knew I wasn't supposed to do this, but nobody were home, so I couldn't resist. I guess I was just a very curious teenage boy. On her desk was just the usual girl stuff, like teen mags, perfume, lipstick, nail polish and so on. Nothing that caught my interest. In her desk I found letters, but there were none from boys, so I just thought there wouldn't be anything interesting in them.

I don't know what I was looking for. It was probably just my curiosity. Boys have pornographic magazines under the bed or under the mattress. I didn't see any of that kind of stuff in my sister's room.

But what was that way under the bed? A briefcase? I pulled it out. What would she be hiding in a briefcase under the bed? I wondered if it was locked. I tried to push the two buttons, and to my surprise they popped open. I felt shaky. What if Brenda or my parents came home and discovered what I was doing? I was about to open the shrine to Brenda's most secret treasure. I lifted the lid carefully, like I was expecting something to pop up or explode.

I got the shock of my life. This was nothing I thought Brenda would have.

The briefcase was full of dildos and vibrators in various sizes. There were even buttplugs and lubricants. There was a clit vibrator, balls in a string, and even a bottle of Spanish Fly. I knew what they all were, because I'd seen them in erotic catalogs.

Finding out all this about my sister turned me on. I had a hard-on and was so excited I almost came in my pants.

Then I heard somebody outside the house. Oh no, somebody's coming home. I shut the briefcase and pushed it under the bed again. I ran back to my room and pulled out a comic book and threw myself down on my bed.

Only seconds later Brenda knocked on my door and wanted to know if there was any mail for her. It was weird looking at her after what I had discovered just a few minutes before. Still, I managed to tell her there was a letter for her by the phone. When she turned around and walked out, my mind focused on her ass. I actually had sexual thoughts about my own sister. I was shocked. I had never had that before.

* * * * *

At the dining table later that night, Brenda told mum that she was going to Amanda's the next weekend. Amanda's parents were gone, so she wanted Brenda and a few other girls to come over. Wow, I thought. They had the biggest house in the whole neighborhood. A mansion in the hillside, with a great view over the city and the bay. And Amanda was one hot girl, that I had been dreaming of many times. I wondered who else would be there.

* * * * *

When the weekend came, and Brenda left, I checked if her room was locked. It wasn't and I sneaked in and searched for the briefcase. To my surprise it wasn't there. That meant she must have taken it with her. I wondered what she would be needing it for at Amanda's house. There would be a whole bunch of girls there. Katie would probably be there, so would Sam, Helen, Rachel and Jamie. They would probably have a party. A party with all my dream girls.

I just had to go there. But how? As a boy I most likely wouldn't get an invitation, and especially not as I was Brenda's little brother.

I rode my bike to Amanda's house that night, hid it in the bushes. Sneaking around the house I quickly found out that they were having a party in the swimming pool area. Nobody could spy on them there, as it was fenced all the way around. A big solid cement wall. I had to find a different way in.

Could I get into the house? I was lucky. The front door was unlocked. I sneaked inside. Somebody was coming, and I hid quickly behind a door. Soon the path was clear, so I walked through the house. Amanda carried out a tray with beer and wine coolers, so it was obvious they were having a party. Seeing her made my cock grow in my shorts.

I didn't know where to hide. Then I noticed that the basement door was open, so I went down there. The basement had windows facing the swimming pool. Perfect, I thought.

I looked out the window and got the shock of my life. I saw my own sister kissing Rachel! It was not just a friendly kiss on the cheek, but a passionate French kiss. Their tongues were twisting around the other. Rachel's hand was inside Brenda's t-shirt, and she was touching her tits.

Then I noticed they were not the only ones playing this game. Amanda was fondling with Sam, and I also saw Katie, Helen, Jamie and other girls kissing and touching each other. There were about twenty of them altogether. This was the hottest thing I'd seen in my whole entire life. This wasn't a porn video. This was real. And my own sister was a part of it. Was she a lesbian? Were all the girls of my dreams lesbians? Right now that didn't matter to me, because what I was about to see beat everything. And it got better.

Soon they were all undressed. I actually got to see them all naked, their tits, their asses, their cunts. They all had shaved cunts.

Brenda was licking Rachel's small, but pointed tits. She had pretty big nipples. I noticed that Brenda had a tattoo on her ass. I never knew that. It was a red rose. All the other girls had tattoos as well, some on their shoulders, some had hentai on their arms, but Jamie had the most and extraordinary tattoos. Not only did she have hentai on her arms. She also had the same pattern on her stomach below the bellybutton, and all around her cunt. She also had rings in her nipples and her clit. I almost came in my shorts. I had to let out my cock, so I pulled down my shorts a bit.

Now I noticed they had all brought dildos to the party. Amanda lubricated Sam's ass, and inserted the dildo while she was licking her cunt. Brenda had a double dildo inside her, that filled both her cunt and ass at the same time. Some had dildos strapped on and fucked other girls like they were guys. Seeing this made me cum and I shot a big load that made a big wet spot on my shorts.

However it seemed like this was just the beginning. Soon one of the girls came with a big suitcase, opened it, and picked up a giant dildo that had to be twenty inches at least. It was thick as an arm. I had never seen anything that big. Were they really gonna sit down on that thing. I didn't think it was possible, but I was obviously wrong.

One of the girls I didn't know, she was extremely hot though, put down the dildo in upright position, and sat slowly down on it. She had extraordinarily long clits, and she folded them to the sides when her cunt embraced the giant dildo head. Slowly her cunt was eating up the monster dildo, and soon the whole thing was inside her.

The girl was moaning and screaming when she was being fucked by the dildo. The other ones cheered. I could tell that the girl was horny. I had never seen anybody being so wet. The liquid from her cunt was running down the dildo. In the end she came in a big scream. She had to lie down on the ground for a few minutes after the penetration.

Amanda asked Brenda if she wanted to try. I couldn't believe my sister when I heard her say yes. I think it had to be Brenda's first time with such a big dildo, though, because the other ones were giving her advice.

While Brenda sat down on the black giant dildo, the others used whatever they had available. Katie inserted a beer bottle in her own cunt, and so did a couple of other girls. But also more big dildos were found in the suitcase. Amanda started fisting Jamie. The girls were moaning and screaming constantly. Luckily Amanda's house was far from the neighbors, so nobody could hear them.

Brenda had problems getting down on the giant dildo, but after a few minutes she managed to get her cunt over the head, and then she slowly jerked her way down on the big tool. She was screaming loudly every time she got it in an inch more, and after another few minutes she sat down on it all the way. I came again in my shorts.

I couldn't had been so quiet either, because someone walked into the house, and went straight down to the basement. I was busted.

The girl grabbed me in my arm, and with my shorts halfway down my thighs and my cock hanging out, I was led upstairs and out where the girls were.

My sister, of course, was shocked when she saw me, still with that twenty-inch dildo inside her. It was very obvious that they wouldn't let me get away with spying. They all saw the cum on my shorts, so they knew that the whole thing turned me on.

They pulled my clothes off and tossed them in the swimming pool, except the cum soaked shorts that were tossed to the ground. Amanda brought out handcuffs, and I was laid down on a table, and both my hand and legs were cuffed to the legs of the table. The girls seemed to enjoy my scream when a buttplug was inserted in my virgin ass.

The first hour or so I was left alone cuffed to the table, and I had no way of moving. The girls kept playing their lesbian games around me, like I wasn't there. I saw Brenda pouring vanilla sauce on Amanda's cunt, and she was licking it clean. Amanda was moaning loudly.

I noticed they were all getting drunk as they were drinking beer and wine coolers. And the more drunk the girls were, the braver they got, and the bigger the bottles were that they inserted in their cunts. One girl managed to sit down on a big bottle of coca cola. And their games didn't just include their cunts anymore. They even tried to insert bottles in their asses. Some girls came out from the kitchen with vegetables and other food that was inserted in both holes. One girl had hot dogs stuffed in both her cunt and ass, and another girl was eating it out of her. All this turned me on so much I had a constant hard-on, that was continually leaking cum. However, nobody seemed to notice me.

Not until Jamie came out and told Brenda that her parents had called and asked if she had seen me. It must have been close to midnight at the time, so they had to worry. Brenda wanted to know what Jamie told them. She had told them that I was taken well care of, so my parents wouldn't need to worry. Brenda laughed, came over to me and saw my hard cock and the cum on my belly. This made me nervous, as I had always been worried about my sister seeing me naked. She knew, and she laughed again. She kissed me on my forehead, and said "My poor brother, being so horny and cannot do anything about it. Maybe we can do something for you?" I was getting more nervous.

Then she poured some beer in me, somebody else came with another can, and another one. It didn't take long before I was getting a little drunk as well.

Brenda pulled the buttplug out of my ass, and Amanda took my cuffs off. Still they wouldn't let me go. Katie came over with a dildo that was at least twelve inches. She lubricated it with gel. I was screaming "No!", but nobody cared. They actually enjoyed my screaming, and the girls were holding my arms and legs, when the dildo was forced into my no longer virgin ass. My screaming turned into moaning as Kate fucked my ass with the dildo.

Soon Sam came over with a dildo strapped on. She wanted to fuck me. Our eyes met when she entered me. How much I loved her, and now she was fucking me like a gay boy. I came again, over and over. They all knew I loved it, and nobody held my arms and legs anymore.

All the time they were pouring more beer into me, and the more drunk I got, the more relaxed I became. Soon I needed to go to a bathroom, but they wouldn't let me. I just had to piss, but they forced me to stay put. Sam was still fucking my ass, and as she fucked me with a dildo she couldn't cum and could keep going for a long time. My bladder couldn't hold it anymore, and a big stream of piss shot out in the air and landed on my face and body. Some of it hit Jamie's chest, and ran down her body. All the girls cheered. They enjoyed humiliating me to the point I had to piss on myself, as I had invaded their party.

Jamie though, seemed to be more kinky than I had ever thought of her. She seemed to like being pissed on. She also got an idea, and climbed up on the table, and pout her legs on each side of me, her cunt right above my face. She wanted to humiliate me even more by pissing all over my face. She had a lot inside her, as she'd been drinking beer all evening as well. Katie forced my mouth open, and I had to swallow a lot of Jamie's piss. All the time, Sam had been fucking my ass with her strapped-on dildo.

When Jamie finished, Rachel climbed up, and put her cunt over my face, and started pissing as well. While she did, she was kissing and fondling with Jamie's breasts.

Everybody took their turns pissing on me. Brenda felt too embarrassed to put her cunt right in her brother's face, so she stood up and pissed all over my body instead. I was soaking wet, not a single spot on me was dry.

While this was going on, the girls were also still busy pleasing each other. They were kissing each other, they were licking each other, fucking each other with dildos, and fisting each other. They were basically drinking and partying with dildos up their cunts and asses. This went on all night.

At 6 a.m. Saturday morning they let me go. They didn't let me clean myself though, and with clothes dripping wet, and myself drenched in piss, I rode my bike back home. My mom was up already and wanted to know what had happened. I said I had been spying on the girls, they discovered me and threw me in the swimming pool.

My mom laughed and said: "That should teach you a lesson. And I bet you won't be doing it again."

I smiled and agreed with her. I went to the bathroom, took a shower, had to jerk off, and then went to bed. I would never tell the whole truth, and of course the girls knew that very well. My mom had no idea what was really going on at Amanda's house.

* * * * *

However, things didn't end there. Brenda told me the next day, when she came home, that the whole party had been filmed, but the video tapes were not for me to watch. I knew she had me just where she wanted me.

From then on she never looked at me the same way she did before the weekend. She always gave me this look like she was planning on something. She noticed when I had a hard-on, and gave me this friendly but sly smile.

One weekend about a month later, she came into my room. My parents were gone for the weekend, so she came in naked, and said she had a surprise for me, as it was my 18th birthday. It was still early in the morning, so she'd woke me up. It was a shock for me to see her completely naked in our house. She had never done this before. Seeing her like this arouse me. She was my sister, but I thought she wanted to have sex with me.

Well, she told me to come to her room, because Jamie was there. I was wide awake the same second she mentioned her name. Since that party Jamie had been my favorite fantasy. And in school I don't think it was hard for Brenda to figure that out.

Anyway, I got up and wanted to follow her, as she grabbed me by my briefs and pulled them off me. Actually she ripped them off me. I felt embarrassed with that big boner right in front of her, and she laughed.

In her room Jamie was waiting for me, she also naked. Jamie told me to bend over Brenda's desk, and as I did my face was right in front of Jamie's pierced and tattooed cunt. She put it closer to my face, so I could touch her with my tongue. I didn't notice that Brenda had handcuffed me to the legs of the table.

Then the two girls took a step back, and said: "Okay, now we're ready to give you your birthday present from us. And we'll be taping it, but this time you'll get to keep the tape." I smiled when they showed me the camcorder. Now I'd really have something to watch while jerking off at night.

But I shouldn't have been so self-confident. The next thing Jamie did was to call her twin brother John, who entered the room. Her gay twin brother. He was as naked as all of us.

Brenda said to me: "We thought, as you enjoyed that weekend at Amanda's so much, (she winked at Jamie when she said it), we thought we should give you the real thing, not just a dildo." They both laughed. The way it seemed to me, I had no choice but to play along.

John stepped forward and put his cock in front of my face when they started filming. I had never thought a cock could be this big. He had to be at least twelve inches, but it looked even bigger this close. I wasn't sure if I was looking forward to this.

He pushed his cock inside my mouth, and I started playing with it with my tongue. I tasted his salty precum, and decided it wasn't so bad. John definitely seemed to like it. Slowly he started fucking my face. I've heard about people swallowing the cock, and being throatfucked. I thought I wouldn't be able to do that, and John was nice and didn't try to force me.

The girls were filming close-up, getting every movement and facial expression on tape. After a few minutes John pulled himself out, and walked over to the other side of the table, where my ass was being exposed. Both my ass and John's cock was being lubricated before he entered me. I had to clench my teeth together not to scream when he entered me. Then he slowly started fucking me, and I moaned as pain turned to pleasure. The girls obviously enjoyed to film the whole thing. A few minutes later John started fucking me harder and faster, and every thrust made me moan and utter weird sounds.

John held me asshole open with his fingers when he pulled himself out. Then he aimed at my hole when he came. The sperm shot into my ass, and then he entered me again, pushing the sperm all the way to the bottom of my ass. Again the girls were filming close-up. John didn't stop fucking me before he was dry.

Brenda released me, and then told me I could go back to my room. I went back to sleep. To my surprise I was dreaming of John.

* * * * *

Later in the morning I woke up in my bed with John snuggling up with me. I was gonna sit up when I saw Jamie and Brenda filming again, but John held me down and started kissing me. He made me relax, even if he let my blanket fall to the floor, so our bodies were exposed to the camera again. John knew exactly how to comfort and please me. Somehow I was I love with him all of a sudden. Or was I? Was it just the sex?

His hands were all over my body. He was kissing me like all the girls in my dreams. He didn't touch my cock, though. He was playing with my body for at least half an hour, the girls getting every detail on tape, and then his large cock decided it was time to fuck me again. John lied down and told me to sit down on his cock, and ride it. My whole body was exposed to the camera when I rode him, bouncing up and down on his cock. In the end it was too much for him and he came inside me.

I lied down in his arms, and we cuddled and kissed some more, and I thought it was all over.

A couple of minutes later John got up, and then Jamie said to Brenda: "I think we've been rough enough on him now. Now I think it's time to fulfill his innermost dreams."

While Brenda took care of the filming, Jamie got into my bed, and started petting me and kissing me. She embraced her lips around my hard cock, and started licking and sucking it. I thought I was gonna cum, but then she stopped. She let me lick and suck on her nipples before she sat down on my cock.

I couldn't believe I had my cock inside my dreamgirl's cunt and I was fucking her. This was too much for an unexperienced guy like me, and I came right away inside her. But because of my sister filming it, I didn't want to show it, so I kept fucking her till I was dry, and my cock was limp. Jamie kissed me again and whispered "Happy Birthday" while she held me tight. Brenda filmed her wet and cumsoaked cunt. We stayed in bed for a while before Jamie got up and put the blanket over me again. No doubt my birthday started out well.

That afternoon Jamie and Brenda went to another party with their girlfriends (I wondered what kind of party that was). Before they left, they gave me the video tape, and they told me to have fun on my birthday, and Jamie winked and gave me a kiss on my mouth before she left.

I was gonna go out and party with some friends that night, but as I viewed the tape ,I got so turned on, that I had to call them and tell them I didn't feel too well, and would rather stay home. Instead I called John and asked him if he wanted to come over. He certainly did, as Jamie had made an extra copy of my tape for him, so John had been doing the same thing as me. He was so horny, he said, that he was about to call me. Minutes later he was in bed with me, where we stayed more or less the whole weekend.

I still didn't consider myself gay, but the girls had really made me realize I could find pleasure in doing it both ways. Later I would find out that John also used to go to boy parties just like the girl parties my sister and Jamie attended. John started taking me there, and I was surprised to even find two of my own friends there. No wonder I was looking forward to every weekend.

Jamie and I started dating during the weekdays, but on weekends we had our own separate parties that we used to go to. It worked perfect for us, and neither one were jealous. We felt our lives were filled with more enrichment than it had before. I even got tattoos like Jamie's, and I got my ears, nipples and cock pierced. We were perfect for each other.