This is a work of fiction. None of the events or characters are real. This story should not be read by persons under the age of eighteen as this story has extreme sexuality and consists primarily of homosexual and bisexual thought and content. Any attempt to misread the direction of this short story or to implicate Nifty Archives in any form of duplicitous act would be completely misguided. All content is the intellectual property of Thomas Wright (pseudonym of the author who wishes to remain anonymous). It is solely for the erotic entertainment of persons who enjoy this particular type of media.

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By Jazz (Thomas Wright)

It never occurred to me that I was doing anything wrong. I had always been a tease and I would continue to be until the day I died, but a man was kneeling at the edge of my bed, crying his eyes out and I felt really bad about it. I knew there really was nothing I could do to satisfy him. There were no options in my plan, but for some reason I felt pity.

"Go to bed James, you know this can't happen," I said soothingly.

"Why, the fuck, did you lead me on," he countered.

"I have done this to many people. It turns me on."

"You jerk! I bet you are one of the most hated people on campus." James got up and stood with his hands on his underwear clad hips thrust unnaturally toward my face, his erect prick straining to find room to grow to its full glory.

"If you're going to be in here, at least sit down. I don't want your dick in my face."

"You told me you wanted it only a few minutes ago, but then you dropped your bombshell...You're not fucking gay, you insensitive bastard? Then why the hell did you tell me about that guy you had a fucking affair with. And another thing...why did you think I was gay. Do I look like it?" He was really loud and I began to be afraid that the next door neighbor would call the cops.

"I'm sorry, man. I really didn't realize you would take it so serious and no, I did not know you were gay. You certainly don't look like it and you hang with all the chicks and stuff." This guy was an athlete. There was no mistaking it. I had unwittingly stumbled on his secret and found out the hard way he had been looking for a lover. I also realized how horny he was as the pre-cum from his dick had soaked the front of his briefs. I also noticed that the erection had not subsided and his cock seemed to be growing, if that could be possible.

"You are going to mess with the wrong guy one day and you are going to get your ass raped, you son of a bitch."

"So are you going to rape me, James?" I questioned searching the distress in his eyes.

"Shit no! I ain't no rapist...but I ought to beat the hell out of you, you sack of shit."

"Just go to bed. We'll talk about it in the morning," I sighed, resigned that I had chosen a crybaby to tease.

"There is just one thing I want to ask you before I go to bed," James prodded.
"What's that?" I asked.

"Why was your dick so damn hard throughout the whole thing?"

"I get off on teasing people," I replied quietly, suddenly realizing that I was getting my kicks at other people's expense.

James pulled out his cock and began wanking it toward my face. It didn't take more than twelve or fifteen strokes and his cum was spewing all over my blanket, my face, across my lips, into my eyes. This was completely unexpected and I tried to dodge the plasma shots, but to no avail. I found that this man had a healthy load that had been pent up for a long time.

"Shit, asshole," I started. "What the hell are you doing?" I yelled. He didn't answer; he simply turned and left my room.

I guess I deserved it. I had put him through hell, making promises of a night of wild, passionate sex between the two of us. I never intended to go through with it. I only intended to tease and I found myself in a position I had never found myself in before...well, I really must tell the story from the start.

James and I were friends that had been introduced by a mutual female acquaintance. Laura had been dating me for about six months, when at a party, she introduced me to her ex. They said they were still friends, but the relationship did not pan out for a variety of reasons. I know why, now.

James and I hit it off fast and soon began doing guy things together almost every day. He, my two roommates and I were inseparable. We played golf, tennis, we swam, rode bikes, even partied very heartily. We shared our women, our food, our weed, anything I or my roommates had, James could use.

There were very few opportunities for us to be alone, so I never really had him hit on me. So, it was very surprising when he tried something the very first night we had to stay at the house alone. That was over Thanksgiving holidays. My roommates had both gone home to be with their families for the holidays, so James and I determined not to have a bad time, smoked some dope and began to drink.

Now, I have always been a fan of the tease. Being a pretty handsome guy, I have always been able to pull a successful tease with the girls I barely knew. I would never really try a tease on one of my good friends, it simply wasn't done. I don't know why I decided to sexually tease James. He was like family to me; I really should have let it go. The marijuana and booze had a strange effect on me, however, and before I knew it I was teasing him.

James was staring at me intently for several minutes with an extremely serious look on his face. My conversation was about some of the intimate times I had with a certain girl that was an acquaintance to both of us. I was suddenly inspired to say something a little different to see how he would react. If he reacted in a negative way, I would simple tell him he had imagined it, that I had not really said it.

"Ginger's boyfriend was good, too," I commented nonchalantly.

To say James sprang to attention would have been an understatement. The boy sat straight in his chair and then asked, "You did her boyfriend?"

"Sure," I replied. "He had watched while we did the nasty and then he had me do him."

"What did you do?"

"Whatever guys do to each other," I teased. `You don't want to know about things like that James. You are a jock."

"What makes you think a jock doesn't fantasize about being with other guys?" he reasoned.

"I never knew." I paused for several seconds to wait for him to say something else.

"I have had several times with guys," he volunteered. I was shocked and he could tell it. "You mean you didn't know? Both your roommates knew. I blew Thom the other day. He came in gushers."

I was even more shocked, but I began the tease in earnest now that I knew I had piqued an interest.

"James, I had become so popular in high school with the guys, they would line up for hours waiting on me to give them head. As a matter of fact I made my spending money by giving blowjobs to my dad's factory workers."

"Kewl," he exclaimed wildly. "I never knew this about you."

"Nobody knows, so how's `bout not tellin' anyone, OK."

"I would never tell anyone about the secrets my friends tell me. Shit no! I ain't no gossiper, for sure."

"I can remember the taste of the first load of cum I ever had shoot in my mouth... Mmm. Since then I can't get enough," I lied again. I was laying it on pretty thick and I just assumed he was just following the line of conversation, not really taking my intoxicated self seriously. I continued the tease, thinking about the extreme pleasure I was experiencing and how I was going to cum later on. I was so turned on, as a matter of fact, that I could probably go to the john and stroke it for relief in seconds. That bulge that had grown so big in my pants, however, got James going.
"You look pretty horny over there, Johnny. Do you want to get naked?"

"Maybe later," I said. "I am still a little too stoned to do anything."

"I'd love to suck your dick, Johnny. I have thought about finding a way to do it for a long time, but I wasn't sure how you would take it. I mean with Thom, I found him whackin' in the bathroom and asked him if he wanted a little help. It was easy. Frank just told me no and reassured me that our relationship would not be affected. I really want you, Johnny."

"Maybe later," I insisted. "Right now I am just getting off on talking about it. Tell me about your first time."

"OK. It was in high school. I was in the shower washing my hair after a practice. It was late because I had to do punishment laps for not being fast enough off the ball. Gordy Duff was showering in the next space. He had been there running punishment laps, too. My eyes were closed to keep the soap out as I washed my hair and the next thing I knew something was wrapped around my dick, warm and wet. I almost went to my knees."

"I opened my eyes and saw Gordy on the floor sucking me. I pulled away and pushed him down, but for some reason I didn't leave. Suddenly I found myself rolling on the floor in a sixty-nine position sucking this huge cock. When I came, he swallowed, so when he came, I allowed him to cum in my mouth. It didn't taste bad, so I swallowed as well. We became suck buddies after that. Tell me about yours."

This was the point where I would have to tell perhaps the biggest lie I had ever told. I considered, at this point, to confess and tell him what I had been doing, but I was too intoxicated to stop.

"I had a friend who lived across the street from my parents that I grew up with. We always had little sleepovers as children, but they grew rarer as we grew up. As we reached adolescence we sort of went our separate ways as well. He did not have the same interests I had. He was in the band and well, I played football."

"Sometime during our tenth grade year, his family had an emergency that took his parents out of town. They asked if he could stay over with us for a couple of nights and of course, my parents agreed. When he got there, it was as if we hadn't ever had those sleepovers at all. We were very uncomfortable."

James sat intently listening to my yarn, every now and then making one of those faces that told you that he was into it completely. Occasionally, he would rub his prick gently through his pants. During one of the juicier parts, he stood up and walked around the room, stopping to consider the effects of the story from time to time. When he sat down, he sat on the couch beside me.

"The first night he was there we began to talk niceties, but soon the conversation turned to the competition that occurred at our school between football and band. We went to sleep pretty mad at each other and woke the next day not speaking. My mother wanted to know what had happened and I told her we had an argument. She told me to get a life and make Al feel at home. I was supposed to be the one who apologized, according to her, and I should get about the task as soon as possible so that Al would have a better time."

"It was hard to do, but I made the effort. He then apologized, too and we began talking about different things. Of course, that evening when we were in bed the subject of our conversation turned to sex. We talked about the girls that we both thought was hot. I told him about the one I had felt up on the only date I had ever been on. Al told me about the band trips and after he had finished, I considered that I had made a mistake."

"I then asked Al the question that most jocks consider when talking about band guys. I asked him why band guys were considered sissies by most football players. He said that there were a lot of gays in band, but it wasn't as bad as all that. Most didn't bother the straight guys, simply because there was enough to go around without causing problems. I then asked him if he ever did it with a guy. There was a long pause in the conversation, but then he told me that there were several guys who considered themselves bisexual and did it with both sexes. He told me he had actually fucked two girls on the back of the band buses and had done sexual things to boys on the buses, as well. He considered himself bisexual."

"I was shocked, but I asked him what kind of things he had done to boys. His reply was straight and to the point. He wanted to know why I was so interested. I simply said that I had often fantasized about sex with another guy, but had never been able to talk about it because of the friends I hung out with. To be branded a queer was a definite social ending revelation for a jock."

I had James hook, line and sinker as the old expression goes. There, at that moment, on that couch, I could have experienced any kind of homosexual sex I could imagine. He was shaking so bad, because of his excitement I assume. I realized I would be able to mold this young man's emotions any way I wanted.

"James, you get the idea, don't you?" I asked him.

"Sure, but I want to know one thing," he replied.

"What's that?"

"Did you ever have sex with the guy?"

"Oral and anal," came my answer.

James would have cum then and there if I had wanted him to. He reached over and began stroking my legs gently. It felt good, but I was not going to succumb to his advances. I got up and started to move toward the rear of the house.

"Where are you going?" he asked frantically.

"To piss!" I said honestly. I really needed a moment for him to cool down a little. I was extremely turned on, drunk and stoned as shit, but still lucid enough not to fall into the trap of going through with reality. I still had my tease to finish.

When I returned he had gotten comfortable. I mean literally. James had decided he would use my absence to get closer to the objective. He wore only his skivvies, hard cock straining against the fabric. I almost came. I had really gotten him worked up.

"James, put your clothes back on."

"No," he stubbornly stated. "My intention is to make love to your ass tonight."

"My intention is to go to bed." With that statement I went to my room. Of course, he followed. I got completely undressed, nude, mind you, stroked my erect cock once in his presence and then climbed into bed. He attempted to crawl in with me and that is when I let him know what was what. I had been teasing him and it was time for him to go to bed.

After he had cum all over me and left, I heard him sobbing in Thom's bedroom until finally, after what seemed like an eternity, he fell asleep. I still had a raging hard on, but had decided to not relieve the sexual tension while James was in the house. I stayed motionless and relived the experience over and over in my mind. Much to my chagrin, I could not fall asleep and the longer I lay awake, the more I realized just how big a jerk I had been. The time was tortuous. I could think of nothing but the cruelty that I had used to send James to bed. I didn't try to bring him down gently, I was just cold and... The other thing I kept thinking about was his erect dick.

When the sun began peeking through the windows of the front of the house, I had made my decision. Still nude, still with a very erect cock, I walked into Thom's still very dark room and slipped into the bed by James. He did not stir. I reached over and gently stoked his arms to wake him. His arm was cold to the touch. I felt something wet and sticky as my hand fell to the sheet beside him. That was when I panicked.

I jumped up and turned on the light. James was lying in a pool of blood, the gory path began at his waist where his wrist lay limply draped. There was no color in his body at all. The majority of his face was covered by his long black hair. His mouth, easily seen, dropped slack jawed against his pillow. He was dead.

My mind whirled. What was I going to do, I thought. First, I had to take a shower and then I had to call the police or was the ambulance what I needed to call first. I needed to get dressed. Shit...all of a sudden the weight of what had happened and who was responsible for it hit me like a ton of bricks. I looked for a note. There was none that I could see. Good. At least that would not tie me into the heinous thing I had done. Was it a crime? Shit! Could I go to jail?

I walked into the bathroom to piss. When I finished, I went to the sink to wash my hands. I looked up at the mirror and stared into the face of someone I did not quite know. I smashed my hands against the mirror, I guess to shatter the face of the criminal I had become. I had killed one of my best friends to have a sexual thrill. My mind raced again.

My bed had the stains of his orgasm on it. I had just broken the mirror in the bathroom. Maybe that was explainable, maybe not. I had lain beside the dead body and had inadvertently caused a smearing of the blood across the sheets. I paced nervously. I knew it was not a crime to be homosexual, but was it a crime to be the cause of a suicide. How was I going to explain this to my mother?

And then I heard laughter. Not snickers, not even giggles, but gut wrenching guffawing that sent chills down my back. What the fuck, I thought. The laughter only got louder and it was coming from Thom's room. There was more than one distinctive laugh, too and then I heard the voices. To say that I was confused was a definite understatement. I rushed into the room and stopped dead in my tracks.

There sitting on the bed was James, alive and kicking. Thom was leaning against the wall on the far side of the room laughing his ass off. Frank was coming out of the closet, still guffawing. On the bed, there was a figure, a corpse, mind you or at least it seemed so. I collapsed.

"Hey, buddy, you OK?" a voice said through the haze of my mind.

"Come on, wake up. Shit, Johnny, you can't take a joke?" another said.

"The fool had it coming, trying to do that shit to me last night," a voice I recognized as James' permeated my senses.

I struggled for consciousness. As I slowly came to, I realized what had happened. I had been the victim of a cruel practical joke. It had been set from the start. Thom and James had been the instigators; Frank the follower. How I knew was the way the conversation was going as I regained consciousness.

"Did you see him break that mirror? The poor sap thought he had done something wrong," a voice I recognized as Thom said, still giggling under his breath.

"I told you he would try that teasing shit he's always talking about," James' voice said.

"Guys, if I had know it would go this far...what if he would have had a heart attack? What would we have done then?" That was Frank.

My eyes opened and blinked slightly to clear the tears. The three of them hovered over my body, Frank looking concerned, the other two still laughing. I tried to sit up, but Frank pushed me gently down.

"Easy now," he said. "You've been through quite a bit this morning."

"I'll say," Thom commented and then burst into another long tedious laugh, soon joined by James.

"Whose body was it?" I managed to mumble, causing more laughter.

"It was one of those life like sex dolls, belongs to Julie. You know her. The girl you teased not to long ago. This was her revenge," Frank said.


"Yeah, you nerd, you hurt that beautiful girl with all of your teasing and shit. She came up with this plan for revenge," James snarled, muffling the laughing.

"She bought the doll especially for you...she comes from a wealthy family, you know," Thom interjected.

I regained a little more strength and sat up. "What about all the shit last night...about you James?"

"Shit, most of that was true. I am bisexual. We all knew that you weren't, but if put into the proper situation, you would try to pull the tease on anyone. We were right on with that one."

"What about you, Thom?" I questioned.

"What do you mean?" he grinned.

"Did you let James give you a blowjob the other day?"

"Did you tell him that? That was suppose to be our secret...yes, I did? He replied still grinning.

"...and I refused him, just like he said," Frank interrupted.

"Shit, its getting a little clearer," I said.

"Let me ask you one thing. What was that this morning when you came and got into bed with what you thought was me?" James asked.

"I was just checking on you."
"Are you sure?" James prodded.

"No, since you won the night for your friend Julie, I will be honest. I felt sorry for you. I had not slept a wink since you came all over me and I thought a lot about what I did to you...and I felt fucking guilty. So I thought I would make it up to you by having my first gay experience with you."

"No fucking way!" he exclaimed. "The cumshot was a good effect then."

"I'll talk to you later about it," I smiled. "We're in mixed company."

"Oh, don't worry about us," Thom said. "We'll leave you two alone in an instant."

"I am out of the mood right now, but who knows what the future will bring," I said looking directly into James' eyes. "Anyway, this morning has been filled with enough surprises, don't you think?"

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