Youth Group: Hotel Room Truth or Dare
By DerekGuy17

Note: This story series includes depictions and descriptions of gay sex and straight sex among high school students as well as gay incest. If that’s not your thing or if it is illegal for you to read this story, then stop. This story is completely made up and does not depict anything true.
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This story is in three chapters. If you don’t enjoy plot or characterization (or any descriptions of heterosexual sex), skip to chapter two. But chapter one is worth the read.

Part 1 – Truth
“Is he still out there?”

“Of course, he is. If he was gone, why would I be standing here?”

Evan turned away from the peephole in the door and looked at Riley. “And it’s not just that asshole Chuck,” Evan added, “Reverend Tim is out there too.”

“Oh, fuck!” Riley sighed in frustration as he sunk back on the still-made hotel room queen sized bed. “We’re going to be stuck in here all night.”

“Can we order room service?” From the other end of the small hotel room, Hayden had spoken up with real curiosity.

“Would you shut up, dick breath?” Riley barked at his brother.

The church’s annual youth group trip was to Washington, DC this year.  And it had been enjoyable. The group had seen some great sites, toured the White House, met a senator, gone to the Spy Museum and the Air and Space Museum (among others), prayed in the National Cathedral, eaten great food, and had fun. Not the kind of fun they would want normally, but for a church youth group, it was about as good as could be expected. To even jaded teenage boys, the monuments and buildings in the Nation’s Capitol were impressive.

While there had been 24 high school aged kids from the church on the trip, only 8 of them were boys. That tipped the odds in the guys’ favor of hooking up significantly. And the four boys in Room 1012 had been ready to capitalize on that.

Riley had been coming to church events for as long as he could remember. His parents were both active leaders and his participation was non-negotiable. He didn’t really mind it so much, even though other kids thought it made him a bit dorky. A hint of dorkiness added to his charm. Youth group had been a mixture of dull, well-meaning events and fun, original ones. But Riley was well liked by the ministers, other adults, and most everyone in the church. Two things made it even more fun: His best friend, Evan, and the girls.

The girls were the reason Evan showed up. His mom was a semi-regular church-goer, but didn’t force Evan to attend. But when Evan saw the incredibly hot girls that were part of the youth group, including the senior minister’s drop-dead gorgeous daughter, Missy, he signed right up. It pleased his mom and helped provide cover for other not-so-noble actions. While the church tried hard to create wholesome, innocent events for their teens, Riley, Evan, and some of the other boys had managed to find ways to sneak off with many of the girls. Now, as juniors, they were primed to have some real conquests on this trip.

And then Dylan Harris had to go and mess it up for all of them. Dylan was a sophomore and a real man-whore. Riley and Evan had never liked him. Dylan’s parents sent him to church events as a way of avoiding their own responsibilities in instilling any sense of morality in their son. Just a week before the trip to DC, Dylan had found his way into the pants of Kerry Reed, a virginal, meek freshman girl. When she revealed everything to her parents, Dylan was tossed from the youth group and Reverend Peterson had demanded that the Youth Pastor, Reverend Tim Chance, increase the number of chaperones and amount of supervision on all events, especially the trip to Washington. While on last year’s youth group trip to New York, both Riley and Evan had gotten laid, this year they had gotten nothing.

“But I want to order a pizza,” Hayden asked again. Hayden was Riley’s 14-year-old brother.  A freshman in High School, he was now attending youth group too. Riley was sure that this would limit his opportunities: his brother would latch onto him and report everything back their parents. But it didn’t work out like that at all. The girls found Hayden adorable and Riley parlayed that into opportunities. While Hayden could be a real pest, like right now, the brothers actually got along really well. And Hayden idolized his older brother. The two also looked identical. “Mini-Me” was how Riley and Evan often referred to Hayden. While Riley was 5’7” with a mop of brown hair, Hayden was just about 5’2” tall but had the same teenage-boy unkempt mess of straight brunette thick hair. Photos of Riley at age 14 looked exactly like Hayden right now.

“I want pizza too,” Todd agreed as he walked out of the bathroom. Todd had been taking an evening shower and doing God-knows-what-else for the past thirty minutes. He was wearing only baggy silk boxers as he exited with steam blowing in behind him. Todd was a senior, short – about 5’5” – with very closely cropped brown hair. He was also in incredible shape. The 17-year-old was the area’s star gymnast and one could recognize that in an instant from his perfectly formed chest and abs, seeming absence of body hair, and tightly defined arm and leg muscles. His gymnastics schedule kept him from many of the church youth events, but he came on occasion and was one of the only teenage boys who seemed to really get something out of services. Todd was very cool and popular, and Riley and Evan were thrilled to room with him.

With only 8 boys on the trip, the rooming set-up in the hotel had been easy for Reverend Tim. The other four boys were all sophomores and good friends. They were a natural group to keep together – and since they seemed to revel more in playing Magic The Gathering than hitting on girls, no one was sorry to seem them elsewhere. With some last minute cancellations due to strep throat, the only remaining four boys were lumped in together – one freshman, two juniors, and a senior.

“Fuck me, he’s still there. And now he’s brought out a book to read.” Evan muttered having returned to the peephole. The increased supervision that the senior pastor had insisted upon meant that chaperones had been in the hallway every night, all night it seemed. The first two nights, the boys had tried to sneak out, but they couldn’t even crack the hotel room door without someone ordering them back inside. For whatever reason, Evan was convinced that it would be different tonight.

“That asshole Chuck is the chaperone tonight. He’ll fall asleep or something. He’s a douche bag,” Evan reported earlier. None of the boys disagreed. Chuck was a pretentious 24-year-old graduate student who yearned for respect and power he never earned and tried to find it in ordering around high school students at the church.

“I told you it would be like this. My mom’s on the youth committee.” Todd reminded them as he pulled on a t-shirt and sleep pants. “We’re trapped.”

“Fuck me. Blow me!” Evan grunted. As usual he was anything but eloquent. The take on Evan was seemingly simple on first glance: hot stupid kid. But he actually had several different sides to him. In front of his parents and other adults, he was a respectful, polite, and somewhat dim-witted teenage boy. His grades were mediocre, but he never appeared to cause trouble. Around other teen boys, Evan’s language was coarse and crude, his intelligence seemed to drop even further, and his only conversation topics were sex and cursing. Around teen girls, he was Brad Pitt (and many girls said he looked like a teen version of the star). 6’ tall with shaggy blonde locks usually hidden under a red St. Louis Cardinals cap, he was in great shape and always seemed to know the exact words and action to get a girl to be in love with him. Despite going through girls like they were Kleenex, he never seemed to suffer from a reputation as a cad or a user of women.

Hayden had picked up the phone and called downstairs. “That’s one large with pepperoni and…anything else?” he looked at his brother and the two older teenagers for their input.

“Yeah, I want a large meatball sub,” Evan added. He could also put away food with gusto.

“Make it two pies, but one with extra cheers and mushrooms,” Riley decided.

“And a bottle of diet coke.” Todd added.

They continued piling up the room service order. That was one thing the chaperones had not denied them.

Riley flipped through the TV channels. “Where the hell is the porn?” They knew Reverend Tim had the hotel turn off the pay-per-view movies – even the non-dirty ones – in their rooms. But it was a Saturday night at 11 p.m. and there seemed to be no skin on display on any channel.

“Fuck! You know, my cock doesn’t know there is a chaperone outside. Mr. Happy is saying he wants to stick it in a nice tight hole tonight and is fuckin’ ready to go!” Evan said to no one in particular.

“Go to the bathroom, take care of it, and shut the hell up,” Todd told him. “We’re all horny!”

“Blow me, faggot!” Evan responded, the perfect comeback he always thought.

“I bet one person isn’t horny,” offered Riley. “Mini-Me wouldn’t know what to do with a girl, so he’s probably sad not to be with the faggots playing Magic in the other room.”

Hayden didn’t even respond. He knew his brother was just showing off by belittling him and he’d be better off keeping quiet.

“Fuck!” Evan repeated.

“You act like you can’t go a night without a girl,” Todd wondered. “Come on. Show some self-control.”

“Hey, it’s been more than a night. We’ve been on this trip since Thursday morning with those…those…”

“Chaperones? Police? Gestapo? Jail keepers?” Riley offered helpfully.

“Yeah…with them watching our every move. There is some mighty fine tail that I haven’t tapped on this trip, and some I’d be happy to go in for seconds. So, I’ve been…ummm…”

“Tempted? Enticed? Led on?” Riley offered again.

“Yeah, for what, like…” Evan used his fingers, “three days!”

“And you never go without a girl for three days?” Todd questioned.

“I’m no fag! I get a girl all the time.” Evan’s defensiveness was a pathetic attempt at bravado. The 16-year-old was a player, but he wasn’t Wilt Chamberlain.

“Which girls are you into?” Hayden chirped in.

“I’m not telling you, Mini-Me, so fuck off” Evan dismissed the younger boy.

“Well, I know how you feel, Evan,” Todd moved the conversation along. “On my gymnastics team are some incredible hotties. At practice, I spend the whole time looking at their great bodies beneath tight outfits that hide nothing. And if I get a boner, everyone would notice. But the coach has a strict rule against any hook-ups – he calls it ‘fraternizing,’ – among fellow gymnasts.”

“And that stops you?” Riley asked.

“Well, no. But it means we have to be quick and careful and secretive. So there are lots of times when all I’ll get is the eye candy with no payoff,” Todd looked mournful as Riley nodded in sympathy.

“The tennis team also has a lot of hot girls,” Riley added. “But there are no rules on anything. Some of them are dykes and some are just stuck up, but some are cool – and I’ve been with a couple.”

“Fuck that. Like who?” Evan doubted. “You never told me about any of them.”

“I don’t tell you everything,” Riley said while Evan looked on dubiously. “Just last month, after one match, I…wait, why should I tell you, asshole. You didn’t answer Hayden’s question.”

Just then there was a knock at the door. The boys froze as Evan opened it with his best “I am a perfect angel” smile. It was the room service guy. Evan signed for the food and the other boys laid it out.

“Keep it down in there!” Chuck, the chaperone, whined to Evan from his chair in the middle of the hallway. Chuck’s voice was nasally and often cracked like a middle schooler starting puberty.

“Yeah, suck my dick!” Evan said quietly as he closed the door. “He’s fuckin’ still there.”

As the boys began to eat the pizza, Todd brought back up an issue. “I’d like to know which girls have you been with on the tennis team, Riley. I have some friends on that school team.”

As the boys argued over what information they needed share, Hayden’s voice popped up in-between bites of his slice. “We could play truth or dare, and then you could ask whatever questions you want.”

“What are you 10?” Evan scoffed. “Mini-Me, do you want to play Spin the Bottle too, fag? How about Chutes and Ladders?” Evan had never really liked Hayden despite Riley being his best friend.

“No, wait,” Riley defended his brother. “We got nothing else to do. Why not learn more about each other. I’ve heard some stories about Todd that I’d like to know something about.”

“I’m fine with it. But since we’re all eating pizza now, let’s just stick to truths. I don’t want to get up,” Todd added, leaning against the headboard of the bed he was splitting with Hayden.

The four boys moved around Todd and Hayden’s queen-sized bed. With the pizza in the middle and the soda on the nightstand to the side, Todd pulled out some rum to mix with the coke. Evan still had a few beers stashed in his bag, which he also shared. Everyone drank a little. It seeped through Hayden’s tiny frame immediately. The other boys worked towards a steady buzz.

Evan was slouched to Todd’s left in the big armchair he had pulled over from the corner of the room while he wolfed down his sub. He was in his jeans, soccer t-shirt, sweatsocks, and his Cardinals baseball cap, which seemed to always be topping his head. Riley lay at the foot of the bed, but had already changed into pajamas, as his parents insisted he do every night. Riley’s default was to usually follow the rules. Girls were the big exception. Hayden was also in pajamas as he sat on a desk chair that he had pushed into the space between the beds to Todd’s right.

“How’s this work?” Evan asked.

“We take turns asking each other questions and we have to tell the truth. Later we can take a dare instead of a truth.” Todd explained.

“But you have to be honest! If you lie, then…” Hayden tried to figure out a punishment.

“We’ll beat the living fuck out of you,” Todd completed the thought. “Even if we find out next week or next month or next year that you lied.”

“When I play with my swim team…” Hayden began.

“The fag team?” Evan joked. There was no response from the other boys who had long grown tired of Evan’s unimaginative insults.

Hayden continued without break. “…we play that if you call out, ‘General,’ when you get asked a question then everyone has to answer it too.”

After they agreed on the rules, Todd went first. “Riley, who have you fooled around with on the swim team?”

Riley sighed. “Okay, just Kathy Cooper.”

“Tell us about it?” Todd furthered.

“Nope, that wasn’t your question. Try again later. Now, Evan, who do you want to most hook up with on this trip?”

“Wait, what was that rule about generals?” Evan inquired of Hayden. After hearing it explained again, he declared he wanted everyone to answer.

“Does it have to be someone we haven’t ever been with before?” Todd asked Riley.

“Yeah – someone you want to mess around with, but you haven’t,” Riley decided.

Evan went first. “Missy Peterson.” The Reverend’s daughter, a senior in high school, was an absolute knockout. But she was not only presumed untouchable, she had a reputation as frigid.

“Yeah, me too. Missy Peterson.” Riley concurred.

“Katie Peterson,” Todd offered next. Katie was the Reverend’s second daughter, a freshman who was clearly heading in the same direction as her sister.

“Katie? Why not Missy?” Riley asked.

“You said it had to be someone you had never been with.” Todd smugly responded.

Todd encouraged Hayden to answer and didn’t offer any further details.

“Becca Taylor.” Hayden meekly suggested a cute freshman girl.

“Becca?” Riley once again was perplexed. “She’s okay, but why not Missy? Or Katie?”

“Well, Missy is just too old for me.”

“What about Katie?” Todd wondered.

“Well…you said it had to be someone you had never hooked up with,” Hayden responded.

“Whoaaaaaa!” all three older boys shouted. Riley patted his brother’s leg with satisfaction while Hayden looked at the floor in embarrassment mixed with pride.

“My turn,” Evan recognized. “Todd, tell us about your time with Missy, and Riley, tell us about your time with Katie.”

“Only one question per person…” Hayden corrected.

“These rules are fucking stupid. Can’t we just ask questions of each other? What is this school?” Evan complained.

The other boys looked at each other and realized, why the hell not? After a short discussion, they decided to move to general questions that all of them would answer.

Evan began: “Who is the hottest girl you have been with and how far did you get.”

“Missy Peterson,” Todd responded as the boys eagerly listened. “It was last year’s trip to New York. My whole room – you remember Mike, Garret, and Noel were in my room - we snuck out and went into her room with some other girls around 2am. We had some drinks and began to pair off. The other couples were already established, so by default it just left Missy and me. We went into the foyer area – you remember those rooms were bigger – and began to talk. After her third drink, she got a bit loopy. I don’t think she drinks much. We kissed and then…”

Todd paused, but the other boys demanded that all answers needed to be complete. “Okay, so I reached under her shirt, took off her bra, and I was feelin’ her up. She didn’t seem to mind. We continued kissing and I moved my hand into her pajama bottom.  I rubbed outside her panties…and then I began fingering her. She was really wet and moaning. I whispered that I wanted to fuck her. She said no, that it wasn’t okay. But she let me keep fingering her and was getting into it. I kept telling her I wanted to fuck her, and she kept saying no.”

“Then, she suddenly reached over, pulled down my pants, grabbed my cock and began to blow me. This was like in just a couple seconds. I was like, Fuck! She knew what the hell she was doing, I’ll tell you. After a couple minutes of her sucking, one of her roommates, that bitch April Cousins, went to use the bathroom, saw us, cried out in shock. That sort of woke Missy up from her drunken haze. She jumped up and she ran into the bathroom with April. They didn’t come out, so I just left and went back to my room with the worst case blue balls. So I snuck into another room and fucked Shari Anderson, who has always been an easy lay. The next day, Missy acted like it never happened. I’m not sure if she remembered it. But she’s back to not giving me or any guy the time of day.”

The boys were impressed by Todd’s story. Then Hayden began. “It was like, a couple months ago. Katie and I were both volunteering at the soup kitchen. We were washing dishes and got into a little bit of a water fight, spraying each other with the water hoses. She was wearing a white t-shirt, so I thought it was worth the shot. Well, we got drenched. So I said she should take off her shirt to let it dry. She didn’t want to, but I told her I wouldn’t look. Of course, I did and she has nice breasts. I must of made a sound or sighed or something, ‘cause she said that I could come closer if I wanted to. Well, I was over there in a second and we started kissing and I was rubbing her chest over the bra. Just as I tried to take it off, we heard a noise and one of the chaperones came in. We were hidden behind one of the counters, so we had time to fix ourselves. I asked her out the next day, but she said that she wasn’t allowed to date until she was 16. She hasn’t really been that nice to me since.”

Riley shared the time he fucked a college freshman when he was a high school sophomore visiting Duke University for a special program. She was drunk. He was there. It wasn’t a great fuck, but she was 18 and hot and he was 15 and thought it was awesome. Evan added his time with MaryJean McCormick at summer camp a year and a half ago. It was a quick blowjob in the bushes, but she was honestly the hottest girl he had ever been with. She was still a virgin and he never got her into bed.

“My question,” Hayden went. “Who was the first person you had sex with?” The boys quickly responded without many details. Riley had been a freshman and had pressured his steady girlfriend into it. Evan had been an eighth grader and was essentially molested by an eleventh grade friend of his sister’s sleeping over their house. For Todd, it was the summer before sophomore year and it was with the girl he had been dating at camp.

The boys all looked at Hayden. “I’ve never had sex.” Hayden said matter-of-factly.

“Mini-Me, you’re a virgin?” Evan asked as if he was accusing him of being a serial murderer.

“Yes.” Hayden continued, trying to act brave and feeling better that Todd hadn’t lost his virginity his freshman year either.

Riley went next: “What was your first blowjob like?”

Evan began. “I was in seventh grade and I was at a party…It was Dylan’s?” Riley confirmed it was. “And everyone was drinking a little and hooking up. We played 7 minutes in heaven. I got Rachael Robin. We were kissing in the closet. Suddenly she dropped to her knees and unzipped me. I wasn’t exactly sure what was happening because it was dark, but it felt great. She was pretty good, I think too. Since I was only 13, I came pretty quickly and she was mad I didn’t warn her ‘cause she swallowed a lot of it and some was on her face and hair. Then the closet opened and everyone saw – my dick hanging out and Rachael on her knees. She was mad, but I didn’t give a shit.” Riley told a similar story from the very same party except he had been with Monica Connors and he had shot off onto the coats in the closet. He never did tell Dylan about the mess he made on his mother’s coats. They later learned that a group of the girls all agreed to give blowjobs to the boys that night in some sort of mutual pact.

Todd prefaced his story: “Now, remember I developed late – pubertywise. So it wasn’t until the end of freshman year that I was ready for anything. Before that I was a scrawny little kid. Not that I am so tall now. So it was that same summer at camp with the same girl. She blew me after we were going out for like 2 weeks. She was terrible at it and knew it. So I was able to use that to get her to fuck me a few days later.”

“I’ve never gotten a blowjob.” Hayden once again chirped up.

“You are a barrel of laughs in this game, kid. Great stories” Todd told him.

Evan decided to show off with his next question. “How many different girls have you fucked?”

After some quick math, they shared: Hayden -  0, Riley – 6, Todd – 12, Evan – 29.

“Twenty nine!” Todd chortled in complete disbelief.

“A lot of it was at summer camp last year. We sort of had this contest among the guys. I won.”

Todd passed around the bottle. Hayden continued to sip his original coke with a tiny bit of rum, while Evan polished off his fourth beer. Riley refilled his rum and coke, heavy on the rum. Todd, after taking another swig directly from the bottle, decided it was time to show off too. “How big is your cock?”

“What kind of faggotty question it that?” Evan barked.

“Totally legit. How big is your cock when it is hard? And don’t lie and say you never measured.”

“6 and half inches.” Evan said looking him right in the eye. “And I’m uncut too, you fairy.”

“I’m like 5 and half inches, I think. I haven’t measured it lately and I think it’s grown. And Hayden and I are both circumcised.” Riley tried to sound more confident about it than he was.

“I know you’ve never used it, but you do have a dick?” Todd questioned the quiet Hayden.

“Yeah. I’m almost 4 inches.” Hayden stretched the truth a tiny bit.

“And I’m 8 and a half. Cut.” Todd offered without emotion.

“Blow me, you are not!” Evan rejected. But he also said he wasn’t going to check up on it either.

“And it’s difficult when you wear a gymnastics outfit to hide anything either,” Todd added, though no one had asked.

Hayden’s turn came around again. “What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever had sex?”

Todd: “Gymnastics mat, vault, balance beam, and the rings all together on night after everyone had left the gym.”

Evan: “The church pulpit.” He refused to say more to the somewhat shocked other boys. “And it wasn’t with a queer minister either – it was with a girl!” he hastily added.

Riley: “I haven’t been in so many weird places…I guess, I got a blowjob in a storage closet at school. Does that count?”

Hayden: “I made out with a girl on the roller coaster.” They weren’t impressed.

Riley went next. “What is a secret about you that no one or almost no one knows about?”

Hayden went first. “I shave my whole body for swim practice.”

“Everyone knows that!” Riley dismissed.

“Pubes too!” Hayden added trying to salvage his answer.

“I used to jack off to a picture of your sister Erica,” Riley told Evan.

“You’re a fucking asshole,” Evan told him. Evan tried to think of something. Riley knew all his secrets. He was lost for an idea and shared something dull. “I once jacked off 11 times in one day. When I was in 7th grade.” No one seemed to care.

“I can blow myself,” Todd told them.

“No way!” Riley and Hayden both shouted. Todd explained how being a gymnast and having a big dick, it was a natural thing to try. One day he experimented and found, with a little effort and stretching, he could do it pretty easily. With a little practice, he got better at it.

“That’s so gay!” Evan told him.

“Hey, Evan,” Hayden asked. “Why does your dog lick his balls? Because he can.”

“You jacked off 11 times one day and you think that’s better – to use your hand rather than your mouth?” Riley asked him. Evan said it wasn’t as gay with your hand, but they moved on.

Evan was pissed at Todd for showing him up and decided to ask something he was safe on, but that he had heard a rumor about Todd. “Have you ever fooled around with a guy?” There was a look of disbelief. “I haven’t,” Evan began. “Your turn.”
“You know, fuck you, Evan!” Riley looked angrily at him. “That was a secret, you butthole.” Evan had completely forgotten about Riley’s story. The liquor guiding him, Riley decided to fess up. “When I was in eighth grade, I was off on a boy scout overnight. And one of the older scouts, that I’m not going to name so don’t ask, ended up sharing my tent, just the two of us. Well, I was trying to masturbate in my sleeping bag and he heard me and asked if he could help me out. He reached over, unzipped my bag, and began to jack me. I didn’t know what to do – he was a junior in High School and I was so terrified he’d tell everyone I was jerking off. So I let him do it. And then that was it. I zipped my bag up and went to sleep. And, Evan, you’re a real dick!”

Evan tried to apologize, explaining he had completely forgotten about that story, but Riley didn’t care. “I had almost the same experience,” Hayden shared. “Last year, on the boy scout campout, the guy in my tent and I were both masturbating and then we did it for each other. But just that one time – not ever again.” Riley had never heard that story and decided it must be true – Hayden just admitted to jacking the other guy off too.

“You’re a total queerhound, Mini-Me. How many cocks have you sucked?” Evan continued his usual taunting of Hayden, which pissed Hayden off.

Todd took another swig of the rum. He had a great buzz going. “You can never share this with any one. When I was a sophomore, we were on a gymnastics meet out of town. At the hotel that night, I was rooming with two other guys – both seniors. We didn’t have a lot of guys on the team then. Well, I went out for a while in the evening to talk to this one girl who was a total cocktease and I got nowhere. So I come back to the room with a raging hard-on and I walk in and find one of these guys blowing the other one. I didn’t know what to say or do, but they jumped up, closed the door, begged me not to tell anyone and they would do anything, and well, you know, it was like out of a porno thing or something, I mean it would be gay porn, but…” he was talking very quickly now. “So, I told them I wouldn’t tell and then one of them noticed my hard-on – it is hard for me to hide it – even back then – and the next thing is they have my pants down and both of them are sucking my dick. I hadn’t been with two girls yet, but suddenly I had two guys blowing me. And they were really good Well, I had only had a couple blowjobs at that point, but I know now that they were good. And one of them swallowed all my load, which my girlfriend then had refused to even think about. And that was it.”

The boys waited to see if the story was actually over. After some silence he continued. “Well, okay, the next morning, one of them blew me again. And I might have…well after we left the hotel room, nothing ever happened again.” Even Evan knew enough to let Todd’s story sit without comment.

Hayden said, “I think it is my turn.” Hayden hadn’t drunk much alcohol in his life. So his one rum and coke had dropped his defenses. He was feeling insecure around these three guys when he had no real sexual experience himself. Then he remembered something and tonight he could redeem himself by revealing some info through his question and piss off Evan at the same time. “Ummmm…Have you ever fooled around with a family member of anyone else in this room?”

There were some raised eyebrows as the oddity of the question. “I’ll go first,” Hayden said. “Evan’s mom likes to kiss me on the lips all the time.”

“She does not, you fuck,” Evan eloquently replied. Hayden shrugged his shoulders revealing that this was the best he could do. The better answer, he knew, was yet to come.

“You all don’t have any sisters for me to molest, so this a fucking dumbass question,” Evan noted. He had his own heavy buzz going and was feeling very energized. “When I was about 11, my older sister Erica got me hard to demonstrate to her friends how to give a handjob. I couldn’t shoot yet, so she left me with a woody.”

Riley smiled, remembering Evan telling him about the incident at the time. He took a gulp of his drink and decided to blurt out his secret: “It was your brother Benji who jacked me off in the boy scout tent, Todd.”

“That little homo,” Todd shook his head in disappointment. He had hints that his older brother, now a sophomore in college, was gay, but this was the first he heard that he was feeling up much younger boy scouts.

Todd then refused to answer. Given the honesty of everyone’s recent answers, they were surprised. “I never did anything…”

“Is that the whole truth?” Hayden asked him.

“Yes, now let’s move on…” Todd rushed them.

“I think we said we’d tell the whole truth.” Hayden continued moving down a dangerous path. The senior and the freshman stared at each other with intensity.

“You’ll fuckin’ regret this,” Todd said staring at Hayden. Then, looking downward, he quietly blurted out, “I got a blowjob from Evan’s sister at the church picnic this past October.”

After a small pause to absorb the information, Evan replied confused, “But Erica wasn’t at the church picnic this year. She was away at college.”

“Not your older sister…” Todd hesitated finishing the thought.

“Emily!?” Todd yelled. “She was only…13 years old then!”

“I didn’t mean for it to happen,” Todd defended himself. “She sort of attacked me in the bushes. And when a girl, especially a hot girl like your sister, even a young girl, pulls down your pants, I mean, you let her, right? You said your first blowjob was in seventh grade. So, your sister was older…”

“Shut the fuck up about my sister, you asshole! What I do is what I do, but my sister is another story. You can suck my dick!” Evan got out of the chair and began to walk towards Todd.

“Whoa!” Riley quickly jumped across the bed between them. “Let’s take a moment. Take five. No one kills each other tonight.”

Todd turned and shook his head angrily at Hayden. “How did you know?”

“I was going to ask Emily something and I saw you both walk go into the bushes and I followed after you to see why.” Hayden reported. He hadn’t expected Evan to be this angry.

“Let me go, Riley!” Evan insisted, shoving his friend.

“Not until you calm down.”

“Let me go, asshole!”

“No!” Riley said forcefully.


“Open the door right now!” the voice called from the hallway.

(Continued in Part 2)

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