The Fragile
Cryptic Angel

//Part One//

Chapter Two A

Jared loved like no one that he had ever met, and he was afraid that he'd die alone, with no one to hold him as his last breath escaped his body, and his soul separated from this earthly plane. This fear kept him awake at night, infiltrated his dreams, and overtook his every being. The worst part of it all was that he had no one to talk to about it and no one to turn to. He kept his emotions inside until they were ready to burst and overtake his actions. It was a scary scenario, but one in which he lived with everyday. He felt his heart would lead him to death, and that was enough to make him want to rip it out.

The drone of Jared's chemistry teacher put him in a trance. Staring into space, he thought about the golden god that he had met today, and what he would do to get him. Shaun had been on his mind for the last three hours, and quite frankly, Jared was glad that this was last period. All he had to do was get through football practice, and then he'd be able to see his new obsession.

The buzzing of last period bell reverberated throughout Jared's head, as he grabbed his books and walked into the busy hallways of Adams High. Kids hurriedly rushed around as they tried to get to their lockers quickly, bringing an end to their school day.

Jared got to his locker and plopped his books in it. He had homework, but why bring it? He didn't even plan on going home today. Shutting his locker, he turned to head towards Tuesday football practice, when Lisa grabbed him from behind and held him.

" What the fu-!" Jared yelled as he whipped around, and stared at Lisa's smiling face.

" Jesus, is that how you welcome all your friends?" She asked with a mischievous look.

" Most of my friends don't grab me from behind. I mean shit..."

" Calm yourself. Alright, are you still goin with me tonight to this hotel?"

" For sure."

" Alright, how long do your practices last?"

" Usually a little over an hour on Tuesdays. "

" Okay, good. I'll wait for you in my car after I get out of detention. Aight?"

" Yep."

" It's a date then, babe," Lisa winked, turned, and walked away.


Even the young naked boys surrounding him in the shower didn't take Jared's mind off of Shaun. Usually, he would be sneaking small peaks at his teammates, but now, after a rigorous practice, he kept his eyes closed, letting the hot water shoot down his body, visions of Shaun's perfect face filling his mind.

After rinsing himself off, Jared moved out of the showers, grabbed a towel, and went to his locker where he dried off and changed back into his Ecko outfit. Grabbing his deodorant, he applied a thick layer underneath each of his armpits, making sure that he would be "freshly coated" for the rest of the day. He wanted everything to be right when he saw Shaun tonight.

Jared figured that Lisa was out of detention already, so, not wanting to take up more time, he avoided conversations with his teammates, grabbed his bag, and left for the parking lot.

Jared, after making his way through the winding hallways of the school, and exiting the building, found Lisa's car parked in the same spot that they had left it after lunch. As he had suspected, Lisa was sitting inside, head back, eyes closed.

As he opened up the passenger door, Lisa sat up and looked at him, wide smile playing across her face.

" Did that Shaun kid page yet," Jared asked, making sure that he didn't sound too eager.

" Yeah, while I was in detention. I used some bitches cell phone to call him back. It looks like it's just the three of us tonight." Lisa started the car and threw it into drive. As she squealed out of the school parking lot, she through in a Tupac cd, letting the heavy bumps wash over them.

" What time are we supposed to be at the hotel?" Jared asked. He hoped that it wasn't that long. He wanted to see his new God now, and didn't know how long he could wait.

" We've got to pick him up at work at five. So, that gives us some time. I want to run home and get ready. I really want this kid Jared. You have no idea how much..."

Jared did know, and he felt the same way. He hated to have to compete with Lisa, but... She got everyone she wanted, and he hadn't ever had a guy. " That's cool," Jared responded in a somewhat down voice.

" What's with you today man? Since when do you like to party and shit?" Lisa asked, raising her eyes above her sunglasses and glaring at him.

" I just... It's like all this shit is building up inside of me, and I just need to release it, you know?" Jared lied, as he lit up a cigarette. Lisa had known him for a long time, and they were really close. He hoped that she wouldn't see through him.

" I know what you mean. That's how I started. Now look at me, I'm a world class fuck up." She replied with eyes glued to the road.

" Doesn't that scare you? When you drink and do drugs and shit? Doesn't it scare you to not have control?" Jared asked, his naivety showing through.

" Jared," she paused for a minute, trying to get her words in order. " Soon, you'll realize that life is just one fucked up situation after the next, with a few fun adventures in between. Making a life is just trying to make those fun adventures more numerous."

Jared had no idea what made her feel so depressed about her life. She had everything. Money, popularity, a great personality, everything. If he hadn't been gay, he would have stayed with her forever.

" Interesting. That's how I'm starting to feel these days," Jared responded, this time not at all lying. He felt like Shaun could bring a change with him, a change that would set everything on a different course. He didn't know if he was afraid of this or not, but soon, he would find out.

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