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The Coach

Chapter 2

Bradley Howard's last day as assistant football coach at the high school was finished; so he showered in the coach's shower facility after the practice, collected his things together, and headed out of the gym to go home. Tomorrow he would devote all of his energies to the wrestling team as an assistant coach. As Brad exited the gym he noticed the head wrestling coach and school's athletic director talking in the faculty parking lot. The AD called Brad over to where they were and asked him what he thought of the team so far. Brad told the wrestling coach and AD that he had only briefly managed to mingle with some of the returning wrestlers from last year's team and hadn't had enough time to form any real solid opinions; however, he thought the team had winning potential. The AD acknowledge Brad's optimistic attitude and told Brad he would have his hands full with the remedial academics and coaching, because six of the wrestlers were very close to being suspended for near failing grades and many of the new comers needed much in the way of physical conditioning.

The new assistant wrestling coach told the AD that he was up for the challenge and he would see to it that no one was suspended from the team while he was coaching at the school, and all would be physically ready for the first official meet. The AD smiled and told Brad that he had every faith in him and his optimism. Brad knew for some reason a few athletes always seemed to have problems with either grades or weight. Brad felt that many times those that went out for sports although very good at athletics were not necessarily proficient academically. Brad also felt that many times some teachers would earmark students as jocks and not give them the time needed so they might develop academically. Brad told himself that he was going to try to change some of that negative thinking at this school and hoped to stay on as an assistant coach for a couple of more years until he graduated from college.

Bradley bid the wrestling coach and the AD farewell and walked towards his motorcycle; mounted the bike, fired it up, and rode off the school grounds towards home. About a block from the school he noticed the hyperactive kid he had spotted earlier in the day. He pulled to the curb and waited for the lad to catch-up next to the bike. Brad asked the kid if he remembered him from the gym earlier and did he want a ride. The boy said that he would like a ride home if it weren't an imposition. Brad and the youngster briefly introduced themselves to each other exchanging first names only; the student told Brad his name was Mark. Brad told Mark to climb on the bike behind him as he handed the younger boy a small silver half helmet and told him to put it on and hold onto him tightly. He asked Mark where he lived, and they roared off towards the young man's house.

Brad pulled his slick looking Ducati Super Sport bike up onto the driveway and he and Mark dismounted. The tandem ride had been a tight fit for the both of them on a seat not necessarily designed for two. Mark handed Brad back the small silver helmet as his mother came out the front door of the house and quickly approached the two boys. Mark's mother hugged Mark, and he excitedly began telling his mother about his first day of wrestling practice, and that Brad had given him a ride home. Mark looked at his mom saying, "Mom I hope it was okay for coach to give him a ride home."

"Baby, I tried to leave a message with the school secretary that I wouldn't be there to pick you up after wrestling practice because your father was called out of town unexpectedly. I am just glad that you guys were wearing your helmets," Brad's Mom replied almost as if she was out of breath.

"Mom, this is our new assistant wrestling coach," Mark said.

Mark's three younger sisters and the family dog joined the threesome on the driveway. Before long everyone was properly introduced and they all learned each other's names. Brad found out that his young proteges family appeared to be very nice. From everything Brad had seen so far it would appear that Mark had a very caring, loving, and supportive family.

Mrs. Fielding asked Brad, "Young man, if you don't have any plans would like to stay for dinner with us. There's enough extra food because Mark's father will not be here for supper tonight."

Brad thought to himself, it had been a while since he had a good home cooked meal, but he didn't want to appear forward, so Brad smiled at Mark's mother saying, "No thanks, I don't want to impose."

She replied with a smile directed towards Brad, "There's no imposition young man we have plenty, and would enjoy having a handsome young wrestling coach stay for dinner tonight unless you have other plans or have to get home right away."

"Okay, I'll stay. Sounds like great way to enjoy an evening." Brad said a little shyly.

Brad blushed a little as he was swarmed by the gaggle of giggling girls pleading with him to stay for dinner. Brad accepted the offer to stay for dinner to the delight of all. Mark grabbed hold of Brad's hand much like a younger brother would an older brother pulling him along inside the house and down the hall towards his room with the three tittering teens following close behind. Mark asked Brad to come in and see his room, as the two boys continued to walk down the hall towards Mark's room his mother suggested that the girls leave the young men alone. Brad entered Mark's room and was impressed with the tidiness of the room. Mark had his different trophies that he had accumulated over the years on display, along with some of his art works.

Brad complimented Mark on his athletic and art accomplishments, and the tidiness of the room. Mark excused himself as he began to change out of his school clothes into more comfortable clothing so he could start doing his homework. As Mark changed out of his school clothes Brad was making a mental note of this rather sexy looking lad clad in his Joe Boxer underwear that had been hiding beneath his Levis. Mark stripped down to only the Joe Boxers and continued to parade around his room in front of Brad giving him a much better view of the young protegees body, and a very nice looking body it was. Bradley's body gazing trance was broken when he heard Mark's mother summon him to the living room. Mrs. Fielding wanted to know more about Brad and began briefly filling Brad in on Mark and the family's history; meanwhile Mark's three younger sisters surrounded Brad at his feet acting goofy and looking at him all goo-goo eyed. Brad learned that Mark had just turned seventeen years old, was a senior at the high school, and had wrestled all through high school. Mrs. Fielding and Mark's sisters were a wealth of information with regard to the young man.

Brad had taken notice of Mark's sister, who looked to be about fifteen or sixteen. She was directing towards him, what he interpreted, as some seriously seductive gestures with her body language, eyes and tongue. The young lady was teasing Brad, batting her eyes at him and using her tongue in a very seductive manner. He didn't know if Mrs. Fielding was aware of the girl's flirtatious actions directed towards him, but the come-hither performance of the young teen was beginning to make him feel uncomfortable. Brad was sure if the mother had not been present the seductive little temptress would have been making more serious sexual overtures. After a few minutes of visiting Mrs. Fielding excused herself, leaving the family room for the kitchen to begin preparing the evening dinner. Bradley decided to pay some extra attention to the two other girls in hopes of distracting the older teens attention.

Brad questioned the young girls learning each of their names, ages, where they went to school, and their interests. Mrs. Fielding called out from the kitchen saying she hoped Brad like salad, spaghetti and meatballs, and hot French bread for dinner. Mark assured her that sounded great to him; meanwhile, Mark's oldest sister Gabriel, her nickname was Gabby, had moved onto the love seat couch next to Brad. She was running her fingertips up and down his left arm feeling his well-defined biceps and forearms. She asked Brad to flex his muscles and told him how powerful his arms looked and felt to her. Then she began to run her fingers temptingly across Brad's well-developed chest making his blood boil letting all those silly little endorphins run amuck. This was making Brad feel totally uncomfortable. Even though Brad was uneasy he could definitely feel some powerful excitement growing inside the crotch of his Levis, and was glad that he was still wearing his jockstrap on from earlier in the day.

Brad knew from experience that the athletic supporter he was wearing would hold his eager erection in place or at least some semblance thereof. Almost twenty-one, Brad was still young enough for erections to be a major problem for him, especially when a lustful young lady was putting the moves on him. Brad thought to himself that this was one bitchin looking babe. A willowy copper colored redhead with a voluptuous upper body, sweet smile, and oh so alluring eyes. He was tempted to reach out and grab a handful of her torrid ta-tas, but he restrained himself. As the teen temptress moved closer she began cooing seductively into Brad's neck and ear, giving him a good look down the front of her partially open blouse where those heavenly hooters were housed. Brad thought to himself, if this girl kept it up much longer he might just cum in his jockstrap before dinner.

Luckily for Brad, Mrs. Fielding called out that dinner was just about ready, and for everyone to get washed-up for dinner. Brad managed to untangle himself from the teenybopper, who had all but attached herself to him like an octopus in heat. Brad excused himself to go to the bathroom to wash-up for dinner. Bradley met up with Mark in the bathroom and remarked that his sister was definitely a real hotty in heat. Mark said that she had just started to act slutty in the past few months, but that most of the time she was really a well-behaved and shy girl. Brad thought that he noted a tone of jealousy in Mark's voice. Mark nudged Brad in the ribs with his elbow and said, so you want me to fix you up with my sister? Brad replied with a wry smile that he thought that Gabby already had such a plan well in hand.

Mark assumed his dad's place at the head of the table as Mrs. Fielding sat Brad next to Mark with Gabby to the right while she sat at the other end of table and the two younger girls across the table from Brad and Gabriel. There was much informal conversation and plenty of good food that evening, not to mention Gabby continuously playing footsie with Brad's leg under the table. She had removed her shoes and was running the toes of her foot up under the pant leg of Brad's Levis. After second helpings of spaghetti and meatballs the family all excused themselves while Brad asked if he could help Mrs. Fielding clearing the table. Mrs. Fielding assured Brad that time would be better served if he were to continue entertaining the troops in the family room while she clean up after dinner.

In the family room Brad and Mark had seated themselves on the love seat couch. Mark on the left side and Mark's titillating teenage sister squeezing in on the other side. Gabriel's arm was lying across the back of the couch, her fingers tantalizingly tracing the back of Brad's neck while she kept subtly rubbing her leg against his. The two younger girls were not being as obnoxious; instead they were sitting on the floor in front of them in awe of all that was that was going on. Brad graciously tried to pay attention to everyone trying his best to ignore the older girl's flirting, but it was becoming more difficult. Mrs. Fielding joined the group and taken a seat in the recliner after clearing the table and starting the dishwasher. Gabby seemed to put herself in check and was not as odious as she had been earlier. Mrs. Fielding remarked that she had desert prepared and to let her know whenever everyone was ready for it. Brad said to the family pretending to yawn, "I'm going to have to get going. Got a big day tomorrow."

Mrs. Fielding told Brad, "Not before you have some of my homemade apple pie and coffee young man."

"Okay, maybe just a little while longer for apple pie. Mrs. Fielding dinner was just great and who could refuse homemade apple pie. You know living by myself I don't get many home cook meals," Brad said.

"Well honey I am glad you enjoyed it; it sure helped me out, now I don't have any leftovers," Mrs. Fielding said to Brad.

Brad settled back on the couch for a while as everyone continued to enjoy the each other's company. Finally, it was desert time and everyone adjourned to the kitchen again, this time for desert and drink.

"Does anyone want a scoop of ice cream on their pie?" Mrs. Fielding asked.

"Yes mam, I'll have a scoop if it is no trouble," Brad said to Mrs. Fielding.

The others chimed in that they wanted ice cream, too. All was quite while the family and their guest enjoyed the homemade apple pie, milk, and coffee. Mrs. Fielding told Brad over the last cup of coffee that she hopped that they would see more of him in the future. Gabby quickly seconded that idea. Brad assured Mrs. Fielding that if she ever needed a food taste tester he would be glad to oblige. They all laughed and Brad excused himself as he got up to leave for home.

"By the way Bradley, you are invited for dinner on Sunday afternoon if you care to join us. You'll have a chance to meet my husband. We generally eat around 2 PM. We have a light breakfast before church, then a big afternoon meal and a snack for Sunday evening prior to or after the kids go to youth fellowship at church in the evening."

"Thanks Mrs. Fielding I'll accepted that invitation. I would like to meet your husband. So, what church do you folks attend?" Brad asked.

"We are members of the Methodist Church about a mile from here," Mrs. Fielding replied.

"I have seen that church; it is really a good sized church," Brad said.

"Yes, we have been members since we moved to this town years ago. Which church do you attend Bradley?" Mrs. Fielding asked.

Brad responded sheepishly, "You know I haven't attended church since moving to California."

"Maybe that will change," Mrs. Fielding replied with a smile.

As Brad was preparing to leave he thought to himself what a warm and friendly family he had just met. Mark and Gabby followed him outside to where Brad's bike was parked while the others waved to him from the front door. Brad mounted the sleek looking cafe racer, pulled on his helmet, fired up the bike, bid farewell to the two teens as he roared off into the crisp emptiness of the fall California night.

On the ride home Brad couldn't help thinking about what an outstanding afternoon and evening he had enjoyed. And he had truly enjoyed getting to know the Fielding family. Mrs. Fielding appeared to be the quintessential stay at home mom. The new young coach had yet to meet Mark's father, but that would come on Sunday afternoon. Brad wondered what he might be like. Bradley thought Mark to be a fine young man, the two younger girls were as cute as could be, and then there was Gabriel. She had turned out to somewhat of a sexual siren, a real prick tease. She had definitely made an indelible impression on Brad that evening. So, as Bradley Howard rode his motorcycle through the night thoughts of the golden coppery haired young teenybopper kept running through his head.

Once home that night Bradley pulled his bike onto his driveway, got off, opened the garage door, pushed the bike inside, then closed and locked the garage door for the night. Brad decided to go straight to bed as quietly as possible so as not to rouse any others in the house. He quickly hit the hay and tried to get some badly need sleep as he had an early class at the university the next morning. Bradley lay there on his big king sized bed in the raw tossing and turning trying to get to sleep, but intrusive thoughts of the earlier encounters with Mark's hot-blooded sister were keeping him awake.

Brad's cock was quickly taking on a life of its own as he fantasized about Gabriel's beautiful warm body lying next him. But he was also reviewing what he had seen of Mark's half naked body. Brad was drifting off into dreamland imagining that the teen temptress was lying in his bed nest to him totally nude, those nice looking melons nestled next to his chest. Two nude bodies intertwined with arms encircling each other. Gabriel's luscious natural looking lips within reach of his waiting mouth; he could feel her warm breath and smell the scent of her fresh breath. In his mind Brad could almost feel the girl's gentle fingertips tracing across his broad chest, while she ever so softly flicked at his nipples. There were a few spots on Brad's body that were hypersensitive to touch, and his nipples were right there at the top of the list.

Brad had learned early in life that he had super sensitive nipples. To Brad his nipples were particularly sensuous spots on his body, rich with pleasure-giving nerves. Far from being passive participants, his nipples would swell and become erect on the road to an orgasm. Bradley knew from experience that with proper stimulation those perky little buds could send him through the roof with wanton desire. Many times while lying in bed Brad would tweak and tantalize his titties during self-pleasuring exercises; moreover, he would make it known to his partners that nipples were an extremely important part of foreplay for him. In fact, Brad had been known to get off with nothing more than some sensuous nipple foreplay. His nipples were swelling and hardening at the same pace as his cock.

In need of more serious stimulation Brad unconsciously reached for the bottle of Aqua Lube that he kept on the headboard of his bed. Opening the flip top spout of the bottle he drizzled a goodly amount onto his burgeoning boner and hard nipples. He began gently rubbing the lube around his chest and crotch area. He massaged his nipples while carefully caressing his cock with the lube. He couldn't help but admire his very nice looking circumcised cockhead. A mushroom cockhead sitting a top its five-inch long cock-shaft, the bulbous spongy cockhead was tapered and swept back with a coronal ridge that was bigger than the shaft of his cock. With his forefinger he began deliberately dialing the lube around the deep crimson coronal ridge of that cockhead. Oh my Brad thought to himself, his cockhead, like his nipples, was rich with pleasure-giving nerves and so sensitive to the touch.

Brad continued tacitly pleasuring his cockhead, tenderly tempting the piss slit at the head of his hammer. He was now running a well-lubed forefinger down beneath the head to that sensitive "V" area beneath the head where the shaft becomes part of the cockhead. With his other hand he was now fondling his tight ball sac that held the two pecan-sized nuts. He gently pulled and stretched on the sac trying to loosen it to feel his balls that were so full of semen while he squirmed around on the bed. He had been busy for the week and hadn't beaten off in a few days; therefore, his balls were full of jizz and needed to be unloaded. Brad's fingers began the journey south ever so lightly touching the taint, that area between the scrotum and asshole, moving slowly towards his super sensitive asshole. That was another one of the erogenous zones on Brad's young body that was wealthy with pleasure-giving nerves. Brad's body was on fire with wanton desires of pleasure as he continued to carefully caress his cock, tantalize his testicles, and trace along the taint towards a waiting asshole.

Bradley had always enjoyed playing with his protruding prong, and had so from an early age. He remembered how he used to get a boner playing with it in the bathtub as a youngster, and how his mother would admonish him. The only thing Brad enjoyed more than pleasuring himself was for someone else to play with his prick. And he had been no stranger throughout his life to having others play with his genitals: both boys and girls. The surreal thoughts of Gabby in bed with him were causing his loins to ache for sexual release. He fantasized about her moving her fingertips up to his chest where she would find one of his hard nipples and began dialing circles around it. They were both rock hard and the size of pencil erasers jutting upwards out of his chest into the darkness of the bedroom. Brad's areolas were a little darker than the skin on his smooth well-developed chest, and about the size of quarters. Bradley could almost feel her fingers roaming across his chest circling those perky little nipples making his joystick jump with delight each time she would flick one.

Brad continued dreaming of Gabby lying there next to him playing with his nipples while her brother Mark was moving towards his crotch, taking Brad's cock into his mouth. Gabby kept playing with his nipples letting her tongue flick at them like a frog trying to catch a fly. She began lightly rolling his nipples between her forefinger and thumb while her brother worked on Brad's throbbing hard-on. She found her brother's cock and wrapped her hand around his stiff shaft, the head protruding above her fist as she slowly began to sensually stroke it. She continued to delicately nibble on Brad's right nipple while playing with the other one. Oh yes, she knew how to play with and stroke a guy's nipples and cock. She flitted from one nipple to the other teasing them with each flick of her tongue. He knew if she kept tantalizing his tits he would cum in a matter of minutes. She slowly moved from his chest down towards his throbbing manhood while she continued to stroke her brother's cock.

On the way south Gabby stopped and licked at his tidy little innie belly button, moving down the dark trail to his bush where she stopped to take in and enjoy the manly scent of his pubes. Her brother moved aside as Bradley watched in awe as this angel engulfed his engorged cockhead. She took the reddened cockhead into her mouth, titillating the coronal ridge of the cockhead with her talented tongue. At first she just circled it teasing the crimson coronal ridge of his cockhead, but then moved onto the sensitive "V" area at the bottom of the mushroom swept back head. Then without warning she took the whole thing deep into her mouth and began slowly bobbing up and down on it; never once did her teeth touch the tenderness of his throbbing tool. She continued massaging her brother's meat while moving on Brad's cock with her mouth and tongue. Damn this girl was not only talented being able to do two things at once; she was a fantastic cocksucker Brad fantasized.

Gabriel left his crotch area with a delicate kiss to his cockhead and began moving north up alongside Brad kissing him all along the journey. Once there she began to enjoy the lust-producing pheromone scents of his armpits while nibbling at his neck and earlobe. Brad found one of her melons and began to play with her hard nipple. She began moaning as he nibbled tenderly tonguing her nipple. They both were moaning lightly while rolling around on Brad's bed. Gabby moved towards Brad's mouth and smothered it with her natural looking lips; instantly they began passionately kissing, their tongues dueling like master swordsmen. Gabby broke the long kiss, whispering in Brad's ear to eat her.

The two moved into a comfortable sixty-nine position with Brad on top, finding each other's crotch. Brad began to sniff at the soft bush just above Gabriel's gash. She found his hard cock and was kissing it and fondling his pecans. Brad gently spread her legs wide enough to gain access to her waiting vulva, while he eagerly searched for her little pink bud of pleasure, finding her clit his tongue began titillating it. Gabriel was no moaning loudly and bucking into Brad's face as his tongue flicked and played with her aroused clit while his fingered her hole seeking her "G" spot. Once he found it he worked it and the clit in tandem. His teeth tenderly nibbled at that swollen little pink bud at the top of her vulva. A bud that for a woman is so rich in pleasure-giving nerves that if addressed properly will absolutely drive a perfectly sane woman insane with desires.

The crazed lovers continued to tantalize each other with kisses, licks, and sucks of passion. Mark found Brad's supple buns spreading his ass cheeks he began slurping at his sensitive pink asshole. Brad was now going totally insane with wanton desires. Brad's fantasy was that the gorgeous Gabriel continued to suck him, while being rimmed by Mark -- he didn't want it to end. Brad knew it would not be much longer before he would explode with orgasm. He had never experienced such an ecstasy before. He felt Mark rubbing some lube in his asshole and then inserting a finger and then two; oh God it felt so good! Then he sensed that his ass was being invaded by Mark's manhood. Oh damn Mark's cock felt so good sliding up into his ass Brad thought. Mark pounded Brad's ass like a well-oiled piston with methodical rhythm.

Gabriel had finally achieved a clitoral orgasm and was very sensitive in that area. The two broke apart and Gabby moved back to where they were facing each other. She noticed that Brad's burgeoning boner was still hard and hot. She moved underneath Brad and engulfed his cock; as she sucked on his cock she could see her brother pistoning Brad's ass. Brad wanted this session of love making to last forever, but Gabby and Mark was not helping to prolong the inevitable orgasm.

Gabriel and Mark intended to make Bradley Howard experience the most explosive orgasm he had ever experienced in his young life. Mark's manhood was rubbing against Brad's prostate making the precum flow. Gabby could taste it and pulled off Brad's cock. Moving up next to him she whispered into Brad's ear that she now wanted to fuck him. He responded with oh hell yes I want to fuck you too baby. She again told him that she wanted to fuck him, but in his ass.

Brad had been fantasizing about having her rim his asshole, but Mark had beaten her to it. So, the thoughts of such anal action made his body shudder with greater desire. Gabby kept whispering into his ear how bad she wanted to fuck him in his ass. Brad thought that he felt Mark getting ready to cum and he exploded a load of hot cum into Brad's bowels. Slowly Mark's slong softened and it slipped from Brad's ass. The two of them rolled over on the bed totally spent.

Almost immediately Brad felt something hard but a little smaller prodding into his right side. He looked down to see what it was. To his surprise, where the probing was coming from, Brad spotted a little pink dick protruding from between Gabriel's legs where her clit used to be. The slim slong was about six or seven inches in length, but thin -- maybe a little more than an inch thick. Brad knew from previous experience that her thin little dickey would not be as painful for him to take up the ass as larger cocks. He asked her how she was able to accomplish that trick. Gabby told Brad that she had a magical clit and it turned into a dick when she willed it to do so.

Brad asked her how long she had known about her magical powers and been able to do the trick with the clit and dick. She told him that she had acquired the powers couple of years ago. She disclosed to Brad that one night she had caught Mark jerking off in bed, and secretly wished she could have a dick, too. The next thing she knew she had sprouted her new dick. So, Gabby crawled into bed with her brother and they began to mutually masturbate each other to orgasm. She told Brad that from that time on she and Mark would jerk each other off, sixty-nine, and then she would end up fucking him in the ass. She said that Mark loved getting it up the ass. Brad asked her if she had ever let him in her back door or had he ever fucked her. She assured brad that they had not made love, anal or vaginal, just experimented with those sexual activities she had just described.

Brad was now beside himself with burning desire; he couldn't believe what he was hearing from this babe. Gabby whispered to Brad, do you know that Mark is gay? Well maybe not gay, but at least bisexual. He sure enjoys doing things with dicks, at least mine. I have heard him and his friends and peeked in at them during sleepovers and man they are really carrying on. She told Brad how much Mark enjoyed taking it up the ass, and how he would moan, scream, and carry on while she fucked him. Brad was on fire with desire as he told Gabby that he also was bisexual. She asked him if he had ever had sex with another guy yet and Brad told her when he was younger, but hadn't had the pleasure in a few years. She told Brad that she wanted him to suck her dick before she fucked him. She turned and headed south towards Brad's throbbing tool while presenting her little pink dickey to him. They took each other into their mouths and began sixty-nining.

The two of them now coupled in a sixty-nine position were sucking each other, as they did so they began to play with each other's assholes. Brad quickly discovered that Gabby had no balls, but her little pink dick was just the right size for him to enjoy. He remembered how to tease a cockhead and slowly move up and down on her thin shaft without letting his teeth scrape across it. He was just about ready to cum when Gabby broke the union between them and told Brad that he would cum when she was ready, not before. She slowly turned around with her face next to his and told him to lie back, relax, and enjoy what she was bout to do to him. The scents of sex permeating the air was driving them both wild with desire.

Gabby repositioned herself between Brad's legs lowering her face into his crotch smelling his pubes and licking on his pole like it was a lollipop. She lifted Brad's legs up in the air and told him to hold them up while spreading his ass cheeks apart. She teased the taint before finding his pretty pink asshole whereby buried her face in his hairless ass crack smelling his manly scents. She had noticed that Brad's body didn't have a pimple or blemish on it, just the scars from surgery. She positioned her tongue between his ass crack licking and flicking at his super sensitive asshole while he moaned loudly. She would alternate between his ass region and his awesome looking penis, which looked much like an arrow poised to take flight, sucking and licking and licking and sucking. Brad was moaning and writhing around the bed with desire and pleasure.

Gabby asked Brad for some more of the lube. He handed her the bottle of Aqua Lube. She drizzled a good amount of it into his ass crack and began to finger fuck him. Each time her slender finger slid in and out of his ass it grazed his prostate and he moaned loudly. She drizzled more lube into his open asshole as she stretched and prepared it; she sensed he was just about ready to accept her little dickey into his ass. She looked up at Brad and asked him if he was ready for the ride of his life? Oh Hell yes baby fuck me, he told her.

Gabby slowly and effortlessly slid her little pink prong into Brad's ass, an ass that was so very sensitive. Just as the head popped in Brad gasped. She stopped so he could get used to it, and began kissing along the inside of his legs that were resting over her shoulders while she waited for Brad to get accustom to her dick in his ass. He began moaning again as Gabby continued to slide her pink penis farther in. Brad could feel that little cockhead brush against his prostate and he jumped with joy. He slowly slid his free hand up and down the slick shaft of his cock, paying special attention to the mushroom head.

Gabby was driving deeper into Brad's insides as she pumped her little prick in and out of his ass. Every once in a while she would withdraw the head and reinsert it -- Brad would gasp. He could sense a slight burning sensation around his asshole, but the pleasure of it all was stamping out any pain. She buried her pink prong deep inside him and leaned in for some soulful kissing. They sucked face and he told Gabby how wonderful she felt inside him. She smiled at him and told him she wanted to do this with him forever. She continued to kiss his eyelids, earlobes, neck, and finally she was working her way down to his chest where she found one of his hard nipples. She began to nibble on that nipple and Brad began moaning loudly and he was yelling for her to fuck him.

Brad continued moaning and yelling for Gabby to fuck him deeper, faster, and harder. There was that feeling building inside him; he knew his rocket was about to launch. The pace of the stroking increased as the feeling kept on building; the final countdown was on and there was no turning back. Brad was moaning loudly on the edge of delirium as he continued bucking up into Gabby. She continued ramming her pink rod into his asshole and he was on the verge of ecstasy. Faster and faster Brad's fist went up and down on his own swollen cock as the smaller pink cock rammed in and out of his asshole, he was about to reach a state of rapture. He was seeing stars; in fact, there was a full-blown fireworks display going own with musical accompaniment in his ears as he prepared to launch the payload of a lifetime.

Gabby ripped her small pink prong from Brad's asshole firing shot after shots of cum from her sex pistol. The band play as Brad's rocket launched, spitting out a long whitish ropes of spooge; one after another, and another, finally the rest the jism just ran down the back of his hand as he continued to pull on his softening slong. His heart was racing and breathing out of his chest as he labored after launching the largest load of jizz his life.

Brad was awash in sweat his vision blurry as he tried to open his eyes. He lay there writhing in a pool of sweat and cum; he had cum in his hair, on his face, and on his chest. He could barely see out of his eyes. He lay on the bed totally spent his softening slong in his hand had turn to silly putty. Brad was in heaven and was going to relish the experience while it lasted. He lazily looked at the clock on the nightstand beside the bed; it read twenty minutes until two in the morning. He didn't even bother to clean up; he just rolled over and drifted off to sleep hold his slong.

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