Youth Group: The Poker Game
By DerekGuy

Warning: This story describes gay and heterosexual sexual encounters among teenagers. Why are you reading this if it offends you or is illegal for you to do so? Stop now.  This story is completely fiction and does not depict any real events. It is just a story.

Notes: After many, many requests via e-mail (thanks everyone for writing!), this is a sequel to "Hotel Room Truth or Dare," which I consider the best story I have written so far. This story will also be in three parts. I encourage you to read the original first.
While the previous story mentioned heterosexual sex, it only described actions involving gay sex.
This particular story has both homosexual and heterosexual sex in it.
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Youth Group: The Poker Game
Part One

The Ritual
The tradition had begun quite by accident. Gary Larson started up a small poker game when he was a freshman with other kids in the church youth group. At the time, it seemed quite illicit to play poker for money. They played in the church clubhouse, a small separate building on the church campus, and told the very trusting minister that they were playing games like Monopoly. The minister gave the trusted Gary a key to open and close the clubhouse on Tuesdays, the maintenance guy's night off.

By senior year, the game had attained a bit of a cult status and was invitation only. Gary's younger brother, Adam, a freshman, asked his brother for permission to continue the game the following year and keep the name "Tuesday Night Poker" in the Larson family. Gary didn't really get along with Adam, but he also wanted the poker game to go on. While anyone could start up a game, this one was the official game already seeped in ritual and legend. Any other game would be pale in comparison. There was the official poker felt, the official decks of cards, the official chips, and more. It was the original and more importantly it was the one that had control of the church clubhouse. It was the only game that mattered and Adam would do anything to get control.

At the final poker game of the year, Adam was invited to join in for the first time. He was told he could play tonight, learn the rituals, and then take it over beginning the following fall - clubhouse, chips, cards, felt, and all. On one condition. The 7 guys who regularly played had talked long and hard about what they could do to humiliate Adam just for fun, and yet still pass along the game.

"What's the condition?" Adam asked.

"You have to blow everyone here," Gary's friend Charlie stated, barely able to contain his hysterical laughter, "including your brother." The seven boys weren't serious. They wanted to torture Adam for a while before letting him off the hook. But to their shock, after a moment's thought, Adam quietly said, "As long as I don't I have to swallow."

And so the Tuesday Night Poker game added what became its most sacred and secret ritual - the ritual of transfer. At the final game of senior year, a freshman had to give every regular player a blowjob that night. What worked out especially conveniently was the Larson family's consistency. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Larson were a very exacting Protestant couple who liked routine. Every three years, Mrs. Larson joined her husband at his the engineering convention in Palm Springs. Normally very repressed, the Larson enjoyed themselves sexually on these trips and each time, they conceived a child. Five boys were born, almost exactly three years apart in age and three grades apart. So the Larson boy in his senior year always had a freshman brother to pass the game onto. Gary passed it onto Adam. Adam onto William. William onto Tommy. And Tommy onto Ike.  Each time the younger brother gave seven consecutive blowjobs culminating with his own brother. Gary, Adam, William, and Ike had never done anything before with a boy outside of that one evening. Tommy, having learned about the ritual his older brothers had done, was so nervous that he practiced several times on his friend Kyle in advance. It was the Church Youth Group's little gay secret that no one outside the poker circle knew about. And it was a revered hidden tradition.

But rituals sometimes have to change. The Larsons had five consecutive boys who had been running the Tuesday poker game for 16 straight years. Since there was a sixth and final Larson child who finishing freshman year, the game seemed to be destined to stay in the family yet again. But the youngest Larson was Susan, the only girl in the family. She had no interest in poker. And she certainly wasn't going to give anyone a blowjob, let alone her older brother. At 15-years-old, she liked boys plenty, but she wanted nothing to do with the poker game or its ridiculous queer traditions. End of story.

Tuesday Night - The Alternate Sibling
"What the fuck are we going to do?" Kevin Harris sucked in another cigarette. Most of the boys didn't smoke outside of the game. Kevin was the exception. He thought the cigarettes made him like hip, like a jazz guitarist, but mostly he was addicted.

"We can't have a girl in charge of the game," Michael Campbell gulped down his fifth beer of the evening, and it was still early. Mikey never seemed to show effects from the alcohol, his 6'5" frame absorbing it all reflecting his football nickname, Moose (as in "hung like a bull moose"). Mikey was a physical force and was off to college on a free ride, Division A football scholarship. "But Ike, if your sister wants to blow me just for fun, I'll let her," he added to some laughter.

"Let's take it easy," Todd Evans counseled. Todd was usually the most level-headed. At 5'5" he appeared comical next to his giant friend Moose, but Todd, a gymnast, was in great shape and had supreme confidence in himself. Part of that was his huge dick that was legendary among the guys, a big subject of gossip among the girls, and, as one drunken party last year proved, bigger than Moose's. "We just need to get consider alternatives. There are always options."

Nick Shapiro was, as usual, quiet. Nick wasn't a member of the church youth group and was, in fact, an active member of his Jewish synagogue's own youth group. But he and Ike had been next-door neighbors and best friends since the crib, and Ike had broken tradition by bringing in an outsider. It turned out Nick was entertaining and also sucked at poker, so the other boys enjoyed themselves while also making a steady income off his lack of skill. He tried never to intrude on the youth group or church traditions discussed, so he had kept quiet up until now.

"What are you thinking, Nick?" Ike asked, always valuing his friend's counsel.

"Well, if you sister isn't the right person, how about another member of the group's sibling?" Nick suggested.

It was an obvious solution and they looked around the room. Nick was an only child. Todd had only an older brother, Benji, off at college. Moose had four sisters - 2 much older and 2 much younger. Kevin had a younger brother, Dylan, a sophomore. But everyone hated Dylan. He was a troublemaking jackass who was reckless with his misadventures and got everyone else in trouble for it. Just over two months ago, he had pressured Kerry Reed into doing some things she wasn't ready for during a youth group event. She told her parents everything. Dylan had been suspended from the youth group and the annual Washington trip had changed so radically with extra-supervision that all the senior boys except for Todd had dropped out. While Kevin would enjoy seeing his brother take seven cocks in the mouth, they couldn't they turn the poker game over to such a loudmouth little shit who Kevin knew had ejaculated in the church organ pipes the previous spring.

All eyes turned to the two other boys in the room. Evan Coleman and Riley Ross had tried to be respectful and quiet since joining the game 7 weeks ago. After returning from their memorable weekend in Washington, DC with Todd and the church youth group, two spots suddenly opened up in the Tuesday Poker game. Sam Henderson had been struggling with drugs for years and finally overdosed. He was off at a rehab clinic in Minnesota. Luis Diaz' mother had fallen ill, and he and his sister Maria had to take care of their younger siblings on Tuesday nights. With two unexpected openings, Todd had suggested the two juniors, Evan and Riley. While it was unusual to have anyone of a different grade involved, it wasn't unprecedented. Everyone liked Riley whose parents were also leaders in the church. He was affable and good-natured, trying to please others, yet occasionally breaking the rules. Evan was regarded with mixed emotions. He was a great athlete, a great looking kid, and everyone respected how he seemed to be able to get away with anything while maintaining a spotless reputation with adults and the girls in town. But Evan had stolen away more than his share of girls from some of the boys in the room. The seniors assumed Riley, who was so congenial, and Evan, who was as dumb as a post, would be easy marks for some extra cash. The dollar signs led to the invitation to join. While it turned out Riley was easily bluffed, Evan, they discovered, was a great poker player rivaling Ike for the most consistent winnings.

"You have younger siblings, right?" Nick asked.

"My sister Emily is an eighth grader," Evan flatly answered.

"But I bet she'd have no problem with the blowjobs," Moose loudly whispered to Todd.

"Shut up!" Todd hissed both angry and laughing. Emily had blown Todd at the church picnic the previous fall, which had later caused an emotional outburst from the protective Evan.

"Hayden's the right age," Riley interrupted the tension and recognizing an opportunity. "He's finishing freshman year."

"Your brother is so small, he'd need a high chair to play," Moose continued joking.

Hayden was 14 with his 15th birthday coming up in almost two weeks. He hadn't hit a growth spurt and was a slim 5'2". Since Riley was the tallest member of the family at 5'7", no one held out hopes for a basketball scholarship. But Hayden was a surprisingly tough and competitive kid, even though he appeared soft and breakable.

"Does your brother even play poker?" Kevin asked, opening his second pack of cigarettes.

Riley thought back to the World Series of Poker on ESPN when the two brothers watched it each week. Hayden was always better at predicting what a particular player might do or what the announcer would advise. And he always cleaned up in any family games.

"Look, that doesn't matter," Ike inserted. "The questions are, do we trust him with the game? And the ritual. Would he do it?"

Sucking seven cocks including his brother's? "I think he can be persuaded," Riley added trying hard not to look at either Evan or Todd. The adventures of the four boys in the hotel room two months ago were sworn to secrecy among them. None of the three had discussed it much since getting back. Riley knew Hayden could suck a dick and that, according to Evan, was even good at it.

"Well, that seems our best option. You and Evan can have the game next year if Hayden does it," Ike felt a little relieved. "Talk with him quickly and let me know. Next Tuesday is the final meeting of the year. He'd need to do the ritual then. Or else, the game is in trouble."

"Let's play some fucking poker," Kevin coughed out between drags.

Late Tuesday Night - Convincing Hayden
"Think of the power!" Riley pleaded.

"No! No! I am not going to be the community mouth for your friends," Hayden was screaming like a little boy. "I can't believe you even offered it!"

"Hayden, calm down. I just thought you loved poker and would..."

"Suck seven guys? Are you nuts? Where the fuck do you come up with that? Get a clue for Christ's sake." Hayden and Riley hadn't gotten along well in the past few weeks. Previously, they had been extremely close with Hayden, because of how much he looked like and followed around Riley, gaining the nickname MiniMe.

But since DC, Hayden had been struggling with his continued infatuation for Riley. He had liked being with his brother and thought they should keep experimenting. His brother had refused to talk about any aspect of it with him, so Hayden's longing and loss turned to anger as he learned brother had just whored him out.

"Just start your own game!" Hayden cried.

"You know every rival game has been seen as crap. We want the Tuesday night youth group game and we need the clubhouse," Riley was unusually direct and persistent.

Evan was bored of the argument. "Hey, MiniMe, you are acting like a fucking retard. You sucked my dick, so you can suck a few more. I want that poker game. Riley wants the game. And you will get the game. You'll actually be popular because of it. So shut up."

When Hayden had sucked Evan in DC, he thought Evan might finally be nice to him because of it, but Evan was just as dismissive as always. It was a love-hate relationship that mostly was Evan dismissing MiniMe.

"Ike did it," Riley finally broke the secret. "And so did Tommy and all the Larson brothers. It's the ritual. It started way back with Gary who founded the game. They each did the ritual at the final game of the year. No one knew. The seniors all went off to college. And the younger brother got the most exclusive teenage social gathering in town. That can be yours. One night in return for the next three years."

Hayden was dumbfounded. Ike Larson didn't seem to have a gay bone in his body. He was dating one of the hottest girls in school and stories about him having sex in all sorts of public places were legendary. Of course, Evan also didn't seem to have a gay bone in his body, but Hayden had watched Evan suck and get plowed by Riley in the hotel room and seemingly appreciate it.

"Tell me the details," Hayden closed his eyes. If he did it, he realized, he'd get to suck Riley for the first time and his brother couldn't get out of it.

The ritual was simple. Hayden would come to the poker game next Tuesday and observe. He didn't have to swallow, but could use a tissue or shirt or something if he wished. He just had to make sure there wasn't a mess in the clubhouse. If he blew all seven guys before the end of the evening, he would become the official caretaker of the Tuesday Night Poker Game and get the key to the clubhouse. Riley and Evan would oversee it next year in Hayden's name and then Hayden would have it his junior and senior years. That was the plan.

"No," Hayden flatly refused after Riley explained the process.

"Oh come on!" Evan shouted. "Stop being a little dildo and suck the damn dicks. Tell you what, if you do it, I'll get you some tenth grade hottie to pluck your cherry if you'd like."

"Well, I might like that," Hayden responded, "But I wasn't saying no to doing it. I'll do it." The two juniors let out a small sigh. "But on my terms."

Riley smiled at how confident his brother had become since DC. He never stood up to Evan before then. Only with your brother could you be angry at him and proud of him simultaneously, Riley thought.

"What are the terms?" Riley asked in comforting tones.

"First, no one talks about it afterwards. Just like DC."

"Of course," Riley nodded. Why would anyone want to talk about it?

"Second, I decide in what order I do it. And though I don't have much experience, I think everyone will be satisfied, right Evan?" Evan shifted uncomfortably. "Third, if I do it, then the poker game is mine. Not yours. Mine, just like Ike had it his sophomore year. I could be persuaded to let the two of you join it next year, and I'd be willing to consider some of your friends to play in return for other various favors, but the game is mine and the decisions are mine."

"Persuaded?" Evan asked. The brothers weren't sure if he was looking for details or just didn't know the word.

"What do you want?" Riley asked quietly. He knew that neither he nor Evan was going to like this.

"First, I want you to help me get together with Katie Peterson." Katie was their minister's younger daughter and was stunning. Hayden had briefly fooled around with her once, but she, like her sister, projected a virginal untouchableness.

"How are we supposed to do that?" Evan sneered. If he had any power over Katie, he'd have banged her himself.

"Riley can help me on that one. And that's how he'll get in the game. Evan, if you want to play next year, you have to arrange things between me and your sister."

"Fuck no!" Evan shouted. While both Evan and his older sister Erica were free with their sexuality, Evan refused to accept that his younger sister Emily was heading quickly down the same road. He knew she had already done quite a bit, but he wouldn't acknowledge it. Hayden had a crush on her for years, but Evan could only imagine her as an angel despite clear evidence to the contrary. "Fuck me, I will not do it!"

"Well, there is that alternative," Hayden paused for effect. Getting a reaction out of Evan was almost reward enough. "Either I get with your sister Emily...or I fuck you."

Friday Night - Riley
Riley was working triple overtime on the Katie situation. One of Katie's closest friends was Paige Brighton. Riley had been dating her for four weeks. They had fucked for the first time last weekend - her first time ever. Now he was talking up his brother to Paige in the hopes that Katie would be willing to go out with Hayden.

"Katie isn't allowed to date until she's 16," Paige explained as she stroked Riley's cock in the back of his car. Just a freshman, she was excited be dating this hot junior whom she thought she was falling in love with.

"Well, it doesn't have to be a date. She just has to talk to him in private. I know she likes him. It's obvious," Riley was in heaven looking at the bare-chested girl and wished they could finish the conversation so he could try and get a blowjob.

"Maybe she likes him," Paige could be a little girl sometimes. "But he's so small."

"He's not that small," Riley though of his brother's dick in his ass. It seemed to make him even harder.

"Well, Katie does think he's kind of cute. Maybe on Sunday. Tell Hayden to meet Katie in the children's playground right as the sermon begins. I'll set it up."

"Thanks, Paige." He kissed her and grabbed the back of her head and pushed the young teen girl's mouth onto his dick.

Friday Night - Evan
Evan was grunting louder than usual. He was taking 14-year-old Becca Taylor from behind doggie-style for her first fuck. He probably should have done the missionary position, but she had a sweet ass and a tiny rack, so this seemed just as good. He had never even spoken to this girl before yesterday, but tonight he was getting out some stress and frustration. He knew Becca was one of the girls in the freshman class that Hayden had the hots for, so Evan decided to get there first. He also loved the challenge of the virgin girl. He was impressed with himself on this one. Only twenty-four hours after first saying hello to Becca, they were having sex. He loved that. Fuck, he was awesome.

Evan started to think about the girls who lost their virginity to him. Then there were the girls he fucked in the ass for the first time. Evan's mind started to wander. There was Todd who he fucked in the ass. And then Riley had fucked him. Evan was still bothered by the events in the hotel room two months ago. Not the gay stuff. He was fine with getting pleasure and even having to give it - whatever, it felt good. Who care whose lips were around your cock? He was upset with Riley. It was Riley who had been the top and he had been the bottom. He had sucked Riley. He had been fucked by him. When he had ever imagined getting together with Riley, as he once or twice had, it was always Riley servicing him. Evan could not be the bitch. He wanted to restore the balance in their relationship. Riley was the brains. Evan was the charm and the top dog. He had to get back on top. And he had been grumpy to Riley ever since DC.

"Ow!" Becca moaned, more in pain than any pleasure. She knew this was a mistake, that Evan would never talk to her again, but it was too late now. Hard lessons learned at 14.

"Almost there," he grunted. His mom would be home in about 20 minutes, so he had to hurry up. Becca was leaning over the back of the couch, completely naked. Evan was wearing his signature St. Louis Cardinals baseball cap on his head backwards and nothing else. Perhaps to compensate for having sex with guys in Washington, Evan had seemed to make it his mission to be with as many girls as possible these past two months. While he had already racked up an incredible 29 different girls that he fucked in the three years between losing his virginity to his older sister's friend in 8th grade and around the time of the DC trip, he was adding furiously to that pace, going for three girls a week minimum. Riley had spent the past two months dating only two different girls steadily and for what? He had been with Shannon for three weeks, never got past second base, she always criticized him, and she dumped him, cheating on him with a sophomore. With Paige, it had taken Riley four weeks to get a fuck. With Evan's system, the fuck came on the first - and only - date or it wouldn't come at all.

"Aaaahhhh!" Evan came with intensity, the condom keeping the freshman girl safe from physical repercussions. When she had imagined her first time, Becca had never considered that she would be dressed and hustled out the door less than 10 minutes after losing her virginity, the pain of Evan's 6 ½" still throbbing between her legs.

Friday Night - Todd
Todd had wondered for years if he was gay. Or at least bi. He had loved being with girls and by the DC trip had fucked what he considered an impressive 12 different ones. He knew he was good-looking, in great shape (thanks to his rigorous morning workout and strict diet), and was blessed with a gigantic penis. At the end of a workout, if he wasn't too wiped out when got home, he would stretch down and suck his 8 ½", usually swallowing the load. But other than lots of looks and suggestions from some older gay guys, he had never done anything gay. At least not until his sophomore year.

The two seniors were good-looking and when he walked in on them having sex in their shared hotel room, they had kept the 15-year-old quiet by giving him a double blowjob. One of them sucked him again the next morning, and the other he had fucked later in the afternoon. But he didn't reciprocate despite their requests. Until he had Evan's cock in his butt and his own in tiny Hayden's, he hadn't done anything else with another guy. But he had thought about it. A lot.

In the eight weeks since that DC night, that had changed. In that time Todd had slept with only one girl, a fellow senior he had fucked two years earlier, when they were a little drunk at a party. But now he became the new hit among his male gymnastics teammates. While only half were gay (or at least out of the closet), that was more than enough to keep him busy. With his huge dick, the size queens were in heaven. Todd stuck to teammates despite the leering eyes of many older men. He was mostly a top, but when it felt right, he had sucked a few dicks and had taken in a few as well. He had been with only one adult - one of the assistant coaches who he fucked twice in a row with ass-breaking force. Was he gay now? His knew his behavior was gay. He knew his desires were gay. And when he thought about little Hayden swallowing his cock on Tuesday, it made him very hard. Yeah, he was gay. But he wasn't ready to talk to his friends about it. He did know that in the last few weeks he felt more sexually satisfied than he ever had.

Tonight, he was with Ben, the hot Asian junior that he thought had been eyeing him for months. This was Ben's first experience with a guy and Todd was making it special. He had already blown the 17-year-old and now was rimming him. Soon he'd introduce Benji to his big, hot cock. Fuck, Todd thought. Did I just refer to him Benji? Benji was Todd's older brother in college. Todd had long assumed Benji was gay, but had more recently learned Benji went for much, much younger boys. He and Benji rarely spoke. But why was he imaging his brother as he ran his tongue through Ben's ass cheeks?

A moan from Ben snapped Todd out of it. Minutes later, Ben was crying out much louder in pain and pleasure. As he fucked, Todd took sophomoric pleasure in remembering his partner's last name was Wang. Yeah, I'm gay, he tried to convince himself again.

Friday and Saturday - Hayden
Hayden knew Evan wouldn't help him get with Emily. He'd have to figure it out for himself and then bar Evan from the poker game. That'd be fun.

But Hayden was horny and wanted to find a girl to go out with - maybe even to finally get a girl to blow him or even fuck him. In two months since DC, he spent a lot of time thinking about Riley, and a little time fantasizing about other guys. He began doing some gay-play with a couple of his friends. Hayden reassured them that "everybody does it." He also had gone downtown to a gay bookstore where he bought several DVDs and magazines with tremendous fear of being seen. Even though Hayden looked 11, the store clerk didn't ask his age. Neither did the man in his late 20s who lured him to back room where the man sucked Hayden off and then disappeared.

But even as he tried on the boy front, he also made some headway on the girl front. He had gone out with a couple girls and it had led to some kissing, groping, and one handjob. But when he pushed the girls beyond that, they always called him a pig or a pervert and stopped dating him. When he learned Riley had sex with Paige last weekend, he knew that would help his cause. Katie often did whatever Paige did and vice-versa. This weekend he was going to make a difference. Riley was just first speaking to Paige tonight, so Katie had to be put on hold for a day or too. He tried calling the next best thing in Becca Taylor, but she didn't answer her cell phone. Well, then he'd really take matters into his own hands.

"Hi, Emily?" Hayden chirped into the phone. "It's Hayden. I need to talk with you about something. Can we meet someplace? You are busy tonight? What about late tonight....Oh, well have fun on the date. What about tomorrow. It's important. I need to share something that I have learned. Okay, see you tomorrow at 1:00."

Hayden was sweating a little when he stood before the hot 14-year-old eighth grader in her living room the following afternoon. He knew Evan was out with Riley for the day, so that was covered. "Where's your mom?" Hayden asked a little too eagerly.

"She's at work. All day. What did you want?" Emily cracked her gum between her brightly colored lips. She was clearly on the way to being a whore. Already two of Hayden's friends had claimed to have fucked her, but he doubted both stories. Still, he found something hot about her cheapness, her sluttiness. It was sort of the opposite of why he liked Katie Peterson. Emily was the epitome of bad girl. Katie was the good. He wanted both.

"I need your help," he began. Emily wasn't any brighter than her brother, so he hoped his plan would work. "I lost a bet. Big time. With Evan. And now I have to pay up. But the consequences are pretty abominable."

"What does that mean?" She cracked her gum again. Hayden had never really interested Emily. He was that short kid who sometimes came along with Riley. But he had gotten cuter of late, and she had heard he was a pretty good kisser.

"It's pretty bad what I have to do for Evan."


"You won't tell anyone? Anyone? Okay. I have to suck your brother's dick."


"Yeah. I mean, I suppose it is okay for Evan. He can close his eyes and pretend I am someone else, but for me, it is so not fair. And worse, I have to do a good job. If he doesn't like it, he said I have to keep doing it every day until he does."

"Couldn't he just say he didn't like it?"

"Exactly! That's why I need your help. I mean, I didn't know who else I could turn to. This is so embarrassing for me. But we've know each other for so long 'cause of our brothers. And I know you can keep a secret" (She couldn't) "And since it was about your brother too, you weren't going to tell anyone." (She would) "And I know we've haven't been all that great friends, but I know I can trust you to help me." Hayden quivered a little. He looked almost broken. A loveable defeated puppy.

Emily gave him a hug that stirred things down below for the boy. "What do you want me to do, Hayden?"

Hayden smiled internally. He was a great actor when he wanted. He'd take all the guys money bluffing in poker.

"Can you help explain how I do this? And how I do it so everyone knows it was a good job? I mean, I don't know how experienced you are" (Hayden tried not to choke on those words), "but you are such a beautiful girl and you know more than I do!"

Emily smiled. The boy was downright adorable. "You came to right place to learn about blowjobs." She began to explain how to give a great blowjob. But words were not the eighth grader's strength and she kept getting frustrated. "I don't know to describe it, Hayden!"

"You're doing so well," he comforted. "Ummm...well, maybe you could show me what you mean instead of telling me. I'm better at seeing things than hearing them anyway."

"Me too!' she smiled. "You want me to show you on a banana or a dildo?"

"Well, I need to make your brother react when I suck him so he can't say it wasn't good. I won't see how the banana reacts." The teens shared a laugh.

Hayden went for it. "Why don't you demonstrate on me? Then I can see the reactions each thing is supposed to create. I can see exactly what you mean with each idea and how it is supposed to be done."

The room was silent. It was an extremely dumb set-up, but Emily wasn't that bright. Plus, he knew that it never took her much to suck someone's dick, especially of late. She had started in 6th grade on the 8th grade boys in the back of the school bus. She thought if she sucked their cocks that they would like and respect her. Two years later, she had satisfied a good portion of the middle school with their first blowjob. She had always assumed Hayden wasn't even getting boners yet because he was so small and baby-faced. But a glance at his pants and uncomfortable shifting told her otherwise.

"Okay," she calmly answered, dropping to her knees and starting to take off his pants.

"When you take off the guy's clothes, you do it slowly and sometimes you lick on the outside. That gets him all hot. You always keep getting him hot and then cool down, again and again. Then he begs you to make him shoot." The tutorial had begun.

She worked Hayden's sneakers, pants, and then underwear off. His 4" were at full attention and quivering.

"You've got to get the dick hard before you suck it. Some girls like to get it hard in their mouth, but most young boys are hard the moment you look at them like you are. But if he isn't, you need to rub him with your hand."

"Oh!" Hayden choked out as she did so.

"Then when it is hard, you open your mouth wide and put your lips to cover your teeth - that's really important cause you don't want to accidentally bite it off. Anyway, and you put it over the head like this."


The blowjob was an odd one with Emily talking about each thing she did, forcing her to stop the blowjob to explain it. Without knowing it, she was demonstrating the hot and cold technique. It was a good thing because Hayden would have cum within mere minutes of sustained sucking. By the time she had mostly run of things to suggest, Hayden was boiling over with sexual tension and thought he'd bust a steam pipe any second.

"Emily," he grunted as she explained and modeled licking his balls, "Please. I've got to cum. I need to. Please..."

She smiled and simply whispered, "I like it when they beg." The 8th grader put her mouth back over the 9th grader's penishead. She had developed a taste for cum. Wrapping her lips tightly against the swollen flesh, she felt him shake and then gush out onto her tongue and down her throat.

"Yes! YEEEEESSSS!" Hayden shouted in ecstasy. He practically fell backwards as she licked his cock clean.

"If you can get Evan do that, I think everyone will know he enjoyed it," she astutely noted as she wiped her mouth. Hayden boldly helped Emily up to her and planted a full on tongue-kiss. She had never had a boy French kiss her immediately after she blew them. It was kind of hot as a little bit of his semen made it's way back to Hayden's mouth. He was a cutie. This was fun.

Sunday - Hayden
Church was a particularly dull affair that Sunday. Reverend Peterson was away at a conference, and Reverend Tim was trying too hard to show everyone he was more than a youth minister. There was a rumbling of people slipping to the exits when the sermon started and it was easy for Hayden to slip out with the others escaping the upcoming monotony.

The children's playground was out of sight of the sanctuary. Katie Peterson was sitting on a swing in a pretty skirt with her hair a little curly. She liked church when her dad was out of town because she could sneak out and her mom didn't care. She was alone and seemed to enjoy the cool breeze through the warm spring air as it flowed through her skirt, blouse, and hair. Looking at her, Hayden thought it needed a soundtrack or something to celebrate the moment. He wanted to fuck her with every fiber of his body.

"Hi," she said shyly.

"Hi," he answered back. She stared at him. It'd have to be all him. He quickly ran through every moment of confidence in his life up to the blowjob with Emily yesterday. He was ready. "Ummmm...well, I just wanted to say Katie, that I really like you. I think you are smart, and beautiful, and sweet. And that time in the kitchen was really cool. I think about how much fun we were having and how you seemed more at ease with me there than you do most anywhere at school or church. And I thought sometime we could do something together like a movie or something."

Hayden had practiced the speech over and over that morning and knew he had butchered it.

Katie smiled which gave him hope. "Hayden you are so sweet. I think you are the nicest boy in the whole youth group. But you know my dad won't let me date until I am 16."

Hayden was prepared for this argument. "What about studying? He must allow that. We both have Mrs. Mortiz for Algebra. Why don't we study together, this afternoon? You know she is going to give us another not-so-surprise quiz on Monday."

Immediately after church, Katie gave Hayden the thumbs up and they headed to his house. Mrs. Peterson was distracted with her older daughter, Missy, who was throwing a fit about the trampy prom dress she wanted, but her parents refused to consider. She barely heard Katie's explanation and knew that the Mr. and Mrs. Ross were good Christians and Hayden appeared harmless. Plus, Katie could use some help with her Algebra. She didn't hear Katie say that Hayden would be the only one home.

Riley and Evan finished the game of touch football with the other guys on the lawn next to the church. They loved to rip off their church clothes and get into grubby stuff for a couple hours after services. Both were really sweaty and tired. "Let's go back to your house," Riley suggested knowing that they could smoke pot there.

Evan shook his head. He had seen his sister head towards home about 30 minutes earlier with a sophomore boy. He didn't want to be there while they fooled around.

They headed to the Ross home as they usually did. Riley's parents were out for the long afternoon. The walk was a little farther than to Evan's house and after a little silence, Riley asked, "What are you going to do about your sister and Hayden?"

"I dunno. I think I'll figure it out later." Evan dismissed the subject. He also didn't like talking about anything relating to sex with Riley anymore. His humiliation from DC  plagued him.

They had both forgotten the Katie Peterson meeting was earlier that day, but even if they had remembered it would have been no less shocking to hear the moaning from the living room as they walked in the back door. Peering in, they were more stunned to see Hayden shirtless, grunting, and clearly fucking someone on the couch. Without a word, the older teenagers went back outside, ran around the house, and stood on the ceramic trolls in the garden to peek through the living room window.

Hayden was completely naked and grinding into the similarly naked form of Katie Peterson. Both were clearly having a great time.

"Holy shit!" both boys whispered. Little MiniMe had lost his cherry. And with the untouchable Katie Peterson. And he was doing a good job too, they had noted.

The two older boys stood there stunned. Both dropped a hand to the front of their shorts and began to unconsciously rub themselves looking at the naked forms of both freshmen.

"I'm gonna...I...I....Yes! Yeeeeesss!" Hayden shouted as he came, completing both his and Katie's first fuck. She squealed a little in excitement as he shot into her. They lay together on the couch, his penis still inside her, and they began to kiss.

"Can we do it again?" she asked, more rhetorically than expecting an answer.

Hayden pulled out to remove his condom and look for another one. Katie was obviously not on the pill and he wasn't stupid enough to think "it doesn't happen the first time." That's all he needed - to be 15 and a father with the minister's daughter. Riley and Evan slipped back into the house through the back door and up to Riley's room.

"How about we try it differently?" he asked. He only had one condom that he found searching Riley's room. Hayden hadn't expected to get this far with Katie so quickly.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, there are lots of ways two people can make each other feel good. Like me eating you out or you sucking on me."

"I just can't. It makes me gag even thinking about it. My sister is good at it, I know. But I did like it when you did it to me. I'm sorry. I know that's not fair. I can try, but..."

"That's okay. You don't have to suck me. But why don't you turn over and I'll show you one more way I heard about. And since I don't have another condom, this is a good choice because you can't get pregnant this way."

Katie was just naïve enough to not completely comprehend what would happen. Hayden's 4" hurt a little as he entered her ass, but less than it had penetrating her cunt. Hayden loved how tight it was, just like Riley's. That had felt great too he thought as he pushed in and out.

He fucked her with forceful pushes, grunting, and moaning in the apparently empty house. She was quieter, occasionally letting off a yelp or a squeal. Hayden played with her breasts and her pussy while they fucked, kissed her neck and her. Finally he shouted out again cumming bareback directly into her ass to avoid making a mess.

"I like studying Algebra," she smiled as the drew together to cuddle on the couch.

Sunday Afternoon - Riley and Evan
"Holy shit!" Evan kept saying. He couldn't believe Hayden's luck. Katie was the second most coveted prize in the church, in the school, maybe in the town with only her sister more desired. Evan had tried with both girls and never got anywhere. How did Hayden? The boy's stock automatically rose in Evan's mind.

Riley was jealous. His brother was with the untouchable Katie for an afternoon before they were fucking. He had to date her friend Paige for four weeks to get anywhere. Maybe he should be more like Evan and fuck 'em and leave 'em. But he wasn't good at that. He always felt guilty. Like he did about his time with Evan in DC. Looking at his brother's naked body had reminded him of DC too. He had refused to talk to Hayden about it because he was obsessing about it himself at night. He wanted to suck his brother's cock again. But more he wanted his little brother to suck him, to be fucked by him. He had jumped at the Tuesday Poker Night option less for the stupid game that he was terrible at than the socially comfortable opportunity to have Hayden suck him - without showing that he wanted it. He had liked the sex in the hotel room and wondered if it was the liquor and the atmosphere and the newness, or was it something else. And he had liked being with Evan too.

"Shit, I'm all boned up now," Evan crudely noted pointing to the healthy bulge in his shorts. "I gotta take care of this, bro."

The 'bro' nickname flashed a moment of Evan with his dick in the Hayden's mouth. That had been so hot to watch. And then his dick in Evan's mouth and in his ass. He knew Evan was still pissed, especially after Todd had called Evan "Riley's bitch." Maybe he could take care of a few lingering issues in the next couple days.

"Wait..." Riley called after him as the tall boy walked to the bathroom. He turned and looked at his best friend quizzically.

"I'm stiff too. Maybe we should take care of it together?"

"What kind of queer idea is that?" Evan barked, but he was unconvinced by his own words as his eyes went to Riley's crotch.

"Maybe a chance to try some stuff we didn't before..." Riley took the risk and walked towards Evan. Standing a couple feet apart, the boys, still in their sweaty football clothes, began to undress. Riley pulled of his own shirt and kicked his shoes and socks onto the floor. Evan followed. Then Riley went right up to Evan, grabbed the waistband of his gym shorts and pulled them down, releasing his hard dick to flop up against his belly. Evan leaned forward and grabbed Riley's shorts and did the same. Riley wasn't that hard, having become nervous at the whole situation.

Riley reached down and held the 6 ½" weapon that had deflowered so many girls in town in his hand. He began to rub it gently, feeling the larger dick in his hand, admiring its strength and firmness.

Without any warning, Riley pushed Evan up against the bathroom door, dropped to his knees and took Evan's cock in his mouth in one fluid motion. "What the fuck!" Evan shouted looking down. "Fuck me!" He smiled. This was the scene that he had imagined when he had once or twice thought about being with Riley. This felt right. This felt good.

Putting his best friend's dick in his mouth felt surprisingly fine to Riley. Having been next to his friend during any number of blowjobs he received from some girl, Riley was pleased he could connect with his life-long buddy in a new, physical, and intimate way. With love and affection, he engulfed the warm pink mass, bathing it with his saliva and engulfing it.

Evan sighed in pure satisfaction. He knew Riley wouldn't be the best cocksucker, but there were things he was doing that felt totally different than any girl. He tried to tell Riley to slow down, to make it last a long, long time. But he couldn't find any words and let his friend control the moment. The only thing he finally muttered was "I'm real close..."

Riley didn't move at first, but then remembering something he had seen in a porno that Evan had loved and talked about repeatedly. He pulled off, grabbed the throbbing cock in his hand, stroked it hard and forcefully. When it suddenly began to shoot, Riley opened his mouth wide, aiming most of the cum directly onto his tongue. There was a lot and some of hit his face, but he was determined to end this with a great show of submissiveness.

"Fuck, yeah!" Evan shouted upon seeing Riley get a repeated mouthful. He waited while his friend swallowed the messy load, looking slightly unhappy about the taste or texture. Then, without a word, Riley took Evan's cock back in his mouth, cleaning it off from top to bottom, adding to the pleasure on the highly sensitive nerve endings. Evan always tried to get girls to do this. Riley ended it perfectly.

When Riley had recovered his composure, Evan could only say, "Thanks bro." Riley went into the bathroom and washed his face and brushed his teeth. He looked in the mirror and saw his body looked pretty good. He had been working out with weights, and listening to Evan about how to build muscle. His dick was semi-hard, but he didn't think it looked too small for once. It did the job as needed.

When he got back in his bedroom, Evan was about to put on one of his socks, with his pants already restored. "We're not done yet," Riley told him. Evan raised a worried eye. Was Riley going to insist Evan suck him now? That would destroy the balance that had come back to their friendship in the last minutes.

He walked over to his nightstand and pulled out a bottle of lube, tossing it to Evan. "One more thing, I think."

It didn't take Evan very long to be ready to fuck his best friend. At 17, getting hard a few times in a row, especially when sufficiently stimulated, wasn't a challenge. Knowing that Riley's ass wasn't virgin was a tiny bit disappointing. But it had only been MiniMe's tiny dick, he comforted himself.

The fuck took a while. It was Evan's second cum in a row. Unbeknownst to Riley, it was also Evan's fourth cum of that day. There was his morning jackoff in the shower that was a daily standard. Plus, he had been getting blown by Francine Fredericks whenever both were at church. This morning they both been there.

Evan was in no hurry. He loved this position and the power and glory of it. Riley seemed to be enjoying it, which suddenly became far more important to Evan than it had been any time he had fucked a girl in the ass. It did hurt for Riley, but not as much as thought it would and mostly in the beginning. And Evan wasn't pounding him as he did to so many others.

With Riley sitting on Evan's dick, facing each other, the tall boy, still wearing his Cardinals cap, began to stroke his friend's very hard dick. Riley grunted in appreciation as he continued to move up and down on Evan's tool. Then, without knowing why, Riley leaned in and kissed Evan on the mouth.

"Whoa!" Evan said pulling back. "Not that."

As this was Riley's first cum of the day, he didn't last long to Evan's efficient handiwork. He had no warning as he coated Evan's hand, stomach, and chest in the slick slimy liquid of semen. "Fuck me!" Evan muttered, but was smiling.

After a full 25 minutes of start-and-stop fucking in a variety of positions, Evan pulled out of Riley's ass and stroking with intensity, he returned the favor as he shot in waves onto Riley's chest and stomach with significant grunting.

After recovering their breath, the two boys quickly headed to the shower. They each showered separately, but both boys remained in the room the whole time. They changed clothes (Both boys kept extra stuff at each other's house to make life easier) and went downstairs for something to eat.

"Thanks" Evan said, outing his hand on Riley's shoulder.

"Fuck me," Riley responded and both broke into wide grins.

Hayden was at the table eating a bowl of cereal.

"Hey, Hayden." Evan offered.

"Hey...Evan" Hayden responded. Evan never called him anything other than MiniMe and he sounded almost nice to him.

"When did you guys get home?" Hayden cautiously inquired. Katie had left only a few minutes ago and he never heard the others come in.

"Oh, we've been upstairs for a while," Riley avoided the question. "But, bro, you look...different," Riley said, knowing the answer.

Katie and Hayden had promised to keep it a secret, but he couldn't resist boasting to his brother and to Evan, "Well, let's just say next time we play truth or dare, I have different answers to lots of questions. Like my first blowjob. And eating a girl out. A fucking someone. And fucking her in the ass too!" He was very excited,

"You did all that with Katie Peterson this afternoon? How many times did you shoot?" Riley was direct.

"Oh, you knew," he was a little disappointed he didn't get to reveal the girl. "No, I did some of it with...another girl yesterday." He looked at Evan smiling at him and knowing better than to share any time he spent with Emily. "But I became a man today." He was very proud.

The two older boys congratulated him and they all went out for ice cream to celebrate.

"How come you're not fighting and Evan is being nice to me?" Hayden asked his brother while Evan was taking a piss.

"Oh, things have a way of working themselves out, don't they..."

To Be Continued...

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