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Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between teen boys. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, please find something else.

If you are underage, or this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut. If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

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            Morning came like a bomb. Not outside, in my head. I tried to sit up and fell back to the bed. My head was swimming. I was so dizzy I was nauseous. Eddy's face loomed over me as he put his lips to mine. This had to be the most sensuous kiss I ever had. Eddy broke away and pecked at my chin. He crawled across my body dragging his tongue down my chest, across my abs and finally settling on my rock hard flag pole. His hard cock hovered above my face as he engulfed me down to the pubic hairs. He had so much suction I could feel my insides moving toward his vacuuming mouth. I put my hand around his narrow butt and pulled him down to me allowing his cock to bottom out in my throat. He moaned, a deep guttural moan that sent vibrations down my cock and throughout by young body.
            Eddy started moving. His long cock was going in and out of my mouth. His cock is at least as big around as mine but I have a good inch and a half to two inches in length on him. Still his cock was deep into my throat and I was taking every foot of it in and loving it. Where did I learn to suck cock? How long have I liked doing this? Did I go to bed with Lulu last night and wake up queer this morning? I don't know about all of that. I do know that I love my best friend, Eddy and I can tell by the sounds he is making that he loves me, or at least what we are doing to each other.
            His body stiffened. His cock swelled. It stretched my mouth, big time. He was gonna blow and I wanted it. I felt the big tube on the bottom of his dick swell and contract as his cum moved through his dick. I put the heels of my hands against his sharp, extended hip bones and pushed upward causing him to retract his cock into my mouth just as another shot ejaculated from his precious organ to satisfy my hunger. I tasted his warm, creamy offering. I played it around in my mouth as I tongued his pulsing cock head. Another volley fired into me as my back arched off the bed and I let loose into his vacuuming mouth. We lay their, returning volley for volley as we sought to drain each other's young, firm testicles of their pent up love juice.
            Spent, Eddy fell down on me shoving his cock back into, what I hoped would be, its' permanent new home. My cock was all the way down his throat. We lay there and nursed each other not daring to move for fear that we would awaken and find it had all been a fabulous dream.
            I don't know how long we slept. When next I awakened Eddy's soft cock hung in my mouth. What woke me was his drool running down between my legs as he snored with my cock still in his mouth. I nudged him off of me. He sleepily fell beside me and giggled. I tried to sit up again but my head was still spinning. "I don't know what's wrong with me. I am so dizzy and I think I'm gonna be sick."
            "You don't know? Shit man, you so pickled yourself last night. I told you to quit drinking like that. You were going at the Bourbon and Everclear like a thirsty sponge. You must have had eight drinks the first hour. You and Lulu were both so out of it. She came in here to lay down and you went looking for her. You saw her on the bed and decided to do her. I came to check on you. Your shirt was in the hallway. Your shoes were in the door and you had your pants around your ankles. You were passed out across the bed with your knees on the floor. It was like you headed for the bed but didn't make it all the way and crashed and burned where you were.
            Lulu woke up as Mike and I put you on the bed. I was pulling your pants off and you pissed all over all of us. Lulu woke up, screaming and cussing at you. Brenda came in and got her and took her home. Mike and I got you up so I could change the sheets. Brian came in to help us and you boned up. You know Brian. Quick with the mouth. He was all about how big you were and he was gonna get everybody to come see the big man Steve at his hardest best. I told him to shut up. He told me that I was just trying to protect my boyfriend. He said I was jealous and didn't want to share you with anybody. I was so out of it that I said the wrong thing." He looked like he was going to cry.
            I looked at him. "What did you say?"
            "I took your dick in my hand and pulled your skin back and asked him if he were me would he share. He sat down beside me and took your dick in his mouth and sucked it. I sat there stunned. I got up and shut the door. I sat here and watched as he took all of you in and gave you the best blow job I have ever seen. You were drunk and passed out but you were loving it. You were moaning and calling out Lulu's name and saying that now she had it right. You said she had finally learned how to suck cock and she could do that all the time from now on. I was jealous. Brian was doing my man. I have wanted to do you for so long and my cocksucking cousin beat me to you.
            Brian and I have been sucking each other since we were twelve years old and he always teased me about doing you. I didn't want to loose you as the best friend anybody in the world ever had so I left you alone. We go out on dates and I get so boned watching you go at some girl that I go off and fuck my brains out dreaming it is you I'm fucking. Brenda knows how I feel and I know that I have hurt her many times when I call out your name as we fuck. Steve, don't hate me please. Oh don't hate me. I couldn't live with myself if I lost you. Especially now after what we did last night."
            I sat there in shock. My best bud has had the hots for me all this time. He fucks girls dreaming of me? Should I be flattered or sick? I tried to get up but fell back to the bed. Eddy got up and pulled me up to him. I fell against him and stared into his eyes. They were streaked with tears. I pulled his head to mine and kissed him. I guess I do love him.
            He walked me to his shower. He has one of those big walk in kinds with instant hot water and a regulator valve that keeps the temperature at exactly his preset of 103 degrees. The hot water began to make me come alive. When I could stand on my own Eddy soaped my body. He got to his knees and soaped, rinsed, and licked all of me. He bent me over and licked my ass and I went insane from pleasure. "That is awesome dude. Where did you learn to do that?" He washed my hair and then dried me off and led me to the kitchen.
            The first thing he did was make me some tomato juice concoction and made me drink it all in one gulp. It was hot and spicy but not bad actually. He started breakfast and I was starting to feel better. I watched him flit about the kitchen naked. Yeah, he flit. Like a butterfly. His perfect pecker swinging along as he put plates on the table. He swung back with knives and forks. He swung that big thing around as he brought cups and poured coffee. I couldn't take my eyes off of it and I wanted it in my mouth.
            When he took the eggs from the refrigerator I had my chance. I was on my knees in front of him pulling his personality into me. I was sucking at his wondrous mighty teat and awaited my milky reward. He told me he was cumming and I shocked both of us, I grabbed my coffee cup and pointed his dick at it. When he finished shooting his load into the cup I sucked him clean then I poured coffee in my cup and drank from it. Mmmmm mmm good. I never liked cream in my coffee but all I had ever tasted was cow's cream. Boy's cream is better. He stared at me as he laughed his ass off. I stood up and jacked off and shot into his half drank cup of coffee and passed it to him. He drank it. I guess from now on we will have coffee with cream.
            We sat in one chair together and ate our breakfast. We kissed between bites and generally acted like two kids in love, the only difference being, we were two boys. I made him tell me about our night together. He ran Brian off and locked the door. He turned off the lights and lay with me. I hugged him as he lay with his head on my chest. When he was sure I was okay and sound asleep he got up and cleaned the house up. Everybody had pretty much picked up after themselves so it didn't take long. We run with a pretty good bunch and we party at each other's houses all the time so we take care to clean up so no one gets thrown in the shitter by the rents. This way we can keep going. With the house in order he locked up and came back to bed.
            I was still laying where he had left me and my dick was still hard. I was in the middle of the bed so he decided to lay opposite me and suck my dick. He took my cock in his mouth for the first time and he told me he was in love. He had never had that much meat in him and he wanted it to be all his and only his forever. I kissed him and told him that it was. We put our dishes away and went back to bed.
            I wanted to know about the fucking part. He told me that he was fingering my ass as he sucked me and I was so horny that I was begging him to fuck me. He wasn't sure if I was really awake or not but he went for it. He had only fucked Brian once and didn't really like it that much. He said it was just because it was Brain the Vulgar. That was a nickname we had for the bastard. He is so crude. He doesn't care who is around, he just cusses and makes nasty sex talk, not jokes just innuendos that make people uncomfortable.
            He told me I was humping back on his fingers and I shot the largest load of cum he had ever had. He told me he almost drown as it came back out of his nose and overflowed his mouth. Still I was begging him to fuck me. He rolled to his back and told me to fuck him. He told me that I took his cherry and it made him cry. He was the happiest fag on the planet earth. He hoped we would still be friends but nothing could ever take away the joy and pain he experienced as I laid into him and made him my boy. When he said he was cumming I bent over and sucked his load while I continued to fuck him. He had the biggest orgasm of his sixteen year of life.
            When we were finished we were still kissing and he said I still wanted to be fucked. He was going to take this for all he could get so he turned on the light. He wanted to watch my face as I gave up my being to be one with him. He told me that no fuck ever could compare. All the fucking he had ever done was just to fuck and get off. With me it was from the heart. It was love. He made love to me the best way he knew how. I told him I was awake now so show me. The tears clouded his eyes and he held me. I got into position and pulled my legs back to my chest. He pushed against me and slid in. It hurt. I didn't remember the hurt from before but then I had so much booze in me that you could have cut my arm off and I wouldn't have felt it.
            He was all the way in and I locked my feet around him and held him deep inside me. I asked him how long his snake was. He told me it was only eight, he wished he had one as big as mine. I told him that his was just right. I couldn't take anymore than was in me now. He laughed as he kissed me. I kissed him back. Edward Thurmond, my love, my life. There will never be another like him for me. He fucked me with so much love. I could see it in his face and eyes. He was moving in ways designed to please only me. He was. He made me feel as no one ever has before, no not his cock in my ass, that felt different. He made me feel his love, his devotion, his heart.
            I had eight inches of solid man in me and he stretched my pucker so wide a Volkswagen could get in without scraping the paint on its' sides I felt every drop of his juice enter my body and I heard him as he squished around in it deep inside of me. I wanted to have his baby. I actually wished right then that I could get pregnant and give him a man child for his very own. Our lives would then be complete. We lay and kissed as he cooled down. I leaned over and sucked his slick cock clean, not knowing what to expect. It tasted like him. There was me there too but it was not bad, in fact kind of good. I nursed his soft little nub until it began to throb with new life. Now it was my turn to show him my love in return.
            He cried as I filled him with every emotion I had in my small body. I'm not very large, just built and hung. I only weigh one hundred and seventeen pounds but I put a ton of love on my man in that bed. I fucked for a long time. He couldn't hold back. He gave me two separate loads about ten minutes apart. I lent over and sucked both of them down. I made him promise never to jack off again. I want every drop of cum he produces to go into my body, mostly my mouth but some in my butt just because I love him.
            We slept until noon then he had to get dressed so he could go to his uncle Albert's house. Albert is Brian's dad and I didn't want to go. I wanted to punch Brian out. I don't like that dude, at all. I told Eddy to drop me off at my house. I would hang there until he came back for me. I got out of his car and walked around to the back door. I don't know why. I just wanted to go through the back door. The house was quite and deserted. I knew the rents would be shopping and my little brother was probably at a movie. I walked through the house to my bedroom. What I saw there made me stop and stare. I took off all of my clothes and quietly walked over to my bed and sat down.
            "I would gladly share the real thing with you anytime you want. It tastes better. It's warmer and it has the fresh protein that growing boys crave. My little brother froze. I slowly lifted my jock strap from his face and pulled the wet pouch from his mouth. I leaned over and pushed his hand away from his dripping cock and placed my mouth over his turgid appendage. An impressive seven inch plus appendage on my fourteen year old brother. Bobby and I could pass for twins. He was two inches shorter than me but an exact clone down to his blonde hair. I took the carrot in his ass and began to fuck him with it as I sucked his cock, up and down, up and down. He pulled me to him and began to suck my cock as he fired his creamy little boy load into my sucking orifice. He tasted good. Much sweeter and softer in flavor than Eddy and very, very tasty. He kept sucking me until I had given up my offering to him then we lay back and talked.
            He had been sucking his best friend, James, for two years. Bobby was a little four foot three inch boy with a five inch thick cock. James still had a little boy cock but he was ready for sex. Bobby started going over there everyday after school.
            Eddy's cousin, Brian, was fucking James's big brother so James and Bobby had hidden where they could watch. Bobby wanted to learn to fuck. He was watching James' brother and one day Eddy was there with Brian. Brain forced Eddy to let him fuck him. Eddy was fighting him. He told him he could suck him and he would suck but he didn't want to fuck. The two boys held Eddy down and Brian started fucking him. James' brother pulled the closet door open and there were Bobby and James on their knees jacking off while they watched. Brian told Eddy that he would fuck him everyday or else he would fuck Bobby. Eddy wanted to protect the little brother of his best friend so he went along.
            Eddy took over sucking Bobby. They get together nearly every day somewhere. They have been sneaking around doing each other.. I was getting pissed. I was really angry, as much at Bobby as I was at Eddy. Bobby knew what to say. He wanted to be fucked. He had waited until he was sure he could take it. When he pulled the carrot out of his ass I knew he was ready. That thing was big. He stopped by the store on his way home from school and bought a carrot every day. He would cut it off so it was about even thickness. He would peel the end and make it round so it would go in easier. He ate the end he cut off so that mom wouldn't question him cleaning a carrot everyday. She just never saw the big end that was left. He would slip that in his pocket and eat the rest in front of her. I had seen him eating carrots and thought he was just eating healthy snacks. He put Vaseline on it and shoved it home. He had worked up to this one which was bigger around than me in just over a year.
            I moved into him and began to fuck. He was tight wasn't Eddy. I was hurt. Eddy was sucking my brother everyday and my brother was sucking my best friend. I went soft. I was mad. Tears came to my eyes. Why had Eddy gone to Brian's house today? What was going on? I couldn't take it. I got up and put on my clothes and left with Bobby calling after me.
            I have a hiding spot that I found as a kid. It's a culvert under the road where the rain comes down the hill and passes under the roadway. I crawled in there and began to cry. I heard Bobby calling my name as he rode his bike around the neighborhood. A little later I heard a car. Bobby and Eddy were calling my name as they drove by slowly. I never want to see either of them again. It was dark and getting late. I crawled out of my hiding spot and walked home. The house was dark. There were no cars around so I went to the back door and into my room. I quietly shut the door and sat down on my bed, still in the dark.
            "Do you hate me?" Eddy was sitting at my computer desk.
            "Yes I do."
            "I'm sorry."
            "You fucked my little brother. You've always been a fag and you used my little brother."
            "He didn't use me. I used him. We both love you and we want you. You are straight and unattainable. You are with Eddy all of the time and you love him. I suck his dick because I can't do you. He sucks me because I am your brother and his substitute. We'd rather do you. How can we be friends?"
            "We can't." I got up to leave. Bobby was leaning against the door. I tried to pull him away. He pushed me down. The tiny little shit pushed me down. I started to get up. He was on top of me. The light came on and Eddy was on top of me also. The two of them were kissing me and crying. They wanted to be friends and lovers. I wanted....What did I want?
            "Life was so good when I was straight. Now I am having to fight the fags off two at a time." They both laughed
            "You are so gonna get your ass fucked, big brother." Bobby opened the buttons of my jeans and grabbed my cock. I had to fight him off. I can't let my little brother get the best of me. Eddy wasn't having it. He was helping Bobby. "I thought you loved me and wanted to be together forever, just the two of us."
            "Hey, he's family. He has rights too."
            We decided to get out of there before the rents came home. We left a note that Bobby was with us and we went back to Eddy's for three more days of the long weekend.

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