The Fragile
Cryptic Angel

//Part One//

Chapter One

His five and a half inch penis started to grow in his boxers. He stared at the red letters shining from his alarm clock, 6:29 burning into his head. Just enough time to get off before I have to take a shower and get ready for school, he thought to himself.

Lying on his bed, staring at the ceiling, he reached into his boxers, pulling out his enlarged penis. Instantly, feelings of bliss shot through his body as he closed his eyes and started to stroke. Visions of his entire high school's football team played in his head as he started stroking a little faster. He pictured them all naked, taking a shower together, rubbing soap into their young cut bodies.

He tweaked his nipples as the picture got more intense. The entire football team was now jacking off in a big circle, their dicks hard, gliding between closed fingers. He continued to stroke, and rub his chest.

He let out a small "fuck," as his jagged breath caught in his throat, and his body lifted off the bed. Five shots of hot cum flew on his stomach and between his fingers as he shot his load. The orgasm shaking his body. He collapsed back on the bed, eyes closed, breath heavy. A small tear escaped from his eye as he wished that it wasn't boys he was fantasizing about, but rather girls. He had to face the facts. He was gay, and there was nothing he could do about it, save killing himself.


He looked at his reflection in the steam-covered mirror. He had cleared a spot for his face, and he just stared at it. His features were what society would call perfect. Short brown hair, spiked from the wetness of his competed shower. His face was perfectly clear, with a small forming mustache. All the girls wanted him, but he didn't want them. It was hard being gay, too hard. His perfect outer exterior showed nothing of his inner fragileness.

The steam on the mirror started to dissipate, revealing his semi-built upper body. The football team had cut him and built him, he was their star running back, and at fifteen, that was quite an achievement. The youngest ever varsity running back.

He continued drying himself off, and put on his clothes. A black Ecko hoody, Ecko jeans, and his Nike Air Force One shoes was his choice for today. He took one more look in the mirror, cracked a phony smile. "Here we go," he spoke to himself as he ran down stairs.

" You're running late again Jared," his mom spoke to him as she left out the door, warming up her car for work. Late November in Michigan can be horridly cold, especially this year.

" I know mom. Lisa will be here any minute. I'm getting a ride with her."

Sharon Landers had worked hard to provide for her two children, Jared and Nicole. When their parents got divorced, Nicole had to become a mom to him at 18, while Sharon went out and worked two jobs, trying to keep the small trailer that they had lived in. Soon after, she met John, a divorced GM production line worker, and he moved them to a big five-bedroom house in Sterling Heights. One of the richest communities in Michigan. Five years later, their money problems are no more, living a nice semi-upper-class life style.

Sharon, John, and Jared lived there by themselves now, Nicole having moved off with her boyfriend two years prior. They weren't a close-knit family, but they weren't distant either. They were just typical, hardly seeing each other because individual lives divided the group aspect.

" I'll be at your game tomorrow hunny, it's at home, right?" Sharon said as she ran back in from the cold outside.

" Yep. You don't really ha-"

" Nonsense. I haven't missed a game yet. Bye sweety." Sharon planted a kiss on top of Jared's head, and then rushed out the door, leaving Jared alone in the house. No one in his family, or in his entire life, for that matter, knew he was gay, and he was scared to tell anyone, for he didn't know what the outcome would be. He didn't want them to look down on him, to hurt him, or hate him. He hated himself enough for the entire world.

A loud honk pushed Jared from his thoughts, as he grabbed his book bag and ran outside to Lisa Blake's 2002 white thunderbird. She had gotten her license a month prior, and her parents bought her the car as a type of congratulations.

Jared poked his head in the car, and looked at Lisa. Even though he was gay, he could admit that Lisa was beautiful. She had shoulder length dark red hair, and a great body. She looked at him from behind a pair of dark sunglasses, cigarette in hand.

" Come on man, let's fuckin roll. If I'm late for first period one more time, I'm dropped."

" Alright, chill." Jared said as he jumped in the passenger seat of her car, "Lose Yourself" by Eminem, blasting from her system. He and Lisa had gone out for a year, having one of the hottest romances in the school, but towards the end, he started to care about her. For her own good, he ended it with her, knowing he would never be able to give her the relationship that she wanted.

" So anything going on tonight?" Jared asked as he placed a Newport hundred between his lips and lit it, the sweet smoke going into his lungs, maybe him instantly light headed.

"Look at you... Never thought that I could get goody goody Tyler Landers to start smoking. Heh, wouldn't your mom be proud?" She asked as she squealed out of his driveway, heading towards school.

" Everyone's allowed one fucking flaw. Jeeze," Jared said, rolling his eyes.

" We're going out to lunch today. I met this guy, and he works at the Taco Bell by the school. I want to go see him. I'm trying to hook up with him."

" We'll get caught," Jared said, taking another drag of his cigarette.

" You never do anything wrong. Just do this one thing for me please. I don't want to go by myself, and you won't get caught. I promise."

She was right. He never did anything that could get him in trouble, always trying to avoid confrontation. He had the perfect persona, and he didn't want to jeopardize it.

" Alright, I guess I'll go with you. Where do you want me to meet you?"

" Meet me at my car idiot... The security guards don't patrol outside anymore. It'll be fine, I promise."

Jared has resignations in his mind, but he would do anything for Lisa. He felt guilty for leading her on for so long. " Fine," Jared sighed.

" Good, then it's a date!"


The first three hours for Jared flew by. He was in a sort of daze, taking notes and the occasional what up to a friend. It was all mechanical by now. The way he acted outwards to hide his inside. At the end of third hour, he walked out to the parking lot, a little nervous. He sat by Lisa's car and waited for about five minutes until he finally saw her coming out of the main doors.

" Sorry it took too long. Got detention last hour."

" What the fuck for now?"

" Cheated on a test. I've got to stay after today."

" You're gonna get thrown outta here if you don't watch yourself. You can't afford that."

" I don't give a fuck at this point. Let's roll." Lisa unlocked the door with her remote, and the two jumped in, lighting cigarettes. The drive to Taco Bell only took about two minutes, and upon arriving there, heaviness settled in Jared's stomach. He wasn't a naturally shy person, but Lisa's friends always intimidated him. He knew how to talk to people, but all her friends were ravers/thugs, who usually didn't do anything but get fucked up. Not something Jared was accustomed to.

" Alright, don't embarrass me," Lisa mumbled as the two went into Taco Bell, and she smiled at a guy working the register.

" What up Shaun, can you take a break?" she asked.

" Yeah, hold up," he replied with a deep sexy voice.

Jared couldn't take his eyes off the kid. He stood about five nine, and has a thin body. His hair was dyed blonde, with a long tail at the back. He seemed to be about 18 or 19, with the face of a 13 year old. He was, without a doubt, the hottest thing that Jared had ever seen.

" That's Shaun, he's 19. I met him at a party in Warren tonight. Isn't he cute?" Lisa whispered to Jared, with a little laugh.

" How the fuck am I supposed to know? I'm not a fucking fag," Jared retorted, his face turning a little red. Shaun appeared from behind the counter, and motioned for Lisa and Jared to follow him outside.

" What up, I'm Shaun," Shaun said, as he extended a hand to Jared. Electricity shot through Jared as he reached out and shook Shaun's hand.

" Hey, I'm Jared."

" This is my ex," Lisa said as she winked to Jared. " So, anything going on tonight?"

Shaun lit his cigarette, and exhaled a big puff of smoke. " Yeah. I'm getting a hotel room at Knights, just me and a couple friends, if you guys want to come and party."

Jared made eye contact with Shaun, and held it for a long period. He saw a sadness brewing deep down, which attracted him even more. He was already in love with this kid, after knowing him for all of two minutes.

" Well, I'll be there, but I don't think that Ja-" Lisa said in a flirty tone.

" Yeah, that sounds cool. I'll be there." Jared said, much to his and Lisa's surprise.

" Great, I'll page you with the room number," Shaun said to Lisa as he threw his cigarette. " I better get back in there, before they bitch." Shaun kissed Lisa on the cheek and waved bye to Jared as he ran back in.

" Wow, you're actually gonna party with me for once? What the fuck changed your mind?" Lisa asked as she and Jared headed to her car.

" I don't know... I just want to get away."

Well, this is the first story of this nature that I wrote. It is kinda shitty, but, this was just the first chapter, and a way to get to know the main charectors. A lot will happen next chapter, I promise.
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