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The Coach

Chapter 1

Once upon a time there were two young people who became best of friends, and then they would discover themselves and there sexuality and become much more. The fairly tale begins somewhere in a coastal town around central California. When the two young men met one was a high school junior and the other in college. Although there was a slight age difference both students shared many of the same interests in life, were focused on athletics and education, but moreover they were curious about their innermost beings and life itself. This is their story.

Bradley Howard was born and raised in Bozeman, Montana the first 18 years of his life, and then he moved to California a few months after graduation from high school in Bozeman. He moved to California to attend college and pursue his life's goals. When Brad arrived in California he lived with his spinster aunt, his mother's oldest sister, until she suffered a devastating stroke that left her completely debilitated and unable to speak or see. Brad had found her unconscious in her home on the floor of the kitchen. He had called 911 and administered initial CPR, keeping her alive until paramedics arrived so they could transport her to the hospital. After weeks of hospitalization it had become clear that she could no longer care for herself, so she was transferred to an assisted living center with no hope that she would ever return to her home.

Bradley had been living on raw emotions since finding his aunt on the kitchen floor that day. He had devoted all his spare time to visiting her and giving care and comfort while she was in the hospital. He had hopes all those weeks that she would regain some of her bodily functions, but that was not to be. This unfortunate turn of events would have a profound impact on Brad's young life. His mother and other relatives had all given up and gone home. They had learned that there was no reason to stay. Bradley had by circumstance, and much to the dismay of other relatives, fallen heir to his aunt's estate. A windfall that left him with much newfound wealth: both liquid and real.

Bradley's aunt was a barren woman who had no children, so when Brad came to live with her he had taken on all the responsibilities of keeping her house in a good state of repair. He would take her shopping and see that all her needs were met each day. He followed all her rules of the home by not having anyone stay over, he didn't smoke, drink, use drugs, or use foul language in her presences. His actions provided her much comfort. She was indebted to him for all he had done since he came to live with her; thus, just days before her stroke she had consulted her attorney and given Bradley her power of attorney and changed her will to favor him.

She had left everything including her home to Bradley. He was executor and along with his aunt's attorney were co-administrators of her estate. Her papers stated that in the event of her incapacitation Brad would be the caretaker of his aunt's home and affairs until such time as she regained her faculties or passed away. The court appointed Bradley Howard as his aunt's guardian Ad litem. Bradley would visit his aunt two to three times a week and take care of all the household bills while her attorney tended to legal affairs and medical bills.

After Brad learned that his aunt would never come home, and he was to inherit his aunt's estate he set about making changes that would have a profound impact on his life. Once it was finally determined that his aunt would never return to her home Bradley packed up all of her personal possessions, put them in storage, and turned her home into his own personal boarding house. He also packed and shipped things to other relatives that his aunt had earmarked for them. With the sanction of the attorney Brad became somewhat of an entrepreneur during those trying times. His aunt's house, a nice two story five bedroom three and half bath home, would provide Brad with some badly needed extra income while he attended college and on to post-graduate school.

He would have a ready supply of boarders for the three extra bedrooms at his aunt's house that he planned to rent out. Three bedrooms were on the top floor and two were on the ground floor. Brad had taken over the big master bedroom on the ground floor and converted the other ground floor bedroom to a library. He had completely renovated the master bedroom and repainted the walls of all other bedrooms. Brad was almost ready to open the house up for boarders. There were a couple of colleges well within walking distance of the old homestead; thus, with the house paid for all Brad had to worry about was paying the insurance, taxes, and utilities, the rest would be gravy.

Bradley was set financially for the rest of his life according to the financial planner he had hired, so all he had to worry about was completing school. He had established residency requirements early on that first year living with his aunt, and also began attending the local community college. Once residency requirements had been met, and he had the appropriate number of transferable units he transferred to the nearby four-year college to finish his degree. The time at the community college was to get the basic general education requirements out of the way, and to make sure college was what Brad really wanted in life. Community colleges were much cheaper than four-year universities, too. So, Brad had transferred to the local college for the fall semester to begin where he would pursue his chosen degree program: Physical Education with teaching credential.

Brad had worked part-time after moving from Montana to California, but now he no longer needed to work and was a full-time student with bigger responsibilities. He attended classes full-time, coached at the high school in the afternoons, looked after his aunt's affairs, and acted as the on-site property manger for his new boarding house venture -- a full plate for anyone. One of the requirements to complete Brad's chosen degree program was participation in one of the internship programs, and there were many different internship programs offered to Physical Education majors. The one that had caught Brad's interested was the assistant coaching internship, whereby the college worked with junior and senior high schools in the area providing assistant coaches to each school's athletic departments.

Brad had been assigned to a senior high school in the area as an assistant coach. He had been one of the assistant coaches during football season and that was fast winding down. Wrestling season was gearing up, so the Athletic Director of the high school reassigned Brad to the wrestling program. Brad had wrestled in junior high and three years in high school, so he was somewhat qualified to coach young wrestlers. When the School's Athletic Director offered Bradley the job as assistant coach he jumped at the chance to work with the high school grapplers.

All those years of wrestling Brad had secretly thought that wrestling was the most erotic of sports. There was something sensual about two fit athletes grabbing and grunting and then pinning each other to the mat. These guys wrestling around on the mat in their tight fitting wrestling singlets was a turn on for many young girls and guys. Wrestling had been around for centuries. The physical contact of muscles straining against muscle, neither man wanting the other to dominate, brings testosterone boiling to the surface releasing endorphins into the bloodstream. When else, beside sex, is it okay for two men to roll around on the floor both of them wearing practically nothing achieving that kind of physical intimacy: truly an erotic setting for an old sport.

The wrestling singlet and swim trunks that competitors wear are unforgiving compared to other athletic uniforms. Because they were so tight fitting whatever was underneath the uniform or what was not was very evident. These tight fitting uniforms revealed what a guy had or did not have as far as reproductive organs. The guys with something to show proudly displayed their packages, but for those with minimal or nothing to show it was many times a very shameful experience. Wrestlers worried about and were really about the competition and staying focused on the game, so sex appeal most of the time was a secondary issue. However, a few of these selected athletes could not get over the lack of a noticeable bulge in their wrestling singlets, and that affected their performance on the mat.

Brad's knowledge of the sport and all its idiosyncrasies thereof made him a good candidate as a wrestling coach. Brad had met with Coach Brack the head wrestling coach earlier in the week and the two of them hit it off immediately; thus, he was officially asked to join the school's wrestling program as an assistant coach. Brad learned that his duties as assistant coach would be working the weight training program and the remedial education program with the young athletes. Many of the young grapplers were returnees from the previous season and would be seeded along with those newly chosen for the wrestling team. From what Brad had seen briefly most appeared to be good athletes, and students in good scholastic standing, but some had shortcomings.

Brad had been assigned to assist those with education and physical faults. Some of the neophyte grapplers needed extra help to develop certain muscles needed for wrestling, while others needed help with mental muscle to maintain grade point averages that would allow them to remain qualified and participate in high school sports programs. Brad had just met the other assistant coaches and the wrestling team for one day, so he had yet to form any firm opinions about the wrestlers or other coaches. Some of the young mat men looked as though they may have added a few extra pounds since the last season and were in need of conditioning, while others were skinny and needed to pump up in certain areas. Some were a little hyperactive and others seemed shy, but all in all the students that came out for the wrestling team looked like a good crop of grapplers for the upcoming season.

The wrestling team had yet to begin practices in earnest and were weeks away from the first competition. A few of the athletes had already caught Brad's eye; as a high school wrestler Brad knew what to look for in the stock of young grapplers. Brad could see that he was in for a challenge with some of these youngsters. He noticed that one boy seemed to be a little on the hyperactive side on the mat, but somewhat shy off the mat. Brad thought to himself how the young man was a reminder of himself a few years earlier. Brad had been an outstanding athlete all his young life and into high school, until that second to the last football game of his senior year. A football game that would prove very costly to Brad's future: economically, emotionally, and physically.

Brad's high school football team was well on its way to another conference championship, and Brad had his college scholarship in the bag before being injured in that game. The last minute of the last quarter of the game Brad had gone wide for the winning pass and was running with the ball down the sideline towards the end zone when he was hit hard just as he stepped into the end zone scoring that winning touchdown. Although Brad held onto the football he never got up off the ground on his own power. He was taken off the field on a stretcher that night and straight to the local hospital; his right hip was injured, his right knee shattered, and the ligaments had been badly torn. The injuries Brad sustained that night ended his days as a college and pro football player for good.

Brad would spend days in the hospital recovering from his injuries, and would spend weeks in physical rehabilitation so he could walk again. The ligaments were torn to such an extent that he had to have three surgeries on his knee during his senior year. Although he was allowed to graduate with his class Brad was left unable to play football, and still moved with a slight limp at times. The injuries had cost Brad his athletic scholarship, so thereafter he would be forced to pay for his education by way of grants, school loans, and part-time work. However, that had all changed when his aunt had the stroke months earlier. Now he had the interest from his trust fund, and the stipend he received for coaching to pay for his education. Brad had done well scholastically in high school, but not good enough to score a scholastic scholarship. Considering all his injuries, Bradley was still an imposing figure at 6' 2" and 182 pounds, with a well-defined body and quick-wit.

No longer physically able to play college and professional football Brad knew damn well he would have to alter his lifestyle and life's goals. Brad knew if he couldn't play ball he could at least make good use of his knowledge and skills as a coach. Coaching and teaching were the reasons Brad had moved to California. Brad's parents wanted him to remain in Montana and attend college there, following in his father and grandfather's footsteps and become a mining engineer. Brad had other plans and didn't intend to stay in Montana, and he damn sure had no desire to be a mining engineer. Bozeman had been a great place to grow up, but Bradley wanted more. The climate in Montana did not agree with Brad after his injuries; besides he wanted to spread his wings and fly in new directions in life. He wanted to explore and experience new things in life while he was a young man.

New life goals in place Brad now felt that he had the best of both worlds at his feet: coach, teacher, and now entrepreneur. Brad had toyed with the idea that he wanted to do something in the field of public service or education back in Bozeman, but had been discouraged by his parent's. They had his life planned out without caring about what he wanted in life. Now Bradley pretty much had things in his life figured out for his future and was back on track. He had hired a financial planner to help him with the house, taxes, and estate planning. He would finish his Bachelor's degree and get the teaching credential needed, and then begin teaching and coaching at the high school level while working towards his post-graduate degrees. Bradley's end goal was to become a teacher and coach at the college level. He was now on his way to fulfilling that goal of coach and educator, and was enjoying life once again. One thing was lacking in Brad's life: he was questioning his sexuality.

Brad had dated girls in junior high and high school, but had not seriously dated anyone since moving to California. He didn't seem to have an interest in females that his other male friends had, but he had noticed that a few of the boys around town had caught his eye and stirred desires in his groin. Brad never considered himself a fag or queer, but found boys to be more desirable sexually than girls. Brad had experimented a couple of times during his early teen years having light sex with boys, but nothing serious. He fantasized many times about having sex with a guy, but had not yet acted upon those desires in his new surroundings.

Sex was one of those taboo subjects in his family and around Bozeman. Brad had learned what he knew about sex from other older guys, books and magazines, and a couple of porn movies he had seen. He had seen many other guys naked in the showers of locker rooms and had an idea what kind of male sexual apparatuses were hanging around. Brad felt that he might not be as big as some of the other guys he had viewed in the locker rooms, but he wasn't afraid to hide his masculinity. Brad's flaccid penis was about two and half inches and about six inches erect. He, like most of the boys he had seen in Bozeman, was circumcised. All in all Brad was not that ashamed of his reproductive equipment, but like many males wished for more.

Brad secretly fantasized about being more well endowed, but Brad knew that was not going to happen. Through education he had learned that there was not much that would increase a boy's size, so he would have to be satisfied with what God had given him. Brad knew also that the issue of size was a major issue that possibly caused one of his friends in high school his life. The boy, the same age as Brad, could not deal with the fact that he had a diminutive dick and therefore committed suicide. Many felt that the suicide was a result of all the jeers and taunts from male peers and girls in their high school. Another boy that Brad didn't know all that well had quit school when he was sixteen due to the same type of behavior from fellow classmates at the high school. Penis size seemed to be a major issue for all boys, especially those in their adolescent years.

Brad was at ease with the issue of size as far as he was concerned, and satisfied his sexual appetite by way of masturbation most of the time. He jacked off at least a dozen times a week. Probably about average for a young man just entering his twenties. Brad had been brought up with all the myths about jacking off and decided early on that these stories were all bullshit. He hadn't gone blind or grown hair in the palms of his hands from beating off. And he hadn't been struck down dead by the hand of God due to his hand fucking. Oh Yeah, he was aware of those passages in the bible, but Brad paid little or no attention to them. The only thing that really confused Brad was why this seemingly normal and pleasurable practice had to be so secretive and was taboo. He had heard that real men didn't need to masturbate that sex with a woman was all that was needed to satisfy the sexual wants and desires of man. He had thought this to be rather foolish and prudish thinking.

The act of masturbation seemed so natural why should it have such a bad reputation. The dick gets hard, one touches it and that touching gives pleasure, Brad thought. He had talked about these feeling with a few friends in Bozeman. Brad had participated in some mutual masturbation with a few friends in school, Boy Scouts, and even a couple of guys at his church. He had also on a couple of occasions back during his junior high days enjoyed some sessions of oral sex, but that was as far as his sexual experimenting with guys had gone. There was no kissing or love involved, just sexual gratification. Now he was going to be around sweating young athletes in those revealing singlets. How was he going to handle things and how would Brad react to these young mat men?

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