Youth Group: Hotel Room Truth or Dare
By DerekGuy17

Note: This story series includes depictions and descriptions of gay sex and straight sex among high school students as well as gay incest. If that’s not your thing or if it is illegal for you to read this story, then stop. This story is completely made up and does not depict anything true.
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Recap: Four high school students – a junior, his freshman younger brother, his junior best friend, and a senior – are stuck in a hotel room together on a youth group trip. With nothing to do, they decide to play truth or dare – until now only doing truths.

Part 2 – Dare
“Let me go, Riley!” Evan insisted, shoving his friend.

“Not until you calm down.”

“Let me go, asshole!”

“No!” Riley said forcefully.


“Open the door right now!” the voice called from the hallway.

The four boys froze. The voice barked at them again.

While Todd and Hayden pulled the alcohol bottles from sight, Riley pushed past Evan and reluctantly opened the door to reveal a furious Chuck. He was holding a paperback of Kierkegaard that he carted around to pretend he was smart even though he never read it. Chuck was always easily intimidated by the youngest teenager who stood up against him, even Hayden, but was trying hard to show that he was in charge.

“You need to be quiet and to go bed!” the chaperone yelled, his voice cracking in the excitement. The boys stared at him stone-faced. They knew Chuck would break.

“Don’t make me get the Reverend. He’s already asleep.”

No response from any of the boys.

“I’ll get him right now! I will! You need to go to sleep! Oh…fine! Just keep it down. I’m trying to ree-ad!” he waved the philosophy book in the air as his voice reached a new high-pitched squeak on the last word.

As soon as Riley closed the door, all four boys burst into quiet laughter. Then Todd apologized to Evan. Hayden apologized to Todd. Evan apologized to Todd. The tension in the air began to slowly lift.

“Wait,” said Evan looking at Riley. “You never apologized to me.”

“For what? I stopped you from getting your ass kicked by the balance beam boy over there. I don’t owe you any apology,” Riley told him. “You owe me an apology for shoving me so hard.”

“How’s this for an apology,” Evan stood up grabbing his crotch. It wasn’t entirely clear to Todd and Hayden if they were joking or truly angry. “Fuck you, Riley!”

Riley had an odd look on his face, both smiling and angry at the same time. “To quote my friend Evan: ‘Suck my dick.’”

“Why don’t you dare me to do it?” Evan replied.

“Okay…wait, okay. I dare you. I dare you to suck my cock.”

“Fuck you!”

“I double dog dare you!”

Hayden’s voice stopped the conversation cold. “Well, we have our first dare.”

The three older boys looked at him confused.

Hayden continued in a lawyerly tone. “This is supposed to be truth or dare, right? We said we’d move on to the dares after we finished eating. We’re all done eating. We’re out of liquor. I think Evan just accepted the first dare of the evening.”

“Fuck you!” Evan said to both Riley and Hayden.

“He’s right,” Todd smiled in recognition. “That’s the rule. You called for a dare and he dared you. You can refuse, Evan, but then, of course, your breaking the rules of the game. And then we might have to start spreading rumors about you and certain sixth grade girls.”

“Or boys…” Hayden added.

Todd had another idea. “Or perhaps we should tell Reverend Peterson who ejaculated into the organ pipes last spring.”

“That wasn’t me!” Evan hastily replied.

“Well, they didn’t do DNA testing, so it’s hard to prove. And Riley and Hayden will back me up. Both our moms are church leaders and there are three of us against you. Or…we might come up with worse. On the other hand, you can accept the dare that you asked for and be done with it.”

“Wait a minute,” Riley interrupted. “I’m not sure that I want Evan to…”

“Would you act your age?” Hayden chastised his brother and his brother's best friend. “You agreed to the rules, now stop acting like little girls. Both of you. You’re hard just thinking about it, Riley, so don’t try and act like you now have changed your mind” Hayden pointed to the tent in the front of his pants. “And you’ll get your chance to dare someone next, Evan. Right?”

The three other boys again looked at each other. Hayden was guiding this logically, with assertiveness fueled by alcohol, but perhaps in a direction none of them wanted to go.

Evan knew his mother, who normally took such a hands-off approach to disciplining him, would kill him if she thought he had masturbated into the church organ. The minister had screamed and yelled at everyone in the school for two months after that. No one knew who it was although Riley and Evan were sure it had been Dylan Harris. Evan’s head was spinning anyway. He shouldn’t have chugged the last beer or had the shots of rum. “No one is going to know about this, right?” Evan asked.

“Why would we tell?” Todd responded. “We’ll all look like queers. This is just us, just tonight. We’re outside our normal behaviors.”

“Isn’t this a sin?” Riley asked, his mother’s influence guiding him.

“I think we’ve all sinned plenty in our lives. This is just a little fun. It doesn’t count. It’s just us,” Todd repeated.

“I think you’ve broken plenty of God’s rules with a lot of girls the last few years, Riley. What’s a few more?” Hayden added.

“I’m not going to swallow anything. You better warn me.” Evan advised Riley.

Riley nodded, still confused at what was happening. He hadn’t been serious when he said it – or had he? He wasn’t sure what he wanted, he couldn’t think totally clearly, but everything seemed out of his control.

Riley stood before his friend, looking up at him, their 5-inch height difference looking massive. Taking a deep breath, he put his hands on Evan’s shoulders and gently pushed him to kneel on the floor. Riley worked the elastic of the pajama bottom down over his 5 ½ inch hard-on and it sprang up into the hotel room’s warm air. He pulled off his pajama bottoms completely, leaving him naked from the waist down.

Todd and Hayden had moved to the edge of the bed, neither one showing any hesitation to stare. Evan, fully clothed and on his knees, began to lean in with some uncertainty. Riley was circumcised. While Evan had seen cut dicks in porno movies and in the school showers, in fact he had seen Riley’s dick many times over the years at sleepovers and the gym, he simply hadn’t paid much attention. Riley’s dick was different than his own. He was glad actually. It seemed simpler.

“The cap,” Riley told him as the bill of Evan’s Cardinals cap pushed into Riley’s stomach. Evan turned the cap backwards and reluctantly took hold of his first penis other than his own with his hand. When lightning didn’t strike and he didn’t go screaming from the room, Evan decided he’d be better off getting it over with than delaying it. He hated eating out a girl, but he’d do it when it led to an end. This is was a lot like that, although it actually seemed a little less disgusting, even though it also was so majorly gay.

“He’s my best friend,” both Evan and Riley thought to themselves to somehow find consolation. Evan’s lips closed on the end of the tip of Riley’s cock. All the breath left Riley’s lungs in disbelief and electricity surged through him as the lips touched his dick head. Evan recognized the sound having been in the same room and same car as Riley when his friend was being blown. He never imagined he’d be the cause of it.

Evan’s mind raced. How the hell do you give a blowjob? He had gotten a whole lot of them over the past few years. He quickly revisited some of the better ones. That was too many images. Better to think of just one – like last Saturday night with sophomore Kim Lee. The pretty Asian-American girl was forbidden from dating, even someone like Evan who came across as so nice to all the parents. But that hadn’t stopped her from sneaking out to a local party and going with Evan into a back room. Kim had shown some good skills. Moving her mouth up and down, using her teeth very gently on him, using her hand at the base, licking his balls, rubbing him, focusing her tongue on the head. As he remembered what she did, he began to try each one in turn on Riley.

Riley was confused. Okay, he’d had an occasional thought about what it would be like to get blown by a guy – hadn’t every guy? – but Evan wasn’t the guy he thought of. Well, maybe he was. Riley still couldn’t think clearly. Now his best friend since fourth grade, someone he’d been wingman for hundreds of time, and the most overtly heterosexual guy he knew, had his lips wrapped around his cock. And he was pretty decent! Okay, he didn’t take that much of his cock in, perhaps avoiding any gag effect, but he was doing a fine job with the rest, and even showing some variety, creativity, and, dare he say it, enthusiasm. They knew everything about each other. This was so wrong. But it didn’t feel wrong. It felt great.

Under other circumstances, Riley would offer moans and sighs, he would grab the girl’s head and guide her rhythm, he’d call out, “Faster! Deeper! Oh, yeah, Baby!” But he couldn’t show Todd and Hayden how much he was enjoying this and he didn’t want to spook Evan.

Evan began to pick up the pace. Riley couldn’t help but breathe heavier and even grunt a little involuntarily. Evan was actually pleased to hear the sound. He was doing it right. Whenever Evan actually made the effort to do something, especially with sex, he wanted to be really good at it. And that sound also meant it would be over soon. He’d get his own rewards then if he understood how the game worked.

The hot teen pulled his mouth off Riley’s throbbing shaft and stared for a moment as it pulsed with lust. He looked up at his best friend whose eyes were closed with aching satisfaction. Diving back in, he put his left hand onto Riley’s cock, while his right hand and mouth descended on his friend’s mostly hairless balls. Todd and Hayden’s eyes opened wide to see Evan engage in such a bold act. Soon the athletic teenager was back at work on the shaft. His right hand stroking the base while his mouth and tongue centered on the cockhead with a furious pace.

Riley’s breathing was coming faster and faster, and, without realizing it, he reached around and began to push on the back of Evan’s head into an even faster motion. “I’m….I’m…” Riley managed to get out. Quickly, Evan pulled his mouth off the dick. The first spray of cum hit Evan in the face. The next volley landed on his shoulder. As Riley groaned in delight, the remaining shots fell to the hotel carpet.

When his orgasm had ended, Riley opened his eyes. His first surprise was seeing Evan, still on his knees, a steak of cum across his face. The second was that Evan was still holding the base of his softening cock. Riley smiled and said, “Thanks.”

Evan stood up, gave a half nod to the others, and then walked to the bathroom where they heard the water running as Evan washed the cum off his face and brushed his teeth. Riley, suddenly embarrassed, pulled his pajama bottoms back on. Evan returned with his cum-stained shirt in his right hand, which he tossed onto his luggage, and a towel in his left which he tossed to Riley and motioned the cum stains on the floor. Riley dropped the towel on top of creamy liquid drops and turned to Hayden and Todd.

“What happens now?”

Todd was stunned into complete silence at what he just saw. Hayden seemed relatively unfazed and took charge. “It’s Evan’s turn. He can pick any of us and we can choose truth or dare, but it seems like everyone is sort of obligated to choose dare from now on to be fair.” Riley and Todd both nodded in confused agreement. Then they all looked over at Evan who had settled back into the armchair and returned his hat to forward position. He was still shirtless, wearing only jeans, a belt, and socks as he put his baseball cap back on.

Evan gave perhaps the single longest speech of his life: “I have good fucking reasons to pick any of you, assholes. Todd, I’m fucking pissed at what you did to my sister. I’ll deal with that another time. And Riley, what you just made me do. But I have an idea on how to get even with you, but also settle another score. You see, the whole ‘dare’ thing would have been left alone except that Mini-Me decided to stick his fuckin’ nosey-ass virgin mouth into our conversation. So, Mini-Me, I actually blame you for everything and that’s why I pick you, Hayden.”

Hayden was nervous. Evan never used his real name and he was in some terror about what that meant. Evan was staring at him, waiting for a response. Hayden suddenly realized what he was supposed to say, “Okay…Dare?” he choked out.

“Good. I’ll make this simple. Mini-Me, I dare you to blow me and to swallow it all up.” Turning to Riley, he nodded, “And then we’re even!”

Riley tried to think of something to say. He wanted to protect his brother, but Evan was actually right that Hayden has caused this mess. If Hayden was so smart as to create the situation, he’d have to be smart enough to get himself out of this one.

The fourteen-year-old got off the bed and walked closer to the armchair. He’d go in confidentially and show that Evan didn’t intimidate him at all. Even though he did. “Okay,” he told Evan looking him in the eye. “Where do you want it?”

Evan stayed seated and grabbed his package and shook it. Hayden dropped down onto his knees in front of the older teenager and reached up for the fly on Evan’s jeans. He undid the belt and then unsnapped the button, unzipped the front, and then reached down and pulled off the pants one leg at a time.

“Socks,” Evan ordered. Hayden tossed them to the side. Evan was left with only his baseball cap and his boxer briefs. Hayden noted the spot of pre-cum and the thick package that was behind it. As Hayden reached to pull the underwear off, Evan stopped him. “Lick the outside first.”

Hayden hesitated. He had never gotten farther than a handjob and two of them shouldn’t really count. There was the one time in boy scouts in the tent, once from a swim coach later that year who had a thing for little boys which he never told anyone about, and twice from his reluctant ex-girlfriend as a substitute for any other sexual contact she might offer. While he thought about sex all the time, he had very little personal experience. However, he spent a lot of time on the internet and blowjobs had been a fantasy for him. The sexual act that most interested him. He had downloaded pictures, asked his brother and some others about them, and masturbated to thoughts about them – pretty much every day for the last three years. His fantasies varied across girls he knew, celebrities, and occasionally one of his friends, his brother’s friends, and even (he didn’t even like to admit to himself), his brother. But he was always on the receiving end of the fantasy, never the giver.

That was all changing right now. Evan’s cock was already pretty hard, Hayden noted, as he ran his tongue along the shape of the shaft through the cotton. Evan began to stoke the young boy’s hair, much like he’d do with a girl, and offered the reassuring statements he’d give to a novice girl: “That’s it, keep it up, you’ve got it now, that’s nice.” Hayden worked Evan’s underwear off and stared at a hard cock up close for the first time. Evan’s cock was 6 and half inches long and looked even bigger to the virginal boy. It was amply thick and was uncircumcised. Hayden knew almost nothing about uncircumcised dicks and was worried that it worked differently that his own.

“Suck it,” Evan demanded. Hayden, shocked by the forcefulness of the statement, grabbed the big dick with both hands, helped the foreskin retract, and placed his mouth over it.

Evan had been the first dick in the mouth of literally dozens of girls. He was a pro at giving suggestions to help the process – warnings about teeth, how to use the tongue, when to go deeper, how to take it slow and not to gag. Evan was ready to dump a girl when he was done with her, but while she was with him, he was a gentle, but direct lover. Now, he began to impart his wisdom and advice to Hayden, who proved a quick and eager learner.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the small boy could really swallow a cock. Within only a few minutes he practically had his nose buried in Evan’s blond pubic hair, swallowing much more than Evan was able to of Riley’s dick. After determining a rhythm up and down, he listened to Evan’s comments on licking the shaft and working the balls. At one point, his hand had crept behind the scrotum and began to reach towards the butt. “Stay out of that zone,” Evan warned him.

Hayden found he was loving this. He had such incredible power over Evan. He could bring the pleasure up or down, regulate his lust, control his responses. This was the first time he ever had any sort of hold over his brother’s best friend. Hayden began to ignore the junior’s comments and set his own pace of pleasuring him. And he didn’t want it to be over too soon. In and out, using the teeth, the tongue, the cheeks, saliva. He slowed down the whole pace and then sped up again.

“Fuck!” Evan grunted. “I gotta cum…this little fucker is good. This can’t be his first one.”

“It is” Hayden called out as he momentarily let go of Evan’s cock.

“Well, I am a fucking great teacher then. Now, suck me hard and fast and don’t stop…” Evan insisted. He grabbed the back of Hayden’s head and forced his cock deep in his mouth and then let up. Over and over and over he began thrusting his hips forward as he pushed the teen’s face down onto his dick. Even when Hayden began to gag a little, Evan didn’t let up, fucking the smooth cheeked boy with growing fervor.

Then Evan froze, his hips still as he held Hayden’s head in place, his cock deep into his throat. “Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Evan’s release was a familiar sound to Riley from double dates. The hips began moving again as he ejaculated down Hayden’s throat. Hayden was completely unsure of what to do. At first he tried holding the semen in his mouth, but that caused him to choke, so he swallowed what he could before pulling off of the dick and coughing. The final spasm of cum smacked the 14-year-old on the side of the face.

‘Fuck me!” Evan grunted again. “Now do it right. Lick my cock clean.”

With a raised eyebrow, the younger boy cleared his mouth by swallowing the remaining cum even as felt it also drip down his cheek. It was weird taste, not exactly like the drops of his own her tried, but it wasn’t so bad. He took Evan’s cock back in his mouth and used his tongue to bathe the softening fuckstick with saliva and bring it to cleanliness.

“Fuck. You’re a fuckin’ good cocksucker, Hayden, you little queer.” It was the one of the first nice things Hayden had ever heard from Evan, even if only a partial compliment. Hayden smiled and realized his face was still covered in cum. He headed off to the bathroom to wash, brush his teeth, use mouthwash, and clean up. Evan put his underwear and jeans back on and pulled on another shirt from his bag.

“Mini-Me, I’m impressed. Are you sure there aren’t experiences you’ve been keeping from us?” Riley asked his brother as he returned to the room.

Hayden simply shook his head and declared, “It’s my turn.”

Before anyone could suggest rules about repeaters and the like, Hayden spoke up. “I know what I want already. And you’ll be surprised, maybe. I don’t believe that Todd can actually suck his own dick. I want to see him do it and see him shoot on his own face. Todd, I dare you to blow yourself.”

Riley, Evan, and Todd all let out a little sigh that they weren’t going to suck anyone else – or worse. But Todd was also a bit embarrassed. Almost no one had ever watched him suck himself. He didn’t do it that much – it took some work and why do for yourself what you can get others to do it for you?

“I have to stretch,” he explained as he stripped off his sleep pants and t-shirt. He spread his legs in a wide “V” and began to loosen his muscles and body. His cock, already hard from watching the two guy-on-guy blowjobs, now was even more attentive.

“Hurry the fuck up,” Evan demanded.

Todd stretched for another few minutes and declared himself ready by removing his boxers. The loose fitting boxers had hidden much of the python underneath. Eight and a half inches of circumcised flesh shot up. They had only seen something that size in a porn movie. On the trim body of the 5’5” gymnast, it looked like a third leg.

Todd positioned himself onto the bed, grabbed some pillows to support his butt and lower back, and flipped his legs up and back. His feet nearly touched the mattress over his head. His butt stuck right in the air facing Evan. It took a few flips, moving around, and grabbing onto his legs, but Todd was in position and slowly lowered the head of his cock in his mouth from above.

“That’s it?” Evan asked unimpressed. Riley and Hayden were far more in awe.

Todd dropped his legs down onto the bed. “I can go deeper if I stretch more – but you can help me by pushing on my legs.” Todd flipped his legs back up and brought the tip back into his mouth. Riley and Hayden each went to a side of the senior and gently pushed down on his legs bringing his groin lower. Another couple inches entered Todd’s mouth where he was sucking with eagerness. He worked his cock in and out of his own mouth repeatedly, the hard, long tool getting harder and longer.

After a few minutes, Todd let his cock out of his mouth and signaled Riley and Hayden to let go as we brought his legs back around to the bed and sat up.

“You didn’t cum!” Hayden said regretfully.

“Not yet,” Todd said confidentially as he changed positions, this time sitting with his legs apart and one hand pulling up his left leg. He leaned forward and took his cock in his mouth.

“I wish I could do that,” Hayden said out loud what all three boys were thinking. Hayden tried to help out by pushing gently on Todd’s back. With his right hand, Todd was jacking himself, faster and faster. Then, silently, his body tensed and they could see a little liquid at the corner of Todd’s lips. He pulled his mouth off the head of his cock. With Hayden still pushing on his back, the rest of his ejaculation burst forth, covering his face. Todd finished with a few deep breaths and sat back up.

“See?” Todd said as he headed off to the bathroom. The three other boys were wordless. To have a cock that big. To be able to pleasure yourself like that whenever you wanted. Evan finally understood Hayden’s statement about a dog licking his balls cause he can.

Todd returned still naked, his cock, now semi-flaccid, still looking gigantic between his legs. He got dressed, plopped back down on the bed, and looked at Riley.

“My turn?” Riley asked with feigned innocence.

“Well, everyone else has been dared. You haven’t been.” Todd responded.

“What do you want me to do?” Riley’s nervousness grew with each passing moment.

“Fair is fair. I mean, Evan sucked a dick. Hayden sucked a dick. I sucked a dick. But you haven’t.”

“You are not going to make me suck your cock – it is so big, I….”

Todd interrupted him. “Fair is fair. My dick has already been sucked. So has yours. So has Evan’s. That only leaves…”

“Fuck that! I am not sucking my brother’s dick!” Riley jumped up from the edge of the bed.

If Evan had understood the concept of irony, he would have found the moment delicious. “Come on, man. You started this whole thing. And Mini-Me’s never gotten a blowjob. Who better than his sweet, loving older brother?” Evan added with a smile.

“It’s a much smaller dick than mine or Evan’s.” Todd reminded him. “I dare you to give Hayden a blowjob…and to swallow.”

Hayden watched these events in stunned silence. His first blowjob? Riley blowing him? He was having trouble computing it all when he heard Riley say, “Okay. I’ll do it. A dare is a dare. But you fucking suck.”

“Right now, you’re the one who needs to suck. Get to it.” Todd waved him towards his freshman brother.

Riley considered what would work best. He didn’t want this to last any longer than it needed. But it was also Hayden’s first blowjob. It shouldn’t be a bad experience. And Hayden had no experience.

“Lie down on the bed,” Riley told his brother. Hayden moved on top of the quilt of the other bed – the one Riley and Evan had been sharing. “And take off your clothes.”

“I don’t know…” Hayden finally tried to say, but Riley told him stop being a baby, be quiet, and strip. Hayden immediately shucked his pajama top and bottom quickly revealing a skinny, hairless frame with decently defined pecs and abs. He had an evolving swimmer’s body. He also had no hair anywhere. Not on his arms, legs, or chest.

Todd put several pillows under Hayden’s head to help him have a better view. Riley moved between his brother’s legs and removed his tighty-whitey underwear. Hayden’s cock was flaccid and tiny in fear and confusion. Riley would have to bring it to life. He had no hair there either – no pubes, none on his balls. While naturally he had little, Hayden wasn’t exaggerating when he said he shaved the rest off.

Riley whispered quietly, “Close your eyes and enjoy it. Don’t think. We’re both just going to do this. Close your eyes.” But Hayden would be damned if he’d close his eyes. He was going to watch every moment to savor it and be able to return to it in fantasy. This was a one-time thing and he wouldn’t lose a second of it.

Riley took his brother’s cock in his hand and began to rub the soft small member. This was only the fifth person to ever touch Hayden’s dick sexually – including Hayden. He started to giggle a little at the absurdity of watching his older brother masturbate him.

“Blowjob, Riley, not handjob,” Todd reminded him. Evan was entranced. He hadn’t really watched other people getting a blowjob before – when they were in the same room, he was busy with some other girl. Now there was his best friend with a miniature version of himself naked below him. As Riley lowered his mouth onto Hayden’s dick, Evan felt himself get hard again.

A small dick gets hard pretty quickly. Even with Hayden’s embarrassment of being sucked in public and by his brother, the thrill of having this fantasy come to life was incredible. Within a few short strokes, Hayden was at his maximum. His almost four inches were skinny, but promising. Riley had been a little smaller at Hayden’s age, and Riley had a huge growth spurt over the last year. Hayden might end up bigger than him, he regretfully noted.

Instinct is a powerful thing. Hayden’s body responded to the mouth around his member and his pelvis began to move in rhythm. “Faster,” he begged his brother. Riley began to move his mouth up-and-down with greater speed. He didn’t really think about the extras he could do – like Evan did to him or Hayden did to Evan. He simply wanted to make his brother cum. A nice cum, but this was not what he ever imagined.

“Faster!!” Hayden called as he began to push on his brother’s head. His breathing was intense. Riley didn’t think he could make his head bob up and down much faster. He began to use his tongue to caress his brother’s cock as he moved up and down. “Yes! Yes!” Hayden shouted.

Hayden grabbed at the bedspread with his hands and scrunched it and he continued to call out, “Yes!” Riley was sweating and his jaw hurt, but he continued to suck with all his might.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!” Hayden shouted as his came. Riley tried to swallow as fast as he could, avoiding tasting it. But he recognized that smell and taste instantly.  Resisting his impulses, he kept his mouth on his brother’s dick as it emptied blast after blast. Hayden was quieter, but still was calling out “Yes!”

“Fuck!” was all Evan had to offer. There was a moment of absolute silence as Todd and Evan stared in amazement at Riley’s mouth wrapped around his brother’s dick. Then the silence was broken.


“What in God’s name is going in there?” they heard the voice of Reverend Tim call to them from the hall. “Open this door immediately!”

(continued in part 3)

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